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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 17, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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years. >> had is approval ratingings are the lowest ever from the first sixth months in office. >> those are pretty devastating new polls out now. >> our word of the day is family. after trump down played his poll dive in this tweet, he said most politicians would have gone to a meeting like the one don junior attended in order to get info on opponent. that's politics. and making the media rounds against this weekend. what he wanted america to know is donald trump senior knew nothing about the meeting, 59% of americans in a new poll have now called inappropriate. >> the president was not aware of the meeting and he did not
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attend it. >> when did the president become aware of the meeting? >> very recently right before this came out. >> so is that possible and is that plausible? let's debrief with our team of reporters, kristen welker at the white house, white house bureau chief, and eli stokles. kristen, the president has been publicly dismissing these numbers but can they afford to ignore polls like this? >> they can't, he was tweeting about the poll numbers over the weekend trying to down play them staying nearly 40% is not that bad, trying to dismiss the polls all together because so many were wrong going into the lengs. b -- election. this is not the report card he wants going into the
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investigation. this meeting they had during the campaign, that continues to change, the details continue to change, cakatie and evolve. and what is most problematic. we learned last week that in addition to all of the people at that meeting, the russian attorney, don junior, paul manafort and jared kushner. but that there was more people. the fact that the story continues to grow and chance creates a real pob. add to that they are trying to get health care passed and that is facing new hurdles this week as well. sean spicer will be here at the podium, we have not seen him in awhile and we will ask him about
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all of that. >> jay sekulow was on all of the shows this weekend defending him saying he didn't know about the meetings, but he tried to even blame secret service for this meeting. >> i wonder why the secret service, if this is nefarious, why did they allow these people in. that raises a good question at that point. >> they were not protecting don junior at that time. >> right, here is what secret service is saying, katie. they say donald trump junior was not under secret service protection in june of 2016. that does not address the issue of what type of security there was going into and out of trump tower. you're seeing a robust defense, and i think we will near a similar defense from sean spicer when he comes to the podium.
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a lot of the questions that we ask here typically get referred to the president's outside couns counsel. >> how is it playing in the white house, this lawyer's aamendment to blame the men and women that protect the president for this meeting. >> it can't be playing well. i think he was looking for an excu excuse. it was inappropriate excuse. as you just said, the secret service was not protecting donald trump junior at the time and more importantly it's not their job to vet who a presidential candidate or his family meets with. those are meetings that should be vetted by the campaign itself. if there was anything fe fanefa. >> and don junior said i love it, information coming from the russian government. a couple new polls are out
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today, one of them is an abc washington news post. 67% say they don't like the president tweeting, 70% say he has acted in an unpresidential manner. but a poll from trump country that talks about while his support is still strong out in trump country, it is starting to wane. 46% disapproval in trump counties. do you think this is the russia information or health care, or the tweeting what is it? >> i think it is everything. six months of what long-time washington journalist and the girl who covers the nixon impeachment says this is a running crisis.
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six months of crisis, growing and me as itty sizing. when you're seeing in a lot of polling out over the weekend, the voters, not trump's base, all of the other voters took a flier on trump that say maybe he won't be quite as erratic once he is actually president. maybe he will be able to shake up washington. all of those people that took a chance on him. they're not supporting or approving of his job performance after sixth mon months. that is why you see the change in that. >> hillary clinton might have continued to be under investigation and he was saying she could be diindicted in the
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white house, it was the soft democrats and moderate independents that they said he is the one they should be keeping an eye on. phil, you have another great piece today, or your latest piece i should say. let me set this up, donald trump is having another theme week this week. and this week's them is "made in america." you write for trump highlights u.s. made products is inconsistent with his practices as a businessman. for years they have outsourced much of their product manufacturing relying on a global network of factories including bangladesh, china, and mexico. so it is made in america week, a noble effort. what about his daughter's brand and the white house advisor, ivanka's brand.
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or donald trump's own brand, will they make their stuff in america. >> i'm not aware of any of those announcements today. i asked this weekend and i said will it come with a commitment from the trump organization or the ivanka trump company to make more of an effort, but you a president whose own business thrived off of outsourcing and he has been proud of making them overseas. but the bigger picture is that this administration wants to institute more economic policy books, trade policies, and importantly tax reform, including the lower tax rate to incentivize more manufacturing.
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>> and for the companies to may less taxes. guys, thank you very much on this round robin, lightning round on this monday afternoon. thank you very much, guys. >> thank you katie. >> michael caputo testified on friday, he is a veteran of new york politics and used to work in russia. thank you for being here and thank you for coming on sunday night with megaen kelly with me yesterday to dive deeper into the trump campaign to figureout this meeting happened in the first place. in that interview i did with you, you said don junior essentially didn't know better. is being new to politics an excuse? >> that is up to the
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investigators, right? ing to look into this, apparently, and find out what happened. that is up for them to decide. we do know that when people don't understand how to run an election, when they don't understand how to fix a car, they might break the muffler. donald junior had a television interswru c interview with candor that i admired, he said if he could do it over he would do it differently. these are lessons learned for me 30 e years in politic. i might have seen the e-mail and seen a red flag. >> you might have, you have been in politics, but wouldn't someone who has the best interests of this country in find, not say hey, yes, i would love help from a foreign
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government. >> i can't tell you, i don't know what through donald trump joon your's mend. i thought he made a mistake. initially when you hear about the cooperation going on between ukraine an advocates of hillary clinton, they are looking for the information they want to defeat their opponent. you come pear the trump junior meeting in june to you train, if you want. it is still a foreign government giving materials to aid to a u.s. candidate. >> a lot of aurss said maybe it could have been, if it was, would russia. donald trump junior says i love it. the meeting doesn't go anywhere, but that's where they stop. we're just not going to pursue
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that further? >> katie, i know you love that "i love it" comment. it reveals he was trying very hard to do something impactful for the campaign. i have never heard of the lawyer. i called around to see if any of my friends have heard of her, they have not. if she called me, it would have been a red flag. but again, the candor that he came forward with after all of this started coming out shows to me that he understandings the made a mississippi take. >> the dnc hacks happened in april, don junior gets an e-mail on june 3rd.
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june 7th, donald trump says he will give a very interesting speech with very interesting information about hillary clinton. then don junior has the meeting on june 9th, on the 12th, wikileaks announces they have clinton's e-mails. around the start of the dnc, they start reracing them, is it all a koins againscoincidence? >> the book clinton cash just arrived at clinton headquarters in boxes and senior officials at the campaign were reviewing it. planning at the time to use that book as a basis for a series of attacks on his opponent. i was at the convention and i was negotiables with steve ban non, trying to bring the movie
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"clinton cash" in to show the movie on the convention floor. we didn't and we didn't see the press conference he was promising us. i don't know why it petered out as a strategy. it had nothing to do with donald junior and everything to do with the book clinton cash. the platform was changed. the one thing they want today change had to do with ukraine going from lethal aid to appropriate aid. dhu dhuld have been a quid pro quo. >> it was not in the platform at all. flofs mention of the ukraine that we came to cleveland with and know mention of lethal aide. i don't know of any republican flat forms that have ever used the words lethal aide.
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i can't find in anywhere. i looked at the time through everything. sheer what is happ here is what was happening, a ted cruz delegate. >> are you talking about rachel? >> yes, she placed an amendment to try to change the republican fl platform to talk about ukraine and demand lethal aid. that was a poison pill she drops in tr ib tensionally. -- drops intentionally. it is not done, they pass the amendment, putting in there the two words appropriate aide, which is diplomatic speak for lethal aide if we want to do it. there is no difference between what this cruz operative was trying to drop into the
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platform, and what was eveiden t eventually in there. >> i was not in there as you know, at the time. i left the campaign and the convention. but there was no mention of ukraine in the platform, never been a mention of lethal aid in a republican flat form. i don't think lethal aide has ever been a democratic platform. it cannot go into a platform, it would be an international incident. the problem that we have here is that josh rogan of the washington post reported it incorrectly from the very beginning and other reporters like yourself are repeating. that the trump campaign changed the platform, they did nothing of the kind >> one last question. don junior taking the meeting,
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paul manafort, jared kushner in the meeting, who is responsible? who is to blame for don junior getting dmaugt this mecaught in. >> look, i spent a little time with kahn junior with my time at the campaign and i have always admired him. he came forward and took the blame for this, but paul manafort is notorious for not reading his e-mails. he was getting upwards of 100. >> but this is one from the president's son, the president's son who, at the time, was trying to push out corey lewendowski.
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he opening an e-mail, he sees it is a e-mail from the president's son, and he is part of the structure. want automatic answer was going to be yes. don junior, if he asked -- >> even if it was something that should not have happened? yes, no matter what? >> if you didn't read the rest of the e-mail, question, it is important to get to the bottom of it, the sooner we can all stop speculating about who was at this meeting and how it is better off. if you think this will end up collusion or delusion, it is not
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fam ch factu factual. >> thank you for joining today. >> john mccain is back home recovering from what his doctors call a minimally invasive crane krercran cranectomy. >> more protests happening against the gop efforts to repeal and replace bace obama c.
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we are back with the ongoing search for a man that was swept away. the flood killed five children and four adults ranging in age from 24 months to 60 years old. on capitol hill, a new day of protests over the senate health care bill. right now demonstrators have set
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up in the senate office building. they have warned demonstrators to clear out. critics will have more time to make their voices heard. senator john mccain said he would be staying home this week to recover from a blood clot from his left eye. experts the "new york times" spoke with say the recovery could take a little longer than that. mitch mcconnell says he is deferring consideration of the bill until the senator from arizona returns. this bill needs as many votes as it can get. >> we need to delay the vote until he gets here. all of the democrats. >> we also here there are eight to ten other senators with serious concerns. why do you stand with that group of senators at this point? >> we're working closely with
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all of them. >> you have more protestors today. what's the mood in the office building today. >> well, katie right now the mood is tense. everyone is moved back in a wide perimeter. it is just such a way that we can't see them arrested some of the protestors. they showed up about 30 minutes ago. they're very loud, organized, and focused on getting this bill dill killed. they will hit half a dozen different officers from senators that said their nos or maybes on this case. i'm trying to key an eye on it overmy shoulder here. the protestors want this, and they want to make sure it goes back every day that there is not a vote on this health care bill
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there is another opportunity for opponents to get organized, to make a scene, and take the energy they have to push back against this, katie. >> this extra time though, is there is a circumstance where it could work in mitch mcconnell's favor? >> sure, you can make the argument and i heard several republicans say this, he is a master at making a deal. he will try to find a deal that will appeal to 50 members of his caucus. it is a little extra i'm, but this is not a new conversation that we're having. it's not a new conversation about repealing obama care or the republican plan. it is not an issue of time, but divergent employees. >> garrett, thank you very much. i'm joined now by terri
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mccauliff, have you spoken to any of your republican colleagues or governors out there to help make your case? >> yes, we had all of the governors con seem, they put the pressure on. i can tell you now, and listen we have governor only meetings, i don't give the contents of our private discussions, but there will be many that cannot get comfort with this. they realize there we were all giving an independent analysis, an independent analyst to review all 50 states and every state had big numbers it it would cost many of the citizens health
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care, and i think you will begin to here, that they are already telling their almost senators this thing is a nonstarter, this will hart. >> is governor sando vrkval on list? >> he told me in private what he said publicly. he had a document in front of him that shows what will happen to nevada and to his government. he cede i have this, show me how this is wrong. unless they can prove to governor sandoval and others, this is a nonstarter. our thoughts aprayers are with senator mckane. we ought to introduce it, have amendments, the senate go to
11:29 am
regular order and bring in governors to talk about we run these programs. for a senator or a member of congress, they don't have to balance budgets, but duo. and if this bill costs me $1.4 billion, i have to cut education and road construction and many other things. what you do in washington lands on our dex, we're just saying work with us. the president ought to show leadership. jump into this void and say lets get democratic and republicans together and nix to make it right. >> i'm asking about brian sa sandoval because he he is talking to his senators, it is likely going down.
11:30 am
it is dean hrk elle-- heller. >> i think you will hear from him very shortly, unless they can show difference in what he has in front of him, there is no way he or many republican governors can support this. >> are you confident she saying no and dean heller will say no? >> many republican governors are not satisfied with the meeting we got. we're open this listens but nothing presented to him to say this big is not damaged. as everyone governor, we have to protect or citizens in will be hurt our state, our citizens, and devastating cuts to education and other areas because we have to make up with the loss for the federal money.
11:31 am
a guy -- gigantic rates. what are the growth rates, very low. they're saying we can company salt this. waivers have to be revenue neutral for democratic senators and republican questions. >> thank you, next time i have l have a few questions and i'll just let you go. >> call him up, he will tell you. thank you very much. thank you. >> up next, jr. trump free headlines at the half including could this be the week oj simpson getting paroled? i should take a closer look at geico... (dog panting) geico has a 97% customer satisfaction rating! and fast and friendly claims service. speaking of service?
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you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be. (vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. welcome back, i'm katie tur. look at this eye opening video out of florida, a home getting swallowed whole by a sink hole. two homes were destroyed. the sink hole was more than 200 feet wide and 50 feet deep. water testing is under way to ensure that drinking water in the area is still safe. >> delta airlines is pushing back against ann coulter after she went went on a tweet storm
11:36 am
after they made her move from a seat that had extra leg room. and roger federer is once again a champion. he won his 8th title at wimbledon. he now has 19 grand slam titles in all. that's a lot. >> i won the first one 14 years ago, i don't even remember how it felt any more. and now i'm a previous champion, i'm a father of four, it is crazy and it feels so amazing. >> can we just do a whole hour of roger federer. tomorrow.
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2:00 p.m. eastern. moving on. this week, an infamous inmate will be asking a po role board to be set free. >> at this thursday's hearing that is expected to be, of course, and why not, televised, he will be able to speak in his own defense. paul and dave are joining me now. we heard he is a model prisoner, how does that play into the board's decision? >> it sloabsolutely plays in. they are evaluating all of the time he spent in custody to see if he has availed himself of programs, has he been involved in fights. he has been in educational
11:38 am
programs, he counselled his peers. she a m he is what they call a model citizen. they will also consider his age, his past background, if he has been employed in the past, does he have a place to go back to. they are all lining up in his favor in this situation for him to be evaluated favorably for release. >> what happens if he is? >> you mean after the ceremonial dinner at the white house after he is released? no, i'm kidding, but he will be released and when he will he will have a serious of options on the reality tv gravy train. he guarantees eyeballs and money. especially in the aftermath of the award winning emmy winning
11:39 am
show on fx. but what it also does is it gives cover for espn this thursday to be the main broadcasting place that will show the parole arhearing. he will get paroles because this was a miscarriage of justice. a 33 year sentence was so clearly linked to the $33 million in the civil suit that he owed the goldman and brown family that he said he would never pay, and this is a case of a in evidence criminal court picking up the slack for what we call fifth quarter justice. >> do you agree with that? >> i do, even though the judge
11:40 am
claims overand over it had nothing to do with his previous encounters with the law, even though we're having this hearing this week, he will not be released this week. they will give notice and tell us what they're decision is, but that release would not take place. he will be released with a number of restrictions. he will be on parole, he may have a gps device, he has to have permission to leave the state, but to the degree he can learn money, what will happen to the money is very interesting. there is a civil judgment against him that lasts forever. he still owes $33.5 million to the browns and the goldman estate. any money he can make, regardless of how he makes it will be confiscated and taken
11:41 am
for the most part for that restitution. that is still happening when she out. the pension he earned in the nfl and s.a.g., that money goes to him and it has been stacking. he will have a sizable amount of money that can't be touched, but if he gets a book or tv deal, touring, the money he will be generating and earning for himself will in large part have to go to that settlement because it is never going away and the gro browns and the gold mans will never let that settlement stand on the sidelines. >> absolutely not, they waiting to see if he gets any contract remember, he did the book, and they got all of the rights to that book to get the money. >> my feeling is that $33 million in this media climate is
11:42 am
less of a mountain to climb than it would have been ten or 12 years ago. >> we'll see, guys. >> i think it will depend on how the public will accept him too, though. i don't know how excited people will be to see oj as a celebrity again. >> they're screaming in my ear, i have to go. >> let's talk roger federer. >> thank you very much. >> thank you for having us. >> protestors are refusing to be deterred and or mining other spots on capitol hill to try to denounce the efforts to repeal obama care. first, while you were not looking, a new air wars investigation for "the daily beast" came out today that reveals that civilian casualties are on pace to double under president trump. roughly 2300 innocent people,
11:43 am
including kids, died from coalition air strikes in iraq and syria under the obama administration. that is an average of 80 deaths per month. for the trump administration, it's an average of 260 deaths per month, that is a total of roughly 2200 civilian deaths since he was inaugurated. air wars has slightly higher numbers, but why the rise? experts say trump's policy is partially to blaming. another is the changing policy in the landscape. here is what donald trump said about the fight on terror. >> i would bomb the [ bleep ] out of them. i would just bomb those suckers, and that's right, i would blow up the pipes, the refineries, every inch, there would be nothing left. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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11:48 am
they're trying to convince republican senators to say no to this bill. rand paul says no, susan collins says no, they need one other republican to say no to this bill. to basically to kill the bill. turning now to the president, the white house, several stories have come from team trump. hat tip to our friends at "meet the press" for this time line. >> i have nothing to do with russia. to the best of my knowledge, no person in my camp does. >> story number two, a meeting did happen, but it was just about russian adoptions. >> a very short meeting, a
11:49 am
meeting apparently about russian adoption, and it ended in about 20 minutes. >> fact check they met with the lawyer after being promised "dirt" on hillary clinton. >> story three, the lawyer didn't offer anything meaningful. >> the comments making about any type of information on hillary clinton were vague, they were meaning le meaningless. >> the next day, he released e-mails showing he was offered high level and sensitive information to help his father. he replied if it's what you say, i love it. he has been transparent and everything is out in the open, he says. >> so as far as you know, this is everything? >> first to report on friday
11:50 am
that a former counter intelligence officer turned lobbyist also joined in a meeting and a translator was also present. here with me now, nick ackerman, a former assistant special wate prosecutor and a partner with dorsry and whitney. and in d.c. ron hos co, former assistant director of the fbi. in this case, i'm going to start with you because you're sit sg here. if you were prosecuting this case, what's the first step you would take? >> well, i think the first thing i would do would be to come up with an investigate ti high pot sis as to where i want to look based on the facts that i know at the time, my own gut stingts and where kind of all the players sit. here we've got a situation where on june 4th there is in that e-mail a statement that documents are going to be turned over to the trump campaign. ron goldstone first says they're going to be sent to trump's secretary and then he says he's going to give them to done junior himself.
11:51 am
then on june 7th, before that meeting on june 9th, donald trump in a campaign appearance after he wins the new jersey primary takes out of context, sort of extemp iranousel says that he's going to be revealing all kinds of information on the chin tons. it's going to be very damaging to them. >> michael ka pugh toe says that was from clinton cash, not the book. >> but we've got the e-mail. and then what happens? he doesn't reveal that. but we do know up to that point, at least in april of that year, we know that the russians had started to hack into hillary clinton's campaign office. we know that at that time they were starting to take documents. so my hypothesis would start that the notion that the documents that are referenced in that june 4th memo are the ones that were stolen by the russians. le and behold after this june 7th date, the trump campaign actually gets some of these documents and they look at them, and i think if they had any
11:52 am
sense, they wouldn't release them themselves because the question would arise where did these documents come from? >> so what happens after that date? again, going along with my hypothesis and taking real facts, we know shortly thereafter that goose i fer, the russian hacker starts releasing these on his own website. we also know at around this same time roger stone, who is trump's political operative on dirty tricks was talking to gus i fer because he admits that in statements to people in august. we also know that the first time these really fit the fan, so to speak, is on june -- i think it's june 23rd, just before the start of the democratic convention when all of a sudden wikileaks releases a whole trove of these documents that were hacked out of the clinton campaign. now, to me, as a prosecutor, i'd be asking myself, well, roger stone, who knows how to do politics, suddenly is talking to gus i fer.
11:53 am
then use talking to julian as sang from wikileaks. ends that the wikileaks is going to make a bigger splash than just putting them out there on a website. >> yeah. >> and we clearly know that gus i fer is a russian hacker based on what we've heard from the american intelligence agencies. >> hold it right there. i want to get ron in this. he's presenting the case that he would lay out. there's some hard ed and there's also evidence that don junior was open to information from the russian government. but the rest as of now the timeline, it's a suspicious fiem line according to a lot of people, but it's still very circumstantial. do you think that you could prosecute a case? >> not today. i think, like ken suspect saying, i think you have to start with some suppositions. let's start with the supposition or the hypothesis that the trump campaign actually did get something of value. well, what is that? and i think that it's going to be incumbent on the
11:54 am
congressional committees and on bob mueller and his team to start looking at the data, looking not just at the people in the room, but going a step and two steps out behind the people in the room, and that is manafort, donald trump jr., jared kushner, the russians in the room, not just the conversations that they had electronically. here with the domestic potential witnesses, starting to put them -- take some testimony, where they have a legal obligation to tell the truth. if we can swear them in, get the truth from them in that sort of a setting where they do face charges, potential charges if they lie, but then i think you've got to look one and two hospitals out on the electronics to see who are the russians talking to. what was their expectation coming into that meeting. what was the backside of those conversations to start finding out did they actually have something. was this part of something that was meaningful or was this just
11:55 am
a connection. zbloop one question each, but i thought they were good answers for each one of them. guys, thank you very much. i'm also curious about whether or not somebody in intelligence, part of routine monitoring of russians overseas might have picked up a phone call between somebody overseas and dorn junior about those e-mails. i'm curious about it. >> that's a big complication in the case because security -- secure information is going to have to be managed. >> yep. guys, thank you very much. and we're monitoring the white house press briefing with sean spicer. the briefing is audio only. no cameras allowed again. but we're going to bring you any news that comes out of it as soon as it is over. this is spicer's first briefing on camera, off camera in nearly three weeks. we'll be right back.
11:56 am
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. one more thing before we go. this morning in d.c. students from more than 150 countries kicked off the first ever global challenge which shines a spotlight on science and specifically robotics. among the teams are six girls from afghanistan who nearly didn't make it after their visa applications were denied not once but twice. the travel ban, after all. president trump heard about it, stepped in s waived the visa process and the girls arrived in the states on saturday. they say their story is a proof of where there's a will, there's a way. that wraps things up for me this
12:00 pm
hour. the esteemed, talented, smart, amazing, incredible head of hair, ali very well she picks things up right now. >> until you said that, what a great show. thank you so much. are you coming back, indicatety or can you done? >> listen, i don't want mean twitter about my jokes. >> no. i love your jokes. >> good. >> especially when i'm the but of them. i'll pick up where she left off. believe it or not, we are nearly six months into donald trump's prosecuted i and that means it's time for a progress report. not surprisingly, many of the president's poll numbers are a bit of a disaster. but there is a core group of people which seemingly supports the president through just about anything. so let me break down the president's report card courtesy of abs news, the "washington post," monday mouth universities it and


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