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tv   MSNBC Live With Velshi and Ruhle  MSNBC  July 18, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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improvements to our health care system. democrats want to work with our colleagues on the republican side to stabilize the marketplaces and improve the cost and quality of care. and we want to do it via regular order, a process this body has used time and time again to produce consensus bipartisan historic legislation. the majority leader said in 2014, in a speech entitled restoring the senate that quote, this is mitch mcconnell. when the senate is allowed to work, the way it was designed to, it arrives at the result acceptable to people all along the political spectrum. if it's ang assembly line for one party's legislative agenda, it creates instability in strive rather than good stable law. i want to repeat that. these are the words of mitch mcconnell. i hope leader mcconnell is
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listening and remember these words, he hasn't for the last six months and only rled to trouble for him and his republican colleagues in the senate. let me read it again. 2014 spooch. restoring senate, author, mitch mcconnell. when the senate is allowed to work the way it was designed to, it arrives at the result acceptable to people all along the political spectrum. if an assembly line, it creates instability and strive rather than good stable law. leader mcconnell, i couldn't agree more. it's time to start over on health care, abandon the idea of cutting medicaid to give a tax break to the wealthy, abandon this new repeal and run and use the regular order to arrive at a result acceptable to people all along the political spectrum as
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leader mcconnell once said. i dare say, it would create a much better result the american people as well. thank you, mr. president and i yield the floor. >> all right, that was senator chuck schumer in his response to everything going on, which we're going to tell you about. good morning, everyone, i'm ali velshi. >> i'm stepanie ruhle. it is tuesday, july 18th. joining us live in our msnbc headquarters miker spar, professor of public health and policy in columbia university and garrett hake -- >> you were just talking to somebody. tell us what that's about. >> reporter: we were talking to john hoven from north dakota, one of the no votes on the original version, the second draft doesn't matter what his position was on the second draft. he's not ready to give up on the repeal andry place
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simultaneously idea even though that's what we heard from senator mcconnell, with the two-year runway to get to replace further down the line. we're outside a committee meeting and talked to jerry moran and he was one of the two votes that put the second draft of this bill essentially out of its misery and said he could not support it. we talked about why and he said he's been back in kansas and this is true. he held town halls over the break and felt this was not the kind of thing he could get around to supporting. he's someone who says i would be in favor of doing the straight repeal if we then go about the process of putting together replacement sort of the appropriate old school way, committee hearings, take our time, come up with something that can get 60 votes. i think we've also got the majority leader on the floor explaining that maybe that's not the way this is going to happen. let's listen to that. >> i regret that the effort to repeal and immediately replace the failures of obamacare will not be successful.
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that doesn't mean we should give up. we will now try a different way to bring the american people relief from obamacare. i think we owe them at least that much. in the coming days the senate will take up and vote on a repeal of obamacare combined with a stable two-year transition period as we work towards patient centered health care. >> i do not think that it is going to be constructive to repeal a law that at this point is so interwoven within our health care system and then hope that over the next two years we will come up with some kind of replacement. i think that would create great anxiety for individuals who rely on the aca. i believe it would cause the insurance markets to go into turmoil. and i don't think it is the
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right way to proceed. >> that's pretty clear from susan collins she's not going to vote for the motion to proceed on this bill. i know it's technical but the procedure is the plikds here. if mitch mcconnell can't get 50 republicans to say we're even going to debate this new new plan to repeal and then replace, they are still stuck. susan collins says she's a no. john mccain is still not here and heard from shelley moore capito a new on the plan but hasn't spas ecified whether she let it be debated. this is evolving even as we speak. >> john mccain put out a statement saying very much with susan collins is saying, it is now time to move on to working with democrats and coming up with a new plan. i do want to address, garrett, this one issue that some people brought up about completely repealing or what would happen if you repealed and deposit replar re -- didn't replace. >> what's the point of it really? >> it's a very dangerous road to
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go down for a congress that has not been able to make a deal. before obamacare, before the aca, there were 57 million uninsured people in america. we now have 27 million uninsured. we have taken more than half of the people who had no insurance off the rolls. -- 26 million uninsured. if you were to remove obamacare now and not replace it. one year later 44 million people would be uninsured because the penalties tied to the individual mandates will be eliminated and insurers will then leave the exchanges. within two years we will be 53 million uninsured. this is the congressional budget office, put this out in january because this was being discussed. medicaid expansion and the s subsidies would be eliminated and by 2026, because we always look out to ten years, we would have more uninsured americans than there were before obamacare. let's tell you the effect it's going to have on premiums. if you just took out obamacare and dilace rep it within a
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year you would seeremiums go up in the individual market, g through medicaid or through work, 20 to 25%, up 50% in year two and would nearly double within ten years. by 2026. let's look at the third screen and i'll tell you the effect it's going to have on the marketplace. 50% of all americans in year one would live in areas that had no insurer participation. we do not have a public option under obamacare. it was something discussed and didn't happen. half of all americans would live in places with no insurer participation and 75% in 2026 would live in areas with no insurance participation in the public markets. this is a big one you need to talk to your members of congress about if they are conservatives and if you are conservatives the effect on the federal deficit of replacing -- repealing without replacing it is an increase to the federal deficit of $137 billion over the course of the next ten years. it's an increase.
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stephanie, you look at that and tell me, what good comes of repealing without replacing? >> but you and i have argued this point before. as it comes to the deficit, hard core conservatives or those tied to that idealism, don't like talks of deficit. if you speak to the average person and talk deficit, you could make a mistake between the trillion or billion and it doesn't seem to matter. it feels disconnected. from your perspective, michael, the average american beyond how they voted or if they asked their lawmaker to repeal and that was a campaign promise, from a health care perspective, i'm a mother of three kids, don't care what it's called, i want them to get the best health care and want to afford it. how does repeal only work for the american person? >> it doesn't. if you repeal only and i think ali did a great job talking about the cbo numbers. >> i do too. con congratulations. >> the insurance markets will explode and insurance companies will pull out. one thing insurance companies hate is uncertainty. they hate uncertainty.
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if you tell them you're going to repeal this law, that the individual mandate is gone and subsidies are gone and medicaid expansion is gone and just wait a couple of years because we're going to come up with another idea to fix it all, they are going to say forget about it. >> that uncertainty is exactly the sentiment we heard from a different kind of ceo, jamie dimon on friday. when insurance companies and banks and any industry doesn't know what's in store -- >> they move to protect the bottom line. >> can't plan for it, they are stuck. what's the clear path? it's so bizarre to say let's just replace -- repeal and we're going to figure it out later. why? >> michael, what are the options beyond just repealing and repealing and delaying for two years that make sense to you at this point? >> the option that makes sense to stabilize the insurance markets and guarantee the cost sharing subsidies -- >> let's tell viewers what that is. under obamacare these insurance
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companies that don't like uncertainty said we're not sure how this is going to shake down so they made a deal, the federal government made a deal in which they a ssidized to some degree to deal with the shocks to their system. >> for relatively low income folks on the exchanges, there's $7 billion a year worth of subsidies to the insurance companies to pay for the cost sharing those people have. now there was a federal court which raised a question as to whether or not there was money appropriated for that 7 billion. so the trump administration has been trying to decide whether or not they are going to keep paying those cost sharing subsidies or just drop the subsidies. >> that resulted to some degree in the insurance premiums going up because they are preparing for the idea they may not get them. >> 100%. one option, one thing that could happen, last night president trump tweeted, let's try the whole repeal and delay. today he's tweeting and saying, you know what, let's let the whole marketplace fail and we'll come in and fix it. if the administration decides -- if they are going to cut of cost
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sharing subsidies they don't have to wait for congress -- >> it will fail. >> let's let this thing fail, how does that help this administration to say, well, it still doesn't have our name on it, only has obamacare? people voted for change. if this happens on the president's watch, he owns it. republicans control everything. so it's his base if they lose the health care will they stand behind the president? >> i agree. i think you have it exactly right i'm not sure he agrees with you on that. who knows exactly what his base is going to think as this thing plays out. i think you're right, you're completely accurate there. >> thanks for being with us. the chair and professor of public health policy. >> stand by, everybody, one man that has vowed to work with president trump on health care, well, he's going to join us after this quick break. >> up next we'll talk to -- there he is, michael burgess.
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welcome back to "velshi & ruhle," which is much better because ruhle is back with me. it appears president trump was blind sided by the latest health care defections and facing a major defeat on gettin rid of obamacare. that would be another promise he's not able to ke. let's look at the list of promises, there were very serious promises made during the election. health care being the top of
8:16 am
them, a budget which we still haven't seen, have to get it done by september 30th and debt ceiling part of that budget discussion, even the treasury secretary is begging congress to get this done and you have some people in congress saying we're not raising the debt ceiling. this is a perennial discussion we're having in america. tax reform, a really important one. the health care bill has so much -- >> necessary. >> spending cutting in there, you can't get to tax reform without health care. >> won ust things that those conservative republicans, rand pauls of the world, you may feel this way about health care from an idealistic standpoint, once americans having something, taking it away is very difficult. >> i've heard them say that which is why some want to do this. if this keeps on going down this way, medicaid expansion is only going to get bigger. two other things the president did talk about air traffic control changes and that hasn't
8:17 am
happen and you'll remember, stephanie, i think it was going to be a plan to defeat sisis within a month. >> isis is a rather complicated one. it is. >> as is health care. interesting, if it's by parti n partisansh partisanship, they didn't need that to get this thing through. republicans control it all. >> let's join congressman michael burgess, a medical doctor from texas, before congress an ob-gyn for decades. good to see you. thank you for being with us. >> thanks for having me on. >> i don't know if you got a chance to see the description of what happens without replacing, it gets to a situation worse before obamacare was put in which you'll remember wasn't a good situation. >> realistically, and of course the house and senate both voted on such a repeal bill in december of 2015, was sent to president obama's desk and
8:18 am
vetoed it in january of '16. and that was the starting point for the repeal efforts that began in this congress. many people at the beginning thought as perhaps referenced in your discussion, there should be more replace elements and that's what we did on the house side and what led to the house bill which we delivered to the senate a little bit late but still in plenty of time for them to do their work before august. >> then what happens? i realize you can't answer for the senate, but as a member of the republican party and right now republicans do control it all, if this replace movement began in december of 2015, here we are in july of 2017, why hasn't it happened? >> well, there's never been the complete consensus on what the replace part should look like. remember december of 2015 was the repeal and two-year glide path to something else and that was to be determined later. as this congress began, there
8:19 am
were people, many people, people on the right and left of our conference who said, you can't just repeal, you've got to do the replace elements. our subcommittee was tasked with that and we did that. remember, we went through a 28-hour markup and had another 18 hours in the rules committee for good measure and delivered a product to the house floor which did pass and was delivered to the senate under their reconciliation instructions. look, that's tough. no one on the house side would ever tell you it's a wise thing to try to legs late to senate rules but we did a good job and the senate parly meant tear yan said it would beondered under the reconciliation les. good, we're good to go. next step, next move united states senate, it's theirs. >> is the issue within the senate, if all you need is 51 votes, if you've had time, is the differential between moderates and conservatives such a wide divide that you can't get your own party together? >> well, i think that's what --
8:20 am
i don't want to make any assumptions about what leader mcconnell is proposing but i think that is the -- that's the discussion he's hoping to generate, okay, you don't like what the house proposed and don't like what the leadership office proposed, here's the straight up repeal that 49 senators voted for in december of 2015 and one of those new senators voted for it as a house product. there's your 50 votes plus the vice president, good to go, send it to the president. >> but bottom line is that may not actually happen. in preparation for that not actually happening, i understand you've laid it out very clearly for us but in preparation for that not really happening, could you really knowing know what you know from the cbo and i understand a lot of people want to discount the cbo. but knowing what you know, could you support a repeal that doesn't come with a replace? >> well, clearly house and senate majorities did vote for that in december of 2015.
8:21 am
>> would you -- >> now no one would expect that nothing would happen after that. of course, there's going to be replace activity that fills those next two years and whether that's dealing with the medicaid expansion, dealing with the subsidies or dealing with the taxes, all of those things would be on the table and perhaps with take little bit now clearer focus, because the way forward has been determined by the repeal vote, maybe people would be willing to talk as the president i think has correctly pointed out, now is the time to come to the table and get it done. >> congressman, good to talk to you as always, thank you for your very thorough answers to this. michael burgess is a former doctor -- always a doctor from texas. >> president trump claims that 45,000 mining jobs have been added during his time in office. >> for fact sake, let's say those numbers are off big league. >> i'm not even --
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811 is available to any business our or homeownerfe. to make sure that you identify where your utilities are if you are gonna do any kind of excavation no matter how small or large before you dig, call 811. keep yourself safe. >> in pennsylvania, two weeks ago they opened a mine first mine that was opened in decades, opened a mine. and you know all of the people that were saying the mining
8:26 am
jobs, we've picked up 45,000 mining jobs in a very short period of time and everybody was saying you won't get mine jobs. picked up 45,000 mining jobs. >> no. >> that mine that opened in pennsylvania, important to note got its permits to open during the obama administration. but president trump is touting the 45,000 mining jobs recently added under his administration, a huge pledge he made on the campaign trail of the but the numbers from the bureau of labor statistics show a very different story. let's separate fact from fiction. have mining jobs really increased by 45,000 under trump white house? the bureau of labor statistics estimates there are roughly 50,0 50,050, 800 total in the united states. six months before trd r trump
8:27 am
took office, 1300 were added under president obama. that suggests the first six months of this year did bring 41,500 new mining and logging jobs but only 1,000 of them were just in mining, excluding oil and gas. the estimates put the number of coal mining jobs closer to 800. that is a huge difference from the 45,000 he boast yesterday. but president trump was not the first to make this claim. last month environmental protection agency chief scott pruitt seemed to be following those same talking points. >> since the fourth quarter of last year to most recently, added almost 50,000 jobs in the coal sector. in the month of may, 7,000 jobs. >> on a recent visit to west virginia, rick perry struggled with explaining job growth in the coal market when he offered up his own explanation of the base sick economics of supply and demand saying you put the supply out there and the demand
8:28 am
will follow. a claim many economists were quick to ridicule but whether they ridicule or not, if you understand basic economics, it's the other way around. when visiting a clean coal lab and rec perry said this, this is the future, he did not realize that lab was going to lose much of their budget under rick perry -- >> the administration has got to stop making these claims. we're fracking a little bit more because the price of oil stabilized and it's going up. that has been the issue. as we're fracking more, a lot of these jobs that fall under the bureau of labor statistics of mining and logging, they are gas jobs, oil jobs. i don't know why they keep saying this. there are only 50,000 mining jobs in total. by the way, those aren't coal min miners, the people who mine are only a portion, 15,000. thgs a crazy thing and they keep doing it. >> one of the reasons to say the president is an extraordinary
8:29 am
salesman, he became president of the united states but those coal miners who want their jobs back and want wages increases, want health care, they need to jobs much like people -- >> they know if you're a coal miner you know 45,000 jobs were not created since the trump administration began. >> coming up next, more on the full obamacare repeal. it's in the works right now. if it goes through, what's it going to cost you? we'll speak with tammy baldwin. ns now at this cartoon from the repealing the earlier plans to repeal and replace in favor of just repealing then replacing later. you get the idea. >> here's the idea, it's only elephants in the picture. they just need to do it together. they are on the same team. stay with us. noo
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that's right for you. (vo) living with ammonia odor? not a pretty picture. (vo) luckily, tidy cats lightweight with new ammonia blocker tackles tough odor, even ammonia. so long stankface! (vo) ammonia like that? there's a tidy cats for that. welcome back to "velshi & ruhle." here are the top stories we're watching right now. wall street reacting to the collapse of the senate health care bill and tepid earnings. the dow is down nearly 100 points. think about it, if they want tax reform, they need health care sfwl a russian official says there's almost a deal with the trump administration for the return of two diplomatic compounds in the united states. we thought we would show you an unrelated picture of a woman to add emphasis. russia's deputy foreign minister responded he left a meeting at the state department yesterday and president obama ordered the
8:34 am
compound seize last december as part of his response to russia's meddling in the 2016 election. minneapolis are calling the police shooting the death of a 911 caller a homicide. i actually believe that may be who the photograph was. >> that's right. >> state investigators are looking into what just team was shot by an officer, now on administrative leave. she placed the call to the police when she thought there was a sexual assault that took place in a alley nearby. >> let's get back to health care. this morning, president trump is blasting democrats and quote a few republicans after the collapse of the senate's gop health care bill. among his series of tweets this morning, as i have always said -- >> which is not the case. >> let obamacare then come together and do a great health care plan. stay tuned. meantime, senate republican leader mitch mcconnell announced a vote to repeal much of obamacare could come in days with a two-year grace period to
8:35 am
allow for a stable transition. >> it is not as i've always said when they did pass the bill in the house, the president hosted a celebration in the rose garden. yesterday on a podium next to mike pence said we're coming together and last night it was reported at dinner, if we don't do this we'll look like dopes. >> i want to bring back this topic of what happens if a repeal goes through without a replace. i think it's really important. i know some of you may have seen me do this earlier. it's important to see this again. i want to focus in on this. 57 million americans were inunsured about obamacare. right now there are 26 million uninsured. we have cut the number in more than half. if obamacare goes away and there's no replace, within a year 44 million people will be uninsured because the penalties tied to the individual mandates be eliminated and insurers will leave the exchanges if you don't mandate people to be on them. within two years, 53 million
8:36 am
americans will be uninsured because medicaid expansions and subsidies will be eliminated and by 2026, 58 million americans will be uninsured, greater than before obamacare. numbertwo, look what happens to premiums, within a year 20 to 25% and two years 50% and within 10 years they'll be double where they are now. now let's look at the number of insurance companies that will be out there. this is one of the chief complaints of republicans within a year, 50% of all americans would live in areas with no insurer participation in the individual markets. within ten years, 75% of americans would live in places that don't have any insurance companies and the effect on the federal deficit for conservatives concerned about this, if you repeal without replacing, deficit goes up over 10 years by $137 billion. this is serious. if people talking about repealing without replacing, there are serious consequences to this people should be looking at. >> hrt, joining us now to keep
8:37 am
this conversation a step further, tammy baldwin, a member of the senate appropriations committee and also the health education labor and pensions committee. good morning. first, what do you think is next for health care? >> well, mitch mcconnell says he's going to force this vote. and so, we are -- after last night everyone thought maybe this repeal effort had come to an end. it was dead. it is not and it is still our first priority is to fight against this repeal effort. and how irresponsible is it, you just said, ali, to look at repeal without replace. the consequences on people's health, well being is extreme. so we have got to keep the pressure up and i want to return to what has made this possible to be this far into 2017 and
8:38 am
still be engaged in this debate, it is the voice of the american people. i see it every time i go home to wisconsin. people telling their stories, people sharing with republican congressman and senators about what the impact would be on their lives, their families if this irresponsible partisan nonsense were allowed to come into law. >> we've had calls, senator from susan collins, from john mccain still recovering from surgery and senator schumer said it this morning, there seems to be growing impetus for a real effort. you introduced the marketplace certainty act. this is interesting to stephanie and me because we cover economics a lot. part of the problem what i just showed everybody would happen if you repeal obamacare without replacing is that the insurance companies don't like the uncertainty, their defense mechanic mix sm to protect the line is to hike premiums. >> i absolutely agree that there
8:39 am
are measures and steps we have to take but repeal has to come off the table first. then i think that stabilization package, frankly if the republicans are willing to work in open, not in secret and include the women in the conversations, if they are willing to do that, in all seriousness, we have a stabilization measure that's ready to go. and some price relief issues on which we agree. you mentioned john mccain, john mccain and i have a bill to bring additional transparency to drug corporations that have been jacking up prices and causing such additional burdens on people's health care. there are a number of bipartisan measures and measures that absolutely could be bipartisan ready to go. but we've got to get through this irresponsibility of putting repeal without replacement on
8:40 am
the table. it's the least responsible proposal they've had yet. it could leave 32 million americans without insurance, in short order and that's the fight before us right now and the people have to continue to tell their stories, call their members until we have put that aside. >> behind closeddoors, do you have a game plan or are you currently beyond john mccain working with moderate republicans. some have categorized repeal without replace as an attack within the republican party, conservatives attacking moder e moderates. if that's the case, do you have a plan to get the moderates to work with you? >> absolutely, we've been listening to the various reasons that folks have insisted that they -- republicans have said that they are suspect of the plans that have been moving forward. we can figure out where there is
8:41 am
common ground. certainly things like the cost -- cost reduction payments, cost sharing reduction payments having risk management tools, lowering prices, increasing competition, these are all things we can do together. but again, they have to take repeal off the table. whether that's by mitch mcconnell, calling a vote this week or next and it going down or simply declaring that now is the chance to work in a transparent bipartisan way, holding hearings involving folks in something that impacts a sixth of the u.s. economy. we need to come to that point by getting repeal off the table to work together. >> right, tammy baldwin, good to talk to you. >> great to talk to you. >> senator from wisconsin. this is -- they are going down a dangerous road here on every level, even conservative
8:42 am
republicans can't like the addition to the deficit that repeal without replace will impose. >> we'll take a break. when we come back, president trump claims he's passed more legislation than any president in history. guess what it's time for again? for fact sake, we're going to dig into that next. >> while president tru works on that legislation, former fbi director james comey is working on a book and it will include his brief time in the trump administration and goes into auction this week. we'll see how many millions of dollars he gets for the advance -- >> put your guesses in via twitter. >> #velshiruhle. >> how much you think he's going to get. n't know this yet but in fifteen hundred miles, you'll see what you're really made of. after five hours of spinning and one unfortunate ride on the gravitron, your grandkids spot a 6 foot banana that you need to win. in that moment, you'll be happy you partnered with a humana care manager and got your health back on track. because that banana isn't coming home with you
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it's time to unleash your secret weapon. it's there, right under your nose. get to your best smile up to 50% faster. visit to get started today. time for facts sake yet again. president trump boasted about the the accomplishments the first six months in office. >> we've signed more bills and i'm talking about through the legislature than any president ever. for a while harry truman had us. and now i think we have everybody, mike. i better say think otherwise they'll get you a pinnochios.
8:47 am
>> there may be some in the statement. it's time to separate fact from friction. the president signed 42 piece of legislation in the firstix months, 17 of legislative substance and 15 undoing obama rules and 5 personnel hires and 3 naming facilities and 2 were commemorators, some of our recent presidents did more in first six months. president jimmy carter had 70 pieces of legislation signed and bill clinton 50. george w. bush 20, president trump mentioned president truman. he did more in the first 100 days than president trump as did roosevelt. an analysis of the bills mr. trump signed shows that half were minor and inconsequential
8:48 am
were little substantive debate. >> it keeps us busy having these kinds of conversations, the things big on the agenda and people are worried about are health care, ininfrastructure and tax reform. on those fronts we have seen possibly backward movement if anything. >> president trump knows very well how to speak to his base. when you read the strong words from the wall street journal owned by rupert murdoch to president trump on none other than the russian scandal. release it all to the public whatever short term political damage this might cause couldn't be worse than the death by 1,000 cuts of selective leaks often out of context from political opponents in congress or the special counsel's office. if there's nothing to the russia collusion allegations, transparency will call it. calling for radical transparency is a big ask.
8:49 am
saying if you want to suive, open the kimono. >> it is being ped open one way or the other. joining us now is cnbc's john harwood trying to make sense of what damage this does, the point is that the wall street journal is saying, this is damaging. this is damaging to the work of government. it's damaging to business, damaging to costs. everything is causing. come clean and let's move on. >> that's right, ali. but the challenge is it only makes sense to open the kimono if you're proud of what's underneath the kimono. the radical transparency only works with the truth is your friend. what we've seen so far is that the truth has hurt badly once it's been exposed as we saw last week with don jr.'s e-mails surrounding the meeting with the russian lawyer and russian spy. when the trump white house has told the truth, it is often been kind of by accident. it was kind of like yesterday
8:50 am
you mentioned made in america week, sean spicer, the white house press secretary was just fiing why trump products are made overseas. sometimes supply chains and scaleability require you to do things overseas. that's true, that's why businesses trump's against it for other businesses, but he's for it for his own. >> isn't that one of the bases that is going to cause a problem for the president? so those who say this russia collusion thing, that doesn't affect my everyday life. my everyday life, i need a good job, i need my wages increased, i need health care. but when you get to those agenda items, for example, when you get to made in america, it is not just the president who doesn't make his things here, those businesses don't exist and manufacturing that is coming home is automated. so those he's speaking to in his base, is he delivering for them? >> no, he's not. and one of the things that is fascinating here is that retaining that popularity or
8:51 am
what diminished popularity he has depends on -- may depend on him failing on some of his agenda items. he talked about imposing steel tariffs, potential trade war there, who would that hurt? that would hurt consumers. and, you know, the president, he says he inherited a mess, that's not the case. he actually inherited an economy that is now approaching full employment as long as we're at near full employment, he's got a floor underneath him. if he does something that causes that to turn, that causes confidence to decline, that causes us t go into recession, all bets are off in terms of where his floor goes. >> he also put out a rather confusing message in that speech yesterday when talking about internet companies. and how they're importing goods here and then selling them. they should be taxed for that. but help us walk through this. the president has already abandoned the idea of a border adjustment tax, but in his argument yesterday, he's saying
8:52 am
his internet companies, we need to help the brick and mortar stores. brick and mortar stores have an online presence, talking macy's or walmart, they're some of the biggest online retailers out there. what exactly is the president suggesting? if he said forget the border adjustment tax, but wants to help brick and mortar, i don't understand. >> well, it is a good question. i think the president has -- may have abandoned the border adjustment tax. i'm not sure he abandoned the idea of punitive tariffs on importers to the united states. he may look for some other iteration of that, and whether he can succeed in that is a big variable in terms of tax reform debate. we talked about the impact of the demise of the health care legislation, that will speed the debate on tax reform. but tax reform requires republicans, first of all, to make up their mind, are they going to expand the deficit or make it deficit neutral. if they make it deficit neutral, find a place to raise some money. that's why paul ryan wanted the
8:53 am
border adjustment tax. without it, they got to go somewhere else and i'm not sure president trump is giving up the idea of some kind of punitive tariffs. >> yeah, we have to follow that closely. john, good to talk to you. >> ali velshi, if he thinks he's going to help retailers ting importing goods, there is not large scale cloth manufacturing in the united states. want to ask somebody about that? ask ivanka trump. she'll tell you. >> maybe we should be bringing manufacturing back that is higher level value added manufacturing and that involves retraining people and a whole lot of stuff rather than promising old jobs back. >> the founder of zara, what do they do, mass produce cheap products overseas. jeff bezos, that ain't changing. how the health care news is affecting markets. dow still down, better than it was earlier. but about a little more than a third of a percent lower. we'll talk about that when we come back. you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those.
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why promise something you can't deliver? comcast business is different. ♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 250 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than centurylink. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪ welcome back to the final intense minutes of "velshi & ru"velshi & "velshi & ruhle." the u.s. dollar is sinking to its lowest level in months. just a lack of confidence in what is going on right now. as we see the stock market is lower today as well. however, to a point that we have to make to people, it has been some years since the stock market has been an indicator of the economy. sort of decoupled. half of americans don't hold
8:58 am
stock. >> half of americans don't hold stock. but they often tout the huge increase in the stock market, which is a positive, there has been a trump bump. last week, two of the greatest investors of maybe all time spoke in sun valley extensively about that disconnect, a booming market is not a direct reflection on an economy. please remember that. >> amazon is jumping into the meal kit delivery service. shares of blue apron dropped dramatically since monday. since the news broke that amazon has registered the trademark, we do the prep, you be the chef. >> blue apron, just ipo'd in the last couple of months, amazon comes knocking on your door. it is tough. >> yeah. >> it is tough. >> all right. thank you for watching this hour of msnbc live. don't go anywhere. i'm ali velshi. >> i'm stephanie ruhle. we got to say something before we leave. why? because an absolute legend is taking over next. msnbc's own andrea mitchell, now
8:59 am
on her fifth decade of reporting, and killing it every day, women's wear daily featured andrea who will be honored with five lifetime achievement awards this year. i said this earlier, sometimes you get a lifetime achievement award, it is considered at the twilight of your career, let me tell you something, andrea mitchell works harder day in and day t and kills it, runs circles around the two of us all day, every day. >> that's why there is two of us leading into you. it takes two of us to do the work that you're going to do better in the next hour. we're better for working for you and with you, andrea. thank you. >> thank you, my colleagues and friends. stephanie and ali, thank you so much. and right now on "andrea mitchell reports," flat line, in a major setback, mitch mcconnell gives up on the senate health care bill, and goes to plan c, repeal only, replace later. but will this also be doa? >> congress needs to do their
9:00 am
job and congress needs to do their job now. >> i regret the effort it repeal and immediately replace the failures of obamacare will not be successful. that doesn't mean we should give up. we will now try a different way to bring the american people relief from obamacare. i think we owe them at least that much. >> we're going to have to pull our ranks together it seems to me to get it done. there is a lot of -- a lot of infighting. >> it is a bill that simply repeals, i believe that will add to more uncertainty. >> dine and dash. president trump wining and dining senate republicans just before the bill's collapse. with an awkward get well message for john mccain. >> and i can tell you, we hope john mccain gets better very soon. because we miss him. he's a crusty voice in washington, plus,


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