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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 19, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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barrel spending and earmarks. fay wasn't the only pig at the party. it seems like that other pig, this is ridiculous. making him squeal. >> thanks pig foot. good to see you again. notice he's always at the other end of the line when i'm around. >> what is going on? washington, d.c.? this guy looks ridiculous or lady. that's all for tonight. we'll be back tomorrow with more mtp daily. i'll try to get it together by then. have a good night, guys. we begin with the major breaking news just moments ago. nbc news learning that donald trump junior and paul manafort, the president's former campaign manager are now listed as witnesses at the senate judiciary hearing next week.
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that hearing will be open to the public. we get to hear what they have to say. all of that breaking as we're following this other major story. the white house message, nothing to see here. for the first time we're hearing from white house officials publicly about that previously undisclosed second conversation between president trump and vladimmir putin at the g-20 summit. here's the headline. the white house down playing the conversation but declining to tell reporters what the two men talked about. >> how long did they talk? what did they talk about? >> they had a brief conversation. i'm not going to get into the specifics of the conversation. again, this was a social dinner where president spoke with many world leaders as is the purpose. i think it would be incredibly awkward for them to sit at a dinner and not speak to each other. it's part of the official g-20 schedule, so to act is it was a secret is absurd.
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>> the president revealed no sensitive or classified information to vladmir putin during that conversation? >> i haven't had a conversation about the details. >> does he trust the kremlin translater to portray what his thoughts were accurately? >> i believe so. >> is that less than an hour, less than a half hour? do you have any time frame for how long that talk was? >> we weren't following him around with a stop watch, but like i said, it was a brief conversation and not an hour. >> obviously we still have many unanswered questions. how long was the conversation? they won't say. what was discussed? unclear. can the president be sure his meaning was conveyed accurately by putin's translater since the u.s. didn't have a translater that spoke russian. the president dismissing the concerns and tweeting that the reporting about the conversation is fake news and sick and the press knew about the meeting.
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to be clear, the press knew about the dinner, not about the conversation with putin. all these questions as the white house con fronts another major issue, health care. while nearly every republican senator went to the white house today for a lunch to talk about health care, one was conspicuous by his absence. the chair of the senate intelligence committee which is investigating russia's election med meddling did not go and he told the white house he will not attend any meetings there while his probe remains under way. so much to get to. let's start with peter alexander who joins us from the white house. what are we learning about paul manafort and donald trump junior testifying next week. >> reporter: you did report that first here on msnbc. let me give you some more breaking news. i received information from jared kushner's attorney that he will also testify next week. he will be testifying in a
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closed session before the senate intelligence committee. his attorney providing a statement to nbc news. i just got this on my e-mail. it says as mr. kushner has been saying since march he's prepared to cooperate and provide whatever information he has on investigations to congress. we have arranged the interview with the senate for july 24th. that's monday. he will continue to cooperate and appreciates the opportunity to assist in putting this matter to rest. next week becomes a significant week as this administration, the president's son-in-law and his former campaign share and son himself try to put to rest all the questions about russia. we understand that jared kushner will do it behind closed doors. it's unclear what we will learn about his testimony but donald trump junior, the president's son will be testifying in an open session which will allow,
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obviously, a lot more attention to be focused on this even as the white house tries to put this entire episode behind it. >> these are different committees, but i'm wondering why we're having some in open session and then you have jared kushner behind closed doors. maybe because he's still on the white house staff. maybe there's classified information that could be discussed. i assume you haven't gotten anything like that from his attorney? >> reporter: there's been different circumstances. we have watched a parade of individual who is have been going to capitol hill. some of them members of the obama administration. having these closed door sessions as they try to track down not just the questions apts donald trump and whatever collusion may or may not have existed between the trump campaign and russian operatives but also about russian interf e interference which was the basis for this entire effort.
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>> all right. thanks very much. i don't know you'll get back to us if you hear anymore from your sources there. huge breaking news, obviously that we have three of the people who have been talked about so much who were in that meeting with the russian lawyer, eight people total. paul manafort and donald trump junior going to be going before one committee while the senate intel behind closed doors will be talking to jared kushner. let me start there since you're on house intel. are there questions you have for jared? >> i think there's many questions we have about his conversations with the banker and the efforts you get, the eb to give more funding to the kushner properties. i would like to know more about that, in particular. i would also like to know about how it came about that over 100
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meetings with foreign nationals were not disclosed on his sf-86. it took three tries to get all of those into his document. truthfully when you file that, it's filed under penalty of perjury. there's a fine. it's really problematic that he's had these meetings with russians and were not part of his security clearance initially. those are many of the questions i would ask. >> the explain is there was an assistant who pushed send too soon. it was several months before they refiled but could this be an honest mistake? >> first of all, i think they are very misleading. that is 121-page document you fill out. you cannot send it after you just put in the information
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about your contacts with foreign nationals. you have to talk about bankruptcies. there's a whole series of questions. after you fill it out then they show it to you again. is this accurate? you push okay before you send it. i don't believe they are being very transparent. >> in the meantime you have paul m manafort and donald trump junior. one of the questions that's been raised is how they let themselves get into this situation in first place to take a meeting with somebody who is tied to the kremlin and do you think that there is more blame, if that's the right word? do you think donald trump who has said things were going a million miles a day p and i really wasn't experienced at politics as opposed to say paul manafort who has been involved in politics since the '70s or
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'80s? >> paul manafort is a trpro. the fact he took the meeting, one of ag peopeight people that there. they were expecting to get dirt on hillary clinton from the russian s all very alarming. this is, in my view, maybe the tip of the iceberg. how many more meetings were there? that's the question that needs to be asked and answered. >> how many more meetings with russians in general? what do you think happened there? >> i don't know. >> tip of the iceberg is pretty strong statement. >> i believe there was a probably a phone conversation that donald trump junior had with the -- with someone before the actual meeting took place. then there was clearly a message being sent by the russians that we want to help your father out. we want to help trump get elected to the presidency.
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was there more interactions that took place. those are some of the questions that have to be asked. >> what's the relationship or as you see what's the delineation between the two meetings versus what we're seeing robert mueller? >> the meeting has a lot to do with the fact he's been the recipient of a lot of classified information. if there's questions that are classified in nature that can't be asked in open hearing and the judiciary committee would be having a meeting with both donald trump junior who doesn't have access to classified information nor does paul manafort. >> always good to see you. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> richard haas is president of the council on foreign
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relations. we wanted to talk to you about a different aspect of russia but let me start with just your reaction to the fablct that nowe have three of the people closest to donald trump during the campaign, paul manafort, his son and son-in-law who will go before senate committees. what's your take on this now? >> i expect it will be unlimited breathless speculation and then i'll predict it will not be any perry mason moment. this is just going to go on. the idea that somehow next week will be a decisive or critical moment, i see nothing up to now that suggests that. >> dramatic though, for sure. i think there are a lot of people, for example, who want to hear first hand what donald trump junior has to say who want to hear what paul manafort has to say. if your implication in any way
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that the senate and these various senate committees are not equipped to get to the bottom of this. that's really mueller's job or what are you saying here? >> mr. mueller has greater tools at his disposal than the senate. again, you have people who are going to present their side of the story. the idea that one of these individuals will come up and start sobbing and confess that there was all sorts of conclusion just doesn't pass the serious test. i know, again, there will be tremendous interest. lit be more cameras than you and i can count. my own expectation is it will be a he said, he said. the democrats will be quite accusatory and my sense is the witnesses will say we did what we did and you shouldn't read into it. >> is part of the problem that he's not talking in case, for example, of donald trump junior, he's not talking to a friendly
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news host anymore to whom, by the way, he gave incorrect information when he said this is everything. this is everything and we found out increasingly there were more people at the meeting and different topics that were discussed. this is under oath. there's a different level here of preparation that they need to do and the kind of answers they need to give. >> sure. a lot of washington attorneys and this is the full employment scheme for a lot of lawyers. again, people are going to have their own recollections. they will have their own versions. we can sit here and speculate until the cows come home. i haven't seen anything so far that leads me to suggest that we're going to have some sharp lines and suddenly questions of impeachments and the rest are going to materialize. i just don't see it. >> i think that it does become part of a larger narrative about russia and a big part of that narrative today is the second
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meeting that the president had at the g-20 with vladmir putin. if you believe the white house, this was just a couple of social comments. if you listen to the reporting from people in the room, it lasted perhaps as long as an hour. there was no u.s. translater. the u.s. translater spoke japanese, did not speak russian. do you have concerns about this or do you think that the concerns about this meeting or the white house doesn't even want to call it a meeting, this interaction is overblown? >> that depends on whether it was a three-minute social encounter or 45-minute meeting. we could not sustain a 45-minute chitchat. at some point you're going to talk about issues. i think the duration of the meeting matters a lot. if it was real meeting the fact the president went in without talking points, without an aide without his on translater is not the way we should be conducting
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d diplomacy with anyone. >> all of this very swresing g interesting at a time when people can watch. thank you so much. we much appreciate it. >> thank you. cake care. it's president trump's second meeting with vladmir putin now lost forever? maybe not. could it have been recorded and what could russia want, if it was? we're also learning more about the people inside that secret trump tower meeting. one russian now ready to testify before congress. and not the three we mentioned. health care chaos to let obamacare fail to we must repeal and replace. drama at 1600. just over an hour from now the president welcomes health care hold outs to work it out. we're monitoring any action there. stay with us.
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we've got more on that breaking news and clarifications. both the president's son and son-in-law are expected to appear next week before senate committees. a lawyer for jared kushner has confirmed he will speak with staffers from the senate intelligence committee in a closed session. that may be a situation where he's in there talking to staffers, the chairman, the vice chairman may go in and be part of that. that would be a much more informal setting. very different from what we're expecting from both donald trump junior and paul manafort. that's the president's former campaign manager. they have been invited to testify in a public hearing next wednesday before the senate judiciary committee, and they are on the schedule that we have been sent. they have not confirmed independently, to us, that they will appear. joining me michael isikoff.
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what do you make of the possibility that three of the people in that much talked about meeting, three key people closest to the president while he was still a candidate, could be talking to people in the senate both on intel and judiciary next week. >> couple of quick thoughts. number one, the fact that the kushner hearing, if you could call it that, will be behind closed doors, informal, with mostly staff present, is a problem. to the extent that people are looking for answers about the many questions that were raised about this meeting. in addition to answers about kushner's own failure to report this and early meetings on his security clearance form and yet he still has an interim security clearance. we're not going to get those answers from -- we're not going the get kushner's version of it because it will be behind closed
3:21 pm
doors. as far as the hearing with trump junior and paul manafort, that is scheduled to be in public but we'll have to see. donald trump junior has indicated he wanted to testify in public. i assume if this goes forward, he will. manafort, he's known to be under investigation. it will be very interesting to see whether he invokes his fifth amendment rights as he has every right to do, so we don't hear anything about his account. >> one of the interesting things about this is that he goes before that committee, he's under oath. this is very different than talking to sean hannity. >> for all of them. lying to congress is a crime. even if jared kushner doesn't tell the truth and lies in a staff interview to congress, he could be prosecuted for that as well as the guys who testify in open session. paul manafort is under investigation for a lot of different things including money
3:22 pm
issues with his banking accounts. he can be asked about a million different things. will his lawyer let him go up there and be open to questions from any senator. it may no be on point about that meeting. the same thing with donald trump junior. the question i would have to put to them, to me the important thing about the meeting is they were informed in the e-mails that russia, at least the putin crony, wanted to help the trump campaign with secret information. they say nothing came out of this meeting. why throughout the campaign and the weeks and months ahead, that they deny that russia had anything to do with the hacking or anything else when they were told russia wanted to take action against hillary. there's a lot to ask them about, both them beyond that meeting. >> one of the things about donald trump junior and we saw when he did that interview with hannity is he comes across as
3:23 pm
this is everything. he was so very blunt about it. there was no equivocating there. there was no legalese. there was no talking in ways of what the meaning of the word is is. he was unequivocal in his statements which took less than 24 hours to be not true. then he puts out e-mails that directly contradict what he said. he can't do that here, right? >> right. he can't. he'll be under oath. >> if i'm his lawyer, i'm a little nervous. >> that is a very good question. it would not be beyond the realm of the possible if at the last minute the committee gets notified that upon advice his his counsel he's not going to testify. we'll have to see. he had made earlier assertions about there having been no meetings with any russians, no talk of anything that could
3:24 pm
smack of collusion. that was before these e-mails were brought to light before the new york times. he has a little wit of a credibility track record here that opens him up, grounds for us all to be skeptical. can i add one more point? the committee may be missing the boat. to conduct real investigation, you want to go into what was the basis for those e-mails. rob goldstone is the author. he's the one that put in plaque and white that the russian government had this information and wanted to get it to the trump campaign. what was his basis for that? he suggests in the e-mails it was information he got from the agularof. you want to hear about his account of why he came to write thoe those e-mails.
3:25 pm
>> we have donald trump and m manfort and people will say it changes the equation because it's in publish. we should remind people that the two top people are chuck grassley and dianne feinstein, two experienced people. >> also a host of democrats and republicans. some former prosecutors. i would bet this doesn't happen. i don't think donald trump junior can go up there and defend not just that meeting but what happened before, what happened either. other interactions with the russians. he's had dealings, as his father, for decades with trying do get business in russia. although donald trump says i have nothing to do with russia. the other democrats will dig deep into this. once you're up there, you can't say i'm going to answer this but
3:26 pm
i'm not going to answer that. his credibility problem is a big issue. if i was his lawyer, i would say take the hit and not go. >> thank you we're going to be following this. we'll be right back.
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[car tires screech] [bell rings]
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a very busy and fascinating week as various committees investigate what happened with russian interference with the 2016 election. the breaking news that we could get. three of the key players going before senate investigators. they are paul manafort, the campaign manager, donald trump junior, a key advisor to his dad at the time.
3:30 pm
also going to be there and jared kushner, the son-in-law of the president going to go behind closed doors. here you have the white house yet again who thought maybe for a little while they were going to move behind this. two things happened. one, health care blows up in a way that i don't think even anyone might have expected because it's become so c convoluded. then you have the second meeting with president had. now three members of his inner circle then, campaign manager, included, two of the people closest to him personally who could be going before committees. what are the political implications here for the white house? >> i'm not sure which is worse to be talking about, russia or
3:31 pm
health care. there's a lot more concern about health care with this law. in some bizarre world we're in it might be better to be talking about russia next week than health care but the optics are not good. >> i would say the optics aren't good. for this white house which cannot seem to move away from potential scandal, from controversy to policy and when it does move to policy, it cause s problems. what do you see is the politics of this? >> it's such a world of hurt when you can't decide which is worse, russia or health care. not what's better. i don't see a good thing coming because they wanted to do tax reform and infrastructure. had they not gone into the bermuda triangle of policy of health care, you go in but don't come out. they could have started with
3:32 pm
what was chuck schumer's worry with infrastructure and co-opted all the democratic groups, labors, builders. that was going to help both sides. they are mired in this. there's nothing that donald trump could fail at quite like health care was a it's such a pinnacle of both his campaign promises, how wonderful. you're going to love it. you're just going to love my health care and of the republican party. >> in the meantime, you have a president who has said this whole russia thing is a hoax, first of all. there's no need for any of these investigations. he defended his son. he said he was a good person. donald trump junior comes out and said i've told you everything. we found out he didn't tell us anything. could there be a disconnect here between the political and the legal because i could see donald trump junior arguing to his dad or to even to jared kushner, i
3:33 pm
got to get out there. i didn't do anything wrong. you know i didn't do anything wrong. they are making too much of this. this is the media blowing this out of ro portion. his lawyers saying you're going to be under oath. whatever you say, as long as this investigation goes on, you cannot be proven wrong. can you see a scenario where the politics and the legal becomes a huge fight? >> we he's just going to have to cough up a lot more than he did on sean hannity. >> if questions will be very different. >> every washington lawyer knows we have been through this how many times, the perjury trap will get you. do you want to be the next martha stewart? no. you have to cough it all up here. you can walk a fine line. so much was going on. you can do a little bit of that. to some extent there's not going
3:34 pm
to be anymore. i don't remember who was in the room. it's going to have to come out now or else you're going to be in a lot of trouble down the road. >> margaret, donald trump junior and paul manafort are on the schedule. we have not confirmed that they have confirmed. what do you think the chances are? >> their lawyers will not want them. once you have a version out there, you have to stick with it because and if it's not actually right, it's very hard. i went to law school. did not practice law, but it's very hard to remember false statements -- it's hard to remember that. you remember what happened. you don't remember the version of you gave that protects you. i'm afraid that don junior could be the acorn that didn't fall from the tree. he may treat the lawyers the way his father does. they say don't tweet, don't comment on that and he's out there every day making comments. >> does the opposite.
3:35 pm
>> margaret, thank you both. appreciate it. straight ahead, the gop and the president in a circular firing squad over their health care failure. nobody wants to own it especially not the president. for your heart... your joints... or your digestion... so why wouldn't you take something for the most important part of you... your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is now the number one selling brain health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember. liz assumed all dressingsrust were made equal. assume nothing. just like the leading brands, these kraft dressings are made with high quality ingredients, at a price you can feel good about. no wonder kraft is so good.
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we don't know who will be there but we know the issue. the chaotic fight over health care and a last attempt to get everybody on board. one noticeably absent senator tonight, susan collins of maine. she's been a no vote on every repeal and replace version put forth so far. she said she has a previous engagement tonight. earlier president trump summoning gop senators to the white house but with a new message. remember a few weeks ago he said republicans should just repeal obamacare. yesterday he said republicans should just let obamacare fail. then this afternoon this from the president. >> my message today is really simple. we have to stay here. we shouldn't leave town. we should hammer this out and get it done. not just a repeal. it was sort of early on along with a few of the other folks at the table. the repeal was fine.
3:40 pm
we ought to get maore than that. the people of this country need more than a repeal. they need a repeal and a replace. we were very, very close and little things happened, but now we're very close again. we have to get it. >> after meeting with the president, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell saying he is still planning a repeal vote next week. he said this about the changing message from the president. >> i think we all agree it's better to both repeal and replace, but we could have a vote on either. >> this morning, senator ted cruz saying republicans better be careful. >> for serven years republicans have told the voters if you elect us, we will repeal obamacare. we will look like fools if we can't deliver on that promise. >> so, what will it be?
3:41 pm
the president said earlier today in a tweet this would get better at lunchtime. now i guess they think it will get better over this meeting tonight. do we know who is going? if you're trying to get people on board, don't you have to say here is what i need you to get on board with and do we know what that is? >> right. they are coming about this from the opposite way. that hundred mp today did breathe some additional life into this process. i think a lot of senators felt like they got a boost from the president. they got some clarity on what the president would like to see happen which is still repeal and replace simultaneously despite some of the contradictory comments he has made. the meeting tonight seems to have less optimism around it. it's not clear from the administration who will be there. you mentioned susan collins won't be there. i've not been able to pin down rob portman if they will show up
3:42 pm
tonight. they're not no votes for lack of communication with the administration about this. both of them have said they have gone back and forth with the administration about what they like to see in this bill. their changes aren't being made. mitch mcconnell wants to get to a vote on monday and tuesday to bring something to the floor and let people have their fights about it once on the senate floor. if you're rob portman or one of these people, you don't want to take the risk that these issues you fought so hard for get thrown out with the bath water once this thing gets to the floor and they don't get on there. that's the sort of the big question i think we're all watching tonight is will those moderate senators and the others opposed in this process let this bill come to the floor at all. >> it's going to be another late night. thank you for that. the president's election commission held its first meeting today looking to root out voter fraud. i'll talk to a state official who is pushing back on the president's efforts.
3:43 pm
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nobody knows the system better than me, which is why i alone can fix it. >> blast from the past. then candidate donald trump at the republican convention boasting he could fikx the problems facing americans. he has problems maybe he didn't see coming. we learn that a lawyer has confirmed he will meet with staffers from the senate intelligence committee in a closed session on monday. both donald trump junior and paul manafort, the president's former campaign manager have been invited to testify in a public hearing next week before the senate judiciary committee. they have not yet confirmed if they will appear. trump facing criticism from some republicans for not doing more
3:47 pm
to help the gop solve its number one problem right now. how to repeal obamacare. >> well, i'm always glad to meet with the president. i think he needs to get more engaged. >> get more engaged. >> today the president did meet with republican senators on health care, but just a day ago he suggested that the out come of the fight wasn't his problem. >> we're not going to own it. i'm not going to done own it. we'll let obamacare fail and the democrats will come to us and say how do we fix it? how do we fix it? >> not me. the president refusing to own the issue he promised he would fix easily. then this morning appearing to distance himself from his own party tweeting, quote, they must keep their promise to america. the republicans never discuss how good their healthcare bill is. note the use of pronouns. then this afternoon a top
3:48 pm
staffer saying republicans will own health care, maybe. >> we're able to replace obamacare with our solution. it will begin the ownership. >> seems to be far cry from the deal maker in chief that candidate trump said he would be. >> i just want to stay in the white house and work and make great deals. >> nobody will do the kind of things i can do. i'm a great deal maker. that's what i do. you have to get people in, grab them, hug them, kiss them and get the deal done. it's got to be the deal that you want. >> back with me, what happened? >> the only people he was grabbing, hugging and kiss were at the u.s. women's open at his golf club this weekend. when senator graham said let's hope the president gets engaged. it's another way of saying that the president didn't know what was in the health care bill he celebrated in the rose garden and said was mean. he doesn't really know what's in the senate bill. he only wants to win. he doesn't want to be what he hates the most is quote, a
3:49 pm
loser. by getting more engaged, maybe there's something that hasn't been tried between the house and the senate where it's basically a tax bill mas ka rak raiding a health care bill. i didn't think you could beat the house in uninsuring people. but the senate beat them. >> he wrote the art of the deal. he ran on being the deal maker. having been on the campaign trail, i was there for almost two years, talked to thousands of voters. a lot of them who voted for him voted for him because they believed he could make deals, that washington was broken. it's interesting in this new poll where we looked at trump voters that the counties that voted for trump don't approve of the house's health care bill.
3:50 pm
12% of the trump counties approve. 25% of all trump voters think it's a good idea. i guess i wonder is he going to be held accountable at some point? is he the is he the teflon president with this tight group of people who have told me in recent weeks when i've gone to an event of his, there's nothing he can do that will make me turn away from him. >> i think the base will hold him accountable. the base will blame democrats, the establishment, everyone else. they won't behave him. they'll say he gave it a good shot but he couldn't get it done. a lot of independents are saying, hey, it's only been six months. but they will increasingly say, we thought you were going to shake things up. you didn't do it. we gave you a good shot. let's try somebody else.
3:51 pm
>> are democrats already celebrating what might happen in the mid terms? or are we moving so fast it is impossible to say now what it will be like next november? >> you think you know and then you don't. you think you know everything about russia and then you find out there's a meeting about dinner. more and more people piling into the room. how big was that meeting room? is it going to be nine or ten people later? democrats are not good at not gloating. neither are republicans, for that matter. they should stand aside and let it happen for a while and not gloat. i remember when the house got polled. i was in the room today with trump at a luncheon and i felt like it was the most engaged and articulate he had been on this health care top pick i've seen. and i've been in a number of
3:52 pm
these. it really seemed like someone finally gave him some talking points to explain what is in this, why you sell and it why it is good for people and he seemed fired up. maybe there will be the pivot. maybe it is coming. >> it's about time he knows what's coming. >> better late than never. and president trump holding the first meeting of his voter fraud commission. some states still refusing to cooperate. is the president's fact finding mission hitting another roadblock?
3:53 pm
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this will be a very transparent process. it will be very open for everybody to see. you will fairly and objectively follow the facts wherever they may lead. >> that's president trump kicking off his advisory commission on election integrity. first meeting today just days after trump took office. he hosted congressional leaders and told them between three and five million illegal votes caused him to lose the popular vote to hillary clinton. there's been no evidence of that. today they are calling it a scam that will in fact restrict voter rights and prior to the meeting, 44 states refused to fork over sensitive voter data.
3:57 pm
mississippi's secretary of state said they can jump in the gulf of mexico. >> if any state doesn't want to share this information, one has to wonder what they're worried about. i asked the vice president, i asked the commission. what are they worried about? there's something. there always is. >> with me now is california secretary of state and a member of the dnc voter protection commission, alex padilla. so southern california one of the states who said no, we're not turning this information over. let me pick up on what the president said, what are you worried about? >> where are they using the information? here's why california is not cooperating with this request to turn over the personal information of every voter in california. number one, worried about voting rights and this commission, its members and leadership are individuals with a long documented track record of championing voter suppression
3:58 pm
laws. of starting with secretakovack beyond. if the president was genuine about improving elections, it has concluded the russians interfered in the elections. for hours, not one significant reference or recognition of russian meddle in the 2016 election. >> i talked to ken black well on this commission and i played him a clip of you saying that there is will extremely rare and isolated instances of voter fraud. >> this is what he said and i said. there are many public policy decisions, many decisions on elected officials that are decided by one vote. hundreds of counties have more vote orders their registration
3:59 pm
rolls than they have residents. >> he says you're wrong. >> it is not my word versus his word there have been studies and investigations and prior commissions and they have concluded the same thing. voter fraud is extremely rare and always very isolated. what that tells me is our current safeguards are. again, if there is a genuine interest on of what of the trump administration to improve election integrity, number one, act on russia, please. they're a clear and present threat. not just 2016 but in 2018 and 2020 and beyond. and invest in new equipment, easier for voters and more secure. that would be productive and constructive. >> thank you. i wish we had some time. we had brews today. surprise, surprise.
4:00 pm
>> "hardball" starts right now. donald trump and paul manafort to testimony in congress. let's play "hardball." good evening. i'm chris matthews in san francisco. there's breaking news on the russian front. the senate judiciary committee has called donald trump jr. and paul manafort to testimony in open hearings next week. and jared kushner, the presses's son-in-law will be interviewed. this comes after last week's revelation that kushner, manafort and trump jr. met with russians in june of 2016 to get dirt on hillary clinton. i'll joined by dick durbin on the judiciary committee. do we know if they're going to


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