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tv   MSNBC Live With Velshi and Ruhle  MSNBC  July 21, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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all of it after the show as always. for now i'll turn it over to ali velshi and stephanie ruhle in new york. >> good morning, hallie. >> i'm stephanie ruhle. >> and i'm ali velshi. it's friday, july 21st, get start. >> the key figure in the controversy is speaking out to us this morning xbl we know about president putin and president trump meeting three times in the g-20. they met for the bilateral and met at the dinner and -- >> maybe they want to toilet together. >> the white house is trying to turn the tables on the special counsel leading the russia investigation. >> the president what he thinks the thought, it is quickly on his lips. >> the mueller investigation has so much conflicts of interest, it's almost an absurdity. >> where is this going? if you're going to keep up every chute and ladder and the president made very clear this is a witch hunt. >> he lost two members of his legal team.
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>> the post also reporting mr. trump asked advisers about the presidential pardon powers. >> one of the president's attorneys denied published reports, pardons are not being discussed and not on the table. >> >> in an nbc exclusive, russia foreign minister said it's possible they met more times at the g-20 summit. >> he was being a sassy pants. >> he's good at being asassy pants. there are three encounters, the handshake and short chat around a small table outside the summit area on the day of july 7th. the next meeting came a short time later during the scheduled bilateral meeting which lasted mo than two hours. and the third encounter came later that night when the two met touriduring a dinner for wo leaders with their spouses, it's important to note we only learned about that conversation on tuesday night.
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>> and now in an exclusive interview, with nbc's keir sim nonz on a role on the russia front, russia's foreign minister is suggested there may be more meetings. >> know about president putin and president trump meeting three times in the g-20, bilateral, at the dinner -- >> maybe they want to the toilet together. that was a fourth time. >> and also when they were photographed shaking hands. did they meet other times in the hallways? were there other occasions? >> when you're brought by your parents to kindergarten, do you mix with people who are waiting in the same room to start going to a classroom? >> it's. g-20 not kindergartekindergarte >> there is also a rule they get together before an event starts. they cannot arrive at the same time in a bus. so they might have met even much more than just three times. >> out of that interview, you've
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got to remember, put it all in context where we're coming from. remember, interference in the election and that controversial oval office meeting back in may between lavrov and president trump and two other russian diplomats. here's what lavrov revealed about the sensitive intelligence trump was accused much sharing with hem in the meeting where there was no press but the rush photographer posted photos. >> he was accused of telling me a secret about something, which was discovered by special services. and which related to the ability of terrorists to manipulate with smartphones and notebooks, the way which would allow the explosive to be placed in those devices but this very statement was made publicly, either by fbi or by cia about a month before i
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entered the oval office. when this was cited as a secret, top secret revealed to me by president trump, i really did not believe that serious people could make this kind of allegation. >> well, lavrov also denied that russia intervened in the u.s. election and described president trump interestingly as engaged in a fight with the american establishment. >> exactly what he wants toe do, say america is fighting america. >> the fight goes on. they want to make the life of this administration miserable. people try to speak about impeachment but frankly i read the news from the united states less and less. >> it's a fight you think? >> absolutely a fight. but as i said -- >> and russia is on president trump's side? >> no we're on the side of justice. >> we're on the side of chaos is more like it.
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nbc's keir simmons joins us now to talk more about this exclusive interview. did the foreign minister seem to be defending president trump? because by my estimation there seemed to be a permasmirk on his face the whole darn time? >>eporter: that's not the way sergei lavrov would character it but i do think straight forwardly the russian government, kremlin thinks it is in their interest to try to support president trump as far as possible. let me give you an example. if you look actually in detail after that g-20 meeting and what was said, sergei lavrov initially talks about president putin -- president trump confronting president putin with the questions of russian meddling allegations in the u.s. elections and what sergei lavrov says is president trump mepgsed it. then later on president putin starts to talk about it as president trump asking question after question and searching in the two-hour meeting that they had.
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i asked sergei lavrov in the interview whether in fact russia had kind of changed the story to try to help president trump and he denied that but you know, these things are of course, incredibly important. let me show you another point from that interview which illustrates just the importance of it. we moved on to talk about russia, talk also about russia and syria and there, sergei lavrov said that no one really should be allowed to intervene in syria unless they have the acquiescence of president assad. i said to him, on that basis what you're really saying is only russia, iran and perhaps hezbollah should be allowed to be engaged in syria. he said, well, really yes to that. russia has some extremely self-interested strategic interests around the world. at the same time, they want to
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see more cooperation with washington and they think that president trump is the person who is most likely to help them do that but at the same time, i think what they recognize is that around him are those who do not want that. >> keir simmons, great interview. you can see more throughout the day here on msnbc. >> and you will. >> the russian line on syria is it's a civil war and no one else should be involved and the united nations says civil wars are not something to be involved in. >> it's t a civil war. >> it's an annihilation of bashar asaad's own people supported by external governments but sergei lavrov har doing this forever. you describe him as sassy pants but he knows how to do it. >> or john mccain describes him as an old school kgb thug. you decide. there are new fears president trump will try to fire bob mueller in charge of the fbi's sweeping investigation into this very thing, russian interference into the u.s. election and whether the kremlin had any ties
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to the trump campaign. now according to the "new york times" and "washington post," the white house is laying the groundwork to try to discredit or undermine mueller's investigation. >> president trump's lawyers and his aides are reportedly digging into the professional and political backgrounds of mueller's team of investigators to see if there's any conflicts of interest. what's extraordinary is they've been doing this for weeks and dialed it back but now that this investigation is heating up, going further to the core to the heart of issues that could plague the trump team, it seems like they are going on the offensive. the aides are looking at donations to democratic kand dates and past clients and mueller's relationship with jim comby whose firing is part -- president trump is a democrat until 2009. his daughter ivanka and jared given to democrats and gary cohn is a registered democrat. if you're worried about people
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who supported hillary clinton and other democrats in the past, look no further than your own white house. multiple u.s. officials tell nbc news mueller is gathering documents involving the financial records and businesses of dealings of the close to the trump campaign, something the president says is a red line -- a red line except following the money is what mueller does. trump's deputy press secretary explained that yesterday. >> i think that the president, the point he's trying to make is that the clear purpose of the russia investigation is to review russia's meddling in the election and tha should be the focus of the investigation. >> now, that would be enough for us to spend a long time talking about but that's not actually it. in another stunner, the "washington post" claims that trump has asked his advisers about his power to pardon aides, family members and maybe even himself in connection with the
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probe. one of trump's attorneys calls the post story not true, adding it is nonsense. the president's lawyers are cooperating with special counsel robert mueller on behalf of the president. now, lots of work to break down here and the best guy to do it with is nbc news legal analyst ari melber, the host of the beat with ari melber. how does this work? >> the president has very broad unilateral pardon powers, we'll read you the constitution. has the pouder to grant repri e reprieves and pardons for offenses against the u.s. except in cases of impeachment. as to what does it mean and how broad does it go? the supreme court ruled in this in the infamous case, many didn't like but upheld, the broad pardon of richard nixon but his successor gerald ford absent any prosecution. and the court said the pardoning power extends to every offense
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and maybe exercised at any time after its commission, either before legal proceedings are taken or during their pend enscy or after conviction and judgment, meaning you can do this any time after a crime occurs, in theory, as a lawful matter, not whether congress would have anything to say about it, as a lawful matter, a president could start issuing pashds before the inquiry is over. >> let him pardon, pardon, pardon and everyone will be a-okay. what will gop leadership do. i ask you if you're paul ryan and lindsay graham, are you going to take this sitting down and say, yes, legally, technically, he's allowed to do this? if there's one way to describe this administration it's opportunity lost. republicans have all of the power you could possibly hope for and mired into this? >> i think you ask it well, the home boy -- >> a legal term. >> we just explained why you can do it. then you go to what american democracy is always all about,
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what should you do? and in this case, if you pardon someone with the power of the presidency, what you are saying is they've committed a federal crime. if you pardon yourself and these are ifs, i want to be clear, talking about a "washington post" discussion, you included in our fair coverage. if you pardon yourself which is probably not legal and we can get to that, even if you try to pardon yourself, you're confessing to a federal crime. >> as you noted in one of your notes explaining this, alexander hamilton wrote about this in the federalist pam papers, that a president should not be able to be charged once in office but once they are out of office they can be. the president can pardon himself for things -- >> alexander hamilton, who they compared jared kushner too. >> that is someone everyone looks up to maybe his writing in the federalist papers are persuasive. hamilton was writing about how this worked in our system of government.
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the president is special and this goes to the point as we've discussed before for multiple administrations not just president trump, that the doj says you can't indict someone in office if the president commits crimes under our system of government, it's the congress that deals with that. what the founders in hamilton said, after that if a president it removed from office, then they can be prosecuted. if you can be prosecuted after leaving office, you didn't pardon yourself or you couldn't be prosecuted so founders didn't think you could pardon yourself. >> pardon doning is an official action that can be taken. unofficially the president doing an interview with the "new york times," basically throwing shade threatening robert mueller. is robert mueller a guy you want to threaten? what happened three or six hours later, by the way we learned they are looking into yourbusin >> the "new york times" tervieis fascinating because it shows that donald trump either doesn't understand that he is not in direct oversight of an investigation of his own aides and himself or wants the public or his supporters not to understand that. but this is a constitutional
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democracy. we respect any president because he's a lawful president of the united states but not the last word on the law. indeed, under the current doj regulations, the president has no authority to remove mueller directly and he'd either have to change the rules or ask someone else to do it. >> the supreme court has reinstated prosecutors has ordered them reinstated when unlawfully fired. so just as with the travel ban in the beginning people said what's going to happen if the president orders to do something else, the courts are the last word on this, not the white house. >> 134somebody -- the mood is reportly set to be the white house communications director, he met with president trump, meeting with him right now after meeting with invanka and the president. we know him well, a trump surrogate, member of the transition team.
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this is a former goldman fwi, founded the investment firm sky bridge capital, a fund of funds and since then a senior vp at thexport-import bank. this is a posion the white house has given him. he wanted a position. he sold his firm skybridge capital -- >> to take on a position to the chinese and there were some concerns that the people who bought it may have been buying it to curry favor with somebody who is so tight with donald trump. there's already a cloud of conflict over anthony scaramucci, it's been reported today there's push back within the white house. he met with ivanka and president trump. who wasn't in the room? steve bannon and reince priebus. these two men are not friends. it could have been reince who pushed the narrative. issues around him selling his business. in my opinion, given his
8:16 am
background, those say he's not qualified to be communications director, never been a communications guy, he build sky bridge out of nothing. sky bridge -- >> sky bridge is a fund of funds, not like you've got smart analysts who are picking stocks. you're picking other people's funds based on their performance. >> which is why i think anthony is even more qualified for the job. in anthony's book we say read president trump's book the art of the deal to know who he is, it is centered around fake it until you make it. fund of funds blew up and went side ways after the financial kbris s crisis, because why will i pay you to invest in someone else. anthony thrived. a master salesman and communications guy. to say he's not qualified for the job, the job i've heard he's eyeing is reince's job, chief of staff. >> i'm not sure that answered the question whether or not he's qualified for it. i have a vested interest i have to disclose. if anthony scaramucci gets the job, i stand to make money on
8:17 am
this because anthony and i were in wall street two together in an acting role for two seconds and every six months i get a check for 84 cents for royalties and more people will watch the movie and i'll get more royalty checks. >>hile he mit not be an rnc insider, this guy is a spin master, look at his career. >> that seems to work in the white house. >> and certainly close with president trump. they are cut from the same cloth. >> stand by, we're going to speak live with republican congressman kevin cramer about all of this. he's standing by and we're going to dig into the health care battle with the congressman too. our political cartoon of the day, obamacare still in play, paul ryan and mitch mcconnell dressed as doctors outside an operating room with o bamg ma care inside. i'm sorry, we did everything we could but unfortunately it looks like he's going to make it. >> funny. once upon a time a girl with golden locks broke into a house owned by three bears. she ate some porridge, broke the baby bear's chair, and stole some jewelry, a flat-screen tv, and a laptop.
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welcome back to quts vels"v ruhl ruhle". >> i missed you. >> together again. we're back with more reports today that president trump may be looking for ways to under cut special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation. and also, that the president is exploring his pardon powers. >> focusing on that again, lost opportunity, how about the agenda? joining us live now, republican congresskevin cramer of north dakota, a member of the energy and commerce committee. that's exactly what i want to start with.
8:22 am
opportunity lost. president trump asking about his power to pardon aides and family members and even himself, aiming to discredit robert mueller. you're a congressman, a republican congressman with a republican president with an agenda you'd love to get to and this is what your president is focused on. >> well, first of all, let's be clear that we're talking about once again that famous source of the "washington post" named unnamed. and until such time there's a legitimate source or evidence we're talking about a resumer. >> we're not with respect to the president talking to the "new york times," he said it to the "new york times," talked about robert mueller not crossing red lines and jeff sessions, we're not making this up sir, let's assume -- >> you're talking about pardon -- you're talking about -- the pardon, the issue of the pardon is a rumor and it's been denied by counsel. all of that said to your point about lost opportunity, i would
8:23 am
admit one of my great frustrations, not just since donald trump became president but even the four years prior to that that i've served in the majority and house of representatives, that we do find ways to give up the moral high ground often times. i think that's a reflection of the diversity of republicans in the house and senate and now in the white house. but all of that said, i don't think we should be fooled by the fact there's still an awful lot going on. these distractions are more interesting to the washington press corps and new york press corps than they are to the people -- >> actually, congressman, hold on, not necessarily to ali and i. in the interview president trump did with the "new york times," he had ample opportunity to discuss infrastructure tax reform, he didt. he chose to dig into attacking jeff sessions and when he discussed health care he was wrong in discussing you pay $12 a year and when you're 70 you should have something. that's cat gorically untrue. it's not the press corps. i would absolutely love to focus
8:24 am
on the agenda, sir. the president isn't. >> listen, there's an unhealthy obsession wit all things russia and last electionylentof people -- >> sir, with all due respect, it is not an unhealthy obsession. do you believe russia interfered in the 2016 election? >> i think russia attempted to interfere in several elections in several countries and several decades. >> how is that an unhealthy obsession? >> when 90% of the newscast is focused on that when there are plenty of other things going on -- >> have you watched what we do? we talk about tax reform. we talk about health care. you're iuing republican talking points right now. can we have a conversation just from a legislator to journalists right now? can we do that. >> sure, we can. in fairness to you, i don't see a lot of tv in the afternoon. i do watch "morning joe" in the morning. there are a lot of good things going on. you're right, the president focused on the other issues the other day.
8:25 am
my advice would be don't call in the "new york times" for interviews when you're having a theme week on american made. the week before, couple weeks before, the energy theme was a have good theme, good for north dakota and much of america. there's a lot of great things to talk about and i applaud aly and stephanie for doing that on the show. i wish more did. >> what is your opinion on the fact that the president while touting made in america doesn't make his product nor does his daughter in the united states and this week we learned they are looking for visas to get people to work for jobs that could be filled by americans, bartenders and hostesses, jobs i've actually held. >> sure. as have i by the way. i would say that i think he is the perfect person to address in issue given his bridth of experience and need for
8:26 am
immigrant workers makes him the perfect person to help us wade through the aspects of legal immigration, visas and everything in north dakota, we need more h1b visas for microsoft campus and other high tech industries. we need something with his breadth of experience. >> if he's the perfect person, why so many voted for him to do so, why doesn't he do it? >> stephanie, i believe he is doing it and i think he's going to do it more when worng with us and congress to find that disconnect between our education system and the economy and immigration system based more on lottery than it is based on jobs needed in the workforce. he can bring that perspective along with a whole bunch of other people to try to solve the issue. but you can't bring -- you can't -- if there are people in the united states that -- and we know there are industries that have a workforce shortage that requires bringing immigrants in -- >> we don't have a shortage -- >> we don't have a shortage of
8:27 am
bartenders and the president has made no plans nor has his daughter to start manufacturing in the united states though he talked about making other companies do it. >> with that in mind, looking at things like health care, looking at things like nutrition assistance programs that we're talking about that debalt now as we enter into a new farm bill. we have created as many incentives for people to not work and not hire as we have to bring him in to hire them. i think there's a great disconnect and broad range of -- broad range of issues to be discussed here that help us you know employ more americans and create more american products. he brings a perspective a lot of people bring perspective and to his credit, lots of diverse beliefs in the white house -- >> he has brought many people there for meetings and photo opportunities, but when you mention nutrition assistance, think of the fact that under
8:28 am
betsy devos, the standards have been dropped and regulations have been dropped in terms of nutritional food being required in school cafeterias. those standards are now lost. >> but what i'm talking about is the food stamp program and work requirements, whether it's for various we will falfare programs snap or food stamp or even health care for able bodied adults who don't have dependent children. there's a lot of that talk going on that he's helping us lead. we need to create opportunity for people to work in america making more american products. i will tell you, this is a much steeper hill than some people might think in terms of the global economy and makin sure that our consumers also enjoy low cost products and they are made in other places. to his credit, he is helping us focus more on made in america. >> congressman, you can say to his credit, the rest of us have been studying this for 24 years, we know it's complicated.
8:29 am
we don't ever come out and say it's complicated. i'll ask our producers to send you links to all of the stuff we have dob on health care and infrastructure and american made and minimum wage on economic growth. please so you don't go on anybody else's tv and spout this nonsense about how the media is obsessed with russia. we talk about a lot of stuff. >> the president is talking about it, he's talking about it. there are no action steps following it. there's an awful lot of meeting and listening sessions but in terms, the action we've seen him take is firing james comey. >> except that he's actually reduced how many regulations did he nounsz this week in fact in the first month -- >> just because you reduce -- regulation -- we're hearing going to be deregulated, they are going to remove the cap on wall street bonuses put in place over the last eight years. >> that's not a regulation your folks in north dakota will enjoy that much. >> also not one we're going to worry about a whole bunch. we worry about regulations that keep miners from mining coal and
8:30 am
oil workers from working in the oil -- and keep oil from moving to markets in an efficient manner through pipelines that keep our farmers from being able to farm lands. >> fracking growth, you know this better than anyone in the country. fracking growth has been on the rise for five or six or seven years, what regulation stops anybody from fracking? you would have a much higher unemployment rate in the state of north dakota sir. >> to that i would say you're welcome, we're fortunate in north dakota that barack obama wasn't the mainlandlord on the land under which it exists and he was in many other places, a couple of years ago, the united states taxpayers took in about $20 billion in revenue from oil sales offshore and on federal lands. last year it was about 2 billion. we can do -- >> oil was lower sir. the fracking stopped because the price of oil below $55 a barrel doesn't become economic for companies to do it. it had nothing to do with barack
8:31 am
obama at all, more oil produced under barack obama than any president before him. >> again, you're welcome. on federal lands has not been the case and lifting moratoriums on federal coal and moratoriums on offshore drilling is very important to the american jobs and american economy and to america's energy and national security, now that we've lifted the oil export ban and to president obama's credit, he signed that bit as part of an omnibus package. we can be the stabilizing force and passioned a couple of important bills this week in the house of representatives bipartisan bills on pipeline infrastructure, part of the infrastructure package as well as the ability to export. in north dakota alone, since the day president trump signed that order, allowing the advancement of the dakota access pipeline, we've soon an increase in 50% in drilling. that's a pretty significant stroke of a pen for our economy and for our nation security. >> i appreciate that, to fact check, the president also said the pipes would be made in the united states and they are not.
8:32 am
>> he did. >> we're not sure that's going to happen. >> the majority of the pipes were already purchased. >> in the dakota access pipeline and keystone xl most are and most of that pipe and steel was manufactured in the united states and part that wasn't was largely built and manufactured in canada. i think we ought to have a north american strategy as we enter into the nafta agreements -- >> i stand corrected. >> you're from north dakota, i welcome you to that. >> southern manito bea they say. >> we appreciate you participating and thanks for watching qult morning joe". >> any time. thank you. >> i may have made a mistake right there but also, a lot of those pipes that were already purchased. >> we'll -- >> they were purchased during the last administration. >> he is right, many of them are made in canada. that was representative kevin cramer. republicans are taking a lot of blame right now but the heat is on for democrats to offer some
8:33 am
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isn't it great to have ali back? >> we missed each other. joining us now chris van hollen -- congressman chris van holl hollen. said this wrong three times. >> i'm new to the senate. >> the whole thing is very confusing to me, senator, you and i know each other as when you've been a congressman and senator. you are the senator. maybe -- >> also on banking and housing and urban affairs committee. >> good to see you, congratulations on the election to the senate. >> thank, it's great to be back with you. >> you heard the conversation we had. we don't need to dwell on russia stuff rightow but do need to talk about health care and the fact that as this health care plan struggles and bubbles around, what's the democrats' real solution to this other than talking about not touching obama care. we know there are established flaws with obamacare that came from the fact in some states
8:38 am
they became high risk pools inadvertently and medicaid expansion does work very well. is there a unified position what it would look like if republicans have to consult with you? >> yes, there's a unified position on things we need to do immediately in the near term to provent these rising premiums and many of the exchanges around the country and the fact that in some places you have a very few options. and those proposals include providing confidence with respect to the cost sharing agreements. you don't need congressional action to do that. what you need is for the trump administration to stop threatening it will end those payments that help provide stability -- >> sir -- >> yes. >> without a clear plan or ability to say we'll work with the trump administration, you're running a risk that you'll simply become the anti-trump party because republican republicans are embarrassed,
8:39 am
they had seven and a half years to come up with a solution but didn't and dumped on obamacare. this is a moment where democrats can say here's the clear fix. >> stephanie, as i was just saying, the democrats are unified behind a clear fix that includes shoring up the cost sharing provisions and number two, dealing with the so-called risk quarters. this is all technical stuff but it is what is needed right now as we head into the fall to shore up the exchanges. beyond that, there are things we can do to dramatically improve the affordable care act. one is to provide a medicare for all public option within the exchanges that creates more competition and makes sure you have a choice no matter where you live in the country and according to the congressional budget office, reduces the cost to taxpayers. we'll also be putting forward a very bold plan for reducing the cost of prescription drugs. those have been skyrocketing. so we do have unity when it comes to both improving the affordable care act but strengthening our health care
8:40 am
system. >> the cost sharing by the way, some people know those as subsidies to insurance companies and that's not something that congress has to deal with because the -- the health and human services department, president trump himself continues to threaten that he might cancel those and that's resulted in these insurance companies pulling out of some exchanges. but when you say you're unified and we love the technical discussion, some of your colleagues in the senate have started talking about if the republican plan fails, we should move toward a single payer system. are you unified on that? >> i don't think there's a total consensus in the democratic caucus. i'm in favor of moving in that direction but beginning by including a single payer, a medicare for all option within the exchanges. let's see how it works. then you can begin the much -- the larger conversation about how you transform or overhaul health care system. but the immediate challenge is to stabilize the exchanges this fall and for example in maryland, the largest insurer
8:41 am
asked for a 50% increase in premiums. they said the lion's share of that increase was justified because of actions the trump administration has taken to sabotage it. the point is the immediate urgent issue stabilize the exchanges and then move forward. i think the best first step is to create medicare for all -- >> by the way, if medicare was for all, if everybody took that option, that would be single payer. >> that's correct. we should create that option within the exchanges. let's see how it works and then let's move forward and have other discusses, including addressing the issue of rising prescription drug costs going through the roof. you'll also see, stephanie and a aali, the democrats will be putting forward a strong economic agenda, focusing on kitchen table issues. we plan to announce the details of that on monday. >> well, please come back and join us. >> senator, my calling you
8:42 am
congressman was recommend nis. g >> jerry: -- recommend nising about the old days. >> i think you'll see us come together behind an agenda that addresses some of the issues because we know americans are really being squeezed from both sides, right? they are getting skimpier paychecks but costs are going up, whether prescription drugs or child care. we want to address both sides of that squeeze. we want to adjust the paycheck side and rising cost side. >> the two may be interrelated, some of the ceos are the highest paid out there, maybe we can change the tune. >> i'm glad you mentioned that, one of the tax breaks republicans proposed was on not -- on the ceo bonuses and insurance companies which was outrageous. >> good to see you, thank you. >> by the way for those who say we're obsessed with russia, we
8:43 am
have talked about the fact that the pharmaceutical and health care industry is the biggest lobbiest of all industry of all times. >> i'm obsessed with tax reform and really wish the white house would emplprovide us with more one sheet with 200 words for what the tax plan will be. >> happy made in america week. >> as it wraps up, i mentioned it earlier, a new report says the trump organization seeking foreign workers at two of the president's clubs in florida. we get the details on how a recent decision by the trump administration could help the president's businesses get exactly what they want. boost. it's about moving forward, not back. it's looking up, not down. it's being in motion. in body, in spirit, in the now. boost® high protein it's intelligent nutrition with 15 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for when you need a little extra. boost® the number one high protein complete nutritional drink.
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♪ tresiba® ready ♪ welcome back to "velshi & ruhle" with velshi and ruhle. happy made in america work. >> he's punchy on a friday. >> npr came across several new job postings by the trump organization after getting permission by the federal government to hire foreign workers at two of the president's private clubs in florida. the jobs were posted on the department of labor website yesterday and as you can see they are looking for 26 cooks and 50 servers and 50 housekeepers and hostess and r bartend bartender. i've been all three, could have called me a few years ago. the pay varies from $10 to $14 an hour. as npr points out the mar-a-lago
8:48 am
club in past years relied on foreign workers during peak season. >> joining us in person, in the flesh, normally in florida. >> love to be here. >> this is a h2b visa. >> it's a visa for temporary workers. in other words an employer needs somebody for a certain amount of months per year and they coincide with peak season for certain industry, landscaping, fisheries, ski resort in the winter and summer resort, place like mar-a-lago in the winter. employers have been complaining that there aren't enough of these foreign workers because there's a cap placed on these h2b visas, 63,000 every year. this week as you pointed out, the department of homeland security decides to increase the cap by two trump resorts in palm beach county, mar-a-lago and trump national in jupiter, turns out
8:49 am
they have 76 of these job postings for these type of workers and cooks and bartenders and all of these jobs that so many of us have done. i just spoke to a florida based immigration attorney who tells me these visas cost employers thousands of dollars. in other words, this is not an easy process. you need reciruiters here and abroad and prove no americans are wanting these jobs. but the benefit for american companies like mar-a-lago, you can pay these foreign workers much less than you would an american worker. the salary for the job postings in these two trump resorts is $11.88 per hour. we did reach out to the trump organization, so far no comment xbl not like the trump organization or other hotels are any different. this is what they do season after season. >> just ironic. >> in direct opposition to what president trump and hard core trump supporters would say we need to do, we need to hire
8:50 am
american, buy american. that's clearly not what's being done. >> last week when asked about donald trump's stuff he makes in other countries, sean spicer said the president is a businessman and understands that you can't sell these things, they would be too expensive if you made them in america. that's the whole issue. you decided made in america is good for everybody's businesses except trump. >> except your own. >> great to see you, thank you. coming up next, the word of the week is magganomics, we'll tell you what it means when we come back. i wanted to know who i am and where i came from. i did my ancestrydna and i couldn't wait to get my pie chart. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea. just to know this is what i'm made of, this is where my ancestors came from. and i absolutely want to know more about my native american heritage. it's opened up a whole new world for me. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at
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welcome back, as o.j. simpson was pleading for his freedom during a televised parole hearing yesterday, white house reporters were learning more about the trump administration's economic strategy. >> all right. i happen to not be there. so i'm learning about this along with you. apparently, onb director mick mulvaney used visual aids to explain something he's calling magnomics and broke it down like this during an interview earlier in the morning. >> it's our version of reaganomics. you look what he did in the 80s and they came up with a list of
8:55 am
four five things we wanted to do. we look at the challenges we face and we talk about regulatory reform. we talk about tax reform, healthcare reform, energy dominance. those things tie together. it's make america great again economics. it's what is driving everything we do. >> i'll point out mick mulvaney as a standing invitation to come and talk. we love to dig into it with him. >> so, as we go to break, we'll have a look at the markets right now. let's take a quick look at how markets are doing. having a rough day, onehing you want to be loong for the nasdaq has had ten straight record closes. >> indeed it has. i can't stop thinking in magnomics, 3% economic growth. that's a goal.
8:56 am
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thanks for watching this hour of "msnbc live." >> stay tuned, i have a feeling there's been news coming. be sure to join us on saturday at 12:30 p.m. >> that's the big news. 12:30 eastern. >> you know what? we're going to focus on economic issues. healthcare reform. tax reform. getting things done with that white house agenda. >> every week. >> we'll try hard. right now we'll return you to sanity with our friend, andrea
9:00 am
mitchell in andrea mitchell reports. >> and right now on a special edition of andrea mitchell reports, live from the aspen security form, red lines, the president trying to stop the mueller investigiocold from following the trump mey trai escalating a white house campaign to discredit the special counsel. >> this is just a witch-hunt. it's a hoax. and now they're going in all types of different directions. i think the information that you just shared is relevant information for america to have. people should know what political motivations are. pardon me. reports today that president trump is looking into his power to pardon himself, his family and his staff. even before the russia investigation is complete. trump's lawyer calling the reports nonsense. but could it happen? >> the pardon power is broad. it cannot undo impeachment. in the game


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