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tv   MSNBC Live With Ali Velshi  MSNBC  July 21, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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the need to know what he's thinking and where he stands as it relates to policy? >> listen, i know -- i'm not going to speak on behalf of the president. i have a close relationship with him. sarah has a close relationship with him. i think it's super important for us to let him express his personality. it has been a very successful life experience for president trump to be president trump. and so let's let him do that. and let me just finish. and let's see where the chips fall. and then when something happens that you don't like or you like, you'll talk to me or sarah and we'll address it. >> do you plan to meet with him every day and do you have oval office privileges? >> do i plan to meet with him every day and do i have oval office privileges? listen, hiem not one of these people that need to have unnecessary face time with the president, okay, but i do have oval office privileges if that's what you're talking employ and i do have the opportunity to meet with him because i'm going to be his comes direct tore.
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and i want to make sure that i'm linked to him and sink oh patd with him in the way that he likes. but i don't want to waist his time and sit in the oval office unnecessarily. thank you. >> thank you. obviously i would have been happy for him to stay up here all day and continue to exhaust all of your questions, but one, i figure i probably should answer a couple today and also, the president has an eept here shortly, so i want to try to work through as many as i can. and with that i'm actually going to start with jess mason sinceible it is maybe your last day and my first. so with that, jeff, take it away. >> thank you, sarah. can you talk a little bit about how this will affect, this change will affect the press office and and can you speak a little bit for scene about how
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he's feeling and how he took this news? how he made the decision to resign? >> you know, i'm not going to speak for sean in detail. ic say that he understood that the president wanted to bring in and add new people to the team, and sean felt like it would be best for that team to be able to start with a totally clean slate. and i think it -- i want to echo what anthony says. i think it speaks volumes to who he is to be willing to do that and allow anthony to come in with a brand-new starting place. and i think, you know, he's served the president loyalel and admirably. he's going to continue to stay on for the next several weeks through the transition, and i'm sure he'll be happy to answer some of those questions directly. >> sarah, first of all, kwon grat lagsz on the job. >> thank you. can you clarify where the president stands on the issue of pardon ons? is he considering pardon ons pour figures in the russia
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investigation and does the president believe that he has the power to pardon himself? >> look, i'll refer you to the comments that have already been made by the outside counsel in terms of their actions. the president maintains pardon powers like any president would, but there are no announcements or planned announcements on that front whatsoever. >> does he believe that he has the power to pardon himself? >> like i said, i don't have anything to add beyond what the outside counsel has already stated on that front. >> "the new york times," he raised questions about robert mueller. does he endorse his legal team's efforts to undermine robert mueller's credibility? >> again, the president has absolutely nothing to do with any of the allegations that are being made. i think he's maintained that. and he wants them to complete their process as quickly as possible so that we can move on from are the ridiculousness of all things russia and russia fever. >> to the question that i asked, does he endorse his legal team's
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efforts to undermine the credibility of the special counsel? >> i'm not aware of those details and that's something you would have to ask his legal team. i'm not part of that process, so i wouldn't be able to answer that. >> on health care, what does the president want to send to vote on next week? >> incompetent as mark short stated earlier this week ask as we've repeated many times before, the president's preference is to repeal and replace obamacare. and we haven't been shy or quiet about that and those intentions have certainly not changed. john. >> how much arm twisting is going on vis-a-vis the healthcare bill? vice president had a lot of conservative groups over today. those conservative groups announced that they will actually be scoring votes next week on the motion to proceed, whichible is unprecedented. >> i don't think anyone here has made a secret that this is a big priority and that congress should do what they have been talking about for the last seven years. it's time for them to get in there and repeal and replace obamacare. and these groups recognize that. their constituency that support
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the groups that they have certainly recognize that. and they're supporting the mission of their organizations and pushing and putting pressure on members to get the job done. nothing beyond that. >> just about the organizational structure now that anthony has come in, the press secretary and the kom's secretary used to be pretty much coekwael reporting to the chief of staff. will it remain that way because there was some move toward making the communications director sort of a deputy chief of staff and the press secretary and the comms director would report to that person. so do you still report to rienls or do you report to him? >> i think that anthony said it better thanic in this capacity is we plan to work together as a team. and certainly our goal is to work together to promote the president's agenda and to do that not just with the two of us but the entire press comms office as well as the entire white house staff. >> do you report to him or do you report to reince? >> we all sevl at the pleasure of the president. >> the question is for you.
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number one, when you talk about there was some comments made by senior administration officials this morning on television talking about the motivations of people who are part of bob mueller's special counsel investigation. do notice dagsz to a political party if it's not the president's party, does the president believe that disqualifies those people from being part of the special counsel. >> yop that we're putting out a litmus test, but again, questions regarding that i would direct you to the outside counsel that's running that part of process. >> does the president have confidence in his national security advisor. >> i have no reason to believe otherwise. >> sarah. >> sure, alex. >> the president clearly doesn't want special -- he said he doesn'tment special robert mueller to look although his finances but the intelligence committees are already looking into financial data from the treasury department. is there anything else the white house can do to stop that. >> the president's point is he doesn'tment the special counsel to move beyond the scope and outside of its mission, and the president has been very clear, as have his accountants and
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team, that he has no financial dealings with russia. and so i think we've been extremely clear on that. blake. >> it became ap parent in the house in the first go round that the healthcare bill was going to fail it was pulled within the last minute, hour pour two, when you look at both repeal and replace, the numbers suggest that they don't have the votes and it's set up to fail. why did does the white house believe this time around that a vote should proceed. >> again, we're continuing to focus on repealing and replacing obamacare. and we're not going to stop until we can continue to move that forward and get that done. not only have we wanted to commit to that, but, frankly, a lot of the members of this senate and the house have not only committed but campaigned on that and it's time for them to step up and get that done. >> does he believe that a vote should take place next week on some sort of a bill one way or another. >> i don't think you can repeal
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or replace without a vote so i think it would be a pretty necessary part of process. >> thank you, sarah. i just want to get something straight. earlier in the week you indicated the white house was not opposed to out right repeal and then based on your remarks today and mark short's two days ago, you seem to favor repeal and replace. does that mean you are against the out right repeal bill that congressman bigz has introduced? >> not against. but again, as mark said earlier this week, hour prerchls is to repeal and replace. >> thanks, sarah. two questions for you. it can you take us through the process of how the president decided to hire this new communications director an thoer scaramucci and moving toward, what about his role be in terms of object tifls the president wants him to meet? >> as anthony said, he's known the president a long time. he's been a loyal supporter of the president. and anthony is somebody who has come from nothing and built an
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incredible, i think, several incredible companies. and he's one of the most successful, smart people that the president could put on his team. and the president recognized that and wanted him to be a part of this process i think very early on he was a very strong advocate throughout the transition, and this has just been part of the process to bring him inside the white house. >> follow-up on rob mueller. does president trump have confidence that robert mueller will conduct a fair investigation? >> you know, at this point i don't have any reason to see otherwise, but i have not had a chance to ask the president and i'd want to get clarity on that before i comment. >> thanks, sa r a. has cycled through has seen departures of the deputy chief of staff, communications director, press secretary, several other roles inside this building and across the street. what does that say about sort of the efrtsd to staff up this
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administration at the start? what has the president learned about his team about himself as president? and can you explain sort of that very high turn over rate that we've seen over the last six months. >> you'd have to ask the president what he's learned in that process. and i can tell you, though, i think what we've all learned in that process is that working together and working to accomplish the things that the american people elected the president to do is our focus. that's what we come here every day to do. we're a lot less focused on the who but the what, and we're going to continue doing that every single day. jim. >> do you see it as chaotic. >> no, i don't see it as kie attic. if you want to see kie os, you should come to my house efrl in the morning when my three kids are running around. this is nothing. >> there was news this week concerning the toirg and the resignation of mr. spicer could have the effect of alienating or demoralizing trump loyalists both in and out of the
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administration. >> i think that trump oilists, particularly within the administration but certainly across the country are inner jiesd by the accomplishments of the president in the first six months. stock marngt is at a high. joblz are growing. regular lagtsz are coming off 6789 the country is becoming more security, the border is becoming more secure. immigration is down. i think we have a lot of things to celebrate, a lot of things to be excited about, and i think our moral is pretty high. take one last. steve zbloof first of all, congratulations. >> thank you. i was wondering if you approach this new role with excitement, with trep i addition, apprehension? and if you can reflect on these last six months of one day on what you've learned about how it is to speak for the president? is it a tough job? have you found it easy? >> i think it's probably one of certainly policyel one of the greatest honors that any person could ever have to work in any capacity within this building and to get to do that up here in such a public way and speak on behalf of the president is absolutely an honor skpl
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something i will cherish and hope to do my very, very best every single day and be as open, honest and transparent with you all as humanly possible and will always work to operate at the highest level and certainly with the most amount of integrity as you can. with that, i think that's a great place to end today. and the president will be having an event here shortly. thanks so much, guys. >> and there she is, the new freshly minted white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders leaving the -- it's been so long since we've had an on-camera briefing at the white house. so exciting to me s. good afternoon to you. sean spicer is out as white house press secretary. that news spled like wild fire moments after we learned that anthony scaramucci would be taking up the vacant post of white house communications director. and those two things happening nearly simultaneously is reportedly not a coincidence. a source with knowledge of the situation tells my colleague katy terr who is with me here
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that spicer was telling people last night he would resign if scaramucci was hired. katy is going to join me to tell us more about that. but first a short time ago, the first on-camera press briefing since june, and guess who showed up? >> i would love to have sean here. sean decided that he thought it would be better to go. and for me as it relates to sean, it speaks volumes to who he is as a human being, who he is as a team player. so his attitude is if anthony is coming in, let me clear the slate for anthony. and i do appreciate that about sean and i love him for it. but i don't have any friction with sean. is i don't have any friction with rienls. this is the white house, the united states of america. we're serving the president and i want to make sure that our kaurgt ral tell me plalt is that we put the president's agenda first, which is perfect for the american people and we serve his interests. so if be aa little bit of friction inside the white house as a result of that. it's okay. we can live with that. i'm a business person. i'm used to dealing with friction. >> that's the guy. he's the new white house
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communications director, anthony scaramucci. i want to go right to kristen welker, who is in the white house for us. >> i don't have ms. >> she can't hear. she is telling the control room she does not have us yet? >> ali? you got me, is kristen? it sound like she can hear me. >>ic hear you. reask your question. >> haven't even gotten that far. anthony came in there. he feels fun, he was light. he was enjoying a great rapport with everyone. maybe even setting a new scene. and then sen sarah huckabee sanders came up there and it was exactly the same. no tone had changed there. tell me how it felt for you inside? >> i think what was evident here today was that this is a reset and that that is what the president wanted as it relates to his communications team. we know that privately he's been very frustrated with his communications team, that he that jared kushner, ivanka, don't feel as though his communications staff has been
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pushing back vigorously enough as it relates to some of these russia related headline and some of these other controversies that have roild this white house. and so he chose anthony scaramucci, someone who isn't necessarily, someone who has a lot of background in politic. he is a hedge fund person. ace a wall street guy but you can tell he is someone who has a lot of experience being in front of the cameras. he stood up there. he said i'm going to anls all of your questions. he didn't get to everyone, bit he got to just about every one. in terms of what we heard from him, he was pressed on whether or not he had the qualifications to do this job. he pushed back against that vigorously against his critics and said that he's up to the task. stressed the importance of really tightening the ship as it relates to the kmuktsz. of course he did dispute the claim that he needs to get the white house back on track. he said, look, he thinks this is an administration that is right when it comes to policies and procedures, but that the messaging is what needs to sort of be tweaked a bit.
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so i think that in terms of his availability to the press and certainly hiss first showing, he stressed the importance. you heard john carl ask him about the need to be honest with the media. he under scored that that is in fact his intention. and i asked him just moments ago the very last question about being on the same page as the president. as you and i know, ali, sometimes we hear something from the podium and then the president tweets something out and it's completely different. i pressed him on that. take a listen. >> president tweeted that it's impossible for the communications team to know what's in his head at every moment. >> yeah. >> how are you going to make sure that you are on the same page as this president? what have you said to him about the need to know what he's thinking and where he stands as it relates to policy? >> i know -- i'm not going to speak on behalf of the president. i just feel that i have a cloegs r0i7 with him. sarah has a close relationship with him. i think it's super important for us to let him express his
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personality. it has been a very successful life experience for president trump to be president trump. and so let's let him do that. and let me just finish. and, you know, let's see where the chips fall. >> scaramucci saying that he does have oel office privileges, although not clear that he will be meeting with the president every day. he said he's going to certainly be in touch with him almost every day and really stressed that point. and, again, i think this marks a reset. there was a lot of sort of behind the scenes push back on the president making this decision. reince priebls, the chief of staff, sean spicer, saying that in wasn't the right decision, that he's not the right person to join the communications team. sean spicer resigned over it. and you really heard scaramucci try to attach down that notion that there is a sharp divide here. he said look, he and rienls have known each for a long time. it's okay for them to disagree
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and they do and. so i thought it was a clear sign that the president wants to right the ship of the communications team here and the messaging. sarah huckabee sanders of course now becomes press secretary, and the question, ali that i have and that he got asked is will we have more briefings on camera. he said that he's going to look into that. so i think that the president clearly trying to get ahetd of some of these controversies that have been enveloping him. >> it's not clear whether scaramucci is going to be the guy if there are more breefgsz or whether that's going to be sarah huckabee sanders. thanks so much for your -- sorry. go ahead. >> still be sarah at the podium. it's my sense that it's still going to be sarah at the podium, but he will be behind the scenes really guiding the messaging, which is what you would anticipate from that role. >> thank you. you've just shown up on the screen with 16 or 20 other people. i've got all of them. who else have i got? i've got michael smitd.
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i've got stephanie. let's go to josh ernst, but josh was pay press secretary. and that way stephanie can just be mad at me off-camera. let me ask you this. i think it's clear anthony scar scaramucci had a nice day here. for those of us that know him, that's what he's like. but when the real questions came, when the honeymoon questions were over and sarah huckabee sanders took over, you still get a lot of answers that sound like i haven't had a kmans to talk to the president about that. you'll have to ask the president about that. i don't want to use a term that will make my bosses mad at me, but we don't get access to the president. the press doesn't get access to the president. and one would assume that if you're a press secretary you have better access than we do. so how come when it comes to rush a, health care, how come when it comes to all these views, a press secretary gets to get away with the i haven't asked him about that? >> well, ali, the simple answer is that a good press secretary doesn't get away with giving that answer all of the time.
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and i don't hold sarah or frankly sean accountable for that. that is the responsibility of president trump. and the effectiveness of his surrogates and his spokes people and his communication team more broadly is going to kpend on his willingness to bring them in and empower them. and we know based on the reporting of the cast of thousands that were on the screen just a minute ago that president trump is intensely frustrated that his communications team hasn't been performing more effectively to represent his views and to defend him. and president trump himself feels like he's the only person that can do that. that's why he resorts to twitter soften. and the truth is that the only way that they're going to be more effective in delivering a mej message in defending him is if he brings them in, if he lets them know what he's thinking, if he empowers them to go out and do so. and thus far he hasn't. and the question, i think, really is is somebody like anthony scaramucci, who has a different kind of relationship with president trump than many other people who work in the white house. >> yeah.
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>> it's clear that he's not just any other staff. he's a friend. and is he going to be able to use his season personal relationship with president trump to transform the kind of release ship the president has with his communications team. >> why donald trump is likely to like anthony scaramucci as much as he does. but i want to go to michael for a second. michael, you know, the questions on russia, sarah huckabee sanders didn't take. anthony didn't take. but then somebody asked a question about whether he's got, you know, faith in the hr mcmaster and sarah's answer was i have no reason to believe he doesn't. so we're not even getting the most basic of responses still. >> well, the interesting thing on russia was that he seemed like he'd be more likely to address issues about the investigation, what the white house had said a few months ago or np recent weeks was that they weren't going to deal with any of the russia questions and that they had to go to the outside question. he seemed to be interested more in addressing the issue. i was struck by the fact that
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scaramucci clearly speaks trump's language. you could clearly tell the personal connection, as josh pointed out. but he als just sort of gets the things trump likes. he talks about how trump could throw a football through a hole and swishing basketball shots. it was clearly stuff that trump likes and clearly said, look, everyone loves the president and maybe that message isn't getting out enough put everyone loves him and we're just going to make that message easier for the public to digest. >> sturp here for the beginning of that press conference. maybe more that will be on camera now. what did you take away there that? the thing that stood out to me is the second half of it when the new press secretary actually took over. didn't feel any different than -- >> no. and let's point out that when sarah huckabee sanders had der debut, the press was very polite and friendly. oh, is this a sea change, are we going to have a much less contentious relationship with
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this white house? no, that's not the case. anthony scaramucci is the communications director. he is not the press secretary. yes, we might see him at this podium. and he likes tv, there's no doubt about that. we probably will see him do interviews. but sarah huckabee sanders is generally the one who is going to be taking questions. and is it going to be on camera? that is still unclear. and the questions, just because there's a new communications staff are not going to get suddenly a lot easier. the issues that are dogging in administration are extraordinarily serious issues. did they collude or coordinate with russia when they had hacked -- when russia hacked into this election? why did done junior have that meeting with the russian lawyer who offered him dirt about hillary clinton from the russian government? why was paul manafort in that room? >> why was jared kushner in that room? why was jared kushner -- why did he neglect to put this on his disclosure forms? why did he have to update it three times? and add a hundred more
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foreigners to that list. these questions are not going away. this reporting is not going away. donald trump's legal team is looking into potentially how the president can pardon himself or his family and how he can undercut robert mueller. these are big things -- >> we have probably 25 new questions today that didn't get touched on. >> that are not going to go away. and this white house has to change from the top down. anthony scaramucci is as good as they're going to get for somebody who can communicate donald trump's message, and he's pretty good at it, but the change has to come from the top down. >> hold on. you can put anthony scaramucci or you can put snufl up gus up there. are the white house is never going to answer these questions and the press will ask. robert mueller is the only one who is going to get to the bottom of it. but as far as a sea change, those who like president trump who have watched sean spicer in awkward, uncomfortable, clumsy moments talking about the syria bombing and say saying, well, you know, why hit her never took to chemical women's or wearing
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ill fitting suits or ties, scaramucci is straight out of central casting, blue collar background, white collar career, harvard name dropping with the hair, the suit, boom and saying i love president trump and that apartment is magnificent. >> so this is my point. there was a point sometime ago when scaramucci was not on trump's side and insulting him and trump said something about hedge fund managers, but basically he made no secret of fact that he has been looking for a role in this trump administration for some time and there is some logical reasons why this job may have happened. just tell us about that. >> so anthony scaramucci, like anyone with a business has to divest his business. he wanted a job in this white house. >> iet. he was expecting a bigger posting. >> the ef transferred ownership. ible it's under his son's name. >> that's a big money making conference that you charge hedge fund managers thousands of
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dollars to attend to network. >> correct. he's a great salesman. why are you normalizing? i'm not saying i'm normal az oog or i love hum. he's a mass civil skilled salesmen. guys who sell used cars when they sell lots of them they're still good at them. he feels working on selling it to chinese agencies but ethics issues ariesd. is that a play for pay. >> does the chinese company buy his company for more money than it was probably worth to get access to a glie who was tight with the president of the united states. >> and those inside the white house told me when those issues that ariesd, it was reince priebus who was the one that wanted anthony scaramucci nowhere near the white house. so the one thing that stuck out to me, we're great flends, we've always been friends. they may have been friends in the past. he may have offered reince a job in the past, butic tell you in the past six months, reince priebus is no friend to anthony scaramucci and -- >> and rens priebls was not in
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when they were making the decision to put him in this decision. that was a family decision. reince was consult out to purpose. >> there are a lot of brothers who don't speak. >> you have been following the developments on the russia side of this story, the russian investigation, the bob mueller side of the investigation, the investigation by trump's legal people into bob mueller. does any of this what happened today change the fundamentals of this story and that is that everybody says there's nothing to see here, but virtually nobody ever goes through these -- this many effort to make sure nobody can investigate the fact that there's nothing to see? >> i don't think so. i think at this point the russia issue, and again, we don't exactly know what there is there, but it has become more than a messaging issue that can be handled by sort of a slick and smooth communications director. i mean, after "the new york times" reported those e-mails with don junior and that meeting, someone very close to the white house told me you can
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declare war on the fake news, but you can't actually argue with the facts. and i think we've seen a lot of tangible facts drip out about this in recent days. i think we're going to see more to come, maybe this new white house comm shop can spin is a little better, is look a little sharper, appear a little more confident when they go out in the briefing room, but that doesn't change the underlying facts of what we're all reporting. >> glen from the new york sometimes. what's the biggest reason for this happening? is it so that scaramucci can go out on the weekend shows or the political shows and do something? is it the message is more centralized and looks more forthcoming than what we get from sean spicer and sarah huckabee sanders? like what's the deal? or is it because as stephanie said, scaramucci needed to have a white house job? >> look, the biggest reason is the biggest fiction and scaramucci, the central problem with scaramucci, who was great today. by the way, hiem from long island. this guy is like everybody i went to high school with, right.
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but scaramucci -- i bet he's a islanders fan. that would be a big let down for me personally. but i think the big fiction here is that the president is doing absolutely everything right and the only thing that's gone wrong is communications. i'm old enough to have covered the obama white house and i remember them saying josh earnest day after a day after day on the health care stuff. i want to see scaramucci looked great today. he's apparently a great guy. people really like him. i think one of the things that he brings to the table is he's got as good a relationship with the breitbart people as he does the cnn or the times folks, right. let's see what he looks like the day after the president goes to bedminster with jared and fires james comey. that is what we're going to have to see. and by the way, the other thing that was really noteworthy to me, apart from sort of comparing their first ten minutes, sean spicer and scaramucci totally different styles, obviously. >> right. >> the thing i would say is the
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notion that he's going to stay away from the podium or away from the camera is absurd. look at how he lingered, look at how sarah actually during the hand off said she wanted him to stay up there. >> right. >> the president is going to feel the same way. going to be very hard to keep this p guy away from the camera. >> but the questions do get harder after the honeymoon day. for those of us just joining us. in case you have not been tied to this news, anthony scaramucci, the man whose picture you just saw there has been -- made the white house communications director, a job that in the interim sean spicer had been holding. well, guess what? sean spicer is now out as white house press secretary. he says he'll stay on the job until the end of august. we're not sure. we didn't see him today. sp sarah huckabee sanders has been named the new white house press secretary. no one seemed to make any reference to this staying null the end of august business. anthony scaramucci conducted a press conference on camera. we haven't seen one of those
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since june, but we got one on camera and then sarah huckabee sanders came in and did the normal press secretary on camera, and it sounded a lot like all the other press conferences that we've had nor a long time. let's go to the white house. peter alexander is there for us. peter, what's your take on everything that just happened in the last hour and a half? >> you know, ali, i agree with a lot of things you've heard, obviously. sean spicer was combative. anthony scaramucci is calm, levelheaded and is clearly polished in front of the cameras. but when we talk about the press secretary schang, you talk about communications here, that's the wrapping paper. the real hoish as soon as we get past this sort of turbulent 24 hours is the president and the policies. that's the bottom line of what these guys' responsibility is to sort of represent the are president and his positions and that ultimately is where the challenge lies for this white house p. when people are asked their approval of president, they're not asked their approval of sean spicer or scaramucci. the reason he hofrs at those low levels is because a lot of americans are anxious about
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exactly where this president stands on a lot of different positions and whether he's effectively positioned as commander in chief and as sort of the leader of free world to direct the u.s. in the direction it wants to be going right now. obviously he's got a pretty good salesman and anthony scaramucci, he was comfortable up there as glen just noted. he lingered for a while. i think it's likely we're going to see a lot more of him. what was also striking object yulsel is the way that the first six months the tenure of are sean spicer ended so abruptly. the president with some kind words for sean only a short time ago. here was sarah huckabee sanders on that topic. >> finally, i'd like to read a statement from the president on the resignation of press secretary sean spicer. i'm grateful for sean's work on maf of the administration and the american people. i wish him continued success as he moves on to pursue new opportunities. just look at his great television ratings. sean will continue to serve the administration through august and the president has also
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appointed anthony scaramucci as communications director. and i have a statement on anthony's appointment as well. anthony is a person i have great respect for, and he will be an important addition to this administration. he's been a great supporter and will now help implement key aspects of our agenda while leading the kmukds team. we have accomplished so much and we are being given credit for so little. the good news is the people get it even if the media doesn't. >> so the bottom line here is while the tone was much more calm and perhaps they were trying to sooth, calm the waters in the wake of this chaotic last series of hours, the bottom line is the fundamentals for this white house, the fundamental challenges, ali, don't change. they still have a lot the of big obstacles in front of themselves. >> doesn't matter how much anybody likes are the white house communications director. that's not the thing. but you know what? all the best that he had a good day. and maybe there's some sense of
12:34 pm
a directional change. peter, good to see you, buddy. thank you. all right. the first on-camera briefing from the white house sibs the end of june comes the same day that sean spicer credits. the new director pafrp erred with questions about spicers resignation. resigned after he was made the new communications director. he said he was going to stay on until august but he wasn't there today and sarah huckabee sanders seems to have been named the do you h new white house press secretary. congressman charlie dent a republican from pennsylvania and the chair of the tuesday group. congressman, good to see you. >> good to be with you, ali. >> all right, look. i think peter alexander made the point and glen flush made the point that's great that anthony scaramucci knows everybody and has a nice relationship with the press. the problem, if donald trump -- and sarah said it and anthony said it. donald trump seems to think the problem is the communications
12:35 pm
operation at the white house. do you share that view? >> no, i don't, actually. i think mr. scaramucci made a great presentation, but substance and policy do matter and the role of the communications shop, as far as i'm concerned, is to provide a focused and disciplined message. but that can't happen unless the president is on board. it's great that mr. scaramucci has a good relationship with the president. he's going to need it but we've seen several examples over is the past several months before the president has contradicted his communications people over whatever it was, crowd size, the firing of jim comey, the charge that president obama had been spying on him. i mean, those are the kinds of issues that mr. scaramucci is going to have to deal with. and to the extent that he can bring greater discipline and focus to the white house, he'll be successful. if he can't, if he cannot do that, well then i suspect he'll suffer the same fate as sean spicer. >> we had a conversation with one of your colleagues this
12:36 pm
morning, stephanie rule and i did, and he was saying, you know, you guys in the media are so obsessed with russia. what did sarah huckabee sanders call it, the russia fever? all this kind of stuff and stephanie and i were very frustrated because we're economics journalists. we'd love tow been talking about made in america week, but in fact we get did he railed by this russia stuff because the president is going after bob mueller and his team and talks about jeff sessions and all that kind of stuff. it is kind of frustrating because you have business to do on capitol hill and the mesh public is getting more and more frustrated with the fact that basic business isn't getting done. and i think all plam goes to the white house at this point. >> yeah, you mentioned russia. look, if i were the -- if i were in the white house, my advice to the president would be here is your answer on russia every single time. oh, i've done nothing wrong. director mueller is investigating the situation and we'll be cleared when his investigation is complete. next question. that should be the answer, but because, i know, the president
12:37 pm
then will intervene in some way or interfere, and i think that's, you know, suggested well, maybe they've got problems here. so i think that's their issue. they've got to be focused and disciplined in their responses on russia as well as every other issue, but for whatever reasons i think, again, it does start at the top not with the communications director. >> what do you and your colleagues -- and by the way, i asked the question of people from the freedom caucus, of democrats. you're all frustrated. you do have legislation, particularly health care, that has to be dealt with now. we've gotten to a critical point in health care where the uncertainty has caused yet more participants in the individual markets to pull out, rates are going up as a result. and this massive distraction is stopping this country from getting work done. the idea that anthony scaramucci is a slick performer who appeals to donald trump personally because they have similar backgrounds and they've come up -- they exaggerate their stories a little bit, neither of them came from nothing, but it's hard
12:38 pm
skrabl and all that. it's kind of nonsense and nobody cares. >> well, to get back to what i said earlier. it's all about, you know, focus, discipline. and i think people, all of us in congress, i think we want to see greater focus and discipline -- >> what you do do you about it? >> well, what do we do about it? again, i can't control what the white house does. congress, we have to get on with our business. i'm telling my colleagues we've got to get on with the business of passing appropriations bills s dealing with the debt ceiling, reauthorizing the children's health plan, tax reform and infrastructure. you're right. these distractions make it very difficult for us to drive that message because if we're talking about the tweet of the day, remember, this is supposed to be made in america week. what are we talking about now? we're talking about everything else that has driven the news cycle. so i think that is the frustration. again, it's focus, irtsz discipline and it's stability.
12:39 pm
and that has to come from the president and the communications director, that's his job, i think, is to try to make sure they drive that type of a message. but the president has to be on board with that. >> the president is an eighth of a way into his term. you're a quarter of the way into yours. are you at a point where you're able to tell your house leadership that we have either got to did he couple from the white house and get things done or you guys are going to pay the price for it? i mean, if there's no healthcare bill, that's going to hit you in your constituency. >> well, on health care, ali, i think on health care we should not make the same mistakes that the democrats did. we should not as republicans try to muscle through a bill on a partisan basis. the democrats, you can argue they were successful, but then they lost their joerts over it. from the center out. we're going to need to do a bipartisan approach on health care. and i don't know that we'll be able to do that quickly, but we certainly can do that on infrastructure. and i know that people in
12:40 pm
congress are chofrpg at the bit to get to tax reform. so i suspect we may have to pivot here fairly quickly depending on what happens in the senate on health care. >> good to see you. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> charlie dent is a republican congressman from pennsylvania. we're going to take a quick break. we'll be back with our coverage when we return. >> i want to thank permanently sean spicer, not only on behalf of myself, the president, the administration, but sean is a true american patriot. he's a military service man. he's got a great family. and he's done an amazing job. this is obviously a difficult situation to be in, and i applaud his efforts here and i love the guy and i wish him well and i hope he goes on to make a tremendous amount of money.
12:41 pm
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hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flulike symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. talk to your doctor and visit this is humira at work. one of the biggest mistakes that i made is i was an unexperienced person in the world of politics. i was supporting another candidate. i should have never said that about him. so mr. president, if you're listening, i personally apologized r jiez for saying that. >> and i liked trump once but it's all okay. that guy is the new white house communications director, by the way. anthony scaramucci. you will remember, he's been on tv a lot. he talks a lot. he was a trump supporter. he's now the white house communications director. that caused some problems for sean spicer, who has now resigned as white house press secretary. sarah huckabee sanders has taken his place, and the world is
12:45 pm
unfolding. with me are glen thrush, white house correspondent for "the new york times" who broke the news that sean spicer was resigning. and stephanie rule is with me as well. glen, let me just -- i just want to underscore a point that you made that's really, really important. anthony scaramucci implied and others have implied that this is to solve a messaging problem that president trump thinks is at the root of the tension that exists between the media and the administration. and you don't know that that's actually -- if anthony scaramucci is the answer, they may be asking the wrong question. >> well, the mistake that people make when looking at this white house is to think that staff and the principles are motivated by the conventional moesk agsz that most other people in the white house are motivated by. that is not the case. this is an inwardel facing white house.
12:46 pm
you see scaramucci and sarah huckabee sanders out there talking to us. their audience that they care about is back there in the oval office watching them. so everything that they say is configured to please donald trump. so it is an audience of one. fundamentally that has not shifted. what is amazing about this, this maelstrom that we're seeing, all this chaos and by the way this is in the context of mark cass oh wits being forced out as the lead lawyer on the president's defense team which is a bigger story than scaramucci, we should say. his spokesperson mark car ral low stepping aside. so there's a lot going on here. and the one thing that p hasn't changed and will never change is the president. he is an immutable object. he has not changed in the course of doing this job. you talk with anybody and we talked, ashley and i and others talk with dozens and dods z of people. the one thing that remains the same is the president of the united states. the job has not are changed him. that is the story of this administration. and scaramucci, like everybody else, is just going to have to
12:47 pm
adjust to donald trump. >> and stephanie, you make the point that he'll adjust very well. >> think about this. there are less and less people in the white house that the president likes who are willing to speak on his maf when anything happens. remember, just a week ago, whether it's nikki haley or hr mcmaster going on record they say yep, the president going to have a cybersecurity cohort with russia and then a few hours later, oh, forget it. so the president high jacks the credibility of some who are near him and the others, well, the president doesn't like to see them. so we could say well, the president is going to keep asking questions and maybe scaramucci will be the guy who is going to answer. no one is going to answer because the president doesn't want to answer for russia. but as far as scaramucci goes and r one is going you're normalizing him, i'm not normalizing anything. he's a great salesman. and the president wants to look at somebody in an expensive suit who talks blue collar, who looks like he's wealthy, who went to hafr vard law school who can spin and spin. and whether you like anthony or
12:48 pm
hate him, that's what he can do. and we can skeep playing the clip over and over when anthony didn't like trump, but you can play a clip of pretty much everyone in the gop who didn't like trump and now they all get behind him. >> you made the point that there are about ten other stories going on stowed, many of which we didn't have yesterday, so they're brand-new and we should be discussing it and we'd like be to asking the white house about it. but when the white house press secretary, the new press secretary sarah huckabee sanders was asked those very basic questions having to do with russia, because there are many new developments today, the answers were the same. you'll have to talk to white house counsel. there have been shake ups on the white house counsel. when anthony scaramucci was asked about that, he said that's not the zip code that sash aand i live in. we work in in zip code. russia is a different zip code. so to stephanie's point, on the issues that really matter, we don't seem to be on a road to getting better information, but scaramucci seems to be a nice
12:49 pm
guy to talk to the press. >> maybe he's better at driving the getaway car than sean spicer was. >> i think the key word there is zip. forget code. we haven't gotten anything out of one of these press conferences -- forget about the on air stuff. people focus on the optics of this stuff. and by the way, a little aside. you know what donald trump does is he watches a lot of this stuff with the sound off. that's a trick that he learned there roger ailes. we haven't gotten a real answer from one of these press conferences in a very long time. one of the things that we have started to take -- you know what i'm talking about normal liesing that we have sort of started to take for granted is the extent to which sarah huckabee sanders never actually answers a question. >> right. right. >> with a factual assertion. she's always telling us to go back -- that she's going to go back and check on stuff. we never get anything. >> or that he sh hasn't talked to the president about that particular issue or that you guys have russia fever or that you don't treat other presidents the same way, but there aren't actually answers.
12:50 pm
>> exactly. and the one thing i would say about sean spicer, the much beleague erred, much battered sean spicer is you would walk into the oval office and you would president one-on-one i. -- i'm not sure that sarah huckabee sanders has that kind of relationship. i'm not sure she wants that kind of relationship. scaramucci i think interestingly hedged a little bit when asked about how much face time he was going to have with the president. it was actually the smartest thing he said during the whole press conference which is i think too much face time with donald trump isn't necessarily a good thing. >> so he's able to -- thanks, glenn, stephanie, he -- >> able to plug his book if you noticed. his best selling book he has. plug the book. >> he says come to my basement, i'll show you all the copies i bought. so he has a self-effacing thing which donald trump also does sometimes. he does it less as president. he used to have a self-effacing sense of humor where he'd mock himself a little bit. he doesn't like it when others do it, but what is is anthony
12:51 pm
scaramucci's going to get him that sean spicer didn't get him? >> listen, they need to put a new place on it. whether it's a lipstick on a pig or returning the car, anthony scaramucci did a very good job of presenting. if you're willing to accept that someone is presenting, yes. if you're part of the resistance you won't hear for anything. for those who want to watch, is the press out to get president trump when they see a new face like scaramucci and he's doing the dance and he's talking about loving the country and loving the president and loving reince priebus. there is a faction of the universe whether it's that 1% above 38% that maybe you'll get a positive impact here. listen, anthony is a new face, he's a well educated guy. let's see how he does. again, this is not a compliment in any way, but to say he's not well suited for the job you're right. he's never been a communications director. he's a communications master. look at his career. >> stephanie, i like having you on the show.
12:52 pm
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12:55 pm
their leadership is instinctive. they're experts in things you haven't heard of - researchers of technologies that one day, you will. some call them the best of the best. some call them veterans. we call them our team. this is a financial crisis that anyone who doesn't admit that is just kidding themselves. >> i disagree. you've got to get the government to say no in a situation like
12:56 pm
this. true capitalism is about disaster and correction, a natural cycle. without it you create all sorts of artificial anomalies. >> if you don't -- >> all right. that's -- that was my tv news debut with -- my movie debut with the white house communications director anthony scaramucci. speaks to the fact, anthony is media savvy. >> he's a performer without a doubt and right now today what he was doing was performing for the president. the president i'm quite sure liked what he heard. so for people who are saying what is this, you're loving anthony -- not about loving anthony. the white house is under siege. next week, the president -- president trump needs someone running the press office who will put his priorities first. why? because don jr., paul manafort and jared kushner are going to get wrung out. >> how does that play out in real life? for instance this week was in theory made in america week. now and i discuss all the time
12:57 pm
i'm not sure why they make the weeks because they don't follow-up on it. it doesn't matter that the press office talks about made in america week if we're not focused on it. >> mick mulvaney put an op-ed about magonomics. did you see the president tweet about that? no. the president never wants to get -- >> anthony scaramucci says everything at the white house is going fine. there's no chaos. you heard sarah huckabee sanders aif you want to see chaos, show up at her house when she's getting her kids ready for school. >> that's categorically untrue. >> just a communications issue. >> i heard from a source inside the white house today that to scaramucci that bannon said to his face, you're getting this job over my dead body. so for anthony scaramucci to say they're brothers and good friends, brothers who don't speak to one another maybe. >> so what is going to change in your opinion under anthony scaramucci here other than the
12:58 pm
fact that president trump is not going to feel or -- maybe he'll be able to articulate to scaramucci what he likes and doesn't like better. >> i can't predit it, but clearly scaramucci is a good communicator. he's a polished guy. he will be able to navigate through this in a less clumsy way than sean spicer, but it doesn't get you to any better outcomes because whether it's spicer, sarah huckabee sanders or scaramucci we haven't heard any of them give a straight answer. >> he had a smooth press conference earlier, but that's as katy tur reminds us so did sean spicer when he started and sarah huckabee sanders when she started. it was the let's get to now owe a little bit. let's see what our relationship will be like. he got specific questions about that. what's your relationship with the press and he sort of sounded like i like it to be smoother and better. there's nothing really wrong here. we have to understand each other. >> like him or hate him, he was one of the president's most useful surrogates on the campaign trail. let's not forget health care has not gone through.
12:59 pm
the president is under siege. >> can't really help that. because the problems with health care are not anything that scaramucci to do with. >> the one thing to take away today, this administration is an opportunity lost. all the power and the control that they have and we are not talking about any agenda items, any real legislative moves. we are talk about talking a new press secretary in place. >> their priority is to get russia off the news cycle or out of the news cycle and talk about these other things. >> and make the president look good. and they just put a new suit on it. >> all right. stephanie ruhle is my partner on "velshi & ruhle." you can see us at 11:00 and her at 9:00 a.m. eastern every day. by the way you can see both of us tomorrow at 12:30 p.m. eastern. we like doing tv together this stephanie ruhle and me. thanks for watching. the breaking news that the white house has a new communications director anthony scaramucci. sean spicer is out.
1:00 pm
sarah huckabee sanders is the new white house press secretary. that does it for me. "deadline: white house" with nicolle wallace begins right now. hi, everyone. it's 4:00. spicer is out as white house press secretary, anthony scaramucci is in as white house communications director. and sarah huckabee sanders is the new white house press secretary. becoming the third woman ever to hold the post. scaramucci hit the ground running. he took to the podium to announce sanders' promotion and make clear right away how he feels about the man he now serves. >> i think there's been at times a disconnect between the way we see the president and how much we love the president. and the way some of you perhaps see the president. i think we're doing an amazing job. i was in the oval office with him earlier today and we were talking about him being himself, letting him express his full identity. i think he has the best political i


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