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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 22, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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hi, everybody. good morning. i'm thomas roberts here at nbc headquarters in new york. just after 9 a.m. in the east. just after 6:00 a.m. in the west. we have new word from the outgoing press secretary with the new communications director trying to set the tone moving forward. >> i think there's been at times a disconnect between when we see the president and the way we see the president. >> going on the charm offensive. we'll take a look at the changes and whether there are more on the way. >> and a new tweet from the president about jeff sessions. >> and following the monday trail. a disclosure forth giving more
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insight and a hint at the net worth of jared kushner and ivanka trump. >> and a new carrier that will be named for president ford. but we begin with politics. later this morning president trump giving those remarks there at the naval station. we'll keep an eye on his movement as he departs the white house. as we await for him to arrive there, the president started out the moment with a tweet storm. having so far sent out about a dozen tweets. in one he says "while all gree agree the u.s. president has the complete power to pardon yrks think of that only on crimes against us. fake news. >> and sean spicer on what led him to resign yesterday morning.
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here's how sean spicer talked about it last night in an interview on fox. >> i recommended to the president that i give anthony and sarah a clean slate to start from so that they can talk about the president's agenda and help move it forward. and he after some back and forth understood that the offer that i was making was something that was in the best interest of this administration. i thanked him for the opportunity and i'm looking forward to watching anthony and sarah do a tremendous job. >> i have no regrets. i can't thank the president enough for this unbelievable honor. >> meanwhile, we're learning about jared kushner. new documents provide more than 70 assets that he had inadvertently left out of the original filings. those reports coming at a time when the house intel committee will interview him coming up on
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tuesday. kelly o'donnell has more for us. moments ago we had the president tweeting about his new white house communications director in anthony scare much scaramucci,o endorse me first before the republican primaries started but didn't think i was running. trump announced in august of 2015 calling him a hack. so does the timeline really add up there? >> not exactly. the president was trying to give a break perhaps to his new white house communications director who has been asked about his past comments. he was previously a supporter of wisconsin governor scott walker, who had been considered a strong front-runner before the primary season really got under way, based on the fact that he was a government with experience from the heartland. that's going back in sort of the 2014, early 2015 time period.
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we of course then watched that scott walker's type as a candidate was very brief. he jumped out of the race and others to get out of the race as well as a counter to donald trump. as we saw in the white house yesterday, he fully embraced him. he has also been a part of the transition team and was earlier to be expected to be part of the administration in a different role that did not work out. we've seen the president here who has just gotten off marine one heading to air force one for a quick trip of the christening are the gerald r. ford aircraft carrier. the gerald r. ford is notable for having pardoned richard nixon. so scaramucci of course is now the new white house communications director.
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it will be interesting to see how he will change the role or how he will put his own imprint on it. we got a sense of his sort of feelings about the president and the direction in the way that he talked to reporters in the briefing room yesterday. >> i think there's been at times a disconnect between the way we see the president and how much we love the president and the way some of you perhaps see the president. i think we're doing an amazing job. i was in the oval office with him earlier today. we were talking about letting him be himself, letting him express his full identity. i think he's got some of the best political instincts in the world. the people i grow up with, they so identify with the president and they love him. i love the president, i obviously love the country. sean decided he thought it would be better to go. his attitude is if anthony's coming in, let me clear the slate for anthony. i do appreciate him for that and i love him and i love the
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president. and i love the mission the president has. >> >> reporter: a lot of love from anthony scaramucci. that personal loyalty is something that the president seems to like in scaramucci. though he previously endorsed somebody else, he appears to be way on board in the and it gives the new team a little time to ram many up and plan on how they want to execute the president's agenda and communicate through the news media and we'll see how different it will be. >> kelly o'donnell, keep us posted.
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new york -- anyway, i'm so glad you remember. >> i do. >> i want to bring in republican francis rooney of florida. sir, i appreciate you listening to my love for kelly o'donnell there so i hope you don't mind. i want to start off with and i want to get your reaction about the red line. take a listen. >> mueller looking at your finances, your family's finance, would that be a red line? >> i would say yes . >> you know, one of the risks that al and dershowitz what written about, they may not have to comply with normal
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evidentiary requirement and rules. and i really don't know what scope director miller would have. and i don't know how off the top of my head, nom speaking 450e8ly. >> you don't think there's a big link there because of the fact that the ag layeroff and we know it was in the e-mails that done jr. publicly revealed. in june of 2016, talking about providing dirt to the trump team on hillary clinton. so you have to admit that there is reason to suspect russian money is funneled into the trump organization. >> well with, i don't know if there's reason to suspect public russian money. if he had business with this guy doing his tv show, interest are
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people who do business in developing buildings and things in moss k-- moscow. and rob jones put out the e-mail that he wanted to host this meeting with -- he leveraged the meeting to at the time set up, how lawyer was the lawyer? >> meanwhile we have the "new york times" reporting they could
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look at a way to discredit the was in or go can how do you feel about that approach? are you comfortable with if? >> i think it's very important a this vgs as long as it's a reasonable investigation, i think director mueller has an impeccable reputation and he need to go by his business. >> do you think people will stand by the president to races about because that's a highly destructive thing to do. >> this is what tin.
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>> if he fired bob mueller, i think he'd see a tremendous back gak been been. >> we see sean spicer leaving the team. is this a reset of sorts? >> it's a meat p to me it's not all that unusual nrnl so he kind of inherited some people i think sean did a great job and i wish him all the best. >> do you think, though, when it comes to messaging that this is an opportunity for a reset with anthony scaramucci showing a
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different kind of appeal from what we've seen in the past and willingness to communicate, actually, by taking questions. >> i think there has been some discussion i didn't have a problem with what sean was saying most of these times. he seed to be expressing the white house position. >> and sarah huckabee sanders, she left the podium at 3:12. by 3:15 i'm still on the text e-mail or texting for the president's fund-raising campaign and they sent three minutes of a she left a text fund-raising off of fake news. this was after they talked about scaramucci saying a deescalation with the press and huckab
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huckabee-sanders. do you think there is a disconnect between the white house and what his press secretary is doing? >> there could be. i think we need the first amendment to continue to protect us from tyranny. >> always great to you have on, sir. >> we have the rash probe expanding into the president's business dealings. that could bring a lot of trouble. especially for bob mueller and where he can begin to look and what the president might find too much. we're going to speak to the author of the article wrote about the expansion of the russian appropriation aft-- pro after this. ♪
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>> i think there's been at times a disconnect between the way we see the president and how much we love the president and the way perhaps some of you see the president. i think he's got some of the best political instincts in the world. >> there we have anthony scaramucci. no word yet on what's next for the outgoing sean spicer. he did say he'd be on this job for the next couple of weeks. he said through august. great to have my guests here. mike, let's dive into what trump hopes to get out of a scaramucci white house here. >> it's his job to downplay divisions between him and the president. there's also a disconnect between what he was saying just
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a couple years ago and what he's saying now. >> which he apologized for at that very podium. >> he did. by all accounts he did a wonderful job yesterday smoothing things over. he got a lot of accolades from across the board on how he handled all of that. the question now is what happens with him in that position that's going to be a new style, a new message. how is he going to approach the press. and more importantly, how is he going to get along with the rest of the white house. spicer goes on fox last night and says this was just me cleaning the slate, i wish anthony well. all the reports behind the scenes were that spicer was vehemently opposed to scar muchy co -- scaramucci that bannon was opposed. you have a disconnect between the press office and what's in the white house. it doesn't build morale if
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president trump's top aides are being ignored in the advice. >> we heard sean spicer speak out on fox news for the first time. take a listen. >> have you been thinking about this for a while? >> no. >> so it was really sudden? >> well, i knew what the right thing to do was. aha i have a pretty good compass. i knew it was best to step aside and let anthony and sarah lead the team. >> what does this mean for hires, fires and remainers, the folks that could be on the bubble right now? >> if you recall when sean spicer was named press secretary, he brought with him a number of folks who worked for the republican national committee.
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as we heard scaramucci said yesterday, he intends to reach out to these people and get to know them and see if they'll be a right fit under his leadership as communications director. i can't imagine a lot of them are feeling comfortable with and happy about this decision. they've been working with sean surpriser for years, both at the rnc and now at the white house. i'm sure a lot of them felt slighted and almost blindsided by this decision, not only for him to resign but for the president to overstep and ignore the advice from steve bannon, from reince priebus and appoint him to this role. it will be interesting to see if there are more departures in the next few weeks. >> we all take this at face value, his resignation. it could be scaramucci coming in and saying if i'm going to do
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this, spicer has to go. we have been watching the twitter feed of our president this morning. he's been tweeting about a.g. sessions and this meeting with the russian ambassador and new intelligence coming out of that saying that a new intelligence leak from the amazon "washington post" this time against a.g. jeff sessions, these illegal leaks, like comey's must stop. where do you think these leaks are coming from? how is the post getting this great info? >> well, you know, they're citing u.s. intelligence agents, officials, both past and present, and this information came from cables between moscow and kislyak, the russian ambassador, that he knows are being intercepted by u.s. intelligence. so it's coming from the intel apparatus here in washington. and, you know, it goes to show how much distrust there is between the cia, the fbi and the
6:23 am
white house when it comes to these sorts of things. and of course trump didn't do himself any favors when he fired james comey. mueller is very well respected. so these are bureaucrats who have been in place for many, many years, they've been through many administrations, they try to keep partisan politics out of this and keep their heads down and do their jobs and trump is stepping in and in a lot of their eyes i think is kind of up ending all of that and they're lashing out by sending anonymous tips to the post and the times. >> gabby, the bigger problem here, because we've been able to date and time stamp these sessions, they've lied or been misleading. because kislyak sends these cables and throws out bullet points and nuggets of
6:24 am
discussion, it could not be true, he could be bloviating about all of that and we're using russia as the honest party and that's the problem. >> if you're getting information from moscow or anybody closely associated with the kremlin, you should take it with a grain of salt and be aware of the possibility that it could be misleading, it could be inaccurate and you have to do your due diligence as a reporter. i would hope that the folks that are in touch with these officials that are leaking information to them that they are doing that, that the people at the "washington post," the "new york times," the other outlets reporting the sensitive information are carrying out those duties as reporter. but either way i also think that there is a huge problem with these leaks going on. as mike was saying, there's a number of bureaucrats who have been in these positions under not only the trump administration, but the obama
6:25 am
administration, some dating back to the bush and clinton years. i think a lot of them have become so frustrated with the way that this president is undermining the intelligence community that the way that they're retaliating almost is by leaking to the media. that's a huge problem and something that the president needs to consider whenever he talks about, you know, addressing these leaks and making sure they come to annd. >> great to see both of you. >> the plan to build the democratic party, rebuild it from the ground up, coming up next we are live at an event in alabama where the party is trying to turn a very red state blue. stay with us. noo
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introducing the easiest way to get gillette blades text "blades" to gillette on demand text to reorder blades with gillette on demand... ...and get $3 off your first order president trump says it's a red line that robert mueller cannot cross in his investigation, trump's money. but does it mean that the president can actually thwart the special counsel? we'll take a look at new reporting next.
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welcome back, i'm thomas roberts here. at the half hour, this is what we're keeping an eye on for you. >> shut it down! shut it down! >> we have protesters here turning out at a news conference being held by the mayor of minneapolis. this was less than 24 hours ago with betsy hodges talking about the resignation of the police chief and the recent police-involved shooting when they started calling for hodges to resign. >> and the wildfire out in yosemite national park is under control. the flames have spread over some 75 acres. yosemite does not appear at risk of the fire, which is moving south away from the park. >> and israel adding more troops in the west bank after a stabbing attack friday that left three investigators dead. the attacker, a 19-year-old
6:33 am
palestinian, was shot and wounded. this comes after three palestinians were killed during clashes in jerusalem at the holy land's most contested crime. >> intelligence officials in colorado criticizing trump over his handling of the investigation. here's what james clapper said yesterday at the aspen security for forum. >> i sometimes wonder if what he's about is making russia great again, you know? i really wonder about that sometimes. >> ken delanian joins me now. what do you make of former director clapper's comments there. is he just being glib or is he trying to ask a serious question? >> that was a remarkable moment, thomas. people may say, hey, that's president obama's intelligence chief, of course he's going to criticize president trump. but that's rather rare.
6:34 am
james clapper is not a politician. he was a 50-year intelligence official who served republicans and democrats. he seemed deeply disturbed and concerned that the president of the united states has untoward relationships and ties to russia and russians and former fbi director brennan shared that concern. it was an remarkable hour where they laid out their concerns and worries about the rhetoric donald trump had been throwing at the intelligence commune. there are many in that crowd, intelligence democrats, who applauded some of those barbs thrown at trump and laughed at that comment. it's something to be taken very seriously. >> maybe a lot of nervous laughter going on to the remark of director clapper. >> we got an updade of jargrade
6:35 am
kushner's finances. and president trump saying if they go into his financials, it would be a red line. how does jared kushner have security clearance with so much being left out to begin with and also the reaction of president trump to bob mueller. >> reporter: well, security officials are saying if they had failed to list assets on their financial disclosures, they'd had their security clearance pulled immediately if not having been fired. if president trump wants jared kushner to have clearance, that's the way it works. he can make it happen. there's deep concern that the president will try to engineer the firing of robert mueller. the chairman of the homeland committee said there will be a big backlash if that happened
6:36 am
a. >> if he's fired or attempted to be fired by mr. trump, i hope members of congress and elected representatives are going to stand up and say enough is enough and stop making apologies and excuses for things that are happening that i think really flout our system of laws and government. >> the response to that according to adam schiff, if trump does try to approve mueller, the house may try to pass an independent law that would hire mueller and that would be out of reach. that may be one response if the president trying to remove robert mueller. >> thank you, sir. appreciate it. as we go back to capitol hill, we have special counsel bob mueller now apparently looking at the president's finances in his probe and a brand new line of inquiry concerning russia's
6:37 am
interference. the president has said if he goes into the finances, he thinks mueller's gone too far. >> is that a red line? >> would that be a breach of what his actual -- >> i would say yes. i don't have buildings in russia. i don't. they say i made money from russia. that's not my thing. i don't do that. >> but he did. he did make money in russia. he did. i want to bring in natasha bertrand, it's great to you have here. let's talk about what you were able to figure out through your reporting, how mueller is looking into the finances and how they are tied in some capacity to russian influence. >> well, i think it important to start out with just kind of fact checking what donald trump actually said about mueller crossing a line if he did start to look into trump's finances. every legal and constitutional law expert that i've spoken to has said it's completely within
6:38 am
mueller's jurisdiction to look into trump's business dealings and financial history, especially if it has a nexus to russia. when deputy attorney general rod rosenstein appointed mueller to lead this investigation, he not only gave him the reins of the russian probe but he said he has the power to look into anything that might arise out of that investigation. the financial dealings of trump are very, very relevant. it's been his entire career, and in terms of what mueller is looking at now, we've seen that he's looking into his dealings with a real estate company called bay rock, which was co-founded by a russian born business man named robert sater, he's also looking into trump's 2013 trip to moscow to bring the miss universe pageant there and the $20 million that aras
6:39 am
agalarov paid him to bring them there and jared kushner had a meeting with the ceo of a russian bank for reasons that are still unclear. >> the president went on the record talking about russia and saying in respect to making money, i don't make money from russia, in fact i put out a letter saying that i don't make from one of the most highly respected law firms, accounting firms that i don't have buildings in russia. over the years i looked at maybe doing a deal in russia but i never did one other than i held the miss universe pageant eight
6:40 am
or nine years ago. the miss universe pageant was in 2013, so not eight or night years ago, the agalarov family, they are the ones that brought the competition from moscow. so wouldn't tax filings from 2013, 2012 be especially interesting to bob mueller right now? >> they would be and i wouldn't be surprised if he already obtained him. mule are and no one in the irs is compelled to tell trump if he's gotten them. >> such a double-edged sword because they can't comment because the president has always said "i'm under audit." they can't confirm or deny whether he is under audit. >> if mueller does get his hand on them, the only way the public might now is if mueller brought them to congress to make an impeachment case. >> i know your work is not done
6:41 am
as you continue to look into this and special when it comes to jared kushner, especially when it comes to the filings of jared kushner and ivanka. >> and in our next hour, "a.m. joy," looking at how the next trump communications director wasn't always on the trump train.
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introducing the easiest way to get gillette blades noo text "blades" to gillette on demand text to reorder blades with gillette on demand... ...and get $3 off your first order alabama, several candidates are looking to take jeff session's open senate seat. it's all coming together right now. tammy, this is a long shot. why do democrats think they have an opportunity to rebuild or rebrand the party from the ground up in that spot? >> reporter: hey, thomas. yeah, you're right. huge long shot. that's why they're calling this the summer revival. they're trying to breathe new life back into the democratic
6:45 am
party. all seven democratic parties will be here. i'm here with the organizer, darrell turner, of today's event. what is the biggest challenge the democrats here in alabama face? >> getting our message out. we've done a poor job of telling the people what we're about and who we are. >> and how do you win alabama? >> by working darn hard, not giving up, continuing what we've begun and that is the revival of the democratic party in alabama. >> and does this take years? what's the time frame on something like this? >> yesterday. we believe that within the next presidential cycle, we'll be a viable force again and we're working every day to see that that happens. >> reporter: last yes, rkquest this something that can be replicated across the south? >> absolutely. all you have to do is have people who care, will help and
6:46 am
stand up going forward. >> reporter: there you have it, find people who care and will stand up. back to you. >> optimism on the day. thank you. president trump traveling to the norfolk naval station. the president will be there shortly addressing this crowd, attending the commissions of the newest aircraft carrier for the u.s. navy. ali, let's talk about the president's arrival there, all coming on the heels of this major shake-up that happened at the white house less than 24 hours ago. what are you hearing about the president and his remarks today? >> reporter: we are waiting for the president to get here and while he is definitely thinking about this event right now, the commissioning of the "gerald r. ford," we have thousands of people waiting for the occasion to start, trump did take us by tweet storm this morning talking about that internal shake-up,
6:47 am
talking about anthony scaramucci's past comments before endorsing him in 2016 where he was negative about the president. trump maintaining that scaramucci did want to endorse him at first but wasn't sure if he was running yet and of course he was batting back his attacks of the ongoing russian investigation by attacking hillary clinton, even though he's six months into his candidacy and she is no longer his rival, he is still attacking her over her transparency and e-mails. he tends to bring those topics on the trail and on the stump from him today, so i wonder what we're going to hear today, thomas. >> he feeds off the reaction. as we hear, there is some great military music playing. from that white house staff shake-up to all the other reports about the attorney general jeff sessions being in the cross hairs with the
6:48 am
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he wanted to bring some new folks in to help rev up the communications operation. my decision was to recommend the president i give anthony and sarah a clean slate to start from, so that they can talk about the president's agenda and help move it forward. >> so there we have sean spicer, the outgoing white house press secretary in his first interview since his resignation was announced. i bring in lauren zelp and bill press, nationally syndicated radio talk show host and author. lauren, let me begin with you. >> good morning. >> this shakeup, also the shakeup for the president's legal team does it look like the trump team needs a reset? president trump is worried about something. >> well good morning.
6:52 am
thank you for having me. first and foremost i'd like to say sean gave me my first job in politics, and i will always be grateful that he took a chance on me and similarly i thank him for serving our country. i think it's important to stop and take a moment and thank those who have stepped forward to serve in any administration for their service. that said, you know, i think yesterday we saw mr. scaramucci did an excellent job in the briefing, you saw tweets from the left and right and the media everybody saying he did tremendously well. i think we are looking well positioned in terms of the white house communications shop to move forward and focus on the issues that matter to the president's agenda. >> lauren, i that i you make a great point. i think we all know sean, show video of him smiling ear to ear. i think he is probably one of the happiest people in america waking up today knowing there's a fresh start. bill we know this has been a tough job for sean spicer, death
6:53 am
by a thousand cuts trying to deal with a right message from this white house when the president has access to twitter, and creating great distractions. do you think scaramucci will be able to get that smartphone, iphone, twitter account away from the president? >> well first, let me say that i've been at the white house covering the briefings now under four press secretaries which isn't all that many but of the four, i mean i hate to rain on everybody's parade this morning but i think sean spicer was clearly the worst. sean spicer actually came in there and told lies to the white house press corps about the size of the crowd, about the fact that they never used these plastic coating on the mall before but at the same time, i do want to say this, as bad as he was, sean spicer was a real pro. knows washington. he knows the press corps. he respected us. scaramucci does not. sarah sanders does not. i think this shakeup is really bad news for the white house,
6:54 am
because you've got a couple of amateurs in charge and scaramucci said of the president yesterday it's important to let him express his own personality. i think we've seen that's a zuser. wh disaster. you need somebody to say to president trump, be presidential, damned phone away. mucc is not able to do it. >> everybody is waiting for the pivot, ain't coming. >> ain't coming. >> and we need to give up the idea of a pivot. this is what we've got, and when we talk about sean, from a personal perspective, i think we can all say we like him. >> i do, yes. >> yep, absolutely. >> professionally he misled and lied to folks trim to frame something that was untrue but lauren when it comes to the activity of the white house now and the open investigation by bob mueller and the president, you know, trying to look into getting rid of him and also
6:55 am
looking in to pardons for himself and his family, how tough of a job does this white house communications team have now? >> well, you know, it's not an easy job, being a press person is not an easy job but what i'm hoping is that mr. scaramucci and president trump can be on the same page. lot of the stuff that we've talked about this week has come out of that "new york times" interview the president did earlier this week. what i'm hoping is that mr. scaramucci and president trump can be on the same page in terms of evaluating opportunities and whether or not they are beneficial for the president's agenda in terms of reforming our health care system and passing tax reform. we have to keep our eyes on the prize in terms of what the people who elected president trump elected him to do and that is to make significant changes to our health care system and our tax code. >> let's talk about the electorate, because bill, i want to ask you, we've got donald trump jr., paul manafort, jared kushner set to talk to this committee next week. i was watching tucker carlsson last night, they were going
6:56 am
after the media, in the fact trying to go after the truth we just think of ourselves as being self-righteous, and that we've got some mission. so my question is, to you, about average americans, do you think they're paying attention, that this stuff really resonates with them or to lauren's point that they're more concerned about jobs, their wallets, safety. >> well, first of all, yes, americans are most concerned about things that affect them personally, no doubt about it, about their jobs, about their kids' education, about their health care, by the way, about their health care for only 17% of americans support this senate health care plan and yet this is president trump's first priority and the republicans first priority. you've got to wonder if they're listening to the american people, but let me put it this way, thomas. i think that it's true. president trump's base, and he said it best, they don't care if he went on to fifth avenue and shot somebody, they would still support him. there is no way no matter what
6:57 am
he does even an "access hollywood" tape that he can alienate him. the last poll 40% approval rating, 58% disapprove of his job as president, same poll, abc/"wash post" 70% say that he is unpresidential. 41% say he should be impeached. the american people i think are seeing through donald trump. >> lauren zelt and bill press great to have you there. "a.m. joy" is coming up next, a big show about the muc. stay tuned. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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good morning. welcome could "a.m. joy." of all the familiar cast of characters that you think of when you think of russiagate, attorney general jefferson sessions is probably not at the top of your list. he's kind of more of the deport immigrants and ramp up the war on drugs guy but last night sessions went from bit player to center stage courtesy of a bombshell report in


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