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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 23, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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what's the value of a walk in the woods? the value of capital is to create, not just wealth, but things that matter. morgan stanley hay there, everyone. a new vote on capitol hill, an agreement from both sides that could force president trump to choose, and it all boils down to russia. >> i didn't say i was siding with president trump, he has not made that decision yet. >> he is being tough particularly on putting these sanctions in place. >> also tough questions ahead for a meeting the trump tower that was supposed to produce
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damaging information on hillary clinton. what happened in the summer of 2016 and why all of the talk about pardons now? >> why are we talking about -- there is nothing to pardon. there is no presidential crime. >> they have not been discussed and they're not onle table. >> plus, reviving the health care bill, republican senators take another shot at the republican bill. >> they will return to the legislation fairically corrected or they will vote to vote now and replace later. but inaction is not an option. we need to be drivered from obama care and congress needs to act. >> first, we begin with breaking news in texas. eight people found dead in a
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tractor trailer overnight in a horrific human trafficking incident. at least 20 were found in dire condition, and the driver is now in custody. mia rodriguez is now there in san antonio, texas. this is horrible. what do we know so far? >>. >> just the shocking discovery of the 38 people. eight died. two are children, a discovery only made because someone inside of the tractor trailer managed to get out, flagged down an employee, and asked for water. the police were called and when they got here they made that shocking discovery of the people in that very hot trailer. it is summer, it is south texas, and it was 101 degrees here yesterday. into the 90s well into the evening. there was an incredible scene
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when they arrived here, take a listen to what they found. >> the air-conditioning was not working. each one of them had heart rates over 130 beats per minute. they were very hot to the touch. they were in the trailer with no water. heat stroke, dehydration. >> we're also getting reaction from area leaders here. they were saiding they're all victims of ruthless human smugglers indifferent to the well-being of their fragile cargo. from the congressman saying these deaths are tragic and avoidable going on to say the smugglers responsible for the incident who showed no regard for the life of the people
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should be prosecuted to the full essex tent of the law. police have arrested the driver of this tractor trailer and charges are pending. mya rodriguez, thank you for that we port. now to russia an and about face from the white house about sanctions. the white house today is supporting new sanctions against russia after congress gained enough voted to withstand a veto, at least that is according to sarah huckabee sanders. >> we're supportive of being tough on russia. the original legislation was poorly written. and the administration is happy with the ability to do that and make those changing that were necessary and we support where the legislation is now and we'll continue working with the house and senate to put those tough sanctions in place on russia
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until the situation in ukraine is fully resolved and it certainly is not right now. >> but in a sign of confusion, sanders boss, anthony scaramucci was not as clear and he also appeared on sunday talk shows this morning. >> we have to ask president trump that. it's my second or third day on the job. my guess is that he is going to make that decision shortly. he has not made the decision yet to sign that bill one way or the other. >> all of this going on as we're waiting to hear from jared kushner. >> first on the issue you raids of the apparent disparity, officials here tell me that the white house is supportive of the direction of the new legislation coming from the house, and that is why they are confidence they can get to an end state where
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the president will sign it, but hay are leaving the wiggle room that a final decision is not yet made. that is a way to understand what appeared to be two different versions by two different officials. when it comes to this weekend, very significant steps that had been long anticipated and have big ramifications for the white house because of how close this gets to the president himself. we expect to see the president's son-in-law and senior advisors that have possible connections and possible interference from the russian investigation. that is a very big deal when you have common in the white house traveling down pennsylvania avenue in the heat of the storm to answer questions. it won't happy publicly. but it is typical that in
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intelligence investigations on capitol hill, you will talk to witnesses in advance of any public hearing. we don't know how many stages are still to come. we heard from those on the house intelligence committee there is a two hour limit set for jared kushner, and the house committee vows that as just an entry step because the subject matter may take more time than that. anthony scaramucci responded to the personal figures that are close to the president heading to capitol hill, and here is his tame on how it will lay out. he invokes the president's son as well. >> paul manafort is going to testify. jared kushner will testify tomorrow. i predict it will be the last time jared kushner talks about the russians. donald j. trump junior is a good
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guy, he didn't do anything wrong. we have an auditorium of people he was speaking to, it's ridiculous. >> somehow i think auditorium of russians might be a note that people will pick up again. there again the new communications direct near has a lot of support from the president from all indications that we have seen trying to down play the impact of what jared kushner's testimony could be. it will be up to the committee and the special council. how frequently they will seem to have contact with kushner. his lawyers have to sort that out as well if will be a pivotal week, but it is a big temperature in the russia probe as it relates to the trump white house. >> a little bit he said she said kelly o connell, thank you, kelly. >> you bet. >> i want to bring in edward
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mcmullen, and john wood the former u.s. u.s. attorney. the idea that he might fire robert mueller is key in the investigation. take a listen to what the chairman of the house oklahomaland security counsel sill said? >> it looks paranoid to me. the fact is that i have known bob mueller for a long time. i work in the justice department. he is a man of integrity and he is very highly respected. there was a lot of bipartisan support for this man. we need to let him do his job. i think if he fired bob mueller you would see a bigback lash. >> he says a tremendous backlash. what are the political con consequences for the nation if they fired him the way they did
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jim comey. bob mooul sere highly respected by republicans and democrats a like. there would be a huge political fire storm, but the president might still end up doing that. he creates chaos. i think if he were to fire bob mueller, it would create a constitutional crisis, but that could be the very reason that he would do it. if he is concerned that mueller is looking at his personal finances, and he fires mueller, that plays right into the president's play book. >> evan, jared kushner, we know, will be interviewed in the coming days. his answers will be given behind closed doors, are they game
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changing in your opinion? >> i think they do, but it is right to point out this is the beginning of his engagement with congress, not the end of it. we will learn about his answers, we may have to wait for him to appear under oath. the family trump team, they are really out of their element entirely and they have demonstrated a lack of moral and ethical compass. so if they're not absolutely forthright with the facts and what happened, then i think they're going to find themselves in worse trouble then they're in now, the facts are also troubling for them and i believe
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incriminating. it doesn't get any better for them or the president any time soon. >> that is part of the reason we heard the word pardon thrown around so much in the last few days. i want to listen to this sound from kelly an conway. >> is the white house prepping pardons for everyone? >> no. that is another part of the hoax. there is nothing to pardon. why are we talking about it when there is no presidential crime. >> she is attacking the press, perhaps as a whole, but the president of the united states was tweeting about pardons yesterday. >> the stories about potential pardons i heard got started because there are news reports that the lawyers at the white house are looking into his
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pardon power. that doesn't mean he is about to pardon anyone. it is very premature for the president to even consider pardoning anyone. but if the ngs continues, and they continue to build a case against people in the family or on the staff, i can see at that point they may start issuing pardons. while the president can pardon anyone, in my view, even himself, and that would get him off of any potential criminal charges, it doesn't make an impaei impeachment go away. it will certainly raise the stakes, and make make impeachment more likely. >> i just can't imagine that he is doing any favors by continuing to tweet about having
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the power to pardon just about anyone he wants, thank you for joining me, good to see both of you. sentences reduced for inmates, but you have to get sterilized. is it really legal? next the fading resistance. the number of rallies have dwindled. as the movement against the president's agenda lost momentum with one of the organizers? stay right here. "how to win at business." step one: point decisively with the arm of your glasses. abracadabra. the stage is yours.
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i'm a nasty woman. a loud, vulgar, proud woman. i'm not nasty like the combo of trump and pence being served up to me in my voting booth, i'm nasty like the battles my
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grandmother's fought to get me into that voting booth. i'm nasty. >> nasty woman became a rallying cry for ashley judd and many others after donald trump called hillary clinton nasty in the final presidential debate. hundreds of thousands of women marched in protest. i was covering the massive march out in washington. it became a worldwide phenomenon and marked a surge in female political activism. now six months later, organizers look at what is next. joining me is one of the organizers of the women's march. how are you? >> great, thank you. >> what do you see six months later as the biggest tangible actions. >> i think we had so many results. that day was lightning in a bottle and we're not going to
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replicate that. people were feeling a kwa about this whole election. we had 1.2 million people. over 5 million worldwide. since then if you have noticed, this administration hat not been able to come through on things including health care and all of the wins they said they would have. and i think the hardship they're having is the drikirect result the resistance. >> we saw the women's march, we saw protests on the travel ban, the march for science, it looks like there has been less and less people. we thought there would be more people c people. we have to diversify.
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thousands and thousands of calls to representatives, and we had to be more creative. you will not get millions of people matching every weekend, but there are mash muchrches, p, i think if muler is fired you will see millions of people on the streets. i think people have just been showing up in diverse ways. since the women's march, we created what we call huddles, and they have been doing everything from sitting in the representative offices. there has been a lot of action, it just didn't 1.2 million people in the street. >> i want to ask you about some places where you didn't see a lot of people in the streets.
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one poll vugts that trump is more popular in the dates that he won how do you get to those people? >>. >> that is tougher. a month back we launched a daring discussions campaign. it was a quieter evergreen campaign. as much as the protests and the calling and the sit ins are very, very important, face to face communication is important, how we communicate is port, how we up clip each other's humanity and see past these differences. we all know when we're fate to face with someone or know their story, it's hard to hate them. i this i we need to be having conversations and that is part of it and that is a little harder. >> and good on you for trying to do that. just real quick. you have a resistance revival tomorrow in new york, what's
11:22 am
that? >> we're doing a creative ri distance as well. we know that culture shapes hearts and minds more than protests do sometimes. so storm we have our first resistance revival night. we have 50 women in a chorus, and we were told when we were organizing the march that when the movement is strong, the music is strong and sometimes you have to preach to the choir to keep them singing. so so we're encouraging people to sing, get together in community, and have some fun, also, it should be fun. >> thank you for being here, appreciate it. >> coming up, the fight against
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ownersh opioids. >> i think the tide is changing. you can't lock away an addict, you have to give treatment. at the alzheimer's association walk to end alzheimer's, we carry flowers that signify why we want to end the disease. and we walk so that one day, there will be a white flower for alzheimer's first survivor. join the fight at
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as we continue to discuss america's opioid crisis, a new program is experiments with the first opioid crisis court. they want to treat users as soon as they're arrested. >> inside this courtroom in buffalo, judge craig hannah is on a personal mission. >> i think our job as a judge is not to hurt people. just to have them come out better than they can. >> unlike typical drug courts, this program gets user into treatment within hours of their arrest, not weeks. it requires detox, strict
11:27 am
curfews, and checking in with the judge every day for a month. >> our main goal is to keep our participants alive. >> so far it has succeeded. since it kicked off on may 1st, none of the participants have overdosed. >> it's a struggle for you every day? >> he says that judge hannah helped save his life. >> when i found out he was a recovering ad district, my whole outlook changed. >> i didn't know i was a victim because it becomes such a part of your life. >> he is funded by a three year, $300,000 justice department grant. >> it is one of a kind right now. do i think it can be replicated? most certainly. coming up with new ways to fight
11:28 am
the opioid crisis. eight states are going to learn how to expand the treatment. >> you can't lock away an addict, you have to give tremt. >> the only difference between myself and one of the participants is time. and what you do with that time in between the. in this court, the defendants are not the only ones gets credit for time served. >> an awesome story, i hope it works. it comes with a very big price. to reduce sentences by 30 days, inmates must have a vasectomy or contraceptive inplants if female. a judge that signed the standing order says he wants to encourage
11:29 am
personal responsibility among inmates that will not be burdened with children when they are released. the program's valueoluntary buty call it unconstitutional. good to see you this morning, sir. the aclu says this program violates the rights of the inmates, how so? >> well within you refer to it as voluntary but we don't see it as voluntary. it is coercive. it is essentially asking them to make a choice between their liberty and their reproductive health care, choosing a steri sterileization process, what do you say to people who say it is not sterileization. >> a va sec tk va sec tome --
11:30 am
can be reversed, but they are having to make a medical choice under the intense pressure of being incarcerated. it is not an informed and free choice, whether or not the procedures may be considered themselves, they come with complications, and they should be made with informed consent, left between a person and their doctor, and not have an extra added coercive effect. >> the judge says he wants to encourage personal responsibility, but you say that is a place for a doctor to ma--
11:31 am
>> the judge changed it, i'm sure seeing it every day, people coming back into prison, and we share that frustration. it is not a courts solution. there are plenty of programs that they see and other partners of hours have championed like mental health stream that would address the under lying causes of the criminal conduct, not sterileization or contraceptives. >> unfortunately we have to leave it there. thank you for joining us this afternoon, i meant this morning, thank you again. >> thank you. >> hundreds of jobs eliminated and moved to mexico. next up, tax reform is planned to grow the economy and keep jobs here in the united states of america.
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we're live at msnbc headquarter pps a who r er headquarter. a horrific case of immigrant smuggling. police say 20 others including school age children were found on the truck parked at a san antonio airport. plus jared kushner will have a interview this week about a meeting with russians. and president abbas says he is stopping interactions. tuesday night, a campaign style
11:36 am
rally, and this is his first trip back since campaigning at the fair on labor day vowing to bring jobs back to ohio. 41,000 manufacturing jobs have been added since trump took office. off shore jobs, or both. carrier laid off nearly 340 workers on tuesday, and 290 will be let go by christmas. ha harley davidson says they will cut jobs and build a plant in thailand. and workers at the 3 m sponge factory are being laid off despite a you tube campaign to president trump. >> you made a promise to make america great again. >> you made a promise to keep
11:37 am
jobs in america. >> the white house and republican lawmakers are expected to pivot from health care to tax reform, let's talk about that part of the equation. the robert h smith school of business and the u.s. international trade commission. good to see you on this sunday. do you think corporate tax reform will boost the promise of manufacturing jobs. . >> at least any that matter in terms of size, even when you adjust for those, the effective rates that americans pay are higher than abroad. >> the tax plan was designed just to help rich folks, what's in this for the middle class? >> a and b, if you have an ira,
11:38 am
you're affected by this kind of tax reform. there are ways to do that without soaking the middle class, that would give us about $100 billion that we don't have to lower corporate taxes overall. it's not fair to say this is a help the rich and soak the middle class fan. >> it is not fair also to say that just because the rich get richer, the poor will have more jobs. >> we can lay it on very bad banking practices and lending practices. that was a personal income tax cut, and by the way it was across the board. and the middle class and lower income tax cuts remain in
11:39 am
effect. the taxes on upper income people have rebounded. this is not a personal income tax cut. this is the taxes that income taxes pay. after you strip away all of the nonsense in britain or ireland, and pay a 12% race in the united states, other things equal, you'll never get around that, the second thing, if they do it over there, those are middle class jobs that are lost. a lot of the taxes being paid are being paid by middle class people. they are pensions essentially invested in these companies. it's a tax cut for the people's pensions. >> unfortunately we have to leave it there, thank you for joining me on this sunday. >> invitation denied for the second time. next, we'll see what their new leader has to say about mr.
11:40 am
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abracadabra! the stage is yours. step two. choose laquinta. where you'll feel like the king of the road. check out our summer rates now at look how much african-american communities have suffered under democratic control. to those i say the following. what do you have to lose by trying something new like trump. >> that was candidate donald trump trying to appeal to african-american voters. they are questioning the sincerity of his message after president trump turned down an invitation to speak at the civil rights group in baltimore. they released a statement saying what do you have to lose?
11:44 am
"the president's decision today underscores the harsh fact that we have lost the feel of the president for the issues facing the community." sarah huckabee sanders offered this explanation. >> my understanding is that the invitation has been declined for this year, but the invitation for dialogue with that group would happily take place and they will like i will be ready to continue to do that. . for more on this, i'm joined by derek juns who was just named the interim president, thanks for joining me. i want to play more of what president trump said on the campaign trail, let's thereon that. >> i want to help you build and rebuild nothing it more sad that
11:45 am
when we sidelined young black men with unfulfilled proeshl. tremendous potential. i met some people this morning that were incredible people looking for jobs. incredible young part-time. our whole country loses out when you're unable to harness the brilliant and the energy of these folks. >> we heard the president, the candidate, say he wants to rebuild detroit and create jobs for the community. >> thank you for having me on the show, we're celebrating the 108th convention with the city of baltimore, a magnificent major. the administration have lost an opportunity to hear from a constituency base that are productive, and could help him expand his world view.
11:46 am
everything has been demonstrated in the last month shows that this president and his administration have a very myoptic view of the country and unfortunately many americans, african-americans specifically, have lost all confidence in this administration's ability to perform. >> i don't want to be cynical, but the majority of african-american voters chose hillary clinton, do you think that the results we saw on november 2016 brings him to ignore an invite like yours. >> president bush joined us for our convention. we did not agree on many issues, but he there was there. we will be here, we have been here, we have a point of view,
11:47 am
and we will hope that anyone who serves this nation will be open enough to hear from all of the citizens of the country. >> what do you think of the president's appointees white male cabinets as well? >> well, you know, there have been so many distractions in the last six months that it's hard to really gauge many of his appointments. getting galt education is something that should be afforded to all children. adverse to that value that we are extremely concerned with the borders and many of the posse's and other communities. we have seen from this
11:48 am
administration an interest in really representing all of america. >> i want to ask you before you have to go, martin luther king iii, he came to trump tower and talked to him. and many folks say this is a voter suppression. do you have any hope or thoughts on what happened in that game and what happened today? >> we believe that democracy should work for all citizens. for that to happen, we should be seeking policies to increase access not limits access to voting. we're not aware of of what discussions were ahead of that meeting. we have seen evidence of what comes out of the president's
11:49 am
cabinet and those that support him since this time. we should be looking at him as united states citizens. they have upwards of 92% of citizens voting. why should someone drive past three podium places when they're going from work to home to cast their vote. why do we have voter registration. if you're citizen, you should be able to cast yourball lot. and my favorite question, why on earth do we vote on a tuesday? derek johnson, ceo of the naacp, thank you for being ear. >> thank you for having me. >> one giant step for man kind. the apollo 11 crew took steps on the moon, now the president
11:50 am
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48 years ago this week, man first walked on the moon. >> that's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. >> it is estimated that 600 million people watched as astronauts neil armstrong, buzz aldrin, and michael collins landed on the moon. the crew spent eight days in space and brought back moon rocks, moon dust, and other lunar samples. president richard nixon greeted the astronauts quarantined in their hornet 3 trailer following their safe return back to earth. in commemoration of that mission, buzz aldrin tweeted out this photo saying, "neil and i were a couple of tired but happy guys after landing and walking on the moon. # apollo11."
11:54 am
last mission to the moon took place in 1972. let's bring in mark kelly, good to see you. you were around 5 years old when the u.s. sent astronauts to the moon for the first time. did the mission inspire you to become an astronaut? >> well, so according to my mom, i fell asleep for apollo 11. i do remember the later apollo missions. i was like in kindergarten and it was late on the east coast, but neil and buzz and mike collins and all those apollo astronauts really inspired me growing up as a kid of new jersey all the way up until the time where i became an astronaut myself. >> nasa has, it's an understatement to say it, accomplished so much over the past decades. what should we expect to happen next? >> well, you know, i'd like to see nasa do big and bold things, you know, do the hard things. our president, john f. kennedy, talked about, you know, doing hard things. and building the international
11:55 am
space station was probably one of the most difficult things that nasa has ever done. now we have a plan in the 2030s to go to mars with people, which would be an incredible thing for this country, for this planet, but we need to really -- we need to solidify this plan, stick with it, and fund nasa at an appropriate level so we can do these hard things. >> couple weeks ago president trump signed an executive order to re-establish the national space council. i'm curious from your vantage point where does president trump and nasa stand? he had an awkward live stream that ivanka trump attended. do you think they are on the same page in the future? >> well, i don't think we know what page they are on, you know, the president hasn't announced somebody to be the nasa administrator. we don't have a science adviser yet, so those things really need to be in place before we can solidify some sort of career and
11:56 am
policy on space. my hope is that this new president we don't get a change in direction. doing these difficult things that nasa does, they generally take time. usually longer than any single president's term, so when we make a commitment to do something, you know, we've got smart people in this country, the smartest on the planet, the best scientists and engineers. if we set a goal and fund nasa at an appropriate level, we can do these things. we can send somebody to mars in the 2030s if that's our goal. >> wouldn't that be incredible? thank you for being here, appreciate you being here. >> thanks for having me on, really appreciate it. >> for more on apollo 11's university, go to that does it for us this hour. thank you so much for joining me. you can follow me on social media at any time. my colleague richard lui coming up next.
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police in texas call a case of immigrant smuggling. the victims were found dead inside a tractor trailer at a walmart parking lot in san antonio last night. that is ongoing. the search is on at the moment for more victims. we'll have more on this breaking news story shortly. it's also a big week ahead in the russia investigation. the president's senior adviser jared kushner will meet with members of the house intelligence committee on monday. donald trump jr. and former trump campaign chairman paul manafort have also agreed to be interviewed behind closed doors. >> paul manafort is going to testify this week. my very close friend jared kushner is going to testify tomorrow. i predict that will be the last time jared kushner talks about the russians. i'm telling you, donald trump jr. is a great guy, didn't do anything wrong. i think the mistake was in the way it communicated.


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