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tv   Morning Joe  MSNBC  July 28, 2017 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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shkreli continue. have a fantastic weekend. i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside louis burgdorf, "morning joe" starts right now. >> the american people are entirely justified in saying that any politician who told me that and voted the other way -- the gop faces a failing presidency. you want to know what failure looks like, take a look at the last 36 hours of the trump presidency. president trump tried to lay blame for the health care failure at the feet of three republicans and the democrats but in the end he wasn't able to keep his party unified and
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failed to deliver on a key campaign promise for his base. the president has failed in his attempts to bully his attorney general into resigning. jeff sessions vowing to stay on as long as trump sees that as appropriate. the president did succeed in unifying practically all of washington against his treatment of the attorney general. the president has failed in his attempt to change the conversation with his tweets, banning transgender troops from the military. the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff saying the pentagon will not make any changes to its transgender policy until trump clarify what is he meant, quote, in the meantime we will continue to treat all of our personnel with respect. in effect saying, no, mr. president, no. and the president even managed to fail with his address to the boy scouts of america. the head of the group now
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apologizing to its member for the president's rhetoric. and good morning, everyone. it's friday. thank god it's friday, right? a lot of failures on this failure friday. it's july 28th. joe has the morning off. with us we have senior police call analyst for nbc news, mark halperin and national analyst john heilemann. former director for the 2026 campaign and also with us you're okay. >> is it good? i think failure friday. >> i call it impotent friday.
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it's so stunning with all the huffing and puffing and blowing your house down, i amazing how impotent -- >> i'm going to stick with failure. >> no, it's impotent. our structure is holding. the system is working. >> it's a shame we have to test it. >> amidst all of this anger and evil and impotency, what it does show is the strength of this rab getting too -- it is amazing we a holding firm. debts go republicans again could afford only two no votes from their washington bureau us the
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third republican senator to ultimately bring down the so-called "skinny repeal" was john mccain. he had been huddling with vice president mike pence before making his vote and then he strolled out on to the floor. take a look. >> mr. peters. >> no. >> shortly after the vote failed, president trump tweeted. "3 republicans and 48 democrats let the american people down. as i said from the beginning, let obamacare implode, then deal. watch." senator mccain later issued a statement saying while the amendment would have appealed some of mr. and deliver
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affordable, quality health care to our citizens. the speaker's statement that the house would be willing to go to conference does not ease my concern that this shell of a bill could be taken up and passed at any time. i've stated we should not make the mistakes of the past that have led to obamacare's collapse. weep must do the hard work our citizens expect and deserve. casey hun -- it was an incredibly dramatic night, mika. nd senator mccain, he and mike pence settling on the floor. and ultimately mccain when he walked out told reporters he did
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it because he thought it was the right thing to do. he had been talking with chuck schumer as well as throughout the neat and was really the surprise linchpin. he came back a few days ago after the president said, we, he's a crusty voice in washington but refeed his vote and mccain gave him that vote to start this debate and then he took a lot and last night he followed through. there was a very vang scenario where republicans came out and said we're going to sho. so it's a very strange -- mccain
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ultima ultimately deto stand up and follow through on it. this is somebody who doesn't have much to lose from an electoral proo he has prooded himse himself. >> it certainly was a mccain moment. mark pall principle, that you can about that member, i don't think anybody was surprised how they and what the roar pb. >> what was going to happen. they tried to get assurances from paul ryan but i think th r theirbut mccain and oo frm and
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now we have the situation, tom proos and. it seems like in the past 4 to 48 hours were prfrm no. no, mr. president. people are forecast be bam wk new york this is a huge tall why are flrnl your possibility of getting thanksgiving done for the rest of the yoo. it an well -- it's this spbt
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aact, it really hard to repeal an entitlement but, b, pfrp spectator spchl sfchlt sfchlt sfchlt this is what you goose. afternoon go f. >> it's an unprecedented failure for the rab frarchlt and
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sfachlt. >> as we said earlier in the day, those nom. >> is anybody going to pass something tonight? >> i think they're try that way try to do something. so far i haven't seen anything that's worthy of passing. >> the so-called skinny bill won't solve the problem, but it will get us to a place where we can solve the problems, which is pb as a roo place mement psht p
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kplomt an hoch fwchlt nrmt to the of the to repeal and replaets of f flfrmt he was in the unenviable position of saying i'm going to vote for this pu i don't role theed knows sfrks he was saying, look. sfchlt i hate to say this about my party. the fraud is there was a repeal and replace. .
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f and the second problem is the president was a liability in the entire protses. even if he had mshlt he's the.tonight have. at this point in congress or in the could be now frappes the. food. rich arz harz was saying the -- i think at this point it safe to say the wore might be closing in on president trump just a little bit. i don't know and i don't say that hopefully because i want the president to succeed. >> i'd go a state police further. i thick this presidency is effectively over. and if you look back to
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different presidents, look at bill clinton. he had a rough first two years. very difficult two years. but eke. >> i totally stripped on a blue dress. but this type cannot change -- tells me since the beginning of this protses was thoo ephs going to chang. and if you cannot chang and cannot becoenact some legislati >> he nufr so he never got out there and did what he had to do going around the country to build steam behind what in the end wasn't even a bill. and he just continued on a daily basis beyond his absurd
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behavior, his pure incompetency. >> it's branding of a bad product. >> every way, shape or form. every way a team can be failing. whether it's lack of getting up and doing the job even tactically, sprtually or even overall setting in any kind of an agenda. he got elected based on being a great ceo. he was never a ceo. it's a mom and pop organization. he never ran an organization, never managed a great group of people. we said barack obama was come plitly equipped. this is a man who despite his ability and competency was his inability to do his job. >> these republicans politicians
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who promised it for eight years were responding in part not just to their view it was a bad law but in part to constituent who is said we must get rid of it. this morning i don't have any sense that there are people out there outraged that the senate failed. >> kasie hunt, the president proppist to get what is he giving you in terms of health care. >> look, to what johnny was just saying is i think the differences here -- or irshould say waebs in washington, they don't believe in trump. they're living with him but they don't believe in him. when president obama said to democrats on capitol hillan
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incredly popular president who they believed in and they were willing to go out and sell his message. the owner person who has done an event where he stood up with people and said, hey, this is a great law, we have to do this, was republicans. the policy the president was pitching department lien up with what he had said on the campaign trail to these people that mark is talking about, if. there's a reason these senators even if conservative, if parkand the senator was out there saying "want to do this. she was speaking to the concerns of trump voters. >> i think also if the president is a about the stunned this morning it because the way he sort of existed and ran himself
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about from my point of view, the small parts i was able to see is everybody was yes, mr. trump, yes, mr. trump. i think he thought that would happen in washington with policy, that people would blindly just do whatever he says. and time and time again i think he's finding that that's not how washington works. they don't suck up to you for no reason. >> there was no co-equal branch in the organization. >> no po and this where going on -- if president trump had a 54% approval rate, they would betrade there are ways in which he's vie rated form and if they.
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so there are consequences that goes in the loop. the strags is feeding into this. >> thank for saying he wasn't potent. >> fall out trabs jinder troops ten no be. you are spsh general joseph dunnford issued a written message yesterday stating there has been no change yet to the military's policy on transgender personnel. i think it took fairly to taund
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sfnch he says the policy will not be altered until the second jim mat why is, if in the meantime we will ten to can skbram according to reuters, the joan announcement, vice admiral probably psh prsh disbe -- he. >> the decision is based on a
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military decision. it's not meant to be anything more than that. as i said before and i'll try to make it clear, this was a military decision. that was about military readiness, about unit cohesion, about resources within the military and nothing more. >> so far the nave has issued the most specific guidance. "at this time no transgender sailors will be discharged a and -- she claims in a to blow the joint chief of staff when he announced this, no to be
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essentially rebuked by the military. now, he may get his way in the end but right now, it's embarrassing. >> the house is holding. the same way -- the chuck grassleys of the world said, no, there will not be noshlt and that's what makes me feel good. >> yeah, there's that. >> it's important that donny feels good. >> but we're not going to talk about that. >> the single biggest thing for the advisers -- >> leaking? >> tra gentleman yrks -- and
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it's failure friday. >> and his communications director, they were doing something differently. >> can we once and for all say he's going to double, triple and quadruple down? can we just once and for all understand that? >> yeah, but perhaps those around him could. i have a different take on the communications director that one might think. we'll have that coming up. >> talk about a deep tease. >> a war inside the white house, the muuch takes on chief of staff prepareus in the most vulgar way. i can't even say what he said.
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nobody on this set may a what he said. >> no been aopinion also, we'll be joined by republican congressman tom ka ranking member of the intel commit congress congressman, an outstanding voice against the efforts to kill obamacare. you're watching "morning joe." we'll be right back. starts a chain reaction... ...that's heard throughout the connected business world. at&t network security helps protect business, from the largest financial markets to the smallest transactions, by sensing cyber-attacks in near real time and automatically deploying countermeasures. keeping the world of business connected and protected. that's the power of and.
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this is a white house that has a lot of different perspectives pause the presidbe president hires a lot of great people. unlike previous administrations, this isn't group think. we all come, have a chance to voice those ideas, voice those
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perspectives and have a lot of healthy competition. the president likes that type of competition and encourages it. >> did you guys watch this yesterday? sarah huckabee sanders? it's amazing. she doesn't say a word. like -- >> she said words -- >> but they don't answer the question, not even close. one week ago today what he was being asked about was fascinating, too. it was announced anthony scaramucci would take over as communication director and would directly report to the president. now the "new yorker" magazine published an article when he went on a tirade against priebus. scaramucci called the reporter
3:29 am
asking for a source. quote, you're an american citizen. this is a major catastrophe for the american country. i'm ask you o give. >> okay, i'm going to fire every one of them and then you haven't protected anybody so the entire place will be fired other the next two. >> i ierd one day, i'll get to the person who leaked that to you been lance is a blancing paranoid skit fren ek. let me leak the black.
3:30 am
>> well, it's the f bomb i think. >> no, no. >> he also insisted that he leaked scaramucci's financial disclosure form and that the act was a felony. he said he called the fbi. and the department of justice. >> to go after somebody for leaking his financial disclosure form, which is a public record. >> so you don't really need the fbi but you're going to call him. >> can we just go through the list? >> scaramucci used more profane, vulgar, disgusting language to describe steve bannon, who like prepareus did not respond i'd
3:31 am
believe in -- >> you can't even make that readable. >> it was in the prompter. >> i'm not reading it. and it's disgusting. it's disgusting to say something like this. >> zrou to read a-- do you have anymore? that's disgusting. is anyone surprised that anthony scaramucci talks this way? grow up. >> you're familiar with roosters, right? >> yeah. >> that's all it manse. the other meaning for roost er and i've known him a long time -- >> he picks up and calls a lot of people. i said to him, duty, this is a new world. that is careful out there.
3:32 am
i don't think i bed "in bertha i can think of. i have seen texts and talked to people -- that guy talks to a lot of reporters. but off the record and kind of -- >> no, let's go through the list. he's the white house communications director. he's the best people, right? >> he's got it. >> rick, are you familiar with the job? >> a, he does not know what a leak is. b, he does not know what the law is. c, he doesn't know what levels of attribution are, which is on the record and off the record. >> should communications director know that? >> and, c in "the washington post," he compared the white house to a sinking ship. communications directors don't do this. >> but he himself, i me we're
3:33 am
fres -- if i was in the white house and scaramucci came to me, i'd tell him to piss off of ofcatastrophe. and this is an american catastrophe. i mo know who the tours of this is. >> by the way, dinner with hannity, chanz what it shows is a decisions and stand by them.
3:34 am
he sent scaramucci out to take down preeb yes, sir. it's pb but not give up the passionate fight for donald trump's agenda, make america great again. a few hours later he said i made a miss particular in trusting a reporter. so i will not know then. but that's okay because i'm going to actually say let's hold up here on scaramucci. it was absolutely disgusting. i can't believe he said it. but he said it about steve bannonand he is in there to fire everybody.
3:35 am
so let's not kind of trip on ourselves here, let's watch the story. he got his targets set on princess proon. >> in what bizarre world l world does the come direct a to utd a white house communications director who did not report to the still i'll take it pu if donald trump wanted to get rid of prepareus, why not make anthony the chaff chaff.
3:36 am
that's why dprrk he actually can why were kbrrn but ask for breitbart, the be sfwrrchlt this seems that this is now the ant opinion i think i have a par prrm pin each other against each other. this could work out, guys. it's gross and my grandmother would think -- >> no, in firing people, in
3:37 am
firing people. this came from a lot of people inside. he never made any doo pbs to have why are saying your fired. you don't need to do something you can't do to live. i know he's uncomable in noshl. >> anyhow, it was and nur for hip. giveny fochlt she says that trump is without a sense of humor. we're back in a moment. ♪ ♪
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you've seen the president's criticism of you. do you think it's fair? zplel with, it's kind of hurtful but the president of the united states is a strong leader. y is determined to move this country in the direction it transition if he wants to make a plout could -- stating if he
3:43 am
wants to make a change, he has every right, i serve at the pleasure of the president. i've understood that since the day i took the job." that's just delicious. joining us, associate editor of "the washington post" and msnbc political analyst. you write that the worst is yet to come. you say this "it's not just that president trump is selfish, insecure, egotistical, ignorant and unsear serious. it is that he neither fully grasps nor minimally respects the concept of honor, without which our governing system falls apart. he believes everyone everyone
3:44 am
else's motives are as base as his. the trump administration is indeed like the court of some accidental monarch who is tragically unthe suited for the duties of his throne. however long it persists we mu never allow ourselves to think the trump administration will change. we must fight for the norms of america governance lest we forget them. >> there are two things we're going to see. one is the russia investigation. i think as robert mueller continues the investigation and the president continues to stew -- not simmer but actively stew over this every single day, i think he's aiming to fire mueller and i think that's going to be a huge constitutional crisis and i this i people need to be prepared for that. >> and the other, we are the
3:45 am
biggest military and economic power in the world and right now we don't have a functioning presidency. we don't have functioning leadership. and other world leaders are beginning to recognize that. they're beginning to compensate for that, but something's going to happen. there's going to be a crisis in the world because there always is a crisis in the the world every once in a while. >> esaid this last weekend. he will fire mueller. if you have a dead body buried in the back yard and you have a shovel, you're never going to let them use that shovel. >> donnie, it sounds like you have some familiarity with that circumstance. >> and not as a metaphor. >> note to check donnie's back yard. >> he knows the dirty russian
3:46 am
money, who will be shown as a fraud and possibly lose his empire or go to kale. no that will lead out one opinion. and -- it's pointing to what gene read in his column. just as dangerous is perhaps not understanding the job. you almost get the feeling when he speaks about jeff sessions, when he lambasteds him and talks about his disappointment as his attorney general and why, that he doesn't understand that the attorney general is not his attorney. that's a big mistake, a big failure on this failure friday, to not understand the function of the presidency. and the offices of the presidency. peggy noonan writes in "the wall
3:47 am
street journal" that trump is woody allen without the humor. quote, the president's primary problem as a leader is not that he's impetuous, brash or naive, it's not that he is inexperienced, crude or an outsider. it is that he is weak and sniveling. it is that he undermines himself almost daily. he's not strong and self-controlled, not cool and tough, not low-key and determined, he's whiny, weepy and self-pitying. he's a drama queen. his public brutalizing of attorney general jeff sessions isn't strong and cool and deadly, it's limp, lame and
3:48 am
blubbery -- >> gene, are you all right over there? >> his inability -- not his refusal but his inability -- to embrace the public and rhetorical role of the presidency consistently and constructively is weak. meanwhile the whole world is watching a world that contains predators. how could they not be seeing this weakness, confusion and chaos? >> think thii think this week w looked at as a big week. >> epic. >> the president's inability to gain allies. there's some iron laws like in politics, you need more allies rather than fewer.
3:49 am
>> you know, gene, it really is sort of mind boggling to think, i mean, we call this failure friday, a little #we started at the top of the show. but it's not funny. he failed on his biggest promise. the military is saying no. his transgender tweet was a failure, his speech to the boy scouts turns out to be a failure with boy scouts themselves saying this is not how you're supposed to act. i'm having trouble keeping track. there were two others. they're just failure after failure after failure. >> right. there is no functioning white house here. there's no james baker figure in the white house, there's no one who can sort of exercise some authority, including toward the president to get him on some sort of consistent course. there's nobody who can do that. he doesn't want anybody to do that.
3:50 am
right now he's badgering -- trying to badger into resigning perhaps the most effective member of his cabinet in terms sessions. i don't like the things he's doing, but he's reversing the obama administration's general policy on criminal justice, for example, and he wants longer sentences and more people in prison, and -- you know? he's actually getting it done. and so for his -- no good deed goes unpunished. >> maybe anthony scaramucci is right. the ship is sinking. eugene robinson, thank you. still to come, congress sends a bill to the president's desk, but not the one he was hoping for while health care collapsed and failed in the senate, members agreed to sanction russia. will the president sign it?
3:51 am
"morning joe" is coming right back. >> i think i'll be the balding veerl type as opposed to the distinguished gray, for instance. unless i'm neither of those two. unless i'm a guy with saliva dribbling out of his mouth and walks into a cafeteria screaming about socialism. a millie dresselhaus doll! happy birthday, sweetie! oh, millies. trick or treat! we're so glad to have you here.
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>> this weekend msnbc will take over a two-day festival for political junkies. kasie hunt will be there and the "morning joe" section will be hard to miss. just look for the 5-foot tall "morning joe" coffee mug. you'll find one just like this and you'll get free iced coffee. >> is that like comicon? >> i feel like we could do better. >> what's in the mug?
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>> kasie hunt, you're the main event, the big draw. coming up, the scout motto is be prepared. they weren't prepared for the president's speech, and now the organization is apologizing. another no. plus more on the early morning drama in the u.s. senate as the maverick, john mccain, delivers the final blow to his party's health care fight. plus scaramucci versus priebus. the white house rivalry of biblical proportions. peter baker writes the president not only tolerates feuds within his team. he fuels them. well, that's constructive. we're back in a moment.
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having the depend product makes me more confident because when i am dry and comfortable, i know that i am protected to do the things that i want to do. go to - get a coupon and try them yourself. you'll feel the difference. >> mr. peters. >> and with that, senator john mccain dealt a crushing blow to his own party's health care bill and a promise to kill obamacare seven years in the making. welcome to the president's failure friday. good morning, everybody. it's friday, july 28th th. joe has the morning off. with us we have senior political analyst mark halpren, john
4:01 am
hileman, rick tyler, kasie hunt, and joining the conversation political analyst and professor at the university of michigan, school of public policy, former democratic congressman, harold ford junior. >> good morning. >> a noted interpreter of blanked out words. >> harold ford junior knows more about the blanked out words than anybody at this table. >> we'll keep that among ourselves. >> and also peter baker. let's get right to the breaking news overnight when republicans failed to pass their skinny plan to repeal parts of obama care. they could only afford two no votes. republican senators susan collins and lisa murkowski were already firmly against it, and the third defection was senator john mccain. shortly after the vote failed, president trump tweeted three
4:02 am
republicans and 48 democrats let the american people down. as i said from the beginning, let obama care implode and then deal, watch. senator mccain later issued a statement saying in part, while the amendment would have appealed some of obama care's most burdensome regulations, it offered no replacement to reform the health care system and deliver affordable, quality health care to our citizens. the speaker's statement that the house would be willing to go to conference does not ease my concern that this shell of a bill could be taken up and passed at any time. harold, first of all, there were, like, eight years to get this together. so this is a massive failure on the part of the republican party. having said that, i will say the democratic party better watch who they judge right now, because they're not doing a lot better in terms of trying to figure out where they're going. but for the president, this was
4:03 am
one of his key promises. >> not only that. well, i would agree. everything that's been said this morning, i concur with the analysis. i think what was so refreshing about mccain's statement was it sounded like a legislator. it sounded like someone who understands how policy is made and why policy is made. for him to state that look, i think there's shortcomings in obama care, this is him talking, but i'm unwilling to deprive millions of americans who now have health insurance of affordable insurance or at least affordable insurance at the moment is what you want from all legislators. two, it's a devastating blow to the republican brand. since this shows inception almost after president obama was elected, the republicans have made the principle part of their identity undoing this government intrusion as they call j into health care and obama care. when you say affordable care versus obama care, it polls differently. here they have an opportunity. in some ways it's refreshing to
4:04 am
say there was a willingness to be against this. democrats are not out of the water. there are shortcomings and it would behoove everyone to come back to the table and start with the three republicans and a few others to try to figure out how to shore up the markets and exchanges and ensure the premium increases, to contain it that we do it going forward. >> let's move to the next big thing, tax reform overshadowed by the other nudes. a joint statement from capitol hill leaders in the white house on their shared principles about tax reform. how does that look now going forward? how quickly does the white house turn to that? >> obviously it would like to move quickly on that. it would like to get a win. you know what president trump is like. this is a bad day for him. and the idea that the congress would go home without having he can hold onto is pretty intolerable. tax reform will make health care reform look easy.
4:05 am
tax reform is a huge issue if they were to do a serious reform, but i think you're already starting to see kind of a move start a skinny version of it to use the phrase of the moment. something that might allow them to make some big changes but not overhaul the entire code the way it was done in 198 of by ronald reagan and james baker. that's because it's just beyond the capacity, it seems like of this white house and congress at the moment. they can't get their act together, and that's just -- it's just too complicated. yes they were going to move forward and see if they could do something that's going to give them a sense of momentum, but the obstacles are just as big if not bigger. >> tom coal of oklahoma is with us. thank you for coming on the show. >> thank you. >> how would you characterize what's happened over the last 48 hours and where does the responsibility lie only for constructive reasons? because it seems this has been
4:06 am
an issue that's been extremely important to the republican party for many years, health care. >> well, i think it's actually extremely important to all americans. -- >> what happened? >> let me finish my answer, if i may. we came one vote short of continuing the process of working on this. so now i think it's really incumbent on our friends on the other side of the aisle. they tell us there's lots of problems with obama care. we need to if i cfix it. let's see your fixes. i think we should listen to them with an open mind. in my state, we're down to a single provider. we have a 69% rate increase coming and we have frankly our hospitals are taking care of people and not getting compensated for it. and in 31 other states they are. this is not a system succeeding. most republicans believe that. we got something through the house. the speaker said last night he was prepared to go to conference and keep working with the senate. they came up one vote short.
4:07 am
i regret that. i don't cast any aspersions on anybody. i'm sure everybody voted their conviction, but if you voted to not proceed, you effectively voted to sustain obamacare. that's regrettable. in my state, it's devastating. >> kasie hunt? >> congressman coal, we read earlier in the show from a column by peggy nunen who argued the president isn't displaying masculine quality. that he's dramatic and weak. and this health care bill ultimately was sunk by john mccain, somebody who has we know has a long legacy as a war hero and by two women senators, one of whom the trump administration reportedly threatened after she voted no. i'm wondering, as you watch this, what lessons do you think president trump should take away from this? >> well, i think there's a lot of lessons for everybody to take away from this, and frankly, i'm not going to cast aspersion on
4:08 am
the president. this is a congressional failure. we're the ones who have been talking about repealing and replacing. we got our opportunity, and we fumbled the ball. but the reality is we came pretty close. we're willing to work, keep working, see if we can come up with something else ourselves and work with our friends across the aisle. but frankly, the president was effectively right. this system is imploding, and now it's really up to democrats to come forward and say these are the places we think we can work together and fix it. i'm open to that. i'm happy to do that. but i think they'll find it's a pretty hard system to fix. this medicaid expansion versus nonexpansion divide is really, i think, the real culprit of not being able to move forward. we have a lot of people at the state level that chose to expand. the system is not sustainable. they're going to pay a lot more than they think they are. we're losing money hand over
4:09 am
foot on it from a federal standpoint. sooner or later the day of reckoning will come. we tried to put it off. we tried to move forward with something different. we haven't been able to. if we can do something to fix it, i'm open, but i haven't heard any suggestions from the other side of the aisle. >> just curious. does the president baear any responsibility in the failure of this process? >> everyone in office has a degree of responsibility, but again, it wasn't the president voting last night. it was a decision by the united states senate not to pass something and proceed to conference and continue to work. i respect the decision. that's their right. i'm not critical of anybody. but at the end of the day, no. it's a congressional failure, not a presidential failure. >> tom, good morning. harold ford. quick question. as democrats you said you want to sit down. what would be the one or two things in light of last night's -- not passing the
4:10 am
reveal. when you talk about fixing it, what are one or two things you could start with with democrats? do you think you might be able to find common ground? democrat talked about a public option and maybe tort reform. are there other things you think should be a part of the conversation to make it meaningful to start? >> thank you. tort reform would be a good place to start and i'd be for that. i'm not for a public option. that's buying into a failing system. it's not like mid care medicaid are financially sustainable. adding people to a system losing money is a big mistake. the biggest thing is to sit down with the 19 states. states like texas and florida that don't have medicaid expansion. they're not going to vote for it ever. and what are you going to do to help those states and hothose hospitals? that's issue number one. number two, what do you do to keep the hemorrhaging of money? we have a lot of state
4:11 am
governors, they took medicaid expansion. they're not paying very much to insure healthy people above the poverty line. they're expecting the federal government to pick up the tab. that will not be sustained indefinitely. i'm looking forward to my friends who have been successful. they stopped the effort to repeal and replace at least for now, and let's see what they've got. if they have some suggestions, i'm willing to sit down. right now the system is going bankrupt, and in my state, it's hurting a lot of people. >> congressman, i'm going to ask you a different question on a different topic. we're talking about health care and tax reform. there's another event which is trying to raise the debt ceiling. there's a hard deadline at the end of the september. the administration says they want a vote by before recess. where does that stand and do you think we might be headed for a different kind of crisis? >> i think it's serious. i don't think we're going to get to the crisis level. i think in the end we'll do what we normally do.
4:12 am
we'll find a way to get there. the administration like all administrations, want a clean debt ceiling. and most democrats would be supportive of that. i would not. i want to do something to change the trajectory of the debt. so let's wait and see what they pair with it. at the end of the day, this is like the perils of pauline. you know how the movie is going to end. she slips out of being run over by the train. i suspect that will be the case again on this issue. >> okay. congressman tom coal, thank you so much for being on the show this morning. >> thank you. president trump's speech on monday to a group of 40,000 boy scouts garnered a wave of criticism for the tone, and political underpinnings. >> they said, who the hell wants to speak about politics when i'm in front of the boy scouts. right? you know, i go to washington, and i see all these politicians, and i see the swamp, and it's
4:13 am
not a good place. in fact, today i said we ought to change it from the word swamp to the word cesspool or perhaps to the word suer. hopefully he's going to get the votes tomorrow to start our path toward killing this horrible thing known as obamacare that's really hurting us. by the way, just a question. did president obama ever come to a jamboree? we won and won, so when they said there is no way to victory, there is no way to 270, under the trump administration, you'll be saying merry christmas again when you go shopping. believe me. merry christmas. >> now the head of the boy scouts of america is apologizing to the organization's members. in a letter posted online he
4:14 am
writes in part, quote, i want to extend my sincere apologies to those in our scouting family who were offended by the political rhetoric that was inserted into the jamboree. that was never our intent. he adds the scouts have invited every sitting president since it started and it was in no way an endorsement of party or policies. for years people have called for us to take a stand on issues. we sincerely regret that politics were inserted into these scouting programs. that was done, peter baker, by the president of the united states himself on stage. i think the bigger sort of pushback or rebuke of the president that we've seen so far this week is the response to his tweets on transgender in the military. that was a big no that he got
4:15 am
from his people. the people who work for the president of the united states are pushing back. the fallout over these those sudden tweets which was announcing a ban of transgender troops continues. military leaders don't seem to be on the same page. i'll read the response. the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff issued a written message yesterday stating that there has been no change yet to the military's policy on transgender personnel. they say the policy will not be altered until the secretary of defense jim mattis receives direction from the president and mattis issues giend. he added in the meantime, we'll continue to treat all our personnel with respect. it goes on. there's more, but peter baker, what's happening here? >> well, you know, it's not a week where you see a white house operating on all cylinders. the president tries to impose a major change in policy in the military without talking to the secretary of defense and on twitter. that's not how it's normally
4:16 am
done, and he leaves the pentagon sort of scratching his head trying to figure out what to do about this. he obviously has a desire to get this health care bill through the senate, but can't pull that off. and has -- is left without an agenda at this point to point to success. he has a staff in turmoil with reince priebus, the chief of staff on the hot seat, once again rumored to be possibly on the way out. he has a new communications director who is openly at war with his chief of staff with the profanity laced interview with the new yorker. and he as the attorney general who spent an entire 24 hours yesterday not serving as a punch bag for the president. >> it's curious, harold, if i could, and this is a really serious issue. it's not -- but melania trump, she was supposed to have a platform against bullying.
4:17 am
specifically cyber bullying. this president has been bullying his attorney general, ha razzing him, anthony scaramucci has been cyber bullying and bullying in the paper using profanity and threats, like that's real bullying happening in the white house. it's kind of made the entire administration even to the first lady's platform a weak, failing joke so far this week. >> it's an affront to what she has made with the first lady has made, really, the kind of -- >> it's an important issue. >> the centerpiece of what she'd like to get done. as i watched him before the boy scouts, imagine how powerful to have the president stand before the thousands of young men and said that the -- this country suffers from a dearth of scientists and mathematicians, i hope these service minded men will come back 20 years from now
4:18 am
as a president speaking to an america that looks different and performs and works differently and competing different and you're at the forefront of all of this. that's a big imagination you have to have when you think about the president and his team is, but this kind of in fighting, i would ask mark and john who have written about this, have we ever seen a president in a modern era, even in a campaign have this kind of d dysfunction and tension. >> riddled with failure. if it was succeeding for some way for the country, i think we would have a little bit of patience, but this seems like a big mess. >> it's a mess. t a mess. look, i mean, you can't say enough times we've seen unprecedented things almost every day. there's just no metric by which right now this is working for the president or for the american people. i want to ask peter baker,
4:19 am
peter, just to focus on the scaramucci thing right now because it's the most vivid indicator of white house dispucks and di dysfunction. the white house communicator telling the fbi and the department of justice to investigate the chief of staff, talk about unprecedented. where does that go now with the president seems to have given his blessing to scaramucci. how long does preiebus last? >> and who treats someone that way? >> and to investigate a leak that wasn't a leak. there's a reason why the word is disclosure. it's meant to be put out in public. politico went to the government agency and asked for it the way they're supposed to under the law. mr. scaramucci took that as part of a sub tri fuj. it's extraordinary. not only did he say they're like
4:20 am
cane and able, one of the brothers killed the other. he has a profanity laced interview with the new yorker. the president of the united states gave him the license to do this. said it's okay to go out there and brutalize his chief of staff in public. i think the truth is it's hard to see how ryan priebus goes forward. we said almost every day for the entire six months reince priebus has been chief of staff, he could be on the way out. take it with a grain of salt. this has to be the lowest moment of chief of staff has encured in quite a while. >> peter, you have reporting about who the next chief of staff might be. >> yeah. the president has been musing in president that what he needs is a general. he has had a real love of men in uniform, and he's even talked about john kelly, the secretary of homeland security as a possible candidate for chief of staff if the opening is available. who knows how serious that is. it indicates where his mind is right now. he feels that reince priebus
4:21 am
wasn't strong enough, couldn't handle it. but it's a thing where he wasn't strong enough in part because the president didn't give him the authority that a chief of staff generally has to run a white house. >> rick, quick? >> peter who are reince priebus chief of staff allies in the white house currently? >> they're almost all gone. sean spicer is on the way out. reince priebus ice deputy chief of staff is already out. he doesn't have a lot of friends. he seems to have lost the faith of mr. trump's family, and even with steve bannon he had a sort of alliance of convenience for a while. that seeps -- seems to have frayed. he's an isolated figure right now in the white house. >> i'm curious, when you threaten someone and accuse them of a felony, isn't that crossing a line? maybe even a legal one? >> it's a way to shake things up. >> peter baker, thank you so much. still ahead, president trump
4:22 am
promised to blow up washington. we just didn't know he meant his own administration and presidency. we'll go live to the white house for the very latest from this lord of the flies moment for the administration. we'll be right back. when you're close to the people you love, does psoriasis ever get in the way of a touching moment? if you have moderate to severe psoriasis, you can embrace the chance of completely clear skin with taltz. taltz is proven to give you a chance at completely clear skin. with taltz, up to 90% of patients had a significant improvement of their psoriasis plaques. in fact, 4 out of 10 even achieved completely clear skin. do not use if you are allergic to taltz. before starting you should be checked for tuberculosis. taltz may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you are being treated for an infection or have symptoms. or if you have received a vaccine or plan to.
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remember what we were just saying? go irish! see that? yes! i'm gonna just go back to doing what i was doing. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. so yesterday's white house press briefing sarah huckabee sanders read a letter from a child. my name is dylan but everyone calls me pickle. i'm nine and you're my favorite president. i like you so much i had a birthday about you. my cake was the shape of your hat. how old are you? how big is the white house? how much money do you have? your friend, dylan. well, trump was moved and wrote one in response. trump wrote dear dylan, my name is donald, but everybody calls me pumpkin. we have so much in common.
4:27 am
i'm my favorite president too. to answer your questions, i'm 7 is years old. the white house is huge, and i'm so rich i eat a cake shaped like my hat every night. your friend, pumpkin. p.s., want to be the new attorney general? isn't that nice? >> wow. that was pretty good. joining us now from the white house, peter alexander. peter, i saw you struggling to get question in yesterday at the mini briefing where it was only one question thursday. so -- >> yeah. >> on this failure friday, i'm wondering if you could tell us more about the incoming white house communications director and his profanity. >> yeah. the bottom line, my questions were about this new communications director, anthony scaramucci. i was asking sarah huckabee sanders if he'd taken an oath of office. if he was official behind the scenes. she said she didn't believe so. i asked if the vetting had been completed. she effectively said he's on the
4:28 am
staffer, but he is not taking a salary so he's a high flying volunteer behind the scenes right now reporting directly to the president. the latest news regarding scaramucci is a jaw dropper this conversation with the new yorker. to catch you up on the quotes we can share with you as best possible, hoors part of that profanity-laced tirade with the new yorker where scaramucci talked about the chief of staff, reince priebus saying reince is a blanking paranoid squits frenic. he said i'm not steve bannon, i'm not trying to suck my own blank, he said. he said i'm not trying to build my own brand off the blank strength of the president. scaramucci a series of tweets his only real public comments. he said i sometimes use colorful language. he said i will refrain in this arena but not give up the
4:29 am
passionate fight for donald trump's agenda. he made a -- he added he made a mistake in trusting a reporter. the president, we haven't heard from him. he's the boss upstairs fuelling the loyalty rivalries between the scenes. two surrogates helped exchange the situation last night. >> this is a guy who sometimes uses colorful and in many circles probably not appropriate language, and he's very passionate about the president. the president's agenda. i think he may have let that get the best of him in that conversation. >> is the business the priority or the animus that exists between these two individuals at this point? >> the absolutely the priority. most of us here at the white house are focussed on who has a job out in america, not who has a job here. >> anthony said he uses colorful language. i think he's passionate about
4:30 am
the president. it sometimes gets the best of him. let me know when any of my colleagues call half the country deplorable and ir redeemable. >> kellyanne conway redirecting the conversation toward the president's past opponent, hillary clinton. be clear in this situation, it is untenable right now. imagine a natural disaster happening, a foreign policy crisis, who you can count on behind the doors to resolve the situation here who seems clear the president, as scaramucci says, sanctioned scaramucci to make the comments he made. perhaps not in the language he used. we haven't heard from the president on that. i've been speaking privately with people in and around the white house who said to me about reince priebus specifically when they got the motion to proceed on health care several days ago, john mccain flying back for that vote, that was a reprieve for pre priebus. the failure would be the last straw for the president that may force him to come to some
4:31 am
conclusion about what happens to reince priebus here assuming he still has the same frustrations with his chief of staff that scaramucci publicly sort of communicated, and to give you a sense, a couple days ago scaramucci walked up to me and said, peter, we've cooled the temperature, right? things have cooled down a lot. at least for a moment that may have been the case, but obviously he ignited a new fire with his comments over the last 24 hours. >> peter alexander yk thank y, o much. now from what is just a shiny object, the scaramucci story, to the story that has a far broader impact on americans. congress's failure to overhaul health care. joining us now that capitol hill, democratic congressman joe kennedy the third of massachusetts. congressman, where do we go from here and also, what's the democrat's role in this process? and what can they do to make
4:32 am
their party great again? >> so first off, thank you for having me. great to be with you again. it was a big night last night. it was a big night for the american public. it was a big night for the health care system. it was a big commitment that we make to each other that make sure when people are vulnerable and sick and scared that there is a system there you can count on. the bottom line on this is for a lot of folks across the country, our health care system is not perfect. while we've made tremendous gains, we need to continue to make sure that every person in the country has access to quality, affordable health care. that has to be every single person's promise. first we make sure this administration is not going to try to sabotage the efforts to make that true. the president tweeted this morning he was going to try to make the law fail. that means he's rooting for people to get hurt and for our economy to tank. that's stunning comments from the president of the united states. two, strengthening the
4:33 am
individual market. premiums are forecasted go up and have gone up. if you ask why, a lot of it is due to the uncertainty going on in these buildings and what the administration is going to try to strengthen our health care system. third, dive into the substance of the challenges, particularly around prescription drug costs and a huge priority has to be a mental and behavioral health overhaul. it's filling our criminal justice program. and when we're suffering from an opioid epidemic, locking people up isn't how you solve the issue. >> tom coal was with us a few minu minutes ago. he shared some of the tenets he would need to start a conversation with democrats. it's clear obama care has worked but there's challenges particularly around premium increases. how do you address that medicaid
4:34 am
expansion and the lack of competition that exists in exchanges across the country? what's the democratic response to that to try to solve this problem? >> i think a couple of points on that one. first off, medicaid preimburstment rates, there's not a lot of doctors that get rich off medicaid. one of the challenges is the reimbursement rates are so low that patients can't find a provider to deliver health care. if you're looking to try to save dollars here, it actually means flushing out a continue yum of care. that's the case on mental and behavioral health. there a small percentage of the population that's the highest cost drivers to the system. that's where we need to focus. i would point out that in the long run, it's doubling down on what the affordable care act, the system that put forth, which
4:35 am
is this transition off of volume base or fee for service base model of health care gively to make sure they compensated for the quality of care provided. we need to flush it out and fund it. if you do that, you'll get the savings that i think all of us know are in that system and in the midst of the transition at the moment. >> congressman joe kennedy, thank you very much. thank you so much. coming up, we'll talk to brett stevens whose news piece entitled when the white house lies about you, it describes his losing battle with the administration to correct the record about himself. we'll be right back.
4:36 am
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>> i've come to the floor to keep any promise and offer a word of humble advice to the president. if you're thinking of making a recess appointment to push out the attorney general, forget about it. the presidency isn't a ball, and this country isn't a china shop. mr. president, you're a public servant in a system of limited government with a duty to uphold
4:40 am
and to defend and to teach to our kids the constitution system of checks and balances. >> as a human being, i think he should show some respect for jeff sessions as a person. this effort to basically marginalize and humiliate the attorney general is not going over well in the senate. if jeff sessions is fired, there will be holey hell to pay. any effort to go after mueller could be the beginning of the end of the trump presidency unless mueller did something wrong. >> two republican senators drawing a line in the sand when it comes to attorney general jeff sessions. joining us now new york times columnist, brett stevens. also with us from washington, former justice department spokesperson, now an msnbc justice and security analyst, matthew miller. and matt, i'll start with you. there are, perhaps, some serious
4:41 am
questions that are coming out of some of this news we've been covering that may seem just like in fighting and shiny objects or however else you want to describe it, but the president bullying or humiliating the attorney general and even the treatment between the incoming communications director and members of the administration, do they raise any more serious questions to you? >> good morning, mika. you're right. i think we have to separate out the personal drama, the kind of reality show style noise of the president attacking members of administration and the underlying attacks. with the attacks on jeff sessions, they're not just attacks on sessions. he's a proxy for the attacks on the rule of law. the president wants sessions to do three things. one, unrecuse himself from the russia investigation. >> stop. so he can support trump's defense? >> presumably so he can help
4:42 am
obstruct justice and make the russia investigation go away. >> that's number one? >> yeah. number two, he wants him to begin an investigation into hillary clinton which is something that happens in banana republics, not healthy democrats. and three, he wants him to bring more leak cases. what happens when you have this unprecedented interference with the justice department, even if there are facts that support for leak investigations, if sessions does bring the case now, they're going to be questionable from the beginning because they look like an attorney general fighting for his job trying to curry favor with the president who wants to retaliate against his opponents investigate it's why this type of politicizing is harmful. >> it's why your story is symbolic to the bigger picture. you're working to clear your name. i'll let you tell the story.
4:43 am
what's the quandary you find yourself in at the white house? >> the problem is that if you call out the white house on a fact error that happen to be a conversation i had with the director of cia in a public forum, and they refuse to respond or correct the record, they become liars. when you say oh, gee, the trump administration lies, well, we kind of know that. but you know it in a different way when they lie about you. i had this conversation with mike pompeo in reference to phil agy. he was a turncoat from the 70s. and the head of social media for the white house claimed i had unmasked the name of a covert -- current covert cia operative. it was kind of hilariously wrong. i called them out on twitter. didn't respond. i asked cia to call the white house, correct the record.
4:44 am
they didn't respond. i called him on his private cell phone. he didn't respond. i wrote scaramucci on his private e-mail address. he didn't respond. there's a point where falsehood becomes lying, and the problem is, look, it's a small thing. but when you're willing to lie about small things, it's more indecktive than when you're willing to tell a whopper. if you tell a whopper for personal advantage yerks it's understandable. when you're prepared to live outside the truth all the time, it's pathological. >> and then within all this, matt miller, we have the questions about jared kushner, and the questions about donald trump junior, and the questions about russia that even some of the opinion writers we're reading today feel like that could get a lot worse for all of us. >> i think that's right. i think that's why it was so important that lindsey graham said what he did and ben sass.
4:45 am
we see the president lash out and react every time this investigation gets closer to him, when it gets close to his family, his son, his son-in-law, and we saw his most recent attacks on sessions start right after bob mueller started looking at his son. the president said his red line, and that's if bob mueller is looking at his finances. he is going to look at his finances. you have to, and it's incumbent for republicans in the house to say any attempt to tamper with the investigation would be an impeachable offense. you have to warn him now, not wait until after he's done it so he can fire jim comey and throw up your hands after the fact. >> two points i want to make. i believe the last time i saw you on the show you were talking about how you were quitting twitter -- >> no. >> i'm not giving you a hard type. >> i mostly quit twitter. >> the other question is what do you think the long-term
4:46 am
implication of this is? we all talk about trump will not be here forever. the untruths you're talking about, the culture of lying that has -- small things and on big things. what does that do to undermine both the medium term ambitions of the administration and the longer term credibility of the office? >> well, look, this is a phrase that recurs again and again with the trump white house. but it's moynihan's great line defining deviancy down. 12 years ago the white house tied itself into knots because they got words wrong in a state of the white house address in attempts to get uranium. it was like oh, my god, we got this wrong. 12 years on, the white house will tell a blatant lie about anyone or anything. okay, i'm a prominent member of the media and also a u.s. citizen. i'm owed something like at least an acknowledgment of the
4:47 am
mistake. so ask yourself, where are we going to be in 12 years and what kind of permission does this give every other politician in the country. >> i don't think we're going to change. i think this is a president who is not redefining the presidency. he's just showing who he is. i think we are hundreds and hundreds of years of a culture, of a civilization, of a basic way of communicating. i don't think the next president or the president after that is going to say now i can lie. i think this is an an riinsane situation. >> i don't think it's just trump. but go ahead. >> it really does start at the head. it is driven down. it is his minions -- >> you're acting like this type of behavior with the concept of lies started with trump. and you actually could, if you wanted to connect the dots, thank bill clinton for donald trump. >> every politician, every politician in one way twists.
4:48 am
there is a difference between people caught in mistruths or lies which weather it is versus defining your entire character. >> but the tragedy of trump's victory and everything he's done as president is he demonstrates shamelessness works. he sold his shamelessness to the american people as fearlessness, and they believed it. if you don't say i made a mistake, if you don't acknowledge error. if you kind of move forward, you're going to get away with it. that's what the presidency is showing us with trump. we're on our way to the world of anthony weiners. >> you can look at nixon and see it in this ere rar. i think it's startling, the reaction of our country. trump continues to get away with it. the polling data -- >> he's not. he's failing. that's the point. >> hear me out. i am encouraged to see ben sass and lindsey graham say what they say. i watched the president's men on
4:49 am
this network, and it was revealing. i thought i understood what happened and it reveals so many other things. you look today and watch trump and watch the episode what the hosts had to deal with a few weeks ago which we were discussing. we watched how members of the public and even members of congress reacted when steve scalise was shot on the baseball field. there was a coming together, but there was also a weird kind of thing for people to use it in their campaigns. it say what a lot about who we s people. there's the larger story of this president and the presidency thus far. >> that's a question. shamelessness and a lot of other things won the election, but -- >> not winning the presidency. >> i don't know. if this is what we are, i'd be surprised. >> i think if he's not impeached or resigns, he could very well win reelection. >> we will be impeached. >> that says a lot about us. >> matthew miller, thank you.
4:50 am
brett stevens, thank you. i'm scared after talking to brett. i think you can be right. we'll see. still ahead our political round table weighs in on what's next for the president's agenda now that repeal and replace has been left for dead,
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:55 am
. >> the health care committee is calling on them to appoint a special counsel, this to investigate hillary clinton, james comey and loretta lynch. in a letter addressed to the attorney general and his deputy, republicans on the committee cite the mueller investigation as the reason for its request. the letter states, in part, quote, the unbalanced uncertain and seemingly unlimited into cuss of the special counsel's investigation has led many of our crypts to see a dual standard of justice that benefits only the powerful and politically well-connected. for this reason, we call on you to appoint a second special counsel to investigate the plethora of matters connected to the 2016 election and its aftermath. according to letter, that includes the former attorney general, former fbi director's handling of the clinton e-mail investigation as well as hillary clinton's handling of classified information. ahead, we're going to get reaction to this from the
4:56 am
ranking member of the house intel committee. congressman, adam schiff, also ahead, on tuesday, president trump thanked senator john mccain for returning to washington, to vote on health care. little did the president know that it would be senator mccain who would cast the deciding vote to derail the obamacare repeal bill. ouch. we'll be right back. on my travels across the country i came across this house with water dripping from the ceiling. you never know when something like this will happen. so let the geico insurance agency help you with homeowners insurance and protect yourself from things like fire, theft, or in this case, water damage. cannonball! now if i had to guess, i'd say somewhere upstairs there's a broken pipe. let the geico insurance agency help you with homeowners insurance. call today to see how much you could save. finding the best hotel price is now a safe bet.
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>> for seven years republicans have been promising the american people that we would repeal obamacare and the american people are entirely justified in saying any politician who told me that who voted the other way didn't tell me the truth, lied to me. no party can remain in power by lying to the american people. >> in the end, it was just three republican senators who voted against health care reform, but it was enough to stop the bill in its tracks, now the gop faces the reckoning with an embarrassing congress and a failing presidency. you want to know what failure looks like, look at the last 36 hours of the trump presidency. president trump tried to lay blame for the health care failure at the feet of three republicans and the democrats, but in the end, he wasn't able to keep his party unified and failed to deliver on a key campaign promise for his base. the president has failed in his
5:01 am
attempts to bully his attorney general into resigning. jeff sessions vowing to stay on t. president did succeed from unifying practically all of washington against his treatment of the attorney general. the president has failed in his attempt to change the conversation with his tweets banning transgender troops from the military t. chairman of the joint chiefs of staff saying the pentagon will not make any changes to its transgender policy until trump clarify what is he meant, quote, in the meantime, we will continue to treat out of our personnel with respect. in effect, saying, no, mr. president, no and the president even managed to fail with his address to the boyscouts of america. the head of the group notice apologizing to its members for the president's rhetoric. these are our lead stories this morning, despite the fact that trump's communications director went on a profanity-laced tirade
5:02 am
against members of the white house senior staff. we'll get to that vulgarity in just a moment. good morning, everyone, it's friday, thank god its friday, right? a lot of failures on this failure friday. july 28th. joe has the morning off. with us we have cnpc and ms nbc news john halperin and john heilemann and former communications director for ted cruz' 2016 campaign now an ms nbc contributor rick tyler and donny deutsche is with us us. and casey hunt, capitol hill correspondent. donny, i'm just kidding. >> you're okay. >> i think it's failure friday. let's #it. >> i call it impotent friday. it's so stunning with all of the huffing and puffing and i'll proceed your house down. >> yeah. >> how impotent and. >> right. >> what a complete adjunct failier. >> i want to stick with failure.
5:03 am
>> i want to stick with impotent. it is really the actual word. he's actually amidst all of this, you refer to the military as an institution and the senate as an institution, the boyscouts as an institution, our structure is holding. the system is holding. amidst all of this evil and anger and nonsense and impotency. what it does show is the strength of this republic that was built by our founding fathers without getting too kind of holier than now. it is amazing that we are holding firm. >> let's begin then with the breaking news overnight from the senate the republicans failed to pass their scaled down plan of obamacare. they had two no votes, republican senator susan collins and lisa purchasekowski were already firm no votes against the bill and the third republican senator to ultimately bring down the so-called skin my
5:04 am
repeal josh mon mccain, he was huddling with mike pence and he strolled out onto the floor. take a look. >> mr. peters. no. >> shortly after the vote failed, president trump tweeted. three republicans and 48 democrats let the american people down. as i said from the beginning, let obamacare implode, then deal. watch! senator mccain later issued a statement saying, in part, while the amendment would have repealed some of obamacare's most burdensome regulations, it offered no replacement to actually reform our health care system and deliver affordable health care to our citizens t.
5:05 am
speaker's statement that the house would be willing to go to conference does not ease my concern that this shell of a bill could be taken up and papsed at any time. i've stated time and time again that one of the major failures of obamacare was that it was rammed through congress by democrats on a strict party line basis without a single republican vote. we should not make the mistakes of the past that have led to obamacare's collapse...we must do the hard work our citizens expect and deserve. casey hunt. wow, what a scene on capitol hill. what a failure for president trump. >> reporter: it was an incredibly dramatic night. senator mccain, the center of it all, he and mick pence huddling on the senate floor, in the cloak room. pence was there to cast that deciding vote. ultimately mccain told reporters he did it because he thought it was the right thing to do. and he had been talking with chuck schumer as well throughout the night.
5:06 am
we are reporting, and it was really the surprised lynchpin. he came back to a few days ago after the president said, well, he's a crusty voice in washington, but we need his vote. mccain gave him that vote to start this debate. then he took a lot of heat for it. people called him hypocriticalal. they said, you talk a big game. you gave that eploeshl floor speech. you are not willing to follow through. last night he followed through. there was a strange scenario, i've never covered anything like it on capitol hill where republicans came out and said we're going to vote to pass this just as long as you promise us it never actually becomes a law. which is a very strange thing for them to be advocating and, you know, mccain ultimately decided to stand up and follow through on it. look, this is somebody who doesn't have much to lose from an electoral perspective.
5:07 am
he's obviously battling a very difficult disease and he has prided himself over a very long career on being somebody who takes courageous stance. >> it certainly was a mccain moment. mark halperin, talk about that moment and what it meant, what it means for the future. >> boy, he's not afraid of the president and he's not afraid of doing what he thinks is right. the other two senators, i don't think anybody was surprised how they voted and what his worry was, as casey suggested is, no one knew what would happen if that measure had passed. no one really knew, they tried to get assurances from paul ryan, i think their fears were right. if that was the next step was that the bill came out of that senate, it was possible that paul ryan would be left with no other solution but to force the house to vote on that measure, that measure as senator mccain and others said, that itself not a policy. that's a vehicle to try to move the process along, now we have
5:08 am
the unfathomable situation of tom price, secretary of hhs and president trump will have to administer the affordable care act. >> so john heilemann, take this wherever you want to go. it's kind of stunning, it seems in the past 24 to 48 hours, a lot of different angles, the president is getting the word no, no, mr. mr. president. people are pushing back. people with power. >> it's a great setback to his agenda, his possibility of the getting things done the rest of the year. this is a much larger thing than that, it's an expose, it's the rock at the heart of the republican moderate party. this is a party that's spent two successive presidential cycles saying the most central thing it was going to do was to repeal and replace the affordable care act t. reason they failed is, a, it's really hard to repeal an
5:09 am
entitlement. b, they didn't take seriously the job of what would happen when they eventually got into power. they spent eight years saying they were doing this and never got down to the workable alternative. >> that is what this last seven months has exposed. there was no alternative, there was no replacement. in the end, that as much as anything doomed this. you look at the party and say look, this is what you guys said you were going to do, you were totally unprepared for it when you had total power over washington, d.c., if the party ever wants to be card governing party, it will have to look at the lessons of this and learn it has to be serious and responsible and it has to try at least to keep them. unprecedented failure. >> it's an unprecedented failure for the republican party. if you have that much time and want something so badly, you might want to bring something to the table that could actually replace it. they brought absolutely. >> nothing. >> nothing. >> not with any help by their president, though, as we said
5:10 am
earlier in the day, senators found themselves in the unusual position of of advocating to pass a bill. they had to sign a bill to have the president sign. >> reporter: will they pass something tonight? >> well, i think they are putting it that way, trying to do something. so far, i haven't seen anything that's worthy of passing. >> the so-called skin my bill won't solve the problem, it will get to us a place where we can solve the problem, which is the conference with the house of representatives. i expect a vote for that. >> the skin my bill's policy is a disaster. the skin my bill as a replacement for obamacare is a fraud. not only do we fought replace obamacare, we politically own the collapse of health care. i'd rather get out of the way and let it collapse than have a half ass approach where it is now our problem. i'm not going to tell people
5:11 am
back in south carolina that this product actually replace os baum care, because it does not -- -- owe replaces obamacare, because it does not. it is a fraud. >> what happened to the efforts to repeal and replace every step of the way? by the way, you got to appreciate lindsey graham when push comes to shove always says exactly what it is. he voted for it. he says it was a failure. >> he's in the position i'm going to vote for this, i don't want it to pass. i need assurances in the pass, mccain got the assurances in the end. you could see mccain's speech in retrospect was basically telegraphing his vote. he was saying, look, let's debate the bill, but at the core what he was saying is let's return to regular order that the republican party, the fraud really, i ha it to say this about my party the fraud was there was a repeal and replace. there wasn't. and it's embarrassing and there is no leadership and no one took the time to say what happens if we get if power, why aren't we a serious party? they had in ug to replace it
5:12 am
with. so here we are. the second problem is, the president was a liability in the spire process, even if they had something to replace it with. the president was a liability in terms, he's got the bully pulpit. these one that can move. he's revealed now he doesn't have a constituency that can move the congress to do the bidding. >> still ahead on ""morning joe,"" there is talk of a special prosecutor in the house, this time president trump probably likes the idea. will there really be a new investigation into hillary clinton, james combied and loretta lynch? the intellicongressman adam schiff plus anthony scaramucci fills up the swear jar with against his co-workers, why he is blaming a reporter for what he said, himself. first, here's bill kierans with a check on the forecast. >> like you guys always blame me, let's talk about the flash flooding from yesterday. yesterday's problems were around the kansas city area, it left a
5:13 am
lot of vehicles and trucks like this, i guess if you want to stay dry, let's get into it. we are watching the storms to develop. we will head into virginia, ballot and in delaware today. they're starting to pop up here in west virginia, also a good storm north of huntsville. when it is all said and done by saturday afternoon, this purple color and this little red color, that could cause the flash flooding. it's also very hot in texas today, gorgeous weather, st. louis to chicago to minneapolis is perfect. who ubt the pacific northwest? it's been a long time since we talked about wet weather in the area you always think as cloudy and cool. this is seattle. in seattle, we have now gone 40 straight days in a row without any rainfall whatsoever, 11 away from the all time record dry stretch. we're on track for zero precipitation in the month of july. you think, oh, that's not what you expect in seattle. how about tucson, they had 13
5:14 am
days of rain over the last 18, a little of a flip-flop there. the weekend forecast, we're still tracking that mess mount mid-atlantic on saturday. storms in the gulf, by the time we get to sunday, all of us will see a nice forecast across the board, hot for our liking, boise at 100, new york city, we will avoid the big apple. a lot of rain, not the best of starts to the weekend. sunday's promises. you are watching "morning joe." stay tuned.
5:15 am
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5:18 am
>> president trump won't be getting an obamacare repel bill on his deck, but he will be able to get a few political to sanction the government if you crane, syria, human rights abuses and weapon sales the legislation passed the senate 98-2 after clearing the house with a veto-first majority of
5:19 am
419-3. it now goes to the president to his desk, his staff has not said if he would sign it. this would make failure friday maybe not so much of a failure, something would get done. foreign relations committee bob corker said last night the issue is settled. i've got no consideration they can veto it. they can count, they understand math, i can't imagine they are considering doing so. >> meanwhile the russian foreign ministry says the few u.s. sanctions are quote extreme aggression of u.s. and international affairs. and violate international law and has ordered the u.s. to reduce its diplomatic staff to 455 people. that number matches the amount of russian diplomatic staff currently in the united states, in addition, russia says that the u.s. embassy will not be
5:20 am
able to use a moscow warehouse, both american diplomatic properties starting august 1st. joining us now, from control colombia university, and the "new york times" reporter, joins us as well. rick, the russia sanctions package in essence it does what? >> it continues the sanctions that were started for the annexation of crimea and the invasion of ukraine and corker and various folks it's a bipartisan majority. people in congress realize russia has been meddling in a way not only in our space but in eastern russia, that was so amazing, they didn't retaliate. now it's back to the same bad footing that it was on before
5:21 am
tit-for-tat, you do something to me, i do something to you. >> often the president, one might argue, kind of worries about the appearance of things and what it looks like and looking strong this seems like a fantastic opportunity for the president to show strength. >> i mean it can be a good opportunity for him. but the crux of why this bill is being passed is congress wants to be able to put a real check on president trump's ability to change sanctions within it comes to russia and north korea, when it comes to other countries included. so there is this idea, yes, president trump could make this gesture where he signs the bill. even just signing the bill, it's a veto proof majority that passed it. who ill he is signing its, if he looks particularly strong against russia, he is following congress' lead. if he vetos it, he has so much to lose. he already has a white house that's in chaos and battling, he has to deal with that and the hanging crowd of russians, it
5:22 am
makes really no sense for him to not sign the bill when congress is telling him, look, you have to sign this bill or congress will be after. >> you you look disgusted. >> i'm disgusted at the situation. i think chaos is the word. we're into a dissent of descending confusion. there is no foreign policy, everything is completely haphazard. this president is completely incompetent. putin has brought this on. we got a mess, at some moment, it's not going to look like we're making a complaint, but it's going to be very, very dangerous. i it to be in the hands of a completely incompetent, unstable individual. >> we keep getting -- >> chaos is grand. chaos is grand and putin wants to create chaos. he likes frozen conflicts. he is trying to help that
5:23 am
around. he wants the u.s. in a frozen congress, he can step in. >> we mentioned, you are touching on this, literally think about who is actually in that building. you got trump, ivanka, scaramucci, bannon, this is what is the brain trust to decide how we deal with. >> well, joining us now, we are a ranking house slkt committee on intelligence, adam schiff of california, very good to have you on the show this morning. >> thank you. >> we have a lot of different issues, we'll open it to the table. i'm curious about jared kushner, was it the questions he answered, that was last week? you were waiting for some documents, it felt like he was really open and helpful during
5:24 am
these interview from all that you could gather, have you received them? have they answered your questions, are there more questions surrounding the president's son if law? >> well, he was cooperative. he answered the questions we brought to him to our committee and the senate very early at the request of his counsel, far earlier than i would have recommended. we don't have all the documents and generally you want to make sure have you all the materials you want to put in and the more significant ones, but as an aecom day, we did bring him in early. we will need to bring him back, he answered the questions and give us a lot of follow-up work to do, which we will be pursuing. >> you look self interested,
5:25 am
having filled out the fs-86 form myself several times and amended it many times before i hit the send button. what about the fact that mr. kushner amended his form after submitting it. is that some kind of issue or problem or violation? i just never we heard of anything quite like that before. >> well and this is really the perfect example of some of the documents we didn't have yet to put in front of him. we didn't have the amended fs-86s, so we could go into great detail of when he changed them and in what fashion. but i think it's certainly an issue tore the agency that holds the security clearance, why wasn't it fully reported, these contacts the first time or even the second time. there have been reports obviously of multiple filings and it is hard to imagine anyone not the president's son-in-law who would fail to disclose a meeting with russians where there was a discussion of allegedly establishing a secret
5:26 am
back channel still holding a clearance, so i think the agencies ought to hold him to the same standard they would hold anyone else. >> dr. sax, it seems like he was given a really important job, jared kushner, involving some major foreign policy hot spots. so. >> i mean, this guy is all over the world doing things that he's completely unequipped to do. but that goes with the, our whole deposit right now, congress pap, what's the the time line on all of this? because the cloud over every normal function of government is, you know, it's driving us all crazy, when are we going to see some results of the investigations and mueller's investigation as well? >> well, you know, it's very hard to say with an investigation of this size, we have witnesses scattered throughout the world and some which, many of which don't want to cooperate with you. we had three witnesses this week alone and will have witnesses in
5:27 am
the august recess and thereafter so we're trying to work expeditiously at the same time when we get resistance to getting the documents and materials we need. in terms of bob mueller's investigation, hard to say, you know, they're only willing to share to a certain degree what they're doing. we are trying to coordinate as best as possible, ki tell you as a former prosecutor, a case of this magnitude takes a long time to work up, it's not going to have much value from what we do or bob mueller does if we're not thorough. >> a different committee, what do you make of the call into hillary clinton, loretta lynch and the e-mail scandal? i know president trump himself said it's time to move on. having said that, it raises legitimate questions every step of the way. it caused comey to take pause. >> well, this letter from the judiciary committee is very concerning. you know, it really could have
5:28 am
been written on white house letterhead, it's an amplification of the president's tweets t. reason it concerns me so greatly here have you the attorney general basically trying to cling and anything on to hisohe sent a letter saying you should investigate hillary clinton and these other things, this would be a way of showing the president you are doing what the president wants. that is not congress' role. >> that is not the attorney general's role. but, clearly, this is an effort to push the attorney general and say, you know, as a way of again distracting attention away from the russian investigation, we want to turn you back to our favorite object of attention and scorn, hillary clinton. >> congressman adam schiff, thank you so much for being on the show this morning. >> thank you. >> we will be talking to you agree gen shouldnoon, i hope. i wanted to ask you about health care under the banner we have been jeking with it failure friday, it really has been a
5:29 am
massive week of failures for this president from being rebuked be i the boyscouts to being rebuked by military leaders over his transgender tweets, to being pushed back by republican leaders over his bullying of the attorney general jeff sessions, pushed back strongly and warned that he's doing the wrong thing, going in the wrong direction and then this massive failure with health care, his biggest promise, one of his biggest promises yet to the american people to repeal and replace failed, where does this administration and where does this president's agenda go from here? >> i mean, it's to me it's minds boggling. they were so remarkable to see last night senator john mccain pass that vote. that was essentially saying to the republicans, go back to the drawing table, by the way, maybe you can work with the democrats. this leaves the president really looking for a way, a win in a way and not having a way forward. they have to get tax reform
5:30 am
done, infrastructure done. they have all the promises they made to the american people. as a reporter, i was in dpaflston, texas, talking to people about their lives, so many people were talking about it functioning, we talk about the promises he made to them. we are talking about americans in general struggling whether or not they will have to go bankrupt because they are getting sick. people are looking at the deposit thinking this is ridiculous in some ways. so i think the president really has a lot of problems at this point. i know you are calling it failure friday, i would say it's frustrated friday in some ways. we know the president gets very frustrated when he looks bad, when he doesn't look like he is getting this done, there is no way to spin this in the white house. they are absolutely failing and the president really has a real problem on his hands, he has obviously the people in the white house fighting, also his legislative agenda is not going anywhere, republicans are wondering, looking to themselves
5:31 am
saying, what will we be able to get done? it seems they're not easy tasks, there is no way if you can't get health care done, you will move on to tax reform, that will be so easy. >> i think it's actually successful. i will say it again, basically the senate will not move forward on a non-bill that would take health care away from 16 million people and increase premiums by 20% t. boyscouts showed that i are bigger and their mod us operandus and credo is bigger than the president t. senators are saying you are bigger and you will not diss the attorney general and the attorney general does not report to you t. commonwealth week of success is, what doors does it open for the democrats? >> i don't know if it opens any doors for the democrats, but it shows you need to be able think a little bit and have a little bit of honesty to govern and they are dishonest from the morning to the night and they're not thinking at all, so they're
5:32 am
trying to do complicated things by secrecy, by cheating and it's failing and we have no government right now that's functioning. it's a complete breakdown because they don't function in the honest way. >> all right. dr. jeffrey sax, thank you so mump. great to have you on the show this morning. up next, a white house communications director who is learning how to communicate with the press on the job and doing a lot of texting to a lot of different reporters behind the scenes that some might call leaking. we go live to the white house to new reaction to anthony scaramucci's profanity-laced tirades behind 2 scenes and on the record.
5:33 am
5:34 am
5:35 am
5:36 am
>> this is going to be good, anthony scaramucci is picking a fight with chief of staff reince priebus and the breitbucs story says move over, president trump, you are yesterday's news, it seems like this is now the anthony scaramucci show and trump better get used to it. joining us now, nbc news kristen
5:37 am
welker, how is this all playing out within the walls of the west wing? >> well, it's a west wing that is becoming more and more like a reality tv show, that is for sure, to that point you just make, mika, bottom line, this does expose the major division in the white house, people opposed to bringing anthony scaramucci on board, reince priebus and steve bannon he attacked in the "new yorker" article, it proves he's not the likely person for the job, for those who wanted to bring him into the white house, they brought him in to shake things up. this underscores he is ready and willing to do that. who else likes to shake things umm, his boss, of course, who is currently in a fight with his own attorney general. i have been talking to folks behind the scenes at the white house, even though the president hasn't weighed in publicly, he is okay with this as he watches this all unfold, i think the
5:38 am
broader question becomes, what happens next? what does this mean? it could signal more department showers from this administration, i take you to one key portion of the "new yorker" article, mika, it's the one portion that isn't profanity laced. i can read it to you on tv. i will read you the whole section. he says, this is scaramucci talking to the new yorker, they will all be fired by me. i fired to one guy the other day, i have three to four people i'll fire tomorrow. i'm get to the person who leak thad to you, talking about a dinner leaked out to the press, reince priebus, if you want to leak something, he'll be asked to resign very shortly. he is underscoring this point. the new yorker reporter said it wasn't reince priebus who leaked out the details of that dinner. i think it signals he could be looking alt some more departures. remember, we have seen one since he's come in, low level communications staffer who was in the world of reince priebus, an allie, so what does this mean
5:39 am
for the chief of staff and allie was remain here? that's a big question mark, it is certainly creating concern behind the scenes, people worried about their job, this type of discord is okay when you are putting big wins on the board. when you have a big defeat like we witnessed overnight on capitol hill with health care, i think it raises real questions about whether this discord is getting in the way of and preventing them from moving forward. >> mentioning the steve bannon's name the most disgusting thing, vulgar thing was about steve bannon and his anatomy and impossible description, be i the way. >> reporter: that's right. i think it raises real questions about steve bannon. remember, steve bannon has been up, down, rumors about his potential ouster before. he's someone who typically seems to survive these moments for one critical point, because he is essentially the president's mirror window reminder,
5:40 am
connection to his base. so the reason why he was put in the white house in the first place, so the president has all of these different voices here talking to him on various different sides of these issues. >> it's not the reports, it's in his head. thank you very much joinings now ms nbc host stephanie rule and host of the beat on ms nbc, michael warren joins us as well. let's go through this, first of all, the profanity, stephanie, wall street, this is how it goes? it's awful. >> steve bannon might know some tantra yoga moves, who knows? >> we needed stephanie to explain that out. >> anybody? >> listen, who speaks this way? i tell you who likes the way he spoke yesterday, donald j. trump. >> that is who anthony is working for. it's who he is performing for. for donald trump, reince priebus in the white house represents the gop. >> that is paul ryan's wisconsin
5:41 am
friend and the gop donald trump feels is truly backing, we see that. so reince is a cancer that anthony can walk in and whack. that's what he is doing. >> i will ask all of you. michael warren, what's the concern about this financial disclosure document? i'm confused. it's public, it's not a felony to release it publicly because it's public and can you really accuse someone and defame them publicly on twitter as the white house communications director, why so upset about the financial documents? >> i think anthony scaramucci proves you can do this to reince priebus, make this sort of false accusation, look, i think he's probably a little annoyed by having this out there, but it's more likely a pre text for getting rid of reince priebus. i think this is very clear from, you read the article. this was something that a phone call that happened after the dinner, after the dinner with the president.
5:42 am
very obvious that this was sanctioned by the president for scaramucci to speak this way or at least to sort of 'ush to move reince priebus out of the way. and so i think that really can't be, you know, overstated how important that is. so this is something that's coming from the president, himself. he wants reince priebus, perhaps he wants steve bannon out of the way as well, it does make you wonder, if this was the case, this is what the president wants to do, why doesn't he just do it, himself? i think those are some of the questions that people like reince priebus are weighing right now, do i leave and give the president what he wants or do i stick around and make him essentially do this? >> okay. i'm just going to get stephanie to weigh in on this, there is a lot of money involved, jesse rodriguez texted me, failure friday is number one top trending. >> there you go. >> no, there you go, white house. okay. failure friday. >> they really, wow.
5:43 am
okay. interest failure friday is what anthony scaramucci cannot afford to have. anthony is there nor many reasons. he loves president trump, in order for anthony to work in the white house, he needs to sell his company sky bridge capital and it is complicated. think of you own aco op in new york city with a bad layout. there is one byer and it's a complicated chinese conglomerate that could potentially have ties to the chinese government. so that type of deem has to get approved by a government agency that vets foreign investments. >> let me talk about hna. also. >> wow! >> there is a lot of questions about hna as an institution back to the point of business business that boa will not do business with them. if he's selling to an institution that our financial institutions has issues doing business with. >> hold on, though hna has a lot of things here, they have a big stake in hilton.
5:44 am
the government approved other bichlts last year they spent 20 billion abroad. just this week we know the agency turned tell down on a deal. anthony has to get this deal through. if he does it's a $1 ideal million sale he will pocket $90 million. >> what deal are you talking about? he says he's doing this because he loves the country and lovers the president. >> i'm sure he loves both. but in order to get that job, he's got to sell his company and he cannot sell that company without government approval. you know who runs that agency? mnuchen. >> two voices on failure friday. one there is a distinction hip-hop ween real gangstas and studio gang is thats, anthony scaramucci is a studio gang is that, he's so tough when he wants to say something to steve bannon, he calls the "new yorker" magazine in liberal new york and says it to someone else. this is classic studio gangsta behavior. it is not tough, not strong, not
5:45 am
how you look someone face to face, if he has an issue with bannon he should say something to bannon, point number two, can we take one moment on this friday. >> failure friday. >> and note that on obamacare something that president trump campaigned on and the republicans said they cared about. >> and promised the american people. >> and pledged to the american people the closing arguments, going into last night when you had this dramatic overnight vote and health care hung in the balance the closing arguments from this white house were number one i hate my attorney general and number two my staff are fighting with each other but not in person like a real adult but fighting with each other through the intermediary of the new yorker magazine, that's a charting of obabamacare and par of why they failed. >> do you think maybe that trump brought scaramucci into the white house to humiliate these people to get them out and this nnl deal is the deal you can't have because of a conflict of interest or is tattoo
5:46 am
conspirittorial? >> i think you are giving too much credit to the president he likes he has somebody who unconditionally is arguing against outsiders on behalf of the president. and the president feels i think with justification he has people working underneath him talking badly about him, sometimes to the press. this is the kind of the way things work in washington. scaramucci sort of brought in to shake that up. but he's sort of bringing in some more additional problems, not just the financial problems, but a pr problems. he's the communications director. he is spouting off to ryan liz about this, this is a classic example of the trump administration, taking a small problem and fixing it with another one him. >> i know you have a show to do. you know anthony car much. >> i do. >> he seems so amped up.
5:47 am
>> listen, he is, he is a great salesman, he is a passion fat guy. yes, he is. you know, listen, it's what he does for a living. >> he goes out and he sells, raises moneyp to give to hedge funds. >> you may not like car scales e salesmen, really good ones sell a lot of cars. he's in the defense of the pool. he loves watching anthony put on the show, he would love firing him. he doesn't care, they'll they're all pawns hrks ledo dirty work, it could be great for all of them t. new chief of staff like secretary kelly comes in, he won't have a conflict of interest. >> on the deep end of the pool you want to tread water to save energy. >> stephanie, thank you very much, we will be handing off coverage to you at 9:00 a.m.. we will be watching. up next, yesterday's major policy shift that got drowned out in all the news, keep it right here on "morning joe." ♪
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5:52 am
let's bring in cnbc's sara eisen at the new york stock exchange. all the health care and scaramucci news and failure friday was a major shift for tax poli policy. explain. >> we did get some progress on the tax reform front. a group of negotiators from congress and from the administration put out a statement five paragraphs long, sort of a set of guiding principles for how they want to attack tax reform. it does include treasury secretary steve mnuchin, gary koep of the white house, senate leader mcconnell and house speaker ryan among the leaders. light on details, light on specifics. for instance, didn't get into numbers as far as how far they want to lower the individual rate or the business rate. the most notable part of this statement was the fact that it killed off the border adjustment
5:53 am
tax. this was an idea being floated around to tax businesses on imports and subsidize exports. retailers put up a big protest because they'd have the shoulder all the costs. nothing is made in this country so they'd have to buy the shoes and the bags overseas. that is no longer going to happen. speaker ryan was initially in favor of it. so they can breathe a sigh of relief today. it also shows how tough this is going to be and how hard it will be to come up with the money to pay for lower taxes. that border adjustment tax would have raised more than a trillion dollars. a mini step in the right direction, i would call it, a sign there's still momentum on tax reform given what's happening with health care and they still want to get this going in the fall of this year. then quickly, i would just say as far as the stock market, big stocks to watch, amazon, business there is soaring, profits are tanking. they're just spending a lot of money. jeff bezos was the world's richest man for just a few
5:54 am
hours. the stock fell after hours after the earnings disappointed. but he's still worth about $90 billion. >> he'll be okay. cnbc's sara eisen, thank you. earlier this morning we read from peggy noonan's new opinion piece and it's worth an encore on this special day. that's next. whoooo. finding the best hotel price is now a safe bet. because tripadvisor searches over 200 booking sites - so you save up to 30% on the hotel you want. lock it in.
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peggy. >> en in's piece, "trump is woody allen without the humor." she says, the president's primary problem as a leader is not that he is impetuous, rash, or nigh yooech, not that he's inexperienced, crude, an outsider. it's that he is weak and sniveling. it's that he undermines himself almost daily by ignoring traditional norms and forms of american masculinity. he's not strong and self-controlled, not cool, and tough. not low key and determined. he's whiny, weepy, self-pitying. he's a drama queen. his public brute babe ruth lizing of attorney general jeff sessions isn't strong, cool, and deadly. it's limp, lame, and blubbery. his inability, not his refusal, but his inability to embrace the public and rhetorical role of his presidency consistently and constructively is weak.
5:59 am
meanwhile, the whole world is watching, a world that contains predators. how could they not be seeing this weakness, confusion, and chaos and thinking it's a good time to cause om trouble? how could they? >> nelson mandela said the one word that should describe every leader is measured. donald trump is the most unmeasured man we've ever seen. >> especially as a president. ari? >> chaos is a mood, not a strategy. if you do not like donald trump's agenda, the good news on this failure-filled week is that he is doing more chaos and less governing. >> it is failure friday. rick? >> i'll say it again, i think this presidency is effectively over. we don't effectively have a chief of staff, a comes director, anything that's working. >> donny. >> #limp. >> yamiche? >> i think americans are waiting for the government to work for them, whether democrats and republicans, people all over the world and all over the country are hoping that donald trump functions in some way and
6:00 am
congress functions in some way that actually betters lives. >> it is a sad and difficult time. i'll quote someone important to me who says bipartisanship helps to avoid extremes and blavpss, causes compromises and accommodations so let's cooperate. it put it on my twitter bio. it is my dad. that does it for us this morning. stephanie ruhle picks up the coverage right now. >> thank you so much, mika. this morning, a lot to cover. dramatic late-night action of the repeal of obamacare, a last-minute no. votes from senator john mccain and it tanks republican repeal votes. >> i thought it was the right vote. >> so, yes, this is a disappointment, a kis appointment indeed. >> where does a curse-filled on the record rant to a reporter leave white house communications director anthony scaramucci and chief of staff


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