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tv   MSNBC Live With Velshi and Ruhle  MSNBC  July 28, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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the photographer here for the associated press. >> and a programming note, nbc news just launched "stay tuned, twice daily show on snap chat with savannah sellers and gadi schwartz, head to snapchat's discover tab to check it out. thanks for watching this hour of msnbc live. right now we have much more news with my colleague, stephanie rule and ali velshi. >> we'll see you through the course of the day, kasie hunt in washington. good morning, i'm ali we will she. >> i'm stephanie ruhle. it is friday, july 28th. high drama going down on capitol hill. maverick republican john mccain saves president obama's legacy in a bombshell vote in the senate overnight. obamacare remaining the law of the land. imagine that, the guy who ran against obama saving his legacy. plus a white house at war, trump's communication director in a knockdown dragout fight
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with the chief of staff while we hear from jeff sessions about his own attacks from the president. russia retaliates, putin seizing u.s. properties in russia and telling some u.s. embassy staff to get out. let's get started. >> why did you vote no? >> i thought it was the right vote. >> there's a good dozen republican senators that are relieved that john mccain took one for that team. >> i believe each of us stood up for the reasons that we felt were right. >> no party can remain in power by lying to the american people. >> we're not celebrating. we are relieved. >> this is a disappointment a disappointment indeed.
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>> scaramucci describing steve bannon in terms so vulgar they can't be repeated on television. >> this is a guy who sometimes uses colorful and many circles probably not appropriate language. >> you've seen the president's criticism of you, do you think it's fair? >> it's kind of hurtful. he wants to make -- he can certainly do so and i would be glad to yield iat circumstance. >> the entire west wing is paralyzed at this point. >> the russian foreign ministry says the new u.s. sanctions are extreme aggression of u.s. and international affairs. it now goes to the president to his desk whose staff has not clearly said if he would sign it. >> it makes no sense for him to not sign this bill. >> the blame game is underway, along with the scramble over what to do next after senate republicans failed to repeal obamacare in a very late -- let's call it an early morning showdown on capitol hill. >> proud everybody stayed up
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that late, including you. >> we're minutes from senate minority leader chuck schumer holding a news conference. he's calling for immediate bipartisan work on how to improve the health care system. >> just going to do push-ups. >> these three republicans, keep note of them, they are the ones who voted no on the skinny repeal. senator john mccain was the shocker. the other two were expected to vote no. he walked into the senate chamber, got the attention of the vote taker with his hand and then turned his thumb down on the no vote getting cheers from the democrats in the room. >> can i say two women and war hero. >> yeah. >> that was the reaction outside. >> aca! >> that was reaction outside the capitol after learning that the bill had failed. the lawmakers began streaming out of the cam toll around 2:00 a.m. one tweet by the way seemed to sum up the night, kyle griffin,
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a guy you have to follow on twitter, has all of the good stuff. >> obama's 2008 rival helped save his signature achievement. what pay world. >> both sides are promising to fight on, forge ahead as house republicans meet behind closed doors and house democrats held a news conference. after calling out the no votes overnight, the president tweeted just a short time ago, quote, if republicans are going to pass great future legislation in the senate, they must immediately go to a 51 vote majority, not senseless 60, even though parts of health care could pass at 51. some really good things need 60. so many great future bills and budgets need 60 votes. remember, debt ceiling not far away, tax reform -- >> if the rules don't work for you, just change the rules. >> there you go. >> garrett haake definitely had
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coffee, his wheaties. >> he was with me until the last moment until that he and i were live on tv at 3:00 a.m. eastern. he's going on fumes right now. >> fueled on adrenalin. garrett, give us an update. >> reporter: wow, guys, so the next steps in this will be really interesting, we're standing by for this press conference here with chuck schumer, there's an opportunity here that democrats see to try to seize the momentum when it comes to health care. they want to come unite and say repeal is dead at least for now, maybe in a shallow grave. how can we work together going forward? we've seen already on the house side nancy pelosi give the message that democrats are ready to work with republicans and we'll see it shortly from chuck schumer to say the same. but the talk on capitol hill is all about john mccain and that dramatic moment last night. as i'm back in this room, i'm reminded there was foreshadowing for this. 6:00 last night, john mccain said in this room, i'm a no.
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i'm a no vote until i get assurances that this skinny bill won't become law. and despite phone calls with paul ryan, conversations with vice president mike pence, apparently even a conversation with donald trump on the phone off the floor as some report being we have now suggests, none of it was enough to move john mccain off the no vote, off his conviction that this was the wrong bill to vote on. he hasn't really spoken a lot publicly about this but he did release a statement in the wee hours last night that bears reading. while the amendment would have repealed some of obamacare's most burdensome regulations it offered no replacement to actually reform our health care system and deliver affordable quality health care to our citizens. the speaker's statement that the house would be willing to go to conference does not ease my concern that this shell of a bill could be taken up and passed at any time. we must now return to the correct way of legs lating and send the bill back to committee. hold hearings, receive input from both sides of the aisle.
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heed the recommendations of nation's governors and produce a bill that finally delivers affordable health care for the american people. we must do the hard work our citizens expect of us and deserve. that's mccain's after action report falling in line with the big speech he gave on the floor when he returned say it's time to get back to doing this the old fashioned way. and interestingly enough saying we should listen to our governors, his governor in arizona never a fan of this replacement effort as it stood. >> garrett, let me ask you something, you heard chuck todd say on "today" and we discussed this last night, there were at least 12 senators who are happy this didn't go through. what political capital is there to be gained by republicans working with democrats to fix obamacare given that they ran on repealing it and that hasn't happened? >> well, the bottom line is republicans are in charge of all of the levers of power in washington right now. anything that happens with an event you'll repeal or
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replacement, republicans are going to own, there was nothing in what existed as of this time yesterday that skinny repeal draft or house passed bill that appeared to do enough to make big fixes in the health care market. the argument there that chuck was trying to articulate, no fix is particularly better than a bad fix. obamacare is still owned by democrats. the fix, if one should come that would actually work would be something that republicans could take credit for and they don't have to own a bill they don't actually like. >> so much for you to cover. this is extraordinary. if you think about this for a moment and how politicized it is, i mentioned it briefly before, but the actions that the white house has taken over the last few days, going after murkowski -- going after -- >> a woman who ran a write-in campaign, write-in election for the senate. that's not somebody you pick a fight with. >> the alaska dispatch reporting yesterday that ryan zinke is
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calling and saying, guess what, you want support for the state of alaska, note to the president, don't try to bully a war hero and two women z. >> in alaska, the base murkowski said to win are reactivating and running ads on the radio and getting out there saying don't mess with our woman. we put her in place against the will of the republican party. she's our person. bad fight to pick. speaking about fights that are picked, he wai want to give a lt that this means for the white house based on what president trump has promised. these are the signature promises he made when he ran for office, to repeal obamacare -- hold on. does not look like that's happening. muslim ban, i'm not going to put a line through because that kind of still exists. he's got that. inf infrastructu infrastructure, remember infrastructure week? all sorts of interesting -- >> american heroes week this week. >> some could say john mccain is performing that. >> i'm not going to put a line through the border wall while
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you were sleeping or worrying about health care or talking about mooch, a bill actually passed thatncludes $1.57 billion that donald trump requested to build a wall. the new york times does say however this bill is almost certain to fail in the senate but i'm not putting a line through it yet. end american carnage, donald trump's language for the fact that somehow under obama there was gun violence everywhere. guess what, gun deaths are up 12% and firearm injuries up 8% and number of children under 12 shot by a gun is up 16%. we're going to put a line through ending american carnage. jobs, stephanie, this one i'll ask you about, unemployment 4.8% when president trump came in -- >> basically full employment -- >> jobs are being created, wages are going up. that as you and i know is a trend going on for some time because only in 2015 and 2016 did we use up some of that extra capacity, endless numbers of
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workers available. >> we should note in terms of regulation, while president trump has promised he's pro business and going to deregulate and hasn't done that yet, business sentment remains up because during the obama administration there was this regulatory overhang, this fear that many ceos had an obama white house they were going to be faced with more and more regulations, especially from the financial industry given the position oflizabeth warren has been in. that has since been lifted. whether or not president trump pulls regulation back -- >> there's a feeling -- >> who think he's going to attack any on. >> the stock market has been doing well. we had a setback generally speaking a record setting week. that's a fair valuation president trump is vis avis the promises. tax reform, i don't know if we can get done if health care didn't pass. >> but the math doesn't line up. >> the math doesn't line up. >> need savings that health care had. >> the point i'm trying to make,
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whether or not obama -- excuse me, trump pulls back regulations, no one feels he's going to give them additional regulations which was the fear before we headed into this administration. still doesn't mean there's a lot of good news coming off the health care vote last night that's a huge blow to republicans. with republicans on capitol hill failing to repeal and replace, the attention is shifting to the white house. and whether the chief of staff, reince priebus is going to be the president's fall guy for that. remember, in the president's eyes reince priebus represents the gop. this is paul ryan's home boy from the state of wisconsin. and remember -- >> and sean spicer was his home boy. >> there you go. and now of course reince priebus finds himself the target of a vicious and r rated rant by incoming communications director anthony scaramucci. he called priebus a wordy cannot say in addition to a paranoid schizophrenic and paranoiac.
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>> i word i didn't know. >> me either. >> and went after the chief strategist, the guy who created the trump platform, what he ran on, steve bannon. >> may i pair phrase brian williams while describing what scaramucci said to list za about he said something we definitely can't say on tv, right? >> correct. >> if it were true it would make steve bannon a gymnt. >>r in mords at least a yogi. then of course, anthony scaramucci threatened t fire the entire white house communications staff when lizza would not reveal who told him about his dinner with the president, warning, quote, i'm going to fire everyone of them and then you haven't protected anybody. so the entire place will be fired over the next two weeks. scaramucci then acknowledged the rant tweeting, i sometimes use colorful language. >> which is fair for people at home. >> for a lot of us but i'll refrain in the area but not give
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up on passionate fight for donald trump's agenda. i made a mistake in trusting a reporter. it won't happen a again. >> he's the white house communications director, he should resign today. we have conversations off the record and that's what it is -- >> i'm going to back it up though. if anthony scaramucci believed the conversation was off the record, that would make anthony xash much chi -- wait for it. >> a leaker? >> we're joined by john harwood, covered the last eight presidential elections. >> up very late dropping facts all over the internet about health care. i appreciate that, john. >> john harwood, here you have it, this picture is extraordinary, it's anthony scaramucci and reince priebus in the white house. the one person scaramucci is performing for is the president. people i have spoken to in the white house have says trump
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loves this, even some inside the white house while they hate the language, he is doing their dirty work. they wanted reince and steve bannon out for ages saying these two are the chief leakers. is this going to be the thing that puts it over the edge? >> you know, this is a really crazy situation. the audience of one stuff, which we hear all the time, sara sanders is talking to an audience of one, kellyanne conway is talking to an audience of once. everyone is catering to the whims of the prds rather than advancing his agenda. that is not the way to get anything done. the failure of health care is a bill setback for president trump and yes, that could be the trigger that causes him to get rid of reince priebus connected to paul ryan and connected to sean spicer as you said. there's still the opportunity for donald trump. ali, you had your white board and scratched out repeal
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obamacare. remember the other thing that president trump promised, he said he was going to give health care to everyone. it would be better and cheaper. if they do a fixed bill for obamacare, he could still claim that as a promise kept. >> john harwood, you're talking about what triggers president trump. what triggers president trump is any talk of his taxes and any talk of russia. anthony scaramucci, if you look at the tweeting president trump has done in the last week, whether it's about jeff sessions or transgenders in the military, the president has not dug into health care bee sides bullying members of the republican party or saying i have my pen ready. >> to my point about your tweets, the stuff you tweet and i tweet and people who report on health care, you don't ever see any of that from the president. it's about the politics and whoseetraying the nation. thers no actual discussion about policies. >>here's no reason to think that donald trump cares about these policies at all.
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donald trump is focused on his own well being and his survivability with this russia probe. he was all over the map on health care as a matter of substance. he plainly just wanted to have a vick stri here. the entire republican effort devofled into a pure partisan push. it wasn't really about the substance of health care. one point on the clip you played from ted cruz where he said a political party can't survive and prosper by lying to the american people, you've got to think about which lies we're talking about, because one lie is i'm going to repeal and replace -- >> hold that thought. we have chuck schumer coming out right now to the mike. stand by. >> that's not why i called you here today. this is not an amtrak discussion, we'll have those. first, last night was an amazing moment and the credit goes to a lot of people but at the top of the list are the three who showed amazing courage to resist
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the pressure and do what's good for the country. john mccain at the top of the list. he and i have been friends for a very long time, ever since the gang of eight, which we put together. and i have not seen a senator who speaks truth to power as strongly as well and as frequently as john mccain. the very same courage he showed as a naval aviator in vietnam he showed last night. and has shown time and time again. he's just a wonderful man. i treasure his friendship and just the fact of knowing him. i've known a few great men in the senate i put ted kennedy in that category and danny inouye and john mccain in the category too. not to be forgotten of equal
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praise are susan collins and lisa murkowski. they were amazing. and women are in so many instances stronger than men. th brag less about it but they are. and last night sort of proved that. and as somebody who is in a family of strong women, i very much appreciate their strength and their courage and dedication to principle despite the treaties. where do we go from here? john mccain said it all on tuesday night, i hope this is a turning point. his speech, when he returned to the senate and his vote last night and his actions in the last few days. do i hear an echo? you know, on health -- we've got to shut that off, whoever is doing it.
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what is it? okay, thank you. on health care i hope we can work together to make the system better in a bipartisan way. and i'm optimistic that that can happen. i think at the very beginning we should stabilize the system. we should make permanent the cost sharing which keeps people's premiums down and keeps the counties that are covered up. we should look at reinsurance, t tom carter and tim kaine have a bill and bill nelson has a bill and that will help stabilize the insurance markets. we should look at claire mccaskill's proposal for the bare counties that offerea opportunitieses for health insurance for counties, relatively small number of counties almost all rural that are not covered. that's what we should do initially.
8:21 am
but then we should sit down and trade ideas. lamar alexander and patty murray are already talking about doing that. i'm hopeful they can begin a series of hearings, nobody has said obamacare is perfect. nobody has said our health care system doesn't need fixing. the problem was when they started -- when they tried to pull the rug out from under the existing health care system, so change it, improve it but don't just take a knife and try to destroy it and put nothing in its place. and so we can work together and i said that on the floor last night and a whole number of republicans who are usually more quiet and more conservative came over to me and thanked me and said they want to do it. so on health care but also in the senate as a whole i hope what john mccain did will be
8:22 am
regarded in history as a turning point, where senate turned back from the partisanship and started worki together. we long for it, yearn to work together. there are various sen trif fugal forces that get in the way but sometimes you need a spark that enforces the powers of coming together that outweigh the forces of coming apart and john mccain may have done that. i intend to follow through -- i'm not finished. two other things i would say, president trump did a tweet last night and tweet this morning. not presidential. his tweet last night said we're going to let the system collapse. we're going to hurt innocent people because we're angry we lost politically. that is small. that is not what a president does. and i hope our senate colleagues and house colleagues on his side of the aisle will turn a deaf ear on that.
8:23 am
the things i mentioned will help make the system stronger and nonidealogical and we can do those first and look at each other's ideas. this idea of sabotage is a very bad thing and donald trump doesn't even get it politically. if he sabotages the system, it's going to hurt him as well as hurting millions of americans. second, this morning, donald trump pulled away from the bipartisanship that john mccain and so many senators felt last night by saying we should change the rules and go to 51. hello? he had 51. he only needed 51 in the health care bill and couldn't do it. so, let him turn around too. let him understand that the only way we get major things done in america, in the congress and particularly in the senate is bipartisan. and i hope he changes but his analysis is based on fluff
8:24 am
because he had the 51 votes already with reconciliation and couldn't get it done and then says let's go down to 51. i just don't get it. finally, just a deeper analysis -- >> that's chuck schumer minority leader, democratic leader in the senate. taking a bit of a victory lap -- >> not a surprise. >> last night, you know, when mitch mcdonnell said this is a disappointment, my friends are probably celebrating. he said we're not celebrating, we're relieved. there's a tight rope to be walked for democrats to say there are a legitimate complaints about obamacare -- >> and they know it, not just complaints but fixes that are necessary and there's an opportunity -- listen, whether you're a republican or democrat, president trump has humiliated you and shamed you in some way or another, there's a chance that these lawmakers who have known one another and have actually worked together for decades, can you believe that president trump could cause, could spark bipartisanship
8:25 am
around him like we're seeing with the russia sanctions. >> let's talk about the scaramucci situation. >> please. >> we've been talking about it, he said used swear words and did all sorts of things. there's something more important that you've done a lot of reporting on that not everybody understands. he ran sky bridge capital, a fund of funds, not a guy who picks stocks, he sees other fund performers and they put them all together. >> you invest in him and pay him a fee and he invests in others. it's somewhat of a complicated financeers structure, a business model that many others went by the wayside after 2008. his did not. when he had the desire to join the white house, he was part of the campaign the whole way through and part of the transition team and planning on joining the white house. he took actions to sell his company, which wasn't easy and he did find a unique buyer. >> a chinese company that is
8:26 am
said to have some ties to the chinese government. >> no official ties but whenever you see these massive chinese con glomerates, hna last year alone had $20 billion worth of investments outside of china. this year almost 6 billion. just this week the regulatory body sieve yus that has to approve foreign deals and vet these deals, kicked one to the curb. no, i don't think so. other deals have gone through. several months ago there were questions -- hold on a second, why exactly does this chinese entity want to buy anthony's fund of funds. anthony 100% wants to join the white house. the white house said we're hiring him. when he was on the podium last friday, he said i want to join with no conflicts. once his deal is done, meaning selling sky bridge capital to hna, then he will be in the clear. guess what? it's not done. and it is simply not a rubber stamp. when and if the deal goes through for $180 million,
8:27 am
anthony stands to pocket 90 million bucks. by no means am i saying he took this job to sell his company -- >> it's an important piece of the story. >> if he doesn't sell his company, he cannot get this job and as it stands, he needs to get regular tri approval. it is run by the treasury department and president trump could push this thing through. the man who anthony is performing for and pleasing, people inside the white house say trump loves what anthony is doing. trump can help him move this forward. $90 million is a lot of money to put in the pocket. >> just remember that. >> deal is not done. jack knocked over a candlestick, onto the shag carpeting... ...and his pants ignited into flames,
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do the republicans really want to see this president succeed? >> gosh yeah, of course we do. >> that was house speaker paul ryan reiterated support for president trump even in the wake of what's been a tu multiuous workweek. >> mike kelly of pennsylvania is live on capitol hill. congressman, obamacare repeal and replace didn't happen. what now? well, i can tell you as a republican member of the house
8:32 am
it's a great disappointment and we won't give up. we have to fix this for the american people. i was thinking about my late father who was a firefighter, if they showed up to a house in the process of collapse and people were inside suffering, even if the first rescue attempt was thwarted, they dent roll hoses back and go back to the fire house. they kept trying. obamacare is in the process of collapse and we have to fix it for the american people. >> in that instance the fire department would have no time to prepare. it would be an emergency. republicans have had eight years. >> well, there has been a lot of time but i'll tell ut product we sent over to the senate while not perfect was a dramatic improvement over what we have now. a lot of work went into that and had very important provisions that would have brought relief to the american people. i think many of those principles we have to return to and make sure this is fix for everyone because everyone ultimately will suffer if this whole program collapses and it's in the process of that right now. >> so when you say a great
8:33 am
improvement. i know you don't like the cbo members but it wasn't going to be a great improvement and that's why americans rated it as poorly as they did. it wasn't really a good plan. i haven't met a single person who thinks obamacare can't use repair and fixing and feeding and watering. but you didn't have a better plan, which is why it didn't work. >> i disagree with that. it needs more than feeding and watering. listening in my state of louisiana we've had premiums going up 20% on average since obamacare took effect. while the premiums are skyrocketing deductibles are as well and choices have gone down. this is affecting every day average americans suffering because of this. it's a crisis and i think the analogy about the house being fire is an apt one, we have to get back to work and not let this fall by the wayside. i'm glad to hear -- heard chum schumer say he recognizes it's in need need of repair as well. we have to continue to keep that
8:34 am
az top priority. >> as long as we're talking about a house on fire, is one of those houses the white house, when you look at the showdown happening, people inside the white house say president trump himself is cheering on his new communications director who does not yet have clearance to serve as the official communications director because he still owns a hedge fund. this guy is speaking out on the record to a reporter using language that certainly your late father and my mother and father would be disgraced if they heard our nation's leaders were running the white house that way. what is your take as a republican? >> here's my take. we've got to let the operation of the white house be left to the people in the white house. all we can kroel and all i have a say in is what happens in the house of representatives. >> but you can have an opinion. >> i tell you, that's not the language that most of people back in my district back home use, but what it says to me, there's a lot of passion in the white house -- >> excuse me -- >> come on. >> no, sir. >> excuse me, sir, if you're
8:35 am
going to say to us, talk about your late father as something that you would obviously respect him as would we. >> sure. >> are you going to look us in the eye and say speaking about steve bannon performing a sex act on himself using the foulest language there is, that would get your children and mine expelled from school are words of passion? i think not, sir. >> that's not what i said. i don't like those words at all and it's not the language we use back home but i'll tell you this there's a lot of energy in the white house. what we're hope sg that energy and passion is channelled in a way that's productive to move the agenda forward. i agree with attorney general sessions said yesterday, we believe in the president's mission and his goals and it has to be achieved for the american people. we'll do everything we can in this chamber to make sure that happens. >> i'm glad you brought that up, that was the weirdest thing i've seen, jeff sessions after being smeared by the president consistently insulted and humiliated, something your colleagues in the capitol have said is offensive and disgusting
8:36 am
that he would talk about how great the president is. but you've got the president trying to get rid of jeff sessions apparently and russia and iran and north korea sanctions that were passed overwhelmingly in the house -- three votes against it in the house and two in the senate. and the president is talking about not -- not signing that. what kind of passion is that? >> listen, i have full confidence in attorney general sessions i think he's doing an excellent job and that's the sent m. me ment on the hill. when it comes to russia, the reason that was an overwhelming vote in both chambers of congress because we understand russia is our adversary and that's a common sense conclusion everyone can come to. we know they try to meddle in our elections, the last one, the previous one -- >> everybody knew that already, there were already sanctions on russia and north korea and iran, the reason you put the vote
8:37 am
through is to stop the president from lifting the sanctions. you've taken legislation action against the president lifting sanctions and just told me jeff sessions should stay as attorney general. you're just not capable of criticizing donald trump for anything. what are you scared of? >> i'm not scared of anything. i believe in the president's mission and goals and we support that because we have to. we have a rare opportunity to fix some of the problems that ail this country. we're working on that in the house, remarkable record of achievement no one wants to talk about that -- >> sir, hold on -- sir if you would like to speak about the economy, we can. one of the main drivers in pushing the economy forward, president trump was handed a strong economy. he then promised a pro business agenda involving infrastructure spend and deregulation, none of which we've seen in a significant way. i remind you, one of the main drivers -- >> oh -- >> in the stock market surge beyond business sentiment --
8:38 am
>> low interest rates. >> low interest rates and central bank intervention. janet yellen and others around the world are buying up paper, we might not get to the republican agenda, central banks are buying up paper so i will too. i beg your pardon to entirely credit president trump with the stock market performance that doesn't serve the forgotten american who doesn't own stocks. >> i didn't entirely credit president trump for that but does deserve a lot of credit as does the republican house and congress. let me tell you why. consumer confidence is at a 12-year high and the stock market hit five record highs in a row over the last few months. this morning we got numbers that the economy has grown 2.6%. those are impressive figures and has a lot more to do than just the federal reserve. everybody has to acknowledge that. >> when you say confidence -- >> a lot of problems we're working on fixing those. >> when you say confidence, that's a feeling. there isn't hard evidence to back that up. i would point out one of the
8:39 am
rises in the trump supporter was that forgotten american who listened to president obama say, if you don't believe we're on an extraordinary economic rise then you're wrong. he was wrong because there is not a direct correlation, sir, between the stock market and the economy. because if you don't own fang stocks and if you're not long in the s&p, none of this matters to you. there are people in your state who don't own any stocks and struggle. >> sure there are. but the people in my district back home are seeing small businesses grow and jobs added to the economy and everything on the uptick. part of that emotional and part is subjective, but part is objective as well. you can measure job growth. you can measure new opportunity when that happens in a state like mine in louisiana relatively poor, it broadens the pathway out of poverty for more people and brings the american dream back within the grasp of more americans. that's what we're about in the house of representatives, we're pushing that agenda and i'd like to say the statistics and the
8:40 am
facts are clear that we're doing a very good job with that. we're going to continue that regardless of what happens anywhere else -- >> we'll leave it there, we want to continue this conversation with you on the specifics but we have breaking news to go to right now. the pentagon confirming they have detected the launch of a ballistic missile from north korea. jane harman is standing by. she is the president of the wilson institute. jane, we had you booked here for other reasons but we are now getting this news that there has been a ballistic missile launch from north korea. we're trying to determine where this missile has landed. there are initial reports that it may have landed on land somewhere in asia. we're trying to figure that out. we don't know about that yet. what's your first impression of why there would be a ballistic missile now and what this means to policy with north korea. >> it shouldn't be a surprise there is another launch. it was predicted last week in our newspapers. i think the speculation is this
8:41 am
may have landed near or on something territory belonging to japan and the japanese are convening an emergency session. what this points out to me is the urgency of our government pulling in the same direction, focused on the immediate challenges to our national security. this is certainly one. and if the white house has to focus the national security council has to focus, and the president has talked about north korea, some good news in the sanctions bill that i was going to address that passed overwhelmingly in both houses. there are sanctions on north korea. the congress on a bipartisan basis paid attention to this. i would say, that there's a lot to say about what fell aparlt last night. there's a road map forward which john mccain sketched out early in the week which is regular order. the committees that have jurisdiction focused and i would say the same thing applies on
8:42 am
north korea. the arms services committee is ably led by john mccain in the senate. >> and at this point, we know that sanctions certainly we've got rush kbsia and iran and nor korea sanctions. in the case of north korea, upward of 90% of the trade is with china and this constantly becomes an issue about do we rachet sanctions and pressure on chin he's entities that deal with north korea. there's a lot of head room to do that. we're not close to the pressure we can put on china when it comes to north korea. >> well -- they don't want an imploded north korea and don't want what's left of north korea to affiliate with south korea being in our orbit. there's a global challenge here but they don't want millions of refugees across the border. we are working with them.
8:43 am
they continue to sell fuel and goods to north korea. there are banking sanctions that we could impose that would impact this. and i think we are considering them. surely where we want to get to is containment, we're probably not going to talk north korea out of its nuclear program but if we can contain them, a freeze, what's called a freeze for freeze would be a pretty good outcome. and then finally president would have a win instead of what has gone on in the last week. >> with iran and russia, we know a list of things that both of those countries would want in exchange for doing something for us. russia needs sanctions lifted and when we did the iran deal we knew they were crippled by being taken off the international banking system. do we have the leverage on north korea to impact -- >> yes, you've hinted there's no
8:44 am
clear path for sanctions working in north korea. there's a burj onning black market and there's no free media there. millions in prison, it's a colossally cruel government, uniquely cruel in the world government. we saw what happened to our unfortunate student who was imprisoned there. so yes and no meaning that there are some levers we still have mostly through banks. the problem is that north korea can retaliate. it has the ability, very sophisticated cyber ability for example. we know that ransomware and other tools can extract money from corporations and individuals and that would be another black market way to fund some of this. it's a tough -- the reason i say it might work, the kim family in power in north korea pofor 70 years wants to survive. their options to survive are
8:45 am
only building bombs and missiles. maybe there might be a better different way for them to survive and their people to have some opportunity for if not freedom, for a decent life. >> jane harman, the director and president and ceo of the wilson center and former congresswoman from california. >> joining us now is the number two democrat in the house, house majority whip steny hoyer of the state of maryland. we have to start with the breaking news, pentagon confirming -- your reaction, sir? >> i think it makes more dramatic and more important that we act soon. we just passed a very substantial sanctions bill. i agree with jane harman, the previous guest you had, clearly it's much more difficult with north korea, but i think it's also going to be more compelling for china and russia and japan and south korea and the entire
8:46 am
asian pacific region to join together to put as much possible pressure on north korea to reverse its path. if it doesn't, i think it's a very, very dangerous future that we look forward to. >> congressman, we're going to at least -- that's more by bart san than the issue we just came out of. earlier we talked to republican representative from oklahoma. let me play a little of what he said about the next steps there -- i'll just tell you what he said. he said now it's really up to democrats to come forward and say these are the places we can work together and fix it. he's talking about health care. i'm open to that and happy to do that but i think they'll find it's a pretty hard system to fix. what's your reaction to that? that's a line that started on the senate floor last night with mitch mcconnell where he said all right, now it's up to you. you tell us how you're going to
8:47 am
fix it. >> well, i think that's disingenuous, we told them how we were going to fix it. we adomted the affordable care act and think people with preexisting conditions now get insurance and 20 million who didn't have insurance get insurance. we think that preventative care is now covered and i could mention other aspects we think have been successful. are there problems? we have said from the beginning there are things in the affordable care act that need to be addressed and seems to me that's the starting point. that's what's in law. they said they were going to repeal it. they said they were going to replace it. they have not been able to replace it. the reason they haven't been able to replace it is because so many of their members understand that the affordable care act is working in many respects and there foredon't want to seat t jettison -- thought that would
8:48 am
be very harmful to their people. it's disingenuous to say okay, democrats we failed to do something now it's your turn. what mitch mcconnell said was as you recall, look, if this doesn't pass, we'll have to work with democrats. i'm sorry he thinks he has to work with democrats. we're open to working with our republican colleagues. certainly i'm open to working with tomorrow co cole, a good f mine and we can move forward. there are things that need to be fixed. the small market is not working as well as they should and counties don't have coverage. we need to make sure that middle class taxpayers are not driven out of the market because of costs. >> assuming the baton is passed to you, what is the first fix or improvement democrats would put forward? >> we want to make sure the crs payments, the payments to insurance companies for people who can't afford deductibles d
8:49 am
andco pays would be made and be permanent and funded and be stabilized. that would be stable isz the market. the reason blue across blue shield had a substantial increase in the state of maryland, half of the increase is related to the uncertainty created by the trump administration in terms of the mandate having everybody included in the insurance process and also by the payments to the insurance companies to ammortize their costs. also start with talking to the republicans about some of the things that they talked about in terms of health savings account, competition across state lines. we understand -- frankly had we won the election in 2010, which we didn't, got badly beaten as everybody recalls, our expectation was that we were going to fix some things that were not perfect in the bill was passed in 2010 and signed into
8:50 am
law. so we're ready to work with them and ready to work across the board on the issues that they identify. but we're not prepared to -- the aca which is working and they are wrong in saying it is implo. and it is working in almost every area of the country. there are some areas that it's not. and we need to work on those areas. >> congressman, good to talk to you, thank you so much for being with us. all right. kelly o'donnell is live at the white house for us on the breaking news that the pentagon has detected a missile launch from north korea. kelly, what information do you have? >> reporter: well, very limited at this point, but this is exactly the kind of issue that can really change a day here at the white house. we have confirmation through the pentagon that this was a ballistic missile test from north korea. heading to the president's desk within days is a measure that has just been passed to have
8:51 am
sanctions against russia, iran, and north korea. so consider that part of the political atmosphere here. we expect that the president is going to be departing the white house soon for a scheduled event where he's going to be talking about a planned issue related to gangs. he'll be going to long island, new york. one question will be is his departure in any way affected. we have not yet heard specifically for the national security team here at the white house about the president's briefings on this matter. what might be taking place. but it is the kind of thing that they are watching carefully. at the same time, if we look broadly at the big team for the president, we know that the defense secretary is taking some family vacation, so is the secretary of state. that is normal in this time of summer. and, of course, they're on the shortest of leashes and can always be pulled right back. in terms of assessing what does this mean, we've seen president trump try to make a bridge to the chinese president on
8:52 am
multiple occasions, sometimes expressing frustration they have not done enough. he has had a new relationship with the newly elected president of south korea, so there are some partnerships here. but a lot of frustration from the trump white house about what could be done. at the same time, we heard from the joint chiefs chairman over the weekend when he was a part of the aspen ideas conference that it is possible that the u.s. always prepare for any military option, might have, in fact, some military options. again, everyone always stresses diplomacy first. the ratcheting up of the threat of north korea is something that's part of the trump presidency. we've seen this on mumtpltiple occasions. that's something we'll be watching for you this afternoon. >> is it noteworthy, as you said, the united states always prepared. whether you're talking about senior leadership within the military or the state
8:53 am
department, just how thinly staffed they are. i mean, people within the republican party have said we're concerned when we face a serious crisis because there are just so few posts filled. >> it's been a chronic problem for this administration. they have not gone through the process of filling all of the available seats. of course, there is a layer of expertise that relates to this issue that is available to the president. but, certainly, we hear from people on the outside watching this white house and even some in the administration who feel that they're stretched very thin on various issues. north korea is right at the top of the president's list of world crisis he's dealing with. i know that there have been lots of meetings going on inside the white house today that relate to a whole slate of issues the president has to deal with. we just haven't heard yet from the national security council what the president is watching, if there are phone calls to
8:54 am
other leaders. yes, staffing throughout this government has been an issue. will have an impact on this particular situation, hard to determine at this point. >> kelly o'donnell, thank you. >> you know, it reminded me, remember when president trump met with president obama. i believe the take away what obama said to him was, the most important threat, north korea. >> yeah. we'll have richard engel on with us right after this. we're going to take a quick break. thank you so much. thank you! so we're a go? yes! we got a yes! what does that mean for purchasing? purchase. let's do this. got it. book the flights! hai! si! si! ya! ya! ya!
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i want to issue a quick
8:58 am
correction here. we misidentified representative mike johnson a few minutes ago when we had a great conversation with him. we had to interrupt him with the breaking news. >> republican congressman from the state of -- long night. >> it's been a long time. >> republican congressman from the state of louisiana. >> we had to cut the conversation short because we got breaking news from the pentagon confirming they have detected the launch of a ballistic missile from north korea. what have you got? >> we're waiting to learn the time aloft of this missile and was it a kn 20. this was the rocket they tested on july 4th. it's been somewhat of a guessing game/joke at the pentagon over the last 72 hours. they had seen intelligence that indicated a launch was likely. it had to do with the weather and psychological whims of kim jong-un. north korea has launched, this is its second test launch this month. depending on how you count, it's about the 12th of the
8:59 am
presidency. we need to learn how far up that went, did it come back down, did it reenter the atmosphere. were there fins on the front of that rocket? what we don't know about the july 4th launch was how successful the reentry is. if they see fins and have an indication there are fins on the front of the weapon that gives you an indication they figured out how to bring it down with more accuracy. one other quick note, we just heard from the army chief of staff. he was very clear saying that north korea has advanced and made more technological progress than we expected. on top of that the report in the washington post, guys, 2018 is the defense intelligence agency assessment on when a nuclear tipped missile could potentially hit the united states. they moved it forward from 2020. >> serious issue. >> 2018. less than a year away. >> all right. hans is going to continue to take on this. we'll continue to cover it here on msnbc. that's it for us, thank you for watching this hour of "msnbc
9:00 am
live." >> be sure to join -- i'm struggling with words. >> it was a long night and early morning. >> i have to learn to get it right. it's our day job. tomorrow, it will be our day job again, 12:30 p.m. >> right now, it's time for andrea mitchell reports. andrea? right now on andrea mitchell records epic fail in a suspenseful all night drama. john mccain stands up to the vice president, huddles with the democrats and casts the deciding vote. ending the republican's seven year promise to repeal obamacare. audible gasps cheers from democrats has mccain gives the thumbs down to the bill, leaving obamacare the law of the land, at least for now. >> why did you vote no? >> i felt it was the right vote. >> i believe


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