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tv   The 11th Hour With Brian Williams  MSNBC  July 28, 2017 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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tracten to the mess in the white house he gains help from kelly. but kelly is walking into the most challenging situation the chief of staff can be in. >> that's a good point general mcmaster is one of the happiest people to see who comes to work on machined morning it sound like john mclaughlin gets the last word thanks for joining us. appreciate it. >> "the 11th hour" with brian williams starts now. the breaking news tonight, reince priebus is in the history books. the shortest serving of any white house chief of staff. he is out after being under heavy fire and a froorm four-star marine general is in. tonight who is general john kelly? the man who had been running homeland security and can he bring an actual chain of command to the wild west of the west wing? as the president shrugs off the most spectacular failure of the gop in years. no repeal, no replace and no way to predict what's next except for the 11th hour which begins
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now. on a friday night good evening once again from our nbc news headquarters here in new york. day 190 of the trump administration. and reince priebus of kenosha, wisconsin will soon be a private citizen again. and tonight he is making plan foss as they say, spend more time with his family. his replacement is homemade secretary john kelly, a retired four-star u.s. marine general. he starts on monday and in trump white house terms that is ages from now. priebus granted his exit interview. the first one to cnn notable because the president never miss as chance to call them fake. and priebus said his departure symbolized the president pressing the reset button, what trump criticized hillary clinton for doing with russia. priebus was graceful in departing. he implied his departure was a topic of conversation with the president as he praised trump
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for unmatched political indistinct. >> i've been obviously talking to the president for a few days about this. and ultimately i formally resigned yesterday. it's something i always talked to the president about. i've always said to him and he always agreed with me, any time either one of us think that we need to to make a change or move in a different direction, let's just talk about it and get it done. i'm always going to be a trump fan. i'm on team trump. he has the best political instincts -- hang on a second. >> yeah. >> he knows intuitively when things need to change. i've seen it now for a year and a half on the wild ride with the president that i loved being a part of. but he intuitively determined that it was time to do something differently. and i think he is right. we talk all the time about this
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subject. and any time -- any time we want to go a different direction either one of us we talk about it. >> that is how reince priebus describes his exit. here is how the "washington post" describes it. quote his final departure was a humilitying coda for what had been a largely demean tenure durlg which priebus endured emasculation from rival advisers and even at times the president himself. the post story recounts one vinnette we the president asked priebus to kill a fly bothering trump in the oval office. priebus says he officially told president trump yesterday he would resign but still accompanied the president on air force one to long island wrp trump spoke to law enforcement officers. during that speech before we knew secretary kelly would take over for priebus trump seemed to give a bit of a hint. >> i want to congratulate john kelly who has done an incredible
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job of secretary of homeland security. one of our real stars. truly one of our stars. john kelly is one of our great stars. you know the border is down 78%. >> the story broke while air force 1 on on route to d.c. from new york on a rain swept tar mack the president at andrews spoke briefly with roirs. >> reince is a good man. john kelly will do a fantastic job. general kelly has been a star done an incredible job thus far respected by everybody. a great, great american. but reince priebus a good man. thank you very much. >> at this point let us bring in tonight's starting panel for a friday night nbc news white house correspondent kristin welker who was busy to do. "washington post" white house bureau chief dit o senior kwhous
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reporter for politico. josh gerritsen. dit o another business man jonathan le mere white house reporter for the associated press. great to have you all. josh i'll begin with you because of your placements today. you were a pool reporter for the arrival at the place i will always call andrews air force base ofs air force one. it was the smaller version of the plane today, a 757. and you reported what you saw contemporaneously it speaks to the ongoing diminishment of reince priebus. but tell us what you saw when they landed. >> they were quite delayed in landing, about an extra half hour in the air coming down from new york. i think they were circling for some time due to bad weather. when they finally did land and pull up at the parking place we saw a bunch of staffers come out of the back of the plane. and then we saw the senior staffers reince priebus and then steven miller and dan skafen o
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the social media director there at the white house all go and get into a vehicle together. this was just at the time that the tweet was coming out from the president that john kelly would be the new chief of staff. and then just moments after loading up in that car, the aides miller and scavino stepped out and got back in the motorcade and that was it for reince priebus. he headed off in his own car under some sort of security protection. but he was basically dropped or tufrpd out of the motorcade at andrews on his own. >> unbelievable. all being described by you. we were reading it here in the newsroom. just to emphasize he presumably asked for the car maybe to make a phone calling. the other two aides get out then the car gets out of the sequence. the line of the departing motorcade and pulse off separately. >> yeah, that's essentially what happened. i don't know if he just didn't want to be there while trump was making the statement about the change of staff or he was just
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eager to head off and do business. priebus did eventually end up at the white house later on in the afternoon. >> so phil rucker with time and space condensed as they are, compressed as they are, all of our print colleagues at the white house are writing the look back piece about the reince priebus era, all six months of it. and i know you contend he was something less than a chief of staff in full always. >> i -- you know, i think that's exactly right. look this is an establishment republican who became close to donald trump over the course of the campaign. tried to help integrity the party and the trump world. tried to do that here in washington to help trump govern help him pass his agenda on kpal. but he was beset time and again by the chaos and disorder that has really defined all of trump's enterprises including this white house. and it's remarkable, brian, that reince priebus -- he was so
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belittled and so demeaned by his dleegs throughout the six months wells by the president himself he showed up to work still but the back biting was just vicious and intense. you know today i talked to a senior white house official who said the past week the president was using the word weak to describe priebus. he would just say weak, weak, weak he can't get the job done. of course it's all come a end. >> kristin on monday as one political type put it tonight there may be an actual printed schedule for the functioning of the west wing yet the president will still be donald trump. how much change do you expect? >> well i think that's the critical question. and i would draw your attention to one point, brian. i had a conversation tonight with a source who said, look, anthony scaramucci is still going to be reporting to the president. he is still going to have oval office privileges. as far as we know at this point and what that means is that the chief of staff still doesn't have that emboldened status of
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having most of the top officials report to him. will that change? will john kelly push for that in? that's a critical question and i think that could determine whether this ship is righted. i have to tell you it was very tense today at the white house. we had a sense that something may be brewing. as fifl points out the president for several day ifs not several weeks and months has questioned reince priebus's leadership his ability to be forceful on a whole host of issues and for context, remember he he put priebus in charge of health care. he was growing increasingly frustrated he wasn't seeing more action, more success on that front. and then it's our understanding that last night's vote was the death knell for priebus, that he just couldn't sustain that final loss. >> boy it doesn't get more dramatic than that. and finally jonathan who pays a heavy price for being with us here in new york i got to you last. we have so many things to consider. we have he former marine four
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star general doesn't scare easily. we have this secretary of homeland security riveting for a new job at the white house where he can see the darkness on the edge of town. he can see what just happened to the last occupant and what has happened to other folks in the president's orbit. in this case does no political experience that a good thing. >> maybe. perhaps coming in he has a sense of what has gone wrong but maybe he will try something new to try to fix it. secretary -- chief rpds -- chief of staff priebus from the get go seemed overwhelmed by the post overwhelmed by donald trump who never quite foregave him for not initially getting onboard the trump train last year and for questioning him in the aftermath of the "access hollywood" tape the president would bring it up he liked to tease priebus belittle priebus at tile others in the white house sometimes joined in. the lack of a successful agenda. he was supposed to be with his
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establishment republican contacts in charge of health care as i mentioned that has gone down in a humbling defeat. he has been unable to keep the trains you think running on time. this a white house with never having a cothe heernt message from week to week because they are derailed by the president's whims and tweets thp this week started with him going after his own attorney general one of his most faithful and loyal supporters. at the end of the week a week the white house dubbed american heroes week we have the depart urt of the shortest ten yurd kwhoif in history. we want to tell the viewers at the enof the bruft well will have a look back at where we've been since monday and it's a head spinner. so jash because we're talking about washington and because we're talking about a cabinet department where the number two will be in charge until a number one can bement fomt l nominated and not just any cabinet department, the folks who keep us safe. what are you hearing about a new
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secretary for the department of homeland security? >> well, we're hearing that you know one of the rumors is that is out there right now is that there might be some effort to try to shift attorney general jeff sessions over this job because he is somebody who had always been thought of as more of an immigration enforcer anyway. i don't know that's viable in the senate given some of the rules laid down up there or the statements raid down by senators in the last couple days saying they're not interested in having more confirmation hearings for attorney general. that would throw democrats into a pan ac that it was a package deal that would lead to the out offer of special counsel of bob mueller. and just kinning chaos at the justice department. for the time being we are looking for acting chief over there until things settle down. >> kristin welker as we take a moment and digest just the idea of the attorney general going across town to homeland security and the dominos that sets off, about mr. scaramucci. >> um-hum.
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>> it is roundly contended by all the former communications chiefs we have spoken to that the kind of barnyard language he used that would make a longshoremen plush would mean instant dismissal from any other white house. it appears at the close of busy won. he is a direct report to the president going around any other function in the white house and he is still there. >> not only is he still there, brian. but there is a sense behind the scenes that the president is okay with what happened. that perhaps he was in some whiches expressing part of what the president feels at least as it trelts to reince priebus. steve bannon's job it seems at this point is still safe. but i have to tell you what happened has further divided an already very fractured west wing. and what i mean by that is that you have some people behind the scenes who are brushing off what happened. some people laughing about what happened. but other people who are deeply
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upset and bothered fwi who say frankly someone who use that is type of language, someone who attacks his fellow colleagues shouldn't be allowed to continue to serve in the west wing at the pleasure of the president. and so i think it's created more discord. now, can general kelly come in and change that? can he smooth over some of the very rough edges that exist right now? that's going to be a real challenge i think because there is a lot of concern right now, a lot of paranoia among staffers that they could be the next to go. of course it's worth noting brian that reince priebus was one of donald trump's remaining lengths to the party. you have sean spicer who is out. you have katy walsh who was the first rnc connected high level staffer to leave. another lower level communications staffer who left last week. you have four departures all connected to the rnc. the president's connection to that branch of the republican
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party growing thinner by the day. >> mr. rucker one question was answered tonight. that is what's the president going to do about the russia sanctions? they floated out the idea that he was going to not sign on to them even though these passed through the house and senate with margins you don't see anymore. >> ert that's right and the answer is the president will sign that legislation. we got word from the white house through sarah sanders about an hour ago. and then if the congress really forced the president's hand because this was a veto proof majority if you will. even if the president were to do a veto of this bill it would really just be a symbolic gesture because the congress would of course override it. >> jonathan le mere we don't deal in absolutes but how close to the worse week ever did we just witness in the administration. >> that is a tough competition. >> we need a calendar and white beard. >> this is the a week seen him go after at attorney general.
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seen the health care collapse in a humbling defeat. seen a lot of republicans suddenly act like they're not afraid of the president anymore. they're not going to act on his behalf for loyalty or out of fear. and now we have scaramucci coming in clearly shaking things up. he is the president's id if you will. he seems not to have just survived the controversy but asandant in the white house but that could change if kelly comes in monday and attempts to right the ship. but at the end of the day this is still the president. it all emen 80s from donald trump. there are only going to be significant changes in this white house if he is willing to make them. and until he does -- and this is of course the russia cloud still hangs over all of this -- there may be other competitors for worse week ever. >> after a long day for the good folks bringing us the first draft of history our thanks to panel of journalists kristin
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>> on behalf of the entire senior staff around you mr. president we thank you for the opportunity and the blessing that you've given us to serve your agenda and the american people. and we're continuing to work very hard every day to accomplish those goals. >> it was later dubbed the deer
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leader meeting. that was reince priebus at the president's first full cabinet meeting just over a month ago. thanking president trump as they all did in order for the in his part the opportunity and the blessing to work for the administration. joining us by telephone tonight to react to today's news, our friend gop veteran msnbc political analyst steve schmidt. happens to be strategist to john mccain's presidential campaign. we've been thinking of you as the news spoold out what kind of shape is the presidency in tonight. >> well it's in very bad shape. and listening to reince priebus there on the audio, what it shows, brian, is that compellines and sycophancy is not necessarily recipe for security in the trump administration. we have an administration that has the lowest approvals for any
8:22 pm
presidency in the modern history of polling. 36, 37, 35% wherever it may be. we have complete and total chaos in the west wing. and really, with each new dawn there is another assault, another attack on the dignity of the institution of the office of president of the united states. and so increasingly -- and i try not to be alarmist about this as we talk about it on a daily basis. but we are approaching a real hour of crisis in our democracy, in our civics, in the life of a democratic republic. and you think back to that story from outside the declaration of independence convention, you know where benjamin franklin
8:23 pm
walks out and he is asked by a woman on the street and says, dr. franklin what have we achieved here? he says a republic madam if you can keep it. what we have seen increasingly a level of dysfunction profoundly injurious to the institutions, the democratic norms that are necessary to be sustained in a functioning 21st cently democratic society. >> steve as we always say the heroes of watergate were for the most part republicans. at least the surprise as it unspooled. and the surprise in the end. are you looking for that same thing of course coming off last night, murkowski, collins and mccain in the well of the senate are you looking for republicans to change their behavior and
8:24 pm
comments? >> of course. look, we have two parties in this country right now. we may well see a real independent candidacy? 202. but when we look at the two parties right now, the party that controls washington, where members who i don't question their -- their sincerity and oath taking where they swore the oath to defend the constitution of the united states. but the norms of a democratic society and culture that have been passed down generation to generation in this country are under assault by this administration. and where is the point where republican office holders stand up and say enough is enough with the chaos, and with the degraduations of our most important institutions. and specifically how
8:25 pm
extraordinary it is that mitch mcconnell was able to orchestrate the vote in favor for something that had the support of 13% of americans that not one of the senators knew how much it costs, how many people would lose their insurance, in fact, not one of them had any idea what the legislation would do who voted in the affirmative. and so as we continue on in this administration and you look ahead to the elections and 2018, what increasingly clear is with this collapse of thinking and policy making and intellectualism that's tachld to conservativism in the republican party, there will be a political price to pay for it? and i suspect there will be a very heavy political price to pay for it because it's said and
8:26 pm
done. >> some ber note to end on. thank you for joining us by telephone tonight as i said we've been thinking of you while watching this unfold. steve schmidt with us tonight. we'll take another break. when we come back, some people who know the incoming white house chief of staff, former marine four-star general. how will he get along with the boss? what can we expect? that and more when "the 11th hour" continues. [ indistinct chatter ] [ intense music playing ] it's here, but it's going by fast. the opportunity of the year is back: the mercedes-benz summer event. get to your dealer today for incredible once-a-season offers, and start firing up those grilles. lease the gle350 for $579 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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i literally did not know mr. trump at all and i did not know anyone who knew mr. trump. it was about ten days after the election i was watching college football with bhie wife on a saturday around. i got a cold call and i barely remembered that name once he convinced me it was reince priebus and not one of my retired friends who does this kind of thing, you know mr. trump would like to have an opportunity to talk to you maybe about going into the administration. >> that was just a few days ago. white house chief of staff incoming secretary john kelly in an interview with our own pete williams in aspen. he did not know the president who anyone who knew the president before taking his jb at secretary of homeland security last fall. now he takes over to lead the staff in the west wing on pnds. we are so happy and fortunate to
8:31 pm
have with us three men who know the general. retired four-star u.s. army general barry mccaffrey. fwround commander in desert storm another decorated combat veteran. jack ojibways are jacobs. u.s. army retired process. one of only 71 living resip ynts of medal of honor. the former chief of staff of at cia and pentagon jeremy bash. you and general kelly were both in the four-star club a very small membership hour well did you come to know him and tell us who is this man. >> i've seen him over the years particularly as a south crom seminars dealing with latin american smus. this is one of the finest people i ever met in my life in terms of integrity, competence, good judgment. i think the good news to the american people. i'd also point out i've heard a
8:32 pm
couple of our colleagues talking about his lack of congressional or political experience. this fellow was seven years working congress for the u.s. marine corps. so he is intimately aware how the legislative process works. finally he not only served in europe and afghanistan and all over latin america he has been the military assist to two fine we had. bill gets. >> he would be better off parachuting in raqqa syria than going in the white house but good news to the american people. >> you always have a way with words. conelien. as we get to know general kelly more. the respect the people have for his service agreeing to take his job.
8:33 pm
he lost a son in afghanistan ha a son still serving. jack why is he suited for the job. >> well he is intelligent, hard working, diligent. he is a strong patriot. he is a great american. but i don't think any of that matters in this white house. at the end of the day the chief of staff has to be the chief of the staff. and anybody who has an opportunity to work around him is going to leave the place in chaos. it will continue that way. jared kushner doesn't report to anybody. goes directly to the president. bannon is stuck to the president like a limp et on a hull of a ship. scaramucci already said he reports directly to the president at the end of the day. general kelly either has to accept a diminished role as the chief of staff or he is going to be frustrated and he is going to have to leave. >> jeremy bash, during your time i know general kelly became one of the military officers you worked with the closest.
8:34 pm
>> we worked in the front office for secretary panetta as general mccaffrey referenced i want to echo was. he is one of the greatest americans. even if we had the greatest americans serving as the white house chief of staff if the president doesn't empower that person insist on order and discipline and john kelly is a student of the chain of command and student of dplin discipline and order then the president won't be able to achieve his agenda and john kelly and nobody be will be able to survive in that post. if anybody can do it i know john can. i've talked to his friends tonight. talked to his former boss at the pentagon secretary panetta. he is highly capable. highly intelligents we're praying for him pulling for him. we want the president to empower him now to bring order that to that very unordered place. >> i hope a lot of americans see and hear what you gentlemen said about him tonight and the three
8:35 pm
words, chain of command are going to come up a lot, something tells me so general mccaffrey just today the subject of your last appearance on this broadcast, north korea, fired off another icbm we have some animation where the union of concern scientisting has straightened out of journey of this missile today. alost for over 40 minutes to show us where had it had a different trajectory it could reach within the lower 48 urs of the united states. may go it 59 including alaska and hawaii. as fraught a circumstance as we have seen in the modern era what to do about this. >> well, there is only a bit of good news here. north korea is essentially a criminal regime. they're not zel ots. not ideological. they're not religious. so preservation of the regime is the only thing that counts. now having said that,s in an
8:36 pm
unstable regime. with a quirky lad who shoots his generals for not applauding loudly enough when he gives his speech. but he doesn't have a rationale bubble of decision making around him. i don't think there is any good news possibility. we're not going to strike north korea to try and take out their nuclear capabilities. not going to happen. the chinese aren't going to strangle them economically. they're not negotiating away nuclears. we have to aggressively build antimissile defenses in south korea japan and the u.s. navy at sea. we're in trouble over the coming ten years with this guy. >> concernle i love abilities say we need to strike them preemptively show me that target list you have in mind. >> that's not going to happen. if one assumes this is a continuing criminal enterprise, one way to deal with them is together -- we're going to have
8:37 pm
to get together with china and go to north korea and guarantee in continuing criminal enterprise's existence. otherwise they will continue to develop the capability to strike the united states. i mean we're not going to scorch their earth. 30 million south koreans within artillery striking distance. you got to make a deal with them. we've kicked the can down the rode so long this the this this is the only praush. >> you have the lightning right now last word. we talked last week that perhaps a crisis would be the test of this energies no one was hoping to see. >> yeah, the chairman of the joint chiefs had to correct the directive given by the president on the transgender policy issue not on the sins but on the manner in which it was given when the president communicates to military an order it should flow through the chain of command through the second of defense with the advice to the are chairman that was not done this weak in a real crisis that could cost american security and american lives. >> general barry mccaffrey
8:38 pm
concernle jack ojibway ones we certainly appreciate it coming up this time last week another white house staffer resigning. remember sean spicer's exit, last friday. think of all that has happened since then we will when "the 11th hour" continues.
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i know the best people, the best managers, the best deal makers. i know people that will make us so strong. i know guys that are so good. i know the good ones the bad ones overrated ones. i know the best people we've got the best people i have the best people. so we're getting the best people. they've been calling my by the dozening. i have guys lined up believe me. we're going to deliver. we're going to deliver. we're going to get the best people in the world. he knows people. we figured it's friday night
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we've got to look at how we got here and where we've been. so we put together a great conversation group for this. joining our conversation pull it'ser prize winning presidential author and historian biography of jefferson, jackson, fdr, chfl. boston globe columnist, and the chair of journalism ethics at pointer indira is with us and long-term radio talk show host charlie sykes. and charlie because a man from kenosha wisconsin is in the news tonight because he is a friend of yours. i'm starting with him. start wherever you like. but a personal note about what reince priebus's life looked like the past six months what his departure means to you. i'd love to hear you. >> well, you know i do think of reince as a friend but the story is tragic.
8:43 pm
because he made a series of decisions, a series of rationalizations he enabled and empowered donald trump. and even though a lot of us warned him this would end badly. i don't think anybody thought it was going to end in this torrent of profanity, obscenity and humiliation that -- that we have seen. you know reince says that he is going to try to keep this classy and above board. but the reality is when you watch the trajectory of the first six month of this presidency it's not because reince priebus was a bad chief of staff. it's because you have a dysfunctional president. everything starts and ends with donald trump and despite what a great american general kelly is he is going to inherit the dysfunction. at the center is donald trump. by the way the big question i have is what was the defining move of the last week or the appointment of general kelly or the appointment of the mooch,
8:44 pm
the mooch who is obviously an unhinged sycophantic sociopath now named the communications director of the president of the united states. he has been described as the president's id. if that is the future of this presidency i'm not sure that general kelly will be able to turn it around. >> i love friday nights around here. it loosens up the tongue. john meacham. as i said to general mccaffrey the launch of a missile today sharpens the mind and it causes you if you are at all worried about such things and response to such things to ask about competence. and in the white house at the top of the most fearsome arson alin the world. you know i was talking to a senior republican lawmaker last week who said that he was more concerned about what he called the competence deficit in the white house than he was even about russia. and he was worried about russia and the possibilities about what happened in 2016. i do nink ththink general kellyd
8:45 pm
news. but we all know history is made up of the unexpected. and every white house comes in thinking that they can master events and events nearly always master them. that's the way the world works. as far as general kelly goes, i don't know if he knows the story. but exactly 30 years ago in 1987 when don reagan was on his bay out at reagan's chief of staff ronald reagan desired to call howard baker of tennessee who was out of the house when he called -- the president called to offer him the chief of staff job. and senator baker was at the zoo with his grandchildren. and his wife said mr. president he can't come to phone he is at the zoo and president raegen said wait until he sees the zoo i have for him and the that loobls the kennedy cool.
8:46 pm
>> if the arrival of a marine four-star means these are better days ahead, do you think, indira, the bill for dysfunction kind of came due this past week. >> look, i think it's a great idea that general kelly is supposed to come in and restore order. but it's like the idea of rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic when it is halfway under water. it really doesn't make any sense. there is no amount of order that he can possibly restore to a dysfunctional white house, everybody is infighting with one another when it's the president himself who is encouraging in infighting, who encouraging scaramucci to give an interview like he did, apparently with his blessing he gave the insults about reince priebus to ryan lizza of the "new yorker." when you have someone at the top allowing his -- his staff members to act like contestants on the apprentice then one of
8:47 pm
them is going to get accessesex aed after week appear we saw sean spicer beginning the week out the door ending with reince priebus out the door. i don't see how general kelly will be able to restore order when you can't make order. it's herding cats with a giant lion at the top who cannot be tamed. >> we'll pause the discussion on a friday night and come back with our panel right after this. you've wished upon it all year, and now it's finally here. the mercedes-benz summer event is back, with incredible offers on the mercedes-benz you've always longed for. but hurry, these shooting stars fly by fast. lease the c300 for $399 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. ♪ tired of wrestling with seemingly impossible cleaning tasks? using wipes in the kitchen can be ineffective. try mr. clean magic eraser.
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>> they should have approved health care last night, but you can't have everything. boy oh boy, they have been working on that one for seven years. let obamacare implode. when we win on november 8th -- [ cheers and applause ] and elect a republican congress, we'll be able to immediately repeal and replace obamacare. >> we're going to take care of
8:51 pm
everyone. we're going to take care of people, and people are going to pay much less and get it so good. >> that was too easy and let's talk about what happened last night. in the well of the senate, it came down to one very dramatic moment, senator john mccain walks in, asks to be recognized, raised the right arm, kwatd a thumbs down. schumer waves off any verbal action. with that, it was done. seven years of talk about repeal and replace, done in one hand gesture. our panel remains with us and we'll go to charlie sykes. much was made of that moment a moment of moral courage, a man staring down his own mortality, not the first time in his life, but let's also talk about the courage of mer kowsky of alaska and collins of maine.
8:52 pm
my question to you is that kind of courage for people cheering them on going to be contagious? >> you don't know. you've made the point in the past and others have as well that, frankly, it's going to have to be conservatives that are going to rein it in. so john mccain has a long tradition there, but john mccain not only cast a courageous vote, he threw himself on the political grenade of this toxic legislation. he probably provided cover for i don't know how many other senators who knew that was a deeply unpopular flawed piece of legislation that the process, the policy, the politics were all horribly flawed. and that he provided them some cover. i do get a sense that this was a turning point this week. lisa murkowski standing up against the threats from the interior secretary, the pushback against the talk of getting rid
8:53 pm
of jeff sessions, passing the russian sanctioned legislation, the pushback on the transgender order, you almost got the sense republicans are realizing this is mayor moment they have to push. >> john, my question is is there anything parallel as elemental to a political party to consume eight years of campaigning, any political party that's had house, senate, white house going into a vote so elemental? >> i don't think of a specific one. there are broad trends that unfold, the republicans growing comfortable with deficits after campaigning against government for so many years. but in terms of a dramatic moment and a window into a party in crisis, we talk about the democrats in crisis, and
8:54 pm
rightly, but there's a connection here between priebus's computer and the failure of the repeal vote which is that the republican party sold its soul to donald trump and the check has bounced. and they have to figure out what to do. >> what now for the trump administration? >> yeah, i mean, i think that john made excellent point, it's up to what are the republicans going to do to stop him in congress. chuck grassley said you can't fire the attorney general. you heard lindsey graham saying we're going to put in electrician legislation to stop you from firing mueller, but that's not necessarily going to stop this president from taking these kinds of actions. we'll see if any other republican is willing to do what murkowski, collins and john mccain did, putting the thumb down like a roman emperor.
8:55 pm
>> that sound you heard was the air coming out of charlie's lungs. charlie has written a book about this very thing, copies of which we're going to sell all during the fall. thank you all for staying up late with us on a friday night after the week we've had. coming up, it was one of those weeks where so much has happened you would be forgiven for not remembering it all of the time that's where we come in rierchtsds. no, please, please, oh! ♪ (shrieks in terror) (heavy breathing and snorting) no, no. the running of the bulldogs? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money aleia saved by switching to geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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what bad back?gels work so fast you'll ask what pulled hammy? advil liqui - gels make pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil. last thing before we go tonight after another eventful week, let's just take a moment to remind ourselves where weave been just since monday. remember that was when jared kushner first underwent questioning on the hill. he later appeared with a white house seal in front of them and the west wing behind him reading a statement to clear his name. it was monday when the president addressed the boy scout jam bore re, gave a speech so similar to a red meat political rally that for the first time in their history the boy scouts had to
8:59 pm
apologize to scouts and their parents far speech from the president of the united states. tuesday at a joint press conference from the prime minister of lebanon, the president seemed less than than converse isn't a on hezbollah and promised to make his position clear in the next 24 hours. he said time will tell about the future of his pubically hultd attorney general who flew to el value have ador on business. still tuesday in ohio the president declared himself the most presidential since lincoln. that day senator john mccain flew back to washington, delivered a dramatic speech on health care. on wednesday, the president banned transgender service members in the armed forces. he did it all by myself by twitter. the armed forces were later forced to tell those in uniform there was no new policy that they knew off. last night a colossal defeat of a health care bill after seven years of the repeal and replace
9:00 pm
rallying cry. then today in a speech to plaintiff's on long island, the president told them they shouldn't be so gently with suspects when they're pretended. later the police department was forced to say they do not advocate a policy of are you aware treatment of then north korea launched another missile. donald trump announced his new chief of staff, and now you're up to date. and now that is our broadcast on a friday night and for this week. have a good weekend. good night from all of us here at nbc news news headquarters in new york. >> tonight on all in -- obamacare is alive, and the white house is in chaos. >> get over here, rhinoceros. >> just hours after president trump's greatest flurailure, hi chief of staff is out. and replaced with a general. >> john kelly


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