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tv   Meet the Press  MSNBC  July 30, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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thank you, i am thomas roberts here on msnbc, "meet the press" is coming your way next. this sunday, the chaos presidency. in the west wing, reince priebus, white house chief of staff, out. >> i think it's a good time to hit the this sunday, the chaos presidency. reince priebus, chief of staff is out. >> john kelly, homeland of security is in. president trump goes after jeff sessions. >> i am disappointed in the attorney general. republicans pushed back. >> if jeff sessions is fired, there will be wholly hill to pay. >> an inside look of how president trump operates his
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campaign manager, corey lewandowski. >> the republican healthcare effort belly up and the president threatened to sabotage obamacare. >> i say from the beginning, let obamacare implode and do it. let obamacare employimplode. >> i will ask secretary tom price and susan collins, one o f the republicans no vote. and the red blue divide, can president trump rip down the democratic blue wall, is it still holding? can we see cracks in the republican southern red wall. joining me from inside is tim hewitt and kornell belcher. welcome to sunday, it is "meet the press."
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>> the longest running show of television history, this is "meet the press" with chuck todd. good sunday morning. the effective stacking of both the press secretary and his chief of staff in a seven days ban, president trump did little to blunt the idea that he's a white house in a perpetual state of chaos. as of this morning, the notable departure from the administration six months including acting attorney general salley yates and james comey and reince priebus and bullying of sessions still have a job. now throwing a public display of in fighting by the new
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communication director, anthony scarramucci, so vulgar that we cannot even say of the things here. voters say they chose president trump to shake up washington and end business as usual. the president certainly deliver but to what end? >> john kelly will do a fantastic job. general kelly has been a star. >> president trump ended a week of bitter in fighting dysfunctioned and a major legislative defeat with a conventional washington move. a white house staff shake up. >> i think it is a good time to hit the reset button. he was radioigt to hight to hit button. >> john kelly replaced reince priebus after 189 days in office. >> john kelly is one of our great stars. >> in a profane rant to the new
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yorkers on wednesday night. mr. trump's new communication director called reince priebus an [ expletive ] chaos. >> i am not going to get into the mud sorts of things. >> this week, the president repeatedly attack his own attorney general. >> i am disappointed in the attorney general. he should not have recused himself. >> if jeff sessions is fired there will be holy hill to pay. >> reince priebus's outsed came after republicans best hope for policy success. john mccain joined susan collinss and lisa murkouski
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defeating the mandate. >> republicans hoping of passing something, anything. >> this is a disappointment. denying the president a critical legislative win. >> secretary tom price is also here. by the way, you are going to get to vote? he better get them. oh, he better get them. otherwise, i will say todd, you are fired. >> joining me now is that tom from atlanta, the secretary of health and human services, tom price, welcome back to the show. i know you still have a job. i am sure the president was tongue and cheek. let me ask you, ask yourself this. what would you have done differently. i am sure you are asking yourself that considering what happens this past week, what could you have done differently to have a different outcome. with the president of what he explained is his seriousness of the issue and his passion
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returning in a patien-- we have got a lot of work to do and we continued to work with members of the united states senate, we look forward to continue to work with them and our house partners as well to make sure we move the healthcare system in the better direction where patients and family and doctors are in charge and not washington, d.c. >> interesting there was a headline this morning of the washington post, the headline was simple. it is not obamacare anymore, it is our national care health system. do you accept that the attempts to repeal the affordable care act as we know it are dead and now your job and the job of republicans is to make this system work better? >> well, i don't accept the premise because we don't have a healthcare system. you got medicare for seniors and medicaid for those individuals who are low income or
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vulnerables. you go t the va system and then you have the individual small group markets where obamacare focused its attention on setting up the exchanges. it is that area where we see absolute fall failure. next year you will have dozens of counties that have nobody offering coverage so this system is imploding and failing. the president's passion, our passion and concern is to make certain that we put in place a system that works for patients. >> you know how politics work and how the count votes. and you know where the votes are. it is pretty clear that the full repeal cannot be done and rescinding the expansion that the support is not there. what israel sti realistic? what do you want congress to do right now that's realistic that can help you implement the
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afford care act better? >> well, what we want congress to do is go home and talk to their constituents. talk to the families out there that are losing their coverage and talk to the families who are making $50,000 a year and have insurance card through obamacare but they don't have any care because they cannot afford the deductibles. talk to small businesses that they have to end their healthcare coverage because of the rules coming from obamacare. talk to the large businesses who are having huge challenges affording the health coverage for their employees. this is a system that's imploding and has failed the american people. that's where the president's passion come fs from and that's where my passion comes from and a system that works for patients and the american people >> you gave me an explanation that you would like to see and you did not give me a specific. he said this yesterday, if a new healthcare bill is not approved quickly, bail out for insurance
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dpa companies and bail out for members of congress will end soon. your department has been makiin monthly, i know there are some legal questions about whether this is been appropriated by the legislative branch or not. the insurance companies have said this month to month reimbursement propting up uncertainties. can you say that all of these uncertainty payments are going to be made payments while t the -- >> i am the defendant in that and therefore, i cannot talk about that. the court has made a decision that those payments were made illegally and that's working its way through the court system and it will. again, what the president wants us to appreciate and wants everybody across the land to
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appreciate is propped up. it is not working for families across the land and patients and physicians. we are trying to care for thesis patients. we are trying to put in place to get a system that does work for patients and families and doctors so they are making decisions and not washington, d.c. >> do you feel it is your job at hhs to implement the affordable care act as it was meant to be or are you there to, some people think that you don't want to see it work so that's why we have seen cancelled tv advertising and the attempts to not get people to enroll and cancelling of contracts that help with enrollment. some accused that you did not want to see it work as intended. can you explain? >> no, our job is to follow the law of the land and we take that mission very seriously. the role of the health and service department is to improve the health and safety and well
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being of the american people. what we understand what the american people understand is that if their health and well being is being harmed right now by the current law. our goal is to make and put in place as well as the president goal is to put in place of a law, a system that actually works for patients. you cannot do that under the current structure. that's why the president had been passionate making certain that the congress of the united states repeals and replaces obamacare. >> it is clear that the votes are not there. if they come up with a fix that helps or give some certainty to the insurance companies to go in world market, are you going implement the affordable care act. >> well, as i said, our responsibilities is to follow the law and again, we take that responsibility seriously and we'll continue to do so.
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the current law right now is failing the american people, as i mentioned that, we got 40 counties that we'll no longer have any insurance companies next year. that's not a choice for anybody. you got a third of the county right now. that's not a choice for anybody. you got premiums that are up and deductibles that are up and people having the insurance card and no care. 83 insurance companies led the help of the insurance market. this system is imploding upon itself and that's what we are trying to take care. that's what the president has said. that's why we need repeal and replace. secretary price, i have to leave it there. i am out of time a little bit. i appreciate you coming on. >> thank you, sir. joining me now from our home state of maine who consistently voted against her party's healthcare bill. the repeal and replace option. susan collins, she's joining me now. welcome back to the show.
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>> thank you chuck. >> let me ask you this, do you accept the premise that the efforts to repeal obamacare is dead and it is time to refer to this as our national care system and it is his job and yours to make it work. >> i don't accept the premise that we should not perceive the reform the law. there are some real problems in the law, secretary price is right about that. he then invite them. the problem is congress, my friends and colleagues does not do pcomprehensive well. we have hearings from experts and all the stake holders and produce the series of bills to if it the affordable care act and first on my list would be
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stabilize the insurance company market to make sure people have access to insurance. >> are you confident that secretary price is implementing and trying to keep this law afloat that he's doing everything he can to create ser certainty. >> are you concerned of implementations right now that's implementing the law and creating more problems to stay force. >> i am troubled booy the uncertainty that's created by the administration. when it comes to the subsidies that's given to low income people to help them with their copays and their deductibles. i hear this describe by some an insurance company bail out. >> that's not what it is. it is a vital system to people who make 100% or 250% of the
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property level. the uncertainty of whether the subsidies is going to continue for months to month is clearly contributing to the destabilization of the insurance market. that's one thing that congress needs to end. we need to make very clear that subsidy is important to low income people. we need to appropriate the money to ensure that it continue. >> you think senator mcconnell needs to give up the reconciliation aspect. i am done trying to jam healthcare through in this way and the process is back to the regular order, are you there not only encouraging that or are you going to tell senator mcconnell, your vote will never be there on him until he opens up the pr
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process? >> i made very clear that i believe we would produce far better legislation if we went through the normal process of having committee hearing from healthcare providers from insurance regulator and advocacy groups and governors and everyone involved and then produce bipartisan legislation with input from both democrats and republicans. that's how we get the best legislation and that's the best path forward that democrats and republicans to like in the affordable care act. that's the path that i want to take and that means not going through reconciliation by going through the normal committee process as i have been urging along and senator john mccain urged in his eloquent speech on the senate floor. >> it was something that you
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quoted this week that senator pence lobbied you but you did not hear from the president, when was the last time you heard from the president? >> the president invited me to the meeting at the white house to talk about the healthcare, that's the first meeting that i was seated next to him. he asked my opinion on what we can do on a reassurance pull which i am interested in prei preserving coverage for people's preexisting and low premiums. most of the input that i had from the white house had been from the vice president and the administrators from the medicare and medicaid program. >> a lot of side hellos this
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week, one of them had to do with you and senator mike reid, there was another portion of the tape that you have not referenced at all. here it is. >> you appeared to be referencing the president there with senator reid and can you expand on that a little bit? how concerned are you of the president? >> actually what i was talking about is the president's budget and if you go earlier in that tape, i talked about the fact that ond went through the budget and many vital programs without doing it careful and now wants to up the impact in the community and the people across
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the united states. so when i said i am worried, that's what i was referring to. i was referring to the president's budget and i am worried about the president's budget. as omb has put in forth, there is a lot of problems in it. >> there is been some speculations that the president may ask attorney general jeff sessions to replace john kelly as secretary homeland security. that would essentially be throwing him out of the department of justice. would you support a move like that or would you attempt to block a move like that? >> it is up to the president whom he wants to have where of his cabinet. let me say this. the attorney general made absolutely the right decision to recuse himself from the russian investigation. he consulted with the staff and followed the exact sideline of the justice department. for h him to be criticized and the decision to remove himself
4:20 pm
from the investigation, i just don't think it is right. >> so you would not support any attempts to move jeff sessions to dhs? >> it is up to jeff sessions and the president but if he's being moved because of his correct decision to recruise himself,us that's a mistake. >> senator susan collins. our republican friend from maine. >> senator, thank you for coming on and thank you for sharing your view. >> we appreciate it, thank you. >> when we come back, those dramatic healthcare moments went down in defeat at the hands of john mccain. later, how we ask common taters
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well, we are back. panel the here. hugh hewitt, host of the salem radio network, eliana we are back here with our panelists. welcome all. i want to start by watching the dramatic moment on thursday night when senator john mccain's bill call, watching perhaps if you are on the right side, it is like watching the seahawks throwing the interception in the super bowl. you see john mccain coming up and getting the attention of the clerk and you hear the gasp when you see thumbs down and look at mitch mcconnell and cassidy and
4:25 pm
rubio, they are all just stunt in there. >> you did not need word to know what happened there hugh hewitt. >> it was so unexpected. look, three republicans voted for the status quo. senator collins and mccocaine and murkowski. this was a decision to stand pat. people's medical situation do not wait for the regular order of the senate. i think unless they decide that they got to get the conference and take the best to fix this, they have not serious. >> this goes baack before trump. >> a bill does not become a law
4:26 pm
by pass whatever you can and write it. >> no, that's not regular order. >> that's not how it should happen. senator mccain is right. we should be surprised, senator mccain says he was not going to vote for this law. a conservative senator from south carolina states this policy is a disaster. republicans voting for what they all knew it is a disaster but none of them wanted them to become law. look at what happens in the senate when you had republican senators voted for something that none of them want to become law. the secretary, it is a failure and it is imploding and it is hurting people. the truth the matter is and as big of a fiailure they make it out to be, it is not going to be popular and the first time, aca is above water right now. people, this is important. we cannot take this away from
4:27 pm
people. >> we have to come to order and fix it. >> for the first time we really thought trump's influence on the party. repeal was never on the table. in a senate procedure, trump, he's a man who likes victory and he likes process or the signing ceremony and that seems to be the senate's goal here. lets just sign something. nobody thought this bill was good and trump's ideology fractured the republican party. i think that's what broke the senate bill. they could not bridge the gap as the senator wanted to repeal and moderate, they never made it clear what it is that they wanted. >> you know elaine, bringing up the president's role here, you seem to try a tactic against li li li lisa murkowski.
4:28 pm
i am a nail and pounding it. he did it again with targeting mcconnell. there is no soft shell with donald trump. >> it seems to me that he's not great apart of the deal. this is someone sendingly sa --n how powerful she is and her political standing in alaska, how did he think that's going to go over? that made no sense to me. one of the things that i sort of dropped during this whole on and off again debate that we have been back and forth and that's taking the politics and there was a really good story on friday, just about the pay she want patients and the people who were in the exchanges and using obamacare. one day obamacare declared dead and alive and the next day and
4:29 pm
people are stockpiling medicine and doing major surgeries before they were supposed to be scheduled. i try to put myself in the mind of somebody whose health or the health of their child is on the line as these political shannanigans is going on. >> tim phillips, he said the following, this is an epic failure but it is time to pivot the reform. there is no good time to pivot. >> he's right. can republicans stop? >> people's healthcare is collapse ing in small and large way. i have been in the merge aemerg room and it costs me 600 bucks out of pocket.
4:30 pm
i can afford that but most americans cannot do that. cornell you are right. that's why it is important to fix the order that susan collins speak. it is going to kill people if they don't hurry up. >> what if the house voted for this skinny bill. was that a worry that you sent to the conference? >> and this is where it breaks down and where to be fixed. there is a majority both in the house and senate who get together and fix this. that's the problem. >> you maybe right. >> there is alternative out there and the majority. >> and you are not getting tax on this. we can fix this but not by the same rule of the majority. >> i got to pause that conversation. i don't think we are going to fix it. [ laughter ] >> when we come back. the other giant story of the
4:31 pm
week, i am going to talk to president trump's first campaign manager and still close confidante, corey lewandowski and what advise he had for john kelly. you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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and do your thing. welcome back. there are very few people who have a better sense of what life is like in president trump's orbit than my next guest. corey lewandowski was candidate trump's first campaign manag welcome back. my next guest corey lewandowski, first campaign manager and despite having his own run in, he remains close to the
4:34 pm
president. corey lewandowski is joining me now. welcome to "meet the press." thanks chuck, it is great to be with you today. >> looking back, what went wrong for reince priebus, what went wrong with that relationship in your opinion? >> well, part of it is the president wants to bring a new direction and what that means is making sure his legislative agenda gets done. what's important of the president which fulfilling the campaign offices that he outlined. we saw the defeat in congress for repeal/replace obamacare. that's something he campaigned on and reince priebus was brought in as somebody that could work with the house and the senate getting agenda done. with that not being accomplished, the president made a new decision to his chief of staff so what he can have his agenda of the forefront of what he wants to get done.
4:35 pm
>> given that reince priebus and the president were not very close. you had a front row seat to that at times o f the tense relationship when he was chairman of the rnc and your campaign and with candidate trump. in hindsight was it a mistake for the president to hire somebody that he was not close to? >> what the president decided was president-elect trump to bring reince priebus on board was to bring someone who understood washington and help him staff his team in order to achieve his legislative agenda. if luke at took at the ups and s getting neil gorsuch on the supreme court but the major iss issues had not established in congress. >> he believes it is all reince
4:36 pm
priebus' fault, tis that the defeat of reince priebus? >> i would not say that, chuck. obviously, the president has an aggressive legislative agenda, healthcare and repeal and replace obamacare was at the top of the list. we are moving to tax reform. we can get middle class and reduction and doubling those. what you got with general kelly coming in of bringing a fresh perspective, very important and an opportunity to communicate, the president's agenda to the staff inside the white house and work closely with members of congress and the u.s. senate who wants the see the border done. he's sitting in federal office right now and i think this general as a chief of staff is going to come in and paut a freh set of eyes and making sure the president's agenda move. >> that was a random thing that you introduced there. >> what's the focus on mr.
4:37 pm
cordery. how is that on top of the agenda there? >> it is building a wall on the southern border and repeal/replace of obamacare. richa richard cordray is sitting in office right now and it is my recommendation to fire richard cordray, if he wants to run for the governor, go do it. i hope that the new chief of staff and looks at him and saying it is time to act precise s i' sively. >> do you have a client here? >> no, richard cordray passing the rule that it is trillions of dollars that the government had to go for. he's announced that he's running
4:38 pm
for governor ohio. go run for governor of ohio but don't so while you are sitting in the office. >> let me go back of the new communication director. this was hours before reince priebus bus fired. a conflict divorce of facts of the basics of how the government works driven by ambition and fear and animosity and envy. >> you mercedes agree of a tone for that but there is a consensus. the president does like a little bit of chaos around him. how does john kelly limit that chaos and how does the president essentially limit himself from wanting that chaos? >> i think general kelly is going to restore order to the staff. his title is chief of staff and
4:39 pm
not chief of the president. what you have seen over the last 30 years is an unbelievably successful individual who's now the president of the united states and everything he's achieved and the idea that he's brought to the presidency have been something he's talked about for a long time. what we need from a chief of staff is ensuring everybody who work in the white hous in the w the president's agenda. moving forward, general kelly is going to bring the type of discipline to the staffs so ensure that leaks are stopped and president's agenda is for most of what takes place in the building. there will be no back stabbing. he's the type of person that when he wants to stab, he's going to stab you in the front. the opportunity of everybody in the staff working for the good of the presence and not for the agenda. >> if there is one thing that john kelly should afford doing
4:40 pm
as president trump's chief of staff. >> absolutely. the thing that general kelly should do is not try to change donald trump, chuck, as you know and i said you have to let trump be trump. that's what made him successful of the last 30 years. that's what the american people voted for. anybody who thinks they're going to change donald trump does not know donald trump. >> that's a good place to end. corey lewandowski, thank you for coming onto the show. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> donald trump won by breaching the democratic blue wall. six months into presidency, how is that wall holding up now? >> the opportunity of the year is back: the mercedes-benz summer event. get to your dealer today for incredible once-a-season offers, and start firing up those grilles. lease the e300 for $569 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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welcome back. data download time. barely a week goes by without president trump talking about his great electoral map . welcome back, barely a week goes by without president trump talking about his great electoral map of victory. how does that look six months into the trump's presidency.
4:43 pm
we can take a look. so where is the president's support still rocking solid based on gallop tracking polls of june 30th and the most favorable state of the president were west virginia and wyoming. his approvals in the three states is in the 20s. put those pieces together and you have the under pending of trump country. some of the toss upstates that president trump pulled in still looks relatively good for him, ohio and iowa. someone is under water but not by much. better in those places as we may expect. these are state that is voted republicans at least once before trump. still, he's doing better in those states than he is in red states from the past. his net approval, negative 7
4:44 pm
points in georgia and negative 9 in texas and arizona. demographically, populations are growing and they are racially and ethically diversifying. finally, it does look like the great blue wall that the trump's campaign so successfully cracked in november maybe starting to reassemble. the president is struggling in wisconsin and pennsylvania and michigan. >> state that is won him the presidency back in november, but as you can see performing more poorly there than enneighboring iowa and ohio. >> trump won them by a total of 77,000 votes. look, we are in the midst of a political realignment. how quickly this ship happens is something to watch. if you look at this as a snapshot of the 2020 map, could be looking different of the 2016
4:45 pm
map that we are starting to get yo used to. when we come back, reporters and journalists weighing in. >> donald trump could have been a successful president, he's accomplished almost nothing. >> god has given him a second chance to redeem himself. here we go. [ grunts ] got 'em. ahh. wait a minute. whole wheat waffles? [ crying ] why!
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welcome back. simple question, has donald trump been a successful president? is he on his way to being one? journalists generally agree mr. trump's si welcome back, is donald trump on his way of being a
4:48 pm
successful president? >> does it matter to the voters? >> active six month point, we thought we reach out to a series of commentators and everyday voters. we saw all of them if they think mr. trump had been successful so far? >> here is the response of the guys. >> a president is successful when he or she has a vision. if president trump builds a wall and does not get us involved in any more point less middle east wars, he will go out as the greatest in my lifetime. >> the successful is of the american people can trust. >> with him, god is giving our country a second chance. >> los angeles angels is 25. if he quit today he will be in the hall-of-fame. donald trump only serves six
4:49 pm
months that he's so bad and he's in the running of the worst of all time. >> what's important for president trump to realize that he's a president to everyone in the country. >> in eyes of the people who voted for donald trump, he's a successful president and they sent him there to set things up. >> successful presidency impact the thoughts of the country, how people see themselves and how they see others. >> great leaders, heath laugh. the best leader is the biggest servant of the lowest person on the ladder. not the one that gets the biggest cheers. >> you have to be focused and relent less any towards a goal and clearly he's not and his white house is not >> the only fair answer is incomplete. i don't think there is a successful or unsuccessful
4:50 pm
president where you can predicted for sure six months in. >> young he's worried of being reelected. i think he's pushing his history has looked back now and decided that he was actually a very good president at that time. it's hard to see how donald trump gets to the end of four years where he reverses what appears to be his instincts to tweet and have chaos around him all the time. >> all right. now what do you guys think? eliana, every president has a reset moment. this reset moment is coming awfully early. >> it is. i disagree with what corey lewandowski said, who by the way is appearing at a fund-raiser august 3rd for a republican ohio gubernatorial candidate. >> now we know the motivation there. >> despite his claim he has no business interest in this. but people voted for trump because they supported his agenda and let trump be trump.
4:51 pm
they voted for trump because he wasn't hillary for many reasons. but the shakeup is coming early. reince priebus failed at his job because trump didn't empower him to do it. if he was interested in enacting trump's agenda, he would have quit on the second day when he was undermined and incapable of doing it. general kelly, i think, hopefully will be empowered to do the job. he didn't tow the line in the obama administration, he spoke out against the policies at guantanamo. i think for that reason there's some hope that he will quit if he's not empowered to do his job, but those are the sorts of people i think this president should be hiring and who the country should be looking at, people who are going to speak out and quit their jobs if the president doesn't empower them to do them. >> you know, there was -- at the pentagon when it was announced on friday that general kelly was going to be the next chief of staff, several people said, well, you need this sort of four-star general. these are men who know how to get things done, they know how
4:52 pm
to get people to follow orders and that's all very true, but also to be a successful white house chief of staff, you've got to come with a little bit -- a lot of political know-how, and there i think we could see some issues coming up with general kelly. as a four-star general, he knows how to talk to congress, he knows how to appear on capitol hill and he knows how to schmooze, but there's a lot more to that to this job. this is a job that is so down and dirty in the roman coliseum with gladiators from all different sides and trying to get all these egos in line. i'm just a little bit -- i love to see general kelly and scaramucci in their first meeting. i can't believe you haven't brought this up yet. >> i think we're all trying to figure out scaramucci and kelly. >> it's so easy to be a partisan hack here. look, the power of the white house matters, right, and when you look at what's happening in
4:53 pm
the white house, when does chaos become dangerous, right? you know, when is the white house becoming a locker room become problematic, right? we need people around the globe to respect the white house and the white house is shrinking and being diminished. that is a problem for us around the globe when our -- when our allies don't think that they can respect to negotiator talk with a locker room. that's the problem that's happening right now. it is tonal. it is about diminishing the white house. when you see scaramucci and those guys behave that way, it makes the white house a smaller place. >> my analogy, not coliseum, not locker room, chp had a series "deadwood" and i think reince priebus was doc cochran and now they're hoping that general kelly is sheriff bullock, but swearington and cy are still running the place and the legislature, who is donald trump, has no idea what's going on. the most important enter enter last week was andrea mitchell talking with general dunford. we have a war cabinet right now of general kelly, jim mattis, joe dufford, mike pompeo, tom cotton is the president's favorite senator.
4:54 pm
there's a huge story in the background and a very competent team, but the deadwood shooting has to stop. >> i think some people worry it's not deadwood, it's quentin tarantino. anyway, before we go to break. this evening on "sunday night with megyn kelly" kate snow is doing a report on whether talc may increase the risk of ovarian cancer. an important study worth watching tonight. that of course is tonight at 7:00/6:00 central on nbc. we're back in 45 seconds with end game and something we never thought we'd hear. coming up, end game brought to you by boeing. continuing our mission to connect, protect, explore and inspire. to you by boeing. continuing our mission to jack be nimble, jack be quick, jack knocked over a candlestick onto the shag carpeting... ...and his pants ignited into flames, causing him to stop, drop and roll.
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back now with "end game." i bet are you going to talk about the boy scouts, about this speech before the police department. >> transgender, don't forget that. >> that's what we're talking about here. >> oh! >> is the president's transgender position. thank you, producer helene cooper. what was amazing was the republican pushback on the directive, not from the joni ernsts of the world. john mccain, richard shelby, lisa murkowski, senator tillis, orrin hatch, among the republican senators who pushed back and said no, no, no, this is a mistake, don't do it. but listen to orrin hatch. he personalized it in a way that you might not expect. >> but i've said, look, people who are transgender, they don't choose to be transgender. they're born that way. and why should we hold that against them? >> sea change from what's been happening in the republican party. if you go back eight, nine years
4:59 pm
ago and listen to what republicans were saying, conservatives about this, it was a wedge issue. god bless america, we have changed sides. >> i think it's a huge wedge issue. i think donald trump is a traditionalist in a strange body, the body of a manhattan millionaire. and i think -- i do think that middle america -- donald trump, isaiah berlin, hedge hog and the fox. donald trump is the fox. he understood one big thing and it's the cultural estrangement of middle america from the eastern elites. the eastern elites are the republican senators whose views have changed on these things too. it's a bipartisan issue. >> interesting way to put it. we will leave it there. thank you, producer cooper. that's all for today. thanks for watching. guess what, not only are we back next week but every single sunday for the rest of the year. no more preemptions, i promise. because if it's sunday, it's "meet the press."
5:00 pm
being here. russia trying to influence american policy to influence american democracy. that is not a new thing. we're going to learn about how much it is not a new thing. this year something different happened when russian president vladimir putin launched a multipronged effort to subvert our american presidential election. just in the past few weeks we've learned that donald trump's eldest son and his campaign manager and son-in-law all attended a meeting with a russian lawyer during the campaign promising russian government help with the trump campaign and russian government dirt on hillary clinton. we learned that the president, president trump and vladimir putin held a


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