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tv   First Look  MSNBC  July 31, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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this morning russian retaliation as president trump prepares to sign a bill hitting moscow with new sanctions. vladimir putin strikes back cutting hundreds of u.s. diplomatic staff. plus a show of force. president trump is voicing his frustration with china. and retired marine general john kelly takes over as president trump's chief of staff but can he get the agenda back in formation. good morning, it is monday, july
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31st. i'm yasmin vossoughian. president vladimir putin announcing yesterday he's ordering the rust mission in russia to slash its staff by 755 people. it comes after the russian foreign ministry said on friday the u.s. would have to reduce its diplomatic staff to 455 by september 1st. in a statement, a state department official tells nbc news that the move is quote a regrettable and uncalled for act, adding the department is quote assessing the impact of such a littleation and hmitatio will respond to it. putin is saying he's against any retaliatory measures quote as of
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today. so where does this sort of quickly escalating situation go from here? >> well, thanks, francis. there's no understanding the significance of this latest move. vladimir putin doesn't want to see this necessarily escalate any more but in his television appearance just yesterday he did say these relations could deteriorate much further. there's no understating the significance of this. the washington post said this is more like the cold war than the actual cold war. there's been no forced reduction in diplomatic staff between russia and the u.s. since before the cold war, the revolution that resulted in the tit for tat expulsion of diplomats just like this. what's fascinating is it seems as though vladimir putin is leaving open a diplomatic window straight to donald trump. the timing of this is very
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interesting. while both houses of congress have passed this sanctions bill with overwhelming near unanimous support, putin actually announced this drastic move before president trump could have weighed in and either accepted or vetoed this bill. now of course with this near unanimous support, the congress could move past even if he did try to veto it. but even when he was announcing this, vladimir putin made some -- vladimir putin made some lists of all of the different places in which the u.s. and russia could possibly reconcile, including over syria and ukraine. and with putin doing this, making this announcement before president trump got his hands on the bill, he's beyond reproach. he's not going to be blamed unlike congress for the deteriorating relationship between the u.s. and russia. >> we're going to have to see how that develops for sure. the u.s. embassy in russia a huge presence. the latest tension in the
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north korea. the u.s. along with south korea and japan conducting a ten-hour show of force yesterday flying super sonic bombers and jets over the korean air space. it comes in direct response of north korea's test of another intercontinental ballistic missile on friday which has a range of much of the continental u.s. and possibly as far as the east coast. the accuracy of the missile in question -- it is not belonged that pyongyang has the ability to add a nuclear weapon to the missile. president trump took to twitter saying quote, i'm disappointed in china. our foolish past leaders have allowed them to make hundreds of billions of dollars in year on trade. they do nothing for us. china could easily solve this problem. and u.s. ambassador to the u.n., nikki haley tweeted, done talking about north korea.
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china is aware they must act. not only a u.s. problem. it will require an international solution. joining us live, msnbc correspondent janice. good to talk to you. the commander of the u.s. air forces says although diplomacy remains the goal in resolving the situation, if called upon we're ready to respond with rapid, lethal force at a time and place of our chiesin ichoos. how close are we to responding in that matter. >> reporter: there's in doubt that instability in the region is almost unprecedented given the technological advances that north korea has made in its weapons programs just in the last six months alone. it's widely expected that they have a capable missile to the u.s. they believed north korea was about a year away from that goal and a that assessment was made
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before this latest icbm test. there is a degree of nervousness throughout the region among u.s. allies here. president trump calling his japanese counter part shinzo abe to assure the country that the u.s. would be there to protect the country. over the weekend you saw south korea and japan making their own moves. south korea saying they're entering talks, launching strong missiles. also the president ordering the swift deployment of the thad anti-employme ant anti-deployment system that he suspended in may. this is tension growing here over the growing threat from north korea. >> joining us now from washington, defense reporter from politico, jack clinic climast. we've got two big foreign policy issues that i want to talk about. let's start with north korea.
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in the tweets from nikki haley and president trump, they both called on china to act. is it likely that we're going to see china play a more aggressive role with north korea? >> this is not a u.s. problem alone. everyone has said there's no good military option here. so that's likely going to look for diplomacy. something like sanctions. but at the same time it's important to point out that if this was an easy solution, china and the u.s. would have already done it. people have likened saying it's easy for china to do this saying it would be easy for the u.s. to solve the crisis in the middle east. it's not clear what the right answer is but if it's going to be solved, i think china is going to be part of it. >> yeah, absolutely a lot of experts are weighing in on that saying that china is integral to helping resolve the north korea issue. it's not a new issue. want to move to russia.
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vladimir putin saying that russia will seize properties. do you think the retaliation, that it ends there? what more can we expect? >> it depends on what the u.s. does. a russian official was on tv over the weekend saying how retaliation will continue if the u.s. takes more actions. so i think it depends in terms of what we see. the official says everything is still on the table, everything from sanctions to everything is being considered. >> what does this mean about the relationship between plump and loo p -- president trump and vladimir putin. >> the white house announced he's going to sign it so it could definitely cause more tension between the two leaders. >> thank you for joining us. all right. the new week starts with a new sheriff running the white house. retired john kelly takes off
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where reince priebus took off. he steps down after days of public hounding from incoming communications director anthony scaramucci. priebus announced his rezation on thursday after scaramucci unleashed a tirade against him. the former head of sky bridge capital was eventually brought on board and in a break of tradition reported directly to the president instead of the chief of staff. and with health care reform failing to make progress in congress, rumors have circulated for months that priebus's his nation was eminent on on board air force one on friday everyone knew what was going to happen. priebus, scaramucci and the president all on the same plane. and prebuiceiebus parted ways a
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deported joint base andrews before the president deported and greeted the press. >> reince is a good man. john kelly will do a fantastic job. general kelly has been a star, done an incredible job so far, respected by everybody. a great great american. reince priebus, a good man. so i'm happy for him, i think it's actually going a different direction, hitting a reset button is a good thing. and the president did that. so i think he's happy. although it's a little mix when things like this happy generally feel pretty good. some of that stuff this week, i just think it's an annoying distraction that it's not right for people to talk about, especially employees of the west wing. >> so later in the night the
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president the president kind with his knew chief of staff in his hotel in d.c. prieb priebus's exit is just the latest which included sean spicer, national security adviser michael flynn and of course james comey, the current fbi director. kelly is the first general to be chief of staff since alexander hague in the nixon administration. who will fill kelly's spot. lindsey graham tweeting his displeasure that sessions could be moved there saying ag jeff sessions has a good ring to it. dhs secretary jeff sessions doesn't sound right. >> president trump is criticizing members of his own party of senate republicans failed to replace obamacare last
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week. it's an idea that majority leader mitch mcconnell has dismissed in the past. the president also wrote quote, after seven years of talking repeal and replace, the people of our country are forced to live with imploding obamacare. if a new health care bill is not approved quickly, insurance companies and bailouts for members of congress will end were soon until the republican senators are total quitters, repeal and replace is not dead. demand another vote before voting on any other bill. and yesterday tom price was asked whether he would continue to implement obamacare following the senate's failure to repeal and replace the bill. >> our law is to follow the law of the land. and the role of the health and human services department is to
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improve the health, safety and well-being of the american people. our goal is to put many into place, as well as the president's goal, to put in place a law, a system that actually works for patients. you can't do that under the current structure. this system is imploding upon itself and that's what we're trying to take care of. that's what the president has said. that's why we need repeal and replace. >> one more note other the weekend senator susan collins with a decisive no vote was greeted at the airport in bangor, maine to cheers. >> i got off the plane and there was a large group of outbound passengers, none of whom i happened to know and spontaneously some of them started applauding and then virtually all of them started to applaud. it was just amazinamazing. i've never had that happen in the 20 years that i've been privileged to serve in the senate. so it was very encouraging and
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affirming, especially arriving back home after a very difficult time. >> and more than six months into the trump administration, a cbs news poll finds americans have deep rez salt lake citys about the commander in chief, given a list of words it adds which would describe the trump administration these days. 52% call it kay yot and 42% describe it as frightening, 22% choose surprising, 17% find it entertaining, 15% choose great and 12% and 10% of americans describe it as routine or organized pch. as to president trump's approach, 38% believe he's taking on real problems that have to be replaced but 6 2% believe he's starting conflict and drama. violence breaks out as venz way venezuela holds a controversial
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welcome back. the president of venezuela is claiming victory in that country's controversial special election to rewrite the nations constitution. but there is deep skeft schism over how it was conducted. . socialist government claims that 8 million people voted but the opposition and one independent monitor says it was less than half that. the election grants nicolas maduro the power to replace the democratic legislature with members nominated by his own administration. the u.s. state department called the election flawed and vowed to take swift action. let's get a check on your weather now with bill karens.
2:19 am
looks like a rainy day in florida. >> that's really only one of the concerns. it's ugly this morning. we have lightning with it too. it's a tropical disturbance. doesn't have the status of a tropical depression or storm. hurricane center gives it a 40% chance of developing into a tropical storm. some gusty winds here and there. but tropical downpours is the bottom line. a ugly start to your workweek and this will drift for the next two days over the state. because it's moving slowly over the next two days, that's up to five inches of rain. anywhere else in the country, five inches of rain we're talking about a big flood event. there's not even floody watches down here in flofrd because of their sandy soil. we'll get an eye on that during the day. here's the timing. miami stays out of a lot of it. you'll get one or two bands of thunderstorms but the more persistent heavy rains between nape l, sarasota, tampa, i-4
2:20 am
corridor, west palm beach and our friends in melbourne beach. south carolina and georgia, you'll get rip currents and rough surf but that will be it. the humidity is low in the northeast, the great lakes, the ohio valley. this front went all the way to the south and very unusual. it's not chilly but at least the humidity has really been knocked down. that 88 will feel comfort in atlanta, even the 86 in raleigh is gorgeous. remember how hot it was yesterday, 100 and 105 in tulsa, oklahoma city and dallas. this is your summer break. 87 in tulsa, that's incredible. amaril amarillo, only 80. denver, this is the coolest you've been in a long time. a little bit of a relief. the heat will build back. mid 80s in louisville, d.c. in the upper 80s and humidity will
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return later in the week. later in the week, an epic heat wave, the worst of the summer. portland, oregon has a chance of hitting 107 degrees which would be their all-time hottest temperature. >> you can't have a summer without an epic heat wave. >> you usually get one or two and this is a good one. still ahead, look at late ers inductees into the baseball hall of fame and one player who could potentially join that list. sports is next. with an all-around stretchy waistband and pampers' superior protection so you'll see fewer leaks and they'll see their first underwear pampers easy ups, the easiest way to underwear. pampers and it's also a story mail aabout people and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business
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welcome back. time now for sports and up to cooperstown where jeff bag hal, rodriguez and tim raines, inducted into the national baseball hall of payment. puj a 14-time all star was voted on in his first appearance on the ballot. it took bag wel seven tries after having a staff filled career. raines a seven-time all star finally got selected in his tenth year on the ballot. bud selig and his veteran. now to texas ranger adrian bell trooe, the only 31st slugger in history to reach that milestone. he's now tied for 30th. clementi on the all-time hits list. unfortunately it it came to him
2:25 am
as a loss as the rangers fall to the oriels. for one of the rarest things you'll ever see in sports. take a look at this. >> out to left, has he done it again in he has. walkoff grand slam for the second time this week, steve pearce wins it for the blue jays. >> that was steve pearce's second walkoff grand slam in four days. he joins sitwo others as the on players in mlb history with two games ending grand slams in the same season. the blue jays win that one 11-10. that's unbelievable. >> i feel every time you're doing sports steve pearce hits a walkoff grand laslam. what is the guy eating. john kelly prepares the take over as chief of staff, we're
2:26 am
looking at who will answer to the former marine general. before he was president, president trump criticized president obama for his vacation time. but a new report is looking at one of president trump's favorite vacation spots and what it's costing taxpayer to protect that area. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap, to friends at more banks then ever before. you got next? chase. helping you master what's now and what's next. super-cool notebooks. done. that's mom taking care of business. but who takes care of mom? office depot/office max. this week, filler paper just one cent with five dollar minimum purchase. ♪taking care of business.
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welcome back, everybody. i'm yasmin vossoughian. let's start with the morning's
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stop officials. this morning officials are looking for two more inmates of a dozen who broke out of an alabama jail last night. one by one they have been recaptured except 19-year-old christopher smith. 24-year-old bradley kill patrick was in jill on drug charges. the jailbreak happened in jasper. after failing to repeal obamacare last week, tom price says the administration will quote follow the law in terms of everyone mentation here. he urged congress to go home and talk it over with their constituents while the president tweeted unless the republican senators are total quitters with, repeal and replace is not dead. vladimir putin is retaliating for the sanctions bill that the white house says the president intends to sign. putin announced yesterday that he's ordering the u.s. mission in russia to slash its staff by 755 people. putin called the new round of
2:31 am
sanctions which is punishment for interfere in the u.s. election illegal restrictions. turning now to the ongoing tensions in the korean peninsula where the u.s., south korea and japan conducted a major show of force in the skies yesterday. it comes in response to north korea's test of a ballistic missile which has a range which includes much of the u.s. the u.s. conducted another successful test of the thad anti-missile system yesterday. the military says it was previously planned and not in direct response to the launch from pyongyang. janice, south korea now pushing to start talks with the u.s. to allow seoul to build more powerful ballistic missiles which is needed under the terms of a bilateral treaty. how close are we to reaching a breaking point where military force could be used on the north? >> the military option is seen as one of last resort because it
2:32 am
would be devastating for the u.s.'s regional allies, south korea and japan. regardless, there is a degree of nervousness with the level of instability that's rising with every advance that north korea has made in its weapons program. south korea's president also ordering the rapid deployment of the thad anti-missile defense system here that he suspended just a couple of months ago. as well japan saying it's looking to add to its missile defenses given this rising threat from north korea. president trump ramping up some diplomacy calling his japanese counter part shinzo abe to assure him that the u.s. will be there to protect its allies if things continue to escalate. the issue of course is that experts believe with this latest missile that north korea is closer to its goal of having a missile capable of delivering a nuclear war head to the united
2:33 am
states. just last week the defense national intelligence agency said it was about a year away from that goal and that asse assessment was made before this latest test. there is also increasing pressure on china. as we know, president trump has long believed that china would wade in to use its influence on pyongyang in order to reign in the regime and its advances. china on the defensive today, suggesting that president trump needs to learn a few things about the north korea nuclear issue. that china has been trying. it can only do so much. it can only apply so much pressure and that relations between beijing and pyongyang have been strained because of what seems to be the alliance between china and the united states against north korea. so there really is probably an unprecedented level of instability here, not only in terms of security but in terms of diplomacy. and the lack of any clear u.s.
2:34 am
strategy has people wondering what the clear path forward will be. >> certainly a frightening situation and the developments we've been seeing out of there. thank you. this week marks the beginning of john kelly's teen your as chief of staff. he takes over with battle lines drawn across the west wing. and reports this weekend report that kelly will be likely filling the va can chief of staff's position with his current top aide at home security, kristen nelson. jonathan swan tweeted source familiar tells me jared kushner and ivanka trump will follow john kelly's lead in terms of protocol and information flow. but as of those like anthony scaramucci who demanded direct access to the president, the answer remains unclear. >> mr. all of the white house staff report to the new chief of staff?
2:35 am
>> so i will do whatever the president and our new chief of staff general kelly ask me to do. >> has scaramucci, have you, have you now been told you report to john kelly? >> i will speak with general kelly and the president about that. as i'm sure anthony scaramucci will. >> when general kelly is sworn in on monday as white house chief of staff, will all staff members immediately begin reporting to him? >> i don't know. i answer to the chief of staff and i will continue to do that. >> and former clinton white house chief of staff john podesta says the responsibility for kelly's command in the white house will ultimately be up to the president. >> they have no doubt that the president has told him that he has full authority. the real question is will he allow him to exercise it. and that means will he accept the discipline that general
2:36 am
kelly will try to impose on the anthony scaramuccis and the steve bannons and the jared kushners and the rest. >> president trump's most consistent form of communication as we all know is twitter, continuing to reveal some major inconsistencies in his positions over the years. tweeting in 2012 three chief of staffs in less than three years of being president, part of the reason why barack obama cannot manage to pass his agenda. president trump is on his second chief of staff within the first seven months of his administration. and also in light of this, his weekend long tweet storm calling for an end to what he now describes as the outdated filibuster. there is this tweet from 2013, thomas jefferson wrote the senate filibuster rule. harry reid killed it yesterday. rule was in effect for over 200 years. let's talk further about this. joining us now from washington, defense reporter from politico. let's talk about john kelly's new role in the trump administration. a four-star general, going to be
2:37 am
the chief of staff to an impulsive president, shall we say. how is his military background going to impact his time in the white house? >> in terms of order and discipline and organization, i think his military background will serve him well. while we was in the marine corps he was a top aide to two former secretaries of defense. he has some experience in keeping the trains running op time for a high-level official. where he might be lacking is in terms of the politics. while he was head of u.s. southern command, he obviously testified before congress but it's unclear yet if he'll have the relationships on capitol hill to actually get the white house's agenda done. >> a lot of the criticism that i've been hearing is worrying about his relationships within washington and if he sort of has the negotiating power of those that are in politics, that have been in politics for quite some time have. one of the things the insider of white house are looking to john kelly to do is to control access to the oval office was we just
2:38 am
heard in that interview in fox news a talking specifically with kel kelly aanne conway. is there optimism that kemly could do what reince priebus could not, having people directly report to kelly versus the president? >> being former military, i think chain of command is going to be really important to him and it's something that we can expect to see him try to instill in the white house. but it's unclear, this is an impulsive president and an unconvention tall white house. it's unclear if he'll be able to do it. i heard corey lewandowski say that kelly could not try to change trump. if he takes that advice, it's unclear if he'll be able to do that. >> if you go in there and try to change president trump then you have a tough road ahead. if you embrace the person that he is, it's likely you'll have a better time working with him. with john kelly taking over, it leads the open question as to
2:39 am
who is going to be the homeland security. who is being floated out there? >> we've heard michael mccall who heads the house committee on homeland security, we've hear kansas secretary of state chris cobalt and heard moving jeff sessions over from the department of justice. if sessions were ho move over, there's a lot of holes in the top levels of trump's administration. now there's a homeland security hole. if he moves sessions over from justi justice, there's going to be another hole there. it's important to get those filled to get some work done, defend a budget, go to testify on capitol hill. >> as we've seen over the last week, there's definitely not a lot of support for removing sessions from his post. thank you last week it was the boy scouts now police groups that are the latest to push back against something the president said while addressing them.
2:40 am
remarks the president said on friday in new york where he told law enforcement officers to toughen up on suspected criminals. >> when you see these thugs being thrownwagon, i said pleast be too nice. like when you're putting somebody in the car and you're protecting their head, the way you put your hand over -- like, don't hit their head and they've just killed somebody. don't hit their head. i said you can take the head away. >> the suffolk country police released a statement saying it was tot tolerate prisonering being roughed up. law enforcement officers are trained to treat all individuals whether they're a complainant, suspect or defendant with the dignity and respect. this is the bedrock principle behind the concepts of police legitimacy. putting the music back in
2:41 am
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time now for business. this earnings season many top american companies are seeing double digit growth, something that hasn't happened for six years. what's driving all of this growth? >> well, you know, i think there's a number of factors at play here. one of them is for years the big corporations have been on cost cutting drives. those are starting to bear fruit. we've seen a weak dollar. that helps the exports. you'll see the bottom line look a lot better on that front. and then of course there's strong consumer spending. that really helps companies like samsung. we've had their earnings out overnight. they are now the world's largest chip maker.
2:45 am
they've beaten our competition from intel. intel really only makes chips for computers. samsung makes them for computers, mobile devices and smart cars. they made $54 billion ref knew over the most recent quarter, around a quarter of that came from its chip industry. and then we saw about $12.6 billion in profits, record profit for the company over that period. impressive numbers. now the interesting story we've been looking at of course is how people are watching tv. this really matters for businesses like samsung. the old fashion tv set is something people are using less and les it seems. we've all been using mobile phones, laptops, tablets. new numbers coming out from the u.s. government agency administration and they've shown between 2009 and 2015, average household tv set numbers have dropped from 2.6 to 2.3. there's also a tiny minority of people who have no tvs in their entire house hold.
2:46 am
it's something that people like samsung are having to bear many mind when they plan for the future. >> i don't know how we're supposed to feel about that but probably not that great. thanks so much. and cbs news poll finds americans are feeling better about the economy, saying compared to a year ago that 35% think the economy is actually doing better, 21% think it is worse and 44% feel it's the same. as which is more responsible for the changes in the economy, 43% say president trump's policies, 29% give credit to president obama's policies and 28% believe it is a mixture of both. >> i just read that people love their morning television, fyi. guarding president trump's winter white house has cost the u.s. coast guard over $6.6 million. washington post reporting the guard has deployed a myriad of watercraft from around the country to safeguard the waterfront estate during the
2:47 am
president's seven weekend trips this years. it comes out to $945,000 per visit. at the same time the coast guard is facing a stringent budget cuts with the leaders saying they're forcing the service to make different decisions. the coast guard was forced to defer maintenance and run craft far beyond their retirement age due to the lack of funds. he's recently said the guard has not pursued scores of potential drug shipments due to a lack of craft. in 2016 the coast guard intradieted more cocaine at sea than was con fconfiscated all o all costs. cutting the budget $266 million. let's get a check on your weather now. >> we just heard that is now tropical depression number six. breaking weather news this morning. we showed you on the radar,
2:48 am
pretty well-defined circulation. the hurricane center put it at 40% development in the next two days. at 6:00 this morning they're going to start advisories on it. not yet a tropical. but it's classified as tropical depression number 6. at 6:00 a.m. they'll give us a forecast path, intensity estimates and rainfall estimates animpacts across central florida. we're talking mostly rainfall and if we're going to get flooding out of it. florida with soak it up with the sandy soil. there's a ton of thunderstorms with this and heavy rain. there's going to be urban flooding in the low lying area. we continue to get your updates from our computer system. the stronger the system typically we get more rainfall out of it. now that we have a depression, when we get the information in the computers we'll see what they spit out. the highest rainfall totaling with sarasota, naples, back into
2:49 am
la loek oak wh . also in the middle of the country we have a nice cool refreshing air mass. what happens in the northwest. when you get the jet stream all the way up into the northern portions of british columbia, that bheens we have a high ridge, hot air, stagnant hot air is in place. and we have possibilities of not just monthly record highs but all-time record highs for a few cities in the pacific northwest. the worst of it is northern california up through the pacific northwest. you don't consider the pacific northwest to be that hot. 14 million people under advisories, watches or warnings. several days of triple digits. this is for today. just starting to get a taste of it in portland at 9 is, boise 101, las vegas 107. these are typical but by the time we get to the middle to the
2:50 am
end of the week, this is when it's not normal. portland has a chance of going to 107 on wednesday and thursday, two days in a row. redding up to all-time hot es ever in portland is 107. we have a chance of that on wednesday and thursday. we'll watch that at the end. week. all eyes are now on florida as we have a brand-new tropical depression. the closest one of the season we've had, right off the coast of tampa and sarasota. a blast from the past. mtv is reportedly bringing by trl, "total recall lifeve." i watched my fair share of episodes. originally hosted by carson daly placed ten most requested videos of the day as voted by viewers. the revival will feature rapper comedian young fly and eric zachary and broadcast live starting in october. >> look at those blond tips in
2:51 am
that hair. wow. are we getting a revival of that hairdo as well? >> i like revival music video is coming back. >> bringing back "trl" does not mean it's back. i worked in new york city during "trl" and lunchtime traffic was not fun. you always knew when n'sync was playing you could see screaming girls. still ahead, back to one of our top stories this morning. russian president vladimir putin retaliating against those sanctions after interfering in the u.s. election. a live report coming up next. first kid you ready? by their second kid, every mom is an expert, and more likely... choose luvs than first time moms. luvs with nightlock plus absorbs wetness faster than huggies...
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welcome back. in the latest in escalating diplomatic tensions with russia, president vladimir putin yesterday announced he's ordering the u.s. mission in russia to slash its staff by 755 people. it comes in response to new sanctions imposed by u.s. after russian aggression in syria in addition to the kremlin's meddling in the 2016 presidential election. joining us life from london, foreign correspondent, matthew bradley. every action has an equal and opposite reaction. already this morning a kremlin spokesman says if the u.s. retaliates, russia will take countermeasures. is this what we're seeing here?
2:55 am
>>. >> you can't call this a proportional response. that would be very much an understatement. back in december when president obama, then-president obama, decided it was, in fact, russia that meddled in the 2016 election, he expelled 35 russian diplomats and seized two residences or compounds here in the united states belonging to the russian government. that's a lot lower than the 755 number that putin just announced yesterday, what's really fascinating is the citing of a diplomatic open that president putin wants to leave open to donald trump. he's actually announced this expulsion, 7 5, after the senate and congress approved the sanctions bill but before president donald trump could actually consider it. that means it seems as though he wants to leave president trump beyond reproach so he can can blame other politicians if
2:56 am
things deteriorate. he still has that straight line to this rare u.s. president who still has a chummy relationship with vladimir putin. >> certainly seems as if he's sending a very direct message. matt bradley, thank you. coming up on "morning joe," it's day one for the president's new chief of staff, retired general john kel canny. we'll talk to andy card, former press secretary to president obama, josh earnest and "the washington post's" bob woodward. an outspoken critic, michael moore. "morning joe" moments away. in body, in spirit, in the now. boost® high protein it's intelligent nutrition with 15 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for when you need a little extra. boost® the number one high protein complete nutritional drink. be up for it trust #1 doctor recommended dulcolax.
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welcome back, everybody. before we toss it over to "morning joe," let's get a check of the stories. in in addition to welcoming john kelly, the president will award his first medal of honor to army medic james mclewin, credited with saving lives of ten fellow soldiers in 1969 despite sufferisuffer ing shrapnel. he entered the kill zone on ten
3:00 am
different times. he is 71 years old and lives in south haven, michigan. john mccain is back in arizona and expected to undergo treatment for brain cancer today. his office says he'll begin targeted radiation and chemotherapy and maintain a work schedule. we're told he plans to return to washington after the august recess. in the meantime, he tweeted this photo of himself and daughter last night. the caption, old man and his daughter on the mountain. >> certainly wishing the best for him during this time. that does it for us on this monday morning. "morning joe" starts right now. who the hell wants to speak about politics when i'm in front of the boy scouts, right? >> i did not collude with russia. >> beleaguered a.g. >> the


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