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tv   MSNBC Live With Katy Tur  MSNBC  July 31, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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go irish! see that? yes! i'm gonna just go back to doing what i was doing. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. that wraps up this hour of msnbc live, katie turr is back. >> i could not stay away any longer. 11 a.m. out west, 2:00 p.m. in the east, a new general in town. day 192 of the trump administration. the trump white house is attempting to turn the page on a presidency plagued with infighting. and trump is counties on this man to get the job done. four-star general john kelly was sworn into office as a new white
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house chief of staff just hours ago. retired military man now working as a civilian politician. can john kelly bring hill tear order to an administration spiraling out of control? >> the word of the day, right? the buzz word so far has been discipline. >> the general kelly will bring d discipline, he has to allow that to take place. >> he will try to bring military style discipline to the most undisciplined white house in history. >> we need a disciplined president that will have an agenda to benefit the american people. >> most of the people we spoke with here, they don't like it one bit. >> we have a fantastic leader, chief of staff, going to do a really great job. >> how would you describe the
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trump administration? according to a new poll, 52% call the current white house chaotic. the president tried to swat they awa saying highest stock market every, best unemployment numbers in years, rages rising, border secure, no white house chaos. >> let's debrief, i'm so happy to see all of your faces. phil rucker is a white house bureau chief, and we have an msnbc contributor. let's start with you, reince priebus apparently fired. he was not able to get any legislation done, specifically health care was the final straw. why does this president believe that john kelly is going to be better at doing this, after all he has no legislative experience
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either. >> that's a great point. the president thinks that general kelly is someone that will bring stability to this administration. he likes what he has seen. he has touted the fact that he was tough on crime, tough on illegal immigration, and he thinks he will bring that similar sensibility here to the white house. it is not just the health care battle, ca katie. there was a sense in this administration for the president that he had become weakened. that people were not listening to him. he could not corral the factions in the administration. will general kelly be able to do any better. there is a big question mark around that. let's look at what he had to say moments after general kelly had been sworn in. >> we just swore in general kelly. he will do a spectacular job, i
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have no doubt. what he has done in terms of oklahomaland security, record shattering. you look at the border, and the tremendous results we had, and you look at the spirit, and with a very controversial situation, there has been very little controversy which is amazing by itself. i want to congratulate you on having done a fantastic job, general, and we look forward to if it is possible an even better job as chief of staff. >> as you know, as you have been reporting, this is a president that likes military service members. who thinks that people that understand the chain of command brings strength to this type of administration. the big question is can he get the president's legislative agenda to move forward. what happens with health care. all eyes could be on that for a critical first test. >> and the president did go to military school. that is one of the reasons he likes generals. john kelly is coming in and he
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is facing a lot of hurdles. not only the infighting on the white house, and tapping down on leaks, but chaos around the world. north korea has missiles, russia is expelling diplomats or trying to, and then there is health care and differing opinions, so what is general kelly going to be trying to accomplish first? >> first of all, there is a sense that he is uniquely suited. he has 45 years of service with the marines. they believe he is the right person to tackle a crisis like north korea and the latest provocation, firing that long-range ballistic missile that has a capability of reaching the united states.
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we know the president spent much of the weekend dealing with that. launching a military exercise over the korean peninsula. then there is russia and the fact that congress is slapping around sanctions on russia. the fact that this is someone no stranger to service and foreign conflicts, the sense is he is the right person to come into this job at this point in time. >> i'm going to read a portion of onef your argticles. also you say chiefs of staff can be viewed as managed the president or the government, managed up or managing down and out. this is a retired four-star general. how can he deal with this
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president? >> i think he will have more trouble with the staff. they need to do an effective job. i know he examples the different factions in the white house today. we'll see if he can hold that. the bigger problem is will donald trump allow himself to be tamed. will he stop working the phones, talking to all of these outside advisors rate at night or early in the morning that plant ideas in his head that he acts upon on twitter or making decisions, or doing things, deciding to take actions and i think he needs to create discipline himself for this to be rescued. >> there is a large question of whether or not that can be done. we're going to see if anyone can change him at this point. lots of people saying he should not tweet.
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let's go back to reince prbus. he was the last vestige of republicanism in the white house. the last republican by nature, republican by name, republican born and bread in the white house. without him, what are the ties that hold trump to the g.o.p.? >> i mean you basically named it, it is the fact that the vice president is someone that was a republican, part of the accomplishment, an understands what republicans need to get done. the fact that mike pence is still there, and while he may not like him, the former senator jeff sessions is start part of the cabinet. those are the people that continue to have a shadow of the what the republican party used to be. this is trump's party. now he is really clearing house and saying the republican structure in my white house will be completely different from
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what it would have been had jeb bush, ted cruz, or someone else won. we're seeing him flushing out and starting the republican party over again. we go back to the idea of what phil was talking about. we can talk about all of the different things and chaos around this white house, donald trump is at the head of all of that. and general kelly can't get ahold of donald trump. if he can't convince donald trump to trust him, and be disciplined in some way, i don't think there will be that much of a change. >> just look at this graphic we had up a moment ago about the folks that left the white house since donald trump took office. michael flynn for 23 days. mike dubke, jim comey, sean spicer, reince priebus, 189 days, that's a lot of turnover
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for an administration that has only been in office for six months. guys, thank you very much. >> thank you, casey. >> joing me now is a former white house chief of staff for president george w. bush, also an nbc political analyst. we're keeping your busy today? >> yes, i think general i think he knows it, the president knows it, will the leadership mablg a dirns? and i'm optimistic, it will. i want to see how general kelly would encounter those scenarios. they are saying they're not doing their job on twitter or
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health care. >> mr. president, you cannot get your programs accomplished without the governing and republicans are your best friends in congress. you may not like them, but you need them to do their buzz. buck up, stop trashing, get to work, build bridges -- >> people have done that, what about if he starts tweeting in the middle of the night about russia or this special council. does john kelly have the authority to walk in in the morning and say you have got to get of twitter? >> he definitely has the authority to say that, will the president heed the wishes. we hope general kelly will have the opportunity to often candid unvarnished a advice to the president about what he should do. have argues behind closed doors.
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i had plenty of opportunities to talk to george w. bush behind closed doors. second, general kelly has to bring discipline to the staff. if president trump will not be self disciplined, then everyone around him should be disciplined enough to transfor the information. >> how can they remain disciplined if something they say gets under cut the next day on twitter. >> that is up to the chief of staff to walk in and say we took a step forward and a step backwards because you did not exercise the discipline. just be transparent and candid and accept the consequence. the consequence of not doing that is the president and his ability to get things done. he has to build bridges with congress to build a program to
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attract legislative support. he is going to get tax reform done. that is one of the toughest things you will do. kevin wayne is committed to getting something done and he needs help. >> this is a president we have been able to understand his reputation for awhile. he has been in office far significant portion of time. do you think he will be open to hearing hard truths from the chief of staff? >> i don't know, but that doesn't mean the chief of staff should not bring hard truths to the president. so yes, i think it will be a interesting relationship to watch develop. i don't think general kelly and president trump have known each other for very long. i suspect they both have respect for the positions they each have, and the work they have done in the past. i think there is a way to bring
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about the kind of leadership opportunity that general kelly can meet without having his hands ties or his inability to tweet. i would like his tweeting to just go through a filter. just one step off from reaching us. i would like that consideration to be given and maybe they should go to the white house staff secretary where all other documents go. >> i think he likes tweeting, i don't think he wants to hand it over. >> i don't think he should give up tweeting. >> can he ever really have complete authority over the staff when there are family members in the white house? >> you can have respect from the family membersn e best interest of the president that e chief of staff knows everything that is going on and even a little more to help the president to accomplish his mission. the family members on the staff is tell the chief of staff
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before, during, or after you talk to the president at a minimum. >> you think the members will be able to do this in the white house? >> it has happened, every president has someone close to him that has unique access. if the chief of staff earns that respect, not commands it, earns it, i think general kelly can do the job that is right because he has done it field as a general. he knows what is happening in high places. he worked for secretary leon pinet pinetta, bob gates, no two better leaders in the political world than those two people. general kelly was right by their side. >> i'm not sure if anyone can understand the white house, but you done a fine job of trying to tell us what the chief of staff needs to do. >> we want him to succeed in his responsibility to keep the oath. >> andy carr, thank you very
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much. coming up, vladimir putin wants to eject american diplo t diplomats in russia and north korea is testing another missile. can a white house in chaos already deal with a world that is on edge? chances are, the last time you got a home loan,
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all your tv at home. the most on demand your entire dvr. top networks. and live sports on the go. included with xfinity tv. xfinity, the future of awesome. today, the president is facing escalating tensions on two fronts overseas. first, russia, president trump has yet to sign a bill that
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would slap new sanctions on russia, but vladimir putin is hitting back. he ordered 555 diplomats at -- we expelled 35 russians. and north korea threw super sonic bombers and fighter jets over the korean peninsula on sunday. that was after they conducted a interc intercontinental missile test. >> we'll handle north korea. we'll be able to handle them. it will be handled, we handle everything. >> joining me now is christopher
11:21 am
hill. also former u.s. ambassador to iraq, south korea, and former deputy assistant tesecretary fo russia and ukraine. i have a good pairing for these two topics. ambassador hill, how will this affect our -- i'm going with michael on this, how will it affect our organizations over there in russia. >> no doubt it will have an effect on our organizatiperatio. this is retaliation from russia for sanctions or sanctions authorities that congress now put in the executives hands. the metals, mining, and railroad sectors. so where as the u.s. sanctions
11:22 am
could have a long lasting effect on russia's economy, the response is weak and pathetic. he is going after staff at our embassy and it is primarily russian staff that are cut as a result of this move. >> so the president has not yet signed the sanctions bill that went through congress, it's on his desk, could he be trying to buy time as some alleged to give back the russian compounds that the u.s. seized before he signs it. that bill restricts him from doing so. >> usually when you take these steps, they are effective immediately and pew tin it put in a little time kicker there. it is cookie that the president will look at that, but given the strength of that bill, i think they had two or three votes
11:23 am
agait it. but most presidents say whoa, i will be the determiner of this. they would work with the congress to prevent this thing from coming up, but it speaks to the fact that the president has very little credibility right now on the russia relationship, and more over, he doesn't seem to have a lot of credibility in the congress and the senate. so this is what happens when you, frankly, have not done your bureaucratic or foreign policy home work. >> what about the argument that the supporters of the president are making that argument, listen, how could russia have wanted president trump. that slaush is not getting everything they want. >> they are getting everything they want. they completely supported mr. trump in the campaign, and look at what they're getting. they're getting chaos in washington, chaos in our foreign policy. we have a number of very
11:24 am
important vacancies. senior jobs, infighting, a lot of back and forth between members of the administration, arguments over various issues, this is kind of what russia wanted. throwing a monkey wrench in back home. >> this is after they tested another missile that could reach as far as chicago. what does it mean when he says he will handle it? >> i don't know and frankly i doubt the president knows. i think it was an effort to assure the american people that he is on top of this, but the options that everyone pointed out are not very good. i think he had a wrong concept of dealing with china in the first place. a meeting of the minds with china, trying to stress what our redlines and our objectives are
11:25 am
to cork out things together. i think he had an outsourcing concept saying look, chinese i will be nice but you to resolve this. china has difficulties managing this. they don't have the capacity to go in there and end that nuclear program. so i think that it is not surprising that when -- since the president really doesn't quite understand what he is doing what china, that he is disappointed. so i think what we will see is the u.s. staying very close to the south korean allies. we're going to need some direct action. as the president suggested all options are on the table. direct military action, or a gray area, we need to make sure they're comfortable and understand this. if there is retaliation, it will be against south korean people.
11:26 am
>> how high is the risk for at, ambassador, if we were to take any sort of action? >> one, if the north koreans retaliate with their 14,000 artillery tubes against northern south korea, we're kind of into a second korean war. i think the north koreans can probably think that far ahead in the chess game and probably don't really want to do that sort of thing. they're doubling down, working has fast as they can so to have a deliver rabbable nuclear weap. >> ambassador chris hill, michael carpenter, thank you very much. >> coming up, after senator john mccain's doomed republican efforts to repeal obama care, is there a bipartisan path forward to fixing our health care system. i will ask republican lee zeldon coming up next. from the first moment you met
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welcome back, i'm katie turr with a look at today's trump free headlines at the half. the governor in florida has declared a state of emergency after tropical storm emily made
11:31 am
land fall. >> and one inmate remains at large in alabama after a massive jailbreak on sunday night. a total of 12 prisoners escaped with most captured quickly. >> four people have been arrested in connection with an attempted terror plot in australia. authorities conducted several raids across sidney after a terrorist plot to bring down an airplane. airport security is now on high alert. >> thousands were forced to evacuate north carolina's outer banks after a damaged electrical line caused massive power outages. >> and the senate's effort to repeal and replace ended with a
11:32 am
single word from john mccain last week. >> no. >> president trump is not giving up yet. he says that obama care is i'm employeding. in an effort to change votes in congress, he is now threatening to end the employer contribution for law marijuanas. garrett hach, what are you making out from lawmakers after the president is not only threatening them by taking away their benefits, but saying he will get rid of cost sharing subsidies. >> a lot of folks who are taking advantage of those are in places where president trump won. i think there is huge political risk there. we're seeing two plans take shape here that are worth
11:33 am
talking about. this graham-cast i dsidy plan, then the bill that became out of the white house today around the employer mandate. tackleen some of the things that might be more broadly bipartisan, but the house does not want to act again on health care until the senate gets their act together. the speaker said thanks for the work, guys, but we're going to keep focused on other issues. so it is hard to see how they will get enough to move forward. >> joining me now is lee zeldon.
11:34 am
a lot of your fellow rublicans in the senate saying it is time for a bipartisan fix, do you agree? >> sounds great. any ideas that any of my colleagues, if you have a good idea to improve health care in this country or any other issue, i welcome people to weigh in. >> what would you want to compromise on? >> there is already a lot of bipartisan agreement as it relates to certain ak aspect. you can't do some of the changes for chemical malpractice reform. making it ease your for ploys to pull policies. there are parts of the country
11:35 am
that are desperate to be able to sell policies across state lines. there is an agreement on the individual mandate on the employer mandate, that transcends a partisan debate. there is a strong different in opinion, but it is a pretty big aspect of the debate for the country, our economy, and our way of life. so where you can find common ground, pass it, and i'm sure there are a lot that could get through the biptisan votes. >> what about the caucus talking about the employer mandate saying they only want to apply it to companies with 500 workers or more, but what about a compromise like that? >> that would certain i will be an improvement over the current status quo. if they are going to create an employer mandate, they should
11:36 am
have with the small size of businesses that it impacts right now, a lot of small and medium size businesses are passing on less of a policy to their employees at a higher cost and they don't understand -- a lot of employees don't understand if that is the employer or some other factor. so you know, i think that could have been implemented a little better. it is truly a compromise, but it is worth pointing out that stuff needs to get through the senate, and the house will pass, we could talk through 1,000 different variations of how to improve it, the senate needs to get to 51 or 60, and they just need to get there, and the house is just spinning their wheels. >> are you saying there is just nothing you can do about health care, congressman? >> no, not at all, we have to.
11:37 am
even if the senate passed aill that went to the president's desk, wee ill going to be talking about health care 10 and 20 years from now, trying to find ways. just talking about some of the items and ideas that require 60 votes in the senate, even if you pass a budget reconciliation bill, you have to talk about all of the other items like reducing the cost of prescription drugs. just fiphilosophically on how t move our country forward, but they are two people that want to get together for an agreement. i just had someone whose mother had a stroke. and he sent me a picture of his mother's medicine cabinet, and
11:38 am
it was crazy just how many different pills were poured out into this bucket for this picture, and medicare was paying for all of the drugs that he believes caused the stroke. so we can improve it, and i think republicans and democrats must agree. >> congressman, i didn't get to the other questions i wanted to ask you, but thank you for joining us today. >> he is used to navigating complex sittions on the battlefield, blue general kelly be able to reach an agreement between the power centers that have paralyzed the west wing. >> the olympic games are coming to los angeles. the city reached an agreement to host the 2028 summer games. this is awesome. the first games in the u.s. since 2002 and the first in california since 1984. fun fact, i was there, my mom
11:39 am
was reporting on it and i was with her. the announcement is expected to come a little bit later today. oh, wait, old on, "new york times" is now reporting -- sorry for this breaking news, now reporting that anthony scaramucci has resigned as white house communications director. wow, he has only been there about a week. you hear the reaction in this studio right now. anthony scaramucci was brought on as communications director about a week ago. forced the resignation of sean spicer when he did that, and eventually forced the firing of reince priebus. this is only from the "new york times," but apparently we have now confirmed it as well. the white house coming out with a statement, soon. anthony scaramucci did not get
11:40 am
off to the best of starts. he was plugging his own book, he was talking abo joe paterno, he has a documentary about him coming ou he was on a pro fanty la profa i thai -- tirade. but he ultimately said he had the confidence of the president. i talked to him this morning and asked him if he would be reporting to john kelly, the now white house chief of staff, and he said he was happen to do that, willing to do that, so long as it was what the president wanted. he said he would do anything for president trump, then he said he had to duck into a cabinet meeting. he did seem less scaramucciish than he usual hi is. less confident.
11:41 am
he said he was trying to lay low at the moment. suggesting that things were not going as well within the as he had hoped. wow, out within a week. a couple folks here to talk to us about this. guys, thank you for coming in and saving my butt right now. i was just tap dancing, the news was coming in my ear, anthony scaramucci out from the white house, elise? >> i didn't think he was going to last that long because of t level of volatility he brought. it gives confidence that general kelly will hold swai and get his way on key issues with trump. >> yeah, this was not someone that was welcomed into the white house with open arms.
11:42 am
steve ban nnon did not want himo come in. sean spicer handed in his resignation because they didn't believe he was a good fit. this relationship goes back years, they have had a very strong relationship, scaramucci came after him in the past and criticized him but he apologized for it. they talk alike. they have similar attitudes, to see him leave so quickly, what does it say? >> first, i think it speaks to what you just said, which is -- your microphone is not on. kristen welker at the white house, fill us in on the deta s details. >> we don't have official confirmation on this just yet. anthony scaramucci is out, but
11:43 am
there has been a lot of frustration and anger behind the scenes now in the wake of that new yorker report where he tyke direct aim at reince prebus, said things that can't be reported on tv. one official calling it a disgrace that he still has his job. we'll have to see if in fact this is the care. the white house team is huddling right now, preparing for their afternoon briefing, they're also working on a statement toless ls know what happened. sarah huckabee sanders is having a press briefing this afternoon, she will likely get lots of questions about it. the president is trying
11:44 am
the ship. this could be, yet another element, anotherfaout of the president trying to turn the page on a rocky couple of months here. the new chief of staff, general john kelly, the hope is they will get rid of some of that discord. >> do you think this is a request of john kelly? >> i don't want to speculate because i don't have the details, but general john kelly is dealing with the chain of command. he has ruled with an iron fist at dhs nap is why president trump wanted to install him here. and i have just been talking to other top officials that say they made it very clear they will be reporting directly to general john kelly.
11:45 am
we'll have to see how that plays out. if top officials follow that in the weeks and months moving forward. it could be that there was a power struggle at the top. the story was becoming about anthony scaramucci. these headlines, his comments to the new yorker had to do with him, not a whole lot to do with the president's agenda and the president's vision. it is possible that once we get this information confirmed, it could frustrate the president. today, marks a new day. we had the weekend to take a breath and now we have a new chief of staff in place and we're eager to move forward on a new footing.
11:46 am
>> kristen welker, stay with us. ali velshi, he has a long history with the president, he tried to get in the white house earlier on but reince priebus is said to have effectively blocked him from doing so because of his potential conflicts of interest. not being fully divested. >> and this is probably negative -- until sky bridge is sold, scaramucci could not get his clearance to work there. he is not actually fully on board yet and now she gone. >> whatever it is, that deal has not gone through with sky bridge. he can't fully be in this deal. so i think two things are at play here. one is that for some reason, maybe for the audience of one, donald trump, but anthony scaramucci make it look personal.
11:47 am
priebus used an expression to a journalist about what he had done to stop him from keeping the job. so at this point with that done, i don't know if that was interesting to john kelly. i think you have interviewed him, i have interviewed him. he was tough, but she as military as military gets. i can't imagine that john kelly agreed to take the job with all of these various parts around him. ivanka trump said looking forward to working alongside hymn. >> peter alexander is in the briefing room. i know we're going to hear from sarah huckabee sanders, and i have a source saying that john kelly was the one that pushed him out and he potentially might be looking at another role in
11:48 am
the administration, what are you hearing? >> he came here from the export import banks. we don't have the details nailed down yet. we expec a formal statement coming up. talk about upheaval and chaos. consider the fact that we're now looking for a third communications director for president trump in barely more than six months, a new press secretary now in place, a chief of staff beginning effectively today. they want to find someone that cannot just enforce that discipline, they think they get that from general kelly, but do they have a president that will kep that discipline, allow for the authority to be handed off, it seems he is common straiting some of the authority from the course of his short tenure here.
11:49 am
>> anthony scaramucci has now tweeted himself that he has resigned. you covered the white house before, you today in that room in president obama's tenure. i think it is safe to say you have never seen anything quite like this? >> i don't know if anyone has. i certainly have not in our period of time here. these are usually events that are gor core choreographed. at the end of last week that was a remarkable week, this lt week ending with reince priebus and john kelly in, it was like washington was reponding in the wake of a hurricane, doing a
11:50 am
damage assessment. they would start the reboot, effect today. but there is some outer bands of that storm still swirling with them. >> peter, sorry. we got a -- it was not anthony scaramucci tweeting saying he resigned. sorry. that was a false flag. but i have confirmed with a source close to anthony scaramucci that it is true, that he is out at the white house. so nbc news can report that as of now. sorry about that. guys, let's go back to the table. so many moving parts on this. this is a white house that has had people resigning or quitting or being fired over and over again, just since january 20th. i mean, there's james comey, sean spicer, reince priebus. at what point did the item ultimate stop? >> john kelly coming in, the test is going to be -- this
11:51 am
could happen with john kelly in 20 days. if the president doesn't change his ways, does he accept the discipline that general kelly is believed to be able to bring to this job,s general kelly going to be able to stop the president from tweeting in the middle of the night? is he going to be able to stop him from tweeting during morning shows on this network and other networks. scaramucci thing is relevant and interesting right now, but the real question for this president is can he accept the discipline that general kelly is believed to be able to bring to a white house that -- where item ultimate is a part of the every day exi con. >> is anyone going to be able to stop the president from tweeting? he's 71 years old. why is general john kelly suddenly going to be able to walk in and say you know what, donald trump, i know everyone else has told you this including your own children, but -- >> that's really the battle that i'm most interested to watch because someone like general kelly who served almost half a
11:52 am
sentry in the u.s. military at the highest level, he deployed three times in iraq, he served his command of southern operations, i do not see him being able to really deal with donald trump's constant chaos and being such a manager, being a leader of an organization that is based on discipline, this is going to be the managerial challenge of his life. >> i to say, i think there are two different issues here. i don't think donald trump is looking to john kelly to sol any of his other problems in life exempt the chaos in the white house. maybe he is making a decision that this kind of stuff may need to stop now that i've got reince priebus out of the way. it's puzzling to many people as to why he needed sebody to help him with that. >> can you do th, though? can you really establish ord in a white house wh two of your senior advisers are your children? can you really put order in that? i mean, can a chief kf staff run a staff -- >> why would you bring a john kelly in if you didn't r didn't want to do it, right?
11:53 am
>> is john kelly going to be in charge of. >> strukt that makes sense. it's not just that a few people will go right to the president. i think most people will get their head around the fact that the president's son or son-in-law or daughter or daughter-in-law will go right to them. the idea that there are different camps going on in the white house may be solved by john kelly. i'm only saying this because know we've ever stalked to about john kelly has the same stuff to say about him, that he's an orderly military man who follows the rules, likes rules and doesn't like them broken. i can't imagine he took that job or was chosen for that job without some serious conversation. ic imagine anthony scaramucci took the job without serious conversation. ic imagine reince priebus. this isn't. john kelly doesn't need this job and doesn't need donald trump. >> we have your partner in crime stephanie rule on the phone. what have you got? >> i actually spoke to anthony last night around 9:30, and i
11:54 am
would say he had no idea this was coming. when we speak he said, you know, there could be one of three outcomes. i know that i'm here serving my country. i made a mistake with how i handled the conversation with a reporter. and he said but i'm here for the president. he said of those three outcomes, yes, i could come here and i could serve my country and i could serve the president. it's if they want we here. if they don't want me here, i could go back and i could run sky bridge or the third, i could do something else. but speaking to him last night, i would say he did not know that this was coming. now, i've spoke to other people in the white house on friday that said anthony will not be able to ser in this white house if he is conflicted. and again, anthony hasot yet sold his company. selling his company to hna, the chinese con grom rate is a complicated issue. >> so why would trump bring him on if he hadn't yet sold his company? why put him in the position to not be able to serve?
11:55 am
it wasn't like this was a secret, stephanie. >> it wasn't a secret at all, but you know this better than i do, katy, president trump is not a cross your t's dot your i.'s kind of guy. president trump is a big picture and president trump really liked what anthony was doing last week. anthony was performing for an audience of one. and beyond that, even those in the white house who didn't like how anthony handled this, anthony did the dirty work for what a lot of people in the white house wanted done, except he only got one head, not two. many people in the white house wanted it to be bannon and reince out. and frankly, they couldn't get the job done, and they might not have liked the way anthony did it, but he got a job done that they wanted done. and now that reince is out, the white house is turned with a guy who runs things as tight and soundly as general kelly does, he's not going to have someone like sthon that has these issues surrounding him. selling your company to hna is not a slam drunk. >> and yeah, we'll see if hae
11:56 am
has that sort of discipline. again, i spoke to anthony scaramucci just this morning as he was going to that cabinet meeting and he said that he was laying low, but that he would be happy to serve under john daily if that's what the president wanted. again, h didn't havehat same swagger that he normally h on the phone. it was a quick conversation. he said he would know a little bit more later today, this afternoon. it is this afternoon, and it seems like we know what was going on earlier today. harold ford, last word before we take a quick break. >> this is about the president. we can talk about anthony, but ultimately can general kelly prevent a president from tweeting out a change in defense policy the way they treat certain soldiers when he hasn't cleared it through command. i hear what everybody is saying, but ultimately it's maybe about jared and ivanka and can he work with -- i'm not clear, i'm not sure that anyone can maintain or control or contain this president in a way that would make a white house work effectively and ferntel. >> that is a great word to end on, haired ford jr. >> thank you to at home for
11:57 am
sticking with us as we got that news, that breaking news coming into my ear just a few minutes ago and we stopped everything we were doing and we tried to figure it on out on the air. hope we didn't put you off and i hope you stick around and come back tomorrow. i will be back again tomorrow. right after this break -- in fact, i'm going to stay on set a little bit longer. right after this break i'm going to hand it over to my good friend ali velshi to take over the news. another person out, thoen scaramucci not the communications director any more. just ten days. stay with us. liberty mutual se
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