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tv   MSNBC Live With Alex Witt  MSNBC  August 6, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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e you want somto protect it.e, at legalzoom, our network of attorneys can help you every step of the way. with an estate plan including wills or a living trust that grows along with you and your family. legalzoom. legal help is here. good morning, everyone. i'm alex witt here at nbc world headquarters in new york. tomorrow is day 200 of the trump administration. new developments and reaction overnight as the u.n. imposes sweeping sanctions with two key countries siding with the u.s. on this move. >> these sanctions will cut deep and in doing so will give the north korean leadership a taste of the deprivation they have chosen to inflict on the north korean people. >> but do they go far enough? and the big question can the sanctions bring north korea's
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nuclear ambitions to a halt. a new message, the president with a new tweet about the attorney general. why it appears to take on a different tone than other recent ones. reaction next on msnbc live. we begin with politics. the white house shutting down a new report claiming vice president mike pence is part of what appears to be a republican shadow campaign for 2020. his press secretary tweeted calling the claims ridiculous fake news and nothing more than wishful thinking by "new york times." a white house spokeswoman fired a warning shot in her statement to the "times" saying the president is as strong as he's ever been in iowa and every ambitious republican knows that. just a few minutes ago, this message from corey lewandowski directed at john kasich who is mentioned in that "new york times" article. >> we beat him by 19 points. i think in john kasich's home state of ohio, we beat him by 10, 11 points.
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john didn't support president trump and if he thinks he's going to run against president trump, i'll take the opportunity to volunteer for that race to continue to destroy john kasich's career. >> meanwhile, rex tillerson is in the philippines for a security forum with world leaders including north korea's foreign minister. it will come one day after the u.n. unanimously passed a new round of sanctions for other u.n. violations. now, earlier this morning, tillerson met with labrov for the first time since president trump signed the bill for election meddling. here's what nikki haley said in an interview yesterday on the possibility of even more sanctions. >> i think we'll have to wait and see. you know, we should always be hard on any country that tries to meddle in our elections whether it's russia or anything else. what you saw those sanctions were response to the meddling and we'll see how russia responds to that. >> for more on those sanctions,
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kelly o'donnell in bridgewater, new jersey, very close to the president's resort where he is spending the next couple weeks. how is the president reacting to the news that the u.n. imposed those sanctions? >> well, the white house is pleased and the president is using his twitter feed to express that. he considers this a victory for the u.s. the u.s. did leave this mission to get other nations on board with other severe sanctions. that done by nikki haley the u.n. ambas deer for the united states. she addressed her fellow colleagues at the security counsel, got them onboard. most notably that china and russia agreed. this, of course, a reaction to the north korean regime's testing of intercontinental ballistic missiles and the threats they have made and the cyberrattling, if they will. nikki haley the ambassador was really front and center with this trying to make two points. toughness towards the leadership in north korea but a willingness to support the people of north korea and to try to work with
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them to resolve this. here's how ambassador haley expressed it. >> i think now north korea needs to step up. north korea has a variety of options. we are willing to deal with those options based on their actions. we are happy to talk with them, but they have to stop this reckless action in order for us to do that. >> this package of sanctions which blocks the north from exporting all kinds of goods, everything from coal to sea food, also limiting its ability to send abroad laborers which would be a revenue source for north korea valued at about $1 billion a year. not only considered punishment, but described as a way to cut off funding they could use to further expand their missile program. so, that's why this is viewed as a very significant step. some of the toughest sanctions in a generation. now, the president in his twitter feed pretty neutral in his response, but, clearly, he
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is pleased where he talks about the 15-0 vote at the security counsel. china and russia voted with us. very big financial impact. couple of other topics are on the president's twitter feed, as well. very notable, a shift in tone related to attorney general jeff sessions. we have seen how the president publicly belittled him and called him weak. expressed his frustration over sessions recusing himself in the department of justice for the oversight of the russia investigations. with a new chief of staff in town, trying to stabilize things. the message going to sessions that his job is not in peril. jeff sessions, of course, has launched an intense investigation of leaks, especially of classified information. the president seems to like that based on his twitter feed. after many years of leaks going on in washington, great to see the a.g. taking action from national security. the tougher the better. and then we have been talking about it over the last 24 hours the president's vacation or working vacation. he doesn't want people to think
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he's cooling his heels even though he was seen on the golf course and it was the weekend and every president is entitled to a vacation. this is a long-planned construction project at the white house forcing him to be out of the white house and his staff out of the offices for a couple of weeks. he tweets, working in b bedminister, new jersey, as long-planned work at the white house. we hope the staff will provide us more details about the meetings and calls as his work on the road at his bedminister, new jersey, home. >> kelly o'donnell, thank you very much for that comprehensive report. let's bring in the nbc digital reporter and daniel litman and co-author of its playbook. guys, with a welcome to you. daniel start with you and pick up on kelly's first point there. how big a win for the white house to have china onboard
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considering the two have had different strategies for dealing with north korea, to say the least. >> it is a big victfry the trump administration. i think going forward you will have to see the follow up and see exactly if there's progress on the ground, whether north korea continues its provocative actions. but you already saw some obama administration alums like michael mcfall, the former u.s. ambassador to russia who has been very critical of trump say this is a very, you know, big, diplomatic victory. it shows that trump can rally world leaders to pass a unanimously vote at the u.n. security counsel. >> so, alex, we know a bit earlier this morning secretary of state tillerson met with lavrov. what is tillerson's biggest challenge since they're meeting for the first time since the expulsion of hundreds of american diplomats and the sanctions bill which tillerson and the president had openly criticized. >> it's a long list of challenges for secretary tillerson, especially in dealing
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with russia which is, of course, dominated so much of the trump administration so far. i do think this sanctions achievement will be one that the tillerson can feel good about and the trump administration can feel good about and they might try to use to break path towards more cooperation with russia which, of course, has been a top trump administration goal. but, lately, the russian leadership has been taunting the white house over the russian sanctions bill saying they showed weakness by signing the bill even though trump didn't really want to but he had to because passed by margins in the house and senate. repair any kind of reset that tillerson and trump was trying to set with russia. >> daniel, i want to ask about one of your colleagues who was writing about how democrats were concerned about any potential blowback if they keep pursuing russia and not addressing the kitchen table subjects like jobs
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and the economy, health care and the like. is that a reflection of what their constituents are telling you when they go on breaks? >> yeah, i think you are hearing from people in the heartland to tell their democratic and republican senators and congressman that they also care about economic issues, about growing the economy, which we saw a great job's report on friday. but i think when you're in d.c., senators and congressmen all they hear about in washington in the beltway bubble is the russia investigation. so, that can sometimes, you know, fog their judgment but we do have to remember that the special counsel robert mueller is in the middle of this wide-ranging investigation that could take down the president. and, so, this is not exactly a small topic. but i think democrats also need to talk about how they would govern if they are elected or if they regain control of the house or senate next year. >> alex, a "new york times"
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article i want to address with you in which it signals vice president pence and other republics to include john kasich who is a candidate himself. they are looking ahead to the 2020 ambitions. what are you hearing on this? >> i mean, yeah, also senators ben sass and jeff flake are out with new books. have been using those books to go on tours being very critical of the trump administration. they've both been critical of him. i think there's no doubt that there will be some primary challenge to the president. the question is, how serious it will be. will it be somebody like an evan mcmullen who kind of broke away from the republican party in 2016 to challenge the president. a low-profile guy with not a lot to lose. or somebody more serious like john kasich or a sitting senator and history has shown that when sitting presidents are challenged by somebody in their own primary, they tend to lose the general election. so, i think the trump administration is right to take this very seriously and the more that these, you know, negloativ
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headlines pile up, the less that gets accomplished in congress if obamacare doesn't get repealed and if taxes don't get reformed. the more likely you are to see something like that happen. >> dannal daniel, i want to looe president who tweeted last night after years of leaks going on in washington, it is great to see -- how much of session's speech was trying to get back in trump's good graces as one of your colleagues suggest. do you think the doj will stop those leaks from coming out of the white house? >> so, i think, yeah, the session's press conference on friday really had an audience of one, the president, to try to reassure him that he was doing everything he could to stop the leaks. but the wide-ranging leak investigations that they have going on at doj, which are, you know, up triple from the obama years really could affect people who are not those deep state
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democrats that trump is always worried about. it could affect senior white house officials and republican senators or congressmen who give leaks of what happens on the hill. so, you know, once you -- it's like opening up pandora's box. you don't know what you're going to find because everyone in washington leaks. >> okay. so, we'll see what they do find. guys, thanks so much. >> thank you. well, the question of collusion. are democrats spending too much time on the russia investigation? that's next. and join me later today when i sit down to talk about the new film "detroit." you know what, don't worry about it. my bargain detergent couldn't keep up. it was mostly water. so, i switched to tide pods. they're super concentrated, so i get a better clean. i mean, i give away water for free. i'm not about to pay for it in my detergent.
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that's why at comcast we're continuing to make4/7. our services more reliable than ever. like technology that can update itself. an advanced fiber-network infrustructure. new, more reliable equipment for your home. and a new culture built around customer service. it all adds up to our most reliable network ever. one that keeps you connected to what matters most. >> the president's right in terms of the russian probe. there's no evidence suggesting
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that here is colluded yet, but they did interfere in our election. >> republican senator lindsey graham reacting to the news that bob mueller is working with multiple grand juries in his investigation. joining me now, democratic congressman luis gutierrez of illinois. sits on the house judiciary committee. welcome back to the broadcast this morning and good morning. i want to get your take on senator graham and saying no evidence of collusion yet. is that your understanding, too, sir? >> here's my understanding and my understanding is once you impanel the grand jury, there is a criminal investigation. right, before that, we might just have been looking at a counterintelligence kind of situation. look, there is a criminal investigation. it's serious. i was in congress in the '90s. i remember when then president clinton was brought before the grand jury and as a college student, i remember when nixon was caught before the grand jury. look, these are very serious, very serious situation.
6:17 am
we don't know. does the grand jury mean the president is going to be indicted? no. does it mean serious investigation into the allegations and that they're looking at the russian probe? absolutely. they're looking at what are and, look, much like clinton and i can understand the fear of the white house because much like clinton, the special counsel started with whitewater and ultimately indicted clinton for lying about monica lewinsky and sex. so, these investigation can be very broadening. >> right. but i'll just have you answer the question one more time. i understand that explanation in terms of evidence of collusion, where is that at this point? >> the evidence of collusion, i believe, is in the fact that mueller has impanelled a grand jury. you wouldn't impanel a grand jury unless you had evidence you wanted to present before the grand jury. my understanding that the grand juries, multiple ones listening to different kinds of evidence.
6:18 am
donald trump's son and a meeting with the russians, number one, that clearly is something that is being investigated. and looked into. number two, number two, what are donald trump's ties to russia and whether that had any influence over the campaign. and, who in the campaign colluded or may have colluded? look, a grand jury investigation is important. what it does tell us and, alex, i understand your question. was there collusion? look, that's why you're having a criminal investigation. look, if tomorrow they impanelled a criminal investigation and the governor of the state or anyone else, i think we would take that very, very seriously. >> i just want to be clear. the specific wording about having impanelled a grand jury. robert mueller hasn't done a specific impaneling to a grand jury to specifically address this issue. two grand juries already sitting. one in northern virginia and one in d.c. those are the ones with whom he is working right now. want to be super clear on all
6:19 am
those details. i do, sir, want to ask you about the legislation that was introduced in the senate to protect mueller from being fired by the president. does it surprise you to seeing the bills introduced and backed by several republican senators. >> it doesn't surprise me. i think there are patriots everywhere, even in the republican party. i know that there are good women and excellent men that want to protect our constitutional form of government. and i think that that's very important. so i'm delighted. i congratulate the senators for taking because, quite honestly, i sit on the judiciary commity and the judiciary committee is doing absolutely nothing in the house of representatives. i don't believe will do anything. now, should the special prosecutor be fired? i think immediately you would see calls for an impeachment
6:20 am
proceeding and investigations and hearings in the house of representatives. whether the republicans will respond is quite another question. but i'm very happy. but, you know what it tells you, it tells you when people here are president of the united states and talk about and tweet about that he can basically forgive himself, it gets, why would you even think about tweeting those kinds of issues? i think we should go back to recent history. he did, in the oval office, have the vice president, the attorney general and his son-in-law. he said all of you, please leave. and then, according to the fbi director's testimony asked him not to investigate flynn. >> okay. let's move to an article this weekend in "politico" which is looking at the way the democrats are handling the russia probe
6:21 am
story and one democratic strategist who told politico, democrats are going to be in deep, deep trouble if they don't start talking about what voters care about. are you, sir, worried about that. how much do voters in your district care about the russia probe? >> here's what i think voters in my district care about. they care about making sure that we do not undermine our democracy. and they do want a serious investigation and probe. because, even republicans agree that the russians did become involved in our electoral process and undermining it. having said that, that is very important. look, democrats are doing the good fight on health care in the senate. you see that. would i like to have a broader conversation about infrastructure because we have roads and buildings and schools that need to be repaired and put people to work.
6:22 am
absolutely. do i want taso see how it is? absolutely. we should do that. do i want to raise the minimum wage? a minimum wage of $7.25. now states and municipalities are doing that. we should have a national minimum wage rate. women should earn what a man earns for doing equal work with equal background. so, there are many things we can do in terms of the economy. but the fact is, alex, that in the congress of the united states, the republicans aren't very interested in doing that and donald trump just seems to be taking so much more time on anti-immigrant redrhetoric or i the context of our military forces. >> i do want to ask you about the immigration issue imposing new immigration. i know you issued a statement in response to that if you are brown, black, asian or anything other than english speaking
6:23 am
highly trained technician, the party doesn't want you here. are you calling this proposal racist? >> i think this is absolutely a racist proposal. if you take diversity visas, alex. everyone knows 90% of the diversity visas go to who? black people who live in africa, subsuheron africa or the caribbean. you just eliminate it? senator rubio's parents wouldn't have made it through this. my parents wouldn't have made it through it. they didn't have a college education, they couldn't speak english and, yet, rubio went on to the senate and i went on to the house of representatives. i think this is an anti-american and it is based -- alex, when you talk about, when you have a president of the united states that walks down those escalators and announce he's running for president and says mexicans are murderers, rapists, drug dealers
6:24 am
and we need to get rid of them and then you say, let's make english. english has always been an important part of our immigration policy, but you know when you pass an english test, alex. you pass it when you become a citizen of the united states. when you want to take that ultimate step. that's always been there and i think it always will be. >> well, i'm going to go back to what you said about your parents and they must be very proud of you. >> thank you. and i get to brag about them, too, this morning. i think they, no, they did so much with so little. my dad when he came to chicago, eighth grade education, right? but he went to college and, guess what. i'm kind of happy we didn't spend college together. i'm very, very proud of him. >> you should be. >> that's the story of immigrants in the united states of america. >> it's a good thing your dad didn't go to college with you at the same time because that would cramp your style. 20/20 vision. republicans already eyeing a run
6:25 am
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welcome back, everyone. i'm alex witt. at 31 past the hour here's what we're monitoring for you. a search and rescue mission for three missing u.s. marines has been suspended. it was being conducted off the east coast of australia where a heliplane crashed yesterday. military officials say it hit the flight deck of a transport ship and then crashed into the bay. 23 other marines were rescued. back to politics and new reaction from deputy attorney general rod rosenstein weighing
6:32 am
in on the renewed attacks on hillary clinton. here's what he said moments ago about whether the justice department has been asked to investigate her as president trump suggested they should at a recent rally. >> when he says here's what prosecutors should be doing, they should look at hillary clinton, do you view that as an order? >> no, i view what the president said publicly, as something he said publicly. if the president wants to give orders to us in the department, he does that privately. >> will you tell us whether he has given you an order? >> he has not investigated particular people. that would not be right. >> also jeff flake looking back on 2016 amid a report that some members of his party are already thinking about 2020. here's what he told my colleague chuck todd moments ago. >> my concern is that if populism is a sugar high and once you come off it, it is particularly troublesome for the party. and, so, i wish that we would
6:33 am
have been more truthful with the electorate in terms of what we can and cannot do in washington. >> well, it is 199 days into the trump presidency today. as we've reported, the white house is fending off a report from "new york times" on a republican shadow campaign already taking shape for 2020 involving senators tom cotton and ben sass and ambassador nikki haley as well as mike pence. joining me now republican from north carolina, welcome back, sir. good morning to you. >> good morning, alex. >> why is there even talks of republicans lining up to challenge their president and this early? >> well, maybe some rumblings, but i can tell you this. the folks out of my district fully support the president. he is clearly focused on the issues that are important to them and the kitchen table and the security of this country. for that reason, i think he has strong support. look at the rallies that he goes to around the country. huge attendance.
6:34 am
big support. so, i think there are some clamoring by a few people disgruntled, but that's not unusual. >> what about arizona senator jeff flake and appears to be leading his own conservative uprising here. here's another statement that he told chuck todd just a few moments ago on "meet the press." let's take a listen. >> we've seen more people ready to stand up and i wish we as a party would have stood up with the birtherism thing was going around. a lot of people stood up, but not enough. >> did you do enough? i'm just curious -- >> on that, i think i did. >> do you, sir, think more republicans should stand up to mr. trump? >> alex, we've had contentious politics since the inception of this country. we go back to vice president that shot and killed the treasurer alexender hamilton. i don't think we've come that far yet. abraham lincoln had his issues
6:35 am
inside his administration. this is not that unusual. i think president trump is clearly focused on securing the country and he's focused on passing a health care bill. he has assisted and work would the congress in every way possible. frankly, shame on the senate for not doing their work relative to health care. we need to get on with addressing not just health care, but tax reform and lowering the tax rates and making this more attractive as a country for growth and expansion and creating jobs. that's what we're about. that's what the president is doing every single day and a lot of attention and commotion on some of these other issues. but i'm glad to know that he's focused on what's important for the american people. >> sir, do you think with regard to health care when you talk about the senate not doing their job and being shameful. were they reflecting the ideal and their constituents who put them into work on their behalf. look at the poll numbers. >> the people who want the job done, you go out there in the
6:36 am
public and they're really frustrated that the health care has not been addressed. we did our work on the house. yes, it was challenging. we have diverse groups and people who come from districts who are far different. you know, we have people poverty and more seniors or individuals with rural or urban and some have districts where you've got just diversities that are all different. and, yet, we came together. governing is consensus and consensus even within our own party. the senate, frankly, didn't accomplish their work. i think they need to go back to work and get it done. >> well, we have ned ryan from a conservative think tank who is very concerned about 2018 and the democrats taking over the house if the gop does not pass any key legislation. are your colleagues, sir, concerned about that? what would happen to the president and his agenda if the democrats held the house? >> i think it's a front to the american people and a front to this president and a front
6:37 am
frankly to the house. if we don't get the work done and we need to move on now to tax reform. you know, ronald reagan clearly understood what needed to be done in the country. we came out of the '70s with high interest rates and high unemployment and the country was in a malaise and he lowered the tax burden. he lowered the regulatory burden and the economy took off and within less than two years, we created 300,000, 400,000, 500,000 jobs a month. we can do the same thing today. the president understands the burden of regulations on small business. we have focused on, frankly, that and the house in terms of small business, as well as financial institutions and reducing the burden on small community banks. north carolina alone we lost 50% of our banks all since 2010 because of compliance cost. that means there is not capital and credit available in the market for small business. and small community banks are the ones extended credit to small businesses. that hasn't been available.
6:38 am
so, there to pursue this and make sure that we can accomplish these objectives and really move this economy. so, that's what we're focused on and shame on us between the house and the senate and we can't get it done. but we have gotten it done in the house. the senate needs to do their work. >> may i ask you about a quinnipiac poll shows 54% of voters eembarrassed that donald trump is president. 71% think he's not level headed. so, will mr. trump ever turn these numbers around? >> i think if we passed the health care and senate would have done their work and president would have signed it, everything would be different. the american people want results and the congress needs to do their part. the house has done its part. again, the president will sign the legislation that's important for the american people. he is there to protect the american people.
6:39 am
he has given a clear direction on what needs to be done to support the american people. sat with him in saudi arabia and i meet with the leaders all over the world. i'm headed back to israel this coming week to meet with prime minister netanyahu and they support this president because of the clarity of focus of his mission. he understands the threats and islamic terrorists and, so, he knows what it takes to defeat it. and he's committed to achieve that. >> we'll see if these type of numbers will change as a result of those things you articulated, sir. good to see you, thank you so am . we'll tell you who said it and why in the white house next. joy reed sits down. ♪ (music plays throughout) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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6:43 am
clearly. no more leaks. he said, if you leak, there will be consequences because loose lips sink ships. we have a four-star legend in the white house matches beautifully with the president. so, those people better stop what they're doing. >> presidential aide offering a peek at the white house life under new chief of staff john kelly. good sunday morning to you, dana. good to see you. >> hi, alex. good to see you. >> this crackdown on leakers. a legitimate issue for the administration or just a distraction? >> it's a legitimate issue to talk about, but we have to understand, all kinds of leakers. i mean, there's the sort of people who basically steal information, give it to other countries and give it to wikileaks. those people have always been prosecuted and need to be prosecuted to protect the country. then at the other extreme, the people in the white house just leaking gossip about each other. and i think that's been the most damaging to president trump and because he set up all these rival power centers in the white
6:44 am
house. i wish general kelly good luck in trying to get rid of that. but, basically, it's human nature. and the president set up his white house this way and, of course, there are going to be leaks. in betwaen thoeen those two you leaks and i would be surprised if this administration goes after journalists. >> any white house can focus if the focus is turned inward on rooting out leakers and the impact it has on an administration long term. >> well, there is going to be a certain amount of paranoia there. you remember when sean spicer went around gathering everybody's phones to see what they've been doing. it's also a fool's to try to crack down. so many ways for people to get their information out there. so, it is going to make people paranoid. it is going to turn them inward. the problem here is the president himself. he gets so much of his
6:45 am
information from cable news, from reading the newspaper in the morning. his aides are trying to reach him by leaking to newspapers and to news outlets. >> so, you wrote about john kelly earlier this week in which you say you've got doubts that he's going to be able to keep in the president in line. if he can't do it, can anybody? can the president's aides even bother to keep trying? >> i think kelly is a great choice. whether you're a critic of the president or not, you need to wish him well. a functioning white house, but already we see the president is certainly not being controlled in his media diet and in his tweeting. so, you know, the question is this president, donald trump, never had somebody telling him what to do. not in the private sector and reality television. he just calls the shots and can do it largely as a matter of whim. he is now in a situation where that's not true and he's chafing at it. if kelly is going to succeed, trump has to essentially stop
6:46 am
being trump and hard for somebody to stop being themselves. >> in your latest column, dana, no such thing as a trump democrat. you dive into new analysis of the 2016 election which seems to disprove the theory that many obama democrats voted for this president. so, what happened instead and why is this important? >> well, a lot of people who had voted for obama did vote for this, for president trump. the statistical analysis suggests that there are not as many as people thought. these people were largely republican any way. not a huge amount of crossover in this election. the real crossover happened in 2008. a lot of republicans voting for obama and now basically coming home to the republican party. so, what does this mean? it probably means for the democrats that they're not going to get those people back except in extraordinary circumstances. what they need to do is rally people who really are sympathetic to the democratic message and that is this sort of populous message that they've been working on and, you know,
6:47 am
it's a working class message either way. but it's not going after these sort of republicans who came home to their party. >> i know you've seen this "new york times" article today suggesting that there is a shadow race shaping up among republicans for the 2020 nomination that would include the vice president. put this into context for us, dana. how unusual is this and what does it mean for the president? >> it's shockingly disloyal. they're not coming out, they're announcing challenges, obviously. it is so early in this cycle to be having these kind of rumblings. to be making these trips to iowa. these candidates want to give themselves the luxury of waiting and seeing. they want to see how the midterm elections turn out. if it's a disaster for the republicans. you can expect that president trump, if he's not tired of being president altogether and runs, again, will have some challenges. >> dana, thanks. >> thanks very much, alex. what happens if the house to
6:48 am
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if republicans do not pass a piece of major legislation by the end of the year, whether it is health care, tax reform, let's face it, speaker pelosi is not out of the question. i also think it does happen that in jan of 2019, there will be democrats that want to pursue impeachment proceedings for donald trump. >> list bring in the author of the people's house project. and robert trainer. with a big welcome to both of you, my friends. ly start with you here, do you agree that republicans hold on congress is that tenuous? >> yes, absolutely. for seven years my party has
6:52 am
been talking about repeal and replace. for a generation now they have been talking about significant tax reform and now they close three levels of government here and we have not had any significant policy changes over the last six months. it is a little embarrassing. what do we have to prove to the american people. what specifically can we show that we have accomplished. there is a lot at stake here -- there is a lot of sizzle but no steak here. what are we showing, what are we fighting for, what do we believe? the jury is still out on that regard. >> so crystal, speaker pelosi, music to your ears? is it too soon to be dropping the i-word? >> on the speaker pelosi peacie
6:53 am
one thing that democrats will struggle with is that messaging of if you vote against us you will end up with speaker pelosi is fairly powerful. she is unpopular in many parts of the country. you have seen a lot of democratic challengers running and being very noncommittal to whether or not they would actually support her. some looking to go in a different direction. i think democrats will have a stronger case if they look to new leadership. in terms of impeachment proceedings we have grand juries empanelled and more going on in terms of obstruction of justice. remember back in the 90s republicans were hot to trot over something much less important than a foreign adversary intervening in our elections. we would not go as something as minor as sex as they did in the 90s. >> do you think the democrats
6:54 am
have a good shot of taking over the house in 2018? >> i think they do. i absolutely do. my work with the people's house project, we work with candidates in the midwest and appalachian states. the number of great amazing ordinary suicicitizens that hav stepped up, randy bryce, teachers, veterans stepping up and stepping to the plate. i this nk it is very compelling for voters. >> if the democrats take over the house, what do you think? >> there is a lot of smoke here, but not a fire yet. i think we need to cool our jets a little. i think we need to let the special prosecutor do his job, robert mueller. we need to let the facts speak for themselves. i'm not in favor of impeaching a president no matter who he or she may be.
6:55 am
some talked about it with george w. bush with iraq. we need to dial it back. we're talking about our democracy, the free world, and let cooler heads prevail. i think the facts also need to speak for themselves. >> crystal, it seems like the democrats only have one big talking point at the moment and that is the russia probe. do they risk overplaying their hand on that and turning voters against them? >> absolutely, president trump doesn't need any help being awful in that regard. robert mooueller is doing his j. i think we should be quiet about the probe and focus on a positive agenda. let's talk about monopoly on ordinary people's lives. gets back to work and earning a living wage. let's let the facts speak for
6:56 am
russia. voters that disagrees entrenches them in their positions. i think if we were quieter, people would come to their own decisions and hear the facts. >> half of republican voters feel their losing on the issues, what should the party will doing with that information? >> taking it to heart and figuring out how question pass significant tax reform. the last time that happened was back in 1986. the majority of americans don't understand the tax code, they think it is too complex. that is a win here. we need to dial it back on the repeal and replace. we can enhance the affordable health care act. we can figure out how we can think about appalachia and understand this economy is changing and it is not out of
6:57 am
the realm of possibility that our next doctor could be a robot, or the next job, the plumber at our house could be a drone. that is what we need to think about. >> crystal and robert as usual. that's a wrap for me this hour, thank you i'll see you in a couple hours at noon eastern. "a.m. joy" is next. thankfully, the breakthrough in prevagen helps your brain and actually improves memory. the secret is an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember.
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we're going to win so much you're going to get tired of winning. please, mr. president, i have a headache, don't win so much, this is getting terrible. >> good morning and welcome to "a.m. joy." while donald trump is firmly ensconced in his golf club in new jersey for two weeks, and with members of congress home


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