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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 7, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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stephanie and -- >> did you talk about the redskins on how much you like them? >> i didn't, actually. >> because if you did -- >> great speech. >> as you know. >> those eagles should do, keep on flying. >> pass by new york on your way to bedminster if you're close. >> aren't you supposed to take the show over now? >> have a nice day. today is monday, august the 7th. day 200 of the trump administration. let's get started. >> high stakes forms in manila later this afternoon. the first time secretary tillerson and north korean counter part are in the same room together. united nations security counsel voted to impose sanctions on forth korea. >> the u.s. on the same page as china and russia. >> the regime issued a defiant statement denouncing the new u.n. sanctions as quote a heinous u.s. plot. >> adding it will launch thousands fold revenge against the united states. >> single largest economic sanctions package ever levelled
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against the north korean regime. >> the best signal that north korea can give us they are prepared to talk would be to stop the missile launches. >> can we get in the mind of kim jong-un for a moment? this is the brattiest of boys on the planet and those nuclear -- those missiles are his toys. >> we should not fool ourselves into thinking we have solved the problem. not even close. >> the weekend bombing at a mosque near minneapolis. >> he says he would have been in his office at the time of the explosion but thankfully was running late. >> i wish i could tell you this is some isolated thing, but we have seen an uptick in anti muslim hate crimes. >> officials are trying to sort out whether or not it was a hate crime. >> an act of terrorism. criminal act of terrorism. >> we provide you the news of the week from trump tower here in new york. >> the news of the week as posted on the president's own facebook page. micah mcfaul says feel like so
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many state-owned channels i've watched in other countries. >> he's given up on the free media and making his own media. >> wow. lots to talk about this morning. north korea as we start out lashing out over the angry sanctions defiant recalling the punishment a heinous u.s. plot as you heard adding it will launch thousand-fold revenge against the united states and warning you as we show you on this map, it has demonstrated that the entire u.s. mainland is in its firing range according to north korea. >> this is scary. the sanctions were imposed after north korea conducted two intercontinental ballistic missile tests last month and china and russia did not use their veto power and the security counsel. all of this coming as secretary of state rex tillerson attends the association of southeast asian nations summit in manila, north korea, china and russia also attending. >> the best signal that north
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korea could give us they are prepared to talk would be to stop the missile lunches. >> but, but north korea's foreign minister on the left here, he's greeted china's foreign minister said this morning under no circumstances will the north put it's nuclear weapons or ballistic missiles on the negotiating table. >> want to take a look at the tough economic sanctions imposed by the security counsel on north korea. as stephanie says, important china and russia didn't veto the sanctions. here is what the key exports that are banned under the sanctions will be. coal, this is a big one. the coal, iron, iron or lead, lead or seafood. remember, china is the receiving country for most of these vast majority of these exports. what will it cost north korea? a billion dollars is the cost of banning these assuming participating countries do stop buying this stuff from north korea. enforcement is a key issue. it also bans joint ventures with north korea and investments in
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current joint ventures in north korea and imposes new restrictions on north korea's foreign trade bank. so these are -- they are meaningful, but what was more meaningful is everybody on the security counsel got involved and china and russia didn't veto it. so that's interesting. >> i mean, kudos to nikki haley. does it actually matter? joining us, gordon chang. gordon, straight out of the gate, what will matter to kim jong-un? >> it will matter when all of the funds are cut off to the north korean regime, when he can no longer support regime elements and can no longer continue his ballistic missiles nuclear weapons. this resolution, nikki haley is right, kudos to her but it doesn't stop the flow and the fact that china and russia voted for this or didn't veto means they don't think -- >> you said when he can no longer support regime elements.
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we're not talking about supporting the north korean people who have been starving and they live on fewer calories than people in the rest of the world do. this is about maintaining his regime. that is important in our strategy, isn't it? >> there is about 300 or so families that really count north korea and remember the country is going through the worst drought in 16 years. the regime doesn't really care. the u.n. is asking for more food. countries aren't going to do it. in the last decade -- 1990s, kim judge ill, the father of the north korean leader allowed 1 to 3 north koreans to die of starvation when he had the means to save them. what the regime did is build monuments and it continued its weapons programs. so we know about the heartlessness and cruelty of the kim regime. >> take us to the ground here. people only the united states who say north korea, i'm not focused on it. i'm focused on my wallet, health care, education, why should i care? this map, what does it tell you?
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>> it tells you within about a year, the north koreans will be able to put a nuke on the missile that can reach the american homeland. >> you believe that? >> yeah, i believe that. maybe a couple months more or less but a fairly short time frame which means the sanction isn't really going to matter. the problem here is that you can have another five sets of security counsel sections. this was the seventh. but it's not going to stop the north koreans in time unless we actually stop all of the money going into north korea and we can do that. it just we don't have the political will. >> for a guy like you who takes a hard line on north korea, you're saying it's more sanctions. sanctions on chinese banks that deal with north korea. >> right. >> you're not really talking about a military option because that does lead to war. >> yeah, and that war would be horrific. 26 million people live in seoul in the metropolitan area. it's within artillery range of the fourth largest military. we don't want to even think about that.
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>> before we go, why don't we have the political will. if they have nuclear bombs that could hit our continent next year, why don't we have the political will? >> we thought we could get china and russia on our side. it was so much more important than disarming north korea. that we saw in the first year of the bush administration. in the last administration, they were more concerned about iran and other things. we let sanctions enforcement slip and clearly, put those two together and shows that we do not have anfective north korea policy. >> gordon, thanks as always. we'll talk about this a lot. gordon change and author of nuclear showdown. secretary of state tillerson also as stephanie said held important talks with russian former president sergey laugh of. >> days after trump tweeted u.s. relations are quote at an all time and very dangerous low. that of course after president putin announced he's cutting 755
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u.s. diplomats and other staff from the american embassy and consulates in russia. of course, in retaliation for new u.s. sanctions. >> i told the foreign minister that we have not made a decision regarding how we will respond to russia's request to remove u.s. diplomatic personnel. i asked several clarifying questions just to ensure i understood kind of their thinking behind that diplomatic note we received but told him we would respond by september the 1st. >> joining us former u.s. ambassador to russia during the obama administration michael mcfall. he said the meddling created serious mistrust or that's what has been reported. does that matter at this point? when we see lavrov speak, he's
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laughing at us. >> he's not impressed with the foreign policy towards russia. this latest tat, the obama administration kicked out 35 diplomats who were intense jens in response to what they did in our presidential election in 2016. russia upped the andy. our asking 700 to leave. it has to be a more forceful response than figuring out what they want us to do to respond by september 1st. why not say we're not going to do that? we're going to negotiate over that. we're going to talk about different numbers, and push back on what the russians are asking us to do. >> well, so, this is interesting because tillerson is not looking like he wants to take a stronger
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road on it. he said it was pointless to cut ties over disagreements between two countries adding lavrov indicated some willingness to talk and find ways to move forward on the issue of ukraine. so this is, i guess, the problem with diplomats and diplomacy. you need the same diplomat to talk tough as to figure out spaces where there are conversations to be had with russia. >> yeah. that the called diplomacy. that's exactly it. which is to say you don't link those things together, you push back hard on this number and in the next breath without linking it to that other one, something that george schultz, ronald reagan's secretary of state very famously wrote about and practiced when he was secretary of state, don't think them but say okay, now let's talk about ukraine or now let talk about north korea which after all is a win in terms of u.s. russia relations as you were just saying in your last segment, that's a big deal that russia
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didn't veto that security counsel resolution proving that on certain issues, we can cooperate. >> is it a big deal? our last guest gordon chang said sure, we can say we cooperate because we don't think it will happen. >> with respect to russia, of course, it doesn't hurt them. you know, they don't have a lot of exports with north korea, so it's an easier bar to hit than it was -- would be for the chinese or if it was a different country. for instance, when we did sanctions on iran back in 2010, that was a direct hit of billions of dollars to russia. this is easier. again, no security counsel resolution in and of itself has ever resolved an international conflict. that is true. it's a step in the right direction. >> mike, good to see you. thanks for being with us. joining us from stanford. we got brand-new details in what officials are calling a terrorist attack in minnesota. we'll talk with the executive
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welcome back to velshi and rhule. a manhunt is underway. expose shattered windows, damaged an office.
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minnesota governor mark dayton issued a stark assessment of it. >> when a cowardly terrible act, somebody says in a meeting if this roles were reversed, it could be called a terrorist attack. it's an act of terror. >> just hours before the explosion, up to 300 people would have been inside for friday prayers. president trump has still in the commented. >> joining us now is mohammed aa omar. what's the latest information you have gotten from investigators about this attack? >> thank you for having me. latest information we get, they are still investigating and officially coming back to the building, getting more footage and also asking more questions about the members who were there and still it's an open investigation. they don't want to comment on it. they don't want to say
8:17 am
incomplete information. so they are still investigating and telling us they are kind of narrowing down their widening investigation and we are waiting for them. >> all right. we mentioned earlier to the best of our knowledge, you have not heard from the president. has administration, the white house reached out in any way? >> nope. we didn't hear anybody from washington except, you know, keith ellis son here and local state officials and we are so pleased and so, you know, heart -- we felt heart -- we felt so accompanied by our neighboring communities and faith communities who came here but yet, you know, the head of state and president, we never hear anyone from washington. >> you did have other pastors and religious leaders as you're talking about gather with you. how did that feel? giver us a sense of what muslims in bloomington experience.
8:18 am
do you co-exist peacefully among everybody else? have you had this out reach with church leaders as you had after this bombing? >> i mean, yes. i mean, it was so nice to see all of them come immediately. imagine that the event happened 5:00 a.m. and all of them came together around, i think, 10:00 or 11:00 or noon. so yes, it was -- i felt like we were -- we are one bloomington and we -- i felt -- we felt that we are not alone and thanked our neighboring community and faith community and that was so, i mean, nice for them to come and support us. >> today, how is your congregation today? >> we are back. we are not, we cannot use the area that the incident happened because of the water. there is huge, you know, water damage, the carpets and the floors so we moved our congregation and prayer to the
8:19 am
big gymnasium and we resumed and we pray and today and this morning we pray our first prayer and thank god we are healing and coming bag togethe ing back tog. we're a community of faith. we don't want fear taking over us. we're hopeful and never stop praying and hoping that this event and this kind of, you know, hateful or hatred events that will stop here and they won't happen to nobody else. >> got it. all right. mohammed omar is the executive. thanks for being with us. they have got a go fund me page by the way for people in the community -- >> thank you, we do have -- i just want to thank, you know, to all, you know, all people who came here who in our support but again, there are a lot of people trying to down play and some media are trying to not mention this to say even as an attack. so my, you know, message to all
8:20 am
of the people who live in this country that if things are -- if we allow things happen or tragic events happen to the worship place, so then that indicates in our upcoming generation, i don't know what to tell to my children when they ask me what is my homework book? where is my backpack? this guy came to blow my classroom. this will go along with our upcoming generation. we need to stop this, you know, these people speak out and show their support. >> yeah. >> not down play. this is not good the way i, you know, experience some of the media and thank you both for having me. thank you very much. >> our thoughts are with you. thank you for joining us. unfortunately people have been attacking places of worship for hundreds and thousands of years. >> since the beginning of time. >> stand by, everyone, today is a special day for the president. his 20 0th day in office and
8:21 am
he's taken credit for a lot on twitter today including the r e latest wall street boom. >> we're keeping an eye on markets. that's a flat market. we'll keep an eye on it. stay with us.
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welcome back to velshi and ruhle. we like to look at the markets and last week had big records on the dow hitting the 22,000 mark. taking a break today it seems. >> indeed they did. a little break. remember the dow is only 30 stocks led by big tech names like apple. the president took to twitter yet again to criticize one of his biggest adversaries, the media tweeting the fake news refuses to report the success of the first six months s.c. surging, economy, jobs, border, military security, isis, ms-13, et cetera. that's absolutely not the case because we talk about the markets all the time and what is interesting, the president forgets that his base so many of whom don't even own stocks. those forgotten americans. for fact sake, let's get to the
8:26 am
bottom of this boom. president trump loves to tote the stock market's gain his presidency is jump starting the c economy. for no other reason because they are not in the market. according to gap lop, only 52% of u.s. adults invested in stocks in 2016, a sharp drop from 65% in 2007. the largest share participate passively through 401 ks, iras and retirement savings accounts. a steady author for the national burro of economic research shows host stock holdings unsurprisingly are held by the rich. the top 20% of households by wealth owned 92% of stocks back in 2013. while 80% of americans put together on the remaining 8%. when the president logs a whopping 20% gain in the dow since his election, that is mostly helping america's
8:27 am
wealthy, not the wider american public. now, the president and others will argue that the wealth effect from the market can trickle down and lift all votes for the rest of us in the form of increased i ceconomic activi and job creation. 1.5 million jobs have been added since trump was elected in november helping make the president's case yet overall economic growth averaged 1.9% in the first six months of this year. while wages have only ticked up by 2.5% a year. figures that only hamper his case. the truth is, linking the stock market to the wider economy is just meaningless to most americans. that is because the market is a good gauge of how u.s. companies are doing, but not how the rest of us are. >> so this is great because you have to think about this two ways. the market has been going up since march 9th, 2009 but for a couple blips it's been straight up. but just like we would have said and did say when barack obama
8:28 am
was the president of the united states, you can't always give president's blame nor credit for those things and you're right, with each passing year it seems to effect fewer and fewer people. these are the jobs numbers. this is the job creation during president obama's last six months in office and president trump's first six months in office. i mean -- >> basically, identical. >> yeah. >> so i do want to point out ivanka trump in her tweet over the weekend pointing out the over a million jobs her father helped to create. jobs are going to get created but then she wrote #maga, make america great again. some will argue, president trump and probusiness promises could super charge that but there is no turn this -- >> take a look at this. this is unemployment. the unemployment rate peaked in 2009. again, it's a steady line downward. this is not -- there is no trump effect here. this is what unemployment has
8:29 am
been doing for the last eight years. >> there is a trump effect on the stock market, even today we learned over the weekend the amount of deregulation that's happening in the financial industry, financial firms are set to pay the lowest number in fines today than they have in years. this will help those stocks who it will not help is that forgotten american who went out and voted because they said my life stinks, i want something different. >> look at this chart. this is the stock market from march of 2009 up. again, it is hard in the longer term to argue that there is some substantial meaningful long-term trump effect. we're not criticizing. we like it. the markets go up. people get wealthy. sometimes if you're not invested but you got a pension or something like that, you do well. we're not complaining about it. we're just saying let's be careful about where -- >> i want to point out in terms of trickle down economics. when people spend, it not when retirement accounts or 401 ks increase in value. it's when their wages go up and
8:30 am
get a bonus they say i'm going to move and buy a dishwasher. so i'm being critical in the fact that this administration continuously says the main stream media doesn't cover this. >> we talk about this all the time. >> we do. >> every day. >> every dang day. >> and on saturdays. >> coming up next, president trump is on the hunt for his third white house communications director in six months. who might be on the short list. >> on saturday's, it's for real and for our cartoon of the day, a cross stitching sampler showcasing the white house and phrase quote honesty is the last policy. you are watching velshi and ruhle live on msnbc. up to a gillette shave. and at our factory in boston, 1,200 workers are starting their day building on over a hundred years of heritage, craftsmanship and innovation. today we're bringing you america's number one shave at lower prices every day. putting money back in the pockets of millions of americans. as one of those workers, i'm proud to bring you gillette quality for less,
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i can be more active. ask your doctor about lyrica. welcome back to velshi and ruhle. north korea defiant threatening retaliation after the u.n. has imposed sanctions against the nation. north korea is calling it a violation of sovereignty. >> he said the meddling in the u.s. election created serious his trust between the nation. cutting russia off would serve no purpose. they met for the first time since imposing sanctions last week. city of chicago filed a lawsuit against the trump administration over its effort to block federal grant money over sanctuary cities that refuse to crack down on illegal
8:35 am
immigration. ron emanuel not afraid of a fight said the city would not be blackmailed into changing values and would remain a welcoming city. a new report shows many troops at high risk for suicide aren't getting the care they need. "usa today" says the study shows 30% of service members with depression, 54% with ptsd voo receive proper care. >> that's a story i don't like and we need changed. residents in tulsa, oklahoma are clearing this morning after a tornado ripped across the region demolishing businesses and homes. as many as 30 people were injured. 13 hospitalized, fortunately no deaths reported. all right. president trump, one of the key surrogates made a stunning admission on sunday. you remember kelly an conway mentioned the picture the president likes to tote. >> i would note in polling that i scouring daily on behalf of
8:36 am
the president, his approval rating among republicans and conservative and trump voters is down slightly. it needs to go up. >> hmmmm. that doesn't match what president trump was tweeting this morning. he called that phony fake news polling saying the trump base is far bigger and stronger than ever before. let's just excuse the double negatives for a moment. let's have a look at this. >> walk yourself over to the interactive and let's walk through this but can i make one point to you. why is the president talking about his base? base is ir vel rerelevant at th point. >> that's campaign talk. that's not president talk. here is the tweet we're talking about. hard to believe with 24/7 fake news on cnn, abc, nbc, cbs and washington post the trump base is getting stronger. a university poll found 33%, 33% approve of the job the president is doing. 61% disapprove.
8:37 am
ivanka trump votweeted on frida since the inauguration, over 1 million net new jobs have been created in the american economy maga, make america great again. six months prior to that there were more jobs created in the first six months of the trump administration. i want to point you to march of 2009. that was when the market, that's when unemployment reached its highest levels and take a look at what is going on all the way through. so you can call this a trump effect or call it an obama effect or call this economy or call this recovery, whatever you want. this is actually what has been happening. this isn't fake news. this is actually the truth and this the stock market looks the same way the other direct. >> vel shthe president can say running tight or talk about the kell kelly effect but it's impossible to ignore the communications issues. you would be blind to say it's not. think about this for a minute.
8:38 am
former white house communications director as he was supposed to be, anthony had a blank six days on the job and sean spicer is still headed for the door. so the big question is who is going to fill the communications director role? how does the white house solve this issue? >> nbc's kristen welker is live in bridge water new jersey for us on this. kristen, there is talk, rumors, keep in mind the white house went without a communication director for sometime. is this a priority for the president and who is on the list? >> reporter: well, it is to some extent. let me caveat it this way. i spoke with one top official who said this is the age of trump. we do things a little differently. do we need to have a new communications director or do we need to have a really strong communications team? the bottom line remains the presidencys himself as his own best communiqe presidencys himself as his own best communiq communicator. he said it's impossible for my
8:39 am
team to know what is in my head. that's part of why you see his tweets not exactly lining up with some of his top advisors said over the weekend for example. but i do think there is an effort to try to replace the communications director role. so some of names include lara ingram, steven miller, jason miller who is a former campaign official with the trump campaign. i think they are looking at a wide swath of people. they need someone that will work well with john kelly as you pointed out, someone who is also going to be a leader within the broader group and of course, you're dealing with a lot of different personalities. a lot of different perspectives in some cases. i do think this is a priority but again, i think they are looking at this role a little bit differently than you would some traditional white houses. again, one top official saying look, we do things a little differently here and of course, you saw the beginning of what some people are calling trump tv. you saw kelly who was a former cnn commentator join this sort
8:40 am
of online effort to promote and tote some of president trump's policies and that's a way you'll see the communications team unfold. >> along with president trump's daughter-in-law. let's play a little bit of that. >> that's right. >> thank you for joining us as we provide you the news of the week from trump tower here in new york. more great economic news on friday. the july jobs report added a better than expected 209,000 jobs. the president took office, president trump created more than 1 million jobs. the unemployment rate is at a 16-year low and consumer confidence is at a 16-year high. all while the dow jones continues -- >> that's amazing. >> amazing. you know, it cut off there but she went on in that segment to say this turn around, it's not a turn around, what is it about the trump administration that they are now putting out this propaganda? michael said this reminds him of
8:41 am
state-run tv that he has seen in other countries in far off lands. >> kristen, is it an issue for reporters who cover the president from other organizations now that there is a media organization? we knew there were media organizations particularly friendly to the president but one that's actually with him. how does that get worked out? >> and will they have press credentials at the white house? >> that's a good question. we haven't gotten an answer to that question, steph. to put this in a little context, we did see the former obama administration have sort of an online presence, as well, toting what they saw as former president obama's achievements on a weekly basis. josh earnest really took on that role. so this is not completely inconsistent with that idea. however, it does take it to a new level you have someone coming from the outside and sort of serving as an anchor as you point out critics said like state-run media but supporters say it's a way for the president and his team to directly connect
8:42 am
with the people. i anticipate in terriblms of ho it's going to effect the media, i think everyone will continue to do their job in the same way. i don't anticipate any major change in that regard. back to you. >> the beat goes on. won't have time to talk about steven miller, maybe expanded role for him. >> kristen is available to us all the time. we love having those conversations. >> globalests in the white house talk about that. >> see you later, kristen. stand by, everyone. when we come back, iran reportedly gaining power in afghanistan as u.s. influence weakens there. we'll speak with the former supreme ally commander. we'll have a look at the so-called trump effect in the workplace. how does the president's demeanor making your workday different? for your heart... your joints... or your digestion... so why wouldn't you take something for the most important part of you... your brain.
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8:47 am
clark. >> nice to see you. >> donald trump said before we get to iran, let's talk about afghanistan. donald trump said that the u.s. general john nickelson in afghanistan is not getting enough done. it seems to be no one has really gotten enough done in afghanistan over the decades and might want to say centuries. what is the real solution to solving the problem of statelessness in afghanistan? >> i don't think there is a real solution to this. that is going back to the time we came in. we went in and destabilized and got rid of the taliban regime. we did it with on the ground. get osama bin laden. we drove him into pakistan. we could have left at that point and it would have been chaos and would have been chaos. we stayed and we did just enough
8:48 am
to become part of the problem so we've had an occupation in afghanistan since 2000, early 2002 that's never been fully resourced. never done the civilian work. never had the diplomatic strength and most importantly, we were never able to prevent pakistan from coming back in the backdoor through the taliban to influence what was happening in afghanistan. we've pushed for years and we have power and allies and saudis, there is a million reasons this is a problem. it's time to try something new. now, i wouldn't be against keeping the troops there. the solution is not going to be gained by 9,700 troops or 19,000
8:49 am
troops. you have to work diplomatically and iran will have a say in what happens in pakistan. they should, they are on the board er. >> walk us through the iran effect. when the u.s. moves out of a country, iran moves in. iraq, yemen, syria and potentially afghanistan. what does that mean? >> well, you know, back in 2001, 2002 when president george h. -- george w. bush created the access of evil, he grouped iran with iraq but he went after iraq, so he -- he codified this very real power struggle and sort of an invisible war that had been going on between the united states and iran since 1979 when it came in. so now that they were officially declared a member of the access of evil, they started working to protect themselves and all of
8:50 am
this is an expression of their effort to gain expansion, to protect, to fight against what they see as a very hostile threatening global power i.e. the threatening global power, ie, the under the circumstances. so, yes, they are going to reach out in an effort to undercut our friends and sour friends the the region. that's the nature of the competition. >> general, good to see you as always. general wesley clark is the former allied troops commander. kayaking or this is really the way i kayak, falling out of a kayak, we're going to come back and see what some other world leaders are doing. >> a kiss to the bride. >> that's all right. >> and as we have been mentioning today, marks president trump's 200th day in office, right now he's at his golf property in bedminster, new
8:51 am
jersey. >> he's on vacation in his property in rhode island. that is what the guy likes to do. i remember sean spicer says it's where he gets business done. i would like to see what kind of business. he said his golfing with xi jinping went well. so that's the idea. what do you think? hate to play devil's advocate but...
8:52 am
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welcome back to velshi and ruhle. >> there is a new style of management, a new style of work issues being blamed. there's a new category that's being assigned to hurting work morale. >> and they're calling it the trump effect. >> human resources leadership experts say that the president's brazen style have sparked a new normal. >> now the poor guy, you got to see this guy, i don't know what i said, i don't remember. she gained a massive amount of weight. and it was a real problem. >> you have called women you don't like pat pigs, dogs, and
8:56 am
disgusting ining animals. >> only rosie o'donnell. >> 46% think that the 2016 electi electi electi election affected their workplace. >> the rise in hate. corner stone research put a piece out saying that the one growth industry is the hate industry. >> and career coaches reported an increase in unethical behavior, including lying about past experience and -- >> no matter how you slice it, the president of an hr consulting firm, has had to tell
8:57 am
employees that -- that is upsetting. across the board, we don't have a royal family. there isn't a crown prince that you can say, that devil, it's who he is. our elected officials should and do set the standard, they hold the highest office in the land. >> and i think you're on to something, i think we should explore this a little more, the idea of people are just -- and i don't know how much of it has to do with donald trump, it may be that we're empowered to act however we want to act. and on some levels it's not a bad thing, but when it creates animosity in the workplace. >> it's not just donald trump, think about the effect of income inequality, think about the huge factions in our country who missed the economic recovery since the financial crisis. people who lost their homes during subprime, didn't get their homes back, saw those banks and ceos get bailed out. it's not just the trump effect,
8:58 am
no matter what we say, people will believe one thing or not. >> this morning the president said it's a working vacation, tweeting that working hard in new jersey while the white house goes through a long planned renovation. he sent out a similar tweet, emphasizing this is not a vacation, meetings and calls. the backlash after photos on instagram with the president stopping in on a wedding at his golf course. >> donald trump resorts have had in their markets materials, have your wedding here and you may get a drop in from the president. they have since taken that off the website. and guess what? the president loves his fan base and if you're planning your wedding at a trump property, i'm guessing you're a fan. >> fishing in the siberian
8:59 am
wilderness, his spokesman said he jumped into frigid waters and chased a pike for two hours before it was caught. that is amazing legend. and canada's prime minister, justin trudeau took an unintention m dip in the water while kayaking with his wife. those lucky newlyweds, they met him on the water and he posed for selfies. >> you notice that groom? he's standing in the middle. >> get away from my wife. >> vladimir putin loves the shirtless shots. there's a summer vacay press view for you. >> i'm alley velshi and right now it is time for "andrea mitchell reports." rapid response, north korea vowing harsh retaliation against the u.s. over those u.n. sanctions, as the secretary of state lays out his terms for negotiating with pyongyang.
9:00 am
>> the best signal that north korea could give us that they're prepared to talk would be to stop these missile launches. >> and the president lashing out that his loyal number two isn't that loyal, as mike pence's spokesman chimes in. >> the focus of his entire team, is he entirely focused on advancing the president's agenda and putting him in the position to be re-elected? and summer break, president trump interrupts his golf course get away for a conference call on north korea. unlike vladimir putin's full bodied embrace of his break while spearfishing in see beera. good day, i'm andrea mitchell in washington where we don't take breaks very often. as the president takes a working vacation in new jersey. he's tweeting about everything from the "new york times" to democratic senator richard


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