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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 7, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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that wraps up this hour of msnbc live, katie turr picks things up now. >> 2:00 p.m. in the east and a milestone day for the trump presidency. our word of the day today is a number, 200. >> it is day 200 of the wild
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roller coaster ride known as the trump administration. >> 200 days. >> three words that sum them up is dug himself deeper. >> first 100 days he averaged about five generally untruths. >> today is president trump's 200th day in office, and he has been touting his successes on twitter. so he is marking his 200th day in office by taking a day off, sort of. he is in new jersey for 17 days in what he billed as a work vacation. despite the new promise that new chief of staff john kelly would restore order and discipline to the trump administration, one thing has not changed. a big rsurprise here, trump stil loves twitter. he was up firing off more defensive tweets. he lashed out at the media, talked up his presidency, and
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set his sights on richard blumenthal. also this, reports that prominent republicans are running shadow campaigns jock jockeying for 2020. could the vice president be chief among them? no according to mike pence. pence called the story of his 2020 aspirations disgraceful and offensive to me, my family, and my family. >> let's find out the truth behind all of this. not far from where the president is vacations. phil rucker, an msnbc political analyst, and a national reporter for the new york times and msnbc contributor. be peter, let me start with you. he is spending his 200th day at a golf resort in new jersey. >> rainy day, unlikely he is playing a lot of golf today.
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the army used to say we do more before 9:00 a.m. than most people do in a full day. nine tweets before 8:00 a.m. this morning, let's walk you through some of it. the trump base is far bigger and stronger than ever before, despite phoney fake news polling. rallies in pennsylvania, ohio, west virginia. the fake news, stock market, border security, job, supreme court pick, economic enthusiasm. >> it comes as there have been questions about how firm that trump base is with numbers beginning to fall a bit. here is what else he wrote, reigniting a feud with richard blumenthal.
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he told stories of his battles an conquests and it was all a lie. he cried like a baby and begged for forgiveness. how he judges collusion. blumenthal did misrespepresent service. he was in the marine reserves, but the suggestion that he cried is simply untrue. >> let's look over at mike pence, and could the vice president be trying to shorten his title, maybe drop the vice from his name and go for president pence in 2020. >> he insists that is not the case. the vice president in an extraordinary statement that he released, basically said that this whole suggestion was laughable and absurd. he said it is disgraceful and
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offensive to me. he said he was looking to build a potential shadow campaign of sorts, eyeing a 2020 house bid. this follows reporting that even his own spokesperson does not dispute he made a trip to a big republican event in iowa this year. he is meeting privately at the president's residence with donors and business leaders and more broadly that he set up a leadership pack that he would be able to raise money that he needs for political investments. he says all of that was done with the support of the trump family, specifically the president's own children, to support the president's reelection in 2020. >> the other republicans who are, who now have an eye on 2020, what is going on in the republican party that so many people are starting to test the
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waters? >> essentially, the republican party is looking at president trump saying he may have a weakness. he may not run in 2020 or the party won't back him and he doesn't feel like he wants to continue in the job, or two that republicans will see him as someone that can't pass legislation, that he has not gotten the health care bill passed, infrastructure passed, tax reform. if he has not gotten big wins, the republican party is saying look we can put up people with proven records that will maybe be more appealing to not just his base but other republicans. what you're seeing is a republican party that is not united. while president trump was able to beat hillary clinton by having his base and having the republican party get behind him at the last minute, at the end of the day he has not really had the loyalty from the republican party ever. >> phil, it is not just that the republicans think he might not have done enough in order to run for 2020, but republicans think
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maybe he will not want to run in 2020. and they're looking at him as someone that made volatile decisions. he will not do the traditional path of obviously running for reelection. he has not made that decision or announcement yet. >> he talked about it. >> people think maybe he will pull a surprise and be tired of it and go out declaring a win. >> not enjoying his time in office it seems like. >> he seems to at least enjoy it now. >> talking more about what he has been able to get done so far. he is on a 17-day vacation. he is saying it's a working vacation, but congress has not gotten any major legislation passed. the major legislation they have done has been bipartisan sanctions on russia and the president only very be grudgingly signed that. how can he call for senators to
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not talk off an august recess, and then himself go on a vacation. >> he used to attack president obama every time he took a vacation. so there is hypocrisy there. they don't have a legislative achievement yet. the confirmation of neil gorsuch to the supreme court -- >> is he going to be able to do any of this? he has not been able to do is so far. the first 200 days of your presidency you have the most political capital. his approval rating is in the 30s. it hit 33 last week which is a record low. is it fair to start putting out the term that he is lame duck this early on? >> it seems early, but you have to look at the senate where there are a number of republicans now who feel totally free to block him, so speak out against him. they don't fear him at all.
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look at what senator je atanasijevic kjeff collins. >> i ran out of time and i didn't get to ask you about trump tv, which just debuted. >> it didn't just debut, but the "washington post" is calling it real pin but it feels like real propaganda or state tv. thank you to my guests for joining me on this monday. and republican congressman buddy carter represents the state of georgia. he joins me now. congressman, so great to see you. i want to talk about the president's first 200 days. are you happy with the legislative accomplishments that your party has been able to get
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done? >> absolutely. >> really? like what. >> look at the employment numbers that came out for the month of july. we added over 209,000 jobs. i think that is significant. look at, we have a 16 year high in consumer confidence. a 16 year low in unemployment. those are significant numbers. look at what the stock exchange is doing. over 22,000. that is not anything to just dismiss. these are significant numbers of what is happening in our economy. >> certainly not. and they're on a upward trend and they have been for quite some time now, even before the president got into office, but i asked about legislative accomplishments. >> well, and you know contrary to what you may have heard in the news, we have done a lot of work in the house. and significant work as well. we passed over 400 bills, 34 landed on the president's desk and 29 have been signed into law. including that is the v.a.
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accountability act. the whistle-blower act that helped us get rid of poor performing employees in the v.a., and the choice act that was killing community banks and hurting small businesses. >> you have not entirely repealed dodd frank though, that's not fair to say. >> no, but it was a significant repeal. not entire, but significant. it will save our community banks which in the state of georgia, we have taken a big hit in and this and it hurt very much. >> what about what the g.o.p. laid out for the goals for the year. repeal and replace obama care, funding the wall, dodd frank partially as you said. they're trying to move on to tax reform. that's still up in the air, and we were talking initially about some sort of infrastructure reform or starting that in august. there has been no word about that, so are you happy that none
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of those things have gotten done? >> well, obviously i'm personally very disappointed that we didn't get the repeal and replacement done of obama care. we continue to work on that and we are not giving up. pharma care is imploding as we speak. we have to resuscitate the health care system in our country. we're moving on to tax reform. tax reform is everything we all know we need. an an kuwaited system that needs to be updated is and this will help our economy even more, and infrastructure is another area where the president is expressed an interest and we have in congress that we're going to do something about the infrastructure in our country. >> if this was a president pence in charge, do you think more of that would have gotten done or does it need to be a different republican party in charge of congress, more of those legislative accomplishments getting done? >> listen, donald trump is our president and he will be for the
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next four and eight wayears. health care is tough, i get it, i know is personal, it is a sixth of our economy, it is a very difficult subject. we took it on like responsible people do and we're still working on it and we will get it right. we continue on, we continue on track with this president and we continue on track with what we're doing in the house of representatives. you know we can't control the senate. the senate is a different body and it was intended to be, but what we do in the house of representatives i would submit to you that the house of representatives right now is functioning well. we have done our job. we delivered on health care. we gave americans an affordable, accessible health centers, patient centered health care. >> buddy carter of georgia, thank you very much. the president called your version of the house health care mean. there was that. we'll leave it there
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congressman, thank you so much. appreciate your time. i love your state down there in georgia, great place, great restaurants. >> thank you, we love to eat. thank you very much. >> next north korea pledges thousand-fold revenge on the u.s. after voting unanimously to add more sanctions. and rex tillerson is in the philippines for the asia-pacific summit. ♪ hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there. we'll find them in our subaru outback. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get 0% apr financing for 63 months on all new 2017 subaru outback models. now through august 31. how to win at business. step one. point decisively with your glasses.
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three marines that disappeared when a u.s. aircraft crashed off of the coast of california have over the weekend been declared dead. their next of kin has been notified. the news comes after australia's military announces the plane had been found. it was trying to land on a ship over the weekend when it hit the flight deck and went into the water. the other 23 people on board were rescued. the military unit was in australian as part of a joint military exercise. north korea lashes out at the u.n. today for new sanctions. north korean's foreign minister says they are ready to give the united states a severe lesson with nuclear force if military action is taken president they also blamed it on a heinous u.s.
11:19 am
plot to isolate and stifle north korea. rex tillerson at that summit says the new sanctions shows that the world is united in condemning the world's recent missile test and laid out what they must do for the u.s. to agree to talks. >> the best signal that north korea could give to us is to stop the missile launches and they can demonstrate they're willing to stit with a spirit of finding a way forward in these talks by no longer conducting these missile tests. >> since the beginning of the year, kim jong-un and his regime have conducted 14 missile tests, so is this latest round of sanctio sanctions what will stop them. north korea had an unusual
11:20 am
international stage at this summit to parade some of it's usual threats. but obviously the crisis growing in intensity, not just with north korea's long range missile tests, but also with that package of sanctions that the u.n. agreed unanimously at the weekend hitting north korea's economy. the north korean foreign minister had a group of 25 other foreign ministers here from russia, from china, from japan, and from south korea to make those threats. threatening retaliation against the united nations. he made the very direct threats against the united states saying north korea is ready to give the usa a severe lesson if they take military action. there is always an if there in that threat. he also said we will never put our nuclear missiles or long range missiles on the negotiabling table. that is what these talks, this
11:21 am
summit, has been all about. president trump had a very lengthy one hour telephone call with south korea's president moon. they agree to put maximum pressure on the north, and president moon saying it is important to keep the door open for dialogue, katie. >> bill, thank you very much. for more on north korea and the new u.n. sanctions, let's go to wendy sherman, former under secretary of state for political affairs, also an nbc global affairs contributor. start with the sanctions, how exactly are they different and how fast will we see an impact with them? >> this is a very serious and good accomplishment by the u.n. security council driven by the united states of america. these are serious sanctions of north korea's $3 billion in exports. this attacks about a billion of that. a third of their export economy, they are very serious in sectors
11:22 am
that are important like coal and iron ore. but it will take time because one, it always does, and two, these have to be enforced worldwide. the united states is always key to getting that enforcement by sending teams around the world to ensure they get enforced. by having our ambassadors going in at the highest level, to each of the countries in which they serve. to push for that enforcement, and the state department as you know does not have a full compliment of ambassadors or state departments. and that will slow down the process a little more. this was a serious accomplishment by ambassador nikki hailey. >> the sanctions are meant to strangle the financing going into their military operations and capabilities. will they have a quick enough
11:23 am
effect to stop the north koreros to potentially put a nuclear warhead over one of their icbms. >> everything we can do to slow down their process is a positive thing. they made substantial process much to the surprise of some of the analysts over the world, and quite frankly, sanctions are not enough. we need to be using all of the tools in our tool box to move this forward. that is missile defense, military exercises, intelligence and cyber in ways that are appropriate. public diplomacy. we have to use everything we have and as presidewas suggeste president trump, we need a channel open so when they get serious about having real talks they can come to the table. sanctions alone will not stop their program. sanctions don't accomplish that. what sanctions are meant to do is sharpen the choice that north
11:24 am
korea has. it can have nuclear weapons or have it's regime. hard to see how they can have both and survive. and i think what we heard from secretary tillerson is there is a path to serious conversation and to economic prosperity and security for your country, but it's not this path. >> how essential are china and russia. there is questions how long they will abide by these sanctions. >> i think this is quite important. the comments at the foreign meeting were important. he basically said that north korea should not violate the norms set out here. they should not do further missile tests or launches. he said dialogue was important to have on the table as well. but this was a stern comment from the chinese, but we'll have to follow through and make sure
11:25 am
the sanctions are enforced, like wise with russia. russia does not want to see more with the korean peninsula. diplomacy works best when there is a threat of force, but i urge the trump administration that we can't look ready to go to war, but that we're willing to take is seriously when south korea and japan are already threatened by north korea and have been. we have hundreds of thousands of americans in south korea and japan, so we need to be very careful about the language and inadvertently finding ourselves at war. >> i want to ask you very quickly about rex tillerson. the new york times pointed out that he failed to nominate anyone that goes to the 38 highest ranking jobs without direction into how is he doing at the state department?
11:26 am
is he leading it well? does he need the 38 jobs? >> he absolutely needs these 38 jobs. no question every secretary of state wants to do some reorganization if is beyond belie belief that we would top our power. it means that when we go to negotiations, we come with ideas and capabilities that no one else has. why we would stop that american power by not filling those l leadership positions is beyond concerning if will take a very long time to get ourselves back up and ready and i pope that secretary tillerson will listen to have very constructive critique that has been made and works with the white house because the white house is part of the personnel process here to get this moving and make sure duo everything we need to have. >> and we're told that secretary tillerson and the president has an hour long conversation this morning talking about north
11:27 am
korea. ambassador wendy sherman, thank you for joining us. >> up next, president trump's legal team trying to make nice with the special council. is the president on board. when you have moderate to severe ulcerative colitis, the unpredictability of a flare may weigh on your mind. thinking about what to avoid, where to go, and how to work around your uc. that's how i thought it had to be. but then i talked to my doctor about humira, and learned humira can help get and keep uc under control... when certain medications haven't worked well enough. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems,
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it is time for our trump free headlines after the half. no deaths reported but thousands of residents lost power in the storm. in minnesota, the fbi investigating who threw a home made bomb into a window in a mosque. they call it an unforgivable crime. ten people sent to the hospital after a american airlines flight experienced severe turbulence. the flight landed safely at it's destination safely. >> and the rhetoric around the
11:32 am
russian investigation heats up but the white house is trying to cool things down. they report the legal team is talking more effectively about special council robert mueller. his newest lawyer said last month "i have a very respectful and professional relationship with bob mueller. i think very highly of him." cobb said after revelations that mueller was using grand juries, we favor anything that accelerates mr. mueller's work and remain fully committed to cooperated. but another trump attorney said there is no message chance here, just as issues develop, they we respond to them within the context of what you can discuss and what you cannot. while his legal team may be taking a different tact, the president continues to tweet that the investigation i and a witch hunt. joining me now matt miller, and
11:33 am
steve volatic. matt, let us start with you. what does this change in tone from the lawyer suggest from you? >> that ty cobb recognizes the benefit of cooperating with the investigation. mueller has a lot of discretion on how he can proceed with this investigation. which he ask the white house to turn over documents or he can send them subpoenas which are, you know, a firmer position to take. he can let people do interviews with the fbi in the quiet of their office, or subpoena them to come down before the grand jury where reporters and other people see them coming in and out. he clearly understands it is important to be seen as cooperating with mueller. but the question as you said in your intro is whether or not the president, and jay, his tv lawyer in a sense, get that. i don't think there is any evidence yet they do. >> what happens when there is a
11:34 am
disconnect between those two, when the president goes out to bad mouth the investigation and his lawyer is trying to do things the traditional way. and as matt was talking about, speak respectfully. >> skakatie, we're going to see just that. if the president will go out and bash special council mueller, take shots at the investigation, sbefr -- refer to this as a witch hunt. more likely we will get more leaks, more headlines about what the investigation is turning up about each of the next steps. i think we have turned a page with the news about the grand jury. i think it is not clear that the white house they can't just dismiss bob mueller. they have to gear up for what may be a series of impending
11:35 am
subpoenas and indictments. >> the "new york times" reporting that bob mueller asked for any documents refers to mike flynn. what does this mean? are they setting up for a show down? >> they may, or the white house may decide in the first instance they will turn over some documents as a sign of working together. it is thoord see hhard to see h could go forward without any subpoenas. they may not want to get there yet, or at least ty cobb may not want to get there yet. this is a turning point in the investigation. it is one thing to read in the paper that bob mueller is reading it, it is another thing to start pulling documents, and start going to testify. that make it's very real and tangible for everyone involved. >> and that is when it gets
11:36 am
really scary for white house aids that don't have money for lawyer themselves. the white house lawyers and the white house lawyer is not their lawyer. one area is if they start to investigate the president or the family's finances. the president called that a red line. he asked about what kind of authority bob mueller has to go into that over the weekend. take a listen to what he said. >> if he finds evidence of a crime that is within the scope of the investigation, then he can. if it is outside of that scope, he needs to come to the acting attorney general, at this time, me, for permission to expand his investigation. >> how wide of a latitude is that, stooeeven? >> i think it is up to mueller and attorney general rosenstein.
11:37 am
it was pretty broad in it's terms if is basely russia and the connection between russian officials, russian government, and businesses and the trump campaign. i think it is entirely possible for at least direct financial dealings between the president, his associates, the campaign and russian officials, that falls in the mandate, and even if mueller has to go back to rosenstein and say can you clarify more me this is in my mandate, hard to imagine he would say no. >> have either of you gotten used to saying ty cobb in terms of a lawyer, it's just still funny to me. >> the georgia peach. >> never mind, thank you, i appreciate your time. coming up the divided factions in trump's west wing, and how is john kelly's mission to restore order fairing so far? that is next. ally begins to cha, causing a lack of sharpness, or even trouble with recall.
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♪ so find a venus smooth that contours to curves, the smoother the skin, the more comfortable you are in it. flexes for comfort, and has a disposable made for you. skin smoothing venus razors. general kelly is someone that wants to empower his staff to succeed. in sitting in different meetings with him, and watching him in action this week, i have been impressed as to what a great listener and how fully engaged he is. >> he spent his first week at white house chief of staff, turning chaos into order and discipline. he laid out several new rules for staff members that include no lingering outside of the oval office and the chief of staff's
11:42 am
office. senior staff meetings begin earlier at 8:00 a.m. meetings with members of congress and their staff must be reported to the legislative affairs director and meetings with foreign diplomats must be reported to rex tillerson, joining me now is josh dawsey. you can't linger around the oval office, not the chief of staff office. if you meet with a foreign ambassador, make sure you tell the secretary of state. sounds like he is addressing some things that happened in the past. >> there wasn't a lot of rigor in the past. senior officials didn't know what each other were doing. they didn't know about the chief of staff, there was often a process to get information to the president. people just putting articles on his desk, briefing him ad hoc. but there has to be a rhyme and reason to the way we do things. in the west wing in the past it
11:43 am
was this way, there is always some chaos and disorder in the white house, things are moving 100 miles a minute, but there needs to be a process in place to know why people are doing what they're doing. >> are you seeing a difference? >> i have seen a difference in the senior officials i have been talking to. they feel the ship is moving in the right direction. people are going to take seriously. maybe they would not have in the past, but there seems to be an improvement in morale among senior staff members. they were unorthodoxed to say the least, and i think the chaos is proven by the president. >> still questions of whether or not he will be able to get a handle on the president himself and whether or not that is within his scope. the other battle brewing in the white house, and we're always
11:44 am
talking about palace intrigue, hr mcmaster against steve ban n bannon. where does john kelly stand on the fight between these two very senior advisors? >> it seems he is giving hr mcmaster some cover here. he empowered him to fire folks he doesn't want on the nation nal security council. and the president has a rocky relationship with h.r. mcmaster anyway. he is more global and traditionalist. but out of the trump accolades, that is not what they want. there is a lot of conflict there and i think you have steve bannon and h.r. mcmaster going
11:45 am
after each other and going after each other pretty hard. >> will they stop each other from leaking or a approximaprox between the two of them? >> it has only been a week, but they have indicated that the leaks is not -- >> just maybe associates of theirs. politico's justosh dawsey thank you. and a ten page anti-diversitym manifesto has gone viral. sexism in silicon valley.
11:46 am
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now's your chance at completely clear skin. just ask your doctor about taltz. >> a controversial memo has been published and it is a employee at google says that women are under represe under underrepresented. he said they are lower stress tolerance.
11:50 am
it could contribute to the higher level of anxiety that women report on googlegeist. women on afternoon look for more work-life balance while men have a higher drive for in response, google's new vice president of diversity, integrity and governance wrote to employees it's not a viewpoint she or the company endorses. quote, diversity and inclusion are a fundamental part of our values and the culture we continue to cultivate. but this is just the latest chapter in a bigger story of how women are treated in a male dominated industry. chef he had tore. obviously this memo that this employee wroets goes on much longer. essentially is saying that there shouldn't be this big effort underway to make sure that the workplace is diverse because women and men just don't have the same set of skills. >> right. right. he does say that.
11:51 am
it's really interesting. i mean, i don't know about you, but i ate stress for breakfast and i like my big title at reco. it's ridiculous. >> i've got to tell you, i am never stressed out. yeah. totally. >> well, you can't take it, katy, obviously. >> no, i captain. >> this is a disturbing document because it's trying to be really benign about what are really disturbing ideas around women and men in the workplace. it keeps procreating this idea in silicon valley around the issues of gender in silicon valley and the lack of diversity in the workplace. and so it just adds to it. and what's fascinating about this particular document is that this guy says, oh, we're being shamed into silence when all these people do is talk about this and continue to dominate every area of tech. so it's a really interesting and weird juxtaposition. >> so what does google about
11:52 am
this? what can they do? >> well, you know, it's interesting. a lot of people are calling for this guy's firing. i'm not so sure that's probably the right thing to do, although if you put in anything else, if you put race in this thing, he would have been fired, you know, very easily. you could imagine that happening. >> so why is it okay to diminish women still. >> i don't know, katy. i haven't answered that question here or in washington or anywhere else. so i think the question is what will google do about it. will they make it a learning experience. it's very google to do something like that. will they get rid of this guy? i'm not sure. i think they're struggling and then don't know quite what to do. against what this guy says they get to say what they want. i've never met a techy who wopt stop talking. i think the question is should they be able to talk about it or publish it? i'm not really clear what they're going to do. >> nobody is arguing against
11:53 am
somebody having free speech. my question is why do we hear so much this happening in silicon valley? >> because there's a very bright line because this kind of attitude -- it's called the bro culture, zeshlel. and i know they don't like being called this, but that's what it is. it's this bro culture that leads a very bright line into all of those sexual harassment things lately. a lot more woman have been willing to speak up and discuss it get into the real meat of what's happening here which is a kaurgt that is dominated by men and dominated by white men and where lack of diversity is really hurting the kaurgts of these companies, which are supposed to be about inclusion and tolerance and innovation. so it's going to be a long debate going on here for a while. >> car a, swisher. good luck with your biologically inherited newer on the simple. thank you very much for joining us. i appreciate it. and i hope to see you back again soon. >> thanks. next, we have one more thing
11:54 am
for you. how trump's two-week working vacay comes at a heflty price for the people of bedminster, new jersey. the russia president went fly flishing, shirtless, of course. his most recent trip to sigh beera was for pleasure instead of business where he also managed to spear fish, dive, hike through the woods. the kremlin plans to release footage taken with a go pro cam as well as a drone. i'm sure snl can't wait either.
11:55 am
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president obama's working vakds in new jersey. for two weeks bedminster mr. get the spotlight and a hefty price tag. >> the best way to appreciate the beauty of bedminster, new jersey is in the sky. >> just about a thousand feet so you can get a really good view of the golf course itself. >> right there in the middle sits trump national, what is now the summer white house. >> if the president trump was down there, we would not be able to do this, right. >> no, no. this is within the ten mile no fly zone, so no one is allowed to fly over here at that time. >> bedminster residents value the certificate reignty here, just far enough outside of new york city toel feel like an escape. but their most famous neighbor, the president of the united states has put this sleepy hamlet on the pap. >> probably our biggest danger is we will lose our status as one of the better kept secrets. >> the mayor also worries about
11:59 am
the cost. >> as much as 300 thouds for seven visits. >> for a small town like this, that's a loet of money. >> myself chief is not in charge of the president's security. that falls on the shoulders of the president's secret service. >> we have 16 swlgs myself. >> so it's not a big police department. >> no, it's not. >> but still has to understand and contribute to the operation. >> after the election i knew my job just became a little bit more difficult. >> a little bit or a lot. >> a lot more difficult. >> hello. >> hello. >> this man's job gets tougher too. >> i'm told this is the best sand wif in town. >> the secret service lust his dell e. >> they're big burly guys so they go for the roast beef and the bigger sand wips. >> what was it like the last time he feels in town. >> sheer may helm. >> president trump brought his bedminster property in 2002. >> former mayor robert hol oh
12:00 pm
way worked directly with the president. amount of pride that the president thinks it's the best place to come. hate to say it but the complaint, you will the news crews. >> stephanie gos, bedminster, new jersey. >> those darn news crews, always bothering people. i'll see you back here at 5 on "meet the press" daily. hey, ali. >> have yourself a great afternoon. i'll see you later. north korea says it's ready to give the united states a severe lesson with nuclear force if washington takes military action against the north korea. as it's testing intercontinental ballistic missile the latest comments come after the yuptd nations security council unanimously aprooud sanctions against north korea over those missile tests. both russia and china voted in favor of that measure. it bans north korea from


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