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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  August 10, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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procedures that actually make it possible for him to succeed. this week is one of those weeks that would give you pause whether that's possible. >> i just wanted to show that new cover of "time" magazine, trump's last best hope, it's about chief of staff john kelly. michael duffy, thank you very much. that's does it for us this morning. stephanie ruhle picks up the cover. thank you, willie. defending fire and fury. all the president's men and women come out to back the president's escalating rhetoric on north korea. >> whether it's the white house, the state department, the department of defense, we are speaking with one voice. >> 100% guarantee that was never approved by h.r. mcmaster. where does a predawn raid bied fbi on paul manafort's home put the mueller investigation. >> i think it's a clear sign from special counsel mueller they're not messing around.
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and the president's first tweet target of the day. mitch mcconnell, and trump supporters turn on republicans, putting money behind primary challengers to sitting senator, who criticize their president. he's profoundly wrong on free trade. we begin this morning with the president's aide and his allies in south korea, all insisting they are speaking with one voice on north korea, but until yesterday, no one was exactly sure what that voice was going to say. you're in luck. we have a team here to break all of it down, starting with nbc's chief global correspondent bill kneely live in seoul, south korea south korea. take us there. what are people on the ground saying? >> yeah, good morning, stephen any. they are taking this very seriously certainly in the presidency, because they have to. where i'm standing is 35 miles from north korea, and of course they've been facing north korean missiles for decades. there is no such thing,
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stephanie, as a limited war here, so south korea's national security council met today, and from the president came a message to his military -- we need to strengthen our defenses, and we need to do that now. in fact he said there might need to be a whole rebirth of our armed forces, a message from the presidency to north korea -- stove your provocatioprovocatio from the military inside, this yet another warning to north korea. it says if it commits provocations, it will face a strong response from south korea's military and the u.s./south korean alliance. that alliance based on 30,000 troops based here in seoul, based on the american nuclear umbrella, and based on the
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regular joint south korean/american millnary exercises, the latest of which is due later this month. north korea considers thor exercises a provocation, and there was another statement from north korea, saying that donald trump's fire and fury threat is a load of nonsense, and the statement went on -- sound dialogue is not possible with such a person bereft of reason, and only absolute force can work on them. that is the judgment of north korea's strategic force. they also said that donald trump was failing to grasp the gravity of this situation and it was getting on the nerves ofnoicance infuriated military. you might say that was a bit of fun if it wasn't so darn serious. most serious of all is that very specific threat, the bluster in north korea constantly coming up
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with threats of bathing washington in a sea of fire. but the threat to guam very serious, very specific, talking about four named missiles, naming the trajectory, saying the missiles would land 20 miles into the ocean off guam, and that the plan would be ready about i mid august, so the trajectory, the timing, everything very, very specific. so yes, a serious situation. just one other thing to add, stephanie that hasn't been mentioned so far. amid all this talk, there is no tahj talk here from any american ambassador. donald trump has still failed to nominate anyone to be ambassador to south korea. in the middle of this nuclear crisis, no ambassador to south korea, and of course no american ambassador in pyongyang. pretty amazing, stephanie. >> amazing, extraordinary, scary. i want to turn to kelly oy donnell in bridgewater, new jersey, how is the
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administration framing this message today? amazing the. still at his golf resort in new jersey, after all of this going on stales from the white house, the president was golfing yesterday. >> reporter: he was, according to social media, where there were some frames of him out on the links. that's to be expected, i suppose, on hi investigation indication, he's saying there's "working" in the working vacation, we'll see some of that today where the president will dine with the vice president for lunch. the vice president tend to be a much more controlled style, much milder language, but the administration is saying that the president's comments toward north korea fit his style, bravado, trying to send a message, branding if you will, give it a buzz phrase like fire and fury. they understand the intent and agree with the intent, even though who may be less comfortable with the improvisational nature to give
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you an understanding of how the administration more broadly is dealing with this, consider rex tillerson, who has a much milder manner as well when it comes to trying to ease tensions in the region. his spokesperson describe how they view the president's words. >> the president spoke to him, to kim jong-un in a language that secretary tillerson has said and said this morning in the kind of language that kim jong-un will understand. the international community is in agreement with the united states and many of our partners and allies on putting additional pressure on north korea. we are all singing from the same hymn book. >> reporter: there are some in the add mrgds that would prefer more focus on a sizable accomplish somant from the u.n. security council, they would rather see some focus on that and the unity of world nations
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to try to stop new york new york from increasing its abilities, but as we often are, stef, we're talking about how the president frames things even more than the intentb hind it. stef? >> singing from the same hymn book. i wonder how many hymn books have things like "sick loser" written in them, but i've seen several tweets with those words. elise jordan is here and christine quinn, vice chair of the new york state democratic party. we're going to break all of this down, phil t i want to start with you. the white house might be saying we are all singing from the same hymn book, but from your reporting it sounds like the president went rogue with fire and fury. >> that's exactly right. if they're singing from the same hymn book, it's quite a diverse hymn book.
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the president had talked to his advisers, according to our reporting, about toughening the tone, having sharper rhetoric, but those words were all his own. it surprised a lot of officials that he would use that image. in fact one white house official i talked to yesterday said don't take it so literally. so that's at the press didn't there, but rex tillerson was much more sober and jim mattic was very strong, very sober, trying to calm the world, which is quite jittery now. >> don't take the president literally, we have heard that throughout the campaign trail, but now we're talking about word choices that could be perceived as threatening nuclear war to a nuke already condition. >> yeah, look, when you're talking about nuclear crisis, this sort of brings manship, that phrase can really only mean one thing, nuclear war, but the
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white house is trying to dial it back and call not only here people in the united states, but allies around the world so there's an effort within the administration to calm the allies and keep things steady. here's lindsey graham moments ago. >> i think as commander in chief he understands north korea very well. he has the right attitude, and the attitude is to deny him the capability to hit the american homela homeland. >> lindsey graham in his heart is a huge hawk, and he made statements on the "today" show
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we should preemptively attack if we need to, and the country needs to debate -- the moral implications of that, or whether we can live with a nuclear north korea. so it seems like those are increasably the small window of choice choices either mr. trump is issuing an empty threat of nuclear war, which will further erode american credibility and deterrence, or he actually intense war. let's talk about this a moment. does president trump understand the ramifications of his words? >> no, if you understood the ramifications of those words directed at north korea, you would not utter them without having told your staff, vetted them, having had the meeting of all meetings to determine what
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that could mean. you would never utter those words when you had no ambassador to south korea, with the positions you need in defense and state department are still empty. you need a period nonetheless with a looming world crisis. it's very clear notwithstanding all the props that president trump got for making john kelly, a general, his chief of staff. >> you're not seeing the kelly effect? >> a pivot is going to half. it's really going to happen. >> as we had, any decade now he will become presidential and have respect for people like john kelly who dedicated their life to protecting the country. >> but he is presidential. he's his flavor presidential. he's not status quo. people didn't vote for presidential. >> one people voted in the campaign for a candidate. you can't argue that people didn't like the kno
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knock 'em/sock 'em way he was a candidate, but people inle polling expected something different. yes unorthodox, but not dangero dangerous. >> i did focus groups with a british polling outfit. even the most hard-core trump supporters, the number one fear was his loose talk would get the country in world war iii. >> someone with his temp rarmt knowing the nuclear codes. last night north korea doubled down on their threat to guam. we have this report. >> reporter: the north korean mill want is upping the ante, magnus threats against the united states, specifically guam, saying they hope to have a plan in place to attack this region if the military leaders accept it. guam home to about 160,000 u.s. citizens is also home top, and
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of course a missile defense system that's poised to protect this area. those who live on the island say they have heard threats like this before, but new rhetoric is always jarring for many who live here. it will be an interesting couple days here as the governor urges everyone in the region to stay calm. >> elise,ive part of the security council, do you think it triggers a full-scale war? >> yes, but the kim regime has made threats against guam for decades now. this is not a new threat. it just depends on whether the regime is at the point where they finally think they have no op than to go on the attack. >> and just following up on that. in the susan rice op-ed, she speaks and puts out facts that i think are important to put all
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of this in context. she says whatever there is sanctions or those type of actions brought against north korea, they respond in the way they did, that this time of year, when there is testing going on, whether testing -- south korea and the united states, they act this way. so a president, whether they were a reality star before becoming president, but not a president, you would have hoped would a learn some of the ebb and flow and the moments of international affairs, particularly ones related to north korea, and wouldn't disregard what north korea was saying, but would put it into a context. also, in susan's op-ed, she says they looked at aggressively and studied the potential of preemptive war with north korea and determined there was no true win in that for the country or the world. she outlines more diplomatic --
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aggressive diplomatic with the united nations, steps we should take. this president is only interested in 140 characters to save or ruin the world. phil, in your piece there was a quote that stood out from an expert -- you cannot out-crazy kim jong-un. do you think that's what president trump is trying to do? >> what he's trying to do is scare north korea a bit. you tries to message to china and others in the region that the u.s. will be tougher here. i think it's important to point out that kelly has been here with the president the entire time, but he's tried to restrain from pulling him in one way or the other. rather he served as this mediator. he brought intelligence, arranged conference callsings but he's really restrained himself from trying to fully
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influence the president, trying to script him, tell him what to do. >> he's definitely not involved in his tweeting this week. we're going to take a break. thank you all. up next fbi agents launch a predawn raid at the home of president trump's top campaign adviser, paul manafort, has the raid itself prove that mueller already has evidence of a crime. but first jimmy fallon is a little concerned that president trump is not worried about guam as much as he should. jimmy has a solution. >> kim jong-un threatened the u.s. territory of guam. trump said, my god, do i have any golf courses there? hey!
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welcome back. i'm stephanie ruhle. paul manafort is responding to the bombshell report of his home being raided by fbi agents. "the washington post" reports that the predawn search took place july 26th, just one day after manafort met with senate staff members. during that meeting "new york times" reports that manafort turned over notes from a 2016 june meetings in trump tower that included russians, along with donald trump jr. and of course jared kushner. a spokesman sass he's consistently cooperated with law
6:21 am
enforcement and other serious inquiries, and did so on this occasion as well. isn't it amazing that the fbi would raid his house if he's cooperating? seema ire joins us along with my panel. to obtain this kind of search warrant, would robert mueller not have had to convince a judge that there's probable cause? absolutely. that's a good point. i think what happened and what "the washington post" did report is perhaps manafort was not turning over all the documents. you have the greatest legal minds in financial and banking on this team they knows if one piece of paper is -- predawn means nothing. of course they have to do it
6:22 am
predawn before you have time to hide the drugs and the guns, right? >> or the paper in this case. >> exactly. but for you does this change the math here at all? the last attorney mueller hatted is from the enron task force. they have an understanding of following the money. >> i think it's a normal point in the entire plan. i think this is completely expected. i think honestly sometimes the media, every day, my god, there was a raid, oh, my god, there was a note. it's the normal course of business and it will be going on for another year, right? >> it's the normal course of business. remember shaean spicer tried to minimize paul manafort's role, he was there for a limited time, a volunteer, we know that's not true. yesterday the national enquirer
6:23 am
sending out a scathing report on paul man a fort. the on white house surely wants as to distance itself from here. >> i wonder if it's a smart strategy to try to alienate manafort at a time when they need him to still be on their team. >> >> but if they alienate him too much that would prompt him to want to cooperate, because investigating a, which is russia-gate, could find that there is a crime that manafort committed, crime b and hey, we'll be lenient if you give us information on a, which is russia inch paul manafort, very smart man, harvard trained lawyer, very experienced in business and politics. >> if anyone in these cases, but certainly someone that's as
6:24 am
intelligent as he is and experienced as he is, you start throwing them under the bus -- not just the reputation, but the potential freedom is at risk, they're not going to take it. paul manafort at this point well knows and may have always known that donald trump and his family are not to be trusted, and although they want loyalty, they never show it. so at some point he will, if they do this -- continue to do this to him, he will look to save his own skin. >> as he should. >> that is a great point. president trump over and over demands loyalty, wants loyalty, but show me as example with the exception of his daughter, where he shows complete loyalty. >> mike flynn. >> what does that mean? >> yes. i think that's what we'll find out soon. >> if you were advising paul manafort, what would you tell him? >> i would tell hem to
6:25 am
cooperate. save yourself. when the feds have got you, they've got you. >> wow. >> whether it's the thing they got you on, if they can't prove that, they'll get you to something. >> they'll find it. >> and paul manafort, maybe he's a bigger person than i am. if i was in the same situation, i would be pretty ainge ray that president trump doesn't give me any respect for securing the nomination for him. trump would not be president without paul manafort. at the point where where hi came into the campaign, and roger stone details this in his book, which is one of the best studies on how this came to be, manafort brought in all these delegates that were going to go to cruz. >> would you cooperate if you were paul manafort? >> i would. >> you two don't go anywhere.
6:26 am
paul manafort has not been charged with any crimes to date, but man, i haven't had the fbi raid my house anytime recently. how the stock market is responding to the escalating rhetoric between north korea and president trump. we are moments away from the opening bell. we're going to get a crack of that with my friend dom chu. to , causing a lack of sharpness, or even trouble with recall. thankfully, the breakthrough in prevagen helps your brain and actually improves memory. the secret is an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. he's happy.t's with him? your family's finally eating vegetables thanks to our birds eye voila skillet meals. and they only take 15 minutes to make. ahh!
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welcome back. i'm stephanie ruhle, you are watching msnbc. we begin with the escalating rhetoric with north korea. a massive rally was held today in pyongyang, as a military official released a statement insulting president trump and saying, quote, only absolute force can work on him. two cuban diplomats have been expelled from the united states this after associated press said several diplomats suffered hearing loss in what officials are calling a deliberate attack. the lawsuit claims the ban
6:31 am
violates equal protection under the amendment. and hurricane franklin has weakened. the storm system could still call major flash floods. franklin was the first atlantic hurricane of the season. tonight get ready to laugh. colin jones and michael shay will host a special weekend update summer edition. you know it's going to be good. it will air before a live studio audience starting tonight. it's going to be'sle. right now the opening bell, it appears markets are shrugging off the showdown with north korea, even with global unrest. less than a point in today's market. well, we're opening slightly down on the day. i'm going to bring in the domino, dom chu. >> stephanie, we are seeing some weakness here, but we saw the
6:32 am
same thing yesterday, yet markets came back off of the lows of the today, so it speaking to this idea with what's happening since the inauguration, there's been a real sentiment of prop up the market. there was a time when any kind of gop political risk at all anywhere in the world would have caused some adverse reaction in the marketplace, we are not seeing that kind of thing happen. it's very much specific stories with regard to stocks, industries and sectors kind of keeping things in place. >> but dom, put this in perspective. six months ago, the president could sent one single tweet about one single company or a sector and stocks would move, and that stock would plummet, it had skyrocket, depending on what he said. now, yes, two days ago he gets aggressive on north korea, the first we have hard of that and the market moves and yesterday
6:33 am
it's, meh. are investors simply ignoring the president. >> ever since the tweets started getting more steam, the initial effect had a big effect on the markets and stocks, but with each subsequent tweet, the market seemed to discount them a little more. not that they weren't important, but the market reaction shouldn't be quite as dramatic. i will say this, though. because of all the of the north korea tenses where you've been seeing more action on wall street has in defense-related stocks. the people who make planes, bombs, missiles, that sort of thing, a lot of them are hitting record highs in trading. we'll see if that tempers a bit. some of these companies closely tied towards munitions and weapons spending are the ones getting the reaction. >> fire and fury would sure lead to you believe that defense spending is going to happen. the other big story of the
6:34 am
day. this is a big week in terms of retail earnings, retail jobs, tens of thousands of jobs have been lost this year, malls sitting empty. where are the retailers looking now? >> the retail focus, and you and i have been covering this for a while. the reason we care so much about retain and american consumer spending it makes up more than two thirds of the u.s. economy. we'll be looking for signs about whether or not the american consumer is starting to really keep up that spending that they've been doing, opening their purse strings, taking that discretionary hard-earned income and spending it on other things. up until now we have sees the experiential trend play out, the idea that people aren't buying material things as much, but buys vacations. >> especially millennial. >> exactly. it's also about the amazon effect, whether or not they retailers are reeling from that disruption that amazon is doing in terms of shipping direct liter to consumers and bypassing
6:35 am
a lot of physical stores. >> we do need to keep that in mind. >> last week we were talking about that big boom of hiring, many of whom who lost their traditional retail jobs. >> absolutely right. >> dom, thank you so much. up next, nbc news has new reporting on the pentagon's preemptive strike plan against north korea, but before it can follow through on its threats, how exactly will it all work? a millie dresselhaus doll! happy birthday, sweetie!
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. welcome back nbc news has learned the pentagon has a specific strike plan if the president orders one. cynthia mcfadden reports the b-1 bomber is key to the plan. since the end of may they accelerated their training. the highly sophisticated package is designed to be largely invisible to facilitate a sneak attack. multiple source say the targets are approximately two deserts missile launch sites and support facilities, which intelligence officials tell nbc news they are confident they accurately
6:40 am
identified. >> evelyn, let's start with you. president trump threatens fire and fury, but you say sentiment like that makes the united states look weak to places like north korea. others have said fire with fire, you're speaking the language that kim jong-un understands. >> it may be the language that kim jong-un understands, but it's the language that he and his father have traditional used, but the underdog is the one who barks loudest to try to keep the big dog away. the big dog can afford to be quiet and calm and understand if it wants to use the massive military power, can prevail, but it's not wise to do so. getting to your question, that would be highly dangerous. thenoicance would strike back, but not at us. they would strike at our allies, in south korea or maybe japan.
6:41 am
saying only absolute force is going to work on trump. you say it's time for everybody to tone down the tess te. >> that kind of indelicate talk i don't think is helpful. in my opinion the korean peninsula is nearing a tinderbox proportion. everyone is on high alert. we know back from our history of the world that miscalculation fueled by tough talking leaders can cause miscalculation and create a warfare environment. it's time to tone it back a bit and double down on diplomacy, working with our allies, as well as others around the world. by the way there's been some recent actions in the u.n. imposing tough new sakeses on
6:42 am
north korea. we need to make sure those sanctions are airtight or as close as we can possible do so and parlay it from thereon. >> and enforced. >> yeah. evident you wrote -- the only solution is a multipronged strategy aimed at contains the threat against north korea. none of the tensions are a surprise. it was the last point he made at the meeting at the white house. what do you think this multipronged strategy should look like? >> first of all, it's important to remember the reason thenoicance regime has these weapons is to keep us out, make sure we don't conduct regime change. under this new leader, who was raised basically some switzerland he's undergone a bit of economic change, so there's very little market reform, right?
6:43 am
if we look at that and look at what we have done in the past, we have employed parties of the prong at different times, but first we need deterrence. there's been a lot of talk about that. second -- pressure. the sanctions, that's a great step, as you said, they need to be enforced. third diplomat serer we're putting this pressure and deterring you, because we think you're a threat to international safety and security. the last part, we can offer a carrot. if thenoicance agree to at least freeze all of the testing, sit down and goevt with us about the overall situation, then we can start and talk about incentives. here we can work with the chinese on helps them do some market reform, some privatization. move further along, which they understand is the key to keeps long-term power. whether we like it or not, i think containment is our best option. >> you know what i don't like?
6:44 am
secretary james said, you said there's a military option, doingable, about but with bad consequences. i don't feel good about bad consequences. what do they look like? >> the military's jobs is always to provide options to the commander in chief there have been options on the take for years. the options remain. the problem is no matter what military action the u.s. mike take, there would certainly be retaliation. there are many, many thousands of artillery pieces in north korea aimed at seoul, aimed at south korea. and millions of people, including some u.s. troops and families, live close to the environment of seoul. so any military option, though i'm sure the united states would ultimately prevail, would have death and destruction associated with it, which is why i come back to, this is time to double down on diplomacy, having the military option always there, but focus should be diplomacy.
6:45 am
>> death, destruction, diplomacy. we'll end on the three ds. i want to put into perspective. imagine if you had the intelligence that president trump has, all that information, and you chose to hit the links. for a second day in a row, the president taking aim at his own parties. after he made an unexpected endorsement in a senate race, is the president talking tough or trying to distance himself from a sinking ship? the question is, who is on the ship? which one is sinking?
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(bell mnemonic) i don't know if i'm allowed to say commercial break conversations are my favorite here, but they are. mitch mcconnell may be catching some rays this august recess, but it's from president trump's twitter where he's really feeling a burn. true fire. tweets earlier, trump said, quote -- can you believe that mitch mcconnell, who has screamed repeal and replace for seven years, couldn't get it done? must repeal and replace obamacare. yes, he's right, but mitch mcconnell is a member of the same political party.
6:50 am
this is the second day in a row trump has taken aim at mcconnell over twitter, all in response to this. >> the work before. and i think had excessive expectations about how quickly things happen in the democratic process. >> guess who's in the house? nbc's kasie hunt in the newsroom with us. and my panel, elise jordan and christine quinn. kasie, you were on the hill, day in and day out. you're seeing republican senators reacting. i want to share what lindsey graham had to say yesterday. >> okay, i like mitch, but for eight years we've been saying we're going to repeal and replace obamacare. it's not like we made this up overnight. we have been working on repealing obamacare all year. the idea put forward didn't pass. it was -- in many ways, i think
6:51 am
an ill-conceived idea. >> lindsey graham is kind of siding with the president here. >> that was a little bit of criticism, i would say. look, mitch mcconnell has been in a very difficult place lately. he's been under fire from the president. he's also been under fire privately from some members of his own conference, who were frustrated with what happened, with the health care bill. i mean, frankly, at the end of this, the skinny repeal, the argument was, well, fine, we'll vote fitter as long as you promise that it will never be a law. that's a very strange place for all these folks to be, i think. look, i think that the sense right now in the mcdonnell camp is one of anger and a little bit not understanding why this is the president's focus, considering the specter of potential nuclear war with north korea. i think that they feel like the president needs them, if he actually is going to accomplish his legislative agenda, and they don't understand, you know, why -- why he would choose kind of this way of going after them. they question what it would accomplish. >> well, it changes the subject.
6:52 am
the president wants to take the blame off of himself. and this is something he can blame others on. what do you think is behind trump's attack? >> it's baffling he chooses to endorse senator mcconnell's chosen candidate in alabama, and then immediately launches this attack. so he does -- he completes an action that mitch mcconnell really wants, but then is mouthing off on twitter. and what i feel is an produ unproductive way. because he does need mitch mcconnell if he wants to have any kind of legislative success, which he hasn't had so far. and i get the argument that they've had so many years to get this together. you know, why is mitch mcconnell complaining about the process and complaining about trump? but it's yet another example of this commander in chief would be well served to keep his mouth shut. >> what are democrats doing about it? at tephe end of the day, i findt amazing when kasie says, mitch mcconnell is having a tough time today. i'm like, why? this was a once in a lifetime, similar eclipse opportunity for republicans, to get it together. what can or should democrats be
6:53 am
doing right now to really capitalize on it? >> one, with i think we need to just not lean back and think that the '18 and '20 campaign will won by saying, we're not donald trump. that's not enough. and although i think the democrats should and are taking credit for protecting medicaid, taking credit for preventing maybe as many as 30 million people from losing their medicaid and their insurance coverage and preventing premiums from going up 20% or more. we should take credit for that. but then the democrats also say there's problems with -- we say there's problem with obamacare that should be fixed. we need to articulate those suggestions. you know, what trump is doing with mcconnell is, you know, and i was a legislative leader of the new york city council, very different from the united states senate, but it's the stupidest thing i ever heard. if you're a legislative leader, you're constantly wanting to be relevant. because you have an executive who looms over you. and the executive needs to give
6:54 am
the leader space to be relevant. not, you know, slam them down constantly. >> okay, but in order to be relevant, you need to be in office. how tricky is it for republicans right now? we know that jeff flake wrote his book, stood out, said republicans are doing the wrong thing here. but we also know that the merc r mercers, the mega donors tied to steve bannon and kellyanne conway gave to $300 grand to the superpac behind jeff flake's challenger. all of that money is money tlha the republicans need to get re-elected. >> if you think this is bad, we haven't seen anything. this is where the difference is really going to show up, eventually. if the president and his allies keep going after mitch mcconnell's majority, this is a president who is tweeting that they need to change the filibuster rules so that they can pass legislation with 51 votes. the issue with health care was that they couldn't get those 51 votes. that's how narrow of a majority
6:55 am
that mcconnell has. and if the trump -- if the president's allies or the president himself is eating away at that very skinny majority, then he's going to essentially render mcconnell completely powerless. then he's going to have to work with chuck schumer. and that is the quickest way to piss mcconnell -- make mcconnell angry. i shouldn't use that language. >> and get the popcorn ready and put your feet up when he has to deal with chuck schumer. because that's a guy who knows how to legislate, respect government as a professional endeavor, and who's not going to let his colleagues or the american people down. he knows loyalty. that will be a great show! >> we have to leave it there, but you know who knows loyalty? you know who knows how to lead? who got bipartisan support? h.r. mcmaster. yet when you see right-wing outlets like breitbart news closely tied to steve bannon continue to go after h.r. mcmaster, you wonder that mercer-type of money, is it really republican money? or is it money that just wants to take down the system?
6:56 am
coming up, much more on tension, really, that tense situation in north korea. and we're going to include more details from nbc's report about a possible preemptive strike from the u.s. military. what's the secret to turning a "no" into a "yes"? do you know how to network like a champ? and when is a good time to have some fun in the office? i'm jj ramberg. i have some great answers to all of these questions, which might help you run a better business. check out the "your business" page on for an exclusive online video series to help you work smart, grow fast, and go further. >> announcer: sponsored by american express open, helping you get business done. ink? hate to play devil's advocate but... i kind of feel like it's a game changer. i wouldn't go that far. are you there? he's probably on mute. yeah... gary won't like it. why? because he's gary. (phone ringing) what? keep going! yeah... (laughs) (voice on phone) it's not millennial enough. there are a lot of ways to say no.
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7:00 am
>> stephanie ruhle, thank you much. love that all-laid all-ladies p. today, all eyes on asia. now out with this specific plan to fire ballistic missile s nea guam, china now jumping in, telling the u.s. to stand down. the pentagon doing the opposite. this morning, we've got exclusive nbc news reporting on the military's preemptive strike plan, which involves these b-1 bombers, already on practice runs, waiting for the order from president trump. and the president this morning is issuing a little friendly fire of his own. what he's saying about mitch mcconnell and why it might and probably will come back to haunt him with the republican majority leader's most recent chief of staff here to give us some insight. we have a big show today, with our team set up here in the u.s. and all around the world. we're starting with nbc's miguel almaguer, who's made his way to guam. he's between the capital and the u.s. air force base there. and miguel, small island, big problem. >> reporter: hey,


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