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tv   MSNBC Live With Katy Tur  MSNBC  August 14, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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that wraps up another hour of msnbc. here is katie turr. >> we begin this hour with breaking news. after 48 hours of unrelenting pressure from critics on the left, right, and center, the president finally con demted the racist groups behind the violent protests in charlottesville, virginia. so our word of the day today is evil. that's what president trump called the neo-nazis and the white supremacies. >> racism is evil and those that
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cause violence in their name are thugs. neo-nazis, white supremacists, and all those repugnant to everything we hold dear as americans. we're a nation founded on the truth that all of us are created equal. we're equal in the eyes of our creator. we're equal under the law. >> it took two days and three attempts, but reading carefully worded remarks from a teleprompt teleprompter. the demonstrations resulted in the deaths of a 32-year-old woman and two virginia state troopers that died when their police helicopter crashed. so what happens now. will the president's words be enough to put out the fire he started this weekend by blaming
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"all sides" for the violence. >> i'm disappointed it took him a couple days. i got calls from senators in both political parties saying it was awful what was happening in charlottesville. >> he did what he sad to do, but for me now it's up to the conservative monument, the republican party, to make clear these people are beyond the pale. >> i think they were initially surprised on his first comment. i think today the meeting was positive. >> it took this president less than two minutes to attack civil rights icons like max seine wat and john lose. but it takes him two days to respond and tell us that white supremacy is wrong? >> let's debrief with our team of reporters and analysts.
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kelly o'donnell is at the white house. and pete williams is monitoring the doj investigation from our washington news room. kelly, what sort of pressure was the president facing internally that forced him to come out today and make a third attempt at trying to condemn this violence and condemn this racism. >> historicallhistorically, augs and presidential vacations have an opportunity for the unexpected event to cause more damage to a presidency than those around the president immediately see. there is the katrina of days of old and other examples of this. for president trump who had an opportunity on saturday said some of the necessary words, conveyed some of the national sense of sorrow and mourning, but didn't say the specific
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names of these white supremacists or white nationalist groups that have shown support to him politically. it left a gaping hole that democrats and republicans and others not directly in the political arena think he failed to stay more. when you have the first ladies office, the first daughter, the top officials on the sunday shows saying more. the vice president traveling in south america saying the words and saying more. there was a critical mass developing that he would not be able to carry out other business until he dealt with this. i think they smartly separated it from the planned event today about china trade. but he began by talking about the economy as he so often wants to do. they created a separate event, a somber dressing of the moment. if he did enough, he will be judged overtime. >> and the ohio man that rammed
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his car into the crowd, the man that resulted in that young woman losing her life, he is au accused of it, at least. >> yes, james fields did make his first court appearance today. he went before a judge. the judge denied him bond, he said he would not afford an attorney so a public defender will need to be assigned to him. there was a verbal altercation that took place. they were separated, but that is just a sign of some of the on-going tension that we have here in charlottesville. joining me now is brandon crockett-gillmogi gilmore. he was hear when the car crash happened. >> a state of emergency has been cleared. so those of us that came here for counter-protest, had
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disbursed and we were coming down this part of town. i was coming down the street and i noticed there was a group of marchers moving up the street in a celebratory atmosphere, having thought that these nazis would have to leave our town now. i began filming that march when i heard a vehicle accelerating behind me very quickly. i turned and saw it come barrelling down the street and was just happened to be filming the entire incident. >> what went through your mind. >> the first thing was he is going to try to kill the crowd. the atmosphere, it was an empty street and he was going very, very quickly. there was no doubt in my mind what his intention was. i was trying to get license plate of the vehicle, but i didn't know it would be quite as brutal as it was.
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>> the president spoke this week, there was some backlash about what he said. but he came out and said something a little stronger but he still had to use a teleprompter. >> i only response to this can only be absolutely condemnation of these acts. this needs to be confronted, exting witchuished and condemne. >> that is the type of feedback we have been getting and weekend long. >> jeff sessions says he believes the attack on protestors this weekend amounted to domestic terrorism. so what happens now? >> the government is pursuing a federal civil rights investigation, a criminal investigation of what happened there. the scene you just saw with the car and the fatal attack. there is a broader look, according to the justice department, of what happened overall in charlottes vil, but
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the general investigation focused on the situation with the car. they looked at whether or not there is a violation of a federal law. it was a hate crime? an act of december tiomestic vi. it is one thing to talk about it, and another to find a fit with a federal statute. authorities are moving forward with their second agree murder charge, and it will be some time before the federal government files any charges if, indeed, they do file charges. they temperaturicale icall typio first, sit back and see what they can do. sometimes they do leap frog ahead like they did in dylann roof in south carolina. it will be awhile before we know if they decide to file federal charges. >> appreciate it, guys. mark rmoreal joining us, and
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david jolly, a former republican congressman from florida. mark, new gallop approval ratings out just today. 34%, the lowest that the president has been on this poll. they were done over the weekend. do you anticipate that today's statements, when he con demted white sue pr white supremacists and neo-nazis, will it be enough? >> i think people, americans, will be fix saated on the contr decision of today. still, more than 45 hours to condemn neo-nazis.
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it will make people wonder why it took statements by four or six republican members of the senate for the president to finally get his moral compass correct and state to the american people that neo-naziism is absolutely wrong. so they could have easily been made 48 hours ago that happened today. i think americans saw this, sort of, if you will difficult in the president achieving the right moral equalibrium. >> what he didn't say is that he was not going to accept the support of fringe groups. did he need to say i will not accept your support. do not march in my name.
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>> it would have helped. we saw bob dole do that at one point in his political career. the words today were correct. he spoke of a vehicle attack, justice, the victim by name, it is fair to wonder if he had to be convinced to believe his own words. had this been saturday, it would have been more effective. the irony of the nation after having two years to get to the president, when she scripted he is the least believable and authentic. we see the soul of him when he is flying off of the handle and tweeting. that is the donald trump that we know and doubt. >> he railed against the use of teleprompters on the use of the campaign trail. how can you trust anyone that
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reads from a teleprompter. he had to read it very carefully and it was not something he could speak from the heart about. >> they say hopefully the president will feel it in their heart. one will question this president. we will argue about whether or not it was too late, and i think there is a credible argument that it is too late, but i'm glad she on record. there is another group applies for permits there, they want to protect the monuments there. governor mccauliffe is being applauded for his calm.
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and the president still has a chance to come forward with a big sprawling, brawling, set of prose that say this is how we're coming together as a country. >> this president has a moment like that coming up and hopefully he won't use a teleprompter. hopefully hill say it with a passion and a compassion that has been lacking. >> and there are policy initiatives like the effort to eliminate and roll back civil rights protections in the government that are part of the government's blueprint. i would like to see the president walk back, this type of thing to some extent enables.
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environmental justice enforcement, and there so be no attempt to cut it back. >> it doesn't happen in a vacuum, and the president has a hard time with credit ability on this. he has years of birtherism saying barack obama was not eligible to be president because he was not born in this country. opening his presidential campaign by calling some mexicans rapists. there is the central part, the five add that he took out. i want to ask one thing. i saw a lot of takes from republican analysts, republican strategists. big names in the republican party saying that donald trump is not disavowing forcefully the kkk. those are the folks that voted for him so we can't do that. is that too generous? what type of person supports the votes. what kind of perp protects the
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rise of white supremacists, and what kind of person says i don't want your support, stop marching in my name. >> donald trump, steve ban non, ste and gorka. we're going to be in a lot of trouble. we're reminded big picture of a president six months into his administration is unprepared to lead the country. the words he used about cc condeming anger and hate. he could lack empathy, the ability for critical thinks. the g.o.p. is in trouble under this president. >> and a really great way of putting it over the weekend.
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when you're the president of the united states, you should rise to the office, now cower to your base. >> the institution is bigger than the man or woman that holds the office. >> donald trump has never believed that. >> we'll have to leave that there, we're out of town. >> i hope john kelly becomes an adult soon, too in this white house. >> yeah, he has been in charge two weeks, we have seen no moderation of the president and he has threatened to go to war several times. harold ford junior, thank you, and david jolly, thank you for coming today. next a rise in hate crimes. we're seeing cases from coast to coast, how do we squash it, a former leader joins me next with his mission to reform racists. as we go to break, we want to remember heather heyer that died while taking a stand against hate this weekend.
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this represents a turning point. the people of this country, we have determined to take our country back. we're going to fulfill the promises of donald trump. that's what we believe in, that's why we voted for donald trump, he said he would take our country back and that's what we have to do. >> he decleared a turning point for people of this country. he celebrating the white nationalists of the party by fulfilling the promises of president trump. the "the daily stormer" celebrating trump's initial statement on the violence. he did not attack us, he just said the nation should come together. another said the alt-right has
11:22 am
ri risen. no going welcome from there. i want to bring in the leader of the black live matters movement and scott, a former kkk member and racist. scott, why are we seeing this rise in white nation that nationalism? >> i think this has been going on for a long time. this is not the first time this has happened. this happened also back in 1986 and 87 in georgia. there was a lot of clansman. but what is different today is the whus supremacists groups were plain dressed and unmasked. i think it makes it more
11:23 am
dangerous. it's a growing organization and i believe the organization, what they did this weekend, even though it was a sad thing, i think some good can come out of it so expose and see how these people are growing. >> do you think the president's -- >> go ahead, scott. >> people turned a blind eye to it, we don't want to admit it, but we have to admit it and face it. it's what has been going on in this country. too many people denying it and it has come in the back door and grown and has just, you know, doing what it wanted to do without people's knowledge. >> was the president's words today enough? >> i think he could have been more stern, more forceful, and
11:24 am
we could not veer off on other subjects. >> not talk about, say trade, to begin with. >> yes, i thought that was a little off topic. he could have gone straight to the issue. referring back to georgia in the 80s, you know the president was ronald regagan. i don't blame him for what happened saturday, but i think he should be more forceful in his actions and words in the future will be, you know, the turning point of how he is looked at with this issue. >> i want to read something that david duke said. all of the hate that it stands
11:25 am
for. he says i would recommend you take a good look in the mirror and tremendous is white americans that put you in the presidency. >> that is right, david duke, that is trump space. . we're not -- it is directly related to trump's policies and the policies that have continued to harm and kill black people and our allies. i think we're seeing a moment of white nationalist saying they have been emboldened by trump and his government. i want to invite people to be on the right side of history right now. >> the president condemned violence on what he called all
11:26 am
sides on saturday. he was grouping white supremacists and protestors together. >> i think what is important at this moment is white nationalists are fighting to take away rights. groups like black lives matter are fighting for equality. hate speech, which is what we're seeing coming out of white nationalists groups is not protected for first amendment rights. i think it is important that we really delin yeate about them. >> thank you to both of my guests for joining us today. next we'll turn to north korea. will trump's change for regulations on china calm future
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the u.s. military top officer is in asia trying to reassure the region after days of negative rhetoric. they told leaders today that the u.s. wants a peaceful resolution to the deepenning standoff with the north. he also said the u.s. is ready to defend an attack on their territory or allies. >> what we're focused on now where kim jong-un may be moving to in the future. that is what we're trying to have a diplomatic and economic pressureization campaign to keep him from advancing his
11:32 am
capabilities. >> the visit comes as we learn more about how north korea won't be so successful in testing a missile capable of reaching the united states. the new york times reports that government investigators believe the north purchased powerful rocket engines on the black market. they reportedly came from a ukraine factory. joining me is jamie macintre, and here in the news room, su me, what does it suggest to you about the state of north korea's missile program. >> one of the things that puzzled u.s. analysts that have been following the program is how rapidly they made progress in the last year or so. the fact that they're not,
11:33 am
actually, it turns out very good rocket engineers, but they're very good at using the russian technology in order to advance their aims. it also comes at a time when a lot of outside analysts are questioning the conclusion that north korea right now is able to hit the united states. some physicists have crunched the numbers and they say the icbm test went so far is because it was a very light payload. there is a big debate about exactly how far north korea's missile technology has progressed. >> i'm going to read you a portion of it. the object of our peaceful pressure campaign is the denuclearization of the korean peninsula. they have no interest in regime
11:34 am
change. we do not seek an excuse for troops north of the demill tit e demilitarized zone. is that sort of thing coming from those two leaders? enough to try and get him to the negotiati negotiating table? >> unfortunately i don't think so. she bent on completing the arsenal. he thinks it is the only way for her -- his country to survive. i am afraid -- >> is the status quo, or what we'll have to do in the u.s., is deal with a nuclearized north
11:35 am
korea? >> military option is not really on the table, i think it is unthinkable. it's a highly risky option. >> we have no idea if his missile will be effective. >> north korea has 10,000 conventional artillery peaieces. the casualties would be astronomical. we have to continue with sanctions and pressure, but we may have to live with the deterrents and containment. >> jamie, sanctions are in place right now. there is a set of sanctions put into effect by the u.n. security council going into about a third of the economy there. is there any chance that russia or china would sign on to stricter sanctions to try to stop this regime from developing more pneumonia l-- nuclear
11:36 am
weapons or getting them to kate back. >> the containment and deterrents is really the only option. the military option is so unpaletteble. they have russia and china on board for now, and there are many people in the pentagon and state department that are not willing to give up on the negotiated settlement. one of the props has been that they make agreements but they don't live up to them. you would need an intrusive inspection. >> china is really integral for any sort of negotiation or containment of north korea. the president tried the carrot with them early on by flattering
11:37 am
him. they are investigating china ch trade practices, is that effective. >> no one will really ever pressure china to this degree. they don't want instability or collapse. we'll have to see if china will really do much to reign in north korea after all of this. >> former member of the national security council. guys, thank you very much. >> next, a warning about a rise in white nationalism across the country that was apparently ignored. . first, peter alexander spoke today with vice president mike pence during his trip to cl columbia. >> we talked about it very
11:38 am
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charlottesville was shocking, but according to foreign policy, government agencies issued a warning on white supremacist groups months ago. in may they warned that white supremacists groups already carried out more attacks than any other domestic extremist group in the past 16 years and were likely to carry out more attacks over the next year. let's go to michael german who recently worked infiltrating neo-nazi groups. michael, welcome and thank you for being here. why do you think there has been such a rise in these groups and a rise in this sort of violent extremism. >> i don't think there has been a rise. i don't think someone that wasn't a racist a year ago wasn't a racist.
11:43 am
the ideas have always been there, and what we have at the campaign, the presidential campaign, was a president that was saying bigoted themes. so that gave them the opportunity to feel some support from the government and therefore be more public with their views. >> i was struck by these groups coming out and showing their faces and willing to have their photo taken. willing to give their first name to newspapers. they're not hiding behind clokes and masks any longer. >> and willing to commit acts of violence on camera. and the fact that that is not being policed more aggressively is giving them a green light to
11:44 am
be more aggressive it is looking like a pattern for police. these are groups used to listening to dog whistles from public officials. now they're getting what they are preserving as authorization sanctioned by the president and local officials. >> the fact that police are standing by when people are being beaten in the streets. we have seen the way they can police a protest in very aggressive ways. >> they said it was a harry situation given all of the guns heing caught in this group. and we saw people who were, in the words of the governor, better armed than the police there. >> that is a big part of the
11:45 am
problem, but there are plenty of laws, right? you have to go through a licensing process. if someone comes down to virginia, with a gun, they can be arrested, that's against the law. >> do you think the president's words today was enough and will they stop the groups from continuing to march and continuing to cause havoc? >> no, even just the delay of time, i think it gives them the sanction they're looking for. >> thank you for joining us today. >> a question that we keep asking in the wake of virginia, is how do we stamp out hate? what a (vo) dogs have evolved,
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11:50 am
treated the slave children on his plantations purely for economic benefit. some of the records have shown. >> that was mayor of charlottesville talking about the scene at uva on friday night. when protestors marched across karp us carrying lit tiki torches. the university of virginia was founded by thomas jefferson nearly 200 years ago. but during friday's events, hundreds of far right demonstrators attacked a small group of counterprotestors who linked around arms of a statue of jefferson in the center of the uva campus. and while jefferson is a revered figure, his legacy is mixed, particularly when it comes to how city treated the slaves that he owned at his home in charlottesville. a descendent of thomas jefferson. shannon, thank you very much for coming in. we really appreciate it. as a zed ent of thomas
11:51 am
jefferson, how do you view what happened in charlottesville on friday? >> that's definitely a tragedy that all -- this whole snowball of effect has been going on. we can only at this point pray for those who are hurt and those who lost their least. it's one of those things that was bound to happen with everything bubbling over in this society. if you have a leaky sink, you can act like the leak is not there, but it's still there. and you can but a bucket under -- >> when you say it was bound to happen with everything that's going on in our society right now, what specifically are you talking about? >> well, unfortunately we have people in office that are inciting violence and saying they're going to pay for attorney fees for those that, you know, attack protestors at their rally and if trump is out there trying to say police brutality is okay and these things are okay to happen s then obviously people are given a license to go out there and attack people and to hurt people. they're saying that they're doing this to uphold trump's promises during his campaign. that's what david duke said in all his interviews.
11:52 am
>> so the president obama was quit sized harshly over the weekend for not condemning the neo nazis and the white supremacists strongly, not calling them out by name over the weekend. he did so today. he called them evil. let's take a listen one more time. >> racism is evil and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the kkk, neo nazis, white supremacists and other hate groups that are repug nanlt to everything we hold dear as americans. we are a nation founded on the truth that all of us are created equal. >> what was your reaction to that today? >> that's very unfortunate someone had to write that for him and he couldn't come out and say it the first statement that he made on saturday. it took way too long and still at this point he has not called out those people and said i don't want i marching in my name. i don't want you to represent me, you don't represent me.
11:53 am
he has never shied away from calling people out by name exempt for this theme. >> so the president also said that he wants this country to be unified. he wants everyone to feel that they are equal, that's what we were founded on. what can he do at this point to try and bridge the gap that's out there, to try and convince people that he really means what he says. >> then he means to be say leader that is not a person of had, not trying to divide and conquer, a person who is not a separate tis, a person that is out there to try to unify. all his statements need to be on point with that message, not just this one because of this horrible attack. he needs to make sure, like he said, that these people are prosecuted. and he needs to go after the organizations that put this on. when isis does something and has a terror attack, then they go after isis. well, this is a domestic attack. why not go after the kk and these groups that tried to have this reallyly in his name. >> talk about your legacy. >> he's a complex man by all
11:54 am
accounts, you know. he said one thing and believed one thing and, you know, he always talked about the struggle of the head and the heart. he's a difficult man to wrap your mind around. but he was a slave owner. well, but he was a good slave owner. i don't think that's possible. he was a slave owner. yes, he did many great things for this country, but, you know, i go through the struggle many times in my life where one moment i don't like him, i'm mad at him, i'm proud of the accomplishments of this country. it's a complex history, legacy. regardless of the situation, i am alive because of the relationship that he had with sally hemgz at that time. >> what do you think of the statue of robert e. lee still standing in charlottesville. >> i don't think it's good for anyone who out right hated groups of people to be haled or honored in such a way. >> is it not heritage. >> some people may call it heritage, but a lot of is people will talk about patriotism when it's really racism, this
11:55 am
segregation, racism they'll say is balls of patriotism. you will be accepting people as americans and not trying to get rid of them. >> thank you very much for joining us. and here is a picture of all the desend ents of jefferson right now. are you in this picture? >> there's just a few of us there. in the middle with my wife. >> thank you very much. and coming up next, we've one more thing.
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>> thank you very muc and one more thing before we go. at the center of saturday's violence in va was a statue of robert e. lee, the white nationalists were in charlottesville to protest the city's plans to remove that monument. and counterprotestors were there to oppose them. charlottesville, like many cities, is grappling with monuments to this painful part of its history, and virginia's struggles aren't happening in a vacuum. states like louisiana, ark and kentucky are all debating the same thing. including in norns. that city's mayor, mitch landrieu, gave an kbagsed speech on that and we lee you with his words today. >> and in the second decade of the 21st century asking african
12:00 pm
americans to drive by property of men who fought to destroy the country and deny that person's humanity seems perverse. it seems absurd. >> those comments from may. that wraps things up for this hour. ali velshi picks things up right now from washington. >> good to see you. have a great afternoon. i'm ali velshi in washington. it took three days, but this afternoon president trump tried again to get it rights on the eentsz in charlottesville. no more condemning hate in general terms. no more criticizing violence on many sides. this was the leader of the free world doing his best to be firm and unambiguous. all this starred on friday night. there was violence. there was pepper spray. there was uncontrollable clashes with counterprotestors. the images gained the attention of the world. tension reached a new


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