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tv   MSNBC Live With Katy Tur  MSNBC  August 15, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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president failing to stand up to hate. failing to live up to the title. instead of letting yesterday's belated condemnation of neo-nazis, white supremacists stand, the president lashed out at business leaders spread an image of violence against the media, promoted more alt-right figures on social media. and seemed to confirm he will pardon a man who was found guilty of racially profiling latinos. our word of the day is chances, as in how many chances does this president get to rise to the office, not cowher to his base. >> the foulout continues many. >> i was miffed when he attacked ken frazier. i thought it was a cheap shot. other ceo's stepped off that council, he didn't attack them. they weren't african-american either. >> anger reaching a boiling
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point overnight. as anti-hate dimmen straighters took to the streets. >> protests around trump tower with the president's half hearted denunciation of the white supremacist march in charlottesville. >> is the bar so low that we're now celebrating giving a standing ovation to a president that condemns naziism? >> can you stand for hatred or you can stand against it. you can't do both. trump attacked the first ceo, ken frazier, the african-american head of merck on twitter yesterday. he did not call out the other three by name, underarmor, intel and scott paul, all of whom are white. this morning he tweeted, for every ceo that drops out of the manufacturing council, i have many to take their place. grandstanders should not have
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gone on. >> before that, he retweeted the man who pushed the pizza gate conspiracy theory. then a fox news report about how he is seriously considering pardoning joe arpaio. and at one point an image of a trump train running over a cnn reporter. he deleted that tweet and an anonymous source in the white house says it was inadvertent but no one in the west wing will go on record to say that. kelly o'donnell is outside of trump tower. ann gearan is a diplomatic correspondent with the washington post. the president is supposed to be speaking on infrastructure in the next hour. his economic message is being overshadowed once again by going after the ceo's. >> infrastructure is supposed to be one of the areas where a president donald trump should be able to speak with clarity and
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attract some support. this should be a good day in a trump white house. as you pointed out. so many of the things they want to do get over shadowed by things they fall short of doing, fail to do or miss the mark. these other issues come crowding in, for the economic council to have people that the president in many ways considers peers, friends, people he spent time with in his life before politics. these sort of defections and departures are particularly stinging. even more personal than the charlottesville tragedy which was a national concern and crisis. this is directly personal to the president a personal rejection of his leadership and saying to the president these leaders don't want to be a part of his economic council. more generally, using the term grandstander. where did we hear that before?
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when he fired james comey, he used that same description the economic council is meant to be a sort of think tank inside the white house, bringing different minds, different experience and they've met a number of times. they go in to breakout groups where they come up with ideas and recommendations for the various agencies of the trump administration, this is an important source of information for the president and for the administration, and so prominent defections and pressure on others who remain is an ongoing problem for president trump. >> he's still facing a lot of criticism for not adequately distancing himself from hateful groups. today again we saw him retweeting alt-right figures on social media that includes an image of a trump train running over a cnn reporter. this is two days after a woman was killed when a car ran her over at the charlottesville protest. >> i think the questionable
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taste there led to a lot of criticism of trump online. immediately, and again the tweet was deleted. presumably by frumd himself, although as you said, in the beginning, the white house is not going on the record with any tick to be of what happened there. i think it is -- it shows the people who are around trump in his ecosystem online in the morning when he is looking at morning news on television and looking at his twitter account. and to some degree, there's a closed circle there. i mean, we see him tweeting about what's on fox primarily, but sometimes on other networks. and we see people tweeting back at him who are members, if not specifically members of the so-called alt-right. certainly have some sympathies in that direction, and in this case, it appears that his twitter finger got ahead of him there, and he just retweeted the
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wrong guy. >> this is not a one off, though, anne. this has happened over and over and over again for quite a long time. there was an image he tweeted out of him tackling a cnn reporter, cnn reporter in quotes. and he's retweeted these alt-right figures a number of times. you can't just say that this may have been a mistake of the trigger finger when he's done it so many times in the past. the evidence is not there to support that, lawmakers are probably happy they're not on capitol hill today. not having to face reporters, that doesn't mean they're not having to face questions about this. as i'm sure you saw, cory gardiner, the senator from colorado, got into it with some constituents at a town hall. take a listen. >>. >> you can imagine -- a nazi driving a car into a crowd of people, and the president's reaction to it.
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>> are you confident that donald trump is fit to lead the country? >> i believe he is fit, but i don't believe -- >> cory gardiner saying he does believe the president is fit for office. he got a lot of -- he got an earful for that. what are republicans thinking right now when they consider this president his leadership so far? >> a few things to point out. what you saw with the ceo's is what you're going to see with the members of congress. the risks of being associated with a president who cannot criticize nazis and white supremacists immediately, the risks may outweigh the rewards. what you're seeing is for a long time republicans have taken solace in the fact that the president's brand was not the republican's brand. so individual members of congress, both in the house and
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senate were not tarnished by the president's low approval ratings. they had their own brand, we saw we were operating in a three party system, we had democrats, republicans and trump. now you're seeing with the gardiner town hall, i believe. you're starting to see the mix between the trump brand and the republican brand as we head into august. election season starts in five months. people are going to be in primaries, people are going to be basically fighting for their political in '18. and those brands are mixing. that is according to republicans i talked to, a very bad thing for electoral and political prospects for members of the house and senate. >> how much lower can the bar get for this president. 34% approval rating on gallop. president obama never got to that point. he's only -- the president is 208 days or so into his administration. what numbers out there will republicans need to see to make
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a more public break with this president. public and forceful. >> it's not a number necessarily, it's a tone, a situational decision that members of congress will have to make as we get into this election season. republicans are going home, back to their districts and states right now, they have nothing to talk about. they cannot talk about a tax bill because it doesn't exist. they cannot talk about an infrastructure bill, the president says he's making progress, that is not true. there is no infrastructure bill. they have not repealed health care or replaced health care. all they're left to talk about is the president of the united states and a third of the country supports him. that's a tough political situation to be in. i think you're starting to see that break. you showed the congressman from philadelphia break pretty publicly on msnbc. so i think you'll see a lot of that stuff going-forward, because it -- they don't want those two brands mixing. they don't want -- a lot of
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members of congress do not want the trump brand tarnished what a lot of republicans say for decades. >> nothing to sell, it's hard to defend what's going on right now. jake sherman, appreciate it. anne guerin with the washington post. thank you very much. the white house said trump clearly denounced white nationalists, those groups heard a very different message. here's how richard spencer interpreted the words. >> today was more kumbaya nonsense. you can say racism is evil, we should all love one another. the sun should always shine seven days a week. everyone should be above average. everyone should be a wonderful athlete, everyone should love each other. it's silliness. it's not serious, and i don't think anyone takes it seriously, including the president. >> pastor darryl scott serves on
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president trump's national diversity coalition. pastor scott, it's lovely to see you. some people are saying the president was pressured politically to make that second statement yesterday. and that it looked forced? in your opinion, what did you think? >> i didn't think he was being pressured, i think he amended his original statement. when i first heard about it saturday, i made a statement on behalf of thedy versity coalition and myself, and i denounced all of the hate groups involved without specifying which ones there were. president trump did something similar to that, he denounced all the participants in the violence. the protesters and the counter protesters. it seems as if we're giving these counter protesters a pass, they came with the intent to incite violence. >> they were walking down the streets holding nazi flags.
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they weren't saying jews won't replace us. >> they were walking down the street with pepper spray and they were walking down the street with a homemade flame throwers. let's not act like they did not go with the intent to shut that protest down. >> a number of these white nationalists came in armed, they came carrying torches. they said, jews won't replace us. they were carrying nazi flags. how do you equate the two, pastor. >> i'm not defending them. >> you're equating the two sides. >> we have ku klux klan rallies in every state every year that don't get this attention. they got this attention now because trump was the president. if hillary clinton was the president, it wouldn't get the attention it's getting. we had a million man marine thely, a year ago, that didn't get any media coverage. they didn't cover it, because it
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was a peaceful demonstration. the potential for violence was there. that's why the media intensified it. they feed off of each other. these white supremacist groups are fringe groups with very low -- >> that's quite a statement, i'm going to stop you right there, the left wing media does not feed off of white supremacists. that's ridiculous. the reason these are getting a lot of attention is because they are marching in trump's name, they're fulfilling the president's promises. they're saying they believe in the president and the president is allowing them to do so, partially because the president himself has not gone out and said, i don't want your support, don't march in my name. he had an opportunity to do that on saturday. he had an opportunity to do that yesterday, on monday, he still hasn't done it. >> i want to play you a piece of sound from a vice news report. they sat down exclusively with
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some white nationalist leaders. i'm going to warn our viewers, the language is disturbing, but i think it's important to watch. take a listen. >> when did you get into, as you said, the racial stuff? >> when trayvon martin case happened, michael brown and tamir rice and all these things happened. every single case, it's some little black [ bleep ] behaving like a savage. he gets himself into trouble. whatever problems i may have with my fellow white people. they generally are not inclined to such behavior, and you have to take that into consideration when you're thinking about how to organize your society. >> pastor, are you comfortable with is that? this is a man who supports the president, who believes the president believes in what he believes in. these are people that are marching in the president's name. you have david duke saying, look in the mirror, white people are who voted for you. are you comfortable with the
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amount of push back that this president has given to this? would you like at the very least to see him come out and say, i do not want your support? i do not want you to march in my name? i do not condone this. i think you are filled with hate? don't you want to hear that from the president of the united states? >> if i'm allowed to talk, i'll tell you. first of all, that guy you just played was an idiot. second of all, here's my take. the white supremacists gravitated toward president trump because that was the direction they were pointed at from the outset of this campaign, president trump had a good time labelling and branding his opponents, lying ted, crooked hillary, low energy jeff, they branded him as racist trump. the media has driven the narrative that trump is for white supremacy. they said, if this candidate embraces us, we're going to embrace him. it's not true, no matter how many times he denies being a
11:16 am
racist. no matter how many times he denounces white supremacy, it's never enough. you know full well he does not embrace naziism. his son in law is jewish. some of his best friends are jewish. his daughter converted to judaism. how can people think he embraces naziism or neo-naziism. this racial -- and the racial issue, this racial climate in america is being fueled by the media as well. white people don't get up in the morning saying i hate all people. all black people aren't getting up in the morning saying, i hate all the white people. i consider us friends you're white, i'm black, that's never been an issue between us. the media is fueling this only because trump is president. >> pastor. >> if hillary clinton was president -- >> which makes it all the more surprising given everything you just said, all the harder to understand why the president won't come out and say,
11:17 am
forcefully, i do not want your support, go home, don't march in my name. he did not say that. >> if you -- >> he did not say that, pastor. pastor, he did not say that. and given his daughter and son in law and lawyer and all the other things you laid out, he did not come out and say, i don't want you marching in my name, i don't want you supporting me, i don't condone it, i don't accept it, go home, go away. he didn't do it. >> katy he made a mess on saturday, and cleaned the mess up on monday. you guys aren't satisfied with the fact that the mess was cleaned up on monday. you want it to stay a mess, you don't want it to be cleaned up. >> republicans aren't satisfied. republicans aren't satisfied either. this is not a media conspiracy, it's not a media manufactured controversy. pastor darryl darrelle scott, we are still friends, i still like you very much, sir. thank you for coming on my show.
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steve bannon in a moment, first north korea. it looks like tensions between the united states and north korea may be easing, at least temporarily. north korea's state news agency
11:22 am
released these pictures of kim jong-un looking at plans to fire missiles at guam. the news agency said he would watch the foolish conduct of the yankees before deciding whether to order a launch. the u.s. is still willing to talk to north korea, but is waiting for some sign of interest from its leader. and defense secretary jim mattis warned the u.s. is still ready for possible military action. >> i think they could fire at the united states, that's called war if they shoot at us. if they do that. then it's game on. >> hans nichols is at the pentagon. and tammy laettner is in guam. what is the pentagon saying about kim's potential decision not to launch missiles at guam. >> they're not buying it. it's not the old trust but
11:23 am
verify line. they look at kim jong-un's actions, not necessarily his rhetoric, his actions, they have seen through satellites that they're moving around these kn-17, these mobil missile launchers. these potentially can be launched quickly in part because they have solid fuel. now, we asked secretary mattis earlier today, a group of reporters asked them what he thought about his latest statement. he didn't address that. he did say the united states is prepared for any conflict, have a listen to what he had to say. >> here at the pentagon, we're part of the cen continual of our nation. and we stand ready to defend it. >> everyone is monitoring, taking a look at what is on the historical calendar, if there are any big celebrations, big holidays coming up in north korea, as they continue to look at surveillance. >> that is notably when they fire these missiles. it's also notable that the u.s. and south korea are scheduled to
11:24 am
begin their annual joint military exercises next week. is there any fear this could cause the north to react in some way? >> sure, there's concern here, but there's also -- there isn't a lot of appetite for cancelling those operations, those war games. to be very clear, what they're war gaming out, three weeks of war games, the first week is crisis communications, you involve the south korean government on how they might respond, how they interface with the u.s., the next two weeks, actual war gaming for defending the second, the lower part of the korean peninsula. that's what that second part is, the last two weeks. no indication here they plan to cancel them. those have been going back to the '70s. the wrar games. the idea that the pentagon would modify its longstanding plans just because of rhetoric out of the north, doesn't seem to be the issue here. >> it would show they would be intimidated at the very least. hans nichols, great to see youp.
11:25 am
heading to guam now. is there relief on that island that kim jong-un appears to be backing away from firing missiles at the island? >> katie, you know, that really depends on who you ask. a lot of the residents here are still concerned, some of them say they feel trapped, their homes are here, their family, their work is here, so they have a wait and see attitude. if you talk to the government, it's a very different attitude, right now, they say that they are relieved because north korea seems to have backed down, despite that, the government and the military are ready. now, we got a rare look into the emergency operations center, and this will be ground zero if there's an attack. >> as protesters -- >> we're in the middle of a conflict we have nothing to do
11:26 am
with it. >> guam's homeland security is prepping for war. >> this is the emergency operations center, we're about 100 feet underground, almost in a bunker type environment. >> in a rare tour -- >> what's this room we're headed to. >> we can see into the emergency operations center, they can't see in. >> the classified policy room -- >> two doors, blast proof, and keypad locks to get in. >> down the hall, the watch desk is manned 24 hours a day, ready to sound the sirens, alerting the island. >> it's good to go. this is good to go right now, if i put something it's going to set it off, we don't want to do that. >> is this always ready to go like it is now? >>. >> not 24/7 like it has been the last couple days. >> resident thes wait hoping the
11:27 am
alarm doesn't sound. >> un fortunately, an alarm did go off overnight across some tv's and radios. we learned this was just a test and should not have gone out, a lot of people here were concerned and had no idea that it was just a test until the following morning. katie? >> tammy laettner in guam, thank you very much. up next, the mooch says he would like to see steve bannon booted from the white house. will he get his way? [vo] progress is seizing the moment. your summer moment awaits you now that the summer of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the summer of audi sales event.
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let me explain -- >> i said he was, i got caught on tape saying he was. >> is he going to be gone in a week in. >> that's up to the president. >> what does the mooch think? >> if it was up to me, he would be gone. but it's not up to me. >> steve bannon has few friends in the white house, and anthony scaramucci was not one of them. the two men could soon have something to bond over, being former white house employees. the latest pressure to fire the chief strategist is coming from the founder of fox news. rupert murdoch. the president's response, mr. trump offered little push back according to a person familiar with the conversation and vented his frustrations about mr. bannon. the chief strategist has been plagued for months by reports he will soon be fired.
11:32 am
bannon is still standing. will this time be any different? joining me now, glenn thrush and media critic eric wimpell. from the start, mr. bannon, 63 has told people in his orbit, he never expected to last in his current position longer than eight months to a year. and hoped to ram through as much of his agenda as he could, while he stood in the president's favor. glenn, has he been able to ram through a lot of his agenda? >> no. he's been able to ram a lot. i think -- you know, probably his most lasting legacy thus far is putting through the cra's through the senate which slashed regulations, a lot of the folks in the senate have a similar anti-regulatory ban. the first travel ban, which was his -- which will be his real
11:33 am
legacy is still mired in the courts. his overall tone of nationalism, economic populism, and those are probably polite terms for his philosophy, and more than anything else, a stance on immigration are durable in the trump administration. and indicakati, that's kind of he's dispensable right now. you have steve miller carrying the torch on both of those issues quite nicely. and steve miller doesn't come with any of the bannon baggage. >> he's fighting with mcmaster. we know he doesn't have that many friends in the white house, breitbart is going after jared kushner and mcmaster. is there concern that steve bannon on the outside is much more dangerous than a steve bannon or much more problematic than steve bannon on the inside? >> that's exactly it. one of the interesting things about bannon and one of the details maggie and i uncovered in the course of doing this.
11:34 am
mick mull veinny gave a lot of staffers a copy about henry the eighth, bannon really embibed that about i think just in the terms of the way this is shaping up, having your strongest noble on the outside of the castle is often times more dangerous than having him on the inside. to put it in al capone terms, you want to keep your enemies -- what is it, your friends close and enemies closer. >> exactly. >> and bannon has tremendous contacts. big money contacts on the outside, sheldon adelson really likes him, but he's very close to the mercers, particularly rebecca mercer who funded breitbart. >> and helped fund a lot of donald trump's campaign, installed steve bannon into that position along with kellyanne
11:35 am
conway. tell me about your reaction to the head of fox news advising the president on who should be inside his white house? >> no surprise at all that someone from fox news would be advising a republican president or republican presidential candidate. there's a long tradition of that, the late roger ailes did it all the time. he ran fox news before he was pushed out in the sexual harassment scandal. rupert murdoch has run media companies. as sort of his portfolio he's advised presidents throughout the world, australia, britain and the united states. he had a relationship with reagan. it is no surprise whatsoever that he is advising trump. the intensity of the relationship as glenn and maggie have reported. is a touch surprising to me, it's just -- it's a weekly thing apparently. i think glenn would know better about that, but it's a very
11:36 am
intense relationship and considering all that rupert murdoch has at stake in this particular administration, it's one that we can spend hours talking about. there's a justice department investigation. which is rupert murdoch's crown jewel in the united states. and rupert murdoch has a tremendous stake in whatever media deregulation takes place at the fcc. this is a tremendously fraught relationship. it's also fraught in the sense that reporters for the wall street journal, new york post and fox news have to cover the guy who's buddies with their boss. >> they do it with varying degrees of criticism. >> you weren't -- your trump time hadn't started yet, last year when we were in scotland following trump on the campaign trail. there was this odd moment between me and him where he wanted me to guess who he was having dinner with.
11:37 am
i didn't guess. he was excited about having dinner with rupert murdoch. later we saw them drive into the sunset on a golf cart. >> is that rose bud? >> yeah, kind of like rose bud. my point about that is, he was obviously trying to get the okay from murdoch. remember early on fox news didn't like donald trump, and went after his pretty hard. we had megyn kelly going after him in that first debate. after that, they were trying to cultivate the other candidate. given that donald trump was trying to get into murdoch's favor is that someone he may listen to, and is that a good idea? >> the deeper connection with rupert is jared kushner. kushner is the one who talks with murdoch regularly. kushner, you know, eric was talking about -- what is it, of
11:38 am
course octogenarian media moguls. he has a close relationship with rupert murdoch. rupert as you said, quite rightly was not totally on board with trump. murdoch is in favor of comprehensive immigration reform and against the wall. very interestingly katy, over the last few weeks, you've seen the wall street journal editorial page going after trump and the post going after trump, lashing out over his response to charlottesville. that's a complicated relationship. >> good with octogenarians. i don't think i've heard that before. thank you very much. glenn wimpel, thank you as well. when it comes to business, sometimes your first response is the only response that matters.
11:39 am
if you didn't already know that, the president is learning that lesson today. four ceo's have quit his manufacturing council, and now a big retail giant is denouncing the president as well. that new development is next. and as we head to break, here's how jimmy fallon responded to the violence in virginia and the president last night. >> we all need to stand against what is wrong, acknowledge that racism exists, and stand up for what is right and civil and kind. and to show the next generation that we haven't forgotten how hard people have fought for human rights. the fact that it took the president two days to come out and denounce racists and white supremacists is shameful.
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some call them veterans. we call them our team. it's not me, it's you. as of this afternoon, four ceo's have broken up with president trump saying just that, all are disappointed or angry over his belated condemnation with white supremacists who spread hate and spark the deadly violence in charlottesville. kenneth frazier was the first to go, the ceo of pharmaceutical giant merck resigned before the president's second statement yesterday. he wrote, america's leaders must
11:44 am
honor our fundamental values by clearly rejecting expressions of hatred, bigotry and supremacy. underarmor ceo who faced criticism for his praise of president trump in february also decided to go. so did intel. i resigned because i want to make progress while many in washington seem more concerned with attacking anyone who disagrees with them. president trump tried to have the last word, he tweeted this afternoon, for every ceo that drops out of the manufacturering council, i have many to take their place. grandstanders should not have gone on. jobs! . it did not work. 16 minutes later, alliance for american manufacturing scott paul announced he was leaving to -- because it was the right thing for him to do. joining me in the newsroom, senior editor for policy and
11:45 am
politics. and howard brigman. tony. they have the ceo's that resigned, we're getting word from walmart that they are basically denouncing the president, but they're not stepping off the council. >> trying to have their cake and eat it too. for many of these ceo's, it's all about politics. the reason that companies like spacex and tesla and disney and others came to the table in the first place, is because this president is working on things like tax and infrastructure reforms that matter dearly to these companies bottom lines. as the politics have soured and employees have sounded off and investors and others have made noise, these ceo's have found no choice but to walk away from the table. >> the ceo of walmart said. as we watched the events and response from president trump over the weekend, we felt he missed a critical opportunity to
11:46 am
help bring our country together by rejecting the appalling actions of white supremacists, his remarks today were a step in the right direction, and we need that clarity and consistency in the future. again, he is not stepping down. similar thought gr e and dow. this manufacturing council, did it actually do anything? >> you know, it's funny he used the word grandstand in his tweet, because i think that's what it is, it's a photo op waiting to happen. i don't think how you get things done is have a group of ceo's sitting around with the president patting each other on the back, how smart they are. you get a blue ribbon panel, you empower them, and the other question i ask is, you're talking about bringing manufacturing jobs to america, does this president have any credibility there when you look at every label from every trump product ever made comes from another country? so i don't think this was designed for success to begin with. >> was it just designed solt
11:47 am
american people would look at it and say, look what he's getting done? he's able to gather all these ceo's and our lives will be made better because of it? >> i think it was made because donald trump thought that's what would impress him, that's what impresses him. can learn a lot on ground level too? >> can the president's tarnish or hurt these companies in anyway? >> i mean, that's why a lot of the companies left, at least at first, it was harming them from a pr perspective. you're talking right now about charlottesville and the fallout from the president's comments about what happened this past weekend. other executives have left for other reasons. and musk's instance, the problem was climate change, he left after spending months trying to get president donald trump not to withdraw from the paris climate agreement. he ultimately did, and elan musk was left with a bit of egg on his face after talking a great game about being able to sway
11:48 am
this president. all are fearing blow back from their employees, we're talking about silicon valley companies who really want their ceo's to sound off. >> can the president hurt these companies, though? >> i don't think he can do real damage. i don't think he can. in some cases, actually, going to help the companies. as we've noted. they're getting a lot of blow back from their shareholders, customers, and they can't afford that, when the president's approval ratings, about a third of the country. they realize that they're more powerful being on the outside. >> underarmor has a number of athletes and celebrities that promote its brand, a few of the big names you can see right here, stephan curry. michael phelps, giselle bundchen. how much does this public image weigh-in on underarmor's decision. >> it weighed on them enough
11:49 am
they had to apologize last time opinion immediately after he said trump was an asset to the country. immediately afterwards, many many athletes sounded off. leading him to apologize. it was pretty clear what he was getting at. now we're here, and we see another instance in which trump's comments have resonated. folks in the business community are asking questions, and underarmor decided it was time to go. fearing a pr blow back. >> is american manufacturing going to come back with a vengeance under this president. >> i think american manufacturing is challenged right now. i think american technology, american alternative energy. these are the things that -- where jobs are in the future, i grew up in flint michigan, i know a lot about american manufacturing, where it's gone and why it's gone. we're not creating the
11:50 am
conditions. we're not dealing with the fundamentals that would bring manufacturing back to this country. >> howard, tony, thank you very much for being here. we appreciate it. next up, the trump effect. the senate's battle in bama, and what it reveals about wahhhh... right. in. your. stomach! watch this!... >>yikes, that ice cream was messing with you, wasn't it? try lactaid, it's real ice cream, without that annoying lactose. lactaid. it's the milk that doesn't mess with you.
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hi. this is president donald trump, and i love the people of alabama, and i hope you go out and vote for luther strange for senate. we are doing things that a lot
11:54 am
of people said were impossible, but i need luther to help us out. >> how much is president trump's endorsement really worth? we are about to find out. the president wants alabama republicans to stick with a pointed senator, luther strange, in the special election to fill the senate seat once held by attorney general jeff sessions. strange says he appreciates the president's backing. >> personally, i'm so grateful for his endorsement. i have talked to him last night on the phone. he asked how things were going. said he was glad to do the robo-call, and he would call me today. if people want to get the trump agenda implemented in washington, there is one choice, and i hope voters take it to heart and vote for me today. >> he has been struggling in race against former alabama supreme court chief justice roy moore and congressman mel brooks. moore who rode to his polling place on horseback.
11:55 am
there you see. pit. gaining notoriety after. both he and brooks are making their opposition to the other republican senator from kentucky. the senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell, a centerpiece of their campaigns. no surprise that mcconnell is backing strange. garrett haake joins us now, and you sent it to us, you said, what if you held a high profile special election for the u.s. senate and nobody came? >> yeah, katy. that's kind of what they are looking at here in alabama today. the secretary of state is predicting turnout will be between 10% and 15%. that's abysmal and it's below expectations in this race which were already low of about 20% to 25%. that reflects a lack of enthusiasm for the nine candidates on the ballot on the republican side.
11:56 am
a anecdotely talking about how they like roy moore. they are not exactly thrilled about the other candidates, and we have been talking about this trump endorsement of luther strange and that will be critical for luther strange. he is a sitting senator at this point with seven months on the job, and he is hanging on by his fingernails to make sure he gets the runoff. if he is in the 20% or so tonight, that's troubling for a senator. even they he has this trump endorsement and trump is popular here, the folks here say the thing strikes them the wrong way, and it doesn't seem like a natural fit, and maybe that strange is overplaying his hand here with that endorsement to make up for something. here's a voter i talked to earlier trying to explain that this a little bit. >> i think the press can hurt you are as much as help you in
11:57 am
something like this. >> reporter: how so? >> sometimes lit's better to le the people use their own common sense to work things out. when you have people telling you, i got 16, 17 phone calls yesterday. all of them robo-calls. all of them, you know, telling me who this, who that, and they don't seem to give me credit for having enough sense to think for myself. >> reporter: grassroots voters don't take kindly to that heavy-happened tactic, and especially not from donald trump's guy, but mitch mcconnell's guy. >> i want to talk to you about mitch mcconnell. the president himself has gone after mcconnell, and allowed reporters to ask the question of whether or not he should step down as senate majority leader. how's that dynamic playing out?
11:58 am
>> reporter: yeah. that's tricky. to mo brooks told me he would rather take any of the other 51 people among mitch mcconnell. people here voted for donald trump, republicans here voted for him in overwhelming margins. 30% over hillary clinton. they want to see his agenda succeed and they very much blame mitch mcconnell and the swamp in washington for not getting it done, and that's, again, part of the challenge for luther strange, is how do you be both donald trump's guy and mitch mcconnell's guy at the same time. >> when does mcconnell come up for re-election? >> reporter: i don't know off the top of my head, but he is as comfortable as anybody in the senate with being unpopular. he thinks his job the to hold the majority, and if people don't like him, he is okay with that. >> thank you very much, garrett. one more thing before we go. does the thing robert richie ring a bell?
11:59 am
unless you're a big fan of kid rock, probably not. as we reported, the midwest rocker has been eyeing a run to unseed michigan in next year's midterms, but having a name matters in politics, and kid rock could have some trouble. the state prevents him from using the name kid rock on the ballot, and nicknames are only allowed if they are tied to the person's real name. he will have to get enough signatures to get on the ballot first and foremost, but it's not impossible. he is getting the backing of well-known republicans. today, former new york governor, george pi tack key gave him a nod on twitter, and there was this photo op with sarah palin, and ted nugent in the oval office. there it is right there. and while some may scoff or laugh at a kid rock candidacy, keep this in mind. people were laughing in the summer of 2015, too.
12:00 pm
and now look who is president. >> why can't he just change his name? >> i have 15 seconds. >> i ask the question. >> he probably could. my other question, but this is the last topic. if luther strange doesn't win, he would be a great comic book character. >> the future is bright any way you cut it. >> that wraps it up for me this hour. ali velshi picks me up. >> have a good afternoon. i'm ali velshi, and president trump is back in washington, d.c. this afternoon. he continues to deal with the fallout after waiting to condemn the white supremacists after the deadly riots in charlottesville. no word if they will say anything further. he has been tweeting about it. when the president comes out, we'll bring you his remarks


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