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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  August 15, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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and they would find ways to communicate to him or his staff that they know bad thing about him. >> good even to keep really really really good files. you never no who will end up being president of the large western country. adam davidson, reporter for the new yorker. piece is called no questions asked. we are posting a link to adam's article at if you haven't tread yet, you should. thank pup see you again tomorrow. now time for last word with lawrence o'donnell. good evening. >> good evening, rachel. boy am i glad i've never done business in russia. doesn't that all sound obvious when you hear it that of course it would work that way. >> well and the fact -- the thing i have learned from adam davidson's reporting at the new yorker is you don't have to be perfect but you do have to look to see if you are really obviously doing dirty business
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with people who everybody knows are dirty. and it doesn't matter if that's okay in their country. it is not okay in the united states if you're an american company or american businessman doing that. just willful refusal to look and recognize dirt you are wallowing in, that's enough to get nailed in this country under our lawes. >> and it is absolutely not okay if you're a business point who will at some point run for president. >> there's that. >> yeah. >> thanks wsh rachel. >> thank you, lauwrence. nbc news is reporting that the president stunned his staff by taking questions at what was supposed to be simply an announcement of another trump executive order. this one about building permits for intrastructure. not surprisingly there were no questions about infrastructure. the president knew exactly what questions would be about. in his defense of his comments about the murder of heather in charlottesville on saturday, by a white supremacist, donald trump relied entirely on a claim
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that everyone, including every single trump supporter, knows, is not true. donald trump insisted that he is always scrupulously careful about checking facts before he makes any kind of statement. >> i wanted to make sure, unlike most politicians, that what i said was correct. not make a quick statement. i don't want to go quickly and just make a statement for the sake of making a political statement. i want to know the facts. when i make statement, i like to be correct. i need the facts. so i don't want to rush into a statement. >> was it terrorism that event? >> i want to make sure when i make a statement that statement is correct. i didn't know david duke was there. not all of those people were neonaz neonazis, believe me. not all of those people were
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white supremacists, by any stretch. i want to make a statement with knowledge. i wanted to know the facts. what about the alt left as you say that came charging with the alt-right. i'm not finished, fake news. this is robert e. lee. stone jackton is coming down. is it george washington next week and thomas jefferson the week after? ♪ ♪ >> nbc news is reporting that senior white house official says president trump wasn't supposed to answer any questions today. his staff went in through that event with the press with the understanding the president would discuss infrastructure evenly and take no questions. but once in front of the reporters the president quote went rogue, that's the trays the official used, the white house official said members of the team are stunned this evening by the president's actions. but when you see the video it
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certainly looked like premeditated decision by the president to publicly defend comments he made on saturday that were greeted with sharp criticism from dell kramocrats more importantly from the president from republicans. the president just happened to have a company ecopy of his sat statement in his pocket today. >> so i dent waon't want to go y and just make a statement for the sake of making a political statement. i know the facts -- [ inaudible ] >> i brought it. i brought it. i brought it. remember this, saturday. we condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, big trotry a violence. it has no place in america. then i wept on from there. it seems to the the prewas reading from the written statement he was supposed to read on saturday. but on saturday, he read that
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but he inserted something about many sides in the hid el of that statement. >> we condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence, on many sides. on many sides. it's been going foreign are a long time in our country. not donald trump, not barack obama. this has been going foreign a long, long time.ign a long, long a long, long time.n a long, long time. a long, long time. >> the president decided to take a stand to defend when a said on saturday but he refused as you just saw to quote what he said on saturday and today many sides eventually as he continued to talk became both sides. >> i think there's blame, yes. blame on both sides. you look at beth sides, i think there's blame on both sides. and i have no doubt about it.
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and you don't have any doubt about it, either. >> the the president believes there is blame for heather higher's murder, for those who murdered her and the president believes there is blame for her murder on her side. and in a true trumpian version, he believes what the reporter thinks who asked him that questions he believes what he knows we all think and that we all agree with him. that brought a round of outrage for a president who sees he no difference between the side that murders and the side that doesn't. the side that has nazis and the side that doesn't. politically and most significant outrage came from republican senator marco rubio who launched an attack against the president the likes of which trump.
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he tweeted, the organizers of events can h inspired and led to charlottesville tra charlottesville terrorist attack are 100% to blame for a number of reasons. they are adherence of an evil ideology which believes people are interior because of race or ethnicity. when an entire movement build on people different from you it justifies and ultimately leads to violence against them. these groups today use same symbols and same arguments of nazi and kkk groups responsible for some of worst crimes against humanity ever. mr. president, you can't allow white supremacists to share only part of blame. they support idea which cost nation and world so much pain.
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the white supremacy groups will see being assigned only 50% of blame as a win. we cannot allow this old evil to be resurrected. ma marco rubio's state of florida was one of the founding members of the con fedry. the government to succeed from the union and fight a war again the united states of america to preserve white supremacy and slavery. what marco rubio said today is all true. all obvious. but it can cost him some votes in florida. some support the formally confederate state of florida marco rubio is right that white prem si supremacist groups would appreciate what donald trump said today. and those who voted for donald trump came from former ku klux klan leader david duke who voted for donald trump. after the president spoke today, and assigned blame to both
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sides, david duke said thank you, president trump, for your honesty and courage to tell the truth about charlottesville and condemn the leftest terrorists. one of the leaders of the white supremacist nazi demonstration richard spencer tweeted, i'm proud of him for speaking the truth. the lead of glenn thrush and megan's art tell of on the front of tomorrow's times reads president trump buoyed the white nationalist movement on tuesday as no president has done in generations equating activists protesting racism with the neonazis. and rampaged in charlottesville,
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virginia over the weekend. never has he gone as far as defending their actions as he did during wild street corner shouting match of a news don frens in guilded lobby of trump tower angrily asserting that so-called alt left activists were just as responsible for the bloody confrontation as marchers, brandishing swastikas, confederate battle flags anti-semitic banners and trump/pence signs. no one is more careful about checking facts before he speaks and he never goes off without having all the information checked. >> that's one of the more ridiculous things he's ever said. one of the more ridiculous claims. obviously he doesn't. he shoots from the hip, from the lip. from his whatever. h his with ever all the time. it is just a ridiculous thing to
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say. that the ridiculous part of it. tragic and appalling part of it of course was that he gave legitimacy to neonazis and the kkk and white supremacists of all stripes. and by calling them nice people. and saying they were just nice people out there just having a nice demonstration the night before. and it wasn't that at all. it was white supremacist holding a klan reminiscent torch-lit parade through the streets of charlottesville in which they were shouting various things including jew will not replace us. this is -- this is beyond appalling. and how does this man continue as president? we expect a president to have some moral authority and donald trump has none. none. zero. none. >> i want to listen to what president said today about the
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night before. about that friday night torch light demonstration which you just referred to, gene, in which the president apparently saw nothing at all that bothered him. let's take a look that. >> there were people in that rally, and i looked the night before, if you look, there were people protesting very quietly the taking down of the statue of robert e. lee. i'm sure in that group there were some bad ones. the following day it looked like they had rough bad people. neonazis, white nationalists, whatever you want to call them. but there were a lot of people in that group that were there to inisn'tly protest and very legally protest. >> we all heard in the video of the night before chanting "jews will not replace us"," blood and soil" an old nazi chant. there is video of the night before where trump saw a
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peaceful people who have an affection for robert e. lee statues. >> i mean, for me, what is remarkable is i just spent several hours talking to republicans who are just so upset. and i think that what is gok on here is you have a party trying to give donald trump the benefit of the doubt. i talked to someone today about the idea that this republican kind of as soon as donald trump came down from the escalator and started calling mexican rapists and criminals he said i couldn't be part of this any more. but i understood my party would still back him. and i don't fault p people who gave him the benefit of the doubt. that said, today is is really in that republicans words the day it make the decision. a more reckoning for the republican party. and for republicanes who watch
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the president basically say that neonazis are almost the same as people pro teting thetesting th. this is group of people that would testify that this is a rally o who are pro white, who are white nationalists. even if you are someone who wanted to go to the gathering because you were upset about the statue and into confederate history, the most you got to the rally and you heard people chanting about jews, chanting about african-americans and the kkk and neonazis are into, as soon as you saw that and you did not leave then have you become complicit and you are no longer the nice person. the nice person card leaves and it is out the window because you showed up and stayed and march with a torch with a group of people that were absolutely racist. >> and jean, the white house is taken by surprise by the president pulling out of his packet his statement from saturday which he obviously
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stepped up to that microphone today to defend. and i saw on last night's program after yesterday when he said those things, that were seen to be written for a standard republican presidential statement about these events, that the nazis and white supremacists would still be very grateful to him as president for holding out as long as monday and not saying those things until monday. and thee would get a very clear signal from that kind of holding out that this was still their guy. and here we have the reviews to night after this performance today. from the white supremacist, david duke and others saying thank you mr. president. >> sure. they got the signal clearly on saturday. you're absolutely right, that their reaction yesterday, would have been well he managed to hold out for two days so he is still with us. and but then today, just make it clear, he took it back
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everything he said yesterday. and went back to his saturday views. and colleagues in the "new york times," white house reporters have a fascinating story in the paper that is posted now that basically says white house staff was shocked to hear the president express publicly views that he had previously expressed privately. so this is not -- it is an secret to them. and it shouldn't have been a surprise. maybe he was surprised that they actually said it. so really you will keep working there. really? this is what you signed up for are when you went to work for the white house? okay. >> you think that what eugene is talking about though. is this idea that the republican party is really backed donald trump through so many iterations and so -- and throughsome statements that people across the country were both terrified and offended with. for me as a reporter what i've
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been talking to republicans about today is is this another access hollywood moment where everyone is up in arms and senators releasing statement after statement about how this is terrible and that they couldn't back donald trump. when marco rubio and jeb bush were saying they couldn't back someone who would speak that way of women. are we in two weeks going to turn around and say that's another big moment for donald trump but he was able to move on from that and now we are on to talking about health care and infrastructure. if donald trump then it really very markable that his political career can with stand a moment like today. >> eugene, presumably to her question, when republican senators and members of congress come back it washington and the subject comes back to tax cuts, why wouldn't they get back on the trump train? >> my guess is they probably will. we will see. but i think they do know deep down inside, this is different. this is not his personal
7:18 pm
conduct. this is not him being just a crude person or not a politician or different or whatever. this is him betraying the absolute lack of moral core. he doesn't know the difference between neonazis and protesters against neonazis. he doesn't know the difference between george washington and robert e. lee, a traitor to the united states. he doesn't care. he has no moral center whatsoever. and they will work with this guy as president of the united states. it's just appalling. >> eugene robinson, yamisha, stay tuneed. who is standing with donald trump? who is standing against him? last two republican candidates are standing against him tonight and we will have more on the difference between robert e. lee and george washington and thomas jefferson and there is a very big difference. and later, is donald trump
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afraid of steve bannon? is that what it comes down to now? with a source close to the white house telling reuters, that is why steve bannon is still working in the white house. donald trump is afraid of him. that's coming up. if rs cameras. introducing the newly redesigned gla suv. at a price that'll make you feel like you've gotten away with something. the 2018 gla. lease the gla250 for $359 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. i knew at that exact moment ... i'm beating this. my main focus was to find a team of doctors. it's not just picking a surgeon, it's picking the care team and feeling secure in where you are. visit
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. sevhe is not /*. senator charles kroj hammer
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had to th to say. >> what he did is reserted on saturday and made it clear what he read on sunday was a monday, two days later. >> monday. >> a hostage tape. >> texas republican congressman will herd said this about the president's remarks. >> if you are showing up to the rally you're probably a racist or bigot. and the images i saw were skin heads and neonazis beating up women and trying to poke people with flal poles. it is not okay and for those watching i think the outrage across the political spectrum about this is maybe the thing that ultimately unites us. >> ohio governor john kasich, last man standing in the republican presidential primary
7:23 pm
said let's get real. there is no moral equivalency to nazi sympathizers. there can be no room in america or the republican party for racism anti-semitism hate or white nationalisism. period. and jerry moran said, white supremacy, bigotry and racism have absolutely no place in our society, and no one especially -- >> john mccain tweeted there's no moral equivalency between racists and americans standing up to defy hate and bigotry. the president of the united states should say so. and let's take a look at what the always petty president of the united states had to say today about john mccain when the subject of steve bannon came up at the press conference and the president was asked if he has confidence in steve bannon and
7:24 pm
john mccain was mentioned in that exchange. let's listen to that. >> -- called on to you defend your national security adviser mcmaster against the task -- >> diit the last time. >> he called on you again. >> senator mccain? >> right. >> you mean the one who voted against obamacare? you mean senator mccain who voted against us getting good health care? >> senator mccain said that alt-right is behind these attacks and he linked that same group to those who perpetrated the attack in charlottesville. >> i don't know, i can't tell you. i'm sure senator mccain must know what he is talking about. >> and david jolly we have a tweet from mitt romney tonight saying no, not the same one side is racist bigoted nazi, other opposes racism and bigotry. david, last two presidential nominees in your party now standing to night on this issue against donald trump.
7:25 pm
>> sure, but not hard enough. lawrence, nobody will accuse you of being generous to a republican. but let me take it one step further in the criticism. it is not enough for republicans. marco rubio, mitt romney, john mccain, others to denounce bigotry tonight. they have to denounce donald trump. denouncing bigotry, denouncing white nationalism is a 99% issue. but if you don't name donald trump by name then you're fa falling short. we demanded that druch announce tagsalis . there are a lost angry americans tonight. there are angry americans like myself, not just at donald trump but gop'ers, gop'ers who looked the other way. denouncing immigrants. mexican judges. reporters with physical
7:26 pm
conditions as they look the other way it look out for their own reelections and interest. gop leaders across the country are just as responsible for where we are tonight as donald trump is. time to stop trying to teach this president a 71-year-old e man who knows better and it is time to start denouncing him. >> jarvis, you have been covering this the to story that underlies all of this for quite a while. that's the issue of confederate monuments. some in new orleans and controversy surrounding them. whatever that decision is made it is time it take one down. >> oh, yeah. and it's been a big, big issue in new orleans and we've been leading the movement across the united states. to make these statues and these monuments come down. to move them from their place of honor. i want to link the two stories by saying that a few months ago i got an e-mail from a reader who said, well, if i wanted to
7:27 pm
take down a stat you've martin luther king, jr. i would be called a racist. so why isn't a racist that people want it take doto take d stat i statues of the confederate? by have the president of the united states actually saying it. and it is shocking. >> jarvis, given that we've all been watching donald trump as a politician in effect for about six years, when he first started talking about president obama's birth certificate, i think this is a new donald trump. not the guy from the game show. someone trying to get into our politics. given that we've had that six years before today, were you surprised by anything the president said today or did this
7:28 pm
fit everything that he's been doing up to now? >> i don't know anybody in america that should be surprised. i think if you're professing to be surprised, you just have not been paying attention. so no, takes on barack obama's birth his place of birth was racist, season zino phobic, exciting the same type of people who showed up in charlottesville over the weekend. attacks on federal judges. mexican her kaj. heritage. no different. trs call for muslim ban. ban on all muslims coming into the country. no for muslim ba. ban on all muslims coming into the country. no different. so no, i wasn't surprised. i would look skeptically an anyone who said they were surprised. >> flake from john mccain's arizona, said we cannot accept excuses for white supremacy and
7:29 pm
act of domestic terrorism we must condemn them, period. but and jeff flake is one who's kind of now publicly coming out in an ongoing public dialogue about the mistake republicans made in embracing donald trump. >> but lawrence, why the third person? i have great respect for jeff speaking out but condemn the president by name. do something. there is a big question. what can republicans do? we know they going to be popping champagne on the south lawn next month when they pass some bill they declare victory on. there are are two things republicans can do. paul ryan and mitch mcconnell can offer a beld statemeold sta saying we won't work in congress any more. we will drop bills on his desk and he can take it or leave it answering to his own constituency. secondly, there is chatter of a primary movement. tonight is the night we move chatter into an organization. falling short of either of those
7:30 pm
two points is nothing more than accommodation by gop leadership to a president we now know, now know, accommodates white nationalists and racist within his party. >> david, quick one-name answer. who would you be watching for a prime primary in republicans field coming up next time? >> lawrence, i once add republican say to me if i can't find someone to run against you, i will run against you myself. if i can't find someone to run against donald trump, i will run against him myself. >> could be john kasich, could be david jolly. thank you. >> thank you, lawrence. coming up, is donald trump afraid of steve bannon? is that why steve bannon still collects a government paycheck? that's next.
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today the president was asked if he had confidence in steve bannon. today the president said a bunch of words but does not answer the question, does he have confidence in steve bannon. >> can you tell us broadly, do you still have confidence? >> we'll see. look, look, i like mr. bannon. he is a friend of mine. but mr. bannon came on very late, you know that. i went through 17 senators, governors, and i won all the primaries. mr. bannon came on very much later than that and i like him. he is a good man. he is not a racist. i can tell you that. he is a good person. he actually gets a very unfair press in that regard. we will see what happenes with mr. bannon. but he is a good person and i think the press treats him frankly very unfairly. >> so it's mr. bannon now.
7:35 pm
that came after the times reported that trump has been considering firing ban yn for months and rupert murdoch urges trump to fire bannon. one source close to the white house tells reuters the president is nervous and afraid of firing him. the source floated the possibility that bannon could be demoted instead of fired noting he might turn into a harsh critic of the administration if he is forced out of the inner circle. back with you, eugene robinson. gene, mr. bannon, mr. ban yn. i don't know.n yn. i don't know.o yn. i don't know.n yn. i don't know.yn. i don't know.. i don't know. when you hear mr. trump talk about his friends, it sualways first name, always first name. >> yeah, mr. bannon. that add different ring. first of all, if i were mr. bannon i would be upset at having donald trump vouch that i'm an racist, right? he has no credibility on that score.
7:36 pm
and second, maybe the president is a little leery of mr. bannon because of mr. ban ynnon's hist with breitbart. maybe he has concern that if he were to fire steve bannon that the sort of breitbart megaphone would turn against him in a big way. tlaen wouthat would undercut hi standing with the shrinking base that has left.hat would undercug with the shrinking base that has left. >> but it would be fox news and breitbart because if he is advocating firing steve bannon he will back that up with his network and newspaper. reading the new york post this week has been a very different weak of trump coverage. it has been negative. it has joined the chorus, not as str strongly as other newspapers but it editorialized what president said. used words about the president that we've never seen in the new
7:37 pm
york post before. and if rupert murdoch gets his way on steve bannon, you can expect full support of the new york post and fox news versus breitbart which would really be something to watch. >> yeah. that is true. bring out the popcorn and he can watch that unfold. you know, i think that's, on the surface, that would seem like an easy choice. i think is a tougher call than you or i might think, for the president. because he thinks that breitbart captured his essence and his soul and his core supporters i think and touches them in way that maybe not even fox news does. but we'll see. fox news can be a little squishy and we have seen this week. for the hard core supporters. so it is a tough call for the president. >> gene robinson, thank you for joining us. >> great to be here. >> coming up, donald trump today showed he has no understanding
7:38 pm
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7:42 pm
>> those people, all those people, excuse me, i've condemned neonazies. i've condemned many different groups. but not all of those people were neonazis, believe me. not all of those people were white supremacists, by any stretch. those people were also there because they wanted to protest the taking down of the statue, robert e. lee. so this week it's robert e. lee. i noticed that stone wall jackson is kaumg down. i wonder, is it george washington next week and thomas jefferson the week after? you do have to ask yourself, where does it stop? but they were there to protest, excuse me, you take a look the night before, they were there to protest the taking down of the stat you've robert e. lee. >> so we now have a president what sees no moral or historical difference between george washington or robert e. lee or
7:43 pm
thomas jefferson. tle we they were all slave owners but robbest e. lee was the only one to go to war and kill hundreds of thousands for his right to have slaves, to sell slaves, to sell a mother to one buyer and the children to other buyers. there is no shadow of a legal doubt that rlee was guilty of treason p. an editorial insisted that robert e. lee should be charged with treason. he levied war against the united states more than any other man in the land and thereby has been especially guilty of the crime of treason has defined in the constitution of the united states. the times wanted to say whether general lee should be hung or not is a minor question. three days later, robert e. lee was in fact indicted for treason. his opponent in the civil war fellow west point graduate
7:44 pm
ulysses s. grant interceded with johnson to drop the treason case against lee. president johnson was very much in favor of prosecuting lee for treason but general grant who was much more popular with the public told the president that he would resign from the army and in a public protest after traeon prosecution of robert e. lee. so president john son backed down and got federal prosecutors to drop the case. robert e. lee ahad a close. he could have been the chander of the army in the civil war or commander of the confederate army. he made the wrong choice. 40% of virginia officers in the u.s. military remained in service to the united states army and fought in the civil war on the union side against their home state of virginia. 40% of them. members of robert e. lee's own family sited with the north over virginia and the south. his sister, chose the north.
7:45 pm
and her son, joined the union army. general lee did not just fight for the confederacy. he fought for slavery. he believed in it. he believed slavery should be allowed in the new territory of the united states that slavery should be forbidden. he went to court to personally fight to keep slaves. who had been proomissed their freedom in his father-in-law's will. some people want it keep robert e. lee statue standing because they don't know these things about general lee and others want to keep those statues standing because they do know these things. about general lee. they do know the general lee owned slaves and fought for slavery even after a civil war general lee did everything he could to prevent black people from getting the right to vote because he believed in their inferiority and in his own superiority. robert e. lee believed in white
7:46 pm
supremacy. because robert e. lee made the wrong choice more soldiers died in the civil bar on both sides. a less skilled commander of the confederate army would have lost the war sooner for the south. saving lives on both sides. donald trump knows none of this and never will. donald trump and his white house and his presidential campaign are under investigation tonight for among other things collusion with russia. if donald trump is proved to be guilty of collusion with russia to steal the presidency, there won't be any statutes of president trump in this country. but there might still be stat ice of robert e. lee who committed treason and then forced america into its bloodiest war. general lee's troops killed at least 360,000 union soldiers and general lee led about 260,000
7:47 pm
confederate soldiers to their deaths. and robert e. lee got away with all this. but he left a legacy that continues to kill americans today.
7:48 pm
7:49 pm
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is it george washington next week? and it is thomas jefferson the week after? you know, you really do have to
7:51 pm
ask yourself where does it stop. you're changing history. you're changing culture. and you have people -- and i'm not talking about the neo-nazis and the white nationalists because they should be condemned totally. but crow had many people in that group other than neo-nazis and white nationalists okay, and the press has treated them absolutely unfairly. >> joining us now, a pulitzer prize winning historian. he's a professor of history at columbia university. professor, it just made me wonder today where would we be if robert e. lee had been convicted of treason. we don't have any stutes in this country to anyone who has been convicted of treason. >> one of the reasons grant did mott want him tried is it would have made him a martyr in the south, which in a sense he became any way. people in the north were not that interested in treason trials after the civil war. they were interested in what was going to happen to the 4 million
7:52 pm
emancipated slaves, including the slaves of robert e. lee. and you this titan tick battle of reconstruction which ended up granting civil rights to the african-americans. robert e. lee opposed that vehemently. but i think, you know, treason trials were really not a major factor in the agenda of the post civil war period. it probably wouldn't have made a heck of a lot of difference. maybe you would have had fewer statues of robert e. lee. but there were hundreds of statues like him of confederate generals all over the south. >> and the history of those is more likecentury. wasn't it sort of a nostalgic looking back? >> these statues don't have much
7:53 pm
to do with the confederacy. but the confederacy is a symbol, an emblem of white supremacy. the statue of robert e. lee was put up 70 years after the saifl war at a time of segregation, disenfranchisement and it's a statement of who is in charge. who has the power. these are emblems of power and that's why people oppose them. we're in a different society now and these statements of white pow rer no longer appropriate. >> as a historian, what is your reaction to seeing the southern white supremacists confederate flag symbolcy with nazi symbolcy at the same event? >> of course it's horrifying that there are still people, and many people in this country apparently who are willing to march around with nazi insignias and confederacy insignias. they're talking about racial supremacy and we know what the consequences of that were for
7:54 pm
humanity. this is a stran that's always been there in american history but for the first time really i think it's represented in the white house. as you mentioned, bannon, of course and it's the first time maybe since woodrow wilson who had the film "birth of a nation" premier in the white house glorifying the klan. first time in 100 years that this has gotten the partial embrace of the president of the united states. >> we had picture of some of the men on saturday, at least one wearing a shirt with a specific quote from hitler on his back. very proudly wearing that shirt, fitting in with the confederate flags around him. this was inconceivable in this country just a short time ago. >> well, unfortunately the generation of world war ii is passing on because of time and perhaps in some cases the memory
7:55 pm
of what world war ii was all about is somewhat passing on. i agree with you. but the rise of this kind of extreme right wing hatred and bigotry has been a frightening factor in the past few years. >> thank you for joining us. tonight's last word is next. 1,200 workers are starting their day building on over a hundred years of heritage, craftsmanship and innovation. today we're bringing you america's number one shave at lower prices every day. putting money back in the pockets of millions of americans. as one of those workers, i'm proud to bring you gillette quality for less, because nobody can beat the men and women of gillette. gillette - the best a man can get. you can do endless move 201online research.t, or, you can take advantage of our best offer ever on an xt5. don't wait. our 2017 models will be moving fast.
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twitter history was made tonight that is going to be very
7:59 pm
disturbing for the president of the united states. we have a new most popular tweet in history and it is not a donald trump tweet. donald trump has never ever come close to this level. this is a tweet from president obama that is now the most popular tweet in history. president obama tweeted no one is borng hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion. people must learn to hate and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love. for love comes for naturally to a human heart than its opposite. and that of course was a quote nelson mandela. and that earned president obama a 1.1 million retweets at least, more than 2.7 million likes and that is going up constantly. donald trump has never come close to anything like that.
8:00 pm
president obama now the most popular tweet in history. well-deserved. president obama gets tonight's last word. brian williams will have the results 0 tf alabama senate primary tonight. we'll see how donald trump and mitch mcconnell's candidate did. "the 11th hour" starts now. tonight president trump stuns members of his own staff with a combative and highly inflammatory news conference repeating his belief both sides were to blame for the violet protests in charlottesville, making no distinction between nazis and those protesting against them. his words brought condemnation across the country from both parties. a thank you from the kkk grand wizard of david duke. the 1 isth hour on a tuesday night begins now. good evening once again from our nbc headquarters here


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