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tv   The Beat With Ari Melber  MSNBC  August 18, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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that's all we have for tonight. hope you enjoyed infrastructure week. we'll be back monday with more mtp daily. the beat with ari melber starts now. >> chuck, infrastructure is our top story tonight. >> i do what i can to tee up, brother. the news tonight, he's out. the most controversial staffer in a controversial white house. steve bannon ousted today and right now new details coming into our news room about all of it. the white house using another friday afternoon to deal with its bad news. bann bannon's first statement as an ex-white house staffer came within the last half an hour after the workday ended. he's telling bloomburg news talk of political war is good for trump and that's because he wants to go to war with trump's
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enemies. the departure comes as he was facing blow back of trump's defense of the attendees of the meeting. they have mutually agreed today that today is steve's last day. the cover story all contested by people close to bannon claiming he offered to resign august 7th and also contested by leaks that it was trump who decided to remove his regardless. democrats saying it doesn't disguise where trump stands on white supremacists. trump fired the president? from republicans a mixed reaction. some saying here is a clean slate. others have a different view. republican congressman steve king saying this is hard blow
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landed against conservatives. today also marks, if you're counting, just two weeks since donald trump tapped john kelly as chief of staff and this new departure the latest in a long line of top staff biting the dust. in february, michael flynn departing as national security adviso advisor. in july sean spicer and that followed by reince priebus a week later and the biggest and controversial name of all. the one who had the flame, the white nationalist flame as some called it in the white house, steve bannon also out. we have a lot to cover. kristen welker is outside of trump's new jersey golf club. shelby holiday from the wall street journal. it's a brady bunch level night of coverage. we'll give you all the boxes we can.
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we start with my colleague kristen, what's the latest there and the mood? >> well, the mood is that this is a reset within the administration. perhaps the biggest one since the president first took office. this terms of the time line, you mapped it out, the fact that white house official as well as those close to steve bannon said he did offer his resignation on august 7th. he did so under pressure. the writing was on the wall. john kelly started this review of all the president's top officials to determine who should stay, who should go and the sense was that ultimately this was john kelly's decision. he felt as though steve bannon was someone who was standing in the way of getting the president's agenda passed. >> does that mean it's not the president's decision? >> well, i think it came at the recommendation of general john kelly. ultimately it was the
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president's decision. he gave the final sign off. i refer you back to his comments earlier this week when asked about the future of steve bannon. president trump referred to him mr. bannon. he said we'll have to see about his future. that was the real first i understand indicati-- indicatio could be in serious trouble. this is someone who has been a lightning rod from the beginning. he's been at war with some of trump's other top advisors. h.r. mcmaster. there was a sense it was becoming very toxic to this administration. he offered his resignation two weeks ago. i think this is something a lot of people within the republican party were pushing for after what we heard from the president in charlottesville. >> if you get more news, i know we'll come back to you. david, let me play for you that bannon quote that kristen just cited. take a listen.
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>> he's a good person and i think the press treats him very unfairly. >> no more or less unfairly than his boss, his now ex-boss. what does it mean, in your view, as a krchronicler of all this t see steve bannon who came in at the end when it counted, the man who says he holds the key to the nationalism and populism, what does it mean that he's gone tonight? >> steve bannon was the heart of darkness of the white house. that's not to take anything away from donald trump. as we seen the last week -- >> okay. >> saying very fine people -- >> you're saying you don't want to take away trump's claim to darkness either? >> i don't want to do that either. this is a fellow that told us at mother jones that he saw breitbart which he was the publisher of or the head of as a platform for the alt-right. if you read breitbart in those days, they said, themselves, the
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alt-right was composed by white nationalists. somehow he ends up in the white house serving the president of the united states. shouldn't have happened in the first place. i don't think his departure means a lot in terms of policy because i think he's lost a lot of policy battles to the globalists and the people more reasonable than he is. what it does mean is children at home, pay attention. if you're a disrupter who plays fo footsie with racist and tries to stab in the back then maybe your white house tenure won't work out so well. that's a good lesson people in this country to learn. >> lesson for the children. daifr david your advice to children is on point. the 8-year-olds around the country who watch the beat are thinking about how to tangle
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with generals. saying give me more. tear down more statues. say the refr luvolution is comi. hoump how much of this is about this week and how much is about everything else? >> i think it's about everything else. remember when donald trump said what he said on tuesday about steve bannon. he said he's a nice guy. we'll see where he ends up. he didn't say whether or not he was going to stay on or lever. when he sthaid that, he already knew bannon was at the end of the road. he doesn't like his numbers are as bad as they are. he has john kelly now. i think we're seeing with all the people in and out is we have a chief of staff for the first time in the white house. >> chief of staff who can make personnel decisions.
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>> priebus was not given flexibility to make personnel decisions. his own ally weighing in saying it's bad. trump is isolated. take a listen. newt gingrich, let me read it to you. sometimes it's more fun. he's in a position right now where he's much more isolated than he realizes. let's play it. >> he's in a position right now where he is much more isolated than he realizes. he needs to think about what has not worked. you don't get down to be 35% range of approval and have people in your own party shooting at you and conclude that everything's going fine. >> right. people in your own party, people in your own family, people in the business community which was supposed to be this really close
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ally of president trump's. this mover came, i think it's a relief to a lot of people. it came after a tremendous amount of pressure on the president. he is isolated at this point. it's been a very difficult week. i think the mover shows kushner's influence. there's been a lot of questions about family first and whether or not anyone could rise above the trump family. right now the answer is no. it also raises a lot of questions about that protectionists agenda. a lot of people saw bannon as the champion of the america first disruptive agenda. he was successful in getting trump to pull out of tpp, pull out of the paris accords. implement a travel ban. nafta is being renegotiated. he was very successful in getting trump. if you follow politics remember that white board surfaced in some pictures on twitter. what happened to the white board. >> we're going to go through the white board.
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we have breaking news. we can report this. put in the context of a siren. bannon return to breitbart news as executive chairman and they say charles, chaired or evening editorial meeting. wasting no time. what does that tell you? >> it's going to be interesting to see how breitbart, which was a trump cheerleader now figures out how to take on the globalists and the enemies within in the white house while still supporting trump, if indeed, they do. breitbart is perhaps one of the most political media outfits throughout on the right or left. it's more of a media strategy outfit than a journalistic entity. here is bannon with his platform. he may even turn to making documentaries again. by in large, i think the time has passed for a place like breitbart to have that much impact on trump and his presidency. >> do you agree with that?
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>> i'm not sure that the best thing that bannon has success at was a media guy, as a film maker, producer of books and documentary and media content. in the west wing he was not as influential as he wanted to be, but he was the biggest advocate for the things that made trump a different kind of republican. for a trade war with china, for infrastructure spending, for a tax hike on the 1%. those are the things that varied trump from traditional republicanism. now who is left? you have bankers. jared and ivanka, some nominal democrats and ex-democrats and a couple of republicans. it's an interesting white house and generals. >> yet, the culture war, what some call the race war this week, is what it felt like, and the cult of personality around donald trump would suggest that everything nick said, not really a critique, is what you're saying applies if you're keeping score by policy and personnel
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which is how we usually have done it. does donald trump bet he can move on about bannon. if everyone is screaming about statues, his people stay with him. >> he knew bannon was gone. he still defended the white nationalist who is were there in charlottesville. he still came out and said very controversial things on tuesday. you have to remember donald trump hates to be told what to do period. he wants to do what he feels like is right. i was talking to somebody close to the president today and they said this idea he's playing three dimensional chess and everyone plays checkers is wrong. he acts on instinct. >> shelby land ascii poi key po. jay-z says nobody wins when the family feuds. we're going to fit in a break. thank you as always for your reporting. stick around. we have plans for you including
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fall back friday plans. does steve bannon take this so called war to everyone against trump and does that include republicans? we're going to look at that f infamous white board. what has been done on it and wh what does it take for an avowed trump supporter to abandon ship? we have a guest on who has an op-ed that went viral. you're watching the beat. super cool notebooks... done. that's mom taking care of business,
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what did steve bannon accomplish in his short tenure, 211 day? some of his goals from the giant white board listing campaign promises bannon vowed to keep. the white board is now in storage at the eisenhower executive office building. he said he was the keeper of the flame for the nationalist agenda and trump's promises like ending
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obamacare, didn't happen. pledges on tax reform. nope. build the border wall and make mexico pay for it. nothing there yet. bannon did claim some checks on his list. for example, suspend immigration from terror prone regions. part of the travel ban remains in effect and implement new extreme immigration vetting techniques. also leaving the paris climate accord. he was about messaging like america first which made its way to the bully pulpit. >> this american carnage stops right here and stops right now. new vision will govern our land. from this day forward, it's going to be only america first. america first. >> professor and contributing writer and david corning is
3:18 pm
back. how effective was he in a brief run for a white house add visor? >> depends on how we're evaluating him. if we're evaluating him on the message of white nationalism and what he likes to call economic nationalism then he's been effective of giving legitimacy, giving trump the kind of confidence to go into the white house and advance this very fringe level agenda and try to mainstream it. in many ways he's taking the breitbart playbook and made the white house successful. what the breitbart play book has been since 2010 is to muck up the national conversation on race, to obscure how we talk about and think about differences around justice and around how to bring people into the body politics. bannon has granted a level of legitimacy for trump with his base. it will be interesting to see now that breitbart is saying they are going to declare war on the white house, it's interesting to see how it's going to play with the base now.
3:19 pm
>> tough talk, check. actual deliverables for working class people, no check and i'll put up on the screen. bannon would talk this stuff. talk that talk, david. he would say here's an idea that's for the republicans. he said raising taxes on the wealthiest americans to pay for steep, middle and working class tax cuts also known in the obama era as redistribution. that didn't happen. >> no. every time you have sort of a conservative right wing national populism, it starts out against the banks, wall street, the people in washington who are lining their own pacts and there's a left critique of the establishment that comes along the same lines. here what we saw when trump talked those terms and partly steve bannon's instigation. they didn't meet those terms.
3:20 pm
you look at the tax plan, there's nobody else in the white house who wants to raise the wealthy. the swamp is not being drained. they're adding water to it. there's more lobbyists involved in this administration than the previous one. there was a lot of talk that sounded good to people out there who wanted to see washington shook up for the benefit of mainstream not wall street. that didn't happen at all. it was pretty clear throughout the campaign that that wasn't going to happen. >> the house always wins. >> he added fiery bluster to this. stay with me. i want to turn to a special interview as promised and get your reaction. julius was a big trump backer. he just denounced his support in an essay. writing i can't stand this disgraceful administration any longer. rejecting trump's comments on charlottesville as morally disgusting and noted his
3:21 pm
behavior has only grown more repr reprehensible. he started to advocate trumpism. he's recanting. it's now clear my optimism was unfounded. i can't standby this disgraceful immigration any longer. i would urge anyone to stop defending the 45th president. joining me is julius. thanks for joining me on this busy news night. >> thank you. >> why did you write this and why now? >> well, i had grown increasingly disillusioned with the administration since inauguration day. what happened in charlottesville and the response to it was, i guess you could say the last straw. the genesis of it was, my publication talks to a lot of
3:22 pm
interesting people on the left and i've been in an interesting debate with them about trump's not that bad and i saw what happened this weekend and you know what, they were right all along. trump is that bad. they encouraged me to write something and maybe it would let others know too. >> do you think he gave comfort to white supremacists? >> yes. i don't know how else you can interpret his equivocation. there's no decent purpose for that. >> what do you want to say to other trump supporters, people that might listen to you if your view is you did believe in something there. you were hoping for something. what do you want to say to them? >> i still haven't changed on certain of the core policies that i thought he at least partially represented. i think some of them, better trade policy, infrastructure spending are still good policies. that agenda can go forward.
3:23 pm
i think in an emerging consensus, left, right, center can come together around that.l. standing with trump only t tarnishes. if we can get those policies pass, great. >> are you sorry you voted for him? >> yeah, i think i made that pretty clear. >> i want you to stay with me. it's interesting in what you're doing. it's hard to do in life yet alone on a public stage. anyone who has to re-think a decision, a big one or a small one and say as you've said that you think you were wrong. you want to do something about it. i want to bring david and britney back. your response or anything you want to say to julius or ask him. >> i wish i could feel more generous about this. the writing was on the wall throughout the entirety of the campaign campaign. while i'm happy that he's willing to reassess. i'm mad that it took a young woman losing her lifer to cause this reassessment. it didn't take the terrorism
3:24 pm
against mexican americans and mexican folks who live here. it didn't take terror against muslim folks? it didn't take law and order against black folks. it took the killing of a young white woman who lost her life in order to compel this shift. it's not acceptable. it's not acceptable that now that white people are losing folks to this terrible battle then now we want to have a moral shift. people of color have been saying throughout, when we looked at the campaign rallies this was the trump campaign rally promises coming home to roost. >> let me give you the benefit of response. on the muslim ban this was a candidate running on what many viewed as religious discriminati discrimination. your response. >> i don't want to be ungenerous but you see why the left has a lot of better ideas on economics, they don't win elections. i think mark's book on this topic is one of the most important out today.
3:25 pm
that message needs to be remembered. i totally agree the writing was on the wall and those of us who failed to see it were wrong. at the same time, it's also true that i don't think we should use that to diminish or pretend that what happened in charlottesville wasn't another level. it wasn't just me that felt that way. all the major business leaders, the head of the afl-cio. it's kind of interesting no one interviews them about this but whatever. i think it was a different moment and in his past stupid things he would say he didn't mean it or apologize. if you wanted to you could believe he didn't mean it. that changed in this case. >> david -- >> i admit my mistake. >> david, do you have a question? >> i welcome all converts to reason. i know how hard it is to admit a mistake on television. the sort of deal killer, if you
3:26 pm
want to put it from all this stuff early on was the fact that donald trump was a birther. he was pushing a racist conspiracy theory for years. that's how he became prominent. i never quite understood why mitt romney, who now today is calling on trump to apologize would seek his endorsement and embrace that endorsement in 2012. to me, on this network and other places i just wonder why -- >> what is the question? >> my question is why did that not show you at the time that this was a fellow who was racist tendencies if he wasn't a racist and prone to irresponsible conspiracy theories and that was enough to strike him from the list as possible presidents? >> i think you answered your own question. i find it bizarre to see these republicans acting high and mighty about it when they were
3:27 pm
happy to egg it on and romney was happy with his endorsement and the entire republican party obstructed obama's agenda the entire time and made difficult to do anything sensible on health care and a lot of other things. i would add a reason a lot of people were desperate for an alternative and willing to rationalize things and that more than any anonymous blogging i did is what paved the way to trump's election. >> i have to say this. i'm just speaking as a person here. you are speaking out more clearly than a lot of people who have constituents who are public officials and seem even this week to have it both ways. i think david and britney raised important questions. i guess this is one of those panels i appreciate everything everyone brought and there's more than one way to look at it. i hope you'll come back. i appreciate you giving us your
3:28 pm
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6:30 p.m. on the east coast. we have brand new developing news on this busy news night. steve bannon said the trump presidency that we fought for and won is over. we still have a huge movement and will make something of this trump presidency but that presidency is over. steve bannon putting himself as the before and after line in this chaotic first six months. inside the administration he was the leading voice of what he called economic nationalism and a link between trump and the base. a man who reportedly cheered trump's very controversial comments on charlottesville. bannon saying they were not the lowest point in his presidency but a defining moment where trump decided to fully abandon globalists inside with his people.
3:32 pm
think about what that means and what that says after a week like that. who are his people? this is a part of a broader combative style that pitted bannon's nationalism against everyone else. >> it's in the only going to get better. it's going to get worse. the internal logic makes sense. they are korpcorporatists, globalists media that are adamantly opposed to a economic nationalist agenda like donald trump has. >> going to get worse. that is how he campaigned in public. bannon back at breitbart and arguing that trump's decision is an effort to save his effort after charlottesville. that's not universal. a reaction to this week's race war. sources close saying he submitted his resignation on august 7th not in connection with charlottesville. bannon out amidst the most
3:33 pm
racial week of trump's presidency. this whole time line is in dispute by the different players. are we watching a reaction would be the question tonight or reacting to a side show? as lauren hill sometimes says consequence is no coincidence. is this a consequence of this week. leah is a professor of public policy and the author of a book on the quote loneliness of black republicans. i'm curious your view on all of this tonight. all all. >> all of this. this has been a lot. what's the saying, winter is coming. i think winter is here. this is actually not related to charlottesville. i think there are people who will try to spin it as such. this is something that pre-dates charlottesville. this is rooted in the relationship between steve bannon and the people surrounding dealershsurround
3:34 pm
ing donald trump that he's clashed with. at the end of the day steve bannon has had his impact in creating this idea about white identity politics and this cult personality around donald trump. those things have ben there in the white house and they will remain there after steve bannon is gone from the white house. >> what do you make of this quote coming in just into our news room moments ago. it's that kind of friday night. i should mention the white house may have wanted this as a story to go away. steve bannon is at breitbart chairing editorial meetings. he's giving interviews. now he's telling the weekly standards, we have a huge movement. we'll make something of this presidency. what does that mean he sees himself as? >> steve bannon sees himself as chaos. he's chaos kind of personified. he's the same man with petty
3:35 pm
politics. he goes after all these people he's defined as his enemies. this is what we're seeing kind of play out. what's interesting is that he has kind of defined himself and positioning himself as the man who made donald trump and helped elect donald trump and who hy hypothetically can take down everything around donald trump. will that happen? i don't know. >> let me get your reaction to what he said at the vatican where he was discussing these far right groups internationally and the baggage they bring. we're seeing some of the same tensions in our own country. take a listen. >> i believe the world and particularly will judeo-christian west is in a crisis. we were the first group to get in and start reporting on things like ukip and front national and other center right. with all the baggage those groups bring and a lot of them bring a lot of baggage both
3:36 pm
ethnically and racially, we think that will be worked with time. >> it was a discussion saying you can work through the fringe elements or the hate elements and still have a conservative movement. how do you think he's doing on that tonight? >> what steve bannon did and what donald trump helped him do is pull the mask off of civility of the republican party and the fringe elements of republican party. he brought it out into the daylight. he used a megaphone with it and really broadcast the underbelly of these different groups. i think what's going on here is this kind of introduction of this idea of white nationalism and mainstreaming white nationalism in a way that kind of repackaging it, making it nice and neat and suggesting there's something there to build on. donald trump has completely taken advantage of that. he's still connected to this movement. this is the movement that made
3:37 pm
up his base. it's important to see these connections and see the movement that's emerged from this really complicated moment. >> harvard professor, you put this in such an important context. i feel like we will be hear fin from you more and more. >> will steve bannon be more powerful now that he's outside? what lies ahead for the man working the phones tonight. we have the latest up ahead. award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded luxury suv of the century. this august visit your local volvo dealer to receive sommar savings of up to $4,500. my hygi...a mouthwash.o try... so i tried crest.r it does so much more than give me fresh breath.
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steve bannon out of the white house today and working over time tonight, friday, back at breitbart. president trump a third party president when you think about the positions he has distingts from the two parties and steve bannon positioning himself to be a fourth party. he's more famous than ever and he said hooets te's the true tr. bonn n bannon said he has a killing machine in breitbart news but ready to go to war for trump. donald trump risks becoming arnold schwarzenegger, a dirty word in republican politics. we saw this line, move over president trump, your yesterday's news.
3:42 pm
steams like this is the scaramucci show. this story h.r. mcmaster deeply hostile to israel and to trump. all those kind of headlines here, a bunch of them going after jared kushner. if bannon is positioning as a fourth party, does that weaken the president and are there other cracks among backers. carl icahn cutting tieing saying he will no longer be a presidential advisor. he's going to have to make sure everyone is straight on what he's doing. is this a surprise and what will he do next? >> no.
3:43 pm
i think functionally in a lot of ways steve never really left breitbart. he got a retro active waiver so he could stay in contact with breitbart. you'll see steve be steve. he's going to go after the quote, unquote west wing democrats that he believes have hijacked the president that they all knew. the audience that breitbart voted for. he's going to say that gary cohen and ivanka trump and jared junior have hijacked donald trump and he's going to goo after every single one of them. he's going to be very aggressive by going after jeff flake, the republicans that are obstructing the president's agenda. >> i'm going to play some of their old interviews during the campaign when they were allies but on different sides of that
3:44 pm
table. >> let me ask you, the gop smart set that breitbart identified all these intellectuals. >> i don't think we should call them the smart set. they are wrong so often. i think we belittle ourselves by calling them the smart set. they call them the gop releelit. i think we're the elites because we're the ones that are right. >> will. >> steve bannon came into breitbart officially when andrew breitbart died. he has no role with the company before breitbart's death. immediately upon arriving he completely weaponized the place. he took it from what andrew breitbart envisioned as focused in criticizing the culture, kbleed and entertainment and made it a political machine that was going to back candidates and create these hysterical
3:45 pm
headlines. immediately upon his departure you started to see a shift back towards the norm, in way. what you started to see was the editor in chief start to pull back from the extreme positions that bannon had led it into and tone it down. whether or not that was going to be a good business model is a very important question to think about. what bannon will do back in chair is going to take it right back where it was when he was in charge before. >> sounds like there's something for every segment. he's telling the weekly standard he's got his hands back on his weapons. >> interesting. to use a mean girls analogy if donald trump is the regina george of politics, steve bannon became the lindsay lohan
3:46 pm
character. he's away from the squad but he's more powerful that way. i see a true opportunity. i've been spoking to a lot of republican woman. when i ask about ivanka trump, they say i like her. i don't like her gender gap stuff. i don't like her stance on the environment. they're able to look beyond that. with breitbart really digging into those rifts between the administration, i think we can see a trudy vie divide in repub party and trump supporters. >> i think the point you make is very fetch. >> yeah. >> will, where do we go from here? steve bannon is going to enrage donald trump if he uses his new found fame. he's more famous because of the prior 50 plus years. he's going to enrage him if this is how he does it be. >> i think he is going to enrage him. he may not intend to. bannon's perspective is he's going to save donald trump from these people corrupting the trump agenda. that's how steve has positioned
3:47 pm
himself on these issues. he and trump share this vision and it's all these democrats in the west wing standing in the way of it. he's going to wage a war that he thinks is against all the people who are opposing trump's righteous agenda but what he's probably going to end up doing is alienating trump because he will make it hard for them to work with the people around him. >> stick around opinion steve bannon was a pop cultural figure and subject for some incredible late night comedy. we have that next. your joints... or your digestion... so why wouldn't you take something for the most important part of you... your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is now the number one selling brain health supplement in drug stores nationwide. prevagen. the name to remember.
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3:50 pm
he's walking in right now. >> can i have my desk back? >> yes, of course, mr. president, i'll go sit at my desk. >> take him back to hell.
3:51 pm
>> no, no! >> it happened on "snl" before it happened in real life. i'm sure people will miss that part of steve bannon legacy, the comedy. who needs to fall back? we're back by popular demand. maybe not really but we are going to do fallback friday right after this. when you have something you love,
3:52 pm
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we've been reporting on the latest developments on steve bannon leaving the white house.
3:55 pm
you might stay controversial adviser had to fall back. and that leads to our favorite segment on "the beat." ♪ yes. it's been a long week for all of us but fallback friday is a sellingment that always goes well except when it doesn't. it means to relax or reassess life choices. and thanks for being here for fallback friday. who needs fall back? >> paris hilton hasn't been relevant in a while but she is now, she made comments in 2016, the comments have just leaked now. she gave an interview just before the election. and basically was asked about donald trump's accusers. remember that? the good old days when he was accused by multiple. we sexual assault? and she said she's women were just after money and attention. >> so you want her to fall back.
3:56 pm
>> i'm not -- >> i want to go to brittney. we'll put the money on again. you won't always have it playing. ♪ >> we need a deejay. >> tina fey needs to fall back. she made some tasteless sgroeks a sheet cake movement. that we should bury our feelings in cake. just bake it in the shame of an american flag and eat that. >> i think we have that. let's take a listen. >> instead of participating in the screaming maxes and potential violence, order a cake with the american flag on it. like the one. and just eat it, colin. >> what is that going snood we need real solutions and we need our cometics to have good social commentary with humor. that's the thing helps us get clear about the problems.
3:57 pm
clearly i love cake. but cake is not the solution to white supremacy. >> i love cake, too. what was the premise of the joke? it's hard to -- by the way, i love tina fey. it's hard to take something like the and make joke. maybe it's too soon. maybe it's too soon for these jokes. >> it was a serious week in comedy too. >> did you just do a transition? wow! >> for all the football fans out there, the former ole miss football coach has been falling back and it's been an even worse week for him. this man stepped down from his post after used university planes and a university phone and called escorts. so he's out. sorry, ole miss. >> unequivocal fallback.
3:58 pm
just a disgusting story so get out of here. >> i'll give you my fallback. >> i want disney to fall back. they're proposing a new streaming service to compete with netflix. disney is very excited about thiflt feel with the tv show, it is important to bring up these big issues. i already -- it's too many places i'm looking for video. on netflix, i feel like never movies i want are on there but now on amazon, and i'll saying disney fall back. does anyone share this problem? >> it's a subscription. i have subscriptions to everything. apple music, netflix, they're going to nickel and dime us with subscriptions. i need them to stop thinking of
3:59 pm
things 22nd my money. >> what if they create awesome content? >> we have awesome content on "the beat" so let's just watch that. >> you write that millennial issues. don't you feel there are too many places? >> for sure. every one is trying to know the streaming service and replace each other so it doesn't surprise me. for the consumers, it's annoying. just too many shows netflix. >> too many passwords. the one thing these channels, netflix, what they're doing is revolutionizing content for people of color. so you get things on netflix that you wouldn't get. that's one of the best tv shows this year. >> i love master of none. i think they need to fall back all the pasta references. all food all the time. >> i don't know that his italian
4:00 pm
fetishes. >> like he's been making it now and we need them to start on it, season three. >> a little levity after a long week for fallback friday. you can always find us on facebook and twitter on beat beat at twitter. there's the music. that's how you know it's friday. i'll see you next week. "hardball" starts now. >> bannon banish sclad bannon banished! let's start now.ed! let's start now. good evening. i'm steve kornacki in for steve matthews. after serving seven months as the top white house strategist, steve bannon is out tonight. the white house says he and john kelly mutually agreed today would be his final day. axios reports that according to a senior white house official, quote, steve was made aware he woulbe


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