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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  August 19, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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on your acceptance..." through the tuition assistance program, every day mcdonald's helps more people go to college. it's part of our commitment to being america's best first job. ♪ [ chanting ] good evening. and welcome to our special, "politics of hate." we start tonight with the latest out of the boston. so-called free speech advocates planned a rally there today with speaks from the self styledality right but it didn't go as plans. less than 100 people showed up. enough to fit into this gazebo. meanwhile 40,000 people marched against them. and joining me now from the scene is jack le pars, reporter for wbur in boston.
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jack, tell us about the scene today. >> reporter: well it was an interesting scene. a slow build. 8:00 a.m. no one was there but then it was absolutely packed with people. the interesting thing is there are a lot of people there to counter protest and that wasn't a larger march coming from roxbury that was marching up toward the scene. like you mentioned, only about a hundred of the self-described free speech rally, a lot more counter-protesters. >> and we've learned there are a handful of arrests, 27 arrests and were those among the so-called free speech ralliers. >> reporter: no. from what i saw, and i saw some of the arrests happening, is that most of these arrests were counter demonstrators. there was a scene where they were taken out in police riot vans where people were blocking them. they were saying if these people believe in free speech, let them walk and walk out through the crowd and they were holding them
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up u. had riot police shoving them back so that they could start to make a scene for this. and that scene i saw at least three people getting arrested. i know there were other arrests elsewhere. >> and we know that police deployed about 500 officers to try and contain what they thought might be a repeat of charlottesville. can you tell us about the interactions between the police and the anti-racism protesters. >> reporter: i have to tell you, for the most part the interaction between the police and protesters were very respectful. when riot police moved in, people gave them space and they moved in position ahead of the riot, people gave them space when one officer asked hem to give them more space and people moved back immediately. that said there were people there who were very upset. people who wanted to hold them up. people who wanted to say let these -- they called them nazis. the people on the free speech side had said they were not nazis and they would denounce
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nazis. nevertheless, the crowd was still calling them that, and last question. did you get a chance to talk with the people, the organizers and whether they thought today's event was a success. >> reporter: well i, haven't talked to them since the events went down. this morning i talked to quite a few of them. what they said was they are here to advocate for free speech. they said we are not here on behalf of the kkk or behalf of white national ichts or white supremacists and one person said if i see someone -- if i see someone in kkk robes or someone giving a salute, i will call them out. he said we have the permit and we'll kick them out of here. i didn't see anything along those lines. still the crowd was still pretty onry with just the great america great again crowd. >> thank you very much. and as you could see by the coverage today with 27 arrests among 40,000 people, protests and the police got along fine in
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boston today. but when donald trump tuned in, he apparently saw something much different prompting him to tweet it looked like many anti-policeaanti-police agitators and demonizing tens of you thousands happy protesters as anti-police agitateors. it is also pretty ironic since a week ago following the clash in charlottesville that left a woman dead, trump defended the groups that incited the violence and among them was a anti-police agitator named christopher cantwell who has called for the violent overthrow of the u.s. government and in previous years for at the -- the athat -- at s nation of other governments. >> and joining me now, connie, i'll start with you, donald trump's initial reaction to what he saw in boston on tv
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presumably was to call the protesters, like 40,000 anti-racism protesters, anti-police agitators. your thoughts. >> let's be clear. it is what he wanted to see. this is one of the responses i've had all week to people who keep want to defend the nazi protesters and claim if you are standing with sell declared nazis you have a problem and you'll see what you want to see. i'm so heartened by the response in boston. particularly the overwhelming crowd there. because what so many of us have been saying all week is the tragedy happened in charlottesville, but it is happening to america. and we are seeing america respond. and i'm not at all surprised by donald trump's response. i don't expect better of him. when he has a momentary lapse and he actually behaved well, i assume somebody else has his phone at this point. >> so donald trump, richard, then followed that up with a couple of other tweets, one of them, great job by all law enforcement officers in boston, mayor marty walsh who is a
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democrat and he did tweet himself and he said today boston stood for peace and love not bigotry and hate. we should work to bring people together and not apart. one would hope that the president would have started with a tweet like that. your thoughts? >> well, i would hope so. but i don't think i could try and figure out donald trump and his tweets. we are getting -- we are getting different tweets every day and a lot of them are incomprehensive. a know what he needs to do. he needs to do a complete turn around and repent for the sin of racism and bigotry. he needs to make it clear that he's not going to tolerate the alt right which is a neo fascist movement. he needs to go back to the white house, clear out the alt right, fire sebastian gorka who wore a nazi medal to the inaugural ball and they need to be cleared out. she needs to support racial
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minorities in this country, his justice department is busy trying to attack affirmative action in our universities. and he needs to put a stop to that. he -- this administration is going down. unless the president completely reverses his course. he doesn't understand american traditions an in boston today they showed him how americans feel about racial justice and fairness in our country. and i have been a republican for 30 years and i'm as committed to racial justice and fairness as democrats. we're united on this issue. it is not a partisan issue. we won't tolerate alt right breitbart news and those people if our government. and if it means the removal of the president, that is what we have to do. but he will have to act very quickly. >> and it is interesting, connie, because we -- we'll go through the whole litany of what he had to say today. he did follow up the other tweets by saying our great
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country has been divided for decades an sometimes you need protest in order to heal and tronger tan ever before. more along the lines of what you would expect a president to say. he said i want to applaud those in boston speaking out against bigotry and late and our country will come together as one. we don't know if staff encouraged him but that did happen today. and with the two of you, when we talk about the politics of hate. donald trump has used racial division in a very particular way. in order to be successfully politically but he hasn't always thought it would work for him and that is when donald trump was talking about running for president an this is him talking to matt lauer on february 14th, 2000. take a listen. >> what do you see as the biggest problem with the reforth party right now. >> well you have david duke just joined. a bigot, a racist, a problem.
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this is not exactly the people you want in your party. >> fast forward then to august of 2016. last august, just after he won the republican nomination and he was asked by wmur in boston, whether or not he wanted wight facialists voting for him. take a listen. >> do you want white supremacists to vote for you? >> no. i don't. not at all. and i will tell you, this is not about hate. this is about love. >> and now i want to do one more. fast forward again and this is to this past week -- this past tuesday when this is his response to the charlottesville mayhem. >> but we heard a lot of people in that group that were there to innocently protest and very legally protest, because i don't know if you know -- they had a permit. the other group didn't have a permit. there are two sides to the country -- >> connie, not asking you to psycho analyze donald trump. but you are a student of politics. what was the calculation in going from saying he wouldn't run on the reform party because david duke was there to then
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later seeming to excuse a rally at which david duke was on the ground there with fascist protesters. >> when he the largest audience possible, his words reveal him. and this is what he chose to say. and i appreciate this conversation about how he has to reverse himself, it is much more dire than that. do you remember when barack obama, of course in philadelphia when he gave the hate speech after the stuff went on with reverend white and he talked about what it meant to be a black man in america and who he came to be who he is today and donald trump has to own who he is. the only way -- i come from the working class, to state the obvious, i'm white. and i've grown up with many of the working class who were ardent feminists and civil rights activists and i came from a background of people who were misogynist and racist and i know the difference and so does donald trump and he needs to own who he has been an donald trump
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needs to engage in some real soul searching and do it very publicly and it is the only way that he is going to be able to change course with the american people on this issue. >> that is an interesting prop progs. you've been talking about the fact that donald trump and the republican party generally needs to kick out the alt right so-called, the white nationalist element. donald trump has a personal family history, his father was arrested at a klan riot in queens in 1927, he has a person history of his father being charged with discrimination in housing in queens by the nixon administration. and the party has a history of taking in the southern segregationists after 1968. does donald trump need to give a philadelphia style speech and if he did, who on his team could write it? >> well, i think he ought to speak from his own heart. but he needs to change his heart. i'm not interested in his father's history and the rest of
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it. there were a lot of people discriminating in queens and brooklyn against african-americans, including the trump family. i imagine what he will do now and a genuine change of heart and i'm not seeing it thus far. he needs to convince us that he will be president for all americans an we need to see action. we need to see an administration that will support african-americans and other minorities that will support the right of our muslim brothers and sisters to live in this country on par with the rest of us. this is a free country. with freedom of religion. with racial justice. that is what we demand in the united states. republicans and democrats alike. so he needs to change his heart first. and i'm just not saying -- seeing it this far. and maybe with the -- with steve bannon out of the white house,
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if he could clear out the other alt right people, maybe it could happen. but we don't have much time here. for him to turn around. he also needs to banish the so-called religious right. which is really been a fraud. on the christian religion and for those of us who here in the christian religion, it has done a great deal to our faith and to the politics in this country. and those people need to be thrown out, too. >> all right. we are going to bring these two back and connie will be back with us later. and thank you both. and i want to bring in retired lieutenant general russell honoray as commander of joint task force katrina. and let's talk about where we sort of left off with connie and richard. the idea that when barack obama's pastor had a sermon that alarmed people on the right, he was forced to do this whole exit on his own history on his own family, on his own familiar
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relationship to get to the next step and become president of the united states. in your view, does donald trump need to do a similar exit jees is and could he do it unless he has a change of heart about race. >> i think he could. and he must. this is not a version of one of his tv programs and i hope the president is starting to realize that. and his team that surround him on vacation and when you get back to the white house where everybody is tanding by to help him do his job, as the president of the united states, will convince him the language that he's picked up, like the one today talking about the anti-police demonstrators, all of those are feeding and building doubt in people's minds that our president is ready to live up to the oath that he took on inauguration day. and he needs to reread that and
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he is being disruptive as opposed to mending tension among people. and he's found the language and i think that could be coming from gorka. they must put him to bed at night and put the stories in head like the one about pershing. the chief of staff need to find out who told the president that and fire him. do it today. don't wait until sunrise tomorrow and get that person away from the president. because they are putting doubt in american people -- confidence in this president, in what he's saying an doing. >> and the thing is that there are stories at different aides that put things in front of donald trump in order to achieve more status, either something that showed that bannon is self-agrand izing or reince priebus, but you don't believe conspiracy theories unless you are prone to and you dealt with katrina which was a human tragedy but showed that
4:16 pm
americans are prone to believe negative racial stereotypes about people of color, the black victims of that storm were demonized and even sometimes you would have two side by side photos of white victims of katrina trying to save themselves by picking up food and plaque victims said to be looting s looting so there is something in the american mindset that indulges in pig ottry and translated into politics and how do you fix that if the president deep down agrees with the people that have the racial conspiracy theories? >> well, i think america as a whole, we need to come to grips and i think we saw a bunch of people in boston today who had the guts to stand up and say, hey, the america that was portrayed in charlottesville is not the future of america and that is part of the past. and i think what might be missing in the president's repertoire is for instance in
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1947, we integrated in the army. when i joined in the army in 1971, we were still doing integration classes. and doing discrimination discussions in -- in -- around tables with people from different race and platoons and companies in that battalion. we had to come together and discuss our differences and learn more about each other because the education system doesn't get it done. that is how we created best army and best military in the world, because we trained. somewhere along the line potus didn't get that and it is obvious in his actions. >> well, and we did see the armed forces really stand up against what happened in charlottesville, the chiefs, the joint chiefs and the various services were stellar in terms of their response. always an horror nor to talk to sir. >> good day. >> and the evangelicals still clinging to donald trump, that is next on the nbc special "politics of hate."
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i don't think he's racist. i think he's ill advised and an opportunityist and what he is doing is politically motivated. his vas illation from one position to another indicates that he never established a set of core values that guides his thinking and a -- a moral campus. so that vas illation for me is him being tossed back and forth between opinions that surround him. >> pastor a.r. bernard who leads a highly influenceal church in brooklyn is the only member of the evangelical advise board to quit over the fatal violence in charlottesville last week. in quitting, the pastor joined the ceos of trump's business and
4:22 pm
manufacturing counsel and the artists on humanities commit by but so far the evangelical have not done. and joining me is dr. barber. i don't f i don't know if you had a chance to hear him this morning, be he said he doesn't have a moral campus. campus. if that is true, how could he lead the country in a positive conversation on race. >> i disagree with brother. hes had a spirit all problem because racism and greed is a spiritual problem. its a deep moral issue and our friends say that his -- his decisions are political, well racism is political. in fact, let me read a text from ezekiel 22. it says your politicians will like wolves prowling and killing whatever they want and taking whatever they want and your
4:23 pm
preachers cover up for the politicians by pretending to have receive visions from god when god has not said anything. skrorgs is right and the poor and needy are abuse and outsides are kicked around with to excess to justice. who will stand up. and the problem with this situation, joy when they talk about it is political. racism is about policy. it is political. that is the problem in and of itself. we continue to talk about racism as the racism -- as it is person to person. whether you have a black friend or whether you have been nice to black people. you could actually do that, strong therman had black mistresses but he was a racist. my earplug is gone. >> and just to stay with donald trump for just a second. the nation did a peace about donald trump and his sort of relationship to racism and they said. what what is different is how open he is about it all. normally the appeals are done
4:24 pm
through code words like law and orderch saying all black people are living in hell hole an saying what do you have to lose by voting for trurp. they could lose the right to vote and affirmative action and the notion the federal government sees racism as a serious problem in the united states. do you concur with that. >> very much so. he asked that question. who do you to lose and then proposed a health care bill where 6 million african-americans would lose health care and die. we are seeing his appointment to the justice center roll back and protection on the voter and jeff sessions did was to pull out of a voting case in north carolina that was later proved to be right in saying that north carolina had engaged in racist gerrymandering. he said we're not going to defend that case. and so that is what we have to look at. is the way in which the policies are shaped and the policies are approved. when you look at racism, you
4:25 pm
have to examine how does a person's position on education hurt or help minorities. how does a person -- a position on living wages, on health care and on environmental protection, on labor rights and social me a security and we have to make sure that we are clear to people of faith that those are moral issues. and in fact, if you are wrong on those issues, coret scott king who was a great christian woman said tarveing a child -- starving a child is violence. discrimination is violence. ghetto housing is violence and ignoring health care is violence. there are other forms of violence. trump is outward and brash and open but he is where he is because of others who may not be as open as he was -- has been. but they promote the same kind of policies that have the same kind of racist disparity impact on people of color and poor white people. because the same policies that hurt people of color also hurt people -- poor white people and
4:26 pm
working class white people and that is the coalition we have to get together which is why i was glad to see the 40,000 people marching together in boston. now we have a march on state capitol and the congress and change policies. >> and yet, reverend barber, you had white evangelicals go 81% for donald trump and 65% of white evangelicals favoring donald trump in a latest poll, 38% of the over all country and jerry fallwell jr., a very influential person tweet the following on wednesday. two days after trump made the equivalency between the knee neo-nazis and he said finally a leader in the white house. jobs returning. north korea backing down and the charlottesville tragedy and so proud of donald trump and the pastors all laying hands on donald trump and showing him absolute support. how do you square that? s an evangelical man yourself.
4:27 pm
>> that is right. ab that is the first thing. i want to know how we are countsing evangelicals. it is different between those who profess to be white evangelicals and those who talk about orthodox and i know a white of white -- red letter chns that do not agree with this contrary to the ministry of jk. one thing that we have to do is read books like kevin cruz to look at how the christian pulpit wasco opted as a response to the social gospel movement that said that education and living wages and health care were moral issues and we came up with this other kind of gospel that is not the gospel, that said if you poor, it is your own fault. if you are wealthy, it's because you're somehow moral and only iesh ieshs are -- issues had homosexuality and abortion and that is contrary to the gospel and we need to challenge those who claim to be evangelicals and
4:28 pm
if it is not heresy, it is bordering on heresy. >> reverend, thank you for your time. >> thank you. and coming up, steve bannon said he feels jacked up. we'll tell you why when we come back. it's ok that everybody ignores me when i drive. it's fine. because i get a safe driving bonus check every six months i'm accident free. because i don't use my cellphone when i'm driving. even though my family does, and leaves me all alone. here's something else... i don't share it with mom. i don't. right, mom?
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even if the self-styled alt right have aeneemic gathering today. nazis an misogynists just got their dear leader back. steve bannon has rush -- returned to breitbart and in his own words an it is real, i feel jacked up. i've gotpy hands back on my weapons. i felt an fing machine at breitbart and i'm going back knowing what i know and we are
4:35 pm
about to rev it up and that is a true story. aand joining the panel, kurt bard ella and dr. james peterson. tank you for being here and we have a correction some of the headlines at which puts itself forward as a news praugs but they have put this on they are website. unchecked pass migration could cause deadly disease outbreak. white house globalists form committee to save america from trump and hi voter base. migrant crisis drives record rise of slavery in europe, every town an city effected a. no prison for a man who scrawled abuse on neighbor's door made death threats. how successful have been they in mainstreaming sort of fringe hate speech. >> i think what they've done is amplified a segment of the population that before breitbart didn't have a place to congregate every day and a place to come together and really f d
4:36 pm
feed -- off of one another and then breitbart puts out content that caters to that audience of racist and misogynist and homophobics an on and on. an now for the first time, they have a place where they every day get together and exchange these type of disturbing views. and talk about it and tweet about it and facebook about it. and breitbart has been successful in tapping into that audience and giving them a microphone. and when you have a couple of those people at breitbart, then moving into the white house and being key advisers to the president and getting the president's ear, it gives the president a direct line of access to that type of thinking and i think you saw the manifestation of what happens when that evolves with how the president responded to charlottesville last week. >> and james peterson, donald trump obviously is a adherent of breitbart and been on the radio show at sir us which steve
4:37 pm
bannon used to host, he was a guest of his. and he did import many editors, et cetera, sebastian gorka and steve bannon into the white house. and i wonder if you could talk about the way that eco-system worked back and forth. steve bannon is the guy behind clinton cash which wound up resulted in a real fbi investigation of hillary clinton. so how the right found an effective way toin fuse it envelope into the normal body of politics. >> i hope that folks will resist the normalize is of platforms like breitbart but it gets complicated in which you see the way they are infused into book publishing and into the american government as well. this is an administration that is a big fan of back channels and now bright has a back channel to the white house. i won't assume that steve bannon and president trump would not continue to be if regular
4:38 pm
communication going forward and it seems as if mr. bannon is threatening that he has taken access to the information and the access to power and to classified information over the last six to seven months and he plans on using it through breitbart news and that kind of synergy is what has existed throughout the campaign which is that bannon knew best how to harness the kind of right wing radical support and yes, some of the white supremacists and racist support that mr. trump had during the campaign and he understand you hos it works to and he is probably the most effective person at doing that and the headlines you read, those are important in terms of misinformation but there are other headlines from breitbart that are misogynistic and ant semitic and coded racially so it is a complicated relationship but very effective over the last couple of years. >> one of them was birth control makes women unattractive and
4:39 pm
crazy. and donald trump is already -- even though steve bannon had a strange interview which in he promised war. donald trump's response was to stay steve bannon is a tough and smart new voice at breitbart, maybe even better than before. fake news needs the competition. richard painter, i assume you came to your support for the republican party and conservatism as a young man and young people formulate their ideology in college and what do you make of the white nationalist movep has mainstreamed through breitbart but now on college campuses. very openly recruiting among young white people and you did see in charlottesville that the age of the people who were marching with those tiki torches was very young. these with people in the early 20s, many coming from college. it was a college republican president being brought in to white nationalism through organizations like breitbart. >> well, this alt right movement
4:40 pm
is one of the two most dangerous movements in the united states. the alt right movement combined racism with extreme nationalism and socialists views with the management of economy and we node it leads to disaster. and that is basically the vision. they are a neo fascist organization and breitbart is the platform. extremely dangerous. also dangerous is the so-called religious right. which really has nothing to do with the christian faith. the bible doesn't say much at all about homosexuality and abortion, which you do see in those of us that are adherent is the understanding of loving our fellow human beings an helping the poor and sick and reaching out to the stranger and including the migrants in our country and they have a historyive immigration going back to 1620 bh migrants came
4:41 pm
from gland to massachusetts so right there in boston common, in boston massachusetts, and 400 year ofs of missioimmigration. and people understand the importance of american is values and so those two movements very dangerous and we need to kick them out of the republican party. >> you sound like the sunday school is the same. and [ inaudible ]. cobby schultz, the other place that the alt right is looking to recruit is to play on anxiety of white working class americans. to sort of supply them with a villain to explain why they don't feel that they are doing as well as their parents and that villain has often been people of color, it was barack obama, whose somehow not a real american and donald trump agreed with the birther movement and how vulnerable are white working class communities to the appeal to hate. >> i want to distress there is as much diversity in the white
4:42 pm
working class as there is in the country. i wish we would stop using the term alt right. they are white supremacists an they hate women and they've been out there. i've been a columnist for 15 years and my first dem threats came in 2002 after i wrote about it is time to take down the confederate flag. they have always been there. breitbart gave them permission to crawl out from under their rock and expose themself to the light of dave and now they have a president who they perceive to be giving them permission to go out in public and start attacking other americans. i just don't think we should give breitbart all of the credit here for these people coming out. this is building for quite sometime and my concern about bannon, far more than what reach he might have with his -- we'll be talking about breitbart so much more now. and having a reach in the white working class and i worry about his accolades still in the white house and in -- littered throughout this administration.
4:43 pm
and we don't even know who all of them are yet. and this is hardly a departure for him or a clean cut departure. and who is left behind and who is he influencing. >> another very frequent guest was jeff sessions. and you are all sticking with us and coming up the many meanings of heal. stay with us. i make it easy to save $600 on car insurance,
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4:47 pm
and then finally on his third try he used the correct spelling of the word heal. and so he doesn't make that mistake again, here aa friendly reminder that we hope will pass muster with our friends at miriam webster. this is a heel. heel. and this is heal as applying to our animal friends a. and this is donald trump. coming up, some final thoughts from my panel. cameras. introducing the newly redesigned gla suv. at a price that'll make you feel like you've gotten away with something. the 2018 gla. lease the gla250 for $359 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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this hour we've been talking about the politics of hate. but to day love won. the free speech rally that was expected to draw neonazi supporters to boston barely made a blip. drowned out by thousands of people who descended on the it is dwroi make a show of unity and take a stand against racism. undeniable fact that took donald trump four tweet attempts to acknowledge. after the first take on the
4:51 pm
overwhelmingly peaceful demonstrators is call them anti-police agitators. my panel is back with me. i want to get final thoughts with everyone on whether or not you think rally that we saw in boston and all over the country is very peaceful rallies where you didn't see the shows of guns that we saw in charlottesville being openly carried. whether or not this represents a turning point in this debate over whether white nationalism is going to take hold in our politics. james peterson? >> i think if you compare watching coverage last saturday and to watching coverage this saturday was, i think there has been a shift. i think that shift took place a little early on in the week. and with the president's failure to properly address a national crisis around an issue that has haunted this nation, racism, for hundreds of years, his failure there is what provided the opening for people to feel like they had to take this on and confront it. tens of thousands of people come
4:52 pm
out this week. it doesn't mean that white supremacy and nationalism and the kkk and all those folks are going to go away. they're going to be around. today sent them a powerful message that this is not trump. he may be the president of the united states but this is not his country in a sense. there are folks more than willing to push back against racism and racist elements in this nation. >> can the politics of hate and the sort of creeping of hate language into our politics ab dressed without addressing quite frankly conservative media? >> you know, i think right now in some parts they're really one in the same. one is fueling the other. but i think what we saw today and, you know, it made me think of the women's march in d.c. where we had so many people in washington marching for a great cause and there wasn't any violence. there wasn't any confrontation. it was peaceful. and i think what happened last week caught so many people off guard. just the visual power of it was so stunning and striking that i think it woke a lot of people up to realize this is not the time
4:53 pm
to sit back and cower. this is not the time to not take action that if you show up and if you stand by what you believe in, that good can outweigh evil. and positivity and love and acceptance will always, always come out over hate. and, you know, one of the great things about today is you saw people. it wasn't about democrat or republican. it wasn't about liberal or conservative. it is about human beings embracing themselves to stand up against hatred. >> i was looking through my twitter feed and the former cia director tweeted we have the greatest lapse in presidential and lekt legislative leadership in memory which is a stunning thing for a former cia director to say. how do we address what does feel like a vacuum of just actual leadership in washington? or is washington needed at this moment? >> joy, on my way here i had the good fortune of talking to a man, jesse peters, who in addition to driving me here, thank you, is a more tigs in a
4:54 pm
funeral home in cleveland. i started talking about the notion of grief. i think our nation is grieving right now. what i worry about is when one is grieving and the pain becomes too much, you might want to shut it down and not pay attention anymore. what do you tell people when they ask you? how long does it take to grievehe? said one thing i try to remind them is don't have the last suffering image be the memory of the person you love and i thought that is perfect for this country. let us not dwell on what happened only at charlottesville. let us be mindful of it but let us also be mindful of what happened today in boston and what is happening around the country. we do need leadership in this administration. and sorely lacking. we need republicans in congress to finally stand up to this president. but until they do, we have americans all around the country. i am seeing so many women, my age and older coming to me and talking to me in public. they've never been an activist a day in their lives. now they're involved. boy do i find hope in that.
4:55 pm
and that's what i'm going to cling to right now. when i think about where america is headed. because donald trump is not the future of this country. >> and richard, you know, donald trump sort of is the human embodiment of the backlash against president obama. he compares everything from his inauguration crowd size to the way he thinks obama was lotted when he desperately wants to. is there a lesson for your party, for the republican party in the way the party reacted to barack obama's ascend ency? did that help to produce this sort of almost hysteria and backlash of hate politics? >> well, yeah. first off, the president has to put away the twitter and stop acting like a heel. second, a lot of republicans way overreacted to president obama with constructive proposals of their own. but we need to identify racism and hatred for what it s this is not conservative media.
4:56 pm
conservative media is "the wall street journal" and "dallas morning news." this is neofacist race baiting media breitbart news and the rest of it. i'm going to use the term alt right to describe it because that's what they call themselves. it is a neofacist movement. it is extremely dangerous. nobody who's been associated with the alt right or defends the alt right should be working for the united states government. if i were running a company, i would make sure that none of my employees were associated with the movement called the alt right. i don't want to employee neofacists. we have to find out who these people are and marginalize themselves. they're extremely dangerous. it is the alt right movement. and we need to confront it for what it is. and the republican party is in great jeopardy of being taken over by these people. and the more noise they make the more reasonable people are going to leave the party and then more crazy start voting in the primaries and that is going to get worse and worse. that is very dangerous for our country. we need to throw them out right
4:57 pm
away. >> thank you so much to connie shultz, richard painter and james peterson. all of you were so articulate tonight. we really appreciate you being with us. thank you. i want to thank you all for watching "the politics of hate." we tried to address the causes and potential solutions to the really toxic way that our politics has gone under president donald trump. hopefully he was watching the tv tonight. good night.
4:58 pm
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