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tv   Lockup Oakland - Extended Stay  MSNBC  August 19, 2017 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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now whout the core group became to office with. all of us as "the 11th hour" on a friday night gets under way now. live on a friday evening from our nbc news headquarters here. day two of the trump's administration, the white house without the man as snl as the grim reaper. steve bannon is out. sources say he was fired and white house says it was a mutual decision between bannon. general john kelly, the new white house chief of staff, bannon left the white house and as quickly as you can say alt-right, he was right back where he started at breitbart and full of action words quote, for the reporter that talked to him. a word about how we got here. according to the new york times,
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trump was annoyed that bannon landed on "time" magazine. the author of the current best seller of bannon was told by those inside the white house. the president did not like the photo on the cover or the fact that bannon's name was above his. then the new chief of staff arrived, john kelly, the discipline fo discipline four star marine general, the two men did not match. political reports quote, "kelly did not understand what bannon did and why he had a pr portfolio and why he seemed to cause so much trouble with colleague and why he was so widely disliked." early this week of rumors of
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bannon's future and listen to how the president answers when asked about him. >> i like mr. bannon. he came on very much later than that. i like him and he's a good man. he's not a racist, i can tell you that -- he's a good person. he gets a unfair presence. we'll see what happens if mr. buchan bann bannon. we know how that ended up for mr. bannon. there is intense speculations over whether two other kind of bannon knights, sebastian gorka or steven jennings. bannon who did not suffer from low self esteem told reporter, quote, "i feel jacked up and now
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i am free, i am definitely going to crush the opposition, there is no doubt i built an f-ing machine at breitbart, knowing what i know and rev that machine up. the trump presidency that we fought for and won is over. we still have a huge movement and we'll make something of this trump's presidency but that presidency is over. it will be something else. there will be all kinds of fights and good days and bad days but that presidency is over." much to discuss on a friday night. lets bring in tonight's lead off panel. kristen welker who spent the day repoing from new jersey where the president had been staying during his working vacation, he's in camp david for the weekend. jonath jonathan lemier for the
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associate press and jonathan swan. he reported early this morning long before bannon was gone. officials expected him to be gone. jonathan swan, i have to tell you two nights ago, you were here with us when bannon given those two odd print interviews oddly empowered and he was the first to make a point and he sounded like a president to you. you noted the president does not like that. it is unbecoming on other people who are not president. walk us through the day and the anatomy on this story for you. >> well, this was done long before today. donald trump, we have reported on saturday that donald trump has been telling people that steve bannon was a leader. he told multiple people that. i was told a few days later that he told bannon at least in front of one other person that donald trump is fed up with bannon and he was saying things like who
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does this guy thinks he is. he thought bannon is a self indulgence. he recentsented that book that discussed. it was a biography of steve bannon and all these things came together with. in the west wing that was united against steve bannon. you described earlier steven miller, in no way it was steven miller. his loyalty is no longer with steve bannon. steve bannon had about two people in the white house that remained loyal to him and none of them at the top rank. all those tngsame together. when kelly came in and told john kelly that steve bannon was
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encouraging the outside campaign against general hr mcmaster. kelly was stunned by that and horrified by that. bannon told people that he was not involved but nobody in the west wing believed him. he was fired. that was a face savoring conversation but he was told that his time was up. >> that's also, now i remember that bannon said there is no military option in north korea. >> to be clear though, i would still stick by my reporting. that's the one interview that he did not intend on the record. it was truly a blender of that interview. >> wow, i guess so. he was on the phone with a veteran journalist. kristen welker in the flesh. i thought you live in a television for a couple of months there. >> i do.
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good to see you in person. >> we never get to see knew the studio. thank you for coming over. camp david for the meeting and president trump is back for the night. chief strategist was an interesting title. a lot of people agreed he had no business on the national security council and he was eased out of of that early on. how big does he leave, i guess is the other way of asking. >> well, this was the president's touch tone to his face. he was the person who was there reminding the president of all of the reasons he got elected and all those promises he made out on the campaign trail whether it is trade or immigration, that was something that was very much championed by steve bannon and opposed by jared kushner and ivanka trump. in that sense, he lost his touch tone.
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the question is, how much does it matter? >> look at what we saw this week and the fact that he came out and made the controversial comment about charlottesville. if you believe the time of this, steve bannon was out when the president made those comments and went after the aack in madrid and y had the president came out and reve the debunk myth. that's all donald trump. you cannot point those fingers at him for those actions. again, if you believe the time line that he's out. the gulf that he leads is a big question mark. will some of that support start to erode but i don't think you are going to see a big shift in this president. donald trump is donald trump. >> jonathan you reminded associated press. >> that's right, he came in at a low for donald trump. he and kellyanne conway came in late august and trump was trailing badly in the polls.
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he encouraged trump to fight and fight and harder than before. he shaped as much and honed as a populous nationalist view. some suggestions were some elements to it. dark warning of gloebalists and the elites. he also really honed the president's attack on hillary clinton that at the time trump was still sort of rewage ing th primaries. bannon got him to focus on his democratic opponents. he was effective and changed the narrative. the moment that i will forget, a week or so after the acce"acces hollywood" dropped, they had a surprise press conference with all the women accused bill
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clinton of sexual abusing them. i was apart of the press pool that day. there is footage of me and other mouths opened. it was hard to believe. >> about the fight of his we d weapons and the presidency being over. this is the guy that's referring to the west wing, te devise ive. tell me about this. >> john kelly removed bannon in order to in still order in this white house. i don't know how long it is going to last. bannon is signaling he's going to wage war. we know that for months now. he's been feuding with jared kushner. the top economic advisers and hr
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mcmaster and another general. i think he's just going to helicopt continue to do this on the outside. bannon is going to go to war over this agenda. he's going to fight to keep trump honest with his campaign promises and keeping trump to encourage impulses from the outside and we should also remember that bannon is still going to have a connection to trump. remember corey lewandowski, the campaign manager early on, he was fired but he continues to talk to the president and talk to him and advise him. i expect bannon is ing to continue thave some links to mr. trump himself. >> mr. an, answer me this. this attack from the outside and bannon mentions some specifics, cnn singling out a network and corporate types and rumors to be
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believered th believed that he's going after the president's son-in-law. won't that make a toxic environment as we go through the next few months. >> well, yes, on the outside it will, there would be much toxicity inside the west wing. steve bannon gave this quote, and he said i am going to war for donald trump against the med media, the corporate and capitol hill. he left out the people in the white house that he's going to war against. i expect breitbart -- going against hr mcmaster and gary cohn. breitbart did not touch him. they started to hit him in the last few weeks and it is only
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going to be turned up is one of my understanding. i expect they'll engage quickly in a campaign to remove paul ryan from the speakership and i expect there will be extra investment. i think it will be dial up and up. >> phillip ba, back to you. the world is upside down. a, how is the president going to take the attack on the remaining people and b, guess who you need to get legislation through, the speaker of the house. >> it is a big point that you rae of the legislative agenda which is in shambles at this point. the departure of bannon has an impact on the hill. bannon, head of the house freedom caucus. that's the group of anti-establishment hard line republicans much needed apart of the coalition to pass tax reform
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for example or anything that trump wants to get accomplished. those lawmakers don't have a natural ally to advocate for them and smooth out the negotiations. jonathan, the new york times and haberman writes, some close to bannon are fuming, seeing him as the distraction used to switch topics for the day from charlottesville. this would be a big one on a friday. >> that is. people are talking about steve bannon and he's a long time, democrats made him enemy number one and more than the president for a long time. this is definitely a lost will resonate. this is a significant blow to the imagery of this white house going forward. having said that,
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charlottesville is not going anywhere. there are more protests planned this weekend of supremacists group and cities across the couny. president's words, we are seeing more more business counsels leaving. that's a devastating blow for him. we have major foreign policy on the horizon. this is something here, charlottesville, is going to stick with this president for a long time. we'll see if more and more republicans will start with bob corker being the hardest hitter and suggesting that he did not have the temperament for the job that, will more members of his party is effective. >> in our studio, strike a blow, trump's white house is allowing the media, nowhere near the golf resort. they're in a separate town of 20 minutes drive time.
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when we see kristen welker in front of a park behind you, it had nothing to do with the man you are covering. think of what you are covering on vacation, north korea, potential military action in venezuela. that was a shocker for a day and now charlottesville. >> there was a big discussion of the strategy moving for forward of afghanistan. to the point that jonathan is making though about charlottesville. even though our reporting shows that's not the reason bannon was ousted. it was time for him to go. it was time to get that out. the question becomes will the president be able to mend some of those fences because as phillip was talking about his legislative agenda is stalled. one senior official telling me they cannot get tax reform done.
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it is devastated for the president and the reelection m campaign. this speaks for the fact that general kelly is making it clear, there is a new sheriff in town and how much influence he will have in the wake of this bannon ousted. he recommended this and the president accepted this. this was driven by john kelly. >> let me say this to our viewers if you are watching this in august on a friday night. join us of our panel tonight. kristen welker, jonathan lemeir, jonathan swan, a great thanks to all of you forgiving us a great friday night in august. remember when nothing after happened in washington on fridays in august, we don't either. the late night, we like to call "the 11th hour," we'll be back
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welcome back to our friday night's forecast. the core around this president may dwindled of what you call friends and family now. this was a gathering on january 28th. all the people in the photo are gone. they all joined the list of the vaporized. two great columnists are with us to talk about. clarence paige, good evening to you both, clarence, a question for you whart dos the organization chart looked like
7:22 pm
these day and is it just going to be the norms? >> we have come custdiscuss acc story of chaos. i cannot imagine of anything different now. i am happy to see john kelly asserting himself if indeed that's what's happening and looks like it has. he looked quite alarm the other day while president trump went on and on with his argument that both sides were at fault for the violence of charlottesville. this is the sort of thing that kelly and trump's white house don't need right now. president trump sort of enjoys it and so does steve bannon. that's the sort of a thing that i don't see much of a change
7:23 pm
coming. the discussion that you just had was illuminating. that's what he's been doing all along and you see the results, the administration is not getting much done. ion't s much of a change om thain the coming months. >> josh green who wrote that book about bannon that really rocketed number one on amazon and has enjoyed a good run prior to the departure of mr. bannon, wrote about bannon on bloomberg today. before i ask you a question, i want to read you this bit headline. quote, "the cost of bannon's failure to adapt from campaigning to governing became evident on friday. bannon on wednesday gave a rare interview to the american
7:24 pm
prospect of the liberal policy journal which he vows and oust his -- how can you govern this way and was this ever going to end any other way? >> brian, i want to say that i think that trump is always going to be trump. for people think that john kelly is coming in there and somehow cleaning house, it is the wrong frame to which to be looking at this. you cannot clean house for somebody that does not want their house cleaned. this is the way donald trump likes things to be. he likes chaos and this is the way he works. i don't think there is going to be any less of a bond between him and steve bannon because bannon is on the out. there are many people where he had to cut ties with who he
7:25 pm
still continues to keep in touch with, corey lewandowski, and he kept in touch with michael flynn and roger stones and bannon. just to be clear, i am leaving the white house to go to war for trump against capitol hill, the media and the globalists. i think he's very much on trump's side and fighting that war unleashed and unplugged on the outside so. >> clarence, because you have been out for washington for a while. when you think about it. we have not seen this guy since the ill-fated press appearance. with the kind holy trinity in
7:26 pm
his life, he makes sure he stays in the news. yeah, he does. he seems to do a better job of making news than following the news. it is remarkable to have a president who prefers getting briefings from cable news. while rather than his presidential daily briefings from what we hear. and, this is also he's been isolated from the press and previous president and even turning down the gridiron dinner and the first president and skipping the dinner and skipping the white house correspondents dinner. he's well to his friends. assault hanging onto lewandowski and others from the past. this relieves them from learning new names from people. >> and i hate to end on a negative note.
7:27 pm
the question that i was getting at in our first segment, breitbart, mr. bannon do have the ability to launch a toxic public war on some individuals with stories true or not that'll get big lg ride, that's not going to be pleasant for americs to live through on top of everything else. >> i think it can get really ugly. he's now back in the hot seat there as you say jacked up at breitbart, he can use the power against his enemies who are back in the white house. we should keep an eye on fox and what happens with murdox's empire. it comes out the same week that the murdox paper, the australians -- showing trump was not able to get his casinos in
7:28 pm
austria because of concerns over mob ties. embarrassing stuff in murdock's land and i wonder if we'll see fox news turning against him in some way. it will be interesting to see. >> thank you both for joining us on a friday night. there were a few democrats who called for bannon to be fired immediately after his hiring was announced. one of them from the great state of hawaii, she joins us live from there when we continue. maybe it's time for otezla (apremilast). otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievae afr ju 4 months,...
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steve bannon is not a mystery. promoted anti-semitism. that was the senator from hawaii calling for bannon to be fired days after he was offered. she's here with us tonight. she's joining us live from honolulu. she's as member of armed services and judiciary. thank you for joining us lead off question. what do you think this changes if anything.
7:33 pm
>> first of all, aloha. >> the president trump can rearrange all he wants but the problem is him and his ability to focus and his continuing attacks on everyone who disagree with him. i am not holding much hope that he's going to change the way he behaves. >> have you been amaze as a member of the u.s. senate to see mcconnell, mccain, graham, republican senators, the president's own party attacked by him? >> i think the president attacks anyone that he thinks attacks him or criticizes him. it does not matter to him. i am happy that there are some republicans who are stepping up to criticize the president and his fitness and moral authority to be the president of the united states. >> senator i have to ask you about north korea because it is
7:34 pm
closer than it is for us and it is more personal i am guessing for your constituents on hawaii and as a member of arm services, how did you watch all of that verbal war going back and forth, it feels like a year ago, it was last week. >> i don't think it helped at all that president trump really went to the level of kim jong-un and kind of the verbal exchanges. it does not help. it shows how important to perform a diplomatic resolution of this conflict. i stay in close touch with our pacific command. i got a briefing along with some of my colleagues from the senate yesterday from north korea. while the people of hawaii are concerned, we are not panicking. >> senator mccain and you have been going through round one of che chemo, something that links you
7:35 pm
across the isle in addition to being friends and colleagues. i have to ask you, how is your . believe me there are so many battles to fight. it keeps me going. there are new assault body of politics every single day. not to mention that i hear from so many people that we have to keep fighting and i will. >> well, senator, thank you so much for finding time to join us senator mazie hirono, as you always say tus,o aloha. >> coming up after the break, mo members of the president's own party speaking out against his response in charlottesville, more on that when we are back. '' .
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. welcome back, the list grew by one today. senator majority whipped john cornyn, an interview with the houston chronicles, heays the president missed an opportuty to unite the country. some of the harshest criticisms came from mit romney. as you may have read on facebook, romney called on trump to apologize to the american people. he wrote in part, "whether he intended to or not, what he communicated caused racists to rejoice minorities to weep and the vast heart of america to mourn." what we heard is now the reality and unless it is addressed by the president as such with unprecedented candor and
7:40 pm
strengths, there maybe and commence and unraveling on our nationals. >> he chose his words so carefully yesterday talking to reporters back home in tennessee. >> i do think there needs to be some radical changes t. the president has not yet been able to demonstrate the stability nor some of the confidence that he needs to demonstrate to be successful. he has not demonstrated that he understands what has made the nation great and what it is
7:41 pm
today. he's got to demonstrate the characteristics of a president who understands that. and without the things that i just mentioned happening. our nation is going to go through a great apparel. >> that gets your attention. nicole harris, steve scmidth. when look at the behavior and on the part of the commander chief. we live in a profoundly dangerous time. when you see someone acting with
7:42 pm
the recklessness and the lack of preparedness, the possibility of there being great tragedy should not be lost on anyone. >> that gets your attention as well. joining us to tonight edward isaac and kristine belintoni, welcome to you both. isaac, will we start seeing a trickle, you think to listen to both of those men. steve schmidt, he's mourning for this wing of the party. >> it is more about that. it is not just about politicpol. no man is an islandut donald trump is getting close here. why? there could not be anything more simple on moral grounds and certainly on political grounds and things. these are bad. white supremacists are bad.
7:43 pm
the president has not been able to mustard that and does not seem to change his public stance on this. we have four day s in a row whee we have not seen any public conference from the president. we'll go a week after the march in charlottesville without hearing a full throw from the president and more than that of what the last couple of days have told us and be predictable of the future. >> christina, there you are, was the shock and awe and the same realtime as we sat in our office and watching the president's words from the lobby of trump tower? >> oh, absolutely. particularly with our audience and los angeles, these are people that have been apprehensive about president trump for the most part, california did not support him but it is important to point out
7:44 pm
that he got only second, the state where he got the most raw votes is california behind texas. we have such a giant population here. it is not something that was welcomed here and particularly this weekend, they're expecting to have one of these so called alt-right rallies in laguna beach, california, this is a volatile situation and people are watching it closely. you know we are kof amber aleco the republicans are doing and you see former governor arnold schwarzenegger and many are singing a different tune than the national republicans and they have condemned him for what he's been saying. >> yeah, and boston for this weekend as well. >> isaac, here we have bob corker, a thoughtful guy in the senate and known as a worker bill. with local media and reporters
7:45 pm
he knew and microphones with logos he recognized, pausing regularly and for a long time to measure his words, is that a turning point? will you know what a turning point looks like if not that? >> it does seem like a turning point. we thought also pat toomey from pennsylvania tweeted, he says it is great that bannon was gone. there were local press in pennsylvania that asked toomey of what he thought about. he was reluctant to say that he voted for trump. now, you do see some movement going on, it is not exactly rush of condemnation and not a lot of profile and encouraged. if this continues, then the
7:46 pm
start of the trickle becomes more than. the amount of courage to take to say something on twitter is a da plan. >> as someone who tweets a lot, i don't think it is courageous work. >> it is what they say when they come off recess and washington, d.c. >> christina, you have so many congressional districts in that state. you are going to have just a science experiment out there on people who take that deep breath and run with trump, run the other way or try to get it right down the middle and are profiling encouraged at all? >> absolutely, a good example is congress daryl isa isaiah. he knows he's facing a potential tough reelection battle. for the democrats to win back the house, they have to win these seats in california. the path starts here in
7:47 pm
california, which is not usually the case. i will point out. these republicans, this is what they were afraid of during the campaign trail privately before the primary and during the long primary. they did not want to be constantly point the defense and ask to respond of the latest things of what donald trump tweeted or said. they would not say anything until the "access hollywood" tapes came out in the late fall. and then, they did not actually do that much and many of them were on a broad spectrum. well, i will vote for him because he's the republican nominee and i am not going to vote for hillary clinton or i am going to vote for libertarians instead or i am not going to vote for the particular office. here they are many mopnths lat,. they are back in the same position. it is distracting from our agenda that they would like to achieve. >> edward isaac diovre.
7:48 pm
two fine people on the other side of the screen. thank you, another break for us and we'll be back with more after this. [boy] karma, danny... ...karma! [vo] progress is seizing the moment. your summer moment awaits you, now that the summer of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the summer of audi sales event. when heartburn hits fight back fast with new tums chewy bites. fast relief in every bite. crunchy outside. chewy inside. tum tum tum tum new tums chewy bites.
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the korea crisis of jast last night fsz replaced in the news by the crisis of this week and yet the russia investigation continues. there is a report of buzz feed tonight that donald trump jr. has become a focal point of robert mueller's investigation. they say prosecutors are bearing down on the president's son, intent on figuring out his intent. he attended a meeting in which he was promised dirt on hillary clinton. the question of intent could be crucial in determining if donald trump junior violated the law. joining us is jill winebanks. counsellor, thank you for coming
7:52 pm
back on the broadcast. why does intent matter, and how does it apply to don junior here? >> irn tent is one of the elements of a crime and the prosecutor will have to prove it, but i think if we read just the e-mails all by themselves, there is enough to show intent. it makes it very clear it is the russian government that wants to lp him, to give him information to hurt hillary clinton. and that makes it very clear that he received from a foreign national, and he went ahead with it. he said that would be great, especially later in the summer. he was plotting when it should
7:53 pm
be released. i think that shows it was a foreign national and two that he had the intent to receive such information and i think that is a pretty clear cut case that has to be fully investigated. the true is same for manafort and kushner. >> everything you mentioned about the meeting we learned on a rolling disclosure, evolving description basis. it changed drastically from the first word of the meeting. so what i have been wanting to ask you is that considered suspect or antagonistic behavior. if you're muler? >> well, there are two things. one, it clearly makes you look guilty just in a normal light if you were having a conversation with someone and they said i between the a meeting because i
7:54 pm
wanted to buy a piece of bread and their grocery list said champagne, you would not believe them. you would believe what you read. it makes them look guilty when they said it was about adoption. when donald trump and apparently donald trump president is in part knowledge for having that put out that it was supposed to be about adoptions. first of all adoptions is a code word for sanctions, which was improper for them to be discussing. that would have been wrong, too. it's clear if you read those e-mails in theroper order, and when donald trump junior reased them he did it in reverse order so it is hard to follow. the "new york times" had it in the correct order. the first e-mail makes is clear this is not about adoptions, it is about getting opposition research to help hillary clin n
7:55 pm
clinton -- >> thank you for giving us part of your evening. we appreciate you coming on the broadcast, another break and we'll be back after this. david. what's going on? oh hey! ♪ that's it? yeah. ♪ everybody two seconds! ♪ "dear sebastian, after careful consideration of your application, it is with great pleasure that we offer our congratulations on your acceptance..." through the tuition assistance program, every day mcdonald's helps more people go to college. it's part of our commitment to being america's best first job. ♪ badda book. that's it?. he means book direct at for the lowest price on our rooms guaranteed.
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7:59 pm
a potential interagency turf battle, not the normalcy of hate groups. the president certainly talked up his friend carl icahn on the trail. >> i'm going to ask him to watch our trade deal. >> carl icahn is supporting me. >> i have carl icahn ready. >> i will put him in charge of china. >> trade with china. >> carl icahn is a great guy. they'll make a great deal. >> i have the best negotiators in the world. the greatest minds and the greatest business people and the greatest negotiators, they all read "the art of the deal" okay? >> while no voters said icahn
8:00 pm
was part of why they supported donald trump. just in the next few days, he joined very late in the campaign, he had a minor role, he is a good guy. that's our broadcast on a friday night and for this week. thank you for being here with us. have a good weekend and good night from nbc news headquarters here in new york. due to mature and graphic subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. >> an inmate's request for a cup of soup led to a horrific slashing. >> i didn't see the razor in his hand. did it so fast. >> married 21 years almost. twin boys. >> a case of road rage results in a murder charge for a software engineer.


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