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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  August 20, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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hi, everybody, great to have you with me. we have breaking news this hour, an update on america's longest war, afghanistan, with the president addressing troops in the nation tomorrow night in ft. meyer, that's tomorrow night just outside of washington. and the president session says
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he's going to give information on the way forward in afghanistan and southeast asia. some 2,400 americans have been killed in afghanistan since going in after the terror attacks of september 11 of 2001. msnbc military analyst and retired army general barry mccaffrey, explain to us what americans need to know from the president tomorrow night, because we had military officials saying that they were going to put more troops in afghanistan. what do you expect that the president will deliver tomorrow night? >> it's hard to know, with this president. let me just state categorically, there are no good options in
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afghanistan. we have had a huge presence there, there has not been a strong centralized government based on the rule of law. the country is run mostly by ethnic and religious factions and that's not going to change. but going forward, not the past longest war, but going forward, what best serves american interests? i'm confident he will not withdraw, that would be an immediate disaster. i'm confident he's not going to make a substantial investment of new resources. i hope he's not going to embrace this idea of mercenaries running the war in afghanistan. so we'll put a few thousand more troops in, i think they're going to just try and hedge their bets and not have it go down the drain in the coming here. >> general, when we think about the fact that there have been discussions of strategy, or just kind of a teasing of strategy.
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i have been speaking to a top level source who's been in afghanistan. he said that something needs to be announced because there's a risk of widening cracks in the alliance. what is your opinion on that. i think we have a real problem on this, europe has stayed with us, nato has stayed with us, as well as other actors. by the way, british and french are quite important in that alliance from a military perspective. the problem is that the afghan government is barely functioning, it's corrupt, it's incompetence, we have two rival factions, there's no defense minister, the taliban is gaining ground, isis is gaining ground. somebody's got to stand up there
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and say look, here's what we have to do, appeal for national and international support, and again, i don't see how we withdraw. i don't think that's a serious alternative. so i think we're stuck with this situation to try and ensure that it doesn't turn into a giant problem that involves in particular pakistan, iran and the central asian states. >> the one thing that we know that the president is using, going off of prior review of this strategy, national security advisor h.r. mcmaster. the thing that i was talking about, in terms of a civil society in afghanistan, to your point about leadership and what that country needs going forward, my source was saying that often lost in the initiatives is the participation of female initiatives in their society. and the government is not making
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an attempt to improve it. do you think that america could be doing a better job of that in terms of what society building looks like in afghanistan? >> if you go back to the giv beginning, it's gone from a brutal 15th century state at war with itself to something far different. in the last two years, a lot of those gains have started to recede. but the role of women, when we first went in there, u.s. army full colonel intelligence officer told me said that women had the status lower than that of donkeys in afghanistan. so we have moved past that, we have restaurants, hotels, a functioning system, a road network that wasn't previously there. but if we withdraw, all that
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disappears immediately. the question is, can we slow ill down? again, i think it's bad options, but a few thousand more troops is probably the likely outcome and some motion that we'll have better coordinated u.s. government activity, soft power, hard power, et cetera. >> if that is the option, the reveal which is the anticipation of many people, additional troops to afghanistan. this is what secretary of state condoleezza rice had to say when she was interviewed on nbc's "today" before the beginning of this summer, back in may, take a listen. >> the president is going to have to look at a wide variety of things, what is the strategy now, not just increasing troops strength and just doing the same thing. >> if there isn't an economy for this country to build upon.
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what are the outside influences other than troops in your opinion that the president could be enhancing for afghanistan. >> well, you know, condoleezza rice is of heroic quality, she's one of the most impressive public servants we have ever produced. we clearly need a strategy, but there's going to be no magic in afghanistan, i mean there is an incompetent, corrupt regime, the taliban, it is a potential source of international terrorism. it is a threat to pakistan, they're worried about their rear area. the economy is based primarily on the local expenditures of ally forces and the nonprofits. so, you know, nobody's going to develop minerals in the ground
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in afghanistan until there's security. so i don't think there's a good outcome, there might be some worse outcomes and one of them would be to have it collapse totally and have a giant armed civil war going on that spills over into the neighboring states. i think that's the challenge, that jim mattis -- and by the way, these guys that are operating in afghanistan, there isn't anything they don't know about it except what can you do. >> they don't know what to do about it. thank you, general mccaffrey, i appreciate your insight into this. i want to bring in our panel. it's great to have all here. let me begin with you, because i know you have been covering this just like we have for a very
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long time. our longest for 16 years, our president has recently expressed concerns over leadership in the region, while there's concern over troop level increase, do you think this white house could deliver a change in leadership for afghanistan tomorrow night? >> there's a possibility, because the president as he campaigned on this idea of america first, he also said multiple times that america needed to start winning again, and that america needed to be seen as a foreign power. all these generals i'm sure are telling him we need to do something different, we need to smartly handle this, i wouldn't be surprised if part of his speech tomorrow had to do with a leadership change. >> and general mattis did not want to get ahead of the president on what the big reveal will be, but take a listen.
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. >> the president has made a decision, as he said, he wants to be the one to announce it to the american people, so i'll stand silent until then. >> that was general mattis in oman, jordan, this is of concern to our friends, our allies about what's taking place there. is this a big not to giving a reassurance of trust to these countries who are worried about afghanistan. >> i think trump has not come out with a plan soon enough. you know we have steve bannon who wanted to put contractors in charge, we wanted something very different than what mcmaster wanted. >> privatizing the business of war.
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>> which has been something very controversial in the past. steve bannon is now, and i think this is now an effort to show a more united front. >> with bannon gone, and christine, let me ask you, with bannon gone, that the impressions that he's made on this president aren't going to show up down the line? i mean he might be out of the west wing, but certainly the education of him is not. >> and we know that this president is probably watching television, and he'll be making sure that he maintains his relationship with breitbart even if he's just checking the internet, because he fears them. he also wants to make sure that steve bannon is happy. we know he got the biggest applause during the first state of the union when he talked about bellicose type events when he brought the widow of the soldier who was killed in
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afghanistan. when we have a war that's gone well into two decades, this president doesn't have the patience to think through a smart strategy, and we twhknow s is a president who does like to privatize thing. the fact that he's not giving this announcement from the white house, lets us know that we're in a clubtocracy that is going to make money for himself and his family whatever way possible. i think we're going to look at going deeper into afghanistan in order for his family to make more money. >> the amount of time we cover this family traveling to their own properties, but still, president trump is in charge, as the leader of the free world. and now we know that there is a decision coming, he had promised
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a secret plan to defeat isis, he had promised surrounding himself with the brightest and smartest, the best generals, do you think he's going to present something that is truly original with this strategy for afghanistan and south asia or is it going to be a repeat of the same failures that we have witnessed over the past 16 years? >> i can't imagine that he would come with something that would be a repeat. obviously you've got "mad dog" mattis in the defense department. we've got isis which still continues to be an issue. so we have got issues that the president should be concerned with. the fact this he's spent a lot of time talking about building up the military, spending more and more money. i would imagine that he has some kind of plan that at least should be unique on its face. we have to get into the details tomorrow night as to what that
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may look like, but if it's not a plan to defeat terrorism in all forms, then it will be a complete failure. there's folks that are a little war weary, we have been in afghanistan for 16 years and people want to see it end. i'm interested to see what he's really going to say tomorrow, and see if this is going to finalize our participation in this war. >> we get it, right? i lost a friend from grade school in afghanistan, i have friends from college serve in afghanistan and iraq and now i had a friend from grade school recently send her son, the generations this war is
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affecting, and the collateral damage that's happening is not going to end unless we have a pragmatic solution that's now been from president bush to president obama to now president trump. now that bannon is out, is if mattis who could be the driving force as well as chief of staff kelly? >> i think donald trump is going to be the one really be the lead thought person. while president trump has surrounded himself with all sorts of experts from communications to defense to economics, at the end of the day, donald trump feels very much i think bound by some of the promises that he made, and one of the promises he made, as a reporter, he used to cover arlington cemetery and understand that they have to give their children away, and these are working class people, i think he understands that a
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lot of his people are not understandi ining personally wh going to war means, understanding personally sending your child off to a war and if that child dies. i think he's personally feeling the weight of this. there's other parts of the administration, where he kind of leans on other people to make that decision. with hud and the education secretary, but when it comes to war, he has to look at people in their face and explain why their child lost their life. >> there's nothing more gut wrenching than attending a funeral at arlington that's just a child, just starting out in life. we have seen a.m. of chaos, from the beginning of this administration, hiere we are in august, they have had 17 days out of the white house, they're getting back tomorrow, no steve
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bannon, but we know with steve bannon gone, and we know that bannon today was taking strikes at i'vanka. do you think general kelly is done with cleaning house in the white house for now? >> and you're right, there's been a lot of chaos, it feels like we're about three years into the administration and not just several months, i think that general kelly is going to have to do a lot of work, and there's comments from amount of people who work fwht white house that he's very consistent with people who are very organized and very structured, you can't just walk into his office and just go visit with the president. but steve bannon, who was a major distraction to a great extent in this white house, was the conversation, whether he was the one that came up with the good populous ideas, or whether
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he was the one being approximate puppeteer for the president, some say yes, some say no. but now there's a largest situation at home. this is a man who knows a lot of r about what's been happening in the white house. he said, hey, i'm going to be the fighting force against the fake media on the outside, but i don't believe that's generally what it's going to be, i think he's coming after people very directly who he believes wronged him in the white house. >> and it's all about plausible deniability, so they can keep everybody guessing about all of it, which we all continue to do. be sure to watch our special coverage on president trump's
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he had his hair spikes, red, green, purple? and i'm looking at him, and he said didn't you ever do anything out of the ordinary in your life? he said yeah, years ago i had sex with a parrot, i thought you were my son. >> jerry lewis passed today at the age of 91. in 2014, there with jimmy fallon, he still had his comedy
3:24 pm
chops and he had fun there with jimmy fallon. as somebody who were certainly influenced by jerry lewis, i want to play you a clip, take a look at this. >> someone with the a.mount of power that he has, have you ever heard him speak? what does his voice sound like? you don't know do you? we did actually find an interview of him talking on tv in 2009, here it is. >> my big interest is in real estate. >> sorry, sorry, sorry. i thought that was going to be a sound bite that i wanted to get to later.
3:25 pm
>> i remember sitting what my parents, watching "the nutty professor." and i remember sitting with my grandmother watching "the family jewels" and the telethon, i don't know what went on between the muscular dystrophy foundation and jerry lewis, but it's like after he was gone, it seemed like unimportant to people. because you would never say i'm going to watch the muscular dystrophy telethon, you said i'm going to watch the jerry lewis telethon. >> and also go out and raise money, call in and make a donation, labor day is kind of dedicated, i only know labor day as a holiday dedicated to the muscular dystrophy association and raising money, and i am
3:26 pm
still waiting for the bow tie. and he was up, he was there. >> and you had to hear him sing at the end. it was a waste if you don't watch him sing at the end. >> what do you think is the presence of a comedian and a force of the triple threat of talent that jerry lewis was, that kind of changed the game for comedians that had come up after. >> it was an amazing thing with jerry lewis, because i know with me, you know, i'll get very sarcastic and cynical, and among my other friends who are comics who are making jokes putting down people, and quite often jerry lewis's name would come up. and you know, you make fun of the pompocity and stuff, but the times that i met him, i was reduced to a little kid and there was my idol.
3:27 pm
>> so when you had interactions like that, could you be cool enough to like hang out as a contemporary? were you trying to be funny? explain those to us, what did you do. >> when you introduced me before, you said my good friend, and we weren't, we met a couple of times. i remember one time being at an event and i was performing and jerry lewis who's is a special guest and afterwards, jerry lewis came -- i went up and i was dirty and was a little in past taste, and you have a way of -- you have a delay here -- >> no, don't do it. >> no? okay, i'll leave out that word. >> you can wait until the commercial and i'll retweet it
3:28 pm
privately. >> jerry lewis came up to me with that stern look in his face, that scares you when you see it. and he said, gilbert, you are out of your bleeping mind. and i wouldn't want you any other way. and i thought to get acceptance from jerry lewis -- >> that's a high complement? >> yeah, that was an amazing moment, when that picture was taken, the one that's on the screen, i remember, it was at the friars club, and i asked his manager, i said would he mind if i took a picture of him with my phone? and he said jerry hates those. >> selfies? >> yeah, he hates those phones. afterwards a guy came over with a regular camera --
3:29 pm
>> and that was cool? >> and he did all his famous jerry lewis faces grabbing on to me. >> he's an amazingly talented guy, but what do you think will stand out for him career wise or is it several different things? >> for me, i think it was "the nutty professor" i think when they announce a cure for muscular dystrophy, they'll have to put a statue of him. >> they raised well over $400 million for mda. i kind of spoiled it first before i played that sound bite, but i needed to put something
3:30 pm
up, because i know you're a fan of politics and what's going on. but this is a clip on john oliver, but i need to your confirmation on something. can we play that clip? >> have you ever heard him speak? seriously, what does his voice sound like? you don't know, do you? and it wasn't easy, but we did actually find an interview of him talking on tv in 2009, and here it is. >> my main business is real estate and now it's the newspaper and other online media. >> john oliver there was playing jared kushner, we had never heard his voice, but john oliver goes on to say, you don't know if that's jared kushner's voice or not? >> that was jared kushner, i had nothing to do with that. >> nothing to do with that? >> it's quite shocking. >> you have a twin in voice. >> yes. >> so that's pretty amazing.
3:31 pm
so that's not your voice? >> no. no, that's actually jared kushner's voice. >> all right, we'll, i'm glad which got that cleared up. because you have such a unique voice, gilbert. >> it's amazing that he's a duplicate. >> we'll be back with more in a moment, gilbert godfrey, thank you. ♪ hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there. we'll find them in our subaru outback. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get 0% apr financing for 63 months on all new 2017 subaru outback models. now through august 31. for over 100 years like kraft has,natural cheese you learn a lot about what people want. honey, do we have like a super creamy cheese with taco spice already in it?
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so after the president's response in charlottesville last weekend. president trump is really being mocked and a lot of satire, this in the form of a cartoon for several magazine covers. this week we have the cover of "the economist," the german manager zone all with symbols of the kkk. the president is under fire for being to blame for the unrest in charlottesville and also the marchers in boston, anti-police
3:35 pm
agitators. ladies, it's great to have you all with me, and tama or tamara. >> tamara. >> so having served in the federal government, have you ever seen this kind of backlash before for a president getting it wrong? >> well, this is a regrettable time, we have federal laws that protect americans from hate crimes, and this of all times is a time to embrace those laws and not step backward. >> so when we think about the way that we have all reacted to this as a country, and specifically to what we covered yesterday with 40,000 people showing up in boston, and the way the police handled that and they were just under 30 arrests
3:36 pm
and detainments out of all of this. last year, with the southern poverty law center releasing a map, showing 1917 active hate groups in america. alicia, where does this number stand today? is that actually the number, 917? >> yes, that's for 2016, we do an annual accounting of the active hate groups in the united states and that number 917 is for 2016. we fully expect that number to grow for 2017, when that number comes out in february. >> have you clocked now groups since february that have populated and aarisen to the attention of those people who -- >> league of the south, traditionalist workers party,
3:37 pm
those are are all active hate groups and have been for several years now, for the most part. >> black lives matter, which is a group that you helped to launch with the death of trayvon martin, has been called a hate group, be to be the an at this ti time -- an thit sis of that. do you think that that's a proper equation? >> i don't think it's a proper equation, and i think what's important for people to know is that black lives matter is a part of a long history of civil rights in this country, black people fighting for our civil rights in this country, we stand on the shoulders of people like dr. martin luther king, like ella baker, and we think it's important that people understand
3:38 pm
and that this president understands that black lives matter was formed peacefully and it continues to be a peaceful movement. >> tamara, when we think about where we have come from a country to learn from our mistakes, why do you think it is that we get so easily tripped up by repeating a lot of those same mistakes, especially when we have federal and local and state laws on the books that are supposed to keep boundaries in check? >> well, we have first amendment in this country, that allows people to speak. and that free speech is prote protected and includes hate speech, but there are limits and in fact when speech is accompanied by violence and weapon, we should all take note that violent crime for purposes of hate or for any other purpose is absolutely something that cannot be tolerated in this country.
3:39 pm
and i'm happy to stand up against that as a former justice prosecutor. >> it's amazing what happened in charlottesville, but when we think about those images from friday night, as well as the deadly violent that happened on saturday, all within this span of a 24-hour period, and we know in watching the funeral, heather hires mom, saying they wanted to silence her daughter's voice but really they amplified by what happened. thank you all for your time, i appreciate it. >> so coming up next, the fallout of steve bannon's exit from the white house and will the former white house strategist actually be a friend or a foe now that he's on the outside? he says he wants to file for s the president and his agenda, but is he actually doing it so far?
3:40 pm
3:41 pm
3:42 pm
3:43 pm
the statement from steve bannon is that the white house will be more divided in the future. in an interview this weekend, bannon today this weekend, if the republican party on capitol hill gets behind the president on his plans and not theirs, it will be one big happy family, but he added with -- no administration in history has been divided among itself about the direction about where it should go. let's talk about this back with me now with my panel. so olivia, let me start with you, just basically out on the gate with bannon being gone, he said quickly that he was going to war for trump. he was going to be on the outside, a better help for those still left on the inside.
3:44 pm
is that something we should accurately think bannon's departure means? >> i don't know, i think we will have to see. i think he believes that by attacking the globalists as he calls them in the administration in the white housor west wing democrats through breitbart, that he will effectively be able to change the course of this administration, and he has reason to believe certainly that he can be more effective on the outside than he was on the inside, because he really did struggle to get things done as we have all seen in the last seven months. but i think part of the problem is, as bannon said to "the washington post," in this sort of stunning interview that confirmed a lot of the reporting over the last several months about the so-called palace intrigue, the problem is donald trump, the problem is not really steve bannon or any of these other aides, fundamentally he is
3:45 pm
the person who's going to have to fix things in terms of being able to work with congress, being able to work with more moderate democrats, people who are working with him on what happened in charlottesville. >> if kelly wasn't the chief of staff, general kelly, reince priebus gone, do you think that steve bannon would still be there? >> it's hard to say, but i think that steve bannon for a while has been picking fights with people who already boded not well for his future. you think about the fact that he got in a tizzy with jared kushner, which is not just a hired hand of the white house, he's the son-in-law of the president. who wanted to get rid of people like steve bannon, who were
3:46 pm
essentially distractions from this administration, there were people who were wondering whether or not he was driving the policy decisions that trump was making. but we have been talking about kind of where this presidency goes next, but the idea that steve bannon being gone is going to make everything better in the white house is going to be ludicrous if you actually watch donald trump in the white house, steve bannon was not standing next to him on the podium saying you have to say this, he was not reading a teleprompter. so when we talk about all the ways that this administration is trying to move forward, it's going to be hard, he's going to give a speech about moving forward in afghanistan, steve mnuchin is out, but at the end of the day, donald trump is going to have a chaotic white house, because as olivia said, he's the issue. >> and we know the offte
3:47 pm
offteleprompter trump to on teleprompter trump, there's been many sides about what went down in charlottesville. looking at this administration objectively as a republican, and republicans are turning back to congress now after a recess, how do they look with fresh eyes about wanting to work with them? >> that's a good question, and you know what's interesting to me, president trump often talks about the opposition party. in my view the opposition party is not the democratic party, the opposition party is not speaker ryan or mcconnell, the
3:48 pm
opposition party is donald trump. i think he tweets, especially about what happened in charlottesville, that's put a hook in the president, that a lot of folks that i talk to, whether they be in the white house, whether they be advocates for republican policy, donors or whatever, this is something that made we feel very uncomfortable. he said there are good people on both sides, specifically speaking to white supremacists and nazis, which i think led a lot of the people that the president gave them a comfort blanket for them. and whoever is in the white house, because there are a number of folks in the white house who i know personally that are, they have to come together and president trump needs to stop stepping on the message. and until there's some discipline for at least three
3:49 pm
weeks, which is a lot longer than we have seen discipline from president donald j. trump. so i think there's going to be a lot of people who are trying to try to push policies without his help at all. >> this has been one of the most chaotic times in american history, when we think about what's taking place, with not only north korea, charlottesville, we've got steve bannon leaving, now an afghanistan policy coming tomorrow night. a lot of forecasts looking to 2018, thinking this chaos is good for democrats. but is that truly -- is now really a bell weather for what 2018 could deliver? >> he keeps stoking the flames, each week it's some new catastrophic event. two weeks ago, we thought which were going to be nuked by north korea and all of a suggest we see swastikas and tiki torches
3:50 pm
ready to burn down this country. if you are silent against this particular president, even if he is in your party, you to account for your you have to account fo your messaging. >> are you saying you support a president who's trapped in neo nazi and language and support and i would think of encouragement in many ways. >> i don't care what of the 50 states you live in, you have to say whether you agree with that. the problem is these comments from last week are disgusting and disparaging. his republican party still stood by him >> i was going to say -- nothing of the lgbtq community.
3:51 pm
>> maya angelou shows you who they are and you can believe them. >> when leaders are silent and intentionally or unintentionally, they agree with the kk ak and they wear the cat. >> i think it is remarkable when senators and congressmen come back to dc and you will ask them straight up what do you believe or do you think the president is right. they'll spin tax reform and healthcare and all these different things and it is going to be remarkable that the republican party can do that. thank you, gianna caldwell, all, thank you very much. president trump addressing the nation at 9:00 p.m. here on msnbc. coming up for tomorrow, the biggest event for a lot of people is going to be the solar eclipse. it is cool stuff happening for
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millions of people are traveling coast to coast to get the best view of solar eclipse tomorrow. it is two and a half minute to view the phenomenal. be sure to watch msnbc tomorrow for a live coverage of total eclipse 2017. back in a moment. this time it's his turn.
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jerry lewis, the world also lost the comedy, the politics, the mind of one of the sharpest men out there, dick gregory passed away.
3:59 pm
his success in the early 1960s and opening the doors for other black comedians. gregory actually tackled racism and took bad act to talk shows to get into people's homes. gregory protested by going on hunger strikes. he talked about the appeal of right wing alabama, george wallace, the white voters. wallace ran on the american independent party and gregory stressed the importance of black voters getting into politics. >> it is good for what he's doing. for the first time he's giving america a mean to express themselves that we did not have the mean before. i feel it is healthy for black folks because black folks cannot play games. you have to realize that it is a
4:00 pm
lot of racism that exist s in this country. >> gregory spoke to a baltimore audience including president trump. >> you look at trump. there is got to be something wrong with him. you black folks believe that he's anything other than a junk. gregory was 84. that wraps up our show. "meet the press" is next. >> this sunday after charlottesville. president trump makes his argument to blame both sides. he's quoting the nationalists with the protesters. >> what about the alt-left that came charging as you say of the alt-right. >> did the president lose his moral authority by failing to condemn white supremacists, the clan and neo nazi. i will ask jason what the and the


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