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tv   MSNBC Live With Katy Tur  MSNBC  August 30, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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♪ only a dignity memorial professional can celebrate a life like no other. find out how at that will wrap up this hour of msnbc live. >> 2:00 p.m. in the east, 1:00
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p.m. in texas. town that's were not under water 24 hours ago are now submerged. residents that thought they might be okay are now waiting for someone to save them from their homes. the u.s. navy is there deploying rescue helicopters. they air lift families, mothers, fathers, and children to safety. >> there are staggering amounts of rain. look at this in just the last 30 hours we picked up enough rain to get to 43.67 inches of rain. it went from serious to devastation and destruction. >> it is nothing that i have ever seen before. i lived in this area my entire
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life, and we're seeing things we have never seen. >> it is pretty clear that something has gone wrong here. >> flooding is treacherous that some are blocked from getting in. >> officials say the city of beaumont is an island. many of those that flaed to shelters found out nowhere was safe as water started to fill one convention center surrounding their cots. >> in how's, the sun was out today, but this disaster was right around the corner. >> i lost everything i had. >> tell me what it was like.
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>> it is nothing you can imagine. you see it happen other places and it never happens here. >> more than 18500 people have been rescued. 14,000 national guard troops are now activated. the high es level ever deployed. the president will be visiting. he is facing krcriticism for no being there. we have reporters across texas. you have been seeing rescue after rescue all day, and it is
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wednesday. >> it is just waves upon waves of rescues, katie. you see the water just stretches as far as the eye can see. people with their own private boats bringing them here to try and do what they can. one of those people is coal hefner of texas, you live a couple hundred miles from here, why did you decide to come out? >> myself and brian hughes, we saw what was going on, we felt like this is where we needed to be. we got in touch with a group from oklahoma who was coming down and we have been plugged in with those guys. a lot of people from the area, lots of people helping. >> you have been doing rescues
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since yesterday with your own personal boat. what have you been seeing out there? >> it's kind of, you know, it varies. we see some fast moving water, it varies in depth from waist deep to dry. it is interesting getting around, most folks just want to get to dry land so they can live normal and hopefully it will clear out and come back. >> private citizens show up with their time, money, and equipment and just hundreds and dozens, and i don't know how many people in here are helping. that's the most awesome thing and people from all other states that are professionals. >> you're going in there to check on someone's mom right now then they're heading there.
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people in need of rescue. we have been seeing dump trucks carrying people. people carting their pets in crates. >> the water where you are doesn't seem to be that high. how high in the neighborhoods behind you is it getting? >> you know, it is quite a bit higher the further back you go. it is maybe a foot or a foot and a half. we have not gone to the deepest areas. i don't know if you hear that sound in the background, there is an airboat. they're out here rescuing people as well, it is a game warden. the water gets progressively deeper into this neighborhood here. they're having to use these boats and these massive dump trucks. >> and just because the sun is out doesn't mean that the threat has stopped.
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>> on monday, we reported concerns about a van carrying six people that was washed away in the flood waters. witnesses say they could hear the four children inside screaming and crying. unfortunately today they have found the van. at least two bodies are still inside of it. the dive team is searching for the others. from that sad news in houston back to beaumont where we were seeing footage from a rescue helicopter. stephanie, on that video we're seeing, we see a family being brought up including a small child that looks absolutely terrified. the folks that you're talking to, how are they fairing? >> it looks like we lost
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stephanie, we'll try to reconnect with her. she is trying to get over to be beaumont, texas, but the officials there are flooded out if is basically an island there and it is slow going. they are valiantly trying to rescue people from their homes and there is so much of houston that is under water. a third of harris county, that includes houston. we have just been able to reconnect with stephanie. frightened family members, scared children in there. i know you're trying to make your way over there to beaumont. >> it is tough, we're talking a lot about houston and beaumont,
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but there are communities all of the way in between the two cities and they are experiencing the same kind of flooding that we're seeing in major metropolitan areas. we have been in the town of kunz today, population 2200, and it has been an effort entirely for them, trying to help people out. we are on our way out of town now because they're got word the road to the north that the water is rising and it could be blocked off. we know the road to the south is already blocked off to beaumont and they're in danger of becoming an island themselves which means the help they very much need won't be able to get in, and those kind of helicopter seens we saw from miguel, they
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will be so vital to these kmeents because they're going to be cut off. we have never seen this type of water before. they believe if the rain was to stop right now, they would stel be dealing with a day or so while they're talking about those roads, and a city of beaumont, a city with more needs, and the flies they need can't get in. they told us overnight they tried to get an 18 wheeler in with supplies and food and it got stuck. it will get dire for them very quickly for basic necessities. >>. >> good luck to the folks out there that you encounter along
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the way. >> joining me now is kasandra m mann. the last time we spoke to you, you were going to a shelter, how are you doing now? >> just fine, we have a room for ten days, at least. we left the shelter, and it's just chaos, and this is just really bad all over. >> talk to me about what it was like in port arthur. >> in front of our house, we don't see any rain that is olding tol holding water in the streets, then it is six feet deep. then you look out your window and it is 6 feet deep. it should have rainwater in the street. some firefighter told me that
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the pumps ran out of gas, then another police officer tells us that it had been raining for two hours. but why the shelter they brought us to there was no water over there. it's clear, there is no watter in those streets. i just really don't understand why the whole neighborhood has to be flooded, and you now, downtown port arthur is clear. >> we heard a levee broke on the west canal in port arthur which is part of the reason why the flooding got so bad there. >> the levee has been broke for three years. the army corps of engineers and jefferson county were debating who should pay for it. when it broke and they tried to put sandbags there, but it has
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been broke for three years. it has been like that. they were arguing who was going to fix it, but now it is devastatin devastating. >> you were going to show photos of you and your family showing us getting rescued. >> yeah, it is five or six feet deep in the house. >> do you have any long-term pl plan? you can't get back in that home, you to gut that first floor. >> right, we will, and like i said, we got it for ten days, just today desperately needing it, but we know we need it longer than that, but my postmaster, i work at the post office, he said that he had a good contractor that can help us fix the house. so i called these insurance
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companies and homeowners and flood insurance, and the other insurance we have that went through a wind storm, you call them and then they give you another number to call and we were not declared a county that needed help. and president trump has not declared it. and i'm lucky we have insurance, i'm hoping that works for us. >> we hope you get the help you need. we hope you can get back in your homes as quickly as possible. i hope you can extend that. >> these stunning images have been coming in all day.
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they save men and women from the water. you can catch more of the exclusive reporting tonight on nbc news. wnbc meteorologist steve saucna is going to update us now. we're seeing some clear skies, but that doesn't mean everything is okay out there though. >> right, we showed you that break in houston. and just to the east, it poured all night long. i have seen some unofficial reports of 60 inches. we'll have to see if we can get that confirmed later on. again, like i said, we'll check into that here as the day wears
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on. >> all of this is coming within five days. just ridiculous totals here. nearly 50 inches in marry's creek that previously had a record. so here is the radar picture. it is that pan that set up over beaumont last night. the similar thing happened in houston on saturday night. we have the heavy rain threat, we also have a tornado threat to the neighbors to the east. >> thank you for saying abreast of all of the latest developments. ahead this hour, the president will be giving a
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speech on tax cuts in missouri. we'll go to him when he takes the stage. live to a neighborhood that is still under water. if you're wondering how you can help, we have a list of options you can call or text on our website.
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sheriff gonzalez is addressing that van that was swept away. two bodies were found, let's take a listen. >> a 14-year-old boy, an 8-year-old boy, and a 6-year-old girl have been recovered inside of the back of the fan. we're still processing the scene. between our harris county sheriff's office and family, i just notified them. they are devastated as we all are as well. our worst fears have been realized. we are trying to offer comfort. the family asked for just some cour courtesy as they grieve through this difficult process. they are asking for privacy and not ascending on their reside e
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residenc residences. >> was the driver able to get out and -- >> it appeared one of the individuals that came up, the son of two adult elderly people that were here, he is on the scene, he was able to get out and the others were not. the two adults were in the front, it appears to be a work truck, so there is a metal mesh divider between the back and the front and the children are in the back and the adults are in the front. >>. >> that is sheriff gonzalez there talking about the van that was swept away by flood waters. you see a picture.
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six people, two adults, and four children. witnesses, while that van was being swept away report that they could hear the children inside screaming. just terrible, awful news out of houston right now. meanwhile, 30% of harris county texas is still under water. today in some areas, some of that water has started to rec e recede. now folks are trying to get home to see what is left. katie, what are you hearing? >>. >> yeah, it is a situation here where folks are coming back to their homes now borrowing boats from neighbors. they're trying to see what is left after their homes have been
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savaged. you see that stop sign there, the water has completely overtaken this neighborhood. where we are now is a lot better. with a break from the rain and getting sun in here today, it certainly seems like this is relief for these folks. they're trying to move what they can to the second floor to try to avoid more damage. one of those homeowners is here with me. you lived in this house for over 30 years, explain what you went through. >> we packed up and left, but we did not anticipate it getting near as high as it did. it was up to three feet in the house. everything in the bottom of the house is ruined. >> how are you feeling about all of this? >> a little stunned. we didn't expect it. as long as we have been here, we never expected this.
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the neighbor here put his house way up and he got water, as did this one over here, and the water stopped at the doorstep of my neighbor across the street. >> so it just got me. you were the last house. >> we have seen a lot of wildlife out here, geese in your front yard earlier today, and this guy has been ensdwroiing the water. she not without an owner, as you can see luckily, but everyone here seems to be in pretty good experiences. trying to keep things positive. >> no doubt, we have great neighbors and we'll get through. >> you're 30 plus years living here and you never experienced anything like that? >> at '94 it got to the road back here but it didn't top it. everyone over here was safe. we figure that is about as bad as it gets.
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>> the inside of your house, where is the water level now. >> we're in good shape now, it's an inch or two sloshing around. we're trying to put out carpet and they kind of thing. >> did you lose anything of sent mental value? we had people that were trying to save family valuables. >> my son and son-in-law came over and got all of the pictures off of the walls, my daughter's wedding and that sort of thing. i think we survived for pictures, but a lot of people probably didn't. >> thank you so much for sharing your story with us. thank you so much, take care. katie, back to you. >>. >> i hope his house gets better soon. >> new orleans and houston have
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both experienced a hurricane in recent years, and now questions are being asked about how ready cities are for these types of critical events. silvester turner defended the decision saying it would have been impossible to fit millions of people on the roads leading out of houston. joining us now to get into this is dr. irwin ledbetter. dr., thank you for joining us. the storm is not over. rain is still falling, but it is moving out. the flood waters will eventually recede. what happens next? >> we're going to see the biggest recovery effort in u.s. history.
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it is staggering. they are rebuilding communities, redefining what will happen in shelters. even if they are not destroyed by water and wind, they will have problems with mold infes stati tations. >> it is rebuilding not just houston, but an entire region of texas. >> how do you rebuild it better? >> we have to make sure we're prepared now with all of this discussion about climate change affecting the severity of storms, this is something we really have to take care of. we're going to have to reexamine all of that and not just in the houston area, but across the country. we have a lot of thinking and rethinking specifically about how to make our infrastructure
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as safe as possible. >> if you were add vying local and federal officials, what would you tell them? >> talking about structure rebuildings, it's time to get serious about that. we need to incorporate what the risks are that we face. but even without that, we have thousands of levees, tunnels, and bridges not up to standard which have means they're all at risk. >> is any area in this country prepared? >> some are, some are prepared for coastal storls, some for tornadoes, some not for corresponde tornadoes. they just have not made mandatory setters the rule still.
11:28 am
it is a mixed bag. how much do you want to invest in preparing. it is in some ways unlimited. there are things that are concerning. including the fact that just a couple days ago we have the governor having a mandated evacuate, and the mayor saying no. shelter in place. we have to deal with these communication issues. but we need tools to measure how successful we have been. two is have we cared for special population that's have special needs in children, third is when we have to evacuate a hospital or a nursing home, have we done that safely dw? do we know how to do that, and that is before we get to the issues of the extraordinary challenges. >> lessons are still being
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learned. extreme weather is happening more and more often. climate scientists say expect it to happen throughout the year. all sorts of storms. thank you so much for joining us. i know you were saying the death toll is only rising. 17 people confirmed dead due to harvey. we're just minutes away from the president's scheduled remarks on tax reform in springfield, missouri. we'll bring that to you live when it happens. it came to what critics saw as a lack of empathy for trump on the ground in texas. he said my heart goes out, even more, so to the great people of texas. it comes one day after the president and the first lady visited texas. the white house says he plans to return to texas on saturday. joining us now is peter
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alexander. white house bureau chief, and and they cover the economy and national politics. so peter, the white house is getting a bit of criticism for trump not talking to any victims. what is your response? >> yeah, they are saying he saw no rain and demonstrated no empathy. you say the president's tweet and it shows that he is insensitive to that demonstrating. after seeing the devastation and horror that he really feels for the folks down there. his press secretary telling reporters as they flew back from that trip that she spoke to the president that reinforced in her words that the sense of the
11:31 am
visit was all about people and making sure they look after the people in the state of texas and wrels in that region. they have not gone away in some circles. chris christie, they are talking about confidence. the president and the vice president will go to that region. it is more of a compassionate listening tour. so i think they're aware of the criticism, but at the end of the day they bully the president made a good stand. it is a topic he has been invested in. they wanted him to literally wave the flag in that photo-op yesterday. >> and the president is saying he wants to everything he can to get texas back on his feet, but there is a lot of things that congress is tasked with doing.
11:32 am
are they expecting a fight with disaster relief funding? >> i imagine that disaster relief funding will pass somewhat easily. this is a normal ritual that congress goes through. but the broader budget fight, certainly the white house may be preparing for that. the trump administration has proposed what predated hurricane harvey including budget cuts to programs that would help prepare for these sorts of disasters in the future. it will be interesting to see if they make any changes to the budget. >> budget cuts to fema, oklahomaland security as well. >> all of those things nut place to mitt case the cost of storms. a lot of this stuff that needs
11:33 am
to be reauthorized on september 30th. the spth campaigning for tax reform. something he didn't do for health care, what can we expect to hear when he takes the stage? >> we can expect him to try to sell it, but the problem is twofold. they have not finished happen happenering out the details. secondly everything we know about the plan so far, including the plans that speaker ryan advanced show they disproportionately benefit the people at the top. whether he can credibly do that. if he is just trying to cut the
11:34 am
corporate rate. doing this for the middle class. benefit the middle class, it is a steep challenge. >> eight months into donald trump's presidency, and we're starting to hear from folks about how they feel he is doing. we got to sit in, guys, on this focus group where we talk to trump voters about how they feel about the president, and we got some pretty interesting sound. take a listen. >> going to have to really get cranking. this is not the seventh inning stretch, but he needs to get educated, go to town, and start rolling in the direction they voted for him for. >> i think there is easy water out there that creating some concern, but let's hope that he
11:35 am
will make america great, which was his platform. >> phil, a number of responses from people who said they didn't necessarily feel like he is doing the job they voted him into office to do. that gentleman right there saying it will sake tom time, it take time to grow into this roll. these are voters in pittsburgh. >> that focus group was so revealing because it goes deeper than we see in just straightforward polls. you see people are supporting president trump nominally voiting a lot of frustrations and voicing some disenchantment with his presidency. i know this is something that concerns white house advisors. they noticed a softening in the polls in the last few months. they see issues like
11:36 am
immigration. it was a way to keep the base together and galvanize them. it is really a minority in this country. >> some of them saying listen, this is the guy that campaigned on being a businessman and a dealmaker. he has learning nod about making deals in washington. phil rucker, thank you very much. during his noon update, the governor of texas says they are dealing with catastrophic conditions. we'll take you back to beaumont where people are still trapped by flood waters. members. no, it's this john smith. who we paired with a humana team member to help address his own specific health needs. at humana, we take a personal approach to your health, to provide care that's just as unique as you are.
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remission can start with stelara®. talk to your doctor today. janssen wants to help you explore cost support options for stelara®. as hurricane harvey enters it's fifth day, devastating rain is washing over texas and louisiana. the texas cities of beaumont and st. arthur were both being issued a flash flood warning. miguel allmigaier was on a rescue helicopter for some of the rescues in is a convention center flooded. donald trump has now taken the stage in missouri. he is talking about tax reform, sells his tax plan to the american public. let's listen in.
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>> thank you very much. it is so nice, we appreciate it, so many people outside waving proudly the american flag, we appreciate it very much. i want to thank jerry cook, steve burny. and all of the tremendous employees here at the lauren cook company for hosting us today. where is jerry? thank you, jerry, what a job. i heard so much about you, it's a great honor to know you, thank you. i want to welcome many distinguished guests here with us. secretary of treasury steve mnuchin. secretary of commerce wilbur
11:42 am
ross. small business administrator, which is a very large business, linda mcmahon. and from the purely political world, a really great friend that did such an incredible job with his beautiful wife at the inauguration, senator roy blunt, thank you. thank you. where is he at? thank you, roy. the governor is here, who is doing some job, thank you, special. lieutenant governor parson. thank you. and our great members of commerce. i want to thank you all for coming. so many, i was ask iing who els
11:43 am
representative sam graves. representative vicky hartsler who has been terrific. my friend for a long time who liked me from the beginning and i liked him, billy long. right billie? right from the beginning. . representative jason smith. thank you for everything, jason. representative ann wagner. hi, ann. good job. and i don't know, we have so many more. anyone i forgot? right? everything okay. good i got it. you remember more than anybody. thank you, i appreciate it. and to the congressmen and women, we appreciate you being
11:44 am
here, very much. before we begin, i would like to take a few minutes to discuss the deeply tragic situation in texas. a testify stating hurricane of historic proportion. there continues to be a grave danger life and property. our first responders have been doing absolutely heroic work to shepherd people out of harm's way and their courage and devotion have saved countless lives. they represent the truly best of america. we must be vigilant.
11:45 am
we must protect the lives of our people. i was on the ground in texas yesterday to meet with governor abbott who is doing an incredible job, and local officials so we could coordinate the very big and unprecedented federal response. in difficult times such as these, we see the true character of the american people. their strength, love, and resolve. friend helping friend, neighbor helping neighborhoo helping neighbor helping neighbor, and stranger helping stranger. together we will endure yaen overbecome. to those affected by this storm, we are praying for you and we're here with you every single step of the way.
11:46 am
and i can speak, i know for the people in this room, every step of the way. to those americans who lost their loved ones, all of american is grieving with you and our harts are joined with yours forever. the citizens of texas and the golf coast need all of the support and resources our communities have to offer. i have seen the experience of the american spirit all over this country. we are with you tomorrow and we will be with you every single day after to restore, recover, and rebuild. our thoughts and prayers remain firmly with the citizens our our fellow people.
11:47 am
people. great, great people. all affected by this tragedy. we're happy to be back in the heart land with the very, very fine folks of missouri. and i said to senator plue eor billy long, i said should i say missouri or missouri, and they said whatever you want. the legendary route 66. who would have known that? this is the place where the main street of america got it's
11:48 am
start, and this is where america's main street will begin it's big, beautiful come back that you are seeing it right now, this is a come back of historic proportions. you're seeing it happen right now. right? we're here today to launch our plans to bring back main street by reducing the trushing tax burden on our companies and on our workers. our self directive tax code cost millions of jobs, trillions of dollars, and billions of hours spent on compliance and paper work. you see what is happening with regulations, they're going fast. we need them but many of them are unnecessary and they're
11:49 am
going fast. . that is why the foundation of our job creation agenda is to fundamentally reform our tax code for the first time in more than 30 years. i want to work with congress, republicans, and democrats alike on a plan that is pro growth, pro jobs, pro worker, and pro american. there is no more fitting place to launch this effort than right here in the american heartland surrounded by hardworking men and women whose skill, determination and drive are strewly second to none. and by the way, before i start,
11:50 am
ivanka trump, by beautiful daughter is in the audience. stand up, honey. i'm pre proud of ivanka. for many decades route 66 captured the american spirit. the communities along this historic route were a vivid symbol of america's booming industry. truck drivers hauled made in america goods along this vital artery of commerce. families passed through bus ling towns on their way to explore the great american west. and high-quality manufacturing jobs lifted up communities, gave americans a paycheck that could support a family. mr. cook is a great example of the people that do it. stand up.
11:51 am
stand up, mr. cook. stand up. [applause] >> i think they like you. and provided millions of our fellow citizens with the pride and dignity that comes with work. but in recent years millions of americans have watched that pros pechty slip away in the rear view mirror and it wasn't pleasant to watch, especially for me. i would sit back, i was in business, and i could see what was happening. it wasn't good. if we want to renew our pros perty and to restore
11:52 am
opportunity, then we must reduce the tax burden on our companies and on our workers. in the last ten years our economy has grown at only around 2% a year. you look at other countries and you look at what their gdp is, they're unhappy when it's 7, 8, 9. and i speak to them, leaders of the countries. how are you doing? not well, not well. why? gdp is down to 7%. and i'm saying we were hitting 1% just a number of months ago. so we're going to change that around, folks, that i can tell you, and we're going to change it around fast. and today a very appropriate day that this should happen, we just announced that we hit 3% in gdp. it just came out.
11:53 am
and on a yearly basis, as you know, the last administration during an eight-year period never hit 3%. so we're really on our way. if we achieve sustained 3% growth, that means 12 million new jobs and $10 trillion of new economic activity over the next decade. that's some numbers. and i happen to be one that thinks we can go much higher than 3%. there's no reason why we shouldn't. so this is our once-in-eye-generation opportunity to deliver real tax reform for everyday hardworking americans. and i am fully committed to working with congress to get
11:54 am
this job done. and i don't want to be disappointed by congress. do you understand me? do you understand? understand. [applause] >> congress. i think congress is going to make a come back. i hope so. i tell you what, the united states is counting on it. [applause] >> here are my four principles for tax reform. first, we need a tax code that is simple, fair and easy to understand. that means getting rid of the loop holes and complexity that primarily benefit the wealthiest americans and special interests. our last major tax rewrite was
11:55 am
31 years ago. it eliminated dozens of loop holes and special interest tax breaks, reduced the number of tax brackets from 15 to 2, and lowered tax rates for both individuals and businesses. at the time it was really something special. since then our tax laws have tripled in size and the tax code itself now spans more than 2,600 pages, and most of it is not understandable. tax rates have increased and special interest loop holes have crept back into the system. the tax code is now a massive source of complexity and frustration for tens of millions of americans. in 1935 the basic 1040 form that most people file had two simple pages of instructions. today that basic form has 100
11:56 am
pages of instructions, and it's pretty complex stuff. the tax code is so complicated that more than 90% of americans need professional help to do their own taxes. this enormous complexity is very unfair. it disadvantages ordinary americans who don't have an army of accountants, while benefiting deep-pocket special interests. and most importantly, this is wrong. first and foremost -- [applause] >> thank you. first and foremost, our tax system should benefit loyal, hardworking americans and their families. that is why tax reform must dramatically simplify the tax
11:57 am
code, eliminate special interest loop holes, and i'm speaking against myself when i do this, i have to tell you. and i might be speaking against mr. cook. and we're both okay with it. is that right? it's crazy. we're speaking -- maybe we shouldn't be doing this, you know. but we're doing the right thing. [applause] >> true. and allow the vast majority of our citizens to file their taxes on a single simple page without having to hire an accountant. second, we need a competitive tax code that creates more jobs and higher wages for americans. it's time to give american workers the pay raise that they've been looking for for
11:58 am
many, many years. [applause] >> in 1986 ronald reagan led the world by cutting our corporate daks rate by 34%. that was below the average rate for developed countries at the time. everybody thought that was a monument althing that happened. but then under this pro america system, our economy boond. it just went -- it just went beautifully, right through the roof. the middle class thrived and median family income increased. other countries saw that success. they looked at us, they saw what is america doing, what's happening with the united states, and they acted very swiftly by cutting their taxes lower and lower and lower and reforming their tax systems to be far more competitive than ours. over the past 30 years the average business tax rate among
11:59 am
developed nations fell from 45% to less than 24%, and some countries have an unbelievably low tax, including, by the way, china and some others that are highly competitive and really doing very well against us. they are taking us, frankly, to the cleaners. so we must -- we have no choice. we must lower our taxes. and your senator, chair mccaskill, she must do this for you, and if she doesn't do it for you, you have to vote her out of office.
12:00 pm
[applause] >> she's got to make that commitment. she's got to make that commitment. if she doesn't do it, you just can't do this anymore with the obstruction and the obstructionists. if we don't get tax cuts and reform approved, potentially the biggest ever, we're looking for the biggest ever jobs in our country cannot take off the way they should. and it could be much worse than that. but at a minimum, they won't take off the way they should. the dems are looking to obstruct tax cuts and tax reform just like they obstructed so many other things, including administration appointments and health care. not one vote. we got not one vote to try and fix health care and get rid of obamacare. the strategy of our economic rivals has worked. they made


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