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tv   MSNBC Live With Alex Witt  MSNBC  September 3, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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i feel like we're being handled as people that actually have a genuine need. we're the webber family and we are usaa members for life. usaa, get your insurance quote today. mr. president, will you attack north korea? >> you heard it just moepts ago. that's the president when asked about north korea. good day to all of of you. i'm alex witt. we're monitoring some dramatic developments over north korea and this big breaking detail just coming into us. nbc news has confirmed that north korea has tested an advanced nuclear device. they tell nbc news that what they have seen so far is consistent with north korea's claims. it has said it successfully tused a hydrogen bomb which can be mounted on the plastic
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missiles. president trump has been reacting on twitter call north korea a rogue state highlights china's unsuccessful efforts to rein them in. and talk of appeasement saying the north only understands one thing. the white house said the president will meet with the national security team later. let's go to garrett at the white house. let's talk about the president's response, all of it, according to the tweets as well as what he just heard him say on camera. >> reporter: afternoon. an ominous two word response from the press of the united states can when asked if the north korea, spontsdsing to the reporters following him to church this morning simply we'll see. he was much more verbose on twitter. a three-tweet from the president. he says, quote. north korea has conducted a major nuclear test, their words and actions continue tong
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hostile and dangerous to the united states. north korea is a rogue nation which has become a great threat and embarrassment to china which is trying to help with little success. south korea is finding that their talk of appeasement with north korea will not work. they, meaning north korea, only undersand one thing. the president leaves sort of hanging there what that one thing is. but it sounds like this administration is gearing up to are a much tougher hand with north korea. the president's presidentry secretary was on one of the sun morning talk shows this morning, asked about what might come next for north korea. take a listen. i did speak with the president, and it's clear that this behavior is completely unacceptable. we've already started with sanctions against north korea but i'm going to draft a sanctions package to send to the president for strong consideration that anybody who wants to do trade or business with them would be pre veptdsed from doing it with us.
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>> reporter: of course it is china that comes to mind. perhaps another effort by this white house to put pressure on the chinese to rein in north carolina north korea to this white house doesn't have to. the president is meeting at some point today to discuss steps but to far no specifics. >> i know when they are released weal get them from you. from the white house now to south korea. that's where nb krs ron alan has the latest perspective from seoul. what are you hearing? south korea officials? >>. >> reporter: well the koreans will not like to hear president trump say things to suggest there is some kind of military option that might be employed here against the north koreans, the koreans are adamantly against that. there was a statement saying that in fact war on this continent, again on this pence nins la would be ca lam tous in
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smons to the earlier tweet by president trump suggest thag the koreans were somehow appeasing the north and that the president had told them such. i also point out that this is what the north koreans want to see happen. they want to hear division between the united states and south korea and japan. it's to divide the allies. they come at it from different points of view and have different interests here in south korea. there's that. here, they're trying to push diplomacy. since that test happened the koreans have also said they're going to talk to the united states about other military hardware, other options and deterrent that the united states might send her to help bolter the deterrent against north
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korea. none of that seems to be working. also, talk about sanctions, but, remember, in early august one of the toughest sanction regiming was a proved. the ultimate sanction is to impose an embargo on energy im pores to north korea to cut off its supply. the chinese would never agree to that most think. it's that kind of conundrum we're facing. but clearly, what happened this test, dead nation was a hugely significant thing. and changed the dynamic in the region. everyone is waiting to see what the united states is going to do and listening and trying to read into trump's tweets. >> well conundrum sure seems to be the operative word. congress also weighing in
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today. south korea's finding, as i've told them, that their talk of appease. with north korea will not work. they only understand one thing. >> i'm sure pyongyang enjoys seeing us fight with our own ally. i'm not sure what the president's point is particularly today. to be lashing out at south korea and saying they're making a mistake or doing things wrong. we hope that china exercises its leverage. they have considerably more than we do. i think given where they are, we see the limits of economic sanctions obviously, on north korea. >> if they continue on this path, the risks of their sending a missal that could murder millions of americans is growing every day. the next theater is in space. china is enhancing its ability to take out satellites in space and we need to do the invest.
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now so that in years to come we have intercept capability. >> meanwhile the trump administration putting pressure on congress to raise the debt limit to provide funding for hurricane harvey relief. >> the president and i believe it should be tied to the harvey funding, that our first priority is to make sure the state gets money. the it is critical. and to do that, we need to make sure we raise the debt limit. without doing so, i'm not comfortable we will get the money that we need this month to texas, to rebuild. >> just a day after visiting with victims texas and louisiana, the president and first lady attended church as we saw a little bit earlier in washington, d.c. this morning. this for the national day of prayer. it was declared in response to hurricane harvey and the actions in charlottesville. let's bring in sabrina and molly hooper. ladies, welcome. the president's visit to texas
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and louisiana yesterday, can something be perceived as a political win under these awful circumstances given it was take two for the president but he was roundly perceived as being a lot warmer an empathetic than the first go around. >> yes i think some the criticism he faced from the visit earlier in the week is he didn't get anywhere near the actual storm and its impact. he didn't meet with any of the victims and was lacking empathy, is the operating word that people used. so it's clear that the white house received that message. they made a more concerted effort to have him meet with the victims and do what most presidents do when facing disasters of this magnitude, to provide a source of comfort to those who have been affected by the storm. the real challenge, though, begins now. and he's requested an additional -- initial, i should say, emergency supplemental from congress to deal with the devastation caused by harvey.
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the when congress returns is he going to make a forceful case and put aside some of the brinkmanship that's been associated with such legislation in the past? >> yeah. well molly, i want to get your reaction. saying relief funding should be tied to the debt limit. how's that going to play out in congress? especially over time, when billion the more are going to be needed. >> absolutely. it's kind of interesting this storm occurred in texas, key texas senators, one namely, ted cruz, and a handful of conservative texas law makers in the past would have decried this. this didn't want to extend the debt limit. in fact ted cruz in 2012, i believe it was was the one -- imposed basically the government shutdown over tying monies to debt limit and extending it. but now, there's a situation in which his state was been
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severely im pamgted. it's up for reeelection next year. what's he going to do? that can be the same thing said for several republican law makers in the state who have indicated they wouldn't mind attaching to the did the -- >> when it's in your own backyard. continue the shoe being on the other foot. >> you also have to add john cornyn. how does hurricane harvey change the politics of funding these massive natural disasters? >> well i think it could potentially take some of the issues off the table as congress faces a number of pressing fiscal deadlines. one to keep the government operations running past september 30th, as well as ta debt limit dead line of september 29 perhaps by attaching this supplemental for harvey. it makes it more difficult for some of those fiscal hawks outside of ted cruz and john
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cornyn of have obviously changed their minds. but from opposing an emergency supplemental measure but there's a lot more in the long-term. the damage is being estimated upwards of $100 million. maybe doling out the money in stages. it also begs the question as to whether the trump administration will rethink some of the drastic cuts they prosed to feel in a and the epa as they deal with the long-term damage caused by this disaster and try to mitigate future storms from having the same kinds of efacts across the country. >> may i add one more interesting point here? the national flood reauthorization is up -- for flood program is it up for reauthorization this year and has had a lot of problems in the past forpayouts for hurricane sandy, katrina, you name it. the whole debate over how they move forward with that program,
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insurance program, the dynamics have changed given john cornyn is number 2 in the senate. that's a very powerful place to be. >> thank you. thank so much. tough talk as the president's response to north korea appropriate rhetoric or kroszi crossing the line? nge, causing a lack of sharpness, or even trouble with recall. thankfully, the breakthrough in prevagen helps your brain and actually improves memory. the secret is an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. when i walked through for a cigarette, that's when i knew i had to quit. for real this time. that's why i'm using nicorette. only nicorette gum has patented dual-coated technology for great taste, plus intense craving relief.
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and connect, as a family. just, uh one second voice guy. [ bloop ] huh? hey? i paused it. bam, family time. so how is everyone? find your awesome with xfinity xfi and change the way you wifi. i think the president is right that kim jong-un and other bullies only understand and respect strength, that weakness that appeasement encourages this action. the president speaks in ways that i wouldn't speak. but that is his prerogative. i do think it helps for north korea and for china to understand that we have a president who is strong. that is beneficial.
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>> and that is ted cruz, a member of the armed services committee offering support this morning for the press's approach to north korea. let's bring in congressman ted deutch. sir, before i get to some questions i want to let you know we have heard from the president directly via twitter. the first i will be meeting general kelly, mattis and other military leaders at the white house. thank you. and then just a couple of minutes ago, the united states is considering any addition to other options, stopping all trade with any country doing business with north korea. that goes to the sentiments expressed earlier by the treasury secretary on one of the sunday morning talk shows. >> do you agree with the senator, president, that tough rhetoric is necessary in a situation like this? >> well, it's important for the united states to be strong, and
9:17 am
it its important frr the press of the united states to lead. if you look at what's happened in north korea, things have gotten worse since the president's been in office that missile test over japan, the threats on guam and now the hydrogen bomb test makes us realize that tweeting and criticizing our allies via social media is not leadership. i am heartened to hear what you just told me that the president is going to meet with the generals. i think general mattis's approach to this, unlike the president's, has been sound. i'm thrilled to hear that there is increase the talk about sanctions and pressing as america should do, as the leader of this effort, pressing the chinese, working with the russians to increase the economic pressure on north korea, all of that needs to happen, but reckless tweets that play out in social media and let kim onun look at this and wonder what's happening in the administration, that's not the way to advance our foreign
9:18 am
policy interest. the. >> but counselman, when it comes to stopping trade with any country doing business with north korea, that would include china. >> right. well, as i said, i think its aimperative that the united states actually lead. rather than tweeting out what the president may -- what the administration may or may not do, i think the president ought to lead in consultation with the chinese and russians, help them understand why, ju as we did when we got the support at the united stations security council on sanctions, why it's so important for them to do more and why we may have to increase the pressure at this moment, given what we've seen. the this test of a hydrogen bomb accept rates the concerns so many of us have. we need to see the administration and president lead in consultation with the generals while working with our
9:19 am
allies and those who need to be pushed to do more. >> so, as you're aware, we have stepped up sanctions against north korea. there have been any number of attempts at diplomacy. the president says there's really only one option left that north korea will understand. what is that option to your mind? is he implying economic? is he implying military? and do you agree with him given the history? >> well, i'm not sure what the president is getting at there. although, if you look at the rather cavalier way the president of the united states has talked about using military force with respect to north korea, one can imagine. but the fact is we have not done enough with sanctions. the step that the u.n. security council took was an important one going after their energy supply is critical. but, we've only gone after a portion of it. we've only gone after a portion of their exports. two thirds of their exports are
9:20 am
still ripe for additional sanctions. those are the kinds of steps that we need to take, but again there should be a clear message with strength but not a reckless message about going forward, so that we send the north koreans and make it clear to kim jong-un that the united states administration is go going to work with the congress since we all share the same commitment to push back against the dangerous actions achbts rhetoric. >> all right. change so much for weighing in there. president trump has taken develop routes to ease tensions but nothing has worked. what options does he have left?
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the north said it was a hydrogen bomb which can be mounted on an int intercontinental ballistic missile. joining us now gordon -- is the president sending the right message right now via twitter? >> some of the things he's been saying are fine and some others are not. the things that are not good is the idea that we might actually break the treaty with south korea. our u.s. south korea free trade agreement. that would not be good under any circumstances but especially bad to do it this week. the one thing that is good is i think we do need an embargo on north korea. this is obviously an extreme step but the other sanctions we have have not worked. they have not been as severe as sanctions on other countries so we need to do something extraordinary. we know they making break neck progress. >> the president has echoed the
9:25 am
sen sen meants -- stopping all trade with any country doing business with north korea, that would include the behemoth china. >> certainly would. they've been doing things really dangerous. continuing to launder money for the north koreans and also supplyi supplying crucial equipment. more advanced missiles than they fired off last month. in july. and the other thing is that it appears the dhichinese have bee supplying other things. >> do you believe kim jong-un wants to attack the u.s. or all of this a build-up of his arsenal? does this just ensure his own continued existence? >> he wants to ensure the continued existence and he's certainly not going to wake up one morning and attack austin as
9:26 am
he once threatened to do. the i'm parade he's going to use it to blackmail the u.s., get our 28,500 service personnel off the peninsula so he can then absorb south korea. that's what the possibility of m mis-ccalculation gets dangerous. >> how should the u.s. respond to this test? . >> think this we need to impose the sanctioning we have not been willing to put in place. we need to go not only against china but also the other sources of funds for the north koreans and stop north korea's trade of missiles to iran which is extremely dangerous and irresponsible. >> all right. gordon chang. thank you. many many thanks. >> thanks. >> north korea chams this was moment maid. we're going to tell you why that could be significant. but up next.
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as texas begins to rebuild following hurricane harvey, those who were lucky enough to stay safe are left to worry about the homes businesses and jobs. the economic toll of this storm is horrific. >> and the president is pushing his tax plan ahead of congress, getting back to work, lots to do and still so few details. i'm stephanie ruhle. it is one of the grim realities of being victimized by a hurricane has ferocious as the
9:31 am
one that was in texas this week. the anguish does not recede with the waters. >> it's too early to form the big picture, damage to property and roads. residents of the hardest hit parts are going to be dealing with the after math for a long time. for many it's going to have very serious economic consequence lgs. the catastrophic conditions throughout the southeast of texas ha highlighted an issue that's had an impact on many americans. floods and flood insurance. in the counties hit hardest by harvey, cities of houston, corpus christi, beaumont and port arthur, 83% of homeowners don't have flood insurance. it's not like car insurance, it's no the mandatory unless you live in a high hisk flood zone. the problem for these residents is that their houses aren't in areas that were considered high risk flood insurance. so the problem is that flood
9:32 am
insurance a overseen by the government because decades as owing, private insurers decided it costs too much to insure. today, private insurers manage flood insurance policies but the national flood insurance program actually provides money for the claims, and that program is broke. $25 billion in debt largely because of a steady stream of storms starting with katrina and most things that we talk about here there is some connection to washington. the government program expires at the end of september, and there's been an ongoing debate whether to renew it or not. >> so many people simply don't have flood insurance, and to your point, people didn't think they needed it who lived in the houston area. the so the bottom line is people without any sort of coverage, they're in serious trouble. they're going back to home that the were wiped out. who knows what's going to happen? there's this argument we hear from conservatives. people should have to pay.
9:33 am
if they choose to live in high risk areas, government shouldn't have to bail them out. those same conservatives don't want regulation. zone thag would prevent developers from building apartments and houses in places like this. >> we know for instance climate change means we're going to get more floods and a lot of people think that should take a part in public planning. when you're bidding for things. that is something this administration has rear versed. you sh ud take into heart the idea of flooding. the other thing to keep in mind is that the government accounting office says 90% of disasters in this country actually involve flooding. some of it is because people live in things that would be considered flood zones normally. but that's not the case with houston. people there living there didn't think they were going to flood this way. >> and zoning and regulation has to be considered when the city is redeveloped to prevent things like this happening in future.
9:34 am
>> there's an effort by fema to map more flood zones. that's also something the president has been trying to cut. so, look, we have to keep an eye on these things. >> it's going to be complicated. more on the economic impact on harvey later in the program. president trump made a stop in springfield missouri pushing his plan to overhaul the u.s. tax system. >> the tax reform must dramatically simplify the tax code. eliminate special interest loopholes, and i'm speaking against myself when i do this. i have to tell you. >> well he said tax relief for the middle class families is crucial. he offered very few specifics, again, about how his plan would actually help the middle class. and a few details the president did mention like his hopes to cut the corporate tax rite to 15% down from 35. that no different from the same things he brought up in that one-pager he got back in april. we've been hearing the same
9:35 am
broad brush strokes for more than a year now. what he gave was a campaign rally speech. >> what you and i like to do, i think we can agree and most of you tax reform is something that's necessary. what people want out of it is very different but -- >> people want to pay less and people want jobs. >> right. >> there you go. >> we'd love to break down a proposal or a bunch of them. that's what we do on this show. if we had a tax plan, that's what you'd be watching now. here's the effect of this change. we still haven't got anything we can do that with. it's frustrating to see rallies about tax reform without tax reform. >> we did hear from steve min e minnesota nucheminut minute -- we don't know we've never seen president trump's taxes. >> we've had some people briefed on these who say they're going to be remarkable benefits even
9:36 am
to the top 1% in the tax plan. >> we'll soon find out. it's not like he's focussed on his team. he kept talking about congress pushing this into the hands of congress, maybe going the same way as health care. >> we will keep an eye on this. if congress does offer some sort of plan you will get it broken down here. >> can i just mention in terms of bringing cash back to this country from corporates, president obama also wanted to do that. republicans blocked him. >> to that point corporate america does have a lot of cash on hand. so the argument they're not expanding because that cash is overseas doesn't hode a lot of water. >> back to the place with a lot of water. >> right. hurricane harvey. before that began to dominate the news cycle, we were talking about the president's threat to shut down the government over funding for the wall. they are among the president's most consistent and often repeated pledges. just this week he revisited it.
9:37 am
>> one way or the other mexico's going do pay for the wall. it may be through reimbursement. >> so we're getting reimbursed now. are we? >> i want to know how that works? >> check? talk more about the reimbursement later. the house arrived $1.6 million for his wall in july but that doesn't come close to what it's going cost, how much are u.s. taxpayers going to have to pony up. >> president trump keeps promising a border wall. the cost estimates are going in the wrong direction. during the campaign trump first said it would be cost $4 billion. his own estimates jumped to $7 billion, then $12 billion. in january paul ryan and pitch mcconnell guessed even higher. then, in february, reuters got
9:38 am
his hand on an internal report which projected a whopping $22 billion. there's a reason for the dhs ez massive price bump. they tried to account for the cost of land. mostly private property. the fifth amendment allows the government to take it but they have to compensate the owner. known as eminent domain. recent history shows us how costly it can be and how long it can take. back in 2006, the law called the secure fence pass passed authorizing a border fence along 700 miles on the border. it resulted in more than 400 federal lawsuits dragging on for years. in order to complete the existing border fence, reuters reported one case in which an initial offer of $230,000 resulted in a settlement of
9:39 am
$4.7 million. president trump has acknowledged that of the nearly 2,000 miles on our southern border, only half will require a wall or fence. but that means hundreds if not thousands of property owners face eminent domain. meaning a $22 billion price tag could balloon to much, much more. let's get back to that mexico paying for the wall thing. the mexican government has been very clear that under no circumstances will it pay for the wall. president trump continuing to promise americans a wall with a blank price tag that he says mexico will pay for is naive at best. and misleading at worst. well, then. i'm not going to comment, but guess who did? former mexican president vincente fox chimed in with the following tweet. real donald trump, how many times do we have to tell you. you can keep tweeting but we won't pay the #blanking wall.
9:40 am
>> you took that without out. >> coming up the trump administration rolls back another rule. designed to shrink the gender payback. >> too early to know the full cost of the damage of hurricane harvey but how are the jobs and wages going to be impacted?
9:41 am
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but their nutritional needs (vremain instinctual.d, that's why there's purina one true instinct. nutrient-dense, protein-rich, real meat number one. this is a different breed of nutrition. purina one, true instinct. we're not going to know a true cost forthat for many years to come as we work together to understand what the communities are entitled to from public assistance or hud community development or reimbursement costs. it takes a lot of time to understand the true costs of this disaster but it's going to be huge. >> brock long, true words never spoken. texas is just starting to assess the damage left in the wake of the hurricane. there are lots of estimates
9:44 am
fleeing around but we know it's going to cost billions. >> what about the hit to the local economy? how does that affect houston, even now from corpus christi and towns acities along the gulf of mexico to sprawling houston metro area and east to port arthur and beaumont, the economic impact is bigger than you will might think. >> when hurricane harry hovered over houston, it didn't just rav age thousands of people's lives, it upended the world's 30 rds largest economy. >> you are talking billions of dollars. >> here's what's at stake. texas's home to almost 1 and 12 u.s. workers. houston is the fourth largest city in the country and has one of the highest employment growth rates. 18 fortune 500 companies call houston home but energy is king with more than 5,000 energy related firms. they also boast the largest
9:45 am
medical center in the world employing more than 52,000 people. if anyone knows what a delaware stating impact can hurricane can have on an economy, it's the people of new orleans. >> it has been 12 years now and it's still not back to the pre katrina population. >> jams richardson is an economics professor. he studied the aftermath of hurricane katrina with a $160 billion price tag. he found that throughout the state of louisiana, nearly 18% of businesses were deemed uninhabitable or destroyed. according to the study new orleans lost 190,000 jobs, employment fell. statewide, louisiana lost 214,000 jobs. that's 12% of the state's work force. >> there was no reason for a business to go back there
9:46 am
because there's no customers to deal with. also all the tourist industry was gone because it couldn't come. it didn't make sense to be there. >> while houston is much larger, the cost is growing each day. and with some bases unable to open their doors, it stands to hurt residents who can't work. >> nobody's shopping and nobody's working and nobody's making anything, so as we measure output, for the gross domestic product measures, we'll certainly see a decline in the third quarter because not much will be happening in that area. could be an impact on output for the whole country of two or three tenths of a percent. >> as cleanup and rebuilding efforts get underway, there is a silver lining. >> texas economically is a very strong state, and growth has been very strong there. not just in the energy industry, but also in business services and health care and other major sectors, so i think it has a
9:47 am
strong economic basis to rebound on, and that's very good. >> just think about it. the if you work in a store, in a restaurant, in a local business, that local business is wiped out. there is nowhere for you to go to work. if you're an hourly wage worker, this is a grave situation. >> so houston's got a lot of big companies with are they can recover from this sort of thing. keep paying your salary, get back to work a little fafter. but people work in an informal economy that can't sustain it. like those experts said. that's the bad news. the good news is over time, gdp does recover. so economic activity does come back but some people don't have what it takes to make it to that recover ji. >> there are more and more people working on an 8 hourly shift basis. thing become if you're an uber driver in houston you've lost the carr a and city. >> in many cases some of those
9:48 am
people are doing well but that's a massive change. not only leave your home, leave city, friends, social circle. the other issue with new orleans at the time of hurricane katrina is it had an economy that was in long-term decline. houston is the opposite. it's got a very low unemployment rate, lots of jobs being created because of energy. where do you go that's as good as houston? it's not as easy to find places doing that well. this is economically everybody will end up fine not long run but this is emotionally and psychological a mess. >> the ride to get there is certainly a bumpy one. next, a senator called it the fox guarding the hen house. a new trump hire to police the very thing his former employer god sued by the government for doing. >> and trump keeps talking about the gdp. we're not convinced he fully understands that issue. >> maybe not.
9:49 am
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welcome back. you may remember president trump recently had to pay $25 million to settle fraud claims against his for profit college trump university. well, the trump approved nominee to lead an office of the department of education responsible for policing colleges for fraudulent practices recently hired somebody who recently worked for a university that was allege to have misled students with fraudulent practices. hope you're following here. devry agreed to a $100 million settlement last year with the federal trade commission for allegedly misleading prospective students with deceptive advertising. dr. julien shmulk was an associate dean at devry from 2008 to 2012. that's unusual. >> i have to tell you, this kills me. predatory practices, bad
9:53 am
adverti advertising. this is taking advantage of people who are trying to -- >> all people want is to improve their lot in life. you advertise an education to them. if you take advantage of them, that's really bad. you have trump university which did that. they advertised, took people's money and took advantage of them. we have devry that has settled for same limilar case for $100 million. >> $100 million. that is legitimately bad stuff. a person, a dean, associated with the school at the time when they were taking part in these practices now has a position with the trump administration. >> in which a position -- a position in which they oversee fraudulent practices at colleges. this stuff you can't make up. >> nor can you this one. remember the ongoing wage gap lawsuit against google? well, other corporations may not have to worry about that happening to them. now that the trump administration has officially halted an obama-era rule aimed at shrinking the gender wage
9:54 am
gap, calling a propassal to worker's equal pay enormously burdensome to corporations. obama's proposal would have compelled company to share data, measuring how much workers in different genders, races and ethnic groups are paid. what the obama-era rule wanted to do was simply offer transparency. what blows my mind is if the trump administration wants to make the argument and ivanka trump has made the argument, we're for addressing this, but the obama program didn't work. okay, fine it didn't work. >> so what does? >> what's the alternative? >> if it doesn't work, do something else. ivanka says this is going to be her thing, right? >> ivanka says this is her focus, addressing the gender wage gap. she sat on a panel with angela merkel, with christine lagarde. she's also worked with mark beninghoff from sales corps to talk about the apprentice program. he worked with obama on this program. sale force is a company that with one click, one button,
9:55 am
pulled his hr system in, looked at every job function, every title and every employee. in one day, think it cost him about 5 million buck, he adjusted it. the disparity between ceo pay and worker pay has never been greater. companies have the money. companies have the time. >> it's 2017. we can get this done. >> fix it. >> before we go, it's time for another fact check of our president. listen to this. >> we just announced that we hit 3% in gdp. it just came out. and on a yearly basis, as you know, the last administration, during an eight-year period, never hit 3%. so we're really on our way. >> technically, he's not wrong. but it is not the full story. the us gdp did, indeed, rise at a rate of 3% in the second quarter but that is a quarterly rate, not an annual rate. the annual rate is 2.2.
9:56 am
b which is exactly where it has been for a long time, decades. why is he comparing it to the annual rates? >> unclear. i've got him a chart here to help him understand. i love talking about gdp. the blue are the obama years. remember when obama took over? it was drop like a rock over the recession. take a look at the line, the red line, that's 3%. that's the number of times that gdp was above 3% during the obama era. how many times does that happen in the trump era? well, it just touched gdp in the second quarter of this year. again, we're all for higher gdp. we really want it to happen. it did happen eight times over the span of eight years. there's still some work to do to get to donald trump's promised 4% annual growth. it's just not worth being misleading about this stuff. we're all on the same team here. there's no american i ever met who says we want less gdp growth. time for more information, better information. >> that does it for us. you can catch us every weekday at 11:00 a.m. and me at 9:00.
9:57 am
>> and see me at 3:00 p.m. every weekday. have yourself a great weekend. >> maybe we'll have a steak dinner. ♪ new charmin ultra soft! it's softer than ever. new charmin ultra soft is twice as absorbent so you can use less. and it's softer than ever... so it's harder to resist. okay, this is getting a little weird. we all go, why not enjoy the go with charmin?
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when heartburn hits fight back fast with tums chewy bites. fast relief in every bite. crunchy outside. chewy inside. tum tum tum tum tums chewy bites. we have breaking news today at the white house. a critical national security gathering. the president considering his options in the wake of north korea's most powerful nuclear test ever. hello, everyone, i'm alex whitt here at msnbc headquarters in new york. nbc news has confirmed from u.s. officials that north korea has in fact tested an advanced nuclear device. sources telling nbc news what they've seen so far is consistent with north korea's claims. north said it successfully tested a hydrogen bomb which can be mounted on to one of those intercontinental ballistic missiles the country's withbeen testing. president trump calling


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