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tv   Lockup Tulsa Extended Stay  MSNBC  September 3, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>> announcer: due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. don't grab my wrists like that! what is wrong with you? >> an inmate's troubled past leads to angry outbursts inside the jail. >> if i'm to the point i'm mad at you right near my face, oh, we're going to have a problem. [ bleep ]. >> i put him in segregation from the moment he got here because
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of his combative nature and the way he was acting. >> another inmate arrives in the jail after an alleged crime spree that sounds like it's right out of a movie. >> it was like i was in a dream and i kept waking up here and there for the crazy parts. >> i allowed myself to be accustomed to the darker side of life very young. >> a young mother could go to prison if found guilty of robbery. and the father of her children faces the same possibility. >> she very much does follow me whenever she has followed me, but at the same time, she likes to be the quarterback when i'm the quarterback, and it just doesn't work. >> tulsa, oklahoma, is ranked as
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one of the nation's most livable cities, but that doesn't make it immune to crime, as both the employees and temporary residents at the tulsa county jail know all too well. on any given day, there are about 1,800 men and women incarcerated here. while some have been convicted, most are only accused of crimes and are awaiting trial or the resolution of their cases. >> let me see who's winning. >> chief deputy michelle robinette runs the jail. >> when i first started 18 years ago, public drunks were coming in every weekend. every now and then you'd get a murderer. today, it's a lot more frequent. the public drunks and the simple charges aren't coming through anymore. now we're looking at charges of meth, assault with a deadly, shooting with intent to kill and it's hard to see, but that's what we're dealing with. >> joseph giroux could serve as an example of an inmate who goes well beyond public drunk. his alleged crime spree made
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local headlines. he is accused of being high, stealing a car, attempting to kidnap two people at a convenience store, firing a gun at an apartment building, crashing into another car, leading police on a high-speed chase, and bursting into a tulsa casino with a loaded shotgun. in all, giroux was charged with 14 different crimes. he has pled not guilty to all but admits his night got off to a bad start. >> i basically did a shot of meth, and i don't really remember much else. like i was really messed up in the head. a bunch of people been telling me a bunch of crazy stuff. like right now i got to talk to my family. it's real emotional because my life in the free world could possibly be over because i
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simply let somebody shoot me up with something and i didn't know what it was. >> giroux thinks his meth may have been laced with a drug known on the streets as bath salts, which prompts extreme aggressive behavior and paranoia. >> it was like i was in a dream and i kept waking up here and there for the crazy parts, like pow! hit the car. you know, what i mean? now i'm shooting in this house. like i don't remember driving. i don't remember how i get to these different places, none of that. so, you know, was that bath salt? i have no idea. but it wasn't meth. >> giroux says he started doing meth at age 13 dand that it has led to four prior convictions totaling 17 years in prison. the most serious was for accessory to murder. he had been out for six months, prior to his last arrest. >> all i know is that drugs took me down a bad road and i seen stuff that, you know, you just, you ain't got no business being
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around. >> since his arrest 11 days earlier, giroux has been housed in a single-person segregation cell where he is locked down 23 hours a day and has none of the privileges afforded other inmates. >> i put him in segregation from the moment he got here because of the com pat battive nature and the way he was acting. we just couldn't -- there was no way that was going to happen that he goes to general population pod. >> giroux's booking on the night of his alleged crime spree was captured by jail surveillance cameras. the process is uneventful until a short time later when giroux is in a holding cell and begins punching the door. moments later, he removes the drawstring from his shorts and ties it around his neck. when staff notice, they assume it could be a suicide attempt and swarm him in order to remove
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it. [ bleep ] [ bleep ] soon after they leave, giroux becomes enraged again and head butts the door. [ bleep ]. >> though giroux's behavior has since stabilized, sergeant colette, who runs the segregation units, had another reason for isolating him as well. >> his words were "i'm not housing with no mexican." he refused to house with anybody that was mexican, and that is not permitted here. mr. giroux will stay in segregation until we modify his behavior and he decides, you know, housing with a mexican isn't so bad after all. >> most inmates prefer to live in the jail's general population units.
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they enjoy more time out of their cells, televisions, and the ability to socialize with others. but sometimes, that leads to conflict. >> we just had an officer call on the radio that she needed help. i don't know what the issue is, but we should find out shortly. >> now i'm getting in trouble for what? so can i go ahead and fight it, then f i'm going to get in trouble? >> ain't fighting nobody, that's the whole gist. >> i'm going to do something i'm going to do it to get out. >> get her out of here. >> richada crawford has just been restrained by detention officers after a conflict with another inmate. >> [ bleep ] off of me! you better let my [ bleep ] go, like this. let them go! >> crawford is currently awaiting trial on a charge of trafficking crack cocaine. she's pled not guilty. >> y'all breakmy [ bleep ].
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get off my foot. get off my foot. >> i'm not on your foot. >> i'm not doing anything wrong! [ bleep ] >> after crawford trips one of the officers and steps on her foot, more officers rush to the scene. >> okay, but you need to get your knee out of my back. >> calm down and we'll get you -- >> you think i'm trying to assault you or something? >> whenever you have an inmate that's being physically aggressive, we don't really like to take any chances. we like to have as much people as possible to handle any situation that occurs. [ bleep ] >> stop [ bleep ] grabbing my wrists like that! man, what is wrong with you? [ bleep ] stop! >> hold on. >> hold on, hold on. >> i swear to god y'all are wrong. i didn't do nothing! >> hey, if you keep acting up, you're going to keep -- >> i'm not acting up.
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they keep trying to break my arms. >> okay. just be quiet, okay? okay? just be quiet. >> crawford is taken to the women's segregation unit where she will remain confined to her cell 23 hours per day, pending an investigation into the matter. >> just let it pass. it's a moment in time. >> coming up -- >> we was physically fighting and then he hit me too hard so yeah, i stabbed him. >> richada crawford's troubled past. and -- >> when they brought you in the first time, the reason you went to seg is that you refused to house with the mexicans. >> joseph giroux explains himself. david. what's going on? oh hey! ♪ that's it? yeah. ♪ everybody two seconds! ♪ "dear sebastian, after careful consideration of your application, it is with great pleasure that we offer our congratulations on your acceptance..."
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hey you've gotta see this. cno.n. alright, see you down there. mmm, fine. okay, what do we got? okay, watch this. do the thing we talked about. what do we say? it's going to be great. watch. remember what we were just saying? go irish! see that? yes! i'm gonna just go back to doing what i was doing. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. inside the tulsa county jail, detention officers say they restrained richada crawford just as she was about to get
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into a fight with another inmate. >> -- doing me wrong! [ bleep ] doing me wrong! >> but crawford denies the allegation. >> that's what they accuse me of doing was starting an altercation with somebody. so i said, okay, if you all are going to move me from this pod i might as well fight the girl. i might as well get a reason to go to seg. might as well have a reason. and they stopped me in my tracks. >> do you have an anger issue? >> that's what they told me but i don't believe i do. if i'm really mad to the point where i just can't take it no more, i write. but if i'm to the point i'm mad and you're right here in my face, we're going to have a problem, you know? >> though only 20 years old, crawford has had numerous stays at tulsa county, dating back to age 16, when she was sent to the juvenile facility after stabbing a man who she says was physically abusive toward her.
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>> he put his finger in my face like he was about to tell me what to do. and that just wasn't going to fly like that. >> then you stabbed him? >> no, then we was physically fighting and then he hit me too hard. so, yeah, i stabbed him. i had cut him on the neck. >> where'd you get the knife? >> i always walk around with pocketknives on me. yeah. >> crawford will remain in segregation until a disciplinary hearing on her alleged altercation with the other inmate is completed. but inmates can be sent to segregation for any number of rule violations, including the one committed by adriana lopez. >> she took your gummies? >> she did. it's theft. >> lopez has a seven-day stay in segregation for stealing gummy candy from the deputy station in her housing unit. >> for some reason she thought it was okay to go behind my desk and she knows that i am very much a stickler on know going behind my desk.
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and she thought i wasn't looking, and i was. >> it didn't bother me. the gummies are really good. i can't even keep a straight face to say that, because they were really good. i mean, they were very fresh, i must say that. they were very fresh. >> lopez is back in tulsa county just three months after serving 30 days here on a joyriding conviction. >> don't like tulsa, oklahoma, very much. come on vacation, leave on probation, come back on a citation. it's just an easy place to get in trouble. >> this time she's charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and resisting arrest, but she also faces a more serious charge, strong-arm robbery in neighboring creek county. she has pled not guilty to all three charges. >> i allowed myself to be accustomed to the darker side of life very young.
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i learned how to do drugs at a very young age. the moment i hit 18, i started stripping. it will eat you up. it will consume you, that lifestyle. i'm just a lost child trying to get back to my adulthood really because i can't get back to my childhood because i have two children that i'm supposed to be being a mother too. >> you've really got to quit jumping your cuffs. you understand me? >> if lopez is struggling with the responsibilities of both adulthood and parenthood, the same might be true for the father of her two children, matthew west. he's currently incarcerated about 60 yards down the hall in the men's segregation unit for arguing with the jail nurse. >> adriana mobil lopez, my friend, my confidante, my baby's mama, my friend to me, sometimes. i love her to death, sometimes to the bitter, bloody end. it can equal that. we have a very volatile relationship.
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i've been to jail more times than i can sit here and waste y'all's film counting. i mean, i'm from tulsa, born and bred. there ain't nowhere i can go that i don't know someone. ain't a pod that i can go to in this jail that don't know me. i got felonies branded all over my face. i got drug dealer stamped all over my mouth. >> in fact, drugs led west to two prior prison terms for possession with intent to distribute. a charge of domestic abuse against adirana while he was out on parole returned him to prison a third time, but the charge was later dismissed. >> that night it was one of them times adriana was trying to take the lead and i wasn't trying to give up the reins and it spun out of control until the neighbors called the police and the police came. >> we're like oil an water at times. we don't mix. but when we do, it's really
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good. so i mean we just timely decided that we should be together forever. and he's here as well on the same case, strong-arm robbery, which doesn't sound very appealing to someone who's trying to get married. but, hey, you know, to each his own. >> west is not only adriana's co-defendant on the creek county strong-arm robbery charge. he's also charged in tulsa county for unauthorized use of a vehicle. he, too, has pled not guilty to all charges. five years older than adriana, he admits he has not been a positive influence on her. >> because of me and because of my lifestyle and because of the things, a lot of her negative things are because of me. she very much does follow me. at the same time, she likes to be the quarterback when i'm the quarterback and she likes to be the wide receiver when i'm the wide receiver and it just doesn't work. coming up -- >> i've allowed my mom to raise my son almost just for the fact alone that i don't want to ruin their lives. i don't want to make their lives miserable by being a bad mom. >> adriana lopez thinks about
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the detention officers who work in the booking department at the tulsa county jail are always ready for the unexpected. >> it's one of those things, you never know what a police officer's going to bring in here. it's something you've just got to learn to deal with over years of working here. >> joseph giroux's arrival was preceded by a night in which he allegedly went on a crime spree that involved trying to kidnap a couple at a convenience store and leading police on a wild high-speed chase. before he was arrested at a tulsa casino with a loaded, sawed-off shotgun. >> he was the inmate that claimed he was given some kind of mind-altering drug or something that he had no idea
9:23 pm
what he was doing. >> giroux, who recently injured his hand after punching the door of his holding cell, has been in segregation because of his behavior and a comment he made about not wanting to house with mexicans. now he's requested a meeting with sergeant colette, who runs the unit. >> when they brought you in the first time, the reason you went to seg, according to their records, is that you refused to house with the mexicans. >> yeah. >> okay. >> not with any mexicans, just this certain person i've got a problem with and i got a broke hand, so i don't really want to go to that pod. >> okay. so it wasn't just arbitrarily any mexican. it was that particular -- >> yeah. they were trying to put me in there with somebody i know i'm going to have a problem with in that pod, and my hand is broke. i'm liable to be here for a long time. i ain't got nothing to do but go crazy with my thoughts in here about how much time i'm going to get. >> all right.
9:24 pm
let's do this. let's wait until we get that hand healed so i don't have some youngster doing something to you where you're going to have to defend yourself or something like that, okay? you're not in here forever, but i just wanted to clarify that mexican thing, where you know, we don't tolerate that crap. >> yeah. >> bottom line, don't lie to me, i won't lie to you. >> i won't. >> that's all i ask. >> you got my word. >> okay. that's all i need. you know that. >> okay. >> all right, man. >> thanks. >> giroux might get his wish to leave segregation for a general population housing unit. adriana lopez has just completed seven days in segregation after stealing candy from a detention officer's desk. but when she returned to her unit, there were no available beds due to overcrowding. so for now, she will sleep on what's known as a boat, a plastic shell that supports a mattress. >> this is my bed.
9:25 pm
nice, isn't it? it's a boat with a mat. technically, legally, they have to have us at least 2 to 3 inches off the floor. this is their 2 to 3 inches off the floor. it's about as good as it gets when you're in the boat room. >> though she must sleep on a boat, lopez has at least had her privileges restored. but she still can't see the man who is both her fiance and co-defendant in the robbery case. matthew west is housed in the men's segregation unit. >> legally, i think we are common law married because we said we were married when i was in the penitentiary. not sure. i know we're engaged. i know that. i mean, i proposed to that girl like five or six or seven times, i -- yes. >> did you give her a ring? >> yes, i have, more than one. i made her a ring one time. yeah. >> that is my soul. like, that's my heart and soul.
9:26 pm
as a matter of fact, baby, i love you. i love you so much. no one's even catching this, that's the great part about it. got to put it back away. oh, my gosh. i feel like a little school girl. >> there we go. >> i owe it to her and to her mother to marry her. i do at that. and i know that sounds odd and crazy but that's -- i mean, i do love her. >> while marriage might cement the couple as a family, the fact is they already have one. their 6-year-old son lives with lopez's mother in florida, and their 4-year-old son lives with west's parents in oklahoma. >> these are temporary facts. even with this case that we're on right now, she is going to get out. she is going to have a chance, no matter what the situation, no matter what it takes, i'm going to make sure she's going to be where she needs to be and in a position that she can at least have the opportunity. now, what she does when she's at the plate, that's on her. >> i had to explain to my
9:27 pm
6-year-old that i was in jail because i did something wrong and i didn't follow the rules and what happens when you don't follow the rules is like big people time-out. you go to jail. like, he understood, but he was still very innocent about it. "but okay, when you finish being bad, can you come home?" it kills me every time because my kids are my life, you know? and i've given up the time with them. i've allowed my mom to raise my son almost just for the fact alone that i don't want to ruin their lives. i don't want to make their lives miserable by being a bad mom. you know? coming up -- >> she's my life. like, i love her to death, because she's, like, everything. >> richada's partner pays a visit, but the challenges of being apart raise tensions.
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i'm dara brown with the hour's top stories. monday morning at 10:00 a.m. eastern, the u.n. security
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council will have an emergency meeting to discuss the latest nuclear test by north korea. it is the second meeting about north korea in a week. north korea says that the test involved a hydrogen bomb that can be used with an intercontinental ballistic missile. south korea's military conducted a live fire drill. more drills are being set up with american forces in south korea. now back to "lockup." >> announcer: due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. perched on the edge of downtown tulsa, the david l. moss criminal justice center, better known as the tulsa county jail, is managed by command staff and a team of sheriff's deputies. their primary task is to ensure the safety and security of inmates. >> if you'll give me some of those, then y'all can take some of these too.
9:32 pm
>> but some 300 volunteers like susan stockwell, play an important role as well. they provide services that help ease the monotony of jail. >> oh, gosh, when you don't have anything to read? this is just a godsend. they are so happy to see me come. these are books from the library. they've been given to me by a resale shop or friends that bring them to my house because they've already read them. i'm a volunteer. i have a full-time job. and i've been doing this every thursday for seven years. here's one, darling. okay. >> richada crawford says when she was a girl, books played an important part in her life as well. she says she was a good student, but things changed at home when she announced in sixth grade that she was gay. >> people loved me at school. people loved to be around me. but my mother, why must you down me, know what i'm saying, for being gay, for being who i am. when you think of your mother
9:33 pm
you think of the person that's going to be there for you, that's the person that uplifts you. if you're getting picked on at school, she'll tell you everything okay. you're still beautiful. but growing up, it was the other way around. >> crawford says other problems at home, including suffering sexual molestation from a family friend, caused her to lose the things that she valued and that her rage led to crime. >> it got to the point i was rebelling against everybody. i felt like if i'm going to be hurt, then i want everybody to hurt around me. that's why i would go to juvenile for assault and battery. you know what i'm saying? a whole lot of stuff. i was a rebel, i really was. you couldn't tell me nothing, you couldn't control me. that's why i was so out of control, because i hated to be controlled, you know. >> now at age 20, crawford is awaiting trial on a charge of drug trafficking. prosecutors have just offered her a plea deal to serve 85% of a 15-year sentence, or about 12 years. still reluctant to accept the deal, crawford will discuss it with the woman she considers her
9:34 pm
spouse, star brown. >> she's my life. i love her to death because she's like everything. she was best friends with my sister, and when i came here, she was very supportive, here for me. anything i needed, here for my kids. >> star has three children. >> two boys and one girl and i love them kids to death. >> i really miss you. how you been feeling? >> a little [ bleep ] up. so they came to see me yesterday, and they was like, oh, because i told you it was 15 years, right? then he said, well, you would have to do 12 years, which is 85% of that. then he said, or you can do 15 years in the r.i.p. program. i laughed at his white ass -- >> what's the r.i.p. program? >> boot camp, stand up or -- all different type of [ bleep ]. not about to do that. >> so what? >> so, i'm not signing my [ bleep ] signature on that. >> so, they're not even talking about dropping it or nothing? i mean, dropping it down to a lesser charge or nothing?
9:35 pm
i'm just saying, i just want you home, like, i want you out. >> you don't think i want to be home? >> i know you do. i feel scared still. after hearing what, i guess the public defender told her, like, it made me lose a lot of hope. i was more hopeful before i came. >> with the women facing the possibility of now being separated for years, the visit takes a turn. >> so what you been doing? >> reading. >> and? >> writing. >> and? >> girl, don't [ bleep ] like there's a whole lot to do up in here. >> and? there's a whole lot of bitches in here. >> you think i care about these bitches up in jail? >> i'm just saying, like, who you been talking to? >> who am i talking to? my damn self. i'm talking a little crazy. [ bleep ]. >> i'm just saying. every time i ask you, you tell me the same person. >> erica, i do talk to erica. >> not yourself.
9:36 pm
>> if i ain't talking to erica i be talking to myself. >> for real. you sound real insecure right now. >> here you go. i know you ain't talking. >> yeah, because you're talking about some inmates. what can they do? >> well, duh! you're all right here, you're all together. >> okay. you out there, and you got [ bleep ] looking at you. so what's the difference? >> so what? you got it better because you ain't got to deal with [ bleep ]. you got all the bitches looking as. >> is you for real? >> you know i am. you're an inmate. you're a sex [ bleep ] and you're an inmate. >> shut up. >> i'm not playing with you. >> you are sexy [ bleep ]. walking the streets. >> and i'm an outmate. so, i'm just saying. i'm just saying, like, you are close, close in with these people. >> she's still hanging up on that 12 years, which i told her not even to think about that, because i'm not about to put my signature on that. but if i can get 12 years, then i don't see us being in a relationship. we can still be friends, pen
9:37 pm
pals or something but i wouldn't expect for her to keep on doing everything that she's doing now. that would be real selfish of me, you know? >> i just hope you come home. i love you. >> i love you, too. >> i'm going to miss you. >> is you really? >> yes, baby. you're irritating. >> you is too. >> she told me, like, if they give me a long sentence, i'm not going to be selfish, i want you to live your life. i'll be in another relationship and then my partner, whoever i choose after that, is going to have to understand, this is what it is, you know? she not going nowhere, you know what i'm saying? i'm just waiting for light to be shined on this situation. i just hope they let her come home. coming up -- >> why are you coming in here? >> because she called me stupid. i thought i would beat her ass if she called me stupid again. >> oh, you didn't. really? >> new problems for adriana lopez. and --
9:38 pm
>> white pride. i've got a bunch of demon faces. >> joseph giroux tries to make peace with his demons during a visit to the jail psychiatrist. >> we're not going to let this get you. okay? >> thank you. ase sensimist allef uses unique mistpro technology and helps block 6 key inflammatory substances with a gentle mist. most allergy pills only block one. and 6 is greater than one. rethink your allergy relief. flonase sensimist. ♪
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♪ and i know he watches ♪ i know he watches ♪ i know he watches me >> adriana lopez says she learned to sing hymns in the sixth grade. and now at age 23, lopez's life has taken some turns. prior to her latest arrest for strong-arm robbery, she was working as a dancer at a tulsa strip club. >> i mean, it's not hard to be good at being an exotic dancer. i'm not vegas good or nothing but i mean i'm good for oklahoma. it's more about the way you talk to people, your personality and how good you are with people than it is about dancing. and i have the gift of gab that i do. >> but lopez's gift for gab has gotten her into trouble again. she's on her way back to segregation for threatening an officer. >> all right.
9:43 pm
>> hello. >> know who i am? >> yep, sergeant collette. >> mm-hmm. why are you coming in here? >> because the d.o. called me stupid. >> what did you do? >> i told her i'd beat her ass if she called me stupid again. >> oh, you didn't. really? >> yes, i did. i won't let an inmate call me stupid. why would i let a d.o. call me stupid? >> okay. at least you're honest about it. >> you got room for her? >> oh, yeah, we got room at the inn. you going to threaten my staff, that's a half a step away from hitting my staff. i wouldn't be surprised if they do put a charge of threatening a public official, which is a state offense in this state. >> though it's unlikely criminal charges will follow, the normally energetic lopez will spend at least a few days in segregation, locked down 23 hours per day with virtually nothing to do. >> yeah, you won't get your things for the first 24 hours. >> nothing? >> nothing. >> what is that? >> hey, that's why our hotel sucks. we'll never make travelocity or orbitz. >> man. >> okay? we will never be on those lists.
9:44 pm
>> that's a good one. >> we'll show you to your room, but we won't put a mint on your pillow. >> joseph giroux is also unhappy with the sparse accommodations of his segregation cell and has asked to move to general population. awaiting trial on 14 charges related to an alleged crime spree that ended with his arrest inside a tulsa casino with a loaded shotgun, he could be in jail for a while. he's already spent 17 years of his life in prison on various drug convictions and accessory to murder. he doesn't have a lot to show for it except for the tattoos he acquired there. >> says "white pride." i've got like a bunch of demon faces filling it all in, just like a collage. pretty much skulls and demons. >> but a neck tattoo carries a different message.
9:45 pm
>> cut my throat one time and i just filled it in, colored the scar in and branded, basically, "jesus saves" on my neck. more of a reminder to me when i looked in the mirror every day. >> giroux's tattoos might represent opposing forces in his life, but he says that's been an issue for a long time, and now he wants to deal with it. >> i put a request in to the psych doctor about speaking to him about issues that i've had pretty much since i was young that i've kept hidden because i didn't want people to think i was crazy. >> joseph, i think, has been struggling for many years. he didn't want to talk about hearing voices. he didn't want that to be something connected to his personality or what people think of him. and yet when there is that sort of a mental condition going on, it's inescapable, and he's had
9:46 pm
to live it and try to cope with it. >> you know, i'll try to change. i want to be different. i don't want to be like this. i never want to give up hope. when you give up hope, it's over. i mean, basically, like i've always had like this suicidal voice in my head every day, like telling me, you know what i mean, to kill myself. like every day. there's never been a day that went by that i haven't at some point throughout the day thought about killing myself. >> how many times have you tried to kill yourself? >> a few. a few. >> do i see a jesus tattoo on your neck there? "jesus saves"? is that part of your life right now, a spiritual experience? >> trying to, yeah. >> how does that work out for you now? >> i mean, i kind of get mad at myself because i feel like i only turn to him in desperate need like this, and then i don't stay focused on god when things
9:47 pm
are, you know, normal or whatever. >> well, at this point we need to make a plan for your mental health care. would you be interested in taking some medication again? >> mm-hmm. >> let's see if we can have that assist with quieting down the voices in your head that are troubling you. it fights off depression as well. and then i'll check up and see how you're doing. okay? we're not going to let this get you. we want to partner up with you and fight this with you, okay? >> thank you. i haven't given up hope, but i'm losing it. >> i think he was quite genuine about his concern for his life. i don't know that he's going to try suicide today. that's always one of those very difficult jobs of the mental
9:48 pm
health team is to determine who is at risk and who is not. >> crawford! >> richada crawford has not sought out counseling. >> come here. >> but the anger issue she says she has had since childhood might have gotten her in trouble again. >> sit there in that chair. >> she happened to be on the phone with her girlfriend, star brown, when detention officers ordered all inmates back to their cells to deal with an unrelated issue. >> the d.o. cut off my phone call, and i wasn't on the phone a whole five minutes. i don't know what happened after that. i blanked. why you -- mrs. matthews, don't look at me like that. >> i don't even know the situation. she probably was told to do something, started talking back. from there it just escalated. i don't even know. but knowing her and how her mouth is, that's probably what
9:49 pm
got her in trouble. all right? >> yeah, more than likely. >> most of your problems start what, two inches below your nose. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> according to staff, crawford became uncooperative when told to get off the phone. >> at this point, she's telling the two male, the supervisor and the deputy, they can't touch her because it's rape and it's illegal for a male officer to touch her. of course, that's not the case. corporal desouza is giving her verbal orders she's not going for. me and the backup have our spray. corporal desouza puts the handcuffs on her. i put her in an arm bar. she's uncomfortable. she can't move. she's not hurt. then she starts kicking. i inform her she is not allowed to kick. any assault is a criminal offense. so, we take it to the next step, where we're in the hallway, and you see that we're struggling
9:50 pm
with her. we're not taking her on the cart. she's too volatile. we're going to have to walk her down to the sergeant's office. coming up -- >> when we looked at the film, there is contact with your leg and her body. >> i understand that, but did you see me just turn around directly and just kick her?
9:51 pm
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
kind of be thankful for the
9:55 pm
people that i do have and the stuff that is happening for me, instead of being mad about the stuff that isn't. >> specifically, giroux says he's thankful for what his parents and grandmother provided before drugs and crime consumed him. >> these friends that you spent all your time running around with instead of hanging out with us, knowing we're going to feed you, we're going to take care of you -- we've given you everything, we'll help you do anything, we'll take you anywhere. why would you need a stolen car, why would you need drugs, all this stuff? like, none of the people i was running around with give a damn if i'm in here, got money on my books, if i'm hungry. there are a couple people showing up to visit me that tell me that i'm loved and i'm thankful, thankful for the stuff that i do have. >> it's been a tougher week for richada crawford. she discovered the best deal prosecutors would offer on charges of drug trafficking amounts to 12 years in prison. then she got into trouble for kicking at staff when they were trying to return her to her cell. today she has a disciplinary hearing on the matter. >> tell me exactly what happened from, you know, this day. >> i didn't assault nobody. i will be more than happy to tell you if i assaulted somebody. i did not assault nobody. trust me, if i'm going to assault somebody, i'm not going to be in handcuffs when i'm assaulting a person, understand
9:56 pm
what i'm saying? >> can i jump in here for a minute? >> go ahead. >> this is what you need to understand about the law. it's not the intent. it's the action. you -- listen to me. >> i didn't have any action against her, though. >> yes, you did, because when we looked at the film, there is contact with your leg and her body. that constitutes -- >> i understand that, but did you see me just turn around directly and just kick her? >> okay, and that's what i'm telling you. in that situation, when it comes to the law, it's either yes or no, and it's not your intent. you can bring that up, but in terms of an officer of the law, it's either it happened or it didn't. >> i've asked d.o. bryant earlier what is your history of behavior problems. and he said you've had a few minor, but not so serious. i'm going to take that into consideration, okay? you understand? so with that said, i'm going to find you guilty, but i'm going to reduce it down to two weeks instead of 30 days no commissary.
9:57 pm
>> crawford has avoided additional criminal charges for the incident, and even though she says she never struck out at an officer, she will spend two weeks in segregation. adriana lopez's future has also come a bit more into focus. she has just accepted a deal for two years probation on her tulsa county charges of drug paraphernalia possession and resisting arrest, but now she's about to leave one jail for another. >> any words for matthew? >> love you, babe. i miss you. hurry up and do what you have to do and get to creek county. that's about it. >> soon to be on a van headed to the nearby creek county jail to face an additional charge of strong-arm robbery, lopez has left her tulsa county jail scrubs behind and changed into the clothes she was arrested in. the transfer policy requires her to leave much of her other possessions behind.
9:58 pm
>> that's it. >> she's only allowed to take what will fit into a small yellow pouch. >> can i see the bags? that way i'll know if this will fit. i'm a tight squeezer, so i know i can squeeze some of this stuff in where you would just throw it in and it wouldn't fit. >> no, you don't know me, so you don't know how i pack stuff. >> you're a man. men usually don't pack very well. >> well, i've done plenty of road trips, so i know how to pack. >> as lopez struggles with packing her pouch -- >> will this fit? last thing. >> -- her fiance and co-defendant, matthew west, has just dedicated a work of in-cell graffiti to her. >> always and forever. it's something between me and adriana. that's a sacred heart, it's a symbol of passion. jesus is always holding a sacred heart.
9:59 pm
i have it tattooed in the middle of my chest. i mean, it was bound to happen. it's a part of life. it's like, you know, i miss her. i mean, i miss -- it wouldn't matter if she was three cells down from me, i wouldn't have no contact with her, so i would miss her the same. >> you know, you're two peas in a pod. >> i do know that. i do. sometimes that's our blessing, and sometimes, ugh.
10:00 pm
due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. where do you want me? >> a brutal stabbing puts the prison on edge. >> will it be a thorough one? >> a brash new inmate gets taken down a notch. >> it ain't your business to take care of that, man. >> two buddies do their time together. >> my first cat saved my life


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