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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  September 5, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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thanks for being with us. that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." follow the show online and on twitter. craig melvin is up next right here on msnbc. >> thank you. good afternoon to you, craig melvin at msnbc headquarters in new york. keep dreaming. protests erupt across this country as the trump administration announces its decision to end the program that protected about 800,000 young, undocumented immigrants from deportation. now, congress has six months to deal with the issue. bloody september. that's what some say the gop is facing with steve bannon out of the white house and, still, apparently wielding tremendous influence. how will the bannon factor affect the trump agenda? and monster storm. hurricane irma is now a category 5 and she's barreling towards the coast of florida. the latest on the catastrophic storm's path. all of those topics expected to
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come up at today's white house pr press briefing. it is set to start here in roughly 30 or 45 minutes. when it does start, we will bring it to you live. we start with the backlash to the white house announcement that it's rescinding the dreamers' program for children of undocumented immigrants. a live look here at pictures from washington and denver, across the country. protesters are taking to the streets with their anger over the end of the obama era program. this is the scene right now outside the white house. attorney general jeff sessions announced the new policy in a ten-minute speech. he took no questions. for much of that speech, he focused on the legal justification for ending the program. >> if we were to keep the obama administration's executive amnesty policy, the likeliest outcome is that it would be, too, enjoined as was daca.
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enable the department of homeland security to fulfill the desire of this administration to create a time period for congress to act, should it so choose. >> let's start with our chief house correspondent hallie jackson. let's start with the policy. tell us more about it and what it now means for the 800,000 or so who are currently covered by it. >> so, we know a couple things here, craig, and then a couple pieces to the puzzle we simply don't know yet. we know these permits, essentially, that these daca recipients are in the united states and will expire on a rolling basis. no new entrance into the program either. not giving out any permits either. the questionmark comes into what happens if congress does not, in fact, use this six-month window, excuse me, to find some kind of a legislative solution to what should happen to the so-called dreamers who are here. if nothing happens, right. if in six months from now, you
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and i are having these exact same conversations then the roughly 800,000 people who are here under daca will be then, according to senior official at homeland security be treated as any other undocumented immigrant in this country. what does that mean? i.c.e. priortuization are for those who committed other crimes, in addition to being in this country illegally. dreamers would fall under that sort of provision. there is a question, has been a question about personal information. remember when these folks signed up for this program they gave information to the government. that information is not going to be given and used in deportations although it will be provided if it is requested by law enforcement. also a question to what happens to daca recipients in the military and referring folks to the pentagon for that. we're working on an answer. still a lot of questions here for those 800,000 dreamers. chief among them is, what is congress going to do? by the way, what would the president actually sign. that is a question we're pushing
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on in this press briefing here starting in about 25 minutes inside. >> as we're having this conversation, again, scenes playing out all over the country. folks have taken to the streets in protests. hallie, i know we got this statement from the white house last hour. any idea why we did not hear from president trump on this and, instead, attorney general jeff sessions? >> at this point, the white house is not commenting publicly on that. i think one could surmise that this is the president, if you look just sort of based on our analysis of this giving him a little space between the white house and this decision by having jeff sessions come out and make this announcement and putting his own announcement out in a paper statement instead of in person. part of an e-mail list press blast. it explicitly says from the president that he does not want to punish people who are brought here by their parents, but that he wants to respect what he calls, again and again, the legislative process. so, in effect, punting it over to congress and making it clear that is what he is doing.
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reiterating he wants to treat dreamers with heart and compassion, which is what he has said. concerns with the legality on how this was implemented in the first place. this starts up to one of the central questions. does the president oppose daca because of how it was instituted or what it actually does? the legality or the merits of the program? we seem to be getting a clearer idea on this. >> hallie jackson there at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. thank you. left side of your screen, folks. this protest not happening far from where hallie jackson was at the white house. do we have audio outside the white house? can we hear any of this, guys? >> join us! >> and as that rally continues, again, several others happening all over the country.
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we'll check in on some of those throughout the hour. kasie hunt is standing by for us on capitol hill. so, kasie, the ball is now in congress' court. what happens next? >> well, as you know, craig, this congress has not really managed to do big controversial things very successfully so far. so, this presents a major test. i mean, look, things had been looking up here with what is going on in houston. this potentially additionally devastating storm bearing down. there was a sense, hey, congress might be able to get things together, pass an aid bill, do big things like fund the government and lift the debt ceiling. then the trump administration injected the politics of immigration into all of it. it really has scrambled everything. and there are members of both parties who say congress does really need to make a permanent fix for those 800,000 plus people who rely on this daca program. i want to read you through a few
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responses we've gotten from congressional republicans. john mccain calling this the wrong approach to immigration policy. tom tillas a senator from north carolina saying he plans to introduce legislation that will address the legal status of these folks. senator jeff flake saying a lot of innocent kids calling on congress and house speaker paul ryan confirming that he does want to move some sort of fix through congress for all of these so-called dreamers who were brought here as children through no fault of their own and have known no other country that they could live in or go back to. but the reality here is that this really fractures the republican base, the members on the right, the freedom caucus. if you think about why jeff sessions maybe made this announcement. he was the face of the wing of the republican party when he served here in congress. so, you have that force on the one hand. on the other hand, you have some suggestions that maybe passing this fix would mean attaching it to a bill that would also include funding for the border
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wall that president trump promised. you already have democrats out saying that is a complete nonstarter. they don't want, they are not willing to vote for a bill that would essentially give president trump that photo-op, even if it would make this fix for these dreamers. and, so, i think you have a brewing clash here, even as they're trying to do very simple, basic things that show that they can competently run this government. keep the lights on. provides children's health insurance. a critical bill that has to be reauthorized there. keep planes flying safely in the skies. all the things congress have to do because the politics of this are so toxic, craig. >> kasie hunt on the hill. a look at the response to lawmakers from daca. some of the other things the lawmakers have to get to in the next few weeks. again, this is the scene outside the white house. we can see hundreds of protesters who have gathered.
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to protest the president's announcement, excuse me, the attorney general's announcement just a short time ago. alan gomezreports on immigration for "usa today." msnbc contributor and adjunct professor at the university of texas. >> alan, let me start with you. i'm going to ask you the question. i don't know if you necessarily have the answer. but dhs, the department of homeland security, do we know how they are going to go about phasing out the program? >> yeah, basically, it's going to go on a rolling basis now. so, right now if you have daca and your term expires before march 5th, you can apply to renew it and extend it for two more years. starting march 6th, after that, if your daca term expires and the work term expires, it's going to go away. it will come in waves. next year we'll lose 275,000 people who have daca. in 2019, we'll lose another
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320,000 people who use daca and presumably another 220,000. it will be that slow, gradual process to get them off the rolls. >> victoria, the attorney general said they do this in part because eventually the court would find the program unconstitutionally. how accurate of a statement is that? >> it's a pretty accurate one, craig. here he is basing himself off of daca issued after daca extending protections to the parents of undocumented youth and, also, including more documented youth. it made its way through the court system in the past couple years and eventually was not held up. that is one part of it. the second is that jeff sessions is the attorney general had no taste for defending this in court. even if president trump wanted to fight it, his own attorney general didn't want to be the face of that. so, i think you put both of those together and that is why
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he essentially let it die. that being said, i was pleasantly surprised that there wasn't a cold, hard end to it. i would not have been surprised if they would have said, this is it. no more renewals. that's it. it's out of our hands, congress. this is your problem. the fact that there is a six-month and two-year window for daca recipients was surprising to me. >> i want to play something else that attorney general jeff sessions said about precisely why it was they needed to end the program. take a listen. >> the effect of this unilateral executive amnesty a surge of minors at the southern borders that yielded terrible consequences. also denied jobs to hundreds of thousands of americans by allowing those same illegal aliens to take those jobs. >> the economic impact of the decision, victoria. what do we know about it?
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>> so, in economics, econ 101, it's supply and demand. what president trump and attorney general jeff sessions are not talking about is the demand of american employers who are hiring undocumented persons. who want to keep hiring them. who refuse to engage in the e-verify system and are doing that. so, people will come if there is a demand. they're focusing on the supply, on the immigrants. and blaming the victim, the immigrants who want to come and fulfill these jobs and not looking at the true source of immigration, which is the job poll. >> it sounds like, though, victoria, you're saying a lot of business owners that want to continue to break the law. >> and there's two types. there's folks who want to break the law either consciously or subconsciously because there are tons of talented, ambitious immigrants here who do a fantastic job and contribute to this economy. on the other hand, unscrupulous
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employers who want to hire folks that they can pay under the table and not necessarily respect labor laws. there are two types of folks here. the question is, let's put forward comprehensive immigration reform. so we can address both of those. we can sideline the inskupulous employers who hire people to take advantage of them and then for all those employers who just want the vibrancy of immigrants, let them do it through a legal channel. >> alan, is it reasonable to think that this administration would actually, after six months, begin to target the so-called dreamers for deportation. is it reasonable to think that we are going to start seeing pictures and images all over america for weeks on end of children, teenagers being deported forcibly? >> i'll answer your question by just pointing to a couple of stats. why in the last month of president obama's
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administration, about 18% of immigration arrests in this country were carried out on undocumented immigrants who had some kind of criminal record. that number has increased every single month of the trump administration. we're now at 30%. so, that means that, yes, they are targeting the quote/unquote bad hombres he's talking about and going after the criminals and the national security threats, but along the way the department of homeland security has allowed their agents to pick up anybody they pick up along the way. that means you can have a criminal record and you could have not. they increased that percentage. so, the odds that these folks who had daca but won't have it any more, that's not going to help you. that's not going to help them in any way. they're going to be far more likely to be picked up in other immigration raids along the way. their chances are going to go up and a lot of them that will get arrested. >> victoria, what happens six months from now if you had to guess. how do you think this plays out? >> i think i'm 50/50. you know, the good news is that on the congressional side, you
10:15 am
have speaker ryan saying that he has a political will to do this. the senate has also indicated that. president trump is also publicly saying that he wants to get something done legislatively. that's the good news. the bad news is congress' track record of really getting anything done also daca being maybe eighth on the list of all the other things to do. and daca, potentially, being linked to the border wall, as hallie was saying earlier. so, there's good and bad. i think they're as good a shot as last time. a dream act passed that house, senate and the white house are onboard with it. so, fingers crossed, craig. >> victoria, alan, a big thanks to both of you. do appreciate your time here now this afternoon. again, any minute now, a live white house press briefing will start. the first chance to ask questions about the president's decision on the dreamer program.
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when that happens, we will bring it to you live. hurricane irma, upgraded to a powerful category 5 storm with winds now over 175 miles an hour. florida has already declared a state of emergency. we will go live to puerto rico as more than 3 million people there are getting ready to be hit by the strongest hurricane ever of its kind. also, thousands of folks living in houston were forced out of their homes because of hurricane harvey with today's dreamer announcement, a real worry there that some of them could now be forced from the only country they've known. we'll talk to some dreamers there in houston. and, again, we continue to watch these protests very closely across the country. that's d.c. on the left and that's los angeles on the right. our jacob soberof is headed to that l.a. protest. we'll hear by those affected by the president's decision later in the broadcast. o has been saving people money
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yet another catastrophic hurricane is headed towards the united states. this time, it's a category 5 storm and right now it is bearing down on the caribbean. people in florida already being prepared for the worst. clearing out food, water, batteries, generators from local
10:21 am
stores. wnbc meteorologist rafeal miranda is tracking the storm for us. this is the tweet from the national hurricane center this morning calling it one of the strongest hurricanes ever for the atlantic basin. let's start with the severity of the storm. >> it is something we have never seen in the atlantic, again. this is now a record setter. irma has not made landfall yet. probably about five days away. but now a record-breaking hurricane. the strongest atlantic basin storm we have ever seen. the winds at 180 miles per hour. you can see it for yourself on and the healthy eye about to roar through the leeward islands. they'll see the brunt of the eyewall where the strongest winds are as we head through the next 24 hours. this is a map that shows us the tropical storm force winds in yellow and the hurricane force winds in red. this is later tonight already seeing this in the leeward islands and set this into motion
10:22 am
tomorrow and that's when the u.s. virgin islands start to see the tropical storm force and the hurricane-force winds. puerto rico, by tomorrow afternoon, seeing those tropical storm force winds and maybe the north coast, especially of puerto rico. we'll see hurricane force winds. now, taking a look at the stats, again. 180 miles per hour sustained winds in the center of this storm. we'll get another update. we may see an increase in strength throughout the afternoon as hard as that is to believe and gusts of over 200, up to 220 miles per hour. here's the track. tomorrow morning, again. approaching puerto rico. it looks like the worst of the storm will pass to the north. but the hurricane force winds extend 60 miles out from the center of the storm. so, we're likely to see those on the north coast of puerto rico and then the storm keeps on moving north of his paniola, the dominican republic by thursday morning and then this is when things become very interesting. how will irma interact with cuba here. the more irma goes over the
10:23 am
mountainous terrain it tends to tear the storm apart. even if it weakens, category 4 potential storm by sunday. somewhere near florida. now, we have been using these computer modtools track how this storm may trend. i want to show you these spaghetti plots. these spaghetti models we call them these for obvious reasons. pretty tight with the spaghettis. but look what happens as we head into the part where irma may impact the u.s. much more spread out here. florida certainly in the crosshairs and maybe also the southeast. maybe the gulf coast. we'll just have to wait and see as that is about five days out for florida. certainly on high alert as you can see the cluster kind of focusing on florida. so many details to be ironed out, craig, and everyone is getting ready as the storm rolls on through. >> thank you so much. again, as you saw there, that storm next major stop puerto rico. let's head to one of those
10:24 am
vulnerable islands that raffy just talked about there. hurricane irma taking aim on that island. morgan radford in san juan. how are folks there getting ready for this thing? >> right. so, you can see now these are all the people preparing. we're inside the famous clemente stadium here in the heart of san juan, puerto rico. the generators are getting prepared because this stadium is converted into one of the emergency response centers. they're getting these out and ready to take out. inside this will now become a shelter. the city here of san juan is getting prepared to house about 62,000 people who may be displaced by this hurricane. just to give you a sense of the preparation, even though this is happening now by the municipality of san juan. fema is also here. in terms of the response at the state level, they've got about 300,000 meals that are already prepared. they've got 200 fema workers who
10:25 am
are already on the ground. the national guard has been activated and we were outside earlier, craig, we were speaking to people and they said, look, we're caribbean, we get it. a lot of wind and a lot of rain this time of year. a category 5, that is a completely different situation, a unique beast and that's why people are coming here, sleep here, spend the night. even the mayor herself we just spoke to. she said i'm going to be here with my people. hunker down inside this stadium getting prepared for the hurricane, craig. >> good to see the government there getting ready for this thing. any moment now sarah huckabee sanders holding an on-camera press briefing. when it happens, we will bring it to you live here on msnbc. ten minutes, no questions taken. attorney general jeff sessions throwing the fate of 800,000 so-called dreamers into limbo. nearly one-sixth of those dreamers lives in texas. some of them are working to rebuild houston. how do they feel about this administration's decision to end
10:26 am
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congress is expected to
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consider hurricane harvey relief funding this week, but another battle in washington that is getting attention of a lot of folks in houston. hats that's the decision from congress on what to do with the so-called dreamers. those who fall under the obama-era executive order that protects some undocumented immigrants from deportation. that policy was rescinded roughly two and a half hours ago in an announcement made by attorney general jeff sessions. of the 800,000 dreamers, 124,000 live in texas. coming in second only to california. and in the houston area, that means about 68,000 young people are eligible dreamers. mariana is at a phone bank in houston. she has been talking to dreamers all day today. marianna, what are you hearing? >> i'm hearing the phones ringing off the hook here, craig. dreamers have been hit by a storm here in houston, as you know. hurricane harvey dealing with the aftermath of that.
10:31 am
11 days later. literally picking up the pieces but also now dealing with another storm. the fact that daca, the program that allowed them to get out of the shadows to be able to drive their families to safety after this storm, to hold jobs will be rescinded. i'm at a phone bank now here in houston where two organizations united we dream have been phone banking all day getting frantic calls from dreamers, from undocumented families about what will happen now after daca will be rescinded, as well as how to deal with hurricane harvey. i'm here with oscar hernandez. one of the organizers here, oscar. i've seen a lot of activity in this phone bank. can you tell me what concerns people are calling with. >> a lot of people are confused on what actually happened today. we're here answering phone calls to make sure those who have daca know what is going to happen. if your daca expires before march 5th, you must apply by
10:32 am
october 5th. >> some of the questions over hearing here, the phones are can i drive to work? what do i do if the police stop me? what are some of the fears you're hearing from the dreamer community here in houston? >> so, we're barely repairing from one natural disaster to di. i mean what we saw today was really that the president trump was too much of a coward to come out and speak and jeff session came out and talked about resenting the program. so, we want to make sure the community knows we fought for this and we'll continue to fight to make sure our families and our community are protected. >> thank you so much, oscar. craig, holding a press conference here later this fran. their main message, they tell me, the fight is not over. dreamers need to mobilize and phone banking is a crucial step to be able to do that. >> thank you. some of daca's biggest republican opponents see a possibility.
10:33 am
we stress possibility for a deal. this is senator tom cotton of arkansas. he was on the hugh hewitt radio show a few hours ago. >> the democrats have said for years they want to give legal status to these people. the president says he wants to, but he also knows we have to control the consequences of that. there's a very, like i said, coherent, straight forward, r relatively small package that can be negotiated here. >> democratic congressman from arizona. good taso see you, congressman. thanks for your time. senator cotton also said the price of his support would be a bill that he has co-sponsored to curb legal, legal immigration. look the potential tradeoffs for a deal. is there a possibility for consensus in just six months? >> yes, a possibility of consensus but not with tom cotton's negotiations. not even popular among republican senators. so, his own caucus is going to be a problem. we're not here to negotiate the status of 800,000 young people
10:34 am
that should otherwise be treated as american citizens. they're not bargaining chips. we're going to take care of this in a bipartisan manner. and we're certainly not going to do it at the expense of some other immigrant group. >> congressman, i want to read you part of what president trump said today via statement. this was issued after we heard from the attorney general. and, again, while we're having this conversation, we look at more protests around this country. this is new york. right outside trump tower. here's part of the president's statement. in referencing the idea of creating new immigration rules unilateral unilaterally, president obama admitted that i can't just do these things by myself. and, yet, that is exactly what he did. making and violating the core that sustain our republic. the merits of de,aca not withstanding. several lower courts have said that it is illegal.
10:35 am
daca was supposed to be a place holder. so, how would keeping this program in place, which means basically not enforcing the law, how would that be an acceptable solution? >> well, let's be clear. this, you know, daca and the constitutionality of daca has been backed up before. we have seen this happen with different tps procedures whether it was for cubans or for other huge communities. we never gave daca never gave status in terms of pathway to citizenship to any daca recipients. all it did was say they were not going to be prosecuted. something that, again, has been proven by the court of law. so, what the president did essentially really pass the buck. again, show that he has zero leadership ability. instead of making a decision to continue this program and not create the instability that he wanted, that he could create. he decided to pass the buck and throw it to congress.
10:36 am
we'll pick it up and do our job. >> shouldn't it be congress? shouldn't it have been congress all along that solved this dilem dilemma? >> sure. but let's remember we tried to do that and the dream act came in as executive orders because it failed back in the day when it did not get back through the senate. this is not something that ilegally that we wanted but established law. now the problem that you have right now president trump just kicked this to congress without any idea what he would be willing to sign or not. >> but, congressman, congressman, would you, you can see that the dream act failed more than a dozen times. i mean, lawmakers in both chambers have taken this up more than a dozen times and it has failed every time. >> yes. again, that's why the executive order was in place after failing so many times to make sure that people had protection from deportation. >> but should that be what executive orders do? should executive orders be in and around the legislative branch? if elected lawmakers have said
10:37 am
no, then why should the president of the united states be able to say yes? >> well, because it is within his constitutional duties. you know, and responsibilities if he wants to choose to do that. and at the same time, we were talking about a population of 800,000 to 1.2 million people that were facing deportation and the president, president obama decided to do that. now, should congress always act? absolutely. we would love to act first. many instances just outside of immigration where the presidency does have power and uses it because of congress' inaction. but, hopefully, that will stop. let's see if speaker ryan and majority leader mitch mcconnell will follow up with their words and what other senators are saying and pass a bipartisan bill to protect these dreamers. >> congressman reuben gallego of arizona. i appreciate your time, thank you so much, sir. >> thank you. >> again, these protests that are happening all over the
10:38 am
country right now, right now, though, a look there at the white house press briefing room with sarah huckabee sanders will start shortly. when it happens, we'll bring it to you live. president trump talk about the path forward on tax reform. why one person not in the room tonight could make it a "bloody september for centrist members of the administration." not this john smith. or this john smith. or any of the other hundreds of john smiths that are humana medicare advantage members. no, it's this john smith. who we paired with a humana team member to help address his own specific health needs. at humana, we take a personal approach to your health, to provide care that's just as unique as you are. no matter what your name is.
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working with congress to get this job done. and i don't want to be disapointed by congress. do you understand me. do you understand me. that was president trump back in august calling on congress to help push his agenda and he doubled down on that today as lawmakers returned to washington, tweeting this morning. "congress get ready to do your job. daca!" but not just dreamers on trump's agenda. of the must-do congress goals they have to raise the debt ceiling, fund the government, hurricane relief funding and reform the text code and stated priorities. all of this even as president trump faces mounting threats from north korea, claims of a sixth nuclear test over the weekend. i want to bring in "washington post's" david ignatius and white house reporter ashley parker is also with us. david, let's start with this
10:43 am
news on north korea. this is the u.n. ambassador nikki haley a short time ago talking about how to deal with that rogue nation moving forward. take a listen. >> if you look at north korea now, the reasons we're pushing for so many sanctions, you know, do we think more sanctions are going to work on north korea? not necessarily. what does it do? it cuts off the revenue. >> not necessarily, david ignatius. what is she saying here? >> she's saying that this administration, like the ones before, has not figured out a way to deal with this ever-increasing north korean threat. the north koreans have now shown the ability to build missiles that can strike the united states. to put nuclear weapons on top of those missiles. carrot sticks, 20 years of policy have failed to stop this.
10:44 am
the adminivatistration is now thinking, how do we bring china in as our partner to increase the pressure. but so far no evidence that north korea is cracking. >> you mentioned china. president ping has never even met kim jong-un. have we grossly overstated china's ability or willingness to act as an intermediary on our behalf? >> i think china increasingly fears the instability that north korea is bringing to the region. i think ping in regards to kim jong-un as a dangerous nuisance. everything we know about the chinese reaction, they're very unhappy with the situation. what are they prepared to do to stop it? there's a choice that the u.s. is now signaling loud and clear they want the chinese to take. cut off oil exports to north korea. a country that has no oil.
10:45 am
can't find oil to run its military systems, but a country that quickly runs out of road. that's what the u.s. would like to see there. they're signaling that every possible way and the chinese have a big decision ahead. >> ashley, president trump has a daunting list of to-do items. take a look. here it is in part. harvey relief funding. pass a budget. raise the debt ceiling. keep the government open. reforming the tax code. they want to try to take on obamacare. at least to a certain extent, much smaller, less ambitious package. and, of course, the russia probes, as well. he's gone after some of his republican colleagues. senator mitch mcconnell among him. is the white house going to be able to get a significant chunk of that list picked off? >> there are certain things that the white house has to do like raise the debt ceiling, fund the government. if you look at this administration, trump came in
10:46 am
promising to be a dealmaker and the only legislative achievement he has to show so far is not evenly legislation at all. getting a new supreme court justice in and they had to change the rules in the senate to do even that. so, i think, for instance, on daca when he says i'll move this over to congress to give congress a chance to act, that doesn't bode particularly well for the dreamers. again, this is a congress and a white house that hasn't been able to focus on one key issue, yet alone this laundry list in a very short timetable in september. >> ashley, there are reports that steve bannon may have continued to have a significant role in shaping the agenda. even though he's left the white house. what are your sources telling you about steve bannon's new role and the influence that he continues to exert? >> sure. a couple things. one is you are never really out of trump's orbit. of course, it is easier to have a big influence inside the white house. you're in meetings and up until they brought in a new chief of
10:47 am
staff you could walk into the oval office and put something on the president's desk. the understanding according to my sources they were in touch just this weekend. they are still talking. the president sort of recognizes steve bannon as someone who is maybe most in line with his nation nationalist, impulses. these are the impulses that he believes helped get him elected during the campaign. bannon is someone he trusts. then in addition to speaking to the president, he can also have an influence on the outside in terms of where breitbart puts its muscle and the wall. so, bannon has a lot of avenues, even though he's not on the inside any more. >> david ignatius, going back to daca for a moment. you covered washington, d.c., for a very long time. if you were a betting man, how would you bet this plays out? >> well, congress has been unable to solve the immigration problem since 2010.
10:48 am
when john boehner was speaker, he promised he was going to do it and he just couldn't find the political constituency to back him. so, everything tells us that this is a congress and a republican party that just can't find a line through this very complicated divisive issue. that said, i do think tom cotton's proposal, we will trade daca, relief for these dreamers who really caught the country's imagination, speak to our hearts in a sense. we'll trade that for future limits on people who can come into the united states under legal immigration policies. that's going to pit the dreamers and their interests against what many of our biggest companies would like to see in terms of the ability to bring workers in. i think that's going to be a real, a real debate. i think tom cotton has come up with something, not saying it is the way to solve it, but it will get serious attention. >> tom, ashley, thank you both. >> thanks.
10:49 am
california has the largest population of so-called dreamers in the country and by some estimates, stands to suffer a gdp loss of roughly $11 billion, if the program goes away. thousands of folks there have taken to the streets protesting today's announcement. jacob right in the middle of it all. what is the mood, jacob? >> craig, 200,000 of the 800,000 dreamers in the united states are right here in california. tens of thousands of them are here in southern california. there's a protest going on right here in los angeles in response to the attorney general's announcement this morning. more from here at the protest and from here throughout southern california. home to so many dreamers. right after this break. stay tuned. ...has grown into an enterprise. that's why i switched to the spark cash card from capital one. now, i'm earning unlimited 2% cash back on every purchase i make. everything.
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dog chow's been a part of my family's life for over 40 years. my grandfather made it and now i'm making it. as a micro-biologist i ensure that dog chow leads with high quality ingredients. no state is home to more dreamers than california. undocumented immigrants that came here as children, they receive temporary legal status under the obama era dreamer's program. it looks like a small protest is underway. i know you've been talking with undounlted students as well
10:54 am
whose lives are changed today by this administration's decision. what are they telling you? what's been the reaction? >> well, think about it, there's about 200,000 dreamers in the state of california, out of the 7800,000 across the country. many of them are not here out of protests in los angeles this morning. they're doing things that every day american people do. they're at their jobs on this first day back after labor day. now there's this new wrinkle, many would call it more than a wrinkle for over 200,000 young people in the united states. i want to grab someone i just met. we're on with craig melvin on msnbc. you say i'm just a dreamer, but i'm not the only one. you're a dreamer. when did you come to the united states? >> i came here in 1988 when i was two months old? >> how old are you today? >> 29. >> where did you come from?
10:55 am
>> mexico city? >> have you been back to mexico since you were two months old? >> no. >> you work here? >> yes, i did. >> you lived the life of an american except for your papers, basically. >> yes. >> what does it mean today when you heard the attorney general say you could be deported to mexico, after having never been there since you were two months old. >> my husband, he's in the army, and he's about to be deployed to afghanistan in six months. we should be worrying about his deployment, not worrying about whether while he's out there his wife might be deported. >> she's the wife of an american soldier, yet she has to worry about her deportation instead of her husband in afghanistan. >> that protest continues. we go to the white house, where this is likely the topic of conversati
10:56 am
conversation. >> this is misleading. daca grants work authorization to 800,000 individuals who are not legally authorized to work. recipients whose average age is in their 20s. priorities remain the same. criminals, security twlets. and those who repeatedly violate our immigration laws. the main effect of today's announcement, is that work permits and other benefits are being gradually phased out. rather than leave daca recipients in confusing limbo, while the program was challenged by state notice same court that struck down another of the previous administration's unlawful immigration orders earlier this year, president obama is laying out a responsible 24-month phase out. no permits will be expiring for another six months. permits will remain active for
10:57 am
up to two full years. the president was elected partly on his promise to deliver meaningful immigration reform that puts the jobs wages and security of the american people first. he was put forward serious proposals to congress that would responsibly end illegal immigration prevent visa overstays. remove dangerous criminals, protect american jobs and wages and create a merit based system that grows our middle class. these are not just president trump's priorities, they are the american people's priorities. for decades now, the american people, immigrant and u.s. born have asked congress to establish a lawful immigration system that protects our country. they've asked nor strong secure borders. they've asked us to protect american security and american jobs and they've asked us to have compassion not only for those who are here illegally, but for unemployed american citizens. including millions of unemployed african-american and hispanic
10:58 am
citizens. the president's daca decision today brings us closer to a safer, fairer and legal immigration system. now that he's ended this unsustainable and unconstitutional program imposed by the previous administration, the president is calling on the men and women of congress to truly reform our immigration system for the good of all people. and with that, i'll take your questions. >> one question that went unanswered today, some 359 members of the daca program enlisted in the u.s. army in 2016. their tour of duty would run a standard four years. if there's no fix by congress before march 5th, do you know what will happen to those people? will they become ineligible to remain in the military? will there be special dispensation? >> we have confidence that
10:59 am
congress is going to step up and do their job. this is something that needs to be fixed legislatively. and we stand ready and willing to work with them. in order to accomplish responsible immigration reform and that would include daca as certainly part of that process. >> there are many republicans who believe that getting something on the republican side is not going to be easy, that the divisions that we see between the center and the right and the republican party will be deeper. >> with all due respect, i don't think the american people elected congress to do things that were easy. >> they elected them to make a government that works, to work properly and to work for american people. that's their job. if they can't do it, they need to get out of the way and take on a heavy lift and get things accompli accomplished. >> in the context of daca, would the president be willing to sign only something that addresses that, or would it also be to have components of the rays act,
11:00 am
would there be funding for the border wall. would he be willing to sign simply daca immigration. >> he wants to see responsible immigration reform, and wants that to be part of it. we can't take a one piece fix. we've got to do an overall immigration reform that's responsible. and frankly that's lawful, and that's what the president wants to see congress do. >> what will be the priorities for him in a comprehensive foreign package? >> to control the border, to improve vetting and immigration security, enforce our laws and do things that protect american workers. >> let me ask you a question on north korea. in the president's mind, is it an option to simply contain a north korea that possesses nuclear weapons? >> certainly the priority of the administration is to have denuclearization of the korean peninsula, and it's also so protect american citizens. certainly the


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