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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  September 6, 2017 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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it there. please, please stay safe. i want to remind our audience. this thing is on track through the weekend. so, there is still time. it can change course. mariana did me a favor correcting me. i said it happened over a decade ago. it was 1992. 25 years ago. and, now, our eyes are on irma. today on that harvey. i bid you farewell. that wraps us up this hour. i'm stephanie ruhel and right now more news with hallie jackson. >> stephanie, thank you very much. good morning to you. we are watching what is happening with hurricane irma and over on capitol hill, any minute we'll hear from house speaker paul ryan in his first news conference in less than a month. less than 24 hours after president trump dumped daca at his door. we are listening for what the speakser going to do about the program. on the other side of your screen democratic leaders pushing up
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the heat to protect dreamers. we are watching both. as if that wasn't enough with harvey relief, debt ceiling and relief and more north korea. just now president trump speaking with china's president about that crisis. then there's the potential crisis on the coast here at home. you know it, hurricane irma hitting the caribbean. the most powerful storm ever recorded in the atlantic ocean moving towards florida, where you just heard from governor rick scott. you have miami, key west, ft. lauderdale getting ready or getting out. our team is set up and ready to go across the country. i want to start, though, here in washington with kasie hunt on capitol hill. kasie, i know you have been running around talking with lawmakers on the hill, as usual. can you walk us through the thinking of leadership about the president's moves. it seems you have members of congress essentially begging for leadership from the congress on what they want to see in a potential bill. >> i'm sorry, can you just clarify are you talking about daca or the harvey aid bill?
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>> it sound like your audio is a little hollow here. we'll work on getting your mike set up. if you can hear the echo from her microphone a couple different topics we're looking at. harvey relief funding and then you also have daca. we want to start with daca and kristen welker at the north lawn of the white house. talk about the overnight news from the president which is, kristen, him saying maybe he would revisit this if congress doesn't do something in the next six months. what does that mean? >> hallie a great question. we're all trying to figure that out. we're scratching our heads this morning. it was a striking tweet because it underscored, i think, the extent to which the president himself has been internally conflicted over this issue. here's the tweet, you're looking at it. congress has six months to legalize daca. something the obama administration was able to do. if they can't, i will revisit this issue. moments ago i spoke with the senior advisors off camera and i asked her what he meant by that.
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she was very defiant. she said, look, he's basically saying that he's leaving the door open to that but he wants congress to take action. and then, of course, push back to that becomes, well, isn't he effectively letting congress off the hook? as you know and i know, congress rarely acts if they're not up against a hard deadline. her response to that was interesting. she said he's absolutely not letting them off the hook. and the people who aren't going to let congress off the hook, they're constituents. they got an earful over health care. she anticipates they're going to get an earful over daca. i pressed her over and over again on what the president wants to see happen. does he want to see daca legalized. she dodged those questions, hallie. wouldn't say where she wants congress to fall on this. a number of bipartisan calls on capitol hill. lawmakers saying, let us know what the president will sign. senator marco rubio insisted the president has to lead on this issue. it's a sentiment senator lindsey
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graham echoed on "today" show. >> talking about what he would need to see, what he wants to see from the president here. i want to play that before we get back to kasie hunt over on the hill. here's senator graham. >> i think there is a congressional deal to be made for border security that would not include a 2,200 mile wall and the dream act because nobody -- i have been to the border, nobody believes a 2,200 mile wall is the way to secure a border. >> so, kasie, back there waiting for paul ryan on capitol hill and i think her microphone is working this time. kasie, is that the direction it is headed tying something to this program to protect dreamers to border wall funding? >> so, i think that is one potential idea that's on the table here, hallie. but the politics of this are completely impossible for the republican party quite frankly. i just talked to steve king who has had many offensive things to say about immigration over the
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course of his career. we know clearly where he stands on this. this fractures the americparty think that's going to, you know, preempt a straight vote on daca and, i'm sorry, i think we have a little bit of news to play here for you from mccain. >> this issue will provide our conference in a sharp and a hard way. and, so, i don't know how we avoid it at this point unless we just don't bring it up and we let daca expire and drift off into the sunset. they came here to live in the shadows. and we're not denying them that opportunity to live in the shadows. and when the law is violated and then people continue to -- >> you are saying they should stay here and live in the shadows? >> i am saying they should make up their own mind. >> that was steve king who we were just talking about. talking about what should happen to these dreamers. you know, what he said that they
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should continue to live in the shadows here and be potentially deported is not what i'm hearing from most republicans that i am talking to. they think that something else should happen but it is a difficult thing for many of them to vote, simply in favor of the dream act without also coupling it with some kind of border enforcement. now, the challenge, of course, for democrats is that they cannot under no circumstances will they vote for something that is construed as building that border wall that president trump campaigned on. that doesn't mean that they wouldn't be willing to vote for a package that would be sold as additional security for the border. new enforcement measures inside the country. things along those lines. but if this becomes, okarx you get the dream act if you give us the wall. i don't think that will go forward and leave those dreamers in even more limbo. i would also say there is kind of a divide between people who want to focus on this immediately. i would put democrats in that category. senator lindsey graham who wants to do this immediately. with republican leadership who, quite frankly, have a calendar
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that is so stacked already with controversial problems and mountains to climb and this is a congress that has not shown so far that they are able to climb difficult mountains. that they don't want to have to deal with these poisonous politics of immigration. it splits the party. they want to be able to put it off. you know, we'll see if democrats keep up the pressure against it. i would say the president's tweet last night threw a little bit of confusion into all of this, as well. took a little pressure off. steve king said i really don't know what that means. i want to call the president, talk to him about it. possible he left an opening and i would say no way anybody who is focused on this as a policy issue trusts the president either way. hallie. >> that's a significant statement, kasie hunt. we'll keep your camera up because when speaker ryan comes out for the first news conference since the august recess, we'll take that live and then you right after that. we'll keep that up. i want to first bring in our two msnbc political analysts along with anna palmer the senior
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washington correspondent for politico. gangbusters team on a very big day. bob, start with you on the hill. kasie laid this out. a rock and a hard place and in between these 18,000 dreamers that have no idea what will happen to them at the end of six months. >> hallie, as i'm standing here in the capitol, a lot of democratic senators are walking over to the house side and preparing to make a major push on daca. they say to me this morning that they really want to try to connect daca legislation to some of this must-pass legislation whether it's on the debt ceiling or the budget. they want to put republicans in a corner, if they can, to try to make sure there is a legislative fix. >> i want to come to ashley parker and anna palmer here with us. ashley and anna, the lukewarmest of takes to point out that congress has not been able to get anything done in the last eight months on health care and tax reform and the long list of
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things kasie pointed out to do. oh, by the way, now go work on daca. how do they do it? >> when they had the gang of eight immigration bill and sort of full-time focused on this. two things, daca was the least controversial part. the dreamers were almost something everyone could agree on. >> bipartisan support for trying to protect these young people. >> a striking sign in terms of these immigrants and these young dreamers. the situation has deteriorated this is a flash point for both parties. >> one of the big issues is that congress can't get anything done. this morning house democrats and senators are making news that they will support a short-term debt limit increase. they thought harvey relief and debt limit probably through 2018 done in this first week. and now you already see democrats finding their fighting stance, nothing is easy any more. daca the easiest of it. >> john kasich of ohio coming out this morning and essentially
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saying, hey, dreamers come to ohio. listen. >> this is not the america that we all love. this is a melting pot. by the way, if the dreamers want to go somewhere and live, come to ohio. we want all the immigrants to come to ohio because we know how much they contribute to america. >> bob, governor kasich there pretty fired up. but i want to get your reaction to this. first of all, can states do this? what does that mean if these states then start saying, hey, we can be a kind of sanctuary for some of these dreamers. how do you see that playing out politically? >> governor kasich's message that we heard just there was right in line with many members of the republican establishment going back decades. speaker ryan worked on immigration reform in the 1990s. george w. bush in 2000 ran as a compassionate conservative and now ryan and mcconnell, they have a different take than president trump and steve bannon and the conservatives when it comes to immigration. so, they want to see some action
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in the republican establishment on daca. but if it can happen because of the paralysis inside the house gop, you could see states like ohio and others use their republican governors to try to welcome in dreamers. almost in the same way mayors have welcomed in undocumented immigrants before with sanctuary cities. >> so, what is the onus, guys, on president trump here. what does he need to do when you have senators and republicans who say, yeah, give us a better sense of what you want. we get you want comprehensive immigration reform and perhaps that is not the most realistic move forward at the time. >> i think people on the hill would appreciate more clear direction. >> you handle it and then i'll revisit it is what he said so far. >> do the right thing. what is the right thing? people in his administration who think protecting the dreamers is the right thing. and people in his administration who think sending them all out of the country is the right thing. >> at the end of the day, a lot of this comes down to politics and what house republicans need and paul ryan particularly needs is trump to give them cover to
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actually vote on this and to say, i will go in. they're all concerned about the primary from the right and i'll go in and i will do rallies for you. >> pull back for a second. bob, i want you to pull back before we get to the break here. a big picture to look at this. this immigration issue, in particular, daca, has illustr e illustrated what nbc news has out. this deep cultural divide in this country. you look at whether people think this country changes and american society changes. who is comfortable with it and who is not. essentially the bottom line is this. people who voted for hillary clinton, eight in ten of them are comfortable with this. three in ten trump voters. donald trump voters are comfortable with this. this speaks to something perhaps larger. the discussion around daca happening in this country. >> that's right, hallie. i think the nbc interview just now with representative king of ohio was revealing that there is some in the republican party who see immigration and daca as issues of national sovereignty and there are others, democrats and many republicans who say
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daca in addressing illegal immigration is really about america's history and about the history of welcoming immigrants to this country. that is a major fault line. that fault line continues today. >> bob costa, thank you. i want to quickly listen in to nancy pelosi who is speaking live, excuse me, chuck schumer. let's listen in for a moment to democratic leadership. >> murkily, hinrich, bloomenthal, warner, he's tall. anyone else? hinrich. let me say this, i want to cut to the chase. president's decision. the president's decision to end daca was heartless and it was brainless. if this order stands, hundreds, hundreds of thousands of families will be ripped apart. tens of thousands of american businesses will lose hard-working employees. we're talking about folks who
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were brought here as children through no fault of their own. they may have -- thank you. they may have known no other country but ours. and have voluntarily registered themselves with the government in order to live, work and give back to our country. they represent no threat to the country. in fact, so many ways the dreamers represent the best of our country. they want to get right by the law. by serving in the military. going to our schools, working at our companies, contributing to our society and paying their taxes. they risk and sometimes give their lives to protect others in this country. overseas as members of the armed forces and here at home. like alonzo gian, died last week trying to save others from the unprecedented flood waters in texas. so, make no mistake, dreamers
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contribute greatly to our country. to our businesses. to our economy. a recent study by the center for american progress found that 91% of daca recipients are employed. paying taxes, paying into social security. the same study found that ending daca would drain $433 billion from our national gdp over ten years. and even the libertarian kato institute estimated that ending daca would cost employers nearly $2 billion over two years. no wonder that 500 business leaders of america are up in arms over the president's decision. now i'm glad that some republicans in congress have voiced their opposition to the president's decision. because we're going to need them to right the ship. congress has an ability and obligation to act which is why we today are calling on speaker ryan and leader mcconnell to
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immediately put the dream act on the floor for a vote in the house and senate. we're ready to pass it. i'm confident that if put on the floor, it will garner overwhelming support from both sides of the aisle. but let us say this, and i think i speak for the leader, as well. if a clean dream act does not come to the floor in september, ware prepared to attach it to other items this fall until it passes. it's now my honor to turn it over to the leader of the congressional hispanic caucus of the great state of new mexico, both of who senators are here. squoo . >> you have been watching senator chuck schumer, democratic leadership talking about what they want to do with
7:17 am
this fight about the program to protect dreamers in this country. on the other side of your screen, we're watching the gop house leadership conference. we expect to see paul ryan, the house speaker, any minute. we're going to take that to you live as soon as he pops up and starts taking some questions. in the meantime, we want to update you on another huge story happening here at home. hurricane irma. moving west and extremely dangerous category 5 hurricane. we have a look at the storm's path after the break. david. what's going on? oh hey! ♪ that's it? yeah. ♪ everybody two seconds! ♪ "dear sebastian, after careful consideration of your application, it is with great pleasure that we offer our congratulations on your acceptance..." through the tuition assistance program, every day mcdonald's helps more people go to college. it's part of our commitment to being america's best first job. ♪
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so, we are waiting any minute to hear from house speaker paul ryan after congressman mccarthy speaks, leader mccarthy speaks. that will be significant given that he apparently, speaker ryan, just told republican members of the house that he does want to see border security tied to whatever happens with daca. this had been a question of the morning. one of our producers on the hill is just sending this in now, according to one of the lawmakers who is in that meeting with paul ryan. i expect that we will get some clarity in the next couple of minutes here when speaker ryan begins taking questions. we will bring that to you the second that it happens. but in the meantime, we have got to update you on what is happening out in the atlantic. the most powerful hurricane ever reported. listen. yeah. you are seeing it and hearing it as hurricane irma barrelled over st. martin in and the leeward islands not too long ago. right now irma is setting its sight on virgin islands and
7:22 am
puerto rico. florida facing this coast-to-coast threat with evacuations happening now in the keys and we heard from governor rick scott in the past half hour who says he is activating 900 more members of the national guard and a total of 1,000 now to helpfulful get ready. >> bigger, faster and stronger than hurricane andrew. we are being very aggressive in our preparation for this storm and every floridian should take this seriously and be aggressive to protect their family. >> i want to go tamorgo morgan radfo radford. we might have to interrupt you for house speaker paul ryan. >> no problem. i'll stand in the storm for you any time. >> they are reaching out to express the urgency of this situation. i mean, 52 inches of rain. this is something we've never seen before. so, they made it clear to us how
7:23 am
vast this problem was. so, as soon as we finish here the house will take action as kevin said on installment of this. we will not leave until this is done. nothing can really capture how big and wide this devastation is. you hear a lot of numbers. tens of thousands of people in shelters. hundreds of thousands of homes daniele damaged. nothing can really capture this. when we look at -- you turn on the tv in america today, you look at all the vitriol and you look at the bitterness and rioting and all the rest of this. you begin to wonder whether or not our civil society is holding together. this hurricane shows that it is. this shows that our civil society is still very, very civil. an e-mail went around james in wisconsin to the various churches and schools and we wanted to fill up one semi trailer at farm and fleet with a
7:24 am
business to send some aid down to the j.j. watt foundation. a local hero who plays for the houston texans. the next day when we collected stuff at our kids' schools, we didn't fill one semi trailer, we filled nine. that is just in wisconsin getting aid down to houston. so, what i think is a good story out of all of this is in this country citizens when they see other citizens in need, they step up and they answer the call. and, so, it is something that we should take stock and encouragement from. now, we, government, have a responsibility, as well. and as the majority leader said, technology is a good thing and it's helping us, but what it's also doing is it's moving money very fast through the system, as it should. and that is why we will not leave until we get this done to make sure that the response is there. we've got another hurricane right now. hurricane irma headed to our shores and it's critical that we act immediately.
7:25 am
so, for now, we've got to make sure that we team up with our first responders. we are really encouraged and heartened by the people grabbing their boats and going and rescuing their citizens. people all around america are sending aid and with one more hurricane, one that 1 185-mile-per-hour winds hitting our shores, again. those people in that line are in our thoughts and our prayers. so, i just think it's really important that we take stock of the fact that civil society in america is well and alive. it's on display. citizens are helping each other and the government will be there to respond to the needs of these people who have faced this unprecedented devastation. any questions? >> mr. speaker, following the president's decision yesterday on daca, i was wondering whether you stand alone and address the daca and broader immigration. and then the second part is you previously had told
7:26 am
conservatives and the majority of republicans supporting it. do you still stand by? >> first, let me say, president obama was wrung to do it in the first place because he overstepped his constitutional bonds. the president and congress take an oath to support and defend the constitution. so, president trump was right in his decision. he made the right call. i'm also encouraged by the fact that he gave us time to work out a consensus. to find a compromise because these kids don't, for the most part, don't know any other home than the united states. i think the president was right to give us the time we need to find that compromise. where does that compromise exist? that's what we're going to spend the next months figuring out. where that compromise is. i think it's totally reasonable and appropriate that when you take a look at the daca dilemma. this stems from the fact that this is a symptom of a larger problem. and the larger problem is that we do not have control of our borders. and, so, it only reasonable and
7:27 am
fitting that we also address the root cause of the problem, which is borders that are not sufficiently controlled while we address this very real and very human problem that's right in front of us. so, i think that's perfectly reasonable. to the second part of your question. we will not be advancing legislation that does not have the support of president trump because we're going to work with the president on how to do this legislation. and if we have legislation coming through here that has worked with and supported by the president, i'm very confident that our members will support that. susan? >> only support a three-month increase in the debt ceiling. seems like they're trying to extract something of the dreamer. >>that's a ridiculous idea. let's hope they don't mean that. we have devastation in texas and a hurricane about to hit florida and they want to play politics with the debt ceiling. that will strand the aid we need to bring to the victims of these
7:28 am
storms that have occurred or are about to occur and also want to threaten to fault on our debt. that is disgraceful they want to play politics with the debt ceiling at this moment when we have fellow citizens in need to respond to these hurricanes so that we do not strand them. >> how long of a debt ceiling? >> i think what those, what the leaders you just described proposed is unworkable and it could put in jeopardy the kind of hurricane response we need to have. look, many of us got the calls from the administration and omb who said fema is moving so fast that we are running out of money as early as friday to tuesday. we have to make sure that we have the authority, the legal authority to go out and be able to put money back into fema so we can respond to these hurricanes. not to mention the fact that we have to start prepositioning for the fact that irma is going to hit florida and schumer and pelosi are doing, i don't think, is a good idea. chad?
7:29 am
>> to that end, though, you say it's disgraceful but then why not lift the debt ceiling on your own. critical of your side and not providing the votes on big things. you guys have the majority. why not provide the votes on your side then? if it's that important to make that argument? >> this takes 60 votes in the senate. i think what the president doesn't want to do is give more leverage where it shouldn't occur on the debt ceiling. this takes 60 vote on the senate. if this was a majority only vote -- it is a 60-vote bill in the senate. >> hundreds of thousands of dreamers are now looking to you to see what comes next here. can you guarantee them that you will take action on this issue and hold a vote at some point in these next six months? >> i think people should rest easy and the president made the right call and gave us the time and space we're going to need to find where that compromise is. as i mentioned in my opening remarks, this is a home that people know and they don't know any other country as a home. so, i think there's a serious humane issue here that needs to be dealt with.
7:30 am
but it's only fitting and reasonable that we also deal with some of the root cause of this problem because what we don't want to have happen is another daca problem in ten years from now. we fix this issue for these kids and these young people and address the root cause of the problem so we don't have the same thing in ten years from now. that is totally proper. i do believe that congress and we are going to work with our members to find out where that compromise is so that we can bring resolution to this very legitimate problem. thank you. >> you have been listening to house speaker paul ryan in his first news conference in about a month or so after the august recess coming out and remarks that we typically would see on a tuesday and a lot of news out of that. specifically anna and it seems the speaker is very interested in linking some kind of action on daca. the program that protects those kids that were brought to this
7:31 am
country when they were very young and something for border security. this is setting up potentially a real big fight on the hill. >> i think it will definitely be a fight. i am not surprised. this is the position a lot of house republicans will have and willing to do something on daca and this is something that is a high priority for president trump. but you have democrats saying the opposite. we want a plane daca bill and attach it to must-pass legislation and a political game of chicken happening for the next several months. >> i would add in terms of border funding a bit of a nuance there and maybe some wiggle room. democrats are opposed to funding for a wall and having to do with that wall. but democrats both in reality and politically would have a tougher time saying we don't want to enforce our borders and put money down there for more agents and more security. >> and it was notable that paul ryan said border security. clear about saying security. >> kasie hunt live in that room where we saw the house speaker and the rest of house republican
7:32 am
leadership. i think you're here with me and i want to get your highlights from what you heard with paul ryan. >> you hit on a few of them here. i think importantly he did signal that this daca fix, whatever happens, is going to be connected somehow to border security. so, the devil, like it always is, is going to be in the details here and whether or not democrats are going to be able to get to a point where they feel like they're not giving up too much. there are a lot of democrats who are happy, frankly, to spend more money and time and effort on border security. so, i don't think that's an inherent nonstarter. but, again, we talked about this earlier, i think if it gets to the point where this is scene as money for president trump's wall, then that's not going to go anywhere. so, those weren't the words that speaker ryan used here today. so, still an important benchmark. he also wouldn't answer questions about the timing of this potential fix. there have been some who have said, hey, this has to happen in september. democrats among them. that runs into the rest of their agenda.
7:33 am
that signals to me a little further off in the future. he also did not discuss whether or not he would be willing to put an immigration bill on the floor that did not have a majority of republican support. and that is going to be a key metric here. a pledge he made to his conference as the speaker. and the reality is, any fix that includes daca fix for those daca dreamer kids, they're going to have to pass with democratic votes. so, the speaker could run into a problem, a personal political problem if he wants to pass something that doesn't have those, the support of at least half of his republican conference. and just finally, hallie. the speaker's reaction to the democratic proposal that we saw out just a few minutes ago with the debt ceiling on this harvey aid. very strong and fast condemination essentially saying this is a nonstarter and this will create all kinds of problems. we'll see if the democrats move off of what they've said. but, obviously, you know, extending the debt ceiling for a
7:34 am
year solves a big political problem for republicans and for democrats, you know, there is some political value in forcing republicans to take that vote more than once. but, again, a tricky situation, hallie. >> very quickly, kasie. were you surprised to hear that paul ryan said he made the right call from ending daca. earlier paul ryan wanted daca to stay in place. >> he is taking essentially the same position a as lindsey graham. the way this was done was not constitutional, but we don't want these kids kicked out of the country. from that perspective, no, i'm not surprised. >> kasie hunt on capitol hill doing heavy lifting. thank you for joining us this morning. ashley and anna will stay with me on set. you heard paul ryan talk about the seriousness of hurricane irma. you heard this from governor rick scott saying this hurricane is bigger, stronger and faster than hurricane andrew. that is serious. coming up next, we'll get a look from down in the keys and beyond where this thing is headed next.
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>> i cannot stress this enough, get prepared. know this is your responsibility. know your evacuation zone.
7:39 am
listen to your locals. this storm has potential to devastate our state and you have to take this very seriously. >> that's florida governor rick scott there basically saying, hey, this is the real deal. irma is coming and people need to get ready or get out. especially if you are in that target zone. take a look at the satellite loop here. the image of where irma is now. people who live in the florida keys are getting ready to leave. people who are visiting the florida keys have been told already they got to go. irma clobbered st. martin and the leeward islands a little earlier this morning. this is some video from that. taking aim at puerto rico and the u.s. virgin islands next and then turn to the bahamas. gabe gutierrez seems covering hurricanes for the last two and a half weeks, gabe. another one on the way. looks beautiful where you are now. that will, obviously, change. can you talk about the evacuations and what is happening now? >> good morning, hallie.
7:40 am
florida keys closed schools and evacuate tourists today. behind me, you can see that we've seen this steady stream of cars down u.s. 1 on to the mainland. pretty much all morning we expect for that to pick up throughout the day, hallie. as you mentioned, governor rick scott telling people to take this very seriously. saying this storm is bigger, faster, stronger than hurricane andrew. of course, that major category 5 storm that slammed florida 25 years ago last month killing 65, at least 65 people causing $26.5 billion worth of damage. that gets people's attention right here. i was here in south florida during that time. it was a devastating storm and many say this storm is stirring up those memories. i will tell you in the last few hours we have spoken to several residents who are glad to see that latest track from hurricane irma that has it shifting east a little bit. spare this area, some of the
7:41 am
worst effects. some they were thinking and governor scott and other authorities are saying no matter if this thing shifts a little to the east and goes further up the east coast and perhaps into georgia and south carolina, there will still be major effects from this massive monster hurricane that will be hitting all parts of florida. as you mentioned, it made landfall overnight in the caribbean islands and about to hit puerto rico. but here in florida, they are taking this very seriously and we evacuations in the coming days. >> stay safe out there, my friend. appreciate your coverage in the florida keys. steve is tracking this hurricane and where irma is headed next. when people hear words like the words gabe used, massive, monster. some think, is it that big of a deal? based on your track, yeah, it is. >> roughly the size of texas. if you have ever driven across texas, it takes forever to get across texas. that's how wide it is. not just a point, an area we're dealing with. the hurricane-force winds extend
7:42 am
out about 50 miles from the center here approximately. and then the tropical storm force winds are about 175. so, again, when you have this force coming against you with wind and water, it can do substantial damage. as of the latest update, it is still a category 5. the hurricane passover and st. martin earlier this morning producing some devastating damage there. now it's approaching, i should say, the northern british virgin islands and it looks like the storm right now and its current trajectory will pass just north of puerto rico. that will put the damaging winds just north of that island. they'll still see substantial rainfall and substantial wind and waves, but not the worst of the storm. so, the latest stats, 185 miles per hour. we should get a new update from hurricane center in about 15 to 20 minutes. this is the major concern here. 15 to 20-foot storm surge across
7:43 am
the turks and caicos islands and if this trajectory continues towards florida, that storm surge could be there along with the life-threatening winds and rains. we'll be watching it for you, hallie. >> a busy few days ahead of you, steve. coming up next on this broadcast, you have russian president vladimir putin, again, talking about north korea today. even watching a judo match as these countries continue their next moves. tensions in the korean peninsula are still incredibly high with south korea expecting another missile test maybe this weekend after that nuclear test fire from pyongyang just a few days ago. wool? wool? no sir, no sir, some nincompoop stole all my wool sweaters, smart tv and gaming system. luckily, the geico insurance agency recently helped baa baa with renters insurance. everything stolen was replaced. and the hooligan who lives down the lane was caught selling the stolen goods online.
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we are back now with some new developments over on the korean peninsula. south korean military official was telling nbc news their defense ministry has deployed more missile defense launchers, not long after north korea's latest nuclear test. i want to get over to keir simmons who is in russia for us as vladimir putin calls for more sanctions. what can you tell us about what putin wants? >> hey, hallie. good morning, or guests, good
7:48 am
evening. we are 14 time zones away from you. it's after midnight and a place where all day the south korean president has been in talks with the russian president vladimir putin. they came out and they, again, condemned north korea's move towards its nuclear ambitions and its missile tests. but at the same time, vladimir putin saying that north korea cannot be cornered and saying that a break through in this crisis is only possible with negotiations, that it's imwithoi impossible without that. pushing a russian/chinese plan that president trump would not like much and others in washington because it involves negotiations. and also involves a kind of deal where north korea takes a pause on its nuclear ambitions and south crea and the u.s. and other allies stop their military practices in the region. and russia doesn't even know that north korea is going to actually buy into that.
7:49 am
anyway, some other news you mentioned that in south korea, they are, again, developing those u.s. missile defense systems. those are controversial, but they protect south korea potentially from an attack by north korea and also the u.s. embassy in south korea is saying after it says it has many, has had many, many questions that it is not changing its practices that it is not advising americans not to travel. so, president putin being very clear that he wants to see a negotiations. but, you know, it's hard to see how things are going to move forward. tomorrow, the japanese prime minister, prime minister abe will be here to speak with president putin. you remember when we were at the g-20 at the putin news conference. hallie, there is news conference after news conference here with world leaders. you'd be right in your element. >> you already are in your element, keir.
7:50 am
nearly 1:00 a.m. where you are. hope you get some sleep. thank you for that reporting. appreciate it. joining me here is wendy sherman. it's really nice to have you back, time. why isn't kim jong-un feeling deterred here? why does he feel emboldened. >> he has one goal and that is to ensure he has nuclear weapons that can attack the united states to deter us and to be dominant in northeast asia. i think we've got a situation here where we have the russians and chinese interested, engaged and south koreans and japanese engaged and the united states should be engaged. >> why isn't the united states engaged in your view? >> it's not clear. we clearly have our own military first policy which is kim jong-un's policy and we put secretary mattis to deliver a message we're going to be tough, not going to stand for an attack. he actually put out a new declare tri policy saying that
7:51 am
if there is a real threat coming our way, if we see that missile on a launcher ready to head towards us, we're going to take preemptive action. that was implicit in what he said. i would like to see a secretary of state and team engaged in diplomacy with world leaders all over this world to get them engaged in solving this very tough problem. >> i had one conversation yesterday with an administration source about this issue, you know, russia coming out saying what putin is saying and look what china is doing. explain that. >> russia and china are a little bit of a competition here. china really has been talked about as the key to solving this problem because of their economic relationship. but really, one of the authors of where north korea is is russia. many years ago in terms of their engineers and their engagement as well as china, they want their own place in northeast asia and they see president trump and the united states backing out of a dominant
7:52 am
position. they'd like to take our place. we shouldn't let them do that. >> nice to have you here on what is a very busy news day. another one of them. thank you for joining us. we're going back to what's happening at the white house and president trump heading to north dakota to get some support for tax reform. the white house wants congress to pass a bill before the end of this year. but you know lawmakers already have a jam packed agenda. up next here i'm talking with republican congressman diane black. you see her there. she chairs the house budget committee about tax reform's chances and more. stay with me, mr. parker. when a critical patient is far from the hospital, the hospital must come to the patient. stay with me, mr. parker. the at&t network is helping first responders connect with medical teams in near real time... stay with me, mr. parker. ...saving time when it matters most. stay with me, mrs. parker. that's the power of and.
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an hour from now president trump is leaving to north dakota to make his pitch about tax reform. he's previewing in a tweet out this morning, we are the highest taxed nation in the world. that's actually not true then adds that will change. congress has a laundry list of things to change and doesn't leave a ton of time for overhauling the tax code. diane black of tennessee, the chair of the house budget committee. congresswoman, thank you very much for being with us. we heard from house speaker paul ryan earlier on at his news conference and he talked about a compromise. it seems as though when it comes to not tax reform but specifically daca, the other big headline today. would you support linking border wall money to some kind of daca plan? >> well, first of all, i want to say that we're interested in
7:57 am
getting other budget passed because that sets the whole process into the process of doing the tax reform. there are a lot of moving parts there on what could be put together, obviously there are a lot of things that are coming at us right now that we have to determine, whether it's the cr or daca or flood insurance issues and fema. there's an opportunity perhaps to put some of these together together for me to get the budget passed because that is the vehicle for many of these things to happen. >> what is the likelihood you get the budget resolution passed to set up the tax bill discussions by the end of the year? >> well, i've been working very hard over august work period to talk to every one of our members. i talked to well over 200 members and i will tell you right now it is looking pretty good. we will be doing a whip count to verify what i've been hearing from people over the work period. but we're anticipating we could get the budget on the floor as soon as next week. >> you think timing is next week
7:58 am
for the budget? >> i'm hoping so. we're going to be whipping it -- actually today and that will give us a better indication how many people we still need to make sure they understand what the budget does. there's been a lot of confusion, we've been doing appropriation bills. if you're not on the committees of jurisdictions sometimes you get confused which is which. the budget sets the number and appropriators put the numbers on the line. >> i don't think it's just members of congress but regular folks to listen to everything that you have to get done and looking at the big news of this weeks, which is daca and harvey and irma on the way, and how in the world congress hasn't done anything major in the last eight months be expected to do all of this in three months? how do you answer that question? >> well we have done major things, unfortunately they don't aulsz get out to be known. >> i'm talking health care reform, big issues, tax reform, which is big, immigration reform that the president wants you to do. how does that get done by january 1st? >> hallie, we did that in our
7:59 am
body. the house did its work. now it's the senate that needs to do its work. i'm a member of the house and i'm the chairman of the budget committee and i'm fully engaged in making sure that we do what we need to do in order to get tax reform and that is to have a budget resolution. >> what is your message to your colleagues on the other side of the capitol? what do you say to them given your comments just now? >> i say get to work. let's get it done. we promised the american people we would do these big things and they need to get to work. we can do this tax reform by the end of the year. we have in ways and means been working the last six and a half years on tax reform. it needs to be done and will help to stimulate the economy and make things simpler for the american people. every day people want to have simplicity and that's what we intend on doing. >> do you think given a voice in the tax discussion and when we see hard numbers, rates, et cetera? >> well, we have been working on our plan and we have some numbers but one of the things
8:00 am
that we have determined we needed to do was work also with the white house and the senate rather than as we did on the health care bill where we weren't together. >> diane black, thank you very much. i have to belatedly thank my panel who had to xe dadle offset and i have to head back to the white house where i'll see you later on this afternoon ali velshi and stephanie ruhle in new york picking it up now. >> good morning, everybody. i'm stephanie ruhle. >> and i'm ali velshi. it is wednesday, september the 6th. let's get started. >> the national hurricane center calls irma potentially kas trofic. >> this is the fiercest storm ever recorded in atlantic ocean. words like devastating and catastrophic and monster being used to describe this storm. >> incredible nasa images showing the monster storm. >> it's


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