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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  September 7, 2017 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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extraordinary view of the eye of irma. >> the aircraft takes readings and into and out to the storm. a storm that tonight on all in. >> we've many, many things on the plate. >> a day after ending daca, to do their work, they must risk their own lives. in their case the phrase public servants has never been so accurately applied. that is our broadcast for tonight. thank you for being here with us and thank you for watching us for all or part of our first year in existence. as the news never seems to stop around here, i imagine we'll just keep going along with it. until we look for you tomorrow
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evening for all the good folks who put this broadcast together each evening good night from nbc news headquarters in new york. tonight on all in. >> we've many, many things on the plate. >> a day after ending daca, president trump burns his own party. >> thank you very much nancy, chuck, appreciate it very much. >> tonight why republicans are seething after the president cut a deal with nancy and chuck and what it can mean for d.r.e.a.m.ers. >> chuck and nancy would like to see something happen, and so would i. plus the washington scoop. democrats raise alarms over the new republican interference in the russia investigation. and about that storm. >> not good. believe me, not good. >> the size, the scope and the science behind hurricane irma. we've never seen a storm be this strong for this long.
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>> when "all in" starts right now. good evening from new york. i'm chris hayes. today the president of the united states handed a what one senior democratic called a -- he would end the daca program currently protecting the 800,000 undocumented immigrants currently brought to the united states as children. and then saying -- nancy pelosi and chuck schumer put out a statement saying they supported raising the debt limit for only three short months. republicans fearing, of course, the political fall out of having to vote to raise the debt ceiling again in december were staunchly oppose today that plan.
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house speaker paul ryan who repeatedly used the debt for his own purposes during president obama today disproves. >> i hope they don't mean that. i think it's radiculates and disgraceful they want to play politics with the debt ceiling at this moment when when we have fellow citizens in need to respond to these hurricanes so we do not strand them. >> not happening, absolutely not happening. and then they went to the white house to try to meet with president trump and try and hash out a debt ceiling plan. >> we'll see if we can do that. i appreciate everybody being here. thank you very much. thank you very much nancy, chuck, appreciate it very much. >> you'll notice the president thanked the presents by name nancy, chuck but not the republicans. ryan mcconnell argued for an 18
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month debt limit hike. and then when the demes balked, ryan mcconnell came back and suggested six months. but amazingly the president intervened to side with the democrats, agreeing to the three month hike they proposed, the same hike ryan had just called disgraceful. during the end of the meeting ivanka just came by to say hi and leaving republicans annoyed. congressional republicans were livid. the president of the united states just handed a loaded gun to nancy pelosi and chuck schumer one senior political aide told politico. one saying maybe about the wall. i don't know it doesn't make any sense. mcconnell specifically said trump reached the deal with
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house and senate democrats. but that's not how counselor to the president, kellyanne conway described the this afternoon. >> some on capitol hill say he defied the party by striking a deal with democrats. how do you respond to that. >> that is just false. there's no deal struck with democrats. this is on behalf of the american people. donald trump is a constant deal maker. >> the president characterized the deal as a success. >> we had a great meeting with chuck schumer, nancy pelosi and the whole republican leadership group. and i'll tell you what, we walked out of there mitch and paul and everybody, kevin. and we walked out and everybody was happy. not too happy because you can never be too happen, but they were happy enough. >> i'm joined by someone now very familiar of the complicated relationships in the white house. jim, i thought of you when i saw
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this newsbreak as someone who's been in the room for these deals and been around them, what was your reaction when you heard this st. >> once again i'm here to tell you i can't believe how poorly equipped this president is to legislate. he's given democrats two bites at the apple. they get to spend what they want upfront, and then in december they're going to come back and exact more out of the next vote. it's just an incredibly bad deal. and another thing to say, again, i'm used to republican presidents poking it in the eye of the democratic senators i work for. and him to stick it to the republican leaders like this, again, it's just absolutely amazing. >> let me play delve's advocate or at least suggest an alternate interpretation. it's only a bad deal if the president cares about the outcomes. but i don't think he does. if the outcome he's thinking of is screwing mitch mcconnell and
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others, it's absolutely a good deal from that perspective. >> it's a classic move of his to just kick the can down the road. and yeah you can think at least in his mind it's not a bad deal. but inreality is given the way the political process works on capitol hill he's just thrown another gut wrench into the process. >> at this point you have to understand he's just never going to actually do what he says. in phoenix he said we're going to shutdown the government and build this wall. not only has that shipped sailed -- if you're chuck schumer and nancy pelosi, how does that affect what you do next? >> wait and negotiate your time carefully. wait for this guy to make a move under extreme duress as he struggles to get himself out of
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whatever problem he's in. it's up to him to make a move, and he's going to have to make a move at one point. >> sabrina, i saw a lot of republicans very upset about this, and think tank statements from sort of the conservative right and anonymous hill aides saying nasty things. but in some ways this is the republican's own doing because they can't hold their caucus together on key votes, right? >> yeah, i think the fact of the matter is on this must-pass legislation but also in the past, spending bills, continuing resolutions to keep the government run, republicans have been unable to thwart the opposition they face. so they put themselves in this position of having to rely on democrats in order to advance a debt limit hike or a continuing
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resolution. i also think, look, it's very plausible that trump who has shown no understanding of how capitol hill works to not grasp he's paving the way for democrats to potentially have leverage of the status od.r.e.a.m.ers, stabilizing insurance markets come december. but i don't think he really much cares. he's looking for something he can chalk up as a victory. >> there's some suggestions that the president just got board with how long the meeting was taking. there were some people in the room that felt like he lost interest. three months, let's do it. here's the thing, this only works for the democrats. people were talking about how much leverage the democrats have, but that only works -- i don't understand what all this talk. democrats don't play hardball on these must-pass votes the way mcconnell and ryan were able to during the obama era.
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>> right. ultimately i think republicans did believe if they tied the 18-month debt limit hike towards the emergency relief towards the victims, it would be likely that democrats when push come to shove opposed that measure. now the question is do democrats plan to extract serious concessions or at the end of the day pass another clean debt limit hike. >> that's very clarifying, right. so paul ryan wakes up this morning and thinks he has them boxed in. we need democratic votes, we're going to attach it to harvey relief, and what kind of heartless cruel monsters are going to vote against that. i've got them, i've got them. walks into the oval office, chuck and nancy says three months, take it or leave it. the president says yes. ryan must be beside himself. >> i saw that statement.
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it turns out the president went for it. >> wait, you thought it was such a low ball offer that it was a ridiculous low ball offer? >> well, i don't know about low ball, but it just -- i thought it would have been better to kick the can down the road, get the debt limit extension through the next year and clear off the under brush and try to deal with other stuff including daca. now it's in one big mess. but cudeose to pelosi and schumer. they pulled it off, and this president fell for it hook line and sinker. >> he'll watch cable news and get angry and see it and think oh, gosh this isn't playing well. i also feel like there's a chance he gets angry the coverage that he got rolled that he tries to -- on it tomorrow.
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>> we don't know if there's sufficient votes to actually pass this three month extension given the opposition you've already heard from republicans in the rank and file. i also want to point out as far as democrats are concerned, they've branded trump as politically toxic. they've likened him to a fascist. they've obviously gone really hard on the fact he aligned thimself in some ways to white supremerists in his response to charlottesville. so they have a very limited band with when it comes to actually working with this president. i think at the ownedf the day they have this window of opportunity with this must-pass legislation and saying this is part of broader negotiations and stabilize the helgs insurance markets and keep obamacare in intact. but beyond that i think they've really steaked their ground when it comes to opposition to trump. >> that's a great point.
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that photo through the oval office window of chuck schumer could be a problem for shuck schumer as much as anyone else. thank you both. >> thank you. today's deal sets the stage for a huge showdown in december when congress will have to raise the debt ceiling again. in that showdown democrats should have an enormous ult of leverage and the gop in power would lmgs certainly take the blame if the u.s. defaults and the president shuts down the government. president trump already appears to be waffling on his plan to end it after sending his attorney general out yesterday. trump tweeted last night congress six months nuto legalize daca, something the obama administration was unable to do. if he can't, i will revisit the issue. >> no mixed signal at all.
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congress, i really believe, wants to take care of this situation. really believe it. even very conservative members of congress have seen it first-hand. if they don't, we're going to see what we're going to do. but i will tell you i really believe congress wants to take care of it. we discussed that also today. and chuck and nancy would like to see something happen, and so would i. and i said if we can get something to happen, we're going to sign it and we're going to make a lot of happy people. >> i'm joined by congressman louis gutierrez. what is your reaction to the last 24 hours to the president's tweet to had negotiations in the white house that opened the ulpossibility of democrats being able to sort of jam republicans with some sort of must hfr pass legislation that legislatively protects daca recipients?
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>> well, chris, first of all, the democratic caucus is not in sync with making this agreement with the president of the united states of america. i've spoken to dozens of members of the democratic caucus. and you know we fought hard and tenaciously to put 800,000 d.r.e.a.m.ers in a very safe place. it was the one victory democrats were able to accomplish. and we did it by taking on our own president of the united states with no help from the republicans. so tonight there are hundreds of thousands of d.r.e.a.m.ers that are not over joyed, not happy because they have not seen a democratic party who could have used their leverage today to have said there is no vote on the debt ceiling. there is no vote on the cr unless we carry with it 800,000 dreamers. >> by the way, i want to show there's a protest in a hotel in washington, d.c. take a listen
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to what that sounds like. [ chanting ] [ chanting ] >> no justice no peace. >> this is interesting to me, congressman. i want to make sure i'm tracking this. the message from leadership today was we kicked their but, we're going to have the leverage in december and we'll work out something for the daca recipients in the next three months. and what you're saying is you gave away your leverage now. why do you not trust that something will develop in the next three months? >> who can trust donald trump? nobody can trust donald trump. this is a serial liar. not because i say so, but because it's been proven to be a fact. you can't sit down and negotiate
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with donald trump. he says one thing one day and another thing another day. today was the day in principle -- remember the democratic party has to stand for something. when the ceo of microsoft says you got to come through him to get to the d.r.e.a.m.ers, and he's to the left of the democratic party, it's a sad day for the democratic party in this nation when the ceo of a multinational corporation is standing firmer with the d.r.e.a.m.ers than our own democratic caucus. >> so here's what i want to get from you. there's these two theories on donald trump on daca. one he was jammed into this by sessions. he wouldn't defend the executive order in court, and he essentially did this kind of halfway -- he really doesn't want to do this. and the other is he's taking him at his word. you clearly are of the latter party. you think this is cleary he wants to do and has to be fought
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on it or he's not going to relent. >> i wish you could spend more time with me on the judiciary committee where i sit. if there's one glue, one thing that keeps the republican party together is their phobia -- remember we passed the d.r.e.a.m. act in the house of representatives in 2010 with literally five republicans voting for it. and the five republicans that were voting for it were five republicans not coming back to the house of representatives. and then we went to senate. and when we get to the senate, 55 senators. who leads the charge to stop the vote from happening, none other than jeff sessions. and we're supposed to believe the man who stopped the d.r.e.a.m. act from passing in the senate and finding its way to desk of president barack obama, is now telling us yesterday by the way we're now looking for a legislative
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solution. what height of hypocrisy -- what do you take us for? everybody says, this is paul eyenian on the one hand. i feel so sorry. i'm so in love with those d.r.e.a.m.ers, i wish i could do something for them and oh, all my sympathy. and what do the democrats respond with. oh, we're so sorry, we're in solidarity. damn it, somebody do something about it and pay some political capital. i'm going to say this. the debt ceiling has to be on the table, the cr has to be on the table or we'll never have an immigration policy that's fair and just. >> i think it's important for people to hear this, and i'm really curious to see how this is going to play out. because there is now this window. it looks like they'll have the votes for this.
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thanks for making time tonight. still to come, new charges republicans are trying to under mind the mueller investigation, and an old trump ally on the hill is back.
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devin nunes is back. when last we saw, the congressman back in april he was forced to remove himself from the investigation after it was revealed he had been collude wg the white house to launlder information that reportedly boltsterred the president's claim of having been wiretapped by his predecessor barack obama. at the time that claim was widy thought to be false, and now we have proof. president trump's own justice department concluding there's no evidence the former president wiretapped trump tower. but devin nunes is not done. subpoenaed for all documents
12:23 am
related to the infamous dossier about the president's relationship to russia. subpoena that were intended to discredit the dossier's author. >> i think it's part of an effort to discredit the author of the dossier. and-think there's a view if they can discredit christopher steel, they can did credit our election. and there is a double standard between what we are willing to subpoena in terms of the department and not willing to subpoena in terms of the white house. >> nunes is inserting himself into this latest dispute following up on the subpoenas with a letter to the attorney general and the fbi director dated september 1st but just made public. in this letter signed by nunes alone, he threatens to hold the
12:24 am
attorney general and the fbi director in contempt of congress. a democratic member of the house intelligence committee who called nunes to recuse himself back in march. congressman, what is your response to this letter? >> i believe this is break in what we believe is a break in the protocol. which is when we wanted to get information we would ask for permission or voluntary production. if the party was not cooperative at that point we would consider a subpoena. so i think all of us were surprised devin nunes and the republicans went straight for subpoenas on this dossier. and i do think it's an attempt to under mine the entire investigation. they're also antagonizing the department of just squs the fbi. >> why do you think it could
12:25 am
backfire? >> there's only so much i could say, chris, because it's classified. they may have a hard time achieving their goal of disproving what they're trying to disprove. >> you mean the dossier? >> right. >> why are they so obsessed with the dossier? >> that's a great question. i don't know. it's hard to say that. this kind of came out of nowhere. again, we were hardly consulted on it, and we certainly didn't agree to it. perhaps they see it as the most salacious part, if they can make it the center piece of this entire investigation -- again, there's a good chance it could backfire on them. >> i wased the the impression that the chair had sort of recused himself -- he was stepping back from the inquiry. this seems to me a violation of whatever he had agreed to do. do you read it as such?
12:26 am
>> i do. and i think all of us in congress and the american public understood devon's position to be one of complete recusal. and over the last few months he has slowly gotten back into the russia investigation. now, ultimately it's speaker ryan's decision about what role the chairman has in this investigation. and so really i put the final, you know, decision or blame, however you want to call it, with paul ryan in allowing this to go on. >> there is is statement from the senate chair, richard burr, where he compared what they're doing over there to nothing that's been done since watergate. and i wonder do you feel confidence in your own committee on the house side? >> yeah, the investigation under the new chairman for the russia part of this, conway, had been coming along fairly well. we've been scheduling witnesses, interviewing them, receiving
12:27 am
many documents. many of us felt it was moving along fairly well. but every once in a while you see a curve ball like this come along that's a real distraction to the investigation. >> i know daca is real close to your heart. i believe your grandmother was an immigrant from mexico. you talk about that story, and i know you feel strongly about daca. and gutierrez basically accused leadership of selling out daca recipients with this deal today. do you agree with him? >> i think all of us are on the same page that ultimately we want a clean bill that is the d.r.e.a.m. act, that is supportive of these young people and allows them to stay. what you're going to see in the next few days really among democrats -- and what you've seen is folks trying to hash out
12:28 am
a strategy. so of course at times there's going to be disagreements on how to proceed. but i think ultimately everybody understands we're on the same page, and we want the same thing for these young people. >> thank you for joining me. >> thank you. still to come, donald trump, jr., faces his first formal questioning on what the son of the president is facing ahead. you wouldn't do only half of your daily routine, so why treat your mouth any differently? complete the job with listerine® help prevent plaque, early gum disease, bad breath and kill up to 99.9% of germs. listerine® bring out the bold™ tempur-pedic helps there ayou get the most day... out of every one of them. only proprietary tempur material precisely conforms to your body. you get up to twice as much pressure relieving power, so you won't toss and turn. and tempur-pedic is the best at minimizing motion transfer from your partner. you'll sleep deeply...
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look at ivanka. come on up, honey. she's so good. she wanted to make the trip. she said dad, can i go -- she actually said daddy, can i go with you. i said, yes you can. >> that was an aside during president trump's speech in north dakota today. the speech was to promote the tax plan, which is a little awkward since the white house still hasn't released details of the tax plan. a thing one, thing two montage is ahead.
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that is what it sounded like when the strongest storm ever recorded in the atlantic ocean roared on the island of st. martin earlier today. hurricane irma made landfall as a category 5 causing massive damage. at least three people were killed in the caribbean. it's projected to pass over the bahamas and could hit florida this weekend prompting mandatory evacuations in low lying areas. hurricane irma is so massive it's even astonished those used to watching these sort of things. hurricane irma is not alone.
12:35 am
hurricane jose is coming up right behind irma. and hurricane katia is churching in the gulf of mexico right there on the left of your screen. paul, they say that this is the largest one ever recorded in the atlantic. why has this gotten so big and ferocious? >> hi, chris. the water temperatures in the atlantic are a few strees warmer than average. upper level winds are light, all the ingredients converging to turn this into a super storm. there is no category 6. if there was this would arguably be a category 6 storm. that's a record in the atlantic.
12:36 am
the previous record was allan, which hit back in 1980, 18 hours above 180 miles per hour. you can't just take a snapshot. you have to integrate over time. and if you look at the size and the intensity and the persistence -- i mean folks in florida and even carolina and the coastal georgia need to look at this. 2005 that's the year katrina hit and will muhit and rita hit. the drought is over with a vengeance. >> the harvey hurricane it wasn't the winds, of course, that were so destructive there. it hit with wind speeds considerably lower. but it hugged around and dumped a ton of water. here we're looking at the islands that's just been through this. and the earlier reports we're getting is when 185 mile per hour winds hit anywhere, that's going to do an unbelievable
12:37 am
amount of damage, right? >> absolutely. chris, this is roughly equivalent to an ef4, even ef5 tornado. the winds around the eye, that doughnut that's right adjacent to the calm eye, that's what causes the damage. unless you're living in a strong home or some sort of building that's reinforced, traditional homes just can't live up to the wind. i didn't think it could get worse than harvey. i was wrong. irma is almost an order of magnitude more dangerous not because of the rain. this thing is going to keep on moving. it's not going to stall. but the storm surge and the wind damage, and it's forecast to go right up the east coast.
12:38 am
miami floods now on a clear day, no storm required. because the water has risen and land subsidence -- miami is a sitting duck. >> you and i have talked about this before. there's a lot of argument in the literature about climate modeling, climate change and hurricanes. what we do now is water is on average warmer and the sea levels are higher. and places like miami, elaborate on that a little bit. why is miami so exposed at this particular moment given what's going on with the climate and this hurricane the. >> first of all, you can't build a wall around miami. you can around manhattan. but the fact you have limestone, porous rock, the water literally comes under neath. and so because you don't have any significant elevation, there is no higher terrain in the miami area. and so, you know, we're really setting ourselves up for a major disaster.
12:39 am
people think all right andrew came through in '92. that was a category 5, we survived that, it wasn't a big deal. but andrew was a puny storm compare today irma, and the center of the storm tracked well south of downtown miami and miami beach. we'll seal where the storm goes. it may be like matthew that staged just offshore last year. if the storm tracks right of miami or just to the west of miami in fort lauderdale, then we'll have the worst-case scenario. 10, 12, 14 feet of water. it could be a real mess. and people need to take a very seriously and get out of dodge with days to spare. >> fingers crossed it does not track in that direction, and fingers crossed for everybody already in the path of that storm. thanks for joining me. >> you bet. there's a chance during the election you saw political ads on facebook bought and paid for
12:40 am
by a russian entity. tonight you'll remember ♪ tired of wrestling with seemingly impossible cleaning tasks? using wipes in the kitchen can be ineffective. try mr. clean magic eraser. simply add water, to remove burnt on food and grease. try mr. clean magic eraser.
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tonight you'll remember treasury secretary steven mnuchin confirmed last week saying the administration would stay engaged as congress actually writes the plan. that's after the white house promised for six months it was writing the tax plan that was coming along really well. >> so we're doing a massive tax plan. it's coming along really well. it'll be submitted in the not too distinct future. >> we're introducing a tax plan. >> before we do the tax which is actually very well finalized. our tax reform and tax plan is coming along very well. it'll be out very soon. the tax plan is going to be major. it's going to be simple.
12:44 am
one of the largest tax cuts in history. >> today in a tax reform stump speech, the president gave a new deadline on his quote, wonderful tax plan. >> we're going to get into great detail over the next two weeks. but we're working with congress now and coming up with exact numbers. >> in the next two weeks, where have we heard that before? we're going to get into around here, i'm lucky to get through a shift without a disaster. heads up! you know what, don't worry about it. my bargain detergent couldn't keep up. it was mostly water. so, i switched to tide pods. they're super concentrated, so i get a better clean. i mean, i give away water for free. i'm not about to pay for it in my detergent. number one trusted. number one awarded. it's got to be tide
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whuuuuuat?rtgage offer from the bank today. you never just get one offer. go to and shop multiple loan offers for free! free? yeah. could save thousands. you should probably buy me dinner. no. go to for a new home loan or refinance. receive up to five free offers and choose the loan that's right for you. our average customer could lower their monthly bills by over three hundred dollars. go to right now. we're going to get into great detail over the next two weeks, but we're working on it with congress now and coming up with very exacting numbers. >> exacting. so today the president promised details on his tax plan in the quote, next two weeks, one of his favorite units of time. >> we're going to be announcing something, i would say over the next two or three weeks. it will be phenomenal. we'll be reporting back sometime over the next two weeks as to nafta and what we're going to be
12:46 am
doing about it. i'll be making a big decision on the paris accord over the next two weeks. and the minds are starting to open up. having a big opening in two weeks. we'll be having a big conference in the next two weeks to let everyone know how well we're doing. we're going to have a news conference entwo weeks on that fight. wiretap covers a lot of different things. i think you're going to find some very interesting items coming to the forefront over the next two weeks.
12:47 am
12:48 am
there's been a lot of talk and coverage of russian influence during the presidential campaign other than hacking dnc e-mails and the john podesta e-mail inbox. but it's often been quite murky and very hard to pin down any concrete. but today we got concrete data by officials at facebook that a russian entity was buying ads. with a history of pushing
12:49 am
pr-kremlin propaganda. continuing to quote here, post of the ads focus odon pumping political issues. a report that a russian firm was able to target political message and likely to fuel pointed questions from investigators about whether the russians received guidance from people in the united states. meanwhile, for the first time ever the president's very own son, donald trump, jr., will meet with the senate judiciary committee tomorrow. that's next. it's time for the biggest sale of the
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for the first time since it was revealed that donald trump jr. and other trump campaign officials attended a june 2016 meeting with a russian lawyer, promising dirt on hillary clinton, donald trump jr. will meet with the senate judiciary committee tomorrow. the meeting is officially with staff of the judiciary committee, several senators plan to intend to ask specific questions. it will be a good opportunity to better understand the thinking of core members of the president's team. that june 9th, 2016, meeting included don jr., campaign manager paul manafort, jared kushner and the russian lawyer as well as publicist rob goldstone which promised dirt on hillary clinton.
12:54 am
part of russia and its government's support for mr. trump. to which, don jr. replied if it's what you say, i love it, especially later in the summer. matt miller is the former chief spokesman for the justice department and nbc justice and security analyst. nick ackerman also joins me now. let me ask you from the sort of attorney standpoint, what is don jr. walking into tomorrow? >> he is walking into a category 5 hurricane. there are so many things swirling around him. first he's got this false story that his father devised for him to give to the public about the fact that he just thought this meeting was about adoption of russian children. and that nothing happened about it. without responding at all to the notion that he was supposed to get documents incriminating hillary clinton. >> right. >> and on top of all that, you've got this dossier that's
12:55 am
out there that just keeps getting more and more credible, because that dossier talks about, in fact, the russian government supporting the trump campaign. it talks about dmitry, who went to talk to about the campaign to build another trump tower in moscow. you've got all of these facts that keep swirling up, swirling around, just like a hurricane. that are really going to impact donald jr. in a big way because ultimately he's going to have to give this story under oath. >> right now he's not giving it under oath tomorrow. it will be one of those long staff questioning sessions. how much leeway does that give him? >> it doesn't give him any. it's not technically under oath, but the penalties of perjury are the same. if you lie to congressional investigators in an interview t is the same penalty, charged as the same as lying to an fbi agent. one of the things that don jr.
12:56 am
has inherited from his father is a lack of faithfulness to the truth. he won't get away with that tomorrow if he doesn't tell the truth. one of the problems he has, this is not the only time he's going to be forced to testify. dianne feinstein said they'll ask him to come back to a public hearing. and you have to think bob mueller is going to call him before the grand jury because that's so important to get all the facts. the final thing i'll say is, the really big challenge for him is he is not the only person who attended that meeting, he is not the only account he will get access to. the russian-american lobbyist has already been to the grand jury and testified for several hours and he's obviously someone with no apparent interests of the president to protect. >> that's a great point. so you're not just spinning about a story about what you were doing alone in your car. you've got people that they can cross-reference.
12:57 am
there's two loose threads out of that meeting that i think of. the e-mail chain suggests the possibility, strongly suggests that don jr. gets on the phone with the son of the real estate developer, the person that rob goldstone represents, gets on the phone to have a broader conversation about what exactly is going on with all of this, and if that's true, i want to know what they talked about. >> right. that's not in the e-mails. if you look at the e-mail chains, there's this big gap where you just don't know what they talked about. >> right. they coordinated back and forth to say i'll have him call you, oh, he's on stage right now, but thank you for setting that up. >> that takes you back to the dossier that talks about the information that the russians have been gathering on hillary clinton. it just dovetails. >> right. so that dossier, again, which we talked about congressman castro, that the republicans are upset with, unconfirmed, i have to say all that because it's true, but
12:58 am
to caution folks that have read it that it's not some description of reality, as far as we know. that said, there are lots of things that were suggested there that have subsequent events made look more credible. >> and made look true. they just dovetail perfectly. those e-mails, the june 4th e-mail talks about the fact that the russians are supporting the trump campaign. the dossier says the exact same thing. >> the second big loose thread, matt, this is the thing i think of the most is, what happened after the meeting. even if you take their story at face value, this meeting got set up, eight people go in there, the president's son, his son-in-law, the campaign chair, and told to be a torlt bust where they prattled on about adoption. what? no e-mail? that is the biggest unanswered question about that meeting. >> i think there are two big unanswered questions really. one, natalia, the russian lawyer, leaves a document behind.
12:59 am
she said publicly that she did. that will be a big question. if she left a document, what did the document say and what did don jr. do with it. the other big question is, what did he talk to his father about. did he tell his father, did the eventual president of the united states know about this meeting either in advance or did he know about it afterwards, what kind of information did he have about what they discussed. that is a huge question. >> the reason that's so huge, nick, is that's where you get the intersection on what happened on the collusion front, and mueller question. they seem to be focusing on the president's role in writing that wildly misleading statement by his son about the meeting. >> yeah. and on top of it all you've got the whole question about the e-mails that were hacked out of hillary clinton's campaign. what happened to those? it's no coincidence that two weeks after that meeting, these e-mails start turning up on the internet. >> the dnc e-mails. >> the dnc e-mails, right. were those e-mails that were turned over at that june 9th
1:00 am
meeting? we don't know. >> okay. but that would be a huge -- i mean, that would be amazingly a smoking gun and strange thing to do to give them a thumb drive -- >> i don't think it would be strange at all. if you look at the events that occur afterwards, it certainly suggests that's what happened. if you look at the events that occurred before, it suggests what happened. >> he said, i would love it if it's later in the summer. thank you both for joining me. >> thank you. that is "all in" for this evening. tonight, donald trump does a deal with the democrats, as republican leaders mcconnell and ryan watch it go down. also tonight, we're just hours away from donald trump, jr.'s appearance on capitol hill, behind closed doors facing difficult questions about that meeting with the russians in trump tower. one of trump's most powerful republican critics doubles down,


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