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tv   MSNBC Live With Velshi and Ruhle  MSNBC  September 7, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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our coverage now. >> good morning, i'm stephanie ruhle. >> it's thursday, september 7th. let's get started. >> we are getting our first look at the catastrophic damage where irma first made landfall. >> the small island of barbuda was nearly demolished. >> what i saw was heart wrenching, absolutely devastating. >> more than a million people here are waking up without power. >> irma is bearing down on turks and caicos and the bahamas. >> a growing fear south florida will take a direct hit and it dob catastrophic, causing anxiety up and down the southeast coast. >> if you think you're a tough guy, you're on your own. >> more than a third at stations in the miami ft. lauderdale air have run dry. >> those who do have gas, prices
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have increased. take a look at this, more than $7 a gallon. this was immediately investigated as the price went up. >> in florida's capital, a price gouging call center. >> i can do a fine and hurt them and destroy the reputation as well. >> our special coverage of hurricane irma continues this hour. breaking news we've just received the latest track of this monster storm. there are now hurricane and storm surge watches posted for florida. >> listen to that. [ . >> that's the impact of hurricane irma caught on camera by a resident in british
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inislands. irma roars her way toward the united states, some 150,000 people along the coast ever being ordered to leave or risk being stranded. governor rick scott of florida warned the entire state they must take this storm seriously or face dire consequences. >> what we now know, miami-dade will have major hurricane impacts with deadly storm surge. deadly storm surge and life threatening winds. look at the size of this storm. it's huge. it's wider than our entire state and could cause major and life threatening impacts on both costs, coast to coast. regardless of which coast you live on, be prepared to evacuate. floridians on the west coast cannot be complacent. >> think of how thin florida is, 180-mile-per-hour winds, the sounds you heard of those images from the british virgin islands extraordinary. new information just in from the national hurricane center. hurricane and storm surge
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watches are now in effect for parts of south florida and the keys, life threatening storm surge and destructive winds are predicted along coastal areas from southern florida all the way to south carolina. the wreckage left behind more than 1 million people in puerto rico are without power. fortunately the eye of the storm is about 40 to 50 miles away but no power after irma pummeled the island last night with heavy rains and winds. one positive unlike harvey, the storm, water and wet is not sustained. >> and scenes are coming in from the caribbean with several islands appearing virtually uninhabitable. we have a team of reporters spread out through southeast florida and caribbean. let's go to steve sos na from our nbc news weather station in new york. give us the latest track, steve. >> i have the latest advisory, haven't had time to ator my graphics just yet. we have hurricane watches for you and i'll show you that in a
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second. winds 175, just down a little bit but don't focus on this wind speed. it's still a category 5 storm. even though the winds are five miles per hour weaker, it's still an extremely dangerous hurricane and it can produce catastrophic damage. these are the new hurricane watches that i've just plotted here on the map. it goes from jupiter inlet in florida on the east coast to bonita beach on the west coast. this does include lake okeechobee. this means that tropical storm force winds, winds greater than 39 miles per hour will begin within 48 hours. they issue these watches out ahead of the hurricane force winds because once the tropical storm force winds come in, you really don't have much time to prepare. we'll be updating these graphics through the rest of the day here. here's the latest projected path from the hurricane center. again, this is a new update as of 11:00 a.m., still has it as a strong category 4 coming through
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the southern ba a.m. mas and this is the nightmare scenario, where does this hurricane curve? we're getting new information within the next two hours but the newer information coming in from our american model has shifted the track back to the stouj and west a bit. that was the optimistic model earlier on today. this is not like an andrew scenario where andrew cut across south florida. this goes up almost a1a through northern and central florida and makes a second landfall and everyone in south carolina and georgia needs to be preparing right now for a category 3, potentially 4 or even a 2, the intensity forecast here is a little bit uncertain. a lot of people along this corridor will be impacted and need to be ready. >> that's one of the issues for floridians, where do they go? the answer isn't go east or west. now we're seeing all the way up to south carolina.
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thanks so much steve sosna. >> we have to take a turn, rehema ellis is live in nassau, the bahamas right in the path of irma. rehema, let's talk about that in a min u there's widespread destruction in other caribbean islands. when i've seen images of saint maarten, it seems they are decimated. >> it's really frightening and people are coming to water filling stations like this and seeing what damage the storm has done. let me show you something really quick. as fast as they can get these pallets of water in underneath this tent, they are being loaded on to cars and people are riding out. they've been lining up since 4:00, one person 3:00 in the morning to get that water. let me share with you as you pointed out what's going on in the other islands which is the reason people are so worried. we have pictures to show you what happened in barbuda, prime minister there says that island was devastated. nearly 90% of the structures
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were damaged or totally destroyed and they are trying to assess what else might have occurred in terms of loss of life. virgin islands, also hard hit, saint martin and saint thomas, eight people dead, 23 people injured and they expect that number is going to go up. about puerto rico, they say 68% of their customers are without power. they woke up without power this morning. damage assessment is under way. all of that is a reason that people here in the bahamas are starting to get very nervous. we have evacuated the southern islands and the prime minister said today that he expects that they will start to feel the effects of the storm in the southeastern islands this evening. it's going to move up into central bahamas where we are starting tomorrow. they say it's going to be tropical storm force winds but prepare for a hurricane because they expect it will be devastating here as well.
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>> ali and stephanie? >> real stay in close touch with you as this develops. thanks so much. rehema ellis in the bahamas. joining us on the phone, an e.r. nurse in saint thomas. she's lived there for a year now and courtney, you've stayed in a hotel last night. you sent us video. we'll put that on. hi how did the storm end up compared to what you were expecting it to be? >> well, i think we weren't quite sure what was going to happen but it -- from where we were it wasn't as awful as other people experienced because the marriott had hurricane proof windows, which said a lot. >> that video is incredible. we're looking at this video you sent. this is from your hotel room looking out. look at the palm trees they look like toys. >> yeah. it was pretty scary. the part toshio door a few times and went ut and the wind speed
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was so strong. had to hold on to not blow away. >> did you lose power and cell service? >> yeah, we had power and cell service until it started getting really bad and once the wind started picking up and getting worse, then we lost all service to everything and power. the marriott is on the south side of the island so we drove up today to the north side to get back to our house. when we got to the north side we had cell phone service but the entire south side is still out of service. >> what's the damage like? >> pretty catastrophic everywhere. >> when you say catastrophic, what are you seeing, roofs off, houses down? street poles? what are you seeing? >> there's power lines everywhere, there's poles and trees everywhere, there's a lot of people without roofs. we talked to a few people this morning who had to move to multiple different rooms and
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hide because their roof kept coming off on each part they were in. >> how about personal injuries, you're an emergency room nurse? i'm guessing you didn't go to work last night. but was your hospital open? >> it was open. it's still open. i'm not allowed to say anything else about that due to legal staff but -- i know it's open. i know that they are helping people and i will be going in here shortly. >> all right, courtney, please stay safe -- how is your house? >> well, we were lucky, we have a roof stuff and have a house, the generator is working but the house is full of water. you know, we didn't lose anybody or any lives so that's more important. >> kourtney, our thoughts are with you and those around you. good luck and try to stay safe through this. an emergency room nurse joining us from saint thomas. we were looking at saint
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maarten. >> when you see the images of places like saint maarten, saint barts. thousands are being told to get out and get out now. we're talking mandatory evacuations in parts of miami-dade county and that's where we find gabe gutierrez. i'm looking the images thinking there's two nuclear power plants that could be in irma's path but let's talk about the more than 100,000 people being told to leave. the storm is wider than florida. where are they going to go? >> reporter: yeah, stephanie, good morning. this is -- you know, this is the largest mass evacuation in this area in 12 years, more than 100,000 people in miami-dade county in various areas including miami beach. we're here in the ricken bacher cause way, they are being told to get out, mandatory evacuations and florida keys
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they started yesterday. more than 31,000 people from the keys have already bolted. but as you said, the question is where do they go? with this storm being so huge it is expected and according to the latest forecast to head over much of the state of florida, both coasts impacted. so where exactly do you go? a hurricane watch just issued for south florida. now four shelters have opened in miami-dade county and families are starting to head there but that will still be in the impact zone. what authorities are saying that to pay attention to mandatory evacuation zones. if you're in one of those zones, you need to get out and get out now. but what we're running into, a lot of people are heading too the gas station and seeing long lines at the gas station. gas reporting more than a third of gas stations in the miami ft. lauderdale area have run out of fuel. we've been seeing a run on supplies and bottled water and empty shelves in many different stores. this is a very -- go ahead.
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>> we know south florida gets a lot of their gas from refineries from producers in areas affected by harvey. if that's the case, where are they even going to refuel from? >> reporter: yeah, well, the governor said he's in touch with oil companies and trying to get in this fuel as quickly as possible to restock but time is running out. we're getting into the window where today is the main day to evacuate. tomorrow we're getting really close to impact in south florida. and it's not just florida that's looking at this, as you know, four states at least now have emergency declarations, florida is looking at that, georgia is looking at this as they are sandbagging atlanta motor speedway is opening up camp grounds and national guard in north carolina is mobilized. millions along the east coast are watching this. what is the exact track and when -- how strong the winds will be in this major metropolitan area. >> the issue of course, unlike
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andrew it's not cutting across. in so many hurricanes you have the option of going in a few different directions. if you're on the peninsula in florida at the moment, it doesn't look like you have a lot of options except to go north where the storm may also hit. gabe, we'll stay close to you important. >> it's so important for people in miami area to watch the governor's press conferences to continue to monitor the news. look at the skies behind gabe, blue, blue skies and white puffy clouds but guess what, that storm is a coming. >> stay safe. we'll stay in close touch with you over the course of the next few days. let's bring in the mayor of miami beach, phillip lavigne. you are calling irma a nuclear hurricane, we just showed live pictures in miami beach of people headed north, the roads clogged with people heading north. tell me what's on your mind right now. >> the most important thing our message gets out. this is about ee vak was, not about eradication.
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we believe this is a serious storm, that's why i called it a nuclear storm, it's that powerful. i sit with reporters as i'm outside it's a beautiful day. that's the calm before the storm. don't be fooled. people need to listen and get off miami beach. our visitors are leaving. we want our residents to leave. we have buses to pick them up and bring them to the emergency shelters if you don't have someplace to go but you don't want to be on miami beach as this storm moves in. it will get tougher and more challenging and while it does hit assuming it continues on its path, our first responders will have a very challenging time getting and helping anyone that needs them. >> you have 91,000 people in miami beach. what kind of help can you offer? we're telling people to evacuate but evacuate to where? not everyone has friends or family they can go to in northern florida. >> absolutely. dade county is opening up shelters all over the county for folks with special needs, seniors even people with pets, they can bring cats and dogs with them.
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there are special shelters for that. we have buses set up and trolleys set up to help them get to the actual bus stops on miami beach to help evacuate them out of the city. >> undocumented immigrants safe to go to a shelter. >> absolutely. 100%. >> mayor, some of the town's up and down the coast have said once the winds hit 40 or 45 miles per hour first responders won't be able to help and yet there are people up and doin the road we're looking at rye now all the way to northern florida saying they are not leaving. what can they expect if they stay. >> >> well, i think we know how powerful this storm is. they'll have to seek shelter but there are shelters all up and down the communities. here in miami beach and in miami, we want them to leave the barrier island. we're concerned about storm surge and know how dangerous that can be. we're a low lying area but we need people to listen. we don't want heroes.
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we want people to save their lives. that's what we're all about. >> have you asked the national guard to come? we know they came out in force in texas and even before the storm hit there were calls for national guard support for additional federal funding. what are you asking for? >> well, the national guard of course has the purview of the governor. i understand the governor has already asked the national guard to come out. haven't seen them on miami beach. our police force is doing a fine job and fire department and our emergency operations people. but listen, if this storm hits with this kind of intensity, we know we'll have national guard on the street and we just want people at this point to leave the city. >> you too, please stay safe mayor. phillip levine. we'll keep a close eye on the storm and mass evacuations in south florida. you can see the images, traffic, that road to get off the keys, that's one single road. we're covering south florida and all of the caribbean. we have other things to cover this morning.
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welcome back as we continue to monitor hurricane irma, there's more breaking news about a storm in the district of colombia. donald trump jr. being
8:22 am
questioned behind closed doors on capitol hill in the russia investigation. not under oath but -- >> this is actually really interesting, making his first appearance before congressional investigators frm the president's oldest son is facing questions from senate judiciary committee staffers. some are invinted to attend but this is not a hearing. in addition to robert mueller's investigation which is entirely separate. >> garrett haake live on capitol hill. you didn't see him walk in but you know he's in the hot seat -- the expected focus of course is on that june 2016 meeting, don jr. set up with a russian lawyer at trump tower. there's speculation that they are going to be talking about trump businesses and possibly russian financing. what do you know? >> well, stephanie, it is a staff conducted interview but
8:23 am
we've seen three democratic senators coming in and out of the meeting room where this is all taking place throughout the course of the morning. so as ali said, not asking questions but able to sit in and listen. they conduct essentially a depression,a deposition, anything that happened after the meeting and anywhere else they want to go on the topic of the russia investigation as within the bounds of this judiciary committee meeting. it has been interesting because donald trump jr. has gone to extraordinary lengths to not be seen here on capitol hill. he came in through a back entrance, they are doing this whole meeting in a building where we can't have our cameras. they are going out of the way to not be seen doing this but the expectation is that at some point he will be back for a public hearing, the chairman of the judiciary committee chuck grassley has said he wants that to happen and ranking democrat has said she wants that to happen. they've also said they would prefer he come voluntarily but
8:24 am
they are not opposed to using subpoena power if necessary so the idea would be do the staff interview today and get a transcript out of it. get that to committee members and in due course have him back here, whether he wants to come or has to be compelled to come and based on the length he's gone to to not be seen in the capitol today, it may come to that. >> it's an informational meeting if you will that could lead to something. here's my question, if it's not testimony and not under subpoena, can one lie to a staff meeting on congress? it's just a meeting, right? >> reporter: lying to congress is against the law in this context. i've been asking that question particularly of democratic senators over the last couple of days. look, given how many times he changed his story, are you k confident he'll tell the same story here? he doesn't necessarily know what anyone else who is involved in the probe has told investigators and they have the transcript of
8:25 am
everyone else they spoke to. if he's not careful, he will be caught up in that if he tries to lie -- >> we don't want to goet ahead f ourselves, but the context of the question is that he didn't know what the meeting was for and taking it for a friend. there's a bit of a record here -- >> orphans. >> the adoption. there is a bit of issue here. we're going to keep on figuring that out. thank you so much for being with us. >> it might not be a legal -- but it could be frowned upon, that takes me back to a quote from the movie "the hangover." stand by, much more on this hour's big story, the deadly and catastrophic hurricane, irma, it is now headed towards the state of florida. we'll talk live with the coast guard command ir in miami about emergency military preparations. >> we'll bring you all new developments as they happen by the way, through the entire storm, this may be the worst case scenario in miami, georgia
8:26 am
and south carolina, could also be hit."velshi & ruhle" live on msnbc. stay with us.
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welcome back, you're watching "velshi & ruhle." we're monitoring don jr. sitting down not under oath but speaking to staffers discussing that june 2016 meeting that took place in trump tower with the russian lawyer who may or may not have had information damaging information about hillary clinton. some information is now being released by the "new york times" where don jr. is saying what he was looking for was information so he could learn whether or not hillary clinton in his eyes was fit to be president. >> so offering up the
8:31 am
explanation of taking the meeting which he initially said he didn't know what it was about and didn't know what it was for and taking it for a friend. then about adoptions and now the story has changed according to the "new york times," performing a service for the country by taking meeting to determine hillary clinton's fitness for president. >> this is why the question remains, why not just come clean? why does the story continue to change? i said it in a tongue and cheek manner before but remember, when this was first released out of don jr., it was we were taking the meeting because we wanted to understand more about the adoption practices and the story has just changed and changed just like president trump saying there was never any plans to build anything, do any projects in nmoscow and heard different answers from eric trump and don trump jr. if this was the story today, why wasn't the story last tuesday and four fridays ago? >> the "new york times" report continues to say that he told
8:32 am
investigators that working for his father, don trump jr., campaign consumed his life. i've never had worked on a campaign before and it was exhausting, life changing experience, every day i fielded hundreds of e-mails and phone calls. very interesting stuff. we'll give you more as we get it. >> hurricane irma roaring towards the united states, hurricane and storm surge watches are in in effect for parts of south florida, including the keys, life threatening storm surge and destructive winds from southern florida up to south carolina. >> massive evacuations in south florida. 150,000 thousand along the coast ordered to leave or risk being strappeded. the governor said they have to take the storm seriously, it's wider than the peninsula. new pictures just in from the decimated island of st. martin.
8:33 am
>> look at this. this is incredible. at least eight are dead on the island. that number could u.s. rise once rescuers are done with the search. check out the timelap video taken by the hurricane hunters, air force reservists who fly into the massive storms to collect data for the national hurricane center. they have been flying for weeks investigating both harvey and irma. when they put the sound -- you're in the plane but when we have seen the video taken whether it's in the virgin islands, british virgin islands or u.s. virgin island. the sound, when you're in a setting when there's 170-mile-per-hour winds, it sounds like screaming witches. >> major dunne is a pilot with the 53rd weather reconnaissance squaw dron. joins us via skype. good to have you on. i have to tell you -- i fly a little plane.
8:34 am
how do you even fly a plane in that kind of wind? >> good morning to you all. the c 130 we fly is a tank. they made the initial design and many improvements over the years and incredible aircraft. >> talk to us about the storm. how is it different than others you've seen? >> to be honest with you a couple of weeks ago, a month ago flying tropical storm don and we flew harvey when it was a cat 2 becoming a cat 3. the thing immediately that you notice about the storm is the strong winds, miles out. we were 80 to 100 miles out and already of 65 knot, 75-mile-per-hour winds. you knew it was going to be a little different. we had crews down in saint kroix flying it and they had to evacuate to a different island. we were texting book and forth and very strong. you were getting a little nervous getting close to it and tefs definitely different to see
8:35 am
that strength on the eye wall. >> the average person who consumes weather information doesn't realize how much more sophisticated our forecasting is. and that's in large part of what folks like you do. the risks that you take. you're not just risk seekers you're performing an important service. tell me what you can collect, what you get by being in that hurricane that helps us understand it better and helps people better prepare and saves lives? >> yeah i've told people in the past, sir, that you know somebody talking to them on the phone, but until you give them a good hug and talk to them face to face, that's when you get to know them. that's what we do, get in the middle of them, collect the data, temperature, wind speed, i go back to hurricane matthew last year, florida they tried to evacuate or did evacuate and matthew just barely escaped them. i was in that when it was a cat 4, it was incredible but it didn't hit -- it hit florida so
8:36 am
people didn't realize. this thing is serious. we feel it and know it, down to the surface. we fly it at 10,000 feet, 175-mile-per-hour winds and it was 175-mile-per-hour down on the surface. people need to -- video is coming out now. >> are you not putting your own life at risk? flying into a category 5 hurricane, do you not risk you know, serious injury or harm yourself? >> well, we train when you're flying and it's all over with and adrenalin goes down, i saved my own life today, pretty interesting. we train and try to understand exactly what's happening. you know, the airplane doesn't realize it's flying through that kind of wind. you definitely know because of the wind and hail and rain especially and then when you pop out in the middle, it's a very calming amazing thing. >> that eye of the storm people always -- it's always the most
8:37 am
confusioniing thing when it get still. thank you for keeping the rest of us safe. >> it's that information that's so -- >> absolutely. >> saw gabe earlier, sunny skies. forget theny skies, look at the images of that storm. >> 100 years ago they refused to evacuate because they could say they are not accurate. they are really accurate. we don't know exactly where the storm is going but we know it's one mean storm. if you think you're near it, it's better to be safe. >> we've got brand-new video showing the coast guard gearing up to assess damage in puerto rico and virgin islands. joining us from the phone from miami, another hero, captain megan dean. commander of the u.s. coast guard sector miami. commander, you were just in texas handling harvey and now ready to take on irma. no rest for the we'ary, what ar you seeing? >> good morning, thanks for having me on.
8:38 am
right now what we're seeing is i think the last couple of days we've really seen people taking the storm seriously within south florida. obviously the gas lines and those things but i think people are taking it seriously and hitting roads and making sure they are prepared for what's ahead of them. >> we're strangely familiar with your helicopters and our viewers are because we've been watching choppers painted like that in harvey. tell me -- have you had to divert -- had the coast guard had to divert helicopters or resources from harvey in preparation what you'll have to do in miami or do you have a whole separate fleet? >> the coast guard's response to hurricane harvey was an all hands on deck evolution and we pulled resources as far away from alaska, i sent some of my folks to help with response. we saved 11,000 human lives saved and 1,000 animals. we take great pride in the motto, always ready and ready to
8:39 am
respond to hurricane irma as well. we've been monitoring hurricane irma for several days and taking the steps necessary to shore up our people and assets in the best position to respond after the storm. >> what are you doing to prepare? >> like i said, we've been monitoring the last several days. what we've done in terms of the coast guard is we have repositioned our assets, when i say assets, ships and planes and personnel, prior to the storm. we put them strategically to ensure that we can respond rapidly once the storm is passed in order to one -- number one priority is saving lives and then after that it's ensuring that we get our ports and waterways open to resume the flow of maritime commerce, so essential not only to south florida but nation as well. >> we were watching the coast guard, national guard lifting people up in baskets in helicopters and surveying damage and figuring out where people
8:40 am
need to be rescued. what is the message you want to get to people in irma's path right now? >> i would say this point hopefully you've made preparations. but really, people need to understand that during the height of the storm, rescue assistance may not be available, which is why folks and i'm speaking specifically to the boaters here in south florida, which there are many, they should heed hurricane warnings and take early action, should already have done to stay safe. they need to understand during the height of the storm rerescue assistance may not be available. >> megan dean, thank you to you and your colleagues across the country. this is a nationwide effort for two hurricanes we're dealing with. the commander of u.s. coast guard sector miami. thank you. >>? south florida, 40% of gas stations now completely out of gas. remember, they get a lot of that gas from places located that hit harvey. >> and it -- i can't believe it still happens but there are
8:41 am
reports of price gouging. >> this is horrific. >> on water and airplane tickets. more on that next. you're watching "velshi & ruhle" on msnbc. stay with us. what do you have there?
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surround yourself with the team of breast cancer experts at cancer treatment centers of america. visit paul ryan speaking at congress. let's listen to him. >> i didn't describe it that way. you're putting words in my mouth. i described a short term debt limit. i'm worried about the credit markets and short term basis, we can't keep doing it that way. i think what the president basically expressed at this moment, when we just had a massive hurricane hit texas and louisiana, we got one that just hit the virgin islands and puerto rico and now florida, you
8:45 am
look at the cone of this hurricane, it could be anywhere from georgia to south carolina. so that is a tough moment for our country and we need to make sure the government responds to people. the president wanted to make sure that we are going together as republicans and democrats to respond to this. i was making an economic point which is with respect to the credit markets, i think stability and long he havety are key. >> at yesterday's meeting, president trump apparently proposed the idea of scrapping future -- is that something that you -- >> no, i think that -- i won't get into a proper conversation that we had but i think there's a legitimate rule for the power of one powers and that's what we defend here in congress. >> texas has about $10 billion rainy day fund. they are not -- should they have to tap that money from this round or future round?
8:46 am
>> i won't get into what they have or aren't doing with the legislative session. i spoke with the governor last night. what we know the disaster reserve fund which this isn't just for harvey. this is for all disasters. and we've got more than just one disaster occurring in this country, especially today than what's going on in texas. what's happening is unlike katrina, where i don't think iphones even existed then, people on their smartphones are quickly applying for fema relief. and those applications are being approved and money is going out the door at such a faster pace than we've experienced before, to the point where onb is telling us fema could run out of money as early as tomorrow and no later than tuesday. so that is basically the projections we're getting from homeland and onb. we have a treasury secretary who is worried about the borrowing limit to cash flow these payments to fema, particularly
8:47 am
now that there's a new hurricane hitting this country today. and so those are the concerns that trump everything else, no pun intended. those are the concerns that prevail over everything else. that is why we have this issue right in front of us. >> shouldn't texas at some point ante up? >> i'm sure they are going to. >> thank you mr. speaker, in august the president recommitted to afghanistan. as you know for months and years there has been a discussion about a new -- do you think that because of the president's decision to recommit to afghanistan and because of the nature almost -- what should be done, do you think the administration? you previously said you think the administration has the authority to do what they do but now that they have recommitted -- >> i want to make sure we have one that works for our war fighters. i want to make sure we have one that works for the men and women we're asking to go into harm's way. we do it in such a way it
8:48 am
doesn't put them in jeopardy. >> what would that look like? >> i think the administration should take a lead on what the amf looks like. i didn't like the one president obama wrote. i didn't like the deadline because that puts our military in duress. what matters in my opinion that we have one that respects the fight we have in front of us, which is multicontent. we've got isis in libya. we've got isis in the arabian peninsula. we've got central asia, we've got a lot of fights on our hands that we have to engage in in order to keep the american people safe. i think the president recognizes this threat. i think the president through a long analysis recognizes the need to go a better different way in afghanistan. i think in afghanistan, the best description of the last 16 years in afghanistan is we've had -- we need a real strategy in afghanistan that shows what victory looks like on how we keep ourselves safe and deny
8:49 am
terrorist safe havens and it should reflect that and shouldn't tire our war fighters. >> as far as daca is concerned and any potential legislation in the next six months, did the president make it clear he's looking for any type of law funding to be added to this and how did the democratic leerdship react to that? >> i'm not going to get into our meeting yesterday. that was a private conversation, i'm sure there's going to be rival interpretations. what we as republicans and feel safe saying administration agrees is, remember, daca is a symptom of a problem we don't have control of our borders. so while we deal with this issue, when the president just gave congress time to deal with, it's only reasonable that we deal with the root cause of the problem, open borders, uncontrolled borders. we need to control our borders while we deal with this problem so we don't have the same problem ten years from now. that's just perfectly reasonable
8:50 am
and it wasn't too long ago that i think a lot of democrats agreed with us we should have operational control of our borders. >> should the border funding be included -- >> funding the border is part o >> last question. >> mr. speaker, dimt democrats some of their power and negotiations comes from having consensus among their members. are you worried the visions among the republicans weaken your hand and will you get a majority of the republicans to vote for the combined package this week? >> we haven't done the whip on this. i don't know the answer to your question about the vote -- about the vote count. we all thought we had more time obviously to deal with a debt limit issue and that's before the hurricanes hit. when these hurricanes hit, and we saw the new numbers coming in from fema, that changed the entire calculation. and so the president made a game call yesterday that he thought it was in our country's interest to have a bipartisan support in a bipartisan package to deal
8:51 am
with these ongoing hurricane disasters. and so that is where we are right now, and, look, hurricanes don't discriminate between republicans and democrats. hurricanes just hit people. they hit americans. and we have an obligation to respond to this. thank you very much. appreciate it. thank you. >> broad ranging conversation with paul ryan on a lot of topics. but it started off with that deal that the president made with democrats yesterday to extend the debt ceiling and the funding of the government for three months against the wishes of paul ryan and mitch mcconn l mcconnell, against the wishes of republicans. >> i want to talk about another broad ranging conversation, we're hearing from former white house strategist steve bannon. you know the guy now commandeering breitbart. i think he always was. he'll appear on "60 minutes" this sunday with charlie rose and here is what he said about
8:52 am
gary cohen. >> the stuff that was leaked out that week i thought was unacceptable. if you find it unacceptable, you should resign. >> who are you talking about? >> gary cohen and other people. if you don't like what he's doing and you don't agree with it, you have an obligation to resign. >> gary cohen should have resigned. >> absolutely. >> here is my take and it is twofold. i don't think steve bannon was correct in saying what was leaked. he didn't have any information leaked. he had a public statement. but stephen bannon isn't necessarily wrong. look how this played out. >> why, if you so strongly object to how the president handled -- in the wake of charlottesville, why wouldn't you resign. some made the argument, i'm here for the good of the nation. a lot of people made that argument on behalf of the generals, kelly and mattis and hr mcmaster. steve bannon is saying, you don't like it, get out. >> if gary cohen is there for tax reform, if gary cohen is there as had been reported maybe
8:53 am
because he was eyeing the fed chair job, we're learning he's most likely not getting that fed chair job. if we're not getting tax reform and he disagrees with the president -- >> what is he doing there? there is now talk that fed chairwoman janet yellen might get her term extended. >> and stan fisher announced he'll be stepping down. >> vice chair. he just announced yesterday he's stepping down. >> this is the guy who taught economics to most of the leading economic minds on the planet. you got no stan fisher, unclear if janet gellen is staying. could it be a -- i know financial markets are focused on it. maybe now gary isn't focused on the job. >> they're playing music. >> that's the hook for the two us. >> saying we have to pay for the show somehow. when we come back, millions in south florida may be in the path of irma's intense eyewall. that's the eyewall. this is the video of it. the eye and the wall, released from noaa this morning. >> extraordinary. we're looking at less than 60 hours until major impact.
8:54 am
talking about price gouging next in the state of florida. that's where we think we're going to see that storm hit less than 60 hours from now. right now, you're watching "velshi & ruhle" live on msnbc. stick around. ncestrydna and i couldn't wait to get my pie chart. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea. just to know this is what i'm made of, this is where my ancestors came from. and i absolutely want to know more about my native american heritage. it's opened up a whole new world for me. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at i am totally blind. and non-24 can throw my days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424.
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8:56 am
florida's attorney general promising tough action and she's activated a price gouging hot line, you can see it there on the screen, 1-866-9-no-scam. >> use this. report people who profit as two people who really believe in capitalism and believe in profit, report people who profit off of other's misery. that is not capitalism. >> it is a disgrace. when governor rick scott is urging people to evacuate, and we're hearing flights are going up 10, 20 times the price they normally should, that's called gouging. >> over 1500 callers yesterday used that number. $70 for a 24 pack of water, $7 a gallon gas. the other problem with gasoline, stations are running out. doesn't matter. if you have gas, sell it at its normal price to desperate people who need it. >> joining us now live, patrick dehan of gas which tracks gasoline and oil supplies and prices. give us an update. what is the status in south
8:57 am
florida? >> there is a lot of stations that have run out of gasoline. these gas stations are being outstripped by insatiable demand as motorists try to flee the area. thankfully average prices are calm. this is not a storm likely to shake up prices like harvey did. pricing remains relatively stable. availability is a challenge and we're starting to see the amount of stations out of gas rise. in south florida, it is looking a little bit grim with about 43% of stations in the miami metro area out of gasoline, at least at this moment. >> and so interesting point, the commodity price of gasoline is not increasing as it did nationwide because of harvey. but there is -- what we're talking about in terms of gouging is individual station owners who are doing that, which is against the law. but the price of gas for everybody who can get gas should be stable. >> yeah, relatively. there could be some localized impacts because supply and demand can be very local. but most of these gas stations
8:58 am
are, you know, good people, in fact, some gas stations are giving away coffee to try and reduce the stress that motorists have. a lot of these are doing remarkable job, but there are always some bad apples, i think, to stations we have identified near orlando -- >> patrick, we're going to need to interrupt you because gove governor rick scott of florida is speaking out in. >> -- major hurricane impacts with deadly storm surge and life threatening winds. we can expect this and we can expect this all along the east coast. the florida keys should be prepared to start feeling the effects of this storm as early as tomorrow night. look at the size of this storm, it is wider than our entire state, and could cause major and life threatening impacts from coast to coast. regardless of which coast you live on, be prepared to evacuate, floridians on the west coast cannot be complacent. just because models show going along the east coast, the west
8:59 am
coast will still have hurricane conditions. remember hurricane andrew is one of the worst storms in the history of florida. this is much worse and more devastating on its current path. irma has already caused multiple fatalities in the caribbean. this storm is powerful and is deadly. we are being very aggressive in our preparation for this storm and every floridian should take this seriously and be aggressive to protect their family. possessions can be replaced. your family cannot. this is serious. and we cannot take chances. it is life threatening. this is not a storm you can sit and wait through. one of our top priorities now is fuel availability. we know there are problems with supply at gas stations and working around the clock to get fuel to. last i spoke with the fuel retailers, this morning with the oil companies and i got off the phone with the fuel suppliers.
9:00 am
i've been very clear to all these groups, i have to know exactly what they need so we can work together to get it to families as fast as possible. i've asked them tell me exactly what any bottlenecks are and we'll do everything we can, locally at the state and federal level to solve the bottlenecks. there are issues as of now include fuel availability from our ports, federal rules and regulations and getting fuel through traffic to gas stations. to address these concerns we're doing the following. i talked to fema, the department of energy, epa, the department of transportation, and the white house about waving federal rules and regulations to get as much fuel as possible into our states and to our ports. i directed state law enforcement to provide escort services to gas trucks, to get them through traffic so they can get to the stations faster. these escorts are happening right now. for gas stations and evacuation zones, we need you to stay open as long as


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