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tv   First Look  MSNBC  September 13, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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good night from nbc headquarters in work. ♪ devastation from hurricane irma, the death toll spikes in parts of florida destroyed by the storm. in the careerian, survivors will not be forgotten. plus, the president meets with red state democrats can did she find concensus. president trump says the latest wave of diplomacy is nothing compared to what will ultimately have to happen. good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, september 13th. i'm ayman mohyeldin alongside
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yasmin vossoughian and louis burgdorf. well, this morning, cleanup continues across the southeastern united states in the wake of hurricane irma, the president and first lady are expected to travel to florida tomorrow to see some of the damage first hand. at least 54 deaths have now been blamed on irma. 12 of those in florida alone. in the watered florida keys, fema officials estimate at least 1 in 4 homes have been destroyed by the storm. in jacksonville, it could take a week for floodwaters to recede in some places. the local sheriff's office says their department has rescued more than 350 people. despite the destruction in some places, life is returning to normal. in miami, for example, the curfew has been lifted and flights from there to ft. lauderdale are beginning to resume but in broward county, school won't begin for at least another week. farther north in south carolina, the city has deployed pumps, and
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across florida and south carolina are still without four as crews begin to restore electricity i should add. but the worst damage is being seen in the caribbean where the storm has wiped out homes, leaving thousands desperate for food, water and other flies. >> maya rodriguez is joining us from that area. maya, good to talk to you. that area hard hit by the hurricane. what's it look like right now? >> reporter: well, yasmin, we can tell you in most of the state of florida there are 7 million people without power. that includes most of the florida keys at this point. as you mentioned, 25% of the homes were destroyed. 60%, though, sustained damage. right now, we're is he sea breeze mobile home park, in islamorada in the middle keys. there is destruction all over the place. at the end of this road and it used to be a road, at this point. there is what remains of the home. basically, the bathroom is the
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only thing that remains standing there. the rest of the home, gone. it was torn apart by irma's storm surge, the water, the atlantic ocean is not that far back, 40 or 50 feet beyond what remains of that home. people here were trying to pick up the pieces. see what they could do, recover from all of the destruction. one woman came out here to check on her friend's home and was completely taken aback by what she saw, take a listen. >> if anyone is here, they hardly survived. and it's just a demolishing sight right now, by the looks of it, it just looks really bad. i was at home thinking i didn't have a home. and i did. and i found out that friends just didn't. so it kind of -- it hurts the same way, you know. you just come here and say, check on my home. you got to come back and say, you've got nothing left. that's just -- it hits home. >> reporter: and just to add to the misery here, aside from not
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having power, most of the keys that are south of us here now have no running water. yasmin. >> wow, unbelievable images coming out of that area. we're certainly thinking about the residents there that are going to be sort of dealing with the aftermath of irma for quite some time. thank you. president trump has another bipartisan meeting as he seeks to cut deals on tax reform. heidi heitkamp of north dakota joe donnelly of indiana and joe manchin discussed the tax pack acht with three members of the senate finance committees. the democrats each released statements describing it as a good and productive session. senator man chin said we just do this without adding to our staggering debt. the white house indicates it wants to make a deal with white house treasury secretary steve mnuchin promising corporate tax
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rates to 15%. take a listen. >> the president has made it clear, since the campaign, ideally he'd like to get it down to 15%. i don't know if we'll be able to achieve that, given the budget issues, but we're going to get this down to a very competitive level. and what the exact number is less important. and what's more important is making sure we have a competitive system. >> if it's in the mid-20s, is that a win? >> again, i'm not going to comment on what's a win and what's not a win. as i mentioned this is a pass/fail enter skis, so passing that in 25 years that's a win. >> and prus house secretary sarah huckabee sanders faced questions about whether the administration was stepping back from one of the few specifics it had outlined. >> -- to back off of that demand for 15%? >> the president is prepared to push as low of a rate as we can get. we're going to continue to push for that and make sure we get
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the best deal as possible. >> based on that, it seems they're hovering around 20%. >> we're going to continue to make sure we get that done. >> president trump will be hitting the road on yet to be defined tax form. the white house said president trump will travel to about a dozen stays over the next several weeks. >> joining us is jacqueline klein. great to have you with us. some democratic senators are feeling left out of the breakout bipartisanship that we're seeing in washington. in particular, senator jon tester of montana saying he wasn't invited to that dinner last night at the white house but is open to discussion. you've got others like senator ron widen who tweeted this out saying serious bipartisan efforts senior democrat on tax writing committee. maybe my invite must have gotten lost in the mail. do you think that capitol hill really trusts this president's efforts to reach across the aisle with these invites last
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night? >> this is absolutely a step up on bipartisanship. but i think there's still a lot of concern on both sides of the political spectrum that the president has not yet released a lot of details about this bill. we're hearing 15%. now we're hearing it might not be 15%. and there's a lot of concern among members of the congress that they're not going to have the details of what they're voting on until they're voting on it much like the effort this year to repeal and replace obamacare. >> plus, a lot of people pushing whether or not the president will be satisfied with 20%. also the senate is expected to take an on rand paul's proposal to oppose the authorization of wars in iraq and afghanistan. paul who is on "morning joe" is actually battling this for years. >> so, rand paul is trying to repeal the 2001 and 2002 war authorizations. and lawmakers will have six
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months to pass a new authorization. this is certainly a bipartisan effort. congress has been talking about doing this for a long time. but there's a lot of concern about what if congress can't pass a new war authorization. what does that mean? i don't think anyone wants to find fought we just pull out troops overseas. and it definitely sends a bad message if lawmakers can't come to a consensus. we've definitely seen efforts at this sort of thing before and just really have never taken off. and it will be interesting to see perhaps with a vote. >> before i let you go, i've got to ask you about former white house chief strategist steve bannon. he seems to be talking out, first "60 minutes" and recently spoke at a conference in hong kong in which he says he talks to president trump really every two to three days, especially even before that conference in hong kong saying they spoke the night before in a lengthy conversation. the white house is pushing back saying they're not speaking that
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often. do you think that steve bannon is just making a lot of noise? or do do people in washington feel he still has power with this white house? >> if what he says true and he still has the president's ear, i think it's definitely significant. defense secretary jim mattis said the president is someone who can be swayed by a good organization. if they're talking that often it's definitely an important thing to watch. but the days after his departure, we saw the president come out with reviews that were different than this especially on the afghan strategy. that could signal he maybe doesn't have as much sway as he used to. >> thank you. this morning, the "the new york times" reports the trump administration is considering reducing the number of refugees admitted to the country next year by below 50,000. by comparison, 84,000 were admitted into the country last year. also yesterday, the supreme court agreed with the trump administration putting a hold on a lower court decision that would have allowed more refugees
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to enter the congress. >> meanwhile, despite the congress moving quickly on daca, it considers a slow start in congress. nancy pelosi is meeting with the hispanic caucus and american-pacific caucus. but the reality is it has fallen from the top of the agenda. the congressman working on the bridge act elizabeth gutierrez, saying with everything going on it's but put on the back burner. a senate document was postponed in hurricane irma's wake. there are still deep misgivings like house republican chair bob goodlatte. and white house legislative director morning shore said that president trump may not insist congress fund the border wall as part of the deal to resolve da daca. >> i think that we are most interested in getting border
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security. and the president has made a commitment to the american people he wants, he believes that a physical barrier is important to that equation of border security. whether or not that is part of a daca equation, whether or not that's another legislative vehicle, i don't want it to bond ourselves into a construct that makes reaching a conclusion on daca impossible. >> and moving to health care, democrats are moving to a single payer health care bill. party leadership is not among them, chuck sure, nancy pelosi, they both declined to endorse the bill. schumer says he's currently looking at all of the bill proposed by democrats while the congresswoman is protected by health care. zbielt the potential contenders racing to support the so-called medicare for all proposal, co-sponsors will include
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senators elizabeth warren, cory booker, kamala harris, and jeff merkley. >> one of the biggest cities in america, seattle mayor ed murray has resigned from os following another claim of sexual abuse made against him. the seattle times was first to report the latest allegations made by one of murray's cousins who said he was sexually abused in the 1950s in a family home. murray says he's stepping down not to affect the ability of the city government to conduct its public businesses. it's the fifth time since april that murray has been accused of sexually abusing teenage boys in the 1960s and '80s, murray who is openly gay and married has vehemently denied all accusations saying he's been targeted and blames family
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infighting as the latest accusation. he announced he would not seek re-election despite being heavy favorites. despite reports trying to put together a team to assassinate kim jong-un. later, a report that the white house should prosecute jim comey. 0 those stories and a check on weather when we come back. if you're told you have cancer,
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welcome back, everybody. no sign of detente with north korea after the latest round of u.n. sanctions. >> and in an unsurprising move, north korea has actually denounced those u.s. sanctions. on a statement carried on state-run media this morning, pyongyang has also said that the latest sanctions verify that the road it chose to go down it absolutely right adding in quote, strengthening its resolve
2:17 am
the road at a faster pace without the slightest division until the fight is open. great to have you with us. all of this really comes as there are reports today, in "the new york times," that seoul is planning, quote, a decapitation unit to infiltrate the north. what more can you tell us about that? >> well, in this latest example with all of the rhetoric, the propagan propaganda, the threats are growing more and more aggressive every day. yes, the south korea government letting it be known that they are forming the so-called capitation quads that can infiltrate in enemy lines. this is something that the south koreans have threatened in the past when tensions have flared in the north. no word on what they've been able to accomplish, however. also coming on a day when the south koreasens have been able to answer a new fire drills. the south koreans claiming that
2:18 am
they now have a cruise missile, an advanced cruise missile that can be fired from a fighter jet, evade radar and hit target hundreds of miles away. so there's day. in recent days the south koreans have also increased the capacity of the missile defense systems, the so-called thad systems. president trump said the south koreans will be able to buy billions of dollars in new weaponry. and nuclear weapons to face the threat of north korea. something that the government is pushing back on but there's still calls to do that. of course, the military remains on high alert because there's anticipation that the north korea will fire off more ballistic missiles. >> ayman. >> thank you, alan. let's get a check of your weather with nbc meteorologist bill karins. bill, looks like a nice day here in new york. >> yeah, many areas are actually looking very good. we do have still the leftover moisture from irma. and the track of clouds for the
2:19 am
next two days. and the annoying storm jose, five, ten days, yeah, i said annoying for a reason. irma is still spinning over tennessee, some showers through nashville and paducah. that will be about it. it drift torltdz thwards the ea. 87 in minneapolis. few spots 90 in south dakota. 91, dallas, san antonio very hot at 96. still thinking about people without power in southern florida and georgia. it gets very hot in those houses even with the doors open. interior sections of florida will be in the 90s. it is a little humid. it's very uncomfortable in florida this time of year. september is still very much a summer month. where irma is located, 60s today with all of the clouds. d.c., slight chance of a shower today, about 81 degrees. so, let's take you through the timing of how we're going to deal with as we go throughout the day.
2:20 am
again, the showers move from the south into the ohio valley. west virginia tonight. then some of this moisture from irma will move into areas of pennsylvania, new york state, d.c., philadelphia and new york as we go through thursday afternoon. let's get to that hundred storm called jose. here's that forecast path. the good thing about jose, it's never going to be a big powerful strong storm. it's too far norm. the water's a little cooler and dry air and shear. so the hurricane has become a tropical storm. so, monday, safely in between the outer banks and bermuda. now, what happened overnight, unfortunately, all of the long-range models, the usa model, it's way too close to the u.s., i don't like that. the europe model is far offshore but it did track itnortheast. we didn't want to nudge this. i've got another week of talking about jose.
2:21 am
i guess it's better than talking about a cat 4. but, you know, we'll see. >> all right, bill, we'll stay with you on that one. as we mentioned earlier on the show, much of florida just beginning to clean up. miami-dade officer captured this of a chain saw wielding nun after a storm knocked often the tree. the police department thanked sister margaret anne for pitching in on the recovery efforts. >> just because you are one of the cloth doesn't mean that you can't cut down a tree. >> not at all. >> you got to love that. still ahead, it's 20 and counting for the tribe. while the dodgers lock up a playoff spot out west. and a major fantasy implication. sports is next. shh... you are an airline pilot. that's how you support this family. this is gonna be good for us. based on an incredible true story... we need you to deliver stuff for us. just don't get caught.
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and we covered it, july first, twenty-fifteen. talk to farmers. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ welcome back. time now for sports. the cleveland indians have made their mark in baseball's history books behind eight strikeouts and a complete game shutout from corey kluber, the indians norved notched it wasn't straight wins. matches the oakland a's for the most consecutive victories in history. to san francisco, where the dodgers snapped an 11-game losilose losing skid with a 5-3 win over the giants last night. with that victory, the dodgers earn a playoff berth for the
2:25 am
fifth straight season. and in minnesota, the twins pad their lead for the section a.l. wildcard spot in historic fashion becoming the first team to homer in seven straight innings. they blow out the padres 16-0 there. turning to the nfl and the injury that's being felt by fantasy football team owners all over the world. arizona cardinals running back david johnson will need surgery to repair a wrist injury sustained in sunday's loss to the detroit lions which will reportedly sideline him for at least the next two to three months. johnson led the league last season with more than 2,000 yards from scrimmage and 20 touchdowns. i know for fantasy owners who haven't already hit the waiver wire, kerwynn williams will be taking the bulk of it in johnson's ascension. if you play fantasy football that is a big blow. >> yasmin is really stressed
2:26 am
out. >> why would that be surprising if i was? are you trying to say that -- >> -- you don't know anything about football? fantasy football. >> you just said it. as recovery efforts get under way, we're taking a closer look at the damage in the florida keys. we'll get a live report. plus, vladimir putin tries to get a broader look at the relations between u.s. and russia relations. we'll have those details, next.
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welcome back, everybody, i'm yasmin vossoughian alongside ayman mohyeldin and louis burgdorf. it is the bottom of the hour. let's start with the morning's top stories. president trump is set to hold another bipartisan meeting today as he seeks to cut deals on tax reform and more. the president mr. meet with a group that contains house democrats known as problem solver caucus. in addition to the tax plan, the president is expected to discuss a way forward on daca. it comes after mr. trump's dinner last night with a group of senate democrats and republicans to discuss overhauling the tax code. as the president seeks to go on a path forward on daca, house speaker 59 set to meet with nancy pelosi along with the heads of several congressional caucuses to discuss a plan but some pushing bills in congress say they've been put on the back burner as other priorities are pushed to the forefront. and seattle's mayor has resigned from office following another claim of sexual abuse made against him.
2:31 am
the seattle times was first to report the latest allegations made by one of ed murray's cousins. this marks the fifth time since april that murray has been accused of sexually abusing teenage boys. murray has denied all accusations. this morning, the cleanup continues in the united states in the wake of hurricane irma. 54 deaths have been blamed on the storm. 12 of them in florida alone. in the battered florida keys it's estimated 90% of homes were damaged or destroyed outright. in jacksonville it could take a week for floodwaters to recede in some places. in fact, a local sheriff's department said they have now res viewed 320 people. president trump and first lady are expected to travel to florida to see some of the damage first hand. joining us from islamorada, florida, correspondent maya rodriguez. maya, good to have you back. what's it looking like there this morning where you are?
2:32 am
>> reporter: you mentioned that so many of the homes in the keys were either damaged or destroyed. one of the places hit really hard mobile home parks. we're in one right now in islamorada. this is the sea breeze mobile home park. as you can see, the homes here destroyed. pushed in by irma's storm surge. unbelievable damage here. i am talking ripped apart at this point. this san area where there's very little power at this point. the keys hit hard. 7 million people in florida don't have power but most of the keys don't as well. florida power & light says they're probably able to restore power to most of those people who do not have it in the rest of florida buy the weekend. and there are places that have flooded and have severe damage like here in the keys. and just to give you an idea of how strong that storm surge was, just about three blocks from here, there was a pier that had boats. take a look at this. here's one of those boats pushed in by the storm surge.
2:33 am
it was a monumental wall of water basically that brought this boat in from several blocks away. the atlantic ocean is just behind us. the cleanup here is going to be a very long and very tough road ahead for many people in the keys. ayman. >> maya rodriguez, thank you. and the last few days you've spent in the florida keys, tell us what you saw when you were down there? >> well, as maya just mentioned millions of florida residents are facing days or week without power in the wake of hurricane irma for many in the florida keys the damage inflicted by the storms has been much more severe with entire towns cut off from the rest of the state. from the morning after, i was on the ground in those areas hardest hit. and got a look at something even stronger than the hurricane, the strength of the florida tight-knit communities. >> there were definitely frightening motels. >> no, i wouldn't leave. >> locals that you see today,
2:34 am
everybody is out, we're cleaning roads, helping people out. >> it's a wild trip. >> yes. >> i'm a survivor. feel good. i got a heartbeat today. >> it's pretty devastating seeing the road coming in and everything. i'm just worried about my boat. you know, i'm a chartert captain, i want to make sure she's floating. ♪ >> that's the snorkel for an underwater laboratory that's like 15 miles that way. >> so what are you doing right now? >> we're checking on after the hurricane. we're all tied to the mangrove. most of the whole islamorada is tied up here. i'm just checking on everybody's boat. you see it right here, this is
2:35 am
me. yeah, looks good, huh? all right, man. see if it works, here we go. >> whoo! yes, sir, god, i was praying for this for days and days. >> reporter: what was it like waiting? >> oh, man, just knots in your stomach, borderline throwing up thinking everything you own is going to sink, you know. just nervous. >> reporter: you look back here and this is your home? >> yep, that be it. it was pretty bad. we had four-foot seas plowing into here with a five-foot surge at least here. i had the scuba diving tanks on the kitchen table. swam to the boat trailer. you couldn't stand up. you had to swim. if you stood off, the wind pressure was so bad it actually
2:36 am
would blow you across the water. something hit me in the head. i think it was a board. i could push my finger in there a quarter of inch when it first happened. you're welcome to go on in. >> reporter: what about your kids, they don't know if you're alive? >> no, man, they're getting news saying this place is devastated. if you stayed there, you shouldn't be allowed. >> it's really hard. >> it's a tough situation. >> have to deal with it. >> so sad that it happened. >> you come back and see us in two weeks, you'll be impressed with people of the florida keys. >> if you come to live here, if you choose to live here, they're the best. the strongest, definitely the strongest people. >> no biggie. >> god bless us down here in the keys. i really haven't heard from anybody else. i'm alive, mom and dad. i'm going to give you a hug. thank you, i appreciate it.
2:37 am
>> yasmin, you see the optimism of the people on the ground there, some people losing everything. and still so positive. it was no doubt a very scary situation for those residents who stayed on the ground during irma. >> you know, louis, one of the things that we were just talking about that is the footage. when you show the drone footage. you get a perspective of how devastating -- >> how destructed the area is. >> yeah, when you juxtapose it with what you're talking about which is the optimism and the folks that are going to rebuild. how resilience that is. >> louis, that piece was so good, by the way. i just want to applaud you for that, putting in the work there. also the juxtaposition of one person's home was saved and boat. and that guy ready to scuba that out of there. >> he did, he actually used that
2:38 am
scuba tank and regulator. you're right, it was miles where places have remarkable damage and destroyed. >> unbelievable with those boats. i hope we can do stories like how people make boats survive. sometimes, boats are the safest places to be. >> those mangroves where they kept the charter boats they actually flexed in the storm. such a great job, louis, thank you so much. let's switch gears. president trump hosting the prime minister of the president praise recent actions. take a listen. >> does not do business with north korea any longer. and we find that to be very important. we had a vote yesterday on sanctions. we think it's just another very small step. not a big deal, rex and i were
2:39 am
just discussing big, i don't know if it has any impact, but certainly it was nice to have a 15-0 vote, but those sanctions are nothing compared to what ultimately will have to happen. >> meanwhile, the state department says that a high-ranking official went to moscow on monday in an effort to get russia on board with the latest and very tough sanctions against pyongyang. so, let's get into this, joining us defense reporter from politico jacqueline klein. jacqueline, it's good to talk to you this morning. you've done some reporting on how the government is weighing its options on north korea. one of the issues when it comes to north korea is intelligence and really the lack thereof. talk about that. >> absolutely. so there is definitely a military option on the table, but it's not really clear if the u.s. has the intelligence to pull that off. a military attack could take the form of air strikes to take out nuclear and missile test sites. but experts suggest and former
2:40 am
intelligence officials told me that we may not know where the these are and the danger is if we don't strike all of them there will certainly about a retaliatory strike that could hit guam and japan. >> let me ask you about american options. i know politico has reported about the president revamping the nuclear arsenal, looking at smaller, quote, low-yield nuclear weapons that sometimes are tactical in nature. what would a move like that signal for u.s. policy? would that be seen as an escalation in the region? >> absolutely. it's a huge departure from the previous administration that was trying to cut down on the number of nuclear weapons. not develop any new nuclear weapons. and something like this would definitely face opposition on capitol hill. and a representative is against the current plan to revamp the
2:41 am
nuclear arsenal. he said it includes too many weapons, too expensive. and people like him would definitely be opposed to a move like that. >> changing topic, jacqueline, democratic chairman chuck schumer speaking about the outreach of his party in the white house. let's take a listen then we'll talk. >> you know, we've talked a little bit about working together. and i said to the president the best way he can show some good faith is support the d.r.e.a.m.ers bill, supported by senators graham and durbin, bipartisan. urged that we move it to the floor rather quickly and get it done. >> you heard schumer mentioning immigration, backing up protections for d.r.e.a.m.ers, of course, which would be a complete change from where the president was believed to be just a week ago. is this creating a lot of uncertainty in washington right now with what the president is going to do next? >> i think there's absolutely uncertainty. we saw a lot of that, too, after
2:42 am
trump struck a deal with democrats on the debt ceiling. there was a lot of angst about that. but trump came into office saying that he was going to get things done. and i think a lot of people voted for him because they were looking for something different from the status quo. so, i think this signals that he is willing to make deals and is willing to bork wi ing ting to is willing to work with him. >> thank you. the white house says the department of justice should consider prosecuting james comey over what it calls improper actions during his time as fbi director. speaking yesterday white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders was questioned about steve bannon's remarks that president trump's firing of comey was the biggest mistake in modern political history. but sanders said comey's actions justified his firing by the president. >> i think there's no secret comey by his own self-admission leaked privileged government information weeks before president trump fired him.
2:43 am
comey testified that an fbi agent engaged in the same practice they face serious repercussions. i think he set his own stage for himself on that front. his actions were improper and likely could have been illegal. comey leaked memos to "the new york times," your own outlet. he politicized an investigation by signaling he would exonerate hillary clinton before interviewing her or other witnesses. i think he's been fully vindicated by a lot of those new things and knowing it was the right one. >> sanders also relateded a prosecution of comey is, quote, not the president's role and that the white house is still encouraging it. and details on the legislation challenging the president to take a stronger stance against hate groups. plus, in the aftermath of irma, a happy ending for one couple who delayed their special day to help others.
2:44 am
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2:47 am
president's hand to more forcefully condemn the violence in charlottesville. a joint resolution can passed by unanimous consent in the house last night. and the senate the night before rejects, quote, white nationalists, white spremmists, the kkk, neo-nazis and other hate groups urges the president and the president's cabinet to the use the resources to address the threats posed by those groups. now, the legislation which now awaits the president's signature comes after the response to the deadly charlottesville violence which he blamed on both sides and said, quote, some very fine people were among the white supremacist protesters. meanwhile the president is set to meet with tim scott of south carolina the senate's only african-american to discuss those issues. and let's bring in meteorologist bill karins. i know you're going to be talking about that for several days. >> let's go to jose first.
2:48 am
it's doing the loop-to-loop thing from yesterday. it's still a category 1 hurricane. none of our long-range models, the hurricane center, no one thinks this is going to be a super huge category 3, 4, 5 or anything like that. mostly going to remain a tropical storm for the next few weeks. right now, it's barely even a hurricane sending waves to the tuesday and caicos and puerto rico. here's the five-day plan for the hurricane center. they still take it with a turn towards the united states and have it making that curve. now, overnight, some of our computers have trended a little closer, a little farther to the west. the cone of uncertainty is still off the coast of the united states and this is five days from now. let me show you what our computers do. this is our american model. that's the white line here. the red line is the national hurricane center forecast. and you notice that a lot of what we call the rest are to the
2:49 am
relevant of that line. they may shift that forecast the coming days. but also look at other models like the european model. here we go to saturday, unfortunately, the u.s. model once we get monday, tuesday, a little too close for comfort for the european model. and also bringing it to the northeast. by this time, we deal with what we call extra-tropical or more like subtropical storm, guys. so, we'll wait and see. it could be a hybrid-type nor'easter tropical storm at this point. my only concern will be storm surge and large waves we'll deal with that in about a week. okay. as we've been following hurricane irma, everybody, there's also silver lining stories coming out of hurricane irma as well. one couple didn't let the hurricane keep them from celebrating their special day, michael davis and laura dern both technicians with the air national guard were supposed to get married this past week but the two were deployed with assisting rescue efforts.
2:50 am
they were chatting with teammates who jokingly suggested they get married at the convention center that they were stationed at. just like that, folding chairs were set up, a bouquet was made. and the two officially tied the these relief efforts and helping save lives. congratulations to them. we wish them a life of bliss. apple pulling back on highly anticipated new smartphone. >> what they have made with iphone x and high price you have to pay for it. that is next. can i get some help. watch his head. ♪ i'm so happy. ♪ whatever they went through, they went through together. welcome guys. life well planned. see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you.
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welcome back. let's turn to business where new data from the census bureau showed the median household is up for the second straight year. . it's a good number that is a record reached in 1999. actually there. so just take it away. >> yeah. absolutely. let's start with the good news that u.s. job openings from u.s. employers were up to an all-time high in july up around 0.9% to 6.2 million. this is taken as an indication the steady pace of hiring seen the last year, should continue. the obvious good news here, there are lots of jobs available to be filled. it shows that companies are really struggling to find employees they see are qualified, indeed, for getting these jobs at the prices that
2:54 am
they are willing to offer. very quickly turn to health. we have seen 3. 75 billion. it gives them the first step into new york and a provider which looks after low income customers. i'm handing it back to you for the next part of this. >> major announcement that came out at apple's event and we want to hear some of the highlights. >> absolutely. well, it's the iphone 10 as it's called or iphonexñ x has everyo talking hefty price tag of $999. some point out you can pay not much more than $50 a month if you use the apple upgrade plan or some of the carrier plans. the features are facial recognition to unlock the phone is an important one. while it's charging is also important. the home button and also a 2.7
2:55 am
pixel camera good for selfies of course. apple watch series 3 looks like the past model but you don't know your phone nearby to surf internet or stream music. >> you go with the first generation or do you wait for the bells and whistles to come out. thank you. >> i don't think i need that being pixels with my selfies. i'd rather not have that. coming up, three of the senators who attended the president's bipartisan dinner at the white house last night, democrat joe manchin and pat toomey and john thune. >> chris murphy on the health care and whether it's a litmus test for democrats who may run for president in 2020. "morning joe" just moments away.
2:56 am
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welcome back, everybody. before we toss it over to "morning joe," a check on the stories you will hear about in the day ahead. >> the white house msnbc halle jackson, good morning.
2:59 am
>> good morning to ó%rmyou. this morning, president trump is keeping up this big push of his for some of his big presidential parties this fall and tax reform you know he wants to get done. last night he held a group of republicans and democrats at the white house for a dinner. held that dinner rather for that group. today is meeting with a bipartisan group again of people from both sides of the aisle to talk about tax reform, perhaps infrastructure as well. we are looking ahead to an interesting one-on-one meeting and that is with republican tim scott who is notably critical of the president after his remarks aboutvil about charlottesville. he question the president's moral that is right authority to lead. they will sit down and we look for any news from that. >> our thanks to you for that report. a man charged for the warehouse fire in oakland is due in court and he is expected to enter a plea over involuntary
3:00 am
manslaughter charges in connection with the fire that killed 36 people. >> that does it for us on a wednesday morning. "morning joe" starts right now. ♪ good morning. welcome to "morning joe." it is wednesday, september 13th. >> let's get to the news right away. willie geist, 22-0. >> cleveland indians have won 20 baseball games in a row. >> they are one away from the record. >> mika told me they tied the american league record and she knows that from the oakland a's record in 2002. they approached the national league record soon. i think the new york giants a hundred years ago won 26 in a row but a tie in there and it's a weird record. any way. incredible season for the indians. >> all right. along with joe, willie, and me. >> the dodgers won last


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