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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  September 13, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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topic. in their official photo of the sit-down, senator tim scott was identified instead as tom scott. that is wraour broadcast. good night from our nbc headquarters in new york. when presidents and prime ministers and kings and queens and members of various royal families come to visit the united states, there is a modern tradition, modern diplomatic protocol, anybody in that kind of a foreign leadership role notifies the government if they're coming to the u.s. if any of them are going to be present on u.s. soil, the united states expects to know about it in advance for security reasons if nothing else.
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this past december, december 2016, that protocol was broken was a very senior member of the emwroughty royal family, the crown prince of united ash emirates came to the united states in december in secret. he did not notify the obama administration, he did not notify the u.s. government that he was coming and that's weird. that said, it's not like he didn't get noticed, he's pretty high profile international figure and u.s. intelligence agencies picked up the fact he was here. and his visit and their surveillance of his visit presumably was way more intriguing to the intelligence community than it might normally have been under normal circumstances, specifically because he tried to sneak in. you see somebody doing something a routine thing, let you know in advance, you pay attention but you don't really pay that much attention. you find somebody sneaking in and trying to do something
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without telling the government he's here, they're going to focus on that. this guy didn't tell the obama administration he was coming. the intelligence community picked up he was here. what they picked up when they monitored his undeclared visit was that the crown prince of united arab emirates came to new york city and he came to trump tower for a meeting. in december 2016, undisclosed to the. s. government, the emwroughty crown prince met at trump tower with mike flynn, steve bannon, and jared kushner, america's own crown prince. cnn reports today that when obama snashl security adviser susan rice unmasked the names of these three americans, these three trump advisers, it was because he was looking at a intelligence intercept trying to
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figure out what the emwroughty crown prince was doing in the united states. on this visit that he explicitly did not declare with the u.s. government. and that's exactly the kind of circumstances under which national security officials would unmask a u.s. name on a intelligence intercept. if you need to do that to figure out what some foreign surveillance target was up to in in country. what he was up to was this secret meeting in trump tower with flynn, bannon and kushner. that meeting at trump tower was on december 11th then the emirati guy turned up again a month layer, the same crown prince turned up in the say shell islands for a meeting that was later reported out by the washington post this time in january. it was the emirati crown prince organizing the meeting, the people having the meeting with
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eric prince, private security from blackwater and brother of education secretary betsidy vos, and that stealthy crown prince who had been secretly meeting with bannon and flynn the month before, he went to the seychelles to set up a meeting with the a russian guy, a representative of vladimir putin's office. the secret meeting in the say sheels between trump's representative and putin's representative was to set up a back channel communication between the putin camp and trump camp. the brother admitted he was in the seychelles, it was a meeting set up by the emirati crown prince, maybe he met the putin
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guy but he says it was nothing but if it was anything it was just business. and just business is becoming the theme of the day today. there is a hole whole bunch of news going on. we have katy tur, news from the virginia inislands where the add mock evacuations continue to be under way, we have news in florida where a second nursing home was evacuated after eight elderly people died even though it was literally across the street from a hospital and didn't loose power during the storm. halfway around the world russia is starting the largest military exercise, slem strags since the cold war. there's fear whether what russia is doing is exercise or it's to
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mask the start of some other russian military operation which is what they did at the start of the you crane evasion in 2014. there's lots going on right now. lots worth keeping a eye on. a bunch we'll be discussing on this hour. but today a ton of news broke on the trump-russian investigation. in particular on the business side, on the business and financial ties that chemothersem the sticky web that chap churs the bugs. susan rice appears to have unmasked american names from the secret meeting in trump tower held by a foreign leader without notice to the u.s. government, it was nbc news reported mike flynn's son is himself a subject of investigation by robert mueller in his keery into links
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between the trump campaign and russian. mike flynn's son is not a intelligent official. he's got a associate's degree in golf course management, but misdemeanor business is family business, and his dad was a intelligence professional and mike flynn junior was reportedly reported by his dad at his dad's consulting company. he served as his dad's chief of staff and accompanied his dad with the trip in russia where he attended the party where his dad famously had dinner with vladimir putin and he led a standing ovation for putin when putin was introduced at the event. mike flynn junior also appears to have been involved in the effort by a republican donor to contact russian government habbers to try to obtain information on hillary clinton during the campaign.
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the wall street journal obtained a e-mail that the activist and donor peter smith sent out to get experts on board with his efforts to get russian hackers to hurt their attacks on hillary clinton. he offered to make inter dukes to mr. flynn's son who worked as chief of staff in his father's company. mr. smith's e-mail mentioned the son among a small group of people who were helping in the effort. he told a computer expert he was in direct contact with that mr. flynn and his son, the expert said a anti-clinton research document identified the kwlu younger mr. flynn has someone that would be involved in the effort. mike flynn junior's role to was exposed by the wall street journal in june.
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today nbc sites four government officials to report that michael flynn junior is the subject of mueller's inquire as of course is michael flynn senior. today things got worse in the reporting about him. back in june, jeff stein who's really well sourced on intelligence issues, he reported for news week back in june that one of the business dealings that mike flynn senior never disclosed was a russian partner he was pitching to build 16, count them 16 nuclear power plants in saudi arabia, which needs a lot of things, but nuclear power probably isn't one of them. stein published this piece in june about mike flynn's involvement in that business plan and about flynn taking a trip to the middle east to meet with people and promote to saudi russian financed nuke deal. because mike flynn never disclosed anything about this on
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his security clearance operations or his white house financial disclosures that sparked the top democrat on the oversight committee and -- to write to flynn's business deal about the deal he never disclosed. today that blew up. it all start wd that reporting in june about flynn's involvement in that deal. but today is the day it blew up. you can see the chronology unfold her. in june, there's this news week story about the russian nuclear deal and mike flynn. in june right after that, elliott eveningle and ealicia customings write to the people flynn was involved with. those folks respond to that letter, they send to congress the information about the would be russian deal and mike flynn's involvement and mike flynn's trip to the middle east to promote it.
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and now this morning. they make the whole thing public. quote, we are writing today to thank you for your responses and to request additional information. first, your responses provide multiple independent confirmations that general flynn traveled to the middle east to meet with foreign officials and business associates in june 2015 to promote this russian nuclear power project. based on your responses it appears that general flynn violated federal law by omitting this trip from his security clearance renewal application in 2016 and concealing them from security clearance investigators who interviewed him as part of his background check process. since these violations carry criminal penalties up to five years, we are providing this information to mueller. >> the congressman then asked for further documentation about mike flynn's communication with
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foreign governments and goerners about the business deal. they asked the business associates to prepare to come in and testify before congress on these matters. but then they raise this one very provocative question. this trip to the middle east to promote this plan, these payments that flynn got to be involved in this potential deal, was this just 2015? did this thing actually end then? or did it keep going on? is it still going on? did flynn still have a hand in on this russian nuclear deal during the campaign? maybe even while he was in the white house? here's how they put it in the letter. your responses suggest that you and other officials at your companies may have discussed this matter with trump administration officials during and after mike flynn's tenure at the white house. the american people desief to know whether general flynn was secretly promoting the private businesses while he have auz a adviser, transition official or
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president trump's national security adviser. big new alarming question here in terms of national security, foreign influence on our own government and corruption and conflict of interest. was the trump national security adviser mike flynn secretly pursuing or trying to advance a gigantic russian business deal or was he being paid to promote one while he was working in the white house as national security adviser? so that was -- that letter raising that provocative question, that letter from coming andingle, that was in my e-mail inbox at 7:30 this morning. by 3:00 this afternoon the answer had arrived in the wall street journal. see the head line flynn promoted nuclear plant project while in the white house. this prospect raised by these congress men this morning is answered and confirmed by the wall street journal this afternoon. the journal describes the russian nuclear deal of being
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worth hundreds of billions of dollars. once he was national security adviser in the trump white house the journal reports mike flynn did direct national security council staff to meet with the companies involved in the russian nuclear project. the journal sites former national security council staffers as being horrified by what flynn was doing, describing what he did as quote outside normal channels and quote not the way things were supposed to go and quote highly abnormal. according to the journal the ethics advisers told flynn to remove himself from this project, but, quote, the activity continued. so if you're keeping track at home, the man who donald trump installed as the top national security official in the white house did not disclose thousands of dollars he was paid by a russian air cargo company that was tied to the russian government in the summer of 2015. he did not disclose thousands of
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dollars he was paid by a russian software company tied to the russian intelligence services in the fall of 2015. he did not disclose thousands of dollars and a free trip to months could you for him and miss son provided in the winter of 2015 buy a russian state run media company for obtain permission to take the trip to all of which he was supposed to do, he was around he was supposed to do it and didn't do it any way. he did not disclose that entities linked to the turkish government were paying them hundreds of thousands of dollars to represent the tubish government's interests during the campaign. or his contacts with russian officials during the transition, he did not disclose that his contacts with russian gocht officials during the campaign and transition included talking about russian sanction goes with him. and he did disclose his travel
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to discuss a business deal in the middle east during the transition or his short lived time as national security adviser. and now the special council would like a word with his son, please, as well. at the national security blog just security today they did a q and a with somebody who worked in the legal council at the white house on this last point, on the last point that was disclosed today by these two democrats on the foreign affairs committee. they asked how big a legal deal it is that flynn didn't discuss -- didn't disclose this russian nuclear deal and the trip that he took to promote it. quote, question, if flynn did indeed take this middle east trip about the russian deal and failed to disclose it on his security form is that significant? answer a undisclosed effort to help broker a deal wore russian
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entities is a huge refuse vation in the context of the russian revelations. it could be legal as to the faira, or espionage act, the legal significance for each would turn on flynn's role in the deal and his mental state about his failure to disclose. is it safe to say flynn has some serious criminal liability. answer, mike flynn is in significant legal jeopardy of legal prosecution. so there is one report that mike flynn is again resisting a subpoena to testify to congressal investigators. i'm not sure if that's true but we can ask senator mike warner about it in a minute since that's a matter concerning his committee. but there's also news tonight about that second item on the list, one of those russian linked companies that paid mike flynn, that he initially didn't
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think to mention when it came to his financial disclosures, the labs is one of at least three different russian entities that started shoveling money mike flynn's way, all payments flynn didn't disclose. today the department of homeland security band all federal agencies from using that company's software because of it having links to russian intelligence and software to help russia spy around the world. whether or not that decision to ban the use of that software, whether or not that has any relation to the russian attack on our election, it's one of the tech companies that finds itself at the center of these investigations. within the pass week, facebook has just started to admit they took russian money for ads tied to take accounts that tried to
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influence americans. to gin up ante immigrant protests. there are questions whether facebook will allow investigators to figure out if it was -- if it was basically part of the crime scene for what the russians did last year for the crucial question of whether the trump campaign participate nd it. but there's one last hard thing that got reported today. and if you've keeping a close eye on the mueller investigation as the best hope for finding out what happened last year and bringing charges against anyone involved, i think this may be worrying. it's about the mueller investigation being sometime he'd, blocked in terms of their access to potentially critical witnesses. we've been worrying about it for a while, we've got concrete information about how those
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i'm disappointed that when facebook came and presented to the senate they didn't lay out this incident. >> you said facebook didn't originally disclose this piece of information. >> just knowing -- let me recheck this, but i do not believe that in the presentation they made to their staff that -- our staff that they disclosed this. >> representatives from the company facebook met with the senate intelligence committee staff last week. as of yesterday, the top
9:24 pm
democrat on the intelligence committee said facebook didn't disclose this new information recorded by the daily beast, that russian operatives used facebook to organize in person protests across the united states during the 2016 campaign. joining us for the interview is senator mark warner. vice chair of the committee. thank you for being here. >> i have a few questions about this facebook issue. did facebook disclose to your committee the fact that in addition to russia funding ads related to the election they used facebook to try to organize real events. did they disclose that they've confirmed that when they met with your committee. >> no, they did not. facebook, we made a request, they sent a team in, we're talking about facebook where -- which over half of americans use every day. we'd made these inquires back
9:25 pm
last winter saying that we'd heard, we thought facebook was both being manipulated by some of the russians, there were fake accounts, they were using it to geo target ads, facebook's initial reaction was that's crazy, there's nothing there. again now we find that half of americans use facebook to get their news from, everything was true, and more, they made a presentation, there was $100,000 plus in advertising, 3,000 plus ads purchased. in the presentation they showed the staff certain of that -- certain of those ads but they didn't allow the staff to keep any of that material. and i went back, i figured you'd have this question, to my knowledge, they made no reference to this effort to try to bring about protestors to a
9:26 pm
anti-muslim, anti-immigrant rally. i think we're at the tip of the iceberg. i don't think facebook has put the resources and time. i think there's a lot more. they discovered one of the troll farms that came out of st. petersburg. my understanding they didn't even go back and check all those accounts to see if they had put out other ads. we know from past reporting there are a number of these troll and other internet based efforts that came out of countries in eastern europe that russia was known to organize. we don't have any evidence that they investigated those efforts. i think there's a lot more questions. i believe i have more questions coming out of their staff interview than we got answered. but clearly there's a lot more questions that need to be asked and answered. >> in terms of their willingness to answer those questions and your ability to compel them to,
9:27 pm
i was interested to see facebook's response to bloomberg news, they were reporting on the controversy whether facebook is part of the crime scene, needs to be available to investigate. what facebook told bloomberg they won't share any more details how their platform was used during the campaign for operational and security reasons. they site the electronic community privacy act, that some of what you want access to may be protected by the act. given the way they're being resistant so far do you feel like you and your committee have the ability to compel them to give you access to that data if they're not inclined as a company to do it. >> facebook is a company that's a remarkable american success story, lots of people rely on facebook for news and other communication. a lot of that is based on trust. i would think that facebook
9:28 pm
would want to cooperate with us. they've indicated in other releases they would cooperate. they'll acknowledge this is a area where it's kind of the wild wild west, and there may be need for additional rules. but let's go through two or three facts that we do know. one, clearly there were russians paying for ads on facebook. we'll see if the case is twitter when they come in and talk with us. to me, that appears to be inappropriate. we have prohibitions against somebody putting a foreign based tv ad on ms nbc. i believe those same rules should apply on social media sites. we know there is a inability to look at the content. there may be a ad that runs on or show i dislike or disregard but as a american citizen i have a right to look at the content. i think what facebook is saying
9:29 pm
we have no right to look at the content that's being used to affect our political dialogue. third, you know the question of the number of fake accounts they said they identified 470 fake accounts that might have been tied to russia with this one troll farm. to see i look back and say facebook didn't take this seriously in our election, but by the time the french elections came in the spring facebook reported they took down 50,000 accounts, 50,000 in france, 400 in america? i believe the russian effort to interfere in our election, hacking into both political parties, releasing information only against one. to me it seems the russian intervention in the american election was unprecedented. i have to believe if they took that much on, throws probably
9:30 pm
more if -- to be discovered if they took down 50,000 sites in france. i would think they'd see equivalent numbers in the american leaks that's why they need fob more transparent and come forward. >> that applies to them and being transparent about it but helping investigators piecing together what happened there. >> facebook needs our trust as we go through this. they don't have any of the same rules that apply to broadcasting stayings. but as more and more americans rely upon them, i think it raises a host of new questions who is going to cure ate the information, what kind of validity do we feel is going over. sometimes the od is only a piece, if you only have a series of certain accounts liking certain pages, that would drive the group higher on your al go
9:31 pm
rism. my hope is they work with us because this is going to be the way people communicate in the political world. >> senator i have one other matter i want to ask you about. i don't think anybody else to worried about, but i am. it's about the progress of -- >> i've listened to the litany of the programming, there's a lot to be worried about. >> do you mind sticking with us. >> absolutely. >> stay with us. we come into this world needing others. then we are told it's braver to go it alone. ♪ that independence is the way to accomplish. ♪ but there is another way to live. ♪ a way that sees the only path to fulfillment- is through others. ♪
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last week this reporter at cnn had had the scoop, the headline was intensifying russia probes could pit capitol hill against robert mueller. it documented a known conflict between congress and the special counsel. it was about former trump campaign chairman paul manafort. you remember the fbi raided his house in virginia less than 24 hours after a interview he did with the senate intelligence committee. what about manafort say to the committee that day which now seems especially interesting if him showing up for the testimony sparked the surprise raid on manafort's house after he testified? we don't know what manafort said in the testimony, maybe it's not that weird because it was behind closed doors. what seems weird is that robert
9:36 pm
mueller the special counsel doesn't know what manafort said either. thanks to the cnn report we know mueller office asked for the transcript, whatever manafort gave to congress, mueller has no idea which strategically may be important if mueller's strategy is to lien on manafort to flip him to testify against the white house. that only works if he knows what the testimony is before the white house gets it from the congressman or senator on the republican side. now he further reports that the same thing has happened in the senate testimony from donald trump junior. he spoke to staffers on the senate judiciary committee, mulers office wants the transcript but the committee won't give it to mueller. two instances of committees interviewing key witnesses
9:37 pm
before mueller but the committee erefuses to give mueller transcripts of what the witnesses said once he asked. i don't mean to be blunt but are these congressional investigations now blocking what robert mueller's trying to do? we knew there would be conflict, is what's happening on capitol hill blocking what the special counsel is trying to do. joining us senator mark warner. what is wrong with my worry about this matter? >> i can't speak to what happened with donald trump junior and the judiciary committee. we expect to have druonald trum junior in the future and we want to do it in a appropriate way, talk to as many other people in the room first before we bring in mr. trump junior. in term of the report on paul manafort, i believe it is a little bit of a stretch.
9:38 pm
i think we will work through this. i can tell you i want mr. mueller to have all the tools he needed to pursue the investigation which could prove to be a criminal investigation. in terms of the case of mr. manafort, mr. manafort changed lawyers during this time period, and i believe that will -- that issue will ultimately be resolved in terms of everybody getting the appropriate documents and information they need. there will be -- we have different goals. and i want mr. goal to be successful, but we have, we're one of the last bipartisan investigations going. we have a obligation back to the senate as well as the american people to see how russia intervened in our elections, was there collusion between the trump campaign and the russians and our standard of evidence is different than what mr. mueller may adhere to.
9:39 pm
this question of conflict, i know man you, he's a great reporter, but in terms of the senate intelligence committee and the special prosecutors getting along i think we'll get along. >> what you mentioned about mr. manafort changing lawyers, are you saying whether or not mueller gets the transcript of that interview will depend on what manafort's lawyer decides in that matter? isn't the transcript the property of your committee to do with it what you want? >> rachel, we are going through these witnesses, we'd much rather go through the witnesses on a voluntary basis rather than using subpoena because we want to try to get as much information as we can. we, i can assure you, from the committee's standpoint we're going to want to have mr. manafort back and have a chance for we as senators to question him as well. and we expect that to happen. and again, i can assure you on the macro level in that long list of what you've gone through
9:40 pm
just tonight on your program on the things to be concerned about, there were many other things earlier in the show that you lift listed. i'm not sure i would be awake all night on this issue. i think we will continue to work on deconflicts with special prosecutor mueller. >> senator warner, i know you do not do a ton of inviews, sir, i appreciate you being with us tonight. thanks for helping us understand. stay with us. i make it easy to save $600 on car insurance,
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this week there were two intriguing developments were russian propaganda outlets. on monday it was the news that sput nick, the russian government news agency is under investigation by the fbi as to whether ets -- yesterday came the news about russia today, rt, the u.s. affiliate of russia today being notified by the justice department that they must register as a foreign agent that is disseminating propaganda in the united states. so put nik and rt starting to feel heat in this country, this week 10 mass -- eight months after they were named by the intelligence community for their role in the russian attack last year in the u.s. election.
9:45 pm
if you're looking for something in the field of stayed to keep you up at night, look at this person, this is her announcing on twitter that she and her family were fleeing russia fearing for her life. i don't speak your read russian, but the part in blue there at the end of her tweet, imtold that what that says is hashtag putin. this is her announcing that she's leaving russia in fear for her life, hashtag putin, that news came 24 hours after she was awarded the freedom of the press prize, that is named after a famous russian journalist that was shot down in the lobby of her apartment building in months could you 2006. she wrote warz a independent --
9:46 pm
this woman writes a column for the independent russian news organization that employed the other journalist. she's been one of the kremlin's outspoken critics. after winning this award, she's fleeing the country. she has indurd frightening string of attacks, her car caught fire in what she believes was a assassination attempt, her home was goused, last year she was dumped with a bucket of fee sees. her parents have led russia. the newspaper she works for said she did not say she was going, they also said she is unlikely to return any time soon. she claims that she was being followed for a time she had police protection but after the car was set on fire she said she was too scared and she left town, she left her home country.
9:47 pm
she's very clear about the larger issue about why she was leaving, the forces thatting you baited those attacks, months could you times reports that she believed the harassment came as a atmosphere of hostility activitily encouragedly the russian -- you win a freedom of the press award named for another acclaimed journalist who was shot dead this her apartment building and you end up having to leave the country when those kinds of threats and that kind of hostility are aimed at journalists around the world, we take it seriously as press freedom, we hold ourselves up as a beacon for press freedom despite threats to it around the world. when we play with that as a country, that's fire for the
9:48 pm
whole world. >> they're not reporting it. katy you're not reporting it, katy. there's something happening, katy, there's something happening. she's back there, little katy, she's back there, what a lie it was -- no, what a lie. katy tur. third rate reporter. remember that. third rate. third rate. >> does that not give you pause. >> gives me no pause. if we have them -- you know what gives me more pause? that a person in our government, crooked hillary clinton, here's what gives me, be quiet i know you want to save her. >> the research which is independent. >> don't be naive. you're a naive person. >> the pugh research says immigrants on -- >> try getting it out. >> i'll get it out. >> i don't know if you're going to put it on television but you
9:49 pm
don't know what you're talking about. >> katy hasn't looked up once. the level of hatred is incredible. but when these people -- >> all presidential candidates have had hostile relationships with the press from time to time. this current president has a totally reaction to the press and press freedom than any president before him. the person who most person fies his hostility, con dissension toward the press is katy tur who's written a book on it. she's here next. chances are, the last time you got a home loan,
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[ inaudible ]. >> a little bit of a glimpse in the day of the life of what it meant to cover the trump campaign. katy tur spent over 500 days following the trump campaign, her book called unbelievable, my front row seat to the craziest campaign. this story is a get behind the scenes to what it takes to be a campaign correspondent. but the thing i found most scary and worrying about it, is when you talk about people at trump
9:54 pm
campaign rallies screaming at you, saying terrible things about hillary clinton, being violent or talking in terms that are very uncivil for american politics, and you described them as people who wouldn't -- gave them permission to behave in a way that they wouldn't normally behave. >> i can't imagine people yelling aassassinate that b, i can't imagine being called a c word in my regular life just walking down the street or any of the other names that i was called, any of the other names that other reporters were called. believe me, it wasn't just me, it was all of us. collectively in this pen. there was something about the trump rallies that allowed them to unleash, allowed them to become that version of themselves. that's because the candidate on the stage could say whatever he wanted and face no preper
9:55 pm
cushions for it. he never backed down. they felt like they could do that, unleash their anger. in many ways donald trump was directing that anger at the press, here, look, i brought with me this little group of the elite, the establish ment, thos who are keeping life not good for you. engine jethem. they're in a cage, they're in a pen, you can yell at them. >> if the traditional means are that people are ashamed because they're chasend when they break them, in this case it worked backwards. how do you salvage civil discourse in that context. >> there is a argument we went too far with political correctness, people couldn't tell a joke any longer, pay tri
9:56 pm
tism was -- they couldn't be themselves any more. maybe this is a overcorrection backwards and we'll find a happy medium. look at shows you watched 10 years ago, popular shows on broadcast tv, some of those jokes they make i can't imagine being said today. we corrected a lot. people feel it and they were angry about it and they felt donald trump was helping them release all that frustration. >> katy, when you talk about having done this sort of as a outsider not being a political p journalist, not being somebody who had done the campaign before this, not being a asset to covering such a strange campaign, now that you've had that 500 plus days on the trail and that it gave you some -- some insight into what works and what doesn't and you were able to predict that trump would win, does it make you want to do more of this kind of reporting.
9:57 pm
>> yes. >> or do you want to regain your naive take. >> it was valuable to have the neev tibut what was to valuable was the inter actions, even the ugly interactions with donald trump supporters. >> those the most important thing, you talking to them even when they were screaming. >> even when they were screaming because you learn so much why they voted for donald trump and why they felt he was the only option, and many of them felt he was the only option. people saw what he was, they weren't behind or deaf, maybe some were refusing to believe it, but they saw who he was, they just feel, and felt back then, that washington was so broken, so corrupt, so not out for them, that somebody needed to come and throw a bomb into it. when the trump administration says that is there justification
9:58 pm
for pretty much everything, they have a point because donald trump supporters were not republicans or democrats or independent ents, they were donald trump supporters. >> as a country, one of our values, one of our stated values in our constitution and one of the things we hold up in terms of ourselves as a beacon of the world is freedom of the press and plogss and presidential candidates have always had combat with members of the press. it's different with trump because he doesn't pay lip service to the ideal that goes beyond the idea of our first amendment. what's the strategy for salvaging our respect for freedom of the press and the safety of doing journalism in this country when he's profited so much off the two minutes of hate against journalists that he brought to the campaign and those events that you covered. >> you do your job. if you're a journalist, you do your job every single day. and you do not back down. you're a journalist in russia, you do your job every single day and you do not back down until
9:59 pm
you have to flee the country like the woman you were just speaking of. but that's how you maintain a freedom of the press. >> by behaving as one. >> by behaving. i don't think -- john mccain can come up and say this is terrible, the president shouldn't do it, mitch mcconnell can say it's terrible he shouldn't do it. name your person. nobody is going to come out and wake everybody up in the country and say it's not okay to do it. it's the american people who are going to decide for themselves that they've had enough with this angry violent rhetoric and they want to reinstitute some sort of balance, because you have to remember something, without journalists, it's just propaganda. >> katy tur's new work, unbelievable, my front row seat to the craziest campaign in american history. i think this is important
10:00 pm
because you put the people there that were trying to get a rise out of you in the middle of your narrative. you're great. thank you. that does it for us tonight. we'll see you again tomorrow right here interview that i'm very excited about. good evening, lawrence. >> good evening, rachel. i have the joint statement about their dinner at the white house tonight. would you like to hear it? >> please. >> help me try to figure it out. >> sure. >> we had a productive meeting with the president at the white house. the discussion on daca and enshrining the protections of daca in law and work out a package of border security excludeing the wall that's acceptable to both sides. we also urged the president to make permanent the cost sharing reduction payments a enthose discussions will continue. of course, the last line refers to the affordable care act but r


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