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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  September 14, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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we can hold them accountable and also protect the american pole. >> there is no one that should have to pay because equifax lost their information. thank you for all you're doing. thank you for watching this hour of "velshi & ruhle." stephanie is in the virgin islands. i'll see you back here at 3:00 p.m. now, "andrea mitchell reports." president trump just now landing in florida. he will be visiting victims of hurricane irma. deal or no deal. the president says he's trying to protect the dreamers but insists he still wants that wall. >> we also have to get the wall. it doesn't have to be here, but they can't obstruct the wall, whether it's in a budget or something else. i just spoke with paul ryan. he's on board, everybody is on board. they want to do something. we're not talking about amnesty,
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we're talking about -- we're talking about taking care of people. >> this hour, we'll get the first reaction from the house speaker, paul ryan, speaking straight ahead. and united front. right now secretary of state rex tillerson in london trying to increase pressure on north korea with the allies even as u.s. intelligence says more missiles are being loaded on launch pads. >> the u.k. has been quite helpful and quite forceful in their support for our efforts against north korea's development of these nuclear weapons. >> good day, everyone. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. we have two big news stories today. president trump touring the hardest hit areas along florida's southwest coast. in naples this hour to meet with victims recovering from the long uphill battle from irma's
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devastation. and an action-packed hour on the hill where reporters will be questioning chuck schumer and nancy pelosi from that daca deal that will need agreement from the republican leaders to get a vote. kelly, first to you. let's talk about what happened last night, the dinner, the chinese meal? i guess they were hungry within a couple of hours because the right wing and conservatives, the base, whipping on president trump for, they thought, having done a side deal with democrats. kelly? >> well, i think there must have been something in the fortune cookie messages that unleashed a lot of criticism and a lot of curiosity about what happened between the president, senator schumer and leader pelosi. what we have is, in many ways they're speaking from the same page, but there are also some big questions. certainly you have schumer and pelosi who are saying the president agreed in principle to
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follow the outline of the dream act which goes back several years in congress which provided for those young people brought here without documentation to have permanent legal residence and a path way to citizenship. that is something that conservatives have been against, although many conservatives do agree that this particular group, there needs to be some resolution to their status because they were not personally responsible for violating those initial immigration laws. so what to do about it without incentivizing others to bring children here? that's the outline. the president, who has wanted to, in his words, show heart, he has given mixed messages when it comes to the daca group, as they're known, and now is saying there is a way to resolve this if he can get adding all the sup superlatives, massive, extreme security. what others don't want to do is finance a border wall.
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you would have to get enough with the dream piece of it, enough to carry it over the finish line, but democrats would not finance the border wall. so getting some money for things like surveillance for patrols, other elements that have not been spelled out, you could get democrats to support that and then try to deal with the border wall at some later point. now, the president's most conservative supporters, i'm thinking of people like steve king of iowa, the republican congressman, they equate dealing with dreamers to amnesty. the white house says no, but there's lots of pitfalls in all of this, and yet there is sort of the makings of an agreement, andrea. notably names i haven't mentioned, mcconnell and ryan. republicans say they would agree but they're the most consequential because they would bring real legislation up to a vote. ryan said the dreamers should be included in a wider discussion about border security.
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we expect to hear from paul ryan maybe this hour. andrea? >> the president said he already called mitch mcconnell. there is damage control being done by republicans because of the fact pelosi and schumer came out last night. they didn't say there was a deal, they said there was an agreement and they were working on this. it's the sequencing of when the funding of the wall comes up, but the fact is the president is trying to reassure everyone that he still wants that wall, which is so critical to his base. this is what the president had to say pushing back against complaints from the base that he's talking about amnesty. >> we're not looking at citizenship, we're not looking at amnesty, we're looking at allowing people to stay here. we're doing it in conjunction with the republicans. we have a very, very good relationship with a lot of people. a lot of people want this to happen, they expect it to happen and we'll see if it happens. >> so, kelly, there is obviously -- i mean, this is a big change in that whether it's
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a deal or not a deal, they are talking about a framework. as chuck schumer said today, to try to clarify. there is a framework where the dreamers would get protection legislatively. and down the road in the budget, the president said today, we want to have funding for that wall. >> and i think down the road, the president could perhaps seek funding for the wall on republican-only votes because of the majority they hold. that could be a separate matter on another day. but trying to deal with this issue, which could perhaps draw some bipartisan support for the president and perhaps improve his poll ratings, and it's something that he has hinted for months that he wanted to do, to try to deal with this issue of the legal status of this dreamers class of about 800,000 young people. many of them approaching adulthood now, but they came here to the united states without documentation as little children. so the president could potentially get something here. and it was strategically notable
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that schumer and pelosi in a joint statement jumped on it late last night after the dinner which was a seated table in the blue room with chinese food being served as they also talked about chinese trade. they got out first and tried to frame where things stood in the argument. that put the white house on the defensive. certainly is drew out conservative critics. the president has often said his most conserve tiative critics w be with him. notable the republicans were not part of this discussion. yes, they were at the white house, they will be again, but the president clearly signalling he's willing to have these conversations and agreement is a real change of what we've been seeing in this administration. andrea? >> deal, agreement, framework, whatever you call it, the president is talking to democrats and that's got
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republicans riled up. morgan is in naples to greet the president. morgan, you've been there. what is the president going to see today. >> reporter: right now the president and the first lady are just feet away behind me. they have not yet left the tarmac but they're there with vice president mike pence as well as rick scott. a few minutes ago he was in fort myers, florida and there he was praised for his outstanding response after hurricane irma. this comes, andrea, just as i mentioned, the president is going to tour those hardest hit areas. even though they were able to restore power to 400,000 homes in the past three days, there are still many that woke up
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without power whatsoever. even the airport behind me was severely damaged. that commercial portion of the airport was hit by winds exceeding 143 miles per hour. that's the kind of devastation we're seeing on the ground, but it's also an issue of resources. even though the president has talked a lot about restoring power, there is still a fuel shortage here. as we were leaving jacksonville surveying the damage, our crew was short on fuel. we have two extra tanks of gas in the back of our suv, because when we were stopping, the lines were 30 to 40 minutes. these are the types of stories they're likely to tell the president today, because it's not just affecting homes, it's also affecting a lot of small businesses here. andrea? >> the economic impact yet to be determined. morgan, thanks, i know you'll be there throughout this tour. from new hampshire, andy, great to see you. let's talk about the coordination of all this.
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the resources, rick scott and those on the ground have done such a good job. the president is getting a lot of praise. at the same time we have these -- the disaster that is the american virgin islands and the rest of the caribbean, of course, yet to be even dealt with. and the nursing homes, and i am just obsessing over parents, grandparents, the elderly throughout the state who were completely unprotected from either the regulations or first responses to the fact that they were without any kind of air-conditioning and excessive heat, and we had eight people that we know of die and more than 20 people in critical condition. one nursing home just across the street from a hospital facility where they could have been evacuated. >> that was terrible and it's inexcusable. i can't imagine why people from the hospital weren't informed of
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problems at the nursing home. this will be investigated. there is likely to be a criminal investigation as well. this tragedy is a personal tragedy to literally tens and tens of thousands of people. and this response is going to come from the bureaucracies of government. this is when government is there to help. and the sba plays a huge role in helping people get back into their homes or getting mortgage assistance or whatever and helping with small businesses, we tend to forget that. so the sba plays a big role. obviously fema and brock long has done an outstanding job. i think elaine duke is doing a great job and tom bossert at the white house did a good job of making sure the president was informed and engaged. and they have put the people in place, but this is going to be a
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long involvement. the usied will take charge of the caribbean islands that were devastated from this storm, so this is a massive effort to help the president do what his job is, to help the citizens. this is what the government is truly here for, to help, and if they don't do it, shame on the government, but they're getting pretty good grades right now by having the right organization in place and the right attitude. it's keeping that positive attitude of wanting to help the victims that's most important. >> it's really been a reality check for those who come to washington and say, you don't need the government. the fact is, in times like this, you need the government, you need fema. john kelly knows this coming out of the pentagon. the state department is the sort of stand-alone issue which, by the way, the appropriations committee led by republicans unanimously rejected rex
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tillerson's budget just last week and added $11 billion. a total of $14 billion if you combine usaid and the state department and rejected the fact that there were drastic budget cuts and personnel cuts, saying they at least have to keep the current level of foreign services officers and personnel. this is when you need the state department, and right now people around the world -- governments around the world are complaining there is no one home, there's no one to talk to. >> the french government and the british government all have a stake in this because many of those islands are under their control, and they, fortunately, those two nations understand the challenges and they've been quick to respond. but it's important for the united states to be a partner as we respond to those challenges. and after all, a lot of people around the world have helped to respond to our challenges with hurricane harvey and irma and we expect that to happen as well. this is a catastrophe.
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and individual lives have been greatly disrupted, and it is the government's job to help people get back on their feet, and i thank the government for being there with an infrastructure that they can put in place to help, but we also have to remember the american red cross and the salvation army, the southern baptist convention, all of those entities that show up on the ground and make a difference, i was in charge of the response to hurricane andrew that hit florida during the first president bush's tenure, and i'm a witness to the phenomenal work that is done by the organizations like the salvation army and the southern baptist convention and the m mennonites and all those groups that show up and help. most people don't pay attention, but they need your support. send your money in to help them, and i happen to believe in the one america appeal that the former president joined in on and i already sent a check to them. >> that's very helpful. we'll post all of this on our
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website as well, because we want our viewers and anybody within earshot listening on sirius radio to help those people in florida. i wanted to ask you, as a former white house chief of staff and someone who has been through this, there is a private dinner with the president and democrats, chinese food in the blue room of the white house, and then the democrats come out and say there is an agreement on protecting the dreamers and that the wall is not part of that. and then the president gets hammered. everyone from ann coulter to breitbart overnight, and chuck grassley is tweeting at the president, what's going on, you haven't consulted us. what's the back story here and what is the end result? the dreamers are going to get some protection? >> everybody is standing on thin ice right now, and i'm hoping they don't fall through. the president is clearly shaking things up and he's reaching across the aisle to try to get some momentum there. he's challenging the
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republicans. i think the chat lethe challeng something the republicans knew that they had even before the president started doing this. they have demonstrated they can get things done. i think paul ryan's leadership is critical and i have great confidence in him. his caucus and a tough caucus to direct and cajole and bring to the reality of getting things done, but i hope paul ryan will meet that responsibility, and i want to help him do it, and i hope the president helps him do it. i hope the president recognizes the real players on capitol hill are not chuck schumer or nancy pelosi, they're the republican leadership. nothing can get scheduled on the floor without the republicans saying, yes, it's going to get scheduled. i do applaud the president trying to make things happen, and i hope it's going to be something constructive. i hope there was another witness in that dinner last night. i hope chief of staff john kelly was there to pay attention to what was actually said and
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whether or not there was an agreement or an understanding of directionally correct or whatever. but we've got to get something done and the clock is running. congress has got to respond, especially when they cut this deal to say they're going to have a debt ceiling increase until the middle of december and they're going to try to have continuing resolution and maybe get some money for the victims. but it's critically important that congress step up to the plate and be part of the solution rather than just part of the debate. >> andy card, thank you so much. i know we'll be talking to you throughout the hour, so stand by where we turn to florida where we have breaking news now on the tragedy of those nursing home deaths in florida. gabe gutierrez is there. gabe, what are you learning from the investigation so far? >> reporter: hi there, andrea, good afternoon. a news komconference just wrapp up where authorities discussed the latest in their investigation saying some search warrants had been issued but not been executed yet with regards to this investigation. but we also just spoke with
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state senator gary farmer who represents this area, and he tells nbc news, citing sources close to the investigation, that some of the evacuated nursing home residents had a body temperature of 106 degrees. now, federal and state regulations require that room temperature inside nursing home facilities be between 71 and 81 degrees. so obviously, andrea, that would be significantly higher than that. this is all part of an ongoing criminal investigation now to find out how those eight nursing home patients died. around 150 or so others were evacuated. we do not have updated conditions on those who were evacuated, but a lot of people here demanding answers on how exactly that could happen. we should point out the nursing home facility, the rehabilitation center at hollywood hills, is defending its staff. it says that they were preparing for hurricane irma and they blamed the hurricane, actually, for knocking out a transformer that powered the ac system here.
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so that's what the nursing home is saying. but again, andrea, the breaking news according to a state senator here, citing sources close to the investigation, that some of the evacuated nursing home residents had 106-degree body temperatures. andrea? >> without descriascribing any to anybody, that is criminally negligent. these are our most vulnerable people, these are our elders, these are the people we should be protecting. somebody has to pay a price for this. i can't even imagine the relatives and families of these people. thank you, gabe. i know you'll stay on this. meanwhile, president trump meeting with seizure vooiurvivo florida. we'll continue to monitor that throughout the hour. meanwhile, his secretary about to give a report on north
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president trump, of course, he's in naples, florida meeting with some victims. hard to see or hear what is being said with these people, but this is part of his tour with the first lady touring the damage in florida today. let's listen in. >> thank you for all you've done. thank you so much. god bless you.
9:24 am
>> mr. president, what do you think of the people of florida? >> we love the people of florida. they've been through a lot, this came in as a category 5. we're going to be back and we're going to help. the job that everybody has done in terms of spifirst responder everybody has been incredible. that goes for the people here, because you see them immediately getting back to work fixing up their homes. i just want to tell you, we are there for you 100%. i'll be back here numerous times. this is a state i know very well, as you understand, and these are special, special people and we love them.
9:25 am
>> mr. president! >> president trump with the vice president merks lawn ya trump meeting wi -- melania trump, meeting with people in florida. over the years there's been talk of how the white house should respond to emergencies like this. this is what the president is doing today as we watch our poor colleagues in the press go running to try to keep up with the president. >> he's doing a good job and he has been enganld, ageengaged, a lot of credit to tom bossert, who is in the white house staff coordinating with fema and making sure the president is engaged. clearly the president has demonstrated empathy and sympathy, and he's also
9:26 am
motivated bureaucracy, and that's the critical response. there are a lot of lessons learned with hurricane harvandr and katrina. they changed the way they dealt with disasters. president bush did it when hurricanes hit the week before that. then after hurricane katrina hit and you had lake uppontchartrai with it hitting the levees, he learned things for future disasters. duke did a study of what needed to happen after katrina, so they have people within the bureaucracy and fema that actually learned the lessons and put new practices in place as a result of what happened in hurricane katrina, and they
9:27 am
helped president bush be prepared after hurricane katrina hit so we could be more responsive to future disasters. >> a lame duke, as you mentioned, is the deputy there at homeland security. very well-regarded career person. but there has been criticism that no nomination has come yet to replace john kelly. a lot of talk on the hill that mike mccall, the house chairman of the homeland security committee, is a leading contender there. andy, does it matter whether or not there is a confirmed homeland security secretary in times like this? sdp >> this is all hands on deck. i don't think if matters now. yes, it would be nice to have somebody in that confirmed position. but they're doing a good job responding and they're not going to be distracted by the political debate, and it really is a political debate whether or not there is a confirmed secretary. she has the means and the power to reach the responsibilities of the department of homeland
9:28 am
security and she's the acting secretary. and john kelly, the chief of staff having been the secretary of homeland security, is going to make sure the department is well cared for and well -- i'm going to say -- directed by the white house. so i think he's helping to engage the white house in a constructive way with the department of homeland security, and, therefore, with the federal emergency management agency. very critical. the sba's role is also critical. they do not fall under the department of homeland security. they are an independent agency. that is a critical job because they're the ones that have the ability to loan money quickly, and some of it is actual grants. most of it is loans. but they can make things happen and they can help people with their mortgages and they can help small businesses find the resources to get back in business. and that's the real thing -- the real challenge is to get florida working again, and especially a state that's so dependent on tourism. you want people around the world to recognize it's okay to come
9:29 am
to florida, it's open for business, so they're going to have to get back on their feet very quickly. >> we understand that airports are beginning to reopen, flights are beginning to be rescheduled. the power grid is obviously critical as they pitch in there to help serve lunch as well, lunch from volunteers and volunteer organizations that are being provided. and you mentioned some of them, andy. but there are budget implications and economic implications that the agriculture in florida has probably been decimated. we're going to see price increases for citrus throughout the country. this is all going to filter through the economy. >> yes. there is going to be an impact to so many aspects of our economy as a result of this disaster. this is an unprecedented disaster, and if combine irma with harvey, you've hit two significant centers of entrepreneurship and economic success. houston has got to get back up and running, and i think they're
9:30 am
doing a good yjob there trying o get back on their feet. florida has to get back up and running, but it's also been a bruise on our economy. the disaster centers will help people rebuild which means there will be great demand for laborers and equipment and material to reconstruct and rebuild our infrastructure, and the department of transportation also plays a big role in making sure the infrastructure in place to support a mobile economy, and elaine chau is very attentive to the needs, because she understands what the needs are because she served in the cabinet before when there were disasters, and she was part of the solution and not part of the problem. >> just to bring you up to date, what we are just hearing also is paul ryan's briefing. the president called paul ryan from air force i, as did john kelly, to say there is no agreement, there's no negotiation, that these are just talks with the democrats.
9:31 am
and according to paul ryan, the speaker said it was a discussion, not an agreement or a negotiation. so republicans are trying to reassure the base that they are in charge. obviously nothing gets to the floor without the speaker or without mitch mcconnell. and that according to paul ryan, it makes sense to bring the democrats into this. of course, in past administrations, you might have had both sides there and that might have made everyone feel a little more comfortable. it just seems to me the president was perhaps playing a few mind games with some of the republican leaders with whom he's picked a number of fights along the way. disappointment, of course, with the house side and the senate side over obamacare, especially with mitch mcconnell. >> well, i kind of wish the president had invited the leadership of both sides of the aisle from both branches to the dinner last night. i think it would have been a more viable discussion about a solution rather than just a dialogue about interests.
9:32 am
and we know what people's interests are. we just have to get things done. the president, i think, is trying to motivate congress to get to work, but he's maybe a little bit naive in thinking he can peel off the democratic leadership and expect the republicans to sign up to follow that lead. it's not going to happen. paul ryan and mitch mcconnell are critically important providing the momentum for congress to get things done, and both of those leaders have a challenge within their own caucuses and we know that. but the democrats should look for opportunities to be part of the solution, and i'm hoping paul ryan and mitch mcconnell, who aptly have done a good job in the past, inviting democrats to be part of a solution, where there is a will there's a way. in the past there hasn't been much of a will. i'm hoping president trump is creating more of a will for the democrats to be part of the solution, and that mitch mcconnell and paul ryan help open the door for us to find meaningful compromise.
9:33 am
compromise is not a dirty word. we have to get things done. >> thanks so much, andy card. i know you'll be staying with us as we watch these pictures of the president and the vice president helping with the first lady serve lunch to some of these people who have been victims, of course, of the hurricane. bringing in heidi presbola, political analyst and mike garrett from capitol hill. mr. garrett, first of all, what andy card was reinstating was the democrats are part of this, but it seemed to be a peek from the president showing he can also cross the line with democrats and the republicans were left out of the picture last night. >> reporter: i think you're absolutely right. paul ryan needed to sort of reassert himself today, reassert his authority to be the person who brings legislation to the floor and to leads the house
9:34 am
republicans who will be so important in whatever deal might get worked out. but you also have to look back at last night and keep in mind the context here. there is a long history here of people meeting with donald trump and coming away feeling like they got what they wanted, or he heard what they had to say. this president likes people to leave these meetings feeling like he's on their side regardless of where he ultimately ends up. then there's the third angle, which is the two democratic leaders who it's in their best interest to make this deal look like it's as far along as possible and put it into a box as small as possible. as members were leaving last night, there was a direct correlation between how conservative the number is and how quickly they told me they had to get on a plane. or how nice they thought the weather was. they do not want to talk about their president making deals with democrats. they just don't have good answers for how they might
9:35 am
potentially have to have these pri principles that they fought so hard on potentially be come pro mits -- compromised. so they are trying to put this back in the box. >> some kind of protection, heidi, for the dreamers before congress goes home is on the table. there is no question about that after what the president said today. >> there is no question about that not only what the president said today but what his white house affairs director told us at a breakfast when he kind of foreshadowed this deal/nondeal, whatever it was, that was tentatively agreed to last night. the president desperately wants to get something done about these dreamers. i think he was taken aback by being accused of wanting to rescind president obama's order,
9:36 am
and he wanted to clean that up. we're eight months into this administration and not a lot has happened in terms of congress. so i am not surprised, count me as one, that he went to the democrats and tried to cut a tentative deal. but jamming the republican leader, maybe not such a great idea. i think he may be coming to the point where he's realizing that if there's one faction that might need to be cut out in terms of the gop to get things done, it is this harder line. but that is also his base. but what happened here is he also cut out the republican leadership, and you can see the effects of that today not only with paul ryan and mitch mcconnell, you know, expressing potential uneasiness but also with some of the committee leaders like senator grassley who felt that the normal committee process was also kind of violated in the process. >> and garrett and heidi, let's listen to a little bit of paul ryan, because while the president was serving lunch in florida, paul ryan was trying to serve the republican
9:37 am
constituency in washington. >> there is no agreement. the president and the chief of staff called me from air force i today to discuss what was discussed. and it was a discussion, not an agreement or a negotiation. let me say a couple of things. and i'll say the same thing i've been saying for weeks. the president and i have been talking about this for weeks. you cannot fix daca without fixing the root cause of our problem. we do not have control of our borders. so we need border security and enforcement as part of any agreement. i think that's something the democrats are beginning to understand. i think that's something they're beginning to agree with. i said as much to our democratic colleagues here in the house just yesterday. but we have not begun negotiations. what we're doing is talking with ourselves here and our majority to make sure we're all on the same page ourselves before we proceed on all of these things, and it's right and proper that the president talks with the other party. these were discussions, not
9:38 am
negotiations. there isn't an agreement, and it's very clear -- and i want to make this clear over and over again -- if we don't fix the problems we have with border security and enforcement, and we would only fix daca, we're going to have another daca problem a decade from now. that's the symptom of the problem. so let's fix both. i think people are beginning to understand that our position has not changed. it is going to stay the same. and more importantly, i think people understand this. it's totally common sense. it makes perfect sense. fix the root cause of the problem while you're addressing the symptom of the problem, and i believe democrats are understanding that as well. >> mr. speaker, both leader pelosi and leader schumer came away thinking that the dream act was the baseline for the daca protection part of the bill. the president said that there would be no scitizenship, so we're all a little confused here. >> these are negotiations regarding people's positions. >> did the president shed any light on what his preferences
9:39 am
would be? and also, do you think something like the dream act -- would you support that or would your conference support that? >> what i'm going to do is get consensus with our members, and no offense, phil, i'm not going to negotiate through the media. that is not how our legislation is drafted. we'll have a consensus while we negotiate a compromise. there will be a compromise. we believe this will occur and this compromise will include border security and enforcement so we don't end up with another daca problem ten years down the road. >> mr. speaker, how do you as one of the most prominent leaders of the republican party keep this from tearing the republican party apart as some have suggested that it will? because there is a lot of house members especially, not so much senators, but members of the house saying that this is something that's going to be really hard for the base to accept. it's going to look like amnesty even if it's worked out a
9:40 am
different way. and things like the dream act. >> any time you see deadlines, deadlines can help. the president, i believe, did the right thing when he rescinded what we believe is an unconstitutional executive order but also giving congress time to come up with a solution. and this gives us the opportunity to address one of the fundamental root cause of the problems that the president campaigned on, that we all have been talking about, which is getting operational control of our border, making sure we have border security and enforcement so we can solve the problems facing our country. so i see a solution, one, as something that has the president's support that our country can get behind, because we will do this in conjunction with the president. >> mr. speaker, house republicans came up with -- >> and paul ryan trying to reassure the base that they are still in control of the agenda.
9:41 am
they're going to negotiate a compromise with democrats. darrell hague, what is nancy pelosi saying today about this meeting last night? >> she is going farther than speaker ryan is to describe the terms of it. the idea is a deal to make a deal and get on the pathway to citizenship, which has been a a an anathema to republicans. and to say he's not negotiating, that would make him the only major player because that's what the democrats and the president are doing. and then splitting hairs on the negotiations, this is a president who wrote a book called "the art of the deal." i doubt he sees it that finely. everything is a negotiation. >> thank you so much. we'll be back in a moment. meanwhile, the president has a lot on his plate in terms of foreign policy. the secretary of state just having spoken in london, north
9:42 am
korea, the u.n. meetings next week, and iran. we'll have a lot of breaking news coming up. we'll be right back. john smite humana medicare advantage members. no, it's this john smith. who we paired with a humana team member to help address his own specific health needs. at humana, we take a personal approach to your health, to provide care that's just as unique as you are. no matter what your name is.
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9:46 am
helping him develop this policy that we must take into account the totality of iranian threats, not just iran's nuclear capability. we have to consider the totality of iran's activities and not let our view be defined solely by the nuclear agreement. it continues to be under review. no final decision has been made. >> that is on iran and that's rex tillerson, the secretary of state, moments ago in london. joining me now, mbc's chief global correspondent in london and political reporter carol lee here, and emery abrams who served in the george w. bush administration as well as the state department. he's a senior fellow at the mideastern studies of council relations. and he has a book out called "realism and democracy after the arab spring." carol, first to you.
9:47 am
there is a lot of conflict with iran. you've got some breaking news on what we can expect momentarily in the next day or two, if not today. >> right. what we've learned, my colleague and i, is that the administration could, as soon as today, adopt new sanctions on iran, and at the same time is also expected today to extend certain sanctions that are enslie enshrined in the nuclear agreement. all of this is what you heard secretary tillerson talk about, so it is reneutralized from the first agreement, that it's overshadowed by everything else. and he is expected to try to talk to european allies about ways that they could put pressure on iran to get them back to the negotiating table to possibly renegotiate three key elements of the deal. now, the iranians have said that
9:48 am
this deal is not up for renegotiation, and all of this is coming to a head before the president has a deadline mid-october where he has to either recertify the deal or not. he very much wants to not recertify the deal and has tasked his advisers for coming back to him with some options rather than just recertify or don't recertify, more stringent options to try to put more pressure on iran. he'll be making a number of these decisions in the coming weeks and we'll see where it goes. >> and bill neely, secretary tillerson is really walking a very careful tightrope here, because he and his state department advisers believe, as the atomic energy inspectors believe, that iran is complying with what the u.s. calls the narrow confines of this deal. they have not broken out of it. and we do have pretty impressive inspections to make sure they
9:49 am
don't break out of that deal that was negotiated in 2015. that said, this president campaigned saying this is the worst deal in history. he wants to break it right now. he's very frustrated, frankly, with his secretary of state for saying right now legally there is no pretext to bust out of it. but they may try to do it as early as october. the europeans aren't happy about any of this, correct? >> reporter: yeah, that's right, and interestingly, just before rex tillerson spoke, iran's foreign minister tweeted, this deal is not negotiable. a better deal is pure fantasy. the u.s. should stop spinning and begin complying as iran is. and as you heard there, what rex tillerson was trying to do was decouple, really, the iran nuclear threat from the regional threat that it poses, saying, we're looking at the totality of iran's threat. that's just the key and we won't
9:50 am
be defined simply by iran's nuclear threat. it's an extraordinary set of elements today, andrea, because this summit at today's discussions were not meant to be about iran at all. we were told explicitly they were meant two issues that both the u.s. and britain and france have struggled with. well, in the case of libya for six years. in the case of north korea, for six decade. but here is iran dominating the discussions today. of course president trump deciding today whether or not to renew those economic sanctions against iran. >> and you have a new book, "realism and democracy." this is sort of the crux of the question. because kerry's approach was to say we're foot going to worry about iran's missiles. we're not going to worry about iran's support of terrorism and support of syria. we're going to focus on trying to at least constrain their nuclear weapons. >> and that only. >> and that only. what donald trump, what
9:51 am
netanyahu, what others say is you can't ignore all rest of iran's behavior. >> right. you know, that's what american law says too. there is this question today. but in october, as carol lee said, you know, he's got the big question. and that's under the corker law which requires that he certify, yes, on the nuclear deal, narrowly defined, but more broadly on the u.n. resolution that enshrines it, that covers things like missiles. the missile program iranians have. and they have to certify the whole thing is in the national security interest, vital national security interest of the u.s., which he doesn't want to certify. so i think this will be rolled out piece by piece over the next month. but clearly the president doesn't like the deal. and doesn't -- the one thing he wants is full speed ahead, everything's fine. >> elliott, they're going to convene a meeting next week in new york. how isolated is the u.s. from
9:52 am
our european allies? they want to do business with tehran and they do not like the fact this president wants to slap iran's face and say the nuclear deal was bad for america. >> depends how far he goes. for example, if he says the real problem with the deal is it's only ten years and we need to make it permanent, i think they'd be a lot of support. you're right on the business part of this. you know, we're going to see a piece of this with the boeing deal. >> i was going to say, boeing has cut a deal to sell planes for the first time to tehran. >> right, and there is a move in congress, in the house, to prevent that. i think what won't work is for the president to say yes, boeing can sell billions of dollars worth of planes but other sanctions will be reimposed because the issues will say, that's hypocrisy, you're ready to do a deal, that won't work. >> what's going to happen to the general assembly when the president gets up and he's going to speak out against iran in front of all those delegates and the u.s. already is more or less isolated? >> right, and he's going to do that. the other thing is try to
9:53 am
convince, you know, france and the uk, which the administration thinks is open to this, to pull back on its economic engagement with iran and try to negotiate three elements of the deal that they have -- their biggest problems with, which is the sunset provision, you were talking about, ballistic missiles, and then the inspections, they want stronger inspections. the administration believes that the british and the french are open to this. while the germans who obviously have more of a stake in this and would be more consequential are not interested. so he'll try to do that sort of shuttle diplomacy while he's there. also then talking tough in iran both in his speech but i think we should expect that when he meets with the israeli prime minister too. >> he better not be hoping for a pause in the general assembly, he's not going to get it. >> elliott abrams, thanks. carol, thanks of course to my colleague bill neely and a big traffic alert for anybody going to new york next week, stay away. coming up, art of the steal.
9:54 am
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president trump was trying to calm conservative outrage after he did somewhat of an about-face about the dreamers with the democrats last night. sparking fierce reaction from the right. let's get the inside scoop from
9:58 am
"the new york times" congressional reporter and msnbc contributor. there's a lot of anger. i mean, the steve kings and others on the conservative right are not happy about what happened last night. >> i've been interviewing republicans all day today that are very frustrated that the president, one, made a deal to reach some sort of agreement on daca without having republicans in the room, deciding he wanted to go with democrats to make an agreement. and then also he essentially is saying he is okay with giving amnesty and a path toward citizenship. now, the republicans i've been talking to on the hill today, they are saying that's not amnesty, that it's not exactly the president doing -- backing up and not going against what his base wanted. essentially, that is exactly what the president did. i think a lot of republicans here are very frustrated with that and are trying to figure out how to move forward.
9:59 am
they're tying themselves up in knots essentially when asked how is this not amnesty? >> breitbart's headlines today were amnesty don and the report that dems declare victory. as trump caves on daca. and tweeting, put a fork in, he's dead. who doesn't want trump impeached? i'd prefer president pence. i mean, this is pretty strong outrage. we only have a few seconds left. you're going to hear a lot more coming from the hill. >> there's going to be a lot more coming from the hill. that outrage is echoing right now all across the hill. i talked to a republican today who said this was the signature issue of the president. that the base understands, if nothing else, a wall was supposed to be built and none of this looks like the president is backing up on what he initially said. >> that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." craig melvin is up next right here on msnbc. craig. >> andrea, thanks. good thursday afternoon to you. craig melvin here at msnbc
10:00 am
headquarters in new york. amnesty don. president trump picking up that new nickname after allegedly coming to an agreement on the dreamer program with top ranking democrats. is he getting things done? is he alienating his base? how close are they really to a deal on dreamers for that matter? also this hour, irma's toll. president trump is in naples, florida. he is surveying the damage. as outrage grows over the death of eight nursing home patients who were left in sweltering conditions in the days following the storm. and obama's back. the former president announcing a big move to help young americans change the world. we'll have the details. we'll also talk to his former body man. all of that in just a moment. but we start with what's become the biggest mystery on capitol hill today. dreamers program. deal or no deal? as president trump surveys hurricane damage in florida, he's left behind confusion on how close did he and


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