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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  September 15, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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and ear protection is on federal property was so into it, at first he didn't notice the president had come over to say hi. he's hoping it will boost his presidential mowing business. he mowed a small portion of the grounds. the white house sits on 18 acres of land, much -- too much of it for his purposes are green. either way, well done frank. nice note to end on. that is our broadcast for a friday night and for this week. thank you for being here with us. the fis one which is often called a firing, but it wasn't, it was a resignation. s first one came 24 days into the new administration. three and a half weeks in and they were already shedding their first senior staff. february 13th, trump national
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security adviser mike flynn resigned from the white house. that was in february then in march the deputy chief of staff, then in april it was the deputy national security adviser, then in may it was the white house communications director number one, he was out in may. then in june, it was the vice president's chief of staff, stick a pin in that one, vice president chief of staff. then in july, july ended up being quite busy. i swear they saved it up for when i went on vation in part of july. they lost the deputy chief of staff of the national security council which is a breitbart person, then they lost the white house suppress secretary, then the assistant white house press secretary michael short, then reince priebus, white house
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chief of staff, then white house communications director number two, scarea mew chi, and then we rolled into the laez days of august. in a normal universe version of washington nothing happens in august, but this time it meant firing or accept the resignation of the senior director for the security council, i should say he's a guy nobody knew why he was there, he was gone as of august. then all in the same day, it was white house chief strategist bannon and a special assistant to the president jamd julia hahn and a director of public liaison, the director of the public liaison office, he was also out. then the special adviser on regulatory reform, carl icahn, he was out on the same day. he seems to have some law
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enforcement interest follow him home from the job. a week later, it was that strange guy who doesn't have a job title sebastian gorka. this is like the people who have knowable titles. all gone. and this administration isn't that old. this doesn't show like a revolving door, this is like somebody turning the care oe sell motor and people flinging off the thing into the night. that's not counting the no notice fiergs of dozens of prosecutors, and the firing of the fbi director, this is all just white house. last night "the new york times" broke a news on the day robber mueller's was appointed, president trump reportedly lost his mind at the attorney general jeff sessions because sessions had recused himself from anything relate today russia. quote, when the phone call informing him about the mueller
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appointment ended, white house council relayed the news to the president and his aides. almost immediately mr. trump lobd a volley of insults at the attorney general saying it was his fault they were in the current situation, he said choosing him as attorney general was the worst decision he made he called him a idiot and said he should resign. the times reports jeff sessions did resign, he wrote a resignation letter to the president but the president would not accept it. quote, trump ended up rejecting session's resignation letter that senior members argued that dismissing the ag would only create more problems after firing -- his senior advisers said accepting the resignation would only sew more chaos inside the administration.
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really? the idea this administration didn't want to let anybody go. it would attract too much attention. they were afraid of shedding anyone as of may? they took drastic steps even against the president's wishes as of may because that would be too much chaos. really? how does that square with their actual behavior? it doesn't make sense senior white house advisers wouldn't let the president fire anyone too high profile as of may because in may they were just getting started with flinging people off the care sell into the good night. it has continued into the fall. the times further reports that trump asked again if he could please fire sessions in july. again the answer was reportedly no. that would be too disruptive. too disruptive to fire somebody in july? why because jeff sessions might
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clog up the out door they were using to fire all the other people and there might be a pileup? he was going to block the fire exit. that explanation for why the president couldn't fire jeff sessions when he wanted to, it makes no sense. given the number of people fired from this white house. this situation with the president and the attorney general supposedly having this standoff, it will end weirdly. i can assure you. something about the way that conflict between the president and the attorney general, something about the way that intrigue is being described is off. when you put it in context against the way the white house was otherwise behaving at the time these supposed conflicts came to a head. regardless of jeff sessions there is a new name to add to the list. today we got the resignation of the press secretary to the vice president, mark lotter.
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vice president mike pence's secretary. he lost his chief of staff last june and his press secretary today. for all the turmoil and scandal and the quitting and disappearance of the senior staff, vice president mike pence has been caught out in way more of these scandals than his bland beltway press coverage would have you believe. going back to the first dramatic firing of the white house, mike pence was the head of the transition, this is a letter he received as head of the transition notifying him in writing about concerns that soon to be national security adviser mike flynn appeared to be on the payroll of foreign governments. in addition to this notification in writing from congress, mike flynn's lawyers also said that they too notified the transition in person telling them that flynn was on the payroll of foreign governments. vice president mike pence was
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running the transition when all those warnings about mike flynn came in. he nevertheless claims he never heard, no idea, as head of the transition he had no idea, nobody could have had any idea that mike flynn might have been on the payroll of foreign governments. that is plainly not true. vice president mike pence also solemnly intoned to the american people mike flynn had no discussions with russian sanctions with russian officials during the transition. despite the fact he said it solemnly, that was also not true. pence insist it had that there were no contacts at all between the trump campaign and russian officials during the campaign. that, of course, was not true either. vice president mike pence insisted james comey was fired as fbi director because of a internal process at the department of justice, had nothing to do with the house's needs or desires, nothing to do with the president's feelings about the russia investigation.
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although, that's what mike pence toll the american people about the firing of james comey, we now know president gave him his rational about firing comey the day before it the department of justice produced their rational for why they would want him fired too. pike pence's comey firing explanation was not true, we can tell based on the time line he knew it was not true at the time he said it. but wait, there's more. this week mike flynn's son, mike flynn junior was described by nbc news as being a subject of the investigation by robert mueller and the special counsel's office. he has a good one about mike junior as well. controversy emerged during the campaign but during the transition about toxic
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conspiracy theories, while mike flynn junior was supporting odious -- even after a man showed up at a d.c. pizza parlor because of the theory. mike flynn junior was fired from the trump transition. mike pence was head of the trump transition. his explanation for what happened there was mike flynn junior wasn't being fired from the transition because he was never part of it. that was not true. mike flynn junior was part of the transition. we have evidence for this. in the form of among other things the fact that mike flynn jr. had been happily e-mailing his conspiracy theories for quite some time. mike pence has a problem in the rush special and some of these white house scandals. again and again vice president pence really has made brazenly
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untrue public statements about the those controversial elements of the administration and the russia scandal specifically. now vice president pence having lost his chief of staff lost his press secretary. vice president pens has hired a high powered washington, d.c. lawyer to represent him on the trump russia scandal. after the vice president took the unprecedented step of forming his own political action committee, the pac, team pence floated the idea the pac could be used as a fund raising vehicle to pay for the -- backed off those plans. they say the pac won't be used to fund his legal defense. we don't know how the vice president is planning to pay for
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his defense on the russia legal matter but he's not a man of trump level means. it will be a issue for him and his family. it has to be on their minds. in july, the head of the office of government ethics left that job in frustration. you probably remember it was a high profile resignation. as he left, he warned that one of the things we should watch for at the government ethics office now that he was leaving, he said watch for who the trump administration was going to appoint at his successor. he warned us as he was leaving office that the administration might try to pass over the most senior person under him at that office who otherwise would have been at the job. he said that person is highly qualified, do a excellent job with the ethics office. he said it should send red flags if they by pass that senior person, if they by pass that senior official who's next in line to be lt acting director and instead he warned us watch
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to see if they instead want to pick this one other particular guy that works at the office. the trump administration then did exactly that, they picked that lower ranking staff who walter shaw warned explicitly should be expected to have a more pliable attitude on ethics toward this white house. that is the guy who's in charge of the ethics office now and he's revised the rules around legal defense funds for administration personnel. under the new interpretation of ethics rules around these things, mike pence and any other white house staff who needs to fund his legal defense hill be able to accept unlimb limited anonymous donations from lobbyists. what could possibly go wrong? i want lobbyists be able to fund it's the legal defense for white house officials facing the russia inquiry. tonight the administration announced that they do not want
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this to be seen as a change in policy. i'm sure they don't. but the outgoing director at the ethics office has been banging the drum over this the last couple days, warning this is a turn for the worst. today for the second time, we learned of a witness being called to testify before one of what we believe are the two grand jurys that have been convened by special counsel robert muller in his investigation. first person we know to have testified before the grand jury, soviet born citizen to the trump tower meeting, he's known to have ties to russian military intelligence. he's the first person we know who spoke to the mueller grand jury. the second person we know who has spoken to the mueller grand jury was today, it was jason maloney who is the spokesperson for trump campaign chair paul manafort. it's a little weird to think about the spokesperson being
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called to testify before a grand jury. but presumably that reasoning will become clear in the end. paul manafort appears to have a bulls eye on him in this investigation both in terms of the mueller part of it and in terms of what's happening in congress. the top democrat on the judiciary committee was asked why there had been such a delay to met manafort to come in and testify before the committee weeks after it had been announced he was asked to come in. he responded by attributing the delay in part to the committee's own need to up its game when it comes to investigating complex financial matters. feinstein announced that her committee has hired two new investigative financial staffers to trace the money, quote. now that those investigative financial staffers are in place, senator feinstein suggested that that interview with trump
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campaign chairman paul manafort might go ahead. what that means for potential liability or money trails leading up to the white house we don't know. manafort is long gone from trump world, he resigned from the campaign a year ago. but even since they've been in the white house, we realize in trump world the way this works is there'll be a lot of people left behind, a lot of people involved in lots of interesting things who are long gone by the time we realize what exactly they know and what they might have been up to before they left. when it comes to a scandal and a ongoing investigation like this just the fact somebody has resigned or been fired is not necessarily enough to get their smell off of you. the very first guy they shed from the new administration, no didn't even make it four weeks in, mike flynn, he is still ricocheteding around this white house breaking stuff. in this damning and intriguing new report that has come out
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darea brown we have breaking news protects and clashes on the streets of st. louis after a white police officer was akuwaited in the shooting of a black man. police blocked protestors as they tried to march, st. louis police saying the protests were no longer considered peaceful. officer stockily who was charged with first degree murder insisted that smith tried to reach for a gun following a high
9:21 pm
speed car chase back in 2011. smith was shot five times. prosecutors argued the police officer had planted the gun in the car. not far from ferguson missouri, we will continue watching what's happening in st. louis and bring you the latest developments. now we take you back to the rachel matt ou show. >> chris mcdaniel have just published this knew report at buzz feed news. what they're reporting in the first instance is a new addition to the long list of meeting with foreign officials that the trump campaign and transition didn't disclose until after that meeting ened up in the press. does feed reporting on a previously secret meeting held in january in new york that involved mike flynn, steve
9:22 pm
bannon, jer add kushner, and the king of jordan. now, there's nothing inherently scandalous about the king of jordan or members of a presidential transition team meeting any foreign leaders. it happens all the time. it is unusual that they didn't disclose it. jared kushner initially left the meeting off his security application, mike flynn left it off his security clearance application, we're working on bannon's application. beyond the seekry see the fact it has not been disclosed until now, here's another really acute problem about what buzz feed as reported, democrats on the house oversight and foreign afires committee reported on wednesday morning that another thing mike flynn failed to initially disclose was that he was a paid agent working to advance a business proposition to partner with russian nuclear and
9:23 pm
security companies nod to do this jie beganic multi hundreds of millions of dollars project that would build nuclear react ors in the middle east. most of them would be in saudi arabia which, yes, floats on a sea of oil, so question mark about nuclear power any way. but also in the nation of jordan. so, congressional democrats on wednesday released the information that shows mike flynn was involved in the project, he was being paid to advance the nuclear product, including a trip to the middle east in 2015 to to do the project. he did it without disclosing the trip, the floern meetings with foreign leaders he took in conjunction with the project and certainly without disclosing the payment he received for doing that work. he didn't disclose any of that in his security application. house democrats say they are forwarding that information to robert mueller so he can decide if it's a prosecutable offense.
9:24 pm
by wednesday afternoon the wall street journal reported once mike flynn was national security adviser working in the trump white house he continued to advance the russian business proposal up to and including telling national security staff members they had to take meetings with the companies that were involved in that business plan. now what buzz feed reports is not just mike flynn but ban and and kushner who does still work in the white house, buzz feed reports that the three of them were in on a meeting, a previously undisclosed meeting, with the king of jordan during the transition at which they talked about that nuclear deal. again, this is the reporters at buzz feed. and it's really interesting, they get denials, i love the way they source it, they get denials from three individuals, one close to flynn, one close to kushner and one close to bannon.
9:25 pm
and each of those three people close to each of those guys, denies that flynn's nuclear reactor business deal thing was discussed at the secret meeting with the king of jordan. quote, people close to the three trump advisers say the nuclear deal was not discussed, but a federal official with access to a document created by a law enforcement agency about the meeting said that the nuclear proposal was one of the topic the group talked about. so a federal official with access to a document created by a law enforcement agency about the meeting. law enforcement sgs? why was a law enforcement agency aware of that meeting? how did they know what was discussed at that meeting? and if that law enforcement agency is right about what was discussed at that secret meeting, what would it mean if kushner and flynn and bannon are
9:26 pm
all lying about it? remember, put that panel back up. a lot of people are gone from this white house. flynn's gone, bannon's gone. kushner's still there. joining us now a pulitzer prize winning reporter from buzz feed news. the way i stacked that up was there's a few things that you guys have broken here that add to other people's reporting to get new news. previously undisclosed meeting, a second meeting that seems to involve the flynn nuclear deal. and the question about whether or not these guys are telling the truth about what the content was of that meeting. >> right. >> in terms of the undisclosed nature of this meeting, there's nothing inherently second lous about transition meetings talking to foreign leaders. >> they should have gone to the nsc and let them know the head of state is in the united states and they probably should have reported it on their security
9:27 pm
disclosures. we know mr. flynn did not, jared did not on his initial disclosure, he did subsequently. we don't know what bannon did. we've been trying to get that document out of the white house. they have refused. people around mr. bannon have refused to give us any indication of what he put down. >> there are a lot of meetings between members of the trump campaign, the trump transition with foreign officials that did not get disclosed until after the fact. interesting reporting this week about the crown prince of the united arab emirates turning up with -- >> same group. >> meeting with kushner, manafort, bannon. in that case, it appears that u.s. intelligence agencies were aware of that meeting in part because they were weirded out that the crown prince from the united arab emirates was in the united states without telling
9:28 pm
them which would be protocol. is there any chance he took the meeting without telling the united states he was doing so. >> we would like to know that. we have not been able to figure it ou. it's a rather simple question, did you tell our national security appa rat us that a foreign head of state was in the united states in a bar in lower manhattan. simple question. we're a little weirded out that no one will answer it or give a straight shot at it. i can't answer it. >> and the king of jordan, he has incredibly warm relations in the united states, especially on security and intelligence matters. so do we know anything about his side of this in items of whether he is willing to answer questions from investigators, reporters willing to talk about these things. >> he might talk to investigators, but he's not talking to journalists. we have tried to reach out to the embassy. the only thing we found obscurely on their website is a brief message that says the king
9:29 pm
has returned home from a foreign visit. >> of a private nature? >> yes. which is this visit. that's the only public statement from anyone involved that the king of jordan was in the united states at the four seasons hotel and ultimately meeting with three of the incoming white house officials. >> and according to your source with access to the law enforcement document was talking to kushner, bannon about a potential nuclear deal involving the russians. that doesn't sound like a fun private visit. >> that's the reason i'm on. >> this is a interesting scoop. as you can tell from this discussion i have a feeling it will lead to a lot more interesting information. >> i hope so. >> much more to come. busy night. become become become become you? and this wrestling ticket... which you still owe me for. seriously? $25? i didn't even want to go. ahhh, your diary.
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ibsz we have disturbing new details tonight that absolutely terrible story following hurricane irma about the nursing home across the street from a working open hospital that had power. nevertheless, eight residents died in sweltering conditions. terrible story. we're getting some provocative and worrying new information about that tonight. first, there is new video tonight from inside this nursing home taken by a relative before patients started dying. the owner losing the air
9:34 pm
conditioning system is when a tree came down and hit the transformer and the ac unit was not hooked up and the a.c. went down and as you can see in this footage, they resorted to fans and portable and keep them cool but clearly, it wasn't enough. eight. resident died. that nursing home in hollywood, florida is closed and it's a crime scene. federal state and local authorities are pursuing a criminal investigation granted a search warrant this morning. teams were inside photographing evidence. in items of potential charges, the nursing home operator could be facing manslaughter charges. if state attorney's office concludes that employees administrators or the owner of the center acted with culpable negligence for the safety of the residents. charges like that it carries a sentence of up to 30 years in prison. one retired homicide investigator whose 94-year-old
9:35 pm
mother-in-law was inside the nursing home told the miami herald they should have called 911. somebody should go to jail for this. tonight we're learning the nursing home says they did place emergency calls for help. they say they called florida governor rick scott. investigative reporter of cbs foreign miami reports this tonight. quote 36 hours prior to the first death, officials at the first facility called on three separate occasions an emergency number that governor rick scott had given to health care institutions including nursing homes so they could have a direct line to the top of the state government if they were in need of help. nursing home officials say they called that number three times asking for help and placed the first call to governor scott and six hours after the hurricane made landfall then they say they called again the next day on monday. then they say they called again the next day on tuesday. they say those calls went unanswered.
9:36 pm
now nbc news is reporting with some specificity about the calls, according to nbc news the first call at 5:34 p.m. on september 11th and another call at 5:59 september 12th and a final call for help at 12:41 p.m. later on september 12th. so we've got specificity in terms of what the nursing home says they did. and we do know the florida governor gave out that number for medical facilities, health care facilities to get help. that said tonight, the state of florida and governor are refuting the account. from the nursing home. tonight the governor's office says quote every call made to the governor was referred to the agency for health care administration and florida department of health and quickly returned. the nursing home says they made three calls for help to the emergency number that was supposed to get them to the governor. and get them help they say they never got a response. expect the effort to pinpoint exactly whose failure to act may
9:37 pm
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luckily there's powerful, 24-hour, non-drowsy claritin. it provides relief of symptoms that can be triggered by over 200 different allergens. live claritin clear. in 2015 china summed to the senior envoy protest selling $2 billion of weapons. china did not want that. they threatened sanctions companies that are involved in the sell that dressed down the envoy and china was furious so they called the top u.s. envoy to that country. in may of this year, it was turkey to protest the treatment of turkish security officials in the u.s. this was after because the security detail attacked a bunch of protesters outside the turkish embassy
9:41 pm
in d.c. and our ambassador from turkey and us because we were on soil. i mean, usually when a host country summons the top diplomat, especially when you have it in a public way and usually that means somebody is getting in trouble for something. when the cube and president summoned the top american envoy to cuba to did cut what the united states said about the weird colt health effects and hearing lose loss breaking out against u.s. diplomats in havana seemed like it wouldn't go well. that that rare face-to-face in our top diplomat there wasn't because anybody was mad.
9:42 pm
castro did it not to voice a complaint, he did it to express his concern and according to the u.s. officials familiar with what happened at this meeting, president castro seemed baffled by the attacks as baffled as the united states has been. he denied responsibility for whatever has been happening to u.s. diplomats in havana. u.s. officials were taken aback by the way he addressed the matter. cuba reportedly offered to let fbi agents come to havana to investigate this thing. cuba is not usually psychoed about inviting fbi agents anywhere. nbc news can confirm the fbi did send additional fbi personnel to cuba to investigate the sonic attacks but unclear if they are there now. cuban sources tell nbc news the cuban government allegedly sent a diplomat note they would help investigate the incident part of a by lateral investigation with the united states into this matter. cuban sources tell nbc news they sent this note to the u.s. state
9:43 pm
department, never got a response back. i understand they are having staffing issues at the state department. they didn't get a response. we first learned about these strange attacks, these strange symptoms emerging among u.s. diplomatic personnel in august. cbs radio first to report american diplomats were reporting incidents which caused a variety of physical symptoms. super vague in the initial reporting that was very unclear what types of incidents were happening here. the state department was totally baffling vague and confusing on the subject. we now thanks to good reporting on the subject, we now know it's a scary and weird as it seemed before we knew the details. we now know there are 21 medically confirmed cases, some of which involve permanent hearing loss or traumatic brain injury yesterday the associate the
9:44 pm
press published scary details on the attacks. let me read to you straight from the a.p. story. yet, the blaring grinding noise jolted the american diplomat from his bed in a havana hotel. he moved just a few feet and there was silence. quote he climbed back into bed, the agonizing sound hit him again. it was as if he walked through some invisible wall cutting straight through his room. quote in several episodes recounted by u.s. officials, victims knew it was happening in realtime and strong indications of a sonic attack. we really don't know what is going on. yesterday the state department spokes woman said there is an aggressive investigation underway but offered no more information than a month ago. the state department's most recent line is the reality is we don't know who or what has caused this. we also now know the state department is not responding to the cuban government when they have been offering to by latter
9:45 pm
ly latterly investigate what is happening. joining us is josh letterman been reporting about this terrifying story. mr. letterman, thank you very much for your reporting and thanks for being here tonight. >> hi, rachel. >> so the thing that i don't -- the thing i can't get my head around this with this story is i don't understand if there -- if we believe there to be a type of weapon or some sort of electronic device or some sort of tactic that could cause the kinds of injuries that have been seen in these diplomats. do we know there is something like this and we don't know who has been deploying it? >> that's really what made this puzzle impossible for u.s. investigators so solve. there are devices or technologies that could explain parts of what we're seeing. they could explain the noises people are hearing, maybe the vibrations. there are devices that could explain symptoms that people are hearing and feeling and experiencing but then not others and none of it is consistent and investigators haven't been able to find a theory that fits what they are seeing among the
9:46 pm
21 americans confirmed to have been affected by this. >> the targeting part of it you explained in your story this week a beyond spy movie in terms of thinking about this and how scary. what these people went through. can you clarify what these people reported in some instances is a sense of noise causing discomfort or at least disturbance and exists in parts of a room but not in others. you can literally move in and out of the zone of interference. >> right, like there was an invisible wall splitting through it and you couldn't hear what you could hear on the other side except people were two or three feet away from the bed where they were before. when they were hearing that. there are some devices that can do that. electro magnetic waves can be targeted narrowly like lasers for instance and also, ultra sonic waves can also be
9:47 pm
targeted. there are these devices called l rads used sometimes to disburse crowds or to try to prevent buy -- pirates from boarding ships but don't explain the symptoms. that's were investors are still flum observed almost a year after americans started getting sick. >> josh, we've got 21 americans who have been identified has having been affected by this more or less. some symptoms, possibly permanent in terms of permanent hearing loss and you have some interesting reporting this may not have just been confined to american residences or workplaces. this may have included a hotel. the ap first reported >> at least one hotel and the place and near all of the big sites, boardwalk. we can confirm today that there were several other hotels where this seems to have taken place. >> wow.
9:48 pm
josh letterman, absolutely confounding story and you're reporting on it is clarifying and scary. thanks for helping us understand it. >> thanks, rachel. >> we've been watching this since we first learned about it story unfold. one thing is this appears not to be over. when the state department initially started talking about this, they seemed like it happened long in the past and resolved and retroactively trying to invest gate. it seems as recently as less than a month ago, there was at least one additional attack. the geographic none specificity of this in terms of hitting people in their office, homes and multiple hotels is absolutely confounding. the investigation is aggressive, but there are these new disturbing details we got tonight about the state department apparently blanking cuba when cuba offered to help with the investigation. crazy stuff. watch this space. (dog) mmm.
9:49 pm
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last week we got a strange report that the house intelligence committee subpoenaing the fbi and the justice department. on matters related to the trump russia dosier and robert mueller investigation. now, i say that was strange because we are used to seeing the fbi and justice department issuing subpoenas. we are not used to seeing them getting subpoenaed themselves. well, tons out there's a reason why that whole thing seemed a little bit weird. it turns out it wasn't the whole house intelligence committee
9:53 pm
sending out the subpoenas. it was just this one guy. devon nunes, rogue chairman and apparently recused himself of russia measures and tossing out subpoenas like they're free t-shirts at a ball game. if you want to see how team trump is turning it into a democratic scandal, into definitely somebody else's problem, then nunes is the guy to watch. when trump claimed he was wiretapped by president obama at trump tower, nunes had the bizarre episode running off to the white house in the middle of the night to try to prove it. that got him kicked off the russia investigation and investigated by the ethics committee. he then tried to turn the russia investigation into an obama administration scandal about unmasking. that also blew up in his face. not only did the intelligence intercepts and interviews with obama officials show they didn't do anything wrong, the
9:54 pm
intercepts raised new questions of whether trump associates broke the law and took meetings without disclosing them. oops. the latest attempt to team trump on the russia thing is apparently to try to discredit the trump russia dosier that's gotten so much attention over the last nine months whatever you think about the salacious stuff in the dosier, some claims were true the dossier claimed that the trump campaign accepted damaging information from the kremlin on hillary clinton. now thanks to the reporting about that trump tower meeting we know that they did. the dossier laid out conversations of trump campaign officials and russians in the campaign. trump campaign denied that that ever happened and u.s. intercepts corroborated that many of the conversations took place between the same individuals on the same days as what was described in the dossier saying then candidate
9:55 pm
donald trump exploring a real estate deal in moscow in the campaign. we know that to be true. trump tower moscow. this was supposed to be the big week of nunes to up end mueller investigation because of reliance on the trump russia dossier and appears to be strike three. when the attorney general and the fbi director failed to respond to these subpoenas that he sent them demanding they turn over fbi information about the dossier, nunes was mad and publicly threatened to hold them in contempt. he sent a threatening letter with a deadline. september 14th. yesterday. in this letter he said if these documents on the dossier were not produced by september 14th, quote, the attorney general and director of the fbi shall appear before the committee at 9:00 a.m. sharp on that day at an open hearing to explain under oath their unwillingness to
9:56 pm
comply. that was yesterday. i don't know if we missed something. there was a big showdown at the ok corral and everyone was getting a breakfast sandwich but today is september 15th. nothing happened yesterday. we tried contacting the office of nunes all week long to see if they got the documents they're demanding. all week long, silence. but yesterday 9:00 a.m. came and went. i kind of want to look forward to what he does next. i'll be right back.
9:57 pm
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we now know that they were sowing discord in the election with phony groups on facebook. they were running anti-immigrant, anti-me, anti-hillary clinton demonstrations. they were, you know, putting out all this fake news, all the negative stories that were untrue to really divide people.
9:59 pm
and so, we are going to make facebook own up to everything. they're just begun to own up. they have a long way to go before they get to where they need to be in my opinion. >> make facebook own up to everything. that was hillary clinton in her interview on this show last night making the case that facebook needs to show their work. they need to own up to the fact they let the platform be weaponized by russia on an attack on our election. facebook denied that russia used them at all in the attack. now facebook reversed course and admitted, okay, yeah, they did. but they won't say how they figured it out or what they found. when they looked into it. it's hard to find out what facebook turned up in their records to make them change their tune on this story. all these months later. what made them admit they sold ads to russian interests? haven't been able to figure out they do it, how they got to this conclusion. until today we got this from senator mark warner. top democrat on the senate intelligence committee.
10:00 pm
he retweeted a cbs news story of the facebook russian ads thing and made a critical addition to this tweet. he add add six words of his own this is what he added. and they paid in rubles. seriously. according to the top democrat on the senate intelligence quote, it is literally true. some of the ads were paid for in rubles. so that was not him making a joke. according to the top democrat on the senate intelligence committee, facebook really did accept rubles to sell those ads that were part of russia's hack on the election. that's what took facebook's crack investigators months and months


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