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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 16, 2017 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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might have sorted out. hey, did we get paid in rubles for any ads in the campaign? months. that was the operational secret facebook didn't want us to know about how they were looking into this. amazing. that does it for us tonight. we'll see you again on monday. "msn "msnbc live" is next. good morning. i'm dara brown in new york at msnbc world headquarters. it's 7:00 in the east, 4:00 out west. here's what's happening. st. louis on edge. hundreds protest the acquittal of a white former police officer in the fatal shooting of a black man. the president taking aim at espn on twitter. what ignited the fight, and what could put it to rest? ethics battle. the trump administration refusing to release the visitors log from mar-a-lago. new threats in the tropics. what it could mean for the east coast of the u.s. and happening now, police are surveying the damage
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following clashes with protesters in st. louis, missouri, overnight. large crowds remained on city streets after dark following the acquittal of a former police officer charged in the murder of an unarmed black man. nbc's scott cohn has been covering the protests for us. i know it's been a long night. there were dozens of arrests. what is the latest there? >> reporter: well, it has been a long nite, dara, for police, for protesters, for people here in st. louis, and the question now as daybreak approaches is what to expect today and throughout this weekend. as you said, the protests spilled into the night. they had been going on actually all day. at least two dozens arrests, and that was before nightfall, before things got really bad. nine police officers were injured, one of them seriously by a thrown brick, and there was property damage as well. >> the mayor's home sustained damage after demonstrators threw
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rocks. windows were also broken on the west end. culpepper restaurant sustained damage, as did the st. louis library. orders to disperse were given numerous times. tear gas was deployed after officers were assaulted with bricks and bottles. >> reporter: all of this follows the acquittal yesterday morning of former police officer jason stockley, accused in the 2011 shooting death of 24-year-old anthony lamar smith. stockley claimed he fired his gun five times in self-defense. prosecutors called it a premeditated murder and said that stockley planted a weapon, a gun, in smith's car. this was a bench trial. stockley had waived his right to a jury trial, and the judge in his written decision yesterday said among other things that a drug dealer, an urban drug dealer in this day and age without a firearm would be an anomaly. that's one of the things that
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set protesters off, but of course this has been a city that has been racked with racial tensions and tensions with police going back to ferguson. and very much this morning, dara, a city on edge. >> scott cohn reporting live from st. louis. thank you, scott. now to politics and new reaction from house speaker paul ryan on the fate of the so-called dreamers. now that president trump is in talks with democrats over the daca program. here's part of ryan's interview with a wisconsin conservative radio host last night. >> we will not in good conscience fix a symptom of a problem without dealing with the root cause of the problem. i think democrats get that. now, they'll have to stomach the fact that, yes, this president will be successful in doing something that hasn't been done for years, which is advancing some immigration reform. if you're a politician and you're partisan and you don't want to see him be successful, that will be a tough pill to swallow. >> meanwhile, the trump administration suffering another legal defeat in its bat toll
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defund so-called sanctuary cities. a federal judge in chicago has temporarily blocked the justice department from withholding grant money to chicago and cities throughout the country for refusing to impose new immigration policies. two days after visiting south florida, president trump this morning reassuring those dealing with the devastation of hurricanes harvey and irma that they will not be forgotten. >> when americans are in need, america pulls together. and we will not rest until everyone is safe, sound, and secure. we will be there tomorrow and the day after as we work to respond, recover, and rebuild. >> meanwhile, new fallout over sports anchor jamel hill's tweet, accusing president trump of being a white supremacist. nbc news has confirmed that espn president john skipper sent out a company-wide e-mail yesterday in the wake of the controversy. the copy of the e-mail was tweeted by a "sports illustrated" journalist. it reads in part, at a minimum, comments should not be inflammatory or personal.
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we had a violation of those standards in recent days and our handling of this is a private matter. let's bring in white house correspondent for the washington examiner and deputy news editor. thank you both for being here this morning. >> thank you. >> alexi, sara huckabee sanders ratcheted up her criticism of espn from the briefing room by calling the network hypocritical. is this just more of the same attacks against media outlets, or does this feel different somehow? >> i mean, it clearly feels a little different given the reporter in question is an african-american woman, and they're dealing with the issue of her calling him a white supremacist. it's an egregious use of sara huckabee sanders' position to call for her resignation from the white house podium. i mean, the optics of this are terrible, and it's a personal attack against the president. so for her to call for the resignation of this espn journalist from the white house press briefing room, it just doesn't look good on the white house's part at all.
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>> and gabby, why is president trump and the white house going on so strongly on this after a week of gaining political momentum with the president's hurricane response and his outreach to democrats on immigration? >> you know, that's a good question. it's really a distraction from what he's trying to accomplish in terms of coordinating with federal authorities -- i'm sorry, with state and local authorities and everything he has to deal with as president in the wake of these two natural disasters. so this controversy that's only been stirred by sara huckabee sanders from the podium, it just makes it worse. i think alexi hit the nail on the head. the optics of this are terrible. i think it is important to distinguish, however, that sara sanders did not ask for the resignation but suggested that what this woman said on espn would constitute a fireable offense. i think that's an important distinction, that she's not actually making a
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recommendation. but even to wade into this is not good for a white house press secretary to be doing in the first place. >> i want to talk about president trump's talks with democratic leaders on daca. your colleague jonathan swan had this fascinating report yesterday titled "trump's new world," in which he says, for the first time in his presidency, he's enjoying positive media coverage and reinforcement from his top aides. any other takeaways from this collaboration? >> yeah, i mean, i think at first when trump was making these deals with democrats, it was a little bit surprising. but then when you step back and consider trump changed his party affiliation five times before running for president, it's not surprising at all he sort of went politically rogue and is making these dealing with democrats. i was speaking with democrat aides yesterday who are close to democratic leadership like pelosi and schumer who say they're sort of approaching these days with trump on a case-by-c case-by-case basis. they're not going to move forward and thing they have a great relationship and can strike any deal. they're looking at it on a
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one-by-one basis. that's important to consider. but yeah, trump is essentially operating as a democratic president, which is not surprising, again, given his sort of republican in name only persona, but it is surprising, i think, to his base supporters and to the republican party at large. >> gabby, do you get the sense that president trump and the white house's position on daca have changed since the bipartisan dinner the other night? >> i think that they're still trying to work through what it is they're looking for in this responsible immigration package that they've talked about, working with bipartisan lawmakers. what we do know is that it's certainly changed from the position that he held during the campaign when he promised to undo both of president obama's illegal executive amnesties. that's the term he used when he made an immigration speech last august in phoenix, arizona. and so for him now to turn around to say, you know, i'm all for daca, white house press secretary sara sanders said yesterday that the president
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supports daca. so that is in essence a complete 180 from the position that he held during the campaign, and it'll be interesting to see not only what the demands are that he lays out there explicitly during these negotiations with democrats and republicans but also what impact this has on his base of supporters, many of whom voted for him because they agreed with that campaign rhetoric on immigration. >> and alexi, real quick, "the washington post" is reporting on the battle l over the mar-a-lago visitor logs. any glaring details from the limited logs the trump administration released as a result of the freedom of information request? >> i mean, so since the beginning of the trump administration, they've been keeping these logs and these visitor records close to their chest. essentially as just a way to set the tone for trump's presidency as something different than we've seen in the past. the glaring details are not clear just yet. i think they'll become more clear as more details come out, but it's just another way that the trump administration is trying to set the tone for their
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presidency as being something totally different than we've seen in the past, and i think that it's only adding to this optics issue that has plagued trump's presidency since the beginning. >> thank you so much for being here this morning. >> thank you. >> thank you for having me. to london now, where police are announcing a significant arrest linked to yesterday's terror incident in a subway car. nbc's keir simmons is live with the very latest. what are you learning about this? >> reporter: well, dara, this arrest was made under british terrorism laws. it took place in dover, which is a port on the coast of britain, a place from where people can travel to france, to europe, and beyond. a senior police officer here at scotland yard saying they are pleased with the progress made, but the investigation continues. police say an 18-year-old man is in custody today in connection with a bomb that partially detonated on a packed subway car here in london friday morning. they called it, quote, a
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significant arrest. the investigation ongoing in the incident authorities have called a terrorist attack. this was it. >> oh, is that bag on fire? >> reporter: a crude bomb made in a bucket, seen moments later on the subway floor still in flames. >> the fire, the heat was so intense, and the fireball just engulfed the whole tube carriage, like the whole carriage was orange like coming towards us. >> i heard the word explosion and fire, and we were just trapped. i thought, i'm going to die. >> reporter: at least 29 people were injured, many with burns, others after being trampled in it the rush to escape, among them children on their way to school. but it could have been worse. authorities say the bomb did not fully explode. >> though the attack was relatively ineffective, it is part of a series of quickening attacks in london that not only worries officials in london and the uk but also in europe and in the united states. >> reporter: isis has claimed responsibility for the attack, but there's no evidence of their
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involvement. it is the fifth time this year britain has been a target for terror, including the suicide bombing at an ariana grande concert and a car and stabbing attack outside parliament. authorities say today's arrest will lead to more police activity after the security presence was stepped up across the country. britain raising its terrorist threat level to critical, warning another attack could be imminent. and london's mayor has just released a statement warning londoners there's likely to be more significant police activity today and in the days ahead. british security source tells nbc news that while the detonator on this device appears to have fired, the main charge did not, meaning the explosion could have been far worse. there could have been many more people maimed or even killed. there are people with their families here in london this morning who are very, very lucky to be alive. >> keir simmons live for us from
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london. thank you. and it was supposed to be an event celebrating 70 years of the air force, but president trump still managed to fire another warning shot at north korea. that's up next.
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the x1 voice remote. xfinity. the future of awesome. some blowback from the british prime minister on a tweet from president trump after the latest london terror attack. this as the president reiterates his firm warnings against north korea and kim jong-un's continued acts of aggression. nbc's kelly o'donnell is in somej seassom somerset, new jersey. kelly, good morning. what was the reaction to the latest missile launch? >> reporter: good morning. the president has been talking about north korea in very strong tones. he's also been dealing with the issue of the incident in london and how it plays into the broad
4:17 am
concerns the u.s. and our allies around the world have about these terror incidents and what to do about them. the president's got a lot of opinions on that. he did speak with british prime minister theresa may by phone, and his twitter comments really did raise some eyebrows because some read what he said as perhaps sharing too much, giving some insider knowledge. but on friday, the president was embracing his role as commander in chief. surrounded by a show of american might, both to celebrate an air force anniversary and to send a message toed aer ha adversaries. >> the regime of north korea, which has once again shown its utter contempt for its neighbors and for the entire world community. >> reporter: after the latest provocative missile launch from kim jong-un, the president turned pride into a warning. >> after seeing your capabilities and commitment here
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today, i am more confident than ever that our options in addressing this threat are both effective and overwhelming. >> reporter: back at the white house -- >> they continue to be provocative. they continue to be reckless. >> reporter: the president's u.n. ambassador and national security adviser said more pressure is needed. >> there is a military option. now, it's not what we would prefer to do. >> reporter: as great britain confronts another terror incident, the president's quick twitter commentary turned heads with this idea. the internet is their main recruitment tool, which we must cut off. and he also appeared to say too much, referring to a loser terrorist in the sights of scotland yard. british prime minister theresa may seems displeased. >> does he know something we don't? >> i never think it's helpful for anyone to speculate on what is an ongoing investigation. >> reporter: but the white house said the president gave away no secrets. >> so i think if there was a
4:19 am
terrorist attack here, god forbid, that we would say they were in the sights of the fbi. i think he didn't mean anything beyond that. >> reporter: there is so much coming up this week, dara, on the foreign policy front because the president will head to new york city from his home in new jersey, and he'll spend several days in meetings with world leaders on issues from the iran nuclear deal to north korea and of course terrorism. and this will be the unite the nations general assembly, and president trump will deliver his first address there on tuesday. dara? >> kelly o'donnell, thanks so much for that report. so what are americans thinking about the standoff with north korea? in a new gallup poll, 58% said they favor military actions. breaking it down along political lines, 82% of republicans and 56 of independents are oekay with using force. only 37% of democrats say they would be okay with using a military option. jose is still churning in
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happening now, the eastern seaboard is keeping an eye on hurricane jose with the northeast now in the cone of uncertainty. tropical force winds, high surf, and dangerous rips are possible from north carolina to massachusetts. more on that in a moment. first, the weather channel's kelly cass. what is the weather like in florida, where they're still cleaning up from irma? >> hey there, dara. for the recovery here in florida, where so many are still without power, it is going to be warm, it is going to be humid as well. temperatures into the 90s around miami. and there is a chance of a few showers and thunderstorms, especially here in northern florida, back around toward new orleans as well. hot stuff in dallas, 96. then we have a front moving through the upper midwest. that could trigger some severe storms on the plains and parts of the midwest. dry along the west coast. northeast, after a foggy start to the day, we're going to have
4:24 am
to start preparing perhaps for some tropical storm conditions, especially across the coastline of new england. this is the latest we have for you on hurricane ohio sjose, a category 1 hurricane with winds of 80 miles per hour. the center of the storm likely to stay offshore. however, there will be some of those indirect impacts. we're talking about the wave heights increasing first of all along the southeast coast and eventually they grow in size up across the northeast coast as well. and with that, there will be some dangerous conditions. we have a very high risk of rip currents all the way from new england down the coast of florida as well. not just today but in the coming days as well as we head out toward the middle of next week. dara, back to you. >> kelly, thank you. happening now in the virgin islands, recovery is under way. ron motte is in st. thomas. what's the biggest concern this morning. >> reporter: well, power is obviously a huge concern. that's going to make things a lot more convenient and comfortable for people as they go through this recovery. right now just a limited portion
4:25 am
of the island has restored power, mostly where we are, right downtown. but outside the downtown area, generally speaking, if you deponent have a generator, you're sleeping in the dark. it is very warm and humid here in st. thomas in late september. so people are really suffering. a lot of mosquitos, too. food and water supply is okay. some of the stores have reopened. there are very long lines for people to get basic supplies to get through the day. then we're talking about travel. the airport was hoping to be open to commercial travel today. that did not happen. they then pushed it to tomorrow. that's not going to happen. it looks like it's going to be next week before the airport on the west end of st. thomas is open to commercial traffic. why that's important is not only will they when able to get supplies here sooner and faster on some of these airlines, but some of the folks who live here but were not here during the storm want to come back and assess the damage of their properties. they have not been able to get to the island.
4:26 am
so a lot of things still moving. we spoke to the governor yesterday, who was on a tour with andrew cuomo to try to get advice and pointers about how to recover from a superstorm like this, a the category 5 storm. so they want to tell people to manage your expectations. there's a lot of help on the ground here, national guard and other federal agencies. states have sent troops down here as well to help things out. it's going to be a long, long recovery here on st. thomas, and it begins day by day, starting today. dara, back to you. >> ron, how are the lines of communication down there? are cell phone towers up? how are people communicating? >> reporter: very little cell phone communication. this is one of the best spots on the island to get communication. that's been a source of frustration and worry for a lot of families who have been having difficulty getting in touch with their loved ones here. you have to find little pockets on these mountains where you might be able to pick up a faint cell phone signal and get a call out. so facebook has been one of the best sources of information
4:27 am
between folks who live here and folks in the mainland who want to find out if certain people are okay. but the cell tower communication is very limited. >> ron motte, thank you so much for that report. that'll do it for me. i'm dara brown. at the top of the hour, hugh hewitt talks with the housing and urban secretary. first "your business."
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good morning. coming up on "your business," their limo service was failing because hardly anyone gets married midweek. find out how they pivoted and became a multimillion-dollar company. we celebrate the start of our 12th season by catching up with some businesses we've profiled that have made the leap to become house hold names. and our elevator pitch segment returns with a product that will help your kids get into the swim of things. let's grow fast and work smart next on "your business."


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