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tv   MSNBC Joy Reid  MSNBC  September 16, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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joy reid is next. stick around for that. you have a great day. i think something's going to have to reverse here with this president's policy or it will just blow up his base. this was a straight-up promise through his campaign. >> is he this tone deaf? is he this ignorant? does he not know what got him elected? i mean, and i'm telling you, some of the staunchest trump supporters are out there and they've jumped ship. good morning. welcome back to "a.m. joy." they weren't bashing president obama. no no, no. verbally cannibalizing their own president. all because they don't like trump's new friends. chuck and nancy.
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the house and senate democratic leaders met with trump at the white house for a second time this month. over chinese take-out. they discussed extending protections for dp d.r.e.a.m.ers and increasing border security. schumer and pelosi announced the deal late wednesday night and trump sort of disputed the dems the next day saying the wall may not be included in this plan but will come later, believe me. right wing isn't happen. what about the republican base? and joining me, start with you, curt, or breitbart whisperer. "saw -- i've pulled up breitbart for a look-see. the home page. very sad, very angry. an outrage.
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page full of angry producers's wi there we go. very, very upset. trump people burning their hats. your own $40, because you already gave donald trump the $40. no rebates. >> no rebates! >> you're not hurting donald trump. it's your money you're burning. anyway, they are arguing are angry and it is about the wall. >> for this part of the republican base, this is an issue. immigration, amnesty cuts so deep with them. the origins of this alt right movement started because of the mccain/kennedy immigration bill. look what happened to marco rubio. elected on the tea party wave, part of the gang of eight immigration. goes down. they immediately disown him. look what's going on now. donald trump campaigned on the border wall. explicit. the best wall we've ever seen.
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amazing's now walking a way from that. amnesty to d.r.e.a.m.ors, hig et ever betrayal. >> look at polling on trump voters. one thing consistent across economic class. consistent no matter who they are, very exercised about the idea of an lawful immigration. immigration drives them and the wall is the thing they want. go do you, pew did an issue-importance grid of clinton and trump supporters. tear original and the economy, and immigration way up there and treatment of racial and ethnic minori minority, 79%, very important. 79% immigration. whoever they voted for, they voted to deport people and voted for the wall. >> this is one thing. i have known donald trump since
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1987, and i was tweeting to trump supporters last year. you don't understand. he's a con man. i will retweet this to you when he betrays you. donald trump is not a man of principle. he is a man who acts based on prey. if he can abandon a point, if he can knife a friend, and in the process get a complement, that's what he's going to do. he's getting good feedback from the press over this. from television over this. from i think joe scarborough said some positive things. so you know, the people who are trump supporters who think that he cares about them, he doesn't. what he cares about, and has always cared about, and has cared about, you know, from the first day i met him, is, am i getting praise? the reality is, that if kim jong-un of north korea got a
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little smart and stood up and started praising donald trump, you know, he'd be touring our nuclear facilities by morning. >> yeah! i kind of get the sense that might be true. it does feel like -- the immigration issue is such a, an issue of sort of visceral importance to this faction of donald trump's base. it's not clear how many of them would actually walk away from him just because of this, but for the community that's under threat, you know, for daca, is it possible to even trust donald trump, when he changes his mind for the third or fourth time and says, no, no, no. i want these folks to stay? >> absolutely not. that was the most -- the silver lining in the conversation that he had with pelosi and schumer was there was a conversation and something on the table. that actually smelled of a clean d.r.e.a.m. act bill. meaning ataj these riders to it. within minutes, the white house said, no, no. we actually did want a wall when we said we didn't. they understand the slippery.
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the biggest, devils in the details. not holding their breath and organizing. the fact these young d.r.e.a.m.ers with a week after dacaresircinded and able to mobilize. walk over to 1600 pennsylvania wab this, talks how impactful it is not just for democrats but the republican side. >> the current then -- donald trump's base sees that happening. see he's responsive to the activism of the same people that barack obama was responsive to. that's got to enrage them. >> again, for them -- there's no going back. the difference between donald trump and his supporters and base is that they are absolute on this. this is an issue of conviction, ideology. no room for negotiation, no room to negotiate that back. trump is not a person of ideology. not someone who has true core convictions that guide every decision he makes. he instead is flexible. warran
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wants to negotiate, is about the art 69 deof the deal. and praise. as long as he gets positive reinforcement he'll go down that road. this is the first time he's gotten positive coverage from anywhere. if he has to throw aside the alt right and steve bannons of the world for a while he's willing to do it because he believes they will come back to him when he does something they like and will buy the hats again. >> and joe, where does this leave the democrats? chuck and nancy, heroes for now, until donald trump changes his mind. can democrats have any confidence that a negotiation with donald trump results in anything concrete and real? how do they know he doesn't decide to get more applause going back to saying build the wall and deport everyone? >> they don't know that, of course. you'll see in the next couple of weeks house democrats will try to move on a discharge position. petition. excuse me. that gets the last daca bill on to the floor. where we can see.
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it will get a lot of, if not all, democratic votes. get some republican votes mr. president it get money? if they do that, will donald trump actually push republicans, twist arms and say i want you to -- vote for this bill or will he -- move back? will he see the shrieking from the bannons and the coulters of the world and realize that, ooh, that hurts. that flame is starting to reach me. so i think, you know, nancy pelosi is brilliant, a brilliant tactician, she and chuck schumer don't trust him at all but have ways to hold his feet to the fire and see if he means that and we'll see that in the next two, three weeks. >> and the only woman in the room, nancy pelosi, insisting not being talked over. something all women can relate to. i can. you see who is going after donald trump. the elites of the right wing media world, and political world. steve king, who's notoriously made incredibly racist statements including on msnbc
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who brings value to the country, what kinds of immigrants, tweeted donald trump, trump base blown um, destroyed, irreparable and no promise is credible. ann coulter tweets, who doesn't want trump impeached at this point? not getting a wall, i prefer president pence. does that -- you know donald trump. does the kind of carping from right wing media elites get to him more, or would it take the actual faithful burning more hats? >> this is, again, the complexity of donald trump's psyche. these people attacking, it will backfire. he will not look at ann coulter, if he ever paid any attention to her at all, and say, oh, oh, she's upset. i better change my position. he will look at ann coulter and say you are my friend. now you are my enemy. this is not an intraspective man, not a man who thinks through policy, who thinks
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through, you know, where is my support jt wh support? what do i have to do to tactically satisfy them? it's, i am having an impulse. you are making me happy. i ak going to act on that impulse. the most important phrase that came out was chuck schumer getting caught on an open mike saying, well, he likes me. talking about trump. and if that's true, if trump likes him, that means schumer has figured him out. and if schumer's figured him out, there's going to be a lot more cooperation with chuck schumer than with the, the people who more reflect the trump original base. >> joy, can i jump in? >> sure. >> there is a little worry here for trump. which ann coulter uses the i word. funny to us. we like to link hands with ann coulter, first time in our lives, agree with he, but he has to worry. i see so thumuch of this as
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tweaking mcconnell and ryan, he's completely soured on. they're useless to him, but they and the republican caucuses are actually something that stands between donald trump and impeachment. i'm not saying, we're anywhere near that, but can never totally forget that he has been untouchable no matter what ridiculous thing he tries to do, because those guys are not paying any attention, or at least not looking like they're paying attention to any of these investigations or what bob mueller is doing and have seemed impervious to the drip, drip, drip of evidence there was some russian meddling and likely collusion between the trump campaign and the russian interference. so he can't completely thumb his nose at the republican party. i don't see chuck and nancy riding to his defense if the heat from mueller or the committees gets any hotter. no. >> one possible flip, one possible flip. which is that, if the
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republicans deliver a win, i mean, you talked about the health care, obamacare repeal. if the republicans deliver a win where donald trump can sign something and get applause, then they're going to be his friends again. >> i don't think -- i think we're putting too much weight on rush limbaugh, ann coulter and no one once a clean bill for daca than rupert murdoch. one of the reasons fox was so friendly to him the following day and steve bannon, don't forget, basically shown the door at the white house right after he had those conversations. i would really look at how fox is going to be covering this piece of the story. >> and yet kurt fox gave laura ingram a saturday show. savaging him for things on positions like daca. because of the issue of immigration, be honest, and ethnic component to the addments some of the base of the republican party despises the
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idea of what they call amnesty. given that, donald trump is in a weird place. right? does he end up losing enough of that base where republicans then say, oh. we don't have to anymore be supine lackeys of trump, no matter how he spits in our face. we can actually maybe be congress. >> the one thing with trump is, everything is temporary with him, everything is fleeting. while this might be under his radar a few weeks he will do something, cater to the base. issues, pardon the sheriff joe. he always looks for a way to give them something to stay with him. and end of the day, there's no alternative for them. where will they go? who do they coalesce behind if not donald trump? >> and could quote the first white president, trump is something new. the first president whose entire political existence hings on the facts of a black president. trump is a white man like all others, meaning for a lot of his base the point was getting that
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man in the white house to replace that other guy, and it almost doesn't matter what he does. they just wanted to have that vision, that image as president and maybe don't care. >> and we'll be back. thank you all very much. coming up, trump's voter suppression commission is next. marie callender knows that a homemade turkey dinner can make anyone slow down and pull up a seat to the table.
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since day one, we've
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questioned whether donald trump's commission on election integrity was simply a biased panel bent on voters suppression. well, now we know at least one member wants that to bes case. in a redacted e-mail obtained by the campaign legal center, sent to the justice department in february, hans vons baskofsky a member of the commission, named academics serving on the commission would guaranteed its failure, quote/unquote. joining me now, author of "give up the ballot." and the ncaa legal defense fund and former vermont governor. ari, this commission put together includes very choice and interesting members. tell us who hans is. >> he is with the heritage foundation which is picking judges for donald trump among other things. he was a longtime official in the bush justice department.
3:19 pm
he's really been leading the effort along with chris cobecause to implement strict voter i.d. laws, implement strict measureses and pushing the myth of widespread voter fraud for decades and wrote the smoking gun e-mail that was released the same day that the presidential commission on election integrity had they're second meeting where he called for excluding the democrats academics and revealingly, mainstream republicans from this commission. showening the fix was in from the very beginning and had 23 g nothing to do with election integrity but building support for policies that suppress the vote. >> receipt a little of that e-mail. initially dishonesty when reporters asked who authored that. ultimately heritage came clean and admitted hans wrote it. not a single democratic official that will do anything ob on
3:20 pm
instruct voter fraud and criticize the committee whan it is doing making claims it is ensgached in voter suppression. the question becomes, if he is saying that, is that an admission that they are attempting to build a false case for voter suppression? or is he trying to say that he thinks democrats are sort of zealously refusing to believe that this mythical thing exists? >> we know that this commission has been based on a myth from its inception. you can see that from the origins of this commission and all of the rhetoric that the president engaged in from the campaign trail on to following his presidency. that there are mythical voters trying to impersonate others and we know that that is absolutely not the case. there have been numerous studies not debunk establishing firmly voter fraud is a myth. and this statement reveeps the an miss of this commission. no legitimacy. its conclusions are
3:21 pm
pre-determined and that these individuals who have been placed on the commission are there to drive an agenda of voter suppression and there's just no turning back from it. there are several lawsuits, of course, revealing what the animas is behind these efforts and ours is one of them at the ncaa legal defense fund. we have sued an importantly revealed that one of the main driving forces is the disenfranchisement of black and latino voters. we should not shy away from calling that racism what it is and pointing out that is very much a part of the intention of this commission. >> and you know, governor dean you know, leading this charge is a guy namesris kobach, one mpt biggest zellists attempting to curtail the vote. particularly immigrants. you know, brown folks, black and brown folks. this is what he wrote in breitbart, also a columnist last thursday. he wrote an exclusive.
3:22 pm
it appears out of state voters changed the outcome of the new hampshire u.s. senate race. this is kris kobach, former secretary of state of kansas. this is him on tuesday. >> it's simply looking at some of the numbers, hard statistics, about individuals who used an out of state driver's tlons vote on the same day, register and vote on the same day in new hampshire and ashe an issue grappled with for some time here. >> not an issue they'd grappled with. same-day registration is legal in new hampshire. a lot of college students vote that way. governor dean, the secretary of state of new hampshire on this commission disputed the idea of outcome of the senate race was changed by so-called illegal voting. you've gone so far saying if the gentleman from new hampshire doesn't step down, and is thought disbanded, new hampshire actually should lose their first in the nation primary status. explain? >> the reason new hampshire should lose their first in the
3:23 pm
nation primary status, they've passed a bill that outlaws students voting. it's unconstitutional. they are -- gardner -- look, this is a committee of crackpots and i think gardner's a crackpot, too. he lied when he said that new hampshire doesn't suppress votes. they have a bill passed by the republicans in the house, and the senate, and signed by the republican governor, which now makes it illegal essentially for students to vote unless they get a new hampshire driver's license. something most students aren't going to want to do unless they come from new hampshire. the united states supreme court said students may vote whereici college in new hampshire for months. underlining their right to vote and are raceist and there's no way we should have our first in the nation primary in the state of new hampshire in a state just passed a voter suppression bill.
3:24 pm
>> and the any evidence whatsoever that out of state, illegal voting changed the outcome of the new hampshire senate race? of course, mr. kobach and company are upset was won by a democrat? >> no. absolutely no evidence of that claim, joy. what people in new hampshire did was, they used out of state drivers licenses to vote on election day, which is legal in new hampshire. they were simply following the law. these were college students and other people that did not need to have an in-state drivers license or register their car in the state. this wasn't proof of anything illegal. the fact kobach made this outrageous dplam advance of the second commission meet be and at the commission was revealing about how he and others are lying about voter fraud and also, joy, just point out the fact he made it as a paid columnist for breitbart. the so-called platform for the alt right. we also learned that kobach and other members of the commission are using personal e-mails to conduct the commission's business.
3:25 pm
that sounds pretty familiar, right, joy? don't you remember people chanting, "lock her up" when hillary clinton did that exact thing? this is illegitimate in so many ways. the more we learn about it the worse it looks. >> how much is strictly racial? the idea that people like kris kobach and hans just believe that, for some reason these black and brown voters are just by definition illegitimate? shouldn't be voting? and how much of it is partisan? and saying we're looking at the electorate and saying, who tends to vote for republicans and who tends to vote for democrats? let's try to erase as many democrats as possible jp how much is partisan and how much is race? >> clearly both issues are at play, but the racial dimension cannot be minimized in any way. what is really driving this wave of voter suppression laws driving this commission, drove this entire presidency there is a clear browning of america. black and latino voters will dominate the electorate if they are able to vote.
3:26 pm
if they are included in our democracy in a way that is proper and fair, and this commission and those who support it are doing everything possible to erect barriers to take us backwards. take us back to a time before the voting rights act, before the federal government had to intervene to ensure that african-americans and other voters of color in this country could have equal standing as citizens to exercise their fundamental right to vote. >> governor dean what should democrats do regarding this commission? >> i think we should first of all, remove new hampshire from its status as the first in the nation primary. because they were already suppressing all student votes from people who are going to dartmouth, the university of new hampshire. if they're not, if they have another license, driver's license. this is outrageous. first thing. second thing, this is being litigated all over the country. it should be. third of all, call it what it is. a fraudulent commission run by
3:27 pm
frauds. the vice president of the united states is involved in this commission. this administration believes that the way to win for republicans is not to allow a large number of people to vote. the young and the black and the brown are being deprived of their votes under this administration. it's wrong, un-american and not in keeping with a healthy democracy. >> howard dean, last word there. thank you very much. ari and janel, thank you for being here, howard dean. thank you. still to come, how dare hillary clinton write a book? that's next. oh...sorry i'm late sir...had a doctor's appointment. so was your doctor's appointment at a steakhouse? when your t-shirt smells more like a t-bone... that's when you know it's half-washed. add downy with odor protect for 24-hour odor protection. unlike detergent alone, downy conditions fibers to lock... ...out odors all day. hey your shirt's making me hungry. so don't half-wash it. downy and it's done.
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coming up, seems like only yesterday they were competing for the democratic nomination for president. and now hillary clinton and bernie sanders just can't stop sharing the news cycle. more "a.m. joy" after the break. day 13. if only this were as easy as saving $600
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hillary and bern with back in the headlines this week. sorry, giggling during the break. clinton for telling her version of what happened in her memoir. her new book, and for the backlash from critics including media, she dared utter another word about her experience that wasn't a complete repudiation of herself. then there was sanders, who on wednesday introduced his long awaited medicare for all single payer health care bill, even as republicans are still trying to make repeal and replace happen. all of which puts health care squarely at the top of the aid
3:35 pm
jend aid-of--of-agenda in the critical mid-term election. running on bernie care, or not? here with me are david korn of mother jones, michael toemassky and move and "washington post"'s representative. editor privilege first. "daily beast" first. have to do it. >> good decision. >> this is interesting. right? you have hillary clinton and bernie sanders, very much in the news in very different ways. let's start with the hillary side of it, and the really intense sense of why is she talking? why is she here? even in some of the media. what did you make of it? >> this is new? i think i remember this starting in 1991. >> yeah. >> whenever she does something, the major take in the mainstream press is, no, no. doing it wrong. sometimes over the course of the last 25 years she has done it wrong. no question. but sometimes she's done it
3:36 pm
right and the chorus is just, hillary's doing it wrong. why is she doing this? lead-in said, why isn't she blaming herself? she's got every right to say whatever she feels like saying. >> literally every former candidate writes a book. do you think -- do you think -- do you think part of it is a sense among the media that the blame is going to fall in part on us? because the media did spend a lot of time watching donald trump walk around on stages, did spend a lot of time on e-mails which never went anywhere as a story. is the media saying, don't look at us? is that part of what this is. >> yeah. i think that is part of it. it's the old hillary reflex of the media that goes back to the 1990s but compounded by what you just said. we don't want to look, "we" generally speak the press, don't want to look in the mirror about last year. >> jonathan, on this question of hillary clinton being out there. one of the things you'll hear
3:37 pm
people say is, we don't want to go back. don't want to go back and relit bait 102016 and we have to look forward and look at 2018. here are the nominations, bernie sanders, proposes a massive change to the health care system 2020 democrats feel compelled to run on. are we looking forward, back, what's happening? >> yes. look, we have to look backwards. we have to read hillary's book and get from her perspective what happened. we have to look at what senator sanders wants to do with medicare for all. this bill that now all of these people signed on to. if anything, the conditions to debate bernie's bill now are optimal compared to what they were even last year, because of what trump tried to do with barack obama and trying to repeal it. people are eager, hey, let's have this discussion. but, you know -- look. bernie sanders will be a part of the conversation about what the
3:38 pm
democratic party is going to do in '18 and '20. i wish he would join the democratic party to actually, you know, to my mind have standing talking how to rearrange the furniture in our house but that's another discussion. >> don't go on twitter at least the next 24 hours. >> oh, i'm ready. >> stay off twitter. >> all that said, we -- the democratic party has to have this discussion about -- who it is what it wants to be and how they're going to deliver for the american people in a way that, that resonates and blunts whatever it is the sprepresiden trying to do only half a year into this. >> these conversations, though, never happen. you know, after the romney loss, rnc had an autopsy. got to reach out to latinos. >> what happened to that? >> yeah. what happened to that? the guy who was -- the guy in charge of that ended up working for the guy who grabbed women
3:39 pm
and bragged about it. insulted every latino he could find. so -- unfortunately, our system is really dominated by the presidential race and what happens every four years a party decides what it's going to be by who they select as the nominee. now, in between, you can have great policy debates about what to do, about the budget, about health care. of course, about foreign affairs. the democrats often argued internally on all three matters and so have the republicans. so i think it's great to have a policy debate now, about what to do about health care. you just mentioned, that may have absolutely no reflection on what happened in the 2020 race or even 2018 and bernie is great to bring it up and hillary is great, too, to talk about, okay what do we do? what is a better strategy to win next time? they overlap but are not the same conversation. >> i have to go to my activist, is that true? having a policy debate on
3:40 pm
something that isn't going to pass now. republicans control what passes congress. >> right. >> number one, activist back burning the phone trying to stop a new bill that, the affordable care act repeal and how many democrats up for re-election in states trump one? at one, two -- six, seven. democrats still have to defend seats, right? >> right. >> and have to attempt to take back one house of congress. >> right. >> is this a time to be doing the activism required to protect the affordable care act and win a house in congress, or is this the time to be having the policy debate that republicans previewed three years how they're going to attack it? >> here's the thing. i think because of donald trump, we -- we are having, like, a moral, this kind of moral battle, because we have a president who's so morally bankrupt. what we're seeing on the democratic side, they're fighting for daca. right? they're fighting for health care. because the things happening with the republicans and with
3:41 pm
donald trump are so just so dangerous and cruel. and so i think this is what we're seeing. what we're seeing, where there is -- so much energy is out there to fight to beat back all of these ugly un-american things that you see -- why not talk about medicare, why not have those conversations? because we're beating back cruel things. >> but some people in the conversation, seem to be invested in having a divisive fight on the democratic side. >> yes. >> some sanders supporters want to relitigate, say the party should go this way. more centrist democrats, sanders has too much. go away, too. i feel like it's "game of thrones" and winter is coming and everyone there has to band together and can you have a policy debate, but the stuff -- the divisive stuff really has to be put to the side. >> i agree. divisive stuff put to the side but i would say that it is not the majority of the party, because you do have people who are -- if you go to des moines,
3:42 pm
iowa. detroit, michigan. they're not talking about the battle. what they want to hear is democrats, what are you, the party, what will you do more me? issues, how will you change my life? i think that's what voters really actually care about. >> and michael, were you this question. here's the challenge and being a liberal makes you have constant anxiety as part of life. >> because you care. >> you care. >> right. >> anxiety. the moral -- part of it, but the question is -- democrats do still have a divide. right? there are still two parties. the bernie party and hillary party not merged together and a question asked, benji sarland, tweeting about a great -- going through the challenges and trying to do health care including the big amount of taxes you'd have to raise. taking 250 million people off their health care putting them on a program the government runs all of that. and benji asked the question, are the bernie-crats going accuse any democrat who doesn't
3:43 pm
sign on that that whole blueplate special, accuse them of being establishment and walk away from them the way that, a percentage of sander supporters walked away from hillary clinton? a risk in 2018? a faction of democrats so purists, if you don't sign on to that bernie bill you're done, and they will literally threaten the re-election of democrats and threaten democrats' ability to take over the house of congress? >> yes. no question that's a risk, and the tone has to be set by bernie himself. now, i see that he has said that this is not going to be a lit mit test for 2018 and good he said it, but i think he needs to say it and say it and say it and say it. and it will also be more important in 2020. when the presidential candidates come up. but it's going to be very important in both elections, and, look i think on the one hand it's great that sanders did this. it opens up the field. opens up space to talk about health care in a lot of different ways. so -- and they're playing offensive and pleasing the base. on the other hand, what happens
3:44 pm
when the congressional budget office store scores this and taxes are -- >> through the roof. quick -- >> not enough for senator sanders to say this isn't a litmus test. he has to condemn those who attack. he's shown no willingness to do. >> thank you all. thank you very much, appreciate you being here. in our next hour, alex whitt brings you the latest from confederate during a rally this morning in richmond. charmy. more after a break. ♪ the all-new volkswagen tiguan with available pedestrian monitoring.
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♪ stare with me into the abyss ( ♪ )
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back with me are david corn, michael tam asky, and maria theresa kumar, to tell me who
3:51 pm
won the week. who won the week? >> the d.r.e.a.m.ers. if the american people didn't know who they were before, now the american people do. not only were they able to mobilize quickly, they had shumar and pelosi up there negotiating the outlines of a deal. and they were holding vigils in front of ivanka's house. this helped them too. >> just keeping it real. >> who won the week? >> well, i have to give a shout-out to david kay johnson for the amount of times he called donald trump a racist. but i was going to say women, because you had women, who was one of the only women in the room during these two -- well, the first meeting for sure, controlling donald trump's twitter feed. you had sloane stephens, the back women of u.s. open kind of really making history this weekend. give it to hillary clinton for writing this book.
3:52 pm
we have to remember, she was the first woman presidential nominee. we need to hear what she has to say. so i thought that was important. lastly, jamil hill and miss texas. we haven't talked about how miss texas -- >> amazing. >> -- actually called donald trump a white supremacist. clearly it was a different reaction on both sides and we know why, but that's the -- >> you didn't have anybody on the white house podium calling for her to be fired. >> exactly. >> i feel like john mclack lan. who won the week? >> my brain is more predictable and beltway trapped than theirs, so my answer is chuck and nancy. but it's a pretty plausible answer. they had a strong week and now the president is their friend at least, for the time being, but he's their friend on a couple of really important things. >> are they playing? >> i don't know.
3:53 pm
they were taken by surprise by this from what i was told, about how easy it was. maybe he's sort of playing mitch and paul too in this. i don't know that he's that strategic, i'll be honest with you. >> he's probably not, but if this was strategy on his part, in a lot of ways t wasn't good strategy, because his base is getting pretty mad at him. but i think schumer and pelosi come out of this with a possible deal for the d.r.e.a.m.ers and there's substance to it and it's good. >> it's a win. >> david "the dean" corn. >> well, i was tempted to say that paul ryan won the week. >> how dare you! he never wins anything. >> because he doesn't have to deal with trump. that's a pretty big win. enjoy september! but the guy we talked about, bernie sanders, won the week. he lost the fight for the presidential nomination of his
3:54 pm
party, yet he's determining its policy course at the moment. he introduced medicare for all the bill this week. who was there? any senator who wants to run for president. kamala harris, cory booker, kirsten gillibrand, they all came out to endorse it. it showed that he's creating space for his revolution between the democratic party. that's a pretty big deal for anybody to achieve, let alone a democrat and independent and not always well liked in the senate. >> the question i have on that is, are these senators joining the bandwagon for medicare for all because they want to join the bernie sanders revolution or because they're afraid his voters will abandon them when it comes time for their re-election? >> it's both. they realize they have to reach out to that wing.
3:55 pm
they don't want the wing against them. also, this race is probably going to have a lot of people in it -- >> and probably bernie sanders. if sanders ends up running, that base that's backed off kamala harris, who they were attacking before, do they then go back to attacking them, because what they want is bernie sanders to be president? >> there's still a lot of folks attacking kamala because they see her too close to the establishment. and i do think that they will turn on her if -- >> the minute he steps into the race, they'll turn on all these people. >> that was a deal that was made. he reached out to kamala harris to support the -- [ all speak at once ] >> for the survival of the democratic party, they need to have more coming together. >> i agree. [ all speak at once ] >> they all have to be for single payer now. >> now if you want to run in 20 -- >> as i said in the last segment, if it costs too much, it will be interesting to see if they can walk away. >> the answer to who won the
3:56 pm
week, the actual answer -- wrong, wrong, wrong -- california. the california is pushing through a bill that would force anyone running for president of the united states to show their tax returns. i think it could put trump in an awkward position. >> but trump won't win california. he can say goodbye to california. >> that's true, but then he'll lose by even more in the popular vote. he'll lose by eight million votes. thank you very much, everyone. more a.m. joy after the beam. -- after the break. ♪one way or another, i'm gonna find ya'♪
3:57 pm
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4:00 pm
really coming. the first one which is often called a firing, but it wasn't, it was a resignation, the first one came just 24 days into the new administration. three and a half weeks in, and they were already shedding their first senior staff. february 13th, trump national security adviser mike flynn resigned from the white house. that was in february. then in march, next out was the deputy white house chief of staff, katie walsh. then in april, it was the deputy national security adviser, mcfarland. then in may, it was the white house communications director number one, mike dubke. he was out in may. then in june, it was the vice president's chief of staff, guy named josh pitcox, stick a pin in that one for a second. vice president chief


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