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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  September 18, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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emmanuel macron. all of it leading to his first ever speech before the general assembly tomorrow with the anticipation building about what he will say about north korea, about iran, frankly, about a variety of other regions around the globe. syria, venezuela on his docket as well. earlier today the president focusing on the need for reform at the u.n. >> to honor the people of our natio nations, we must ensure no one and no member state shoulders a disproportionate amount of the burden, and that's militarily or financially. >> nbc news chief white house correspondent hallie jackson parked out front in front of the sand trucks of trump tower. security is at a prime. walk us through, if i interrupt you it will be because we see the president arriving with the prime minister. give us the significance of these two meetings today, first with netanyahu, later with macron later today.
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>> reporter: absolutely, peter. they both highlight critical issues for the president as he's here at united nations general assembly. i count you to you interrupt me. you alluded to it at the top of the show, the idea of the iranian nuclear deal, front and center in that consideration. watch for this to be a theme over the next four days. not just in this meeting, although it's likely to take crucial importance in these talks, but also in the president's speech tomorrow. we've heard u.n. ambassador nikki haley say she believes this speech, which is already written, it's been written for days now, which is different than what we sometimes see for these sort of big, notable remarks from president trump, he likes to tweak and tweak until the last minute. ambassador haley said the president will slap the right people and hug the right people n her view, and come out, she says, on the other side looking very strong. expect iran to be one of the nations that verbally that the president, in haley's words, slaps here. that conversation begins today with the prime minister. he also has this one-on-one not too far from where we are at the
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trump tower, the french president. it's interesting, in light of what weave seen in the last 24 hours with climate change. this is a president that has had a stance on climate change, originally calling it a hoax, saying various things about it that his administration never clarified, even after that series of hurricanes walloped first texas and then florida and the caribbean up. were in those briefing rooms, peter up. know the white house largely dodged or deflected when pressed on those questions. and then there is this report over the weekend that the u.s. was considering, perhaps, not wi withdrawing from paris climate. you know who nipped that in the bud? gary cohn -- >> i'm going to interrupt you. the president with benjamin netanyahu. let's take a quick listen to the two men. a little shandshake. we want to listen in.
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>> it's great to have prime minister knelt yenetanyahu with. a friend of mine for many years. we'll be discussing many things, among them peace between the palestinians and israel. it will be a fantastic achievement. and we are giving it an absolute go. i think there's a good chance that it could happen. most people would say there's no chance whatsoever. i actually think with the capability of bibiand frankly the other side, i think we have a chance. i think israel would like to see it and i think the palestinians would like to see it. and i can tell you that the trump administration would like to see it. so, we're working very hard on it. we'll see what happens. historically people say, can't happen. i say it can happen. but i just want to say, mr. prime minister, it's an honor to have you. >> great to see you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. mr. president, its great 's gree you again. i want to say under your
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leadership the alliance between america and israel has never been stronger, never been deeper. i can say this in ways people see and in ways people don't see. equally i look forward to addressing with you what you rightly called is the terrible nuclear deal with iran and how to roll back iran's growing aggression in the region, especially syria. as you said, we will discuss the way we can seize the opportunity for peace between israel and the palestinians and between israel and the arab world. i think these things go together. and we look forward to talking about how we can advance both. finally, we're going to be speaking tomorrow at the u.n. and i want to say that under president trump, america's position towards israel at the u.n. has been unequivocal, it's
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been strong, it's got both clarity and conviction. i want thank you on behalf of the people of israel and israel's many friends around the world, thank you, mr. president. >> thank you. >> as you are well aware, this is the jewish new year this week. so, i want to wish you, it is jewish community of america, jews everywhere, people everywhere happy, healthy new year. thank you, mr. president. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> president, do you plan to stay in the iranian -- >> you'll be seeing very soon. you'll be seeing very soon. [ inaudible ] >> we're talking about it constantly. we're talking about it constantly. you'll see. [ inaudible ] >> thank you, everyone. have a great afternoon. >> that's what it looks like
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when the press gathers for a quick opportunity to speak to the prime minister of israel, benjamin netanyahu, and the president. you heard at the end of the consideration, a lot of questions about iran they'll be focusing on. the president saying they've been talking about this, the iran nuclear deal, saying you'll find out very soon whether the u.s. plans to stay a part of this agreement going forward. i want to get back to hallie jackson, who's outside of trump tower right now. this is notable. aides at the white house have been telling me, i imagine telling you as well, that they have lowered expectations in terms of any announcements about any peace agreement in the middle east between the israe y israelis. this time the president will be meeting with the two parties separately. it's likely iran to be the focus of this conversation. >> reporter: yeah. listen, it's notable benjamin netanyahu is the first one op one meeting with president trump here today. the words you've been hearing related to this meeting are not middle east peace necessarily,
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although that's obviously going to come up in the discussion, as you heard the president say. it's about the iranian nuclear deal. peter, you had a better ear for this than out here, but it sounded like he was going to be talking about it or announcing something very soon. there's a lot of people waiting to see what happens here, with iran and the view of the administration, perhaps adhering to the letter of the deal but not necessarily the spirit of it. that also plays into one of the other huge headlines that is looming if not the biggest headline looming over this united nations general assembly. that is, north korea and how to deal with the threat from a nuclear north korea. what are you going to hear from president trump tomorrow? what kind of tone or rhetoric will ambassador nikki haley have? she's been, obviously, very tough on this from a diplomatic sense inside the u.n. general is assembly but has made overtures that the u.n. is running out of patience, running out of time with kim jong-un. china and russia, not here, peter. these are two critical players if it comes to any discussion related to putting more pressure
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on pyongyang. so, to watch this play out over the next four days, remember, you can almost see any issue through the lens of the north korea problem, if you will. in particular, when the united states -- when you're the united states, you're president trump coming here for the first time. a lot of people will be hanging on his every word as it relates to that. >> you're exactly right. china and russia not here, though we learned the president today having a conversation with president xi with china on that very topic. hallie, thank you very much. a full plate ahead over the course of this week. joining me in studio, michael carpenter, former adviser to joe biden, and anne gearan, who hustled over, and elise jordan, msnbc analyst. let me pick up where that conversation ended. we heard the president talking a little about iran. he said, ever the reality tvr star, he sort of teased ahead and said, we'll let you soon on this. this is not a side show. this is one of the main priorities for the president
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this week is the topic of not just north korea, but of iran. >> absolutely. those two topics share the nuclear component. and the question of how large a threat a nuclear -- currently nuclear north korea and potentially nuclear iran pose, not just to the united states but the rest. world. in the case of iran, this is a deal -- a subject that from the u.n.'s perspective was at least partly settled a couple years ago. that's a u.n.-backed agreement. and many diplomats here this week are eager to hear what trump has to say because trump is threatening to up-end that deal. which, you know, again is sort of from the perspective of many of the people he will meet and who will be listening to him already settled business. north korea is very different. the u.n. security council has twice in the last several weeks passed sanctions that were far tougher than any they've ever passed before. and were considered to pass. so far, it has not seemed to
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change north korea's behavior. so the big question is, what's next? is there genuinely a military option or not? >> michael, let me ask you quickly, if i can, about what the iranian president, rouhani said, on this topic. he said simply today that the u.s. would pay a high price if this deal is scrapped. it's not so easy for the president just to say, hey, you know what, we're out here. what are the risks? what are the pro/con take on the iran deal right now for this administration? >> it's huge. if you scrap the iran deal and go down that path, at the end of that path there's potentially conflict in the middle east which is something we've seen before and the tragic and devastating consequences of that. but to get back to the action today, prime minister netanyahu's number one mission here is to lobby president trump to walk away from that deal. he said fix it or leave it. the president and secretary of state tillerson have indicated a desire to potentially use the pretext that iran is not complying with the spirit of the deal.
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in other words, making miss chi mischief in yemen and syria. >> let me ask you about what was the president's focus over the weekend. it's getting a lot of attention. his latest mocking nick anymore, this one for kim jong-un. this is what he wrote on sunday. i spoke with president moon of south korea last night and asked him how rocket man is doing. long gas lines forming in north korea. too bad. his national security adviser h.r. mcmaster was asked about that. >> have you heard about that from the president or is that a new one? >> that's a new one but reminds me of the cover of "the economist" a few years ago as rocket man. that's where rockets are coming from. they do represent a grave threat to all -- to everyone. >> for those playing trivial pursuit, here's the 2006 of the cover of "the economist" to
10:12 am
which he was referring with the rocket man on it. a lot of the world will be watching to get a gauge of the president. was this too flip heading into a critical event? >> my number one act that i wish president trump could curb is tweeting about north korea. i really think it's not helpful. he's dug himself into some holes over, you know, since he's really escalated his rhetoric, starting with the foreign fury comments he made and really upped the ante a little bit with north korea. you look at how other members of his administration are messaging on nk income and it's a decidedly hawkish bent right now. they're saying we don't have that many more options left diplomatically, if the sanctions don't work, military options are on the table. mcmaster himself being more hawkish in saying there are certainly military -- >> nikki haley said we'll kick it over to mattis. >> it would be better to walk back and move beyond that, but
10:13 am
it's definitely the riskiest spot to be in if you're in the trump administration to go on one of the sunday shows and you never know what the president could be tweeting right while you're live. >> and that's on top of the tweet that some people are critical of, the president seen swinging a golf club right there in the video, which was edited, hits hillary clinton, she falls down. people said, why are you tweeting about the former secretary of state before you meet with the people she was working with for years. a lot of americans have real questions, skepticism about the topic of north korea. new numbers show only 44% of americans right now have faith in the president vis-a-vis north korea. 51% do not. what can the president do in the course of his remarks yesterday to better demonstrate, you know, just a general understanding of this issue and real confidence, perhaps, in the way he's going to handle it going forward? >> i think if the president goes before the u.n. general assembly tomorrow and really lays out a case for what at this spoint a
10:14 am
very confused u.s. strategy. i mean, some days they emphasize diplomacy, some days they emphasize sanctions, some days they emphasize fire and fury, some days -- >> and sometimes they emphasize all those different things in the same day. >> or in the same sentence. if he can unify that as a theory of the case, this is what we do first, this is what we do if this doesn't work, and this is what we do if that doesn't work, i think he will at the very least go a long distance to making a cohesive argument for why the rhetoric has been stepped up to the degree it has been. otherwise he risks looking like he's simply reacting to the north korean developments, which have been very rapid and very frightening and very real. but he needs to be able to say, here's why this matters and what i'm going to do about it. >> as we wait to hear from the president tomorrow, what's striking is we did hear from him for the first time today as he gathered for a gathering on united nations reform, which is a point the president is focused on in the past.
10:15 am
he's been critical, even after his election basically saying, the u.n. doesn't solve problems, it creates problems. today, though, he said that the u.n. hasn't reached its full potential. he basically said in simple terms he was critical of the bloated bureaucracy and mismanagement there. is there something to be said for this sort of great disrupter coming in and basically saying, before we turn over our money, we have to see you guys delivering on this investment? >> look, there are a lot of things wrong with the u.n. the u.n. could be much more efficient and effective organization -- >> in particular, what do you think is the criticism -- >> frankly, the structure of the security council and it's inability to get tough in in a situation where there's real crisis or suffering around the world. that's a structural impediment that will take years and very difficult to solve. i think for president trump to come out and essentially his debut to the 193 countries of the u.n. and immediately start criticizing -- by the way, start his dialogue with a discussion of his own private properties right across the street, doesn't sent a good signal.
10:16 am
>> what are you watching for? >> i actually found his speech to be uncontroversial. it's not anything new for american presidents to come in, especially republicans, rip on the management of the u.n. bure accuracy. that said, i wonder if a similar tone will be exhibited tomorrow. he'll be in the model of a more traditional president and read from a teleprompter, deliver a speech that receives applause from pundits and back to twitter again. >> when he's off teleprompter and dlifring remarks -- when he looks between the to monitors and speaks to the people in the room, things can get interesting. thank you very much. we'll be watching together over the course of the next four days. also right here on msnbc, president trump's lawyers reportedly clashing over how much to cooperate with special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation. we're going to break down the details on the dissent within his legal team from one of the journalists who broke that story. and the president igniting
10:17 am
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back live right here on msnbc as the president meets with world leaders and faces global challenges from north korea to iran, there are new headlines in the russia investigation. "the new york times" reporting
10:21 am
that trump lawyers are clashing over how much to cooperate with the russia inquiry. this debate has pitted the white house counsel, that's don mcgahn on the right side, against ty cobb who is managing the president's response to the russia investigation. ken vogel is "the new york times" investigative reporter writing this piece, breaking the news. joining me is dana milbank, reporter for "the washington post." ken, you overheard this revealing conversation at a popular d.c. steakhouse not far from the white house between two of the president's lawyer at dinner. update our audience. i want to put a couple key quotes from that conversation attributable to the white house lawyer ty cobb so the viewers have a better sense of what you overheard. you heard cobb saying, basically, the white house counsel's office is being very conservative with this stuff. our view is we're not hiding anything. he referenced white house lawyer don mcgahn, white house counsel,
10:22 am
describing mcgahn spy and added mcgahn has a couple documents locked in a safe. so, for simplicity here, break down this competition. what do we have on each side. one cited supporting more cooperation and one with real reservations. how does this break? >> yeah, peter, they're substantive issues and then stylistic and personal issues. the substantive issues have to do with the ability of the white house and the office of the president to assert prif, presidential privilege, when it comes to revealing documents or revealing considerations. and in this debate, don mcgahn, the white house counsel, is urging more caution in turning over documents because he's concerned that turning over documents erroring on the side of inclusion, will potentially compromise the white house's ability to assert privilege because some of these documents might be privilege and they turn them over to mueller, then they can't assert privilege, the thinking goes, in subsequent
10:23 am
document production or other debates about what should be turned over to mueller. ty cobb, on the other hand, believes there's nothing to hide. so, the more you give to mueller, both documents and testimony, the more that he will have incentive to quickly, if not move on from the investigation, at least move on from the focus on the president. then there are the stylistic and personal issues, personal sort of trust issues. you see those manifest themselves in cobb suggesting that he thinks there may be a mcgahn spy in his midst, among stuffers he has working for him on document production. that is something that may stem from the differences over the actual legal issues and presidential privilege, but it complicates things further. that's the one that's getting the most attention. that's the one that prompted cobb getting sort of chewed out to some extent by john kelly, chief of staff. >> walk us through that chewing out, don mcgahn and kelly chewing out ty cobb.
10:24 am
ty cobb delivering accolades, many praise on mcgahn after the fact, saying he's helped me throughout the course. do you buy that? >> i think that was a little damage control, certainly. the concern among whout counsel and among the chief of staff is ty cobb was being incredibly indiscreet in having this conversation about such sensitive issues in such a public place. i would just add, peter, this was not only at this restaurant, blt steak, that is precisely 171 feet from "the new york times" d.c. bureau, but in the sidewalk seating area where not just any diner, but any passerby could potentially overhear these guys. cobb himself is a very recognizable guy with the big handlebar mustache. >> there's the photo you took. >> he's not inconspicuous at all. the substantive debates and the mistrust, that's what worried don mcgahn and white house
10:25 am
staff. they're trying to keep things buttoned down. this guy is leaking without even knowing it. >> you convinced machine began is -- mcgahn is worried about future impacts or protecting himself? he's among those white house aide that has hired counsel, secured his own lawyer? >> peter, first of all, i'm fabulously jealous of ken because he didn't only get this terrific scoop but he this-h their wonderful salad and i'm assuming popovers. that's serious journalism. it reveals the classic split, the classic argument of what do you turn over. you know, i think that ty cobb is right. you want to get everything out there. particularly, now that robert mueller knows about these documents being held in mcgahn's safe, it's a natural sort of instinct to want to circle the wagon to it doesn't become a ken starr type investigation where it constantly bleeds into other things away from the original focus of the inquiry.
10:26 am
>> dana, can i ask you quickly about one of the president's tweets over the course of this weekend, retweeting basically what was a doctored video that appeared to show the president firing off a golf ball from the tee and it would hit hillary clinton, the former secretary of state, his former foe, as she was boarding an aircraft. this is video from back in the day. i think about five years ago. just your take on that moment right now as we prepare for this big global audience and the significant moment for this president. >> the worst part, peter, is he took a mulligan over on that shot and did not count that stroke against his score. you know, you -- and we say this over and over again. it's unpresidential, we can't believe that the leader of the free world -- >> are americans just used to it at this point somehow? >> of course they are. this isn't even in the top ten outrages in the last ten months. it's rocket man, the golf tweet, and here he is representing us before the world body. >> to be fair about the twitter
10:27 am
account that tweeted that, that the president retweeted, a person's account name you can't say on tv, a person in the past had tweeted anti-semitic, anti-muslim, anti-lbgt tweets as well. this certainly raised a lot of questions about, among other things, john kelly and what role he's playing as he's trying to crack down on the president and his twitter handling. tough to stay. thanks for your time. ken, congratulations on a good scoop. dana mi dana mi dana, thanks to you. details on maria's path. what families need to know. keep an eye on this. we'll take you live to puerto rico preparing for what may well be a direct hit. republicans making a last-ditch effort to repeal obamacare. do they have the votes needed to get the legislation passed?
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back live now. some of the other stories we're following at this hour. in st. louis, more than 80 people were arrested and dozens
10:32 am
of businesses damaged during the third straight night of violent protests. the chaos follows the acquittal of jason stockily, the police officer who shot and killed anthony lamar smith in 2011. four american students from boston college are recovering today after they were doused with acid at a train station in southern france. authorities quickly arrested the suspect, 41-year-old woman, who they claim has a psychiatric history. and the audience at this year's emmy awards, they were shocked by a cameo appearance by former white house press secretary sean spicer. spicer rolling out with his podium, claiming this will be the largest audience to ever win this emmys, period. poking fun at his false claims he made about this year's inauguration audience. a lot of opinions about that one. we're watching two hurricanes churning in the atlantic. hurricane maria has strengthened to category 3 and heading to areas already suffering from catastrophic damage.
10:33 am
hurricane jose is about to take a swipe at the east coast. wnbc's weatherman dave price is here. is maria expected to follow the same path as irma? >> a very similar path, that we can say, peter. let's walk over here for a quick second and i'll show you. it's the leeward islands that were just pounded by irma. as we take a look now, our biggest concern is going to be not only those islands but additionally puerto rico, which may see a direct hit from this storm. let's walk over and show you just a little bit of what you saw as we came in from commercial break. dominica and into guadalupe, those islands are just outside of what we see right here. although it may not be clear to you, that's the beginnings of an eye beginning to take hold there. that's the concern as we head through the next several hours. let's walk back to the main map and take a look at things.
10:34 am
at this point it's very, very active. we have jose up here, menacing the eastern seaboard of the united states. there's maria and there's lee in the background. lee much less of a concern that will wind up becoming what we call a remnant low. again, a stormy condition out in the atlantic. let's take a look at jose. that continues to churn up. the details are as follows. this is a category 1 storm, 265 miles east-southeast of cape hatteras. winds at 175 miles an hour and heading to the north at about 9. not much expected to change here but as it makes its northern and eventually eastern turns, it is going to bring some strong winds, beach erosion, heavy surf, dangerous conditions to coastal new england and into the tri-state area stretching down into delaware. so, we've got tropical storm watches and warnings there. in the meantime, this is what we are most worried about. that is maria, as it continues
10:35 am
to churn its way through the atlantic. gaining strength and slowing its forward speed down within the next 24 hours or so. >> just punishing deja vu for so many in that region. dave price, thank you. fear setting in for residents of puerto rico. the island is now preparing for hurricane maria's potential impact after it was largely spared from the most devastating impacts of hurricane irma. tammy leitner on the ground in puerto rico, outside aisam's club where you can imagine people are buying up supplies. give us a sense of the feeling on the ground there and the status of the evacuations as people try to find safety. >> reporter: peter, you mentioned fear setting in. i can tell you we have seen, honest to god, panic out here. we've been speaking to people all day. you see people making a run for the grocery stores, stocking up on cases of food, cases of water. take a look.
10:36 am
weave been seeing cars coming and going all afternoon. we're outside sam's club. it's a monday. schools are closed today so that people can take care of this. they're calling it an emergency on the island. banks are only allowing people to take sought so much money. the concern is water. 66,000 people on this island are still without water. this has been a line all day here. this is burt, you're originally from new york. >> sure. >> reporter: you live here now. why don't you tell me a little about about what you've seen. >> okay. basically what i've seen is some people, we've been through storms before, we've been through hurricanes. irma, thankfully, didn't hit us so hard but this one looks like it's going to hit us hard. some people nervous, some people a little more confident. me personally, i'm confident. we got water just in case. that's the most important commodity you need. >> reporter: you talked about people being panicked, downright fear. >> fear, exactly. if you go inside sam's, you can
10:37 am
see a lot of people just getting an excessive amount of things. you're not really sure what's going to happen after the storm, what you could use and all that. there is fear. some people are talking. some are confident. me personally, i'm insured, i'm confident. we have plenty of water in the pool. >> thank you, burt. i wish you the best of luck. take care of these little ones. you know, one of the reasons people are concerned is they're going to go and get plywood and board up their homes. they're trying to get batteries and finding that, you know, at home depot they're out of batteries. they're out of generators. they're out of gas cans. you know, peter, people are really starting to feel the panic set in here as supplies are dwindling. back to you. >> tammy leitner on the ground in puerto rico. we're thinking of the families there. tammy, you as well, be safe, please. live on msnbc we want to show you some live pictures of protesters taking over the house minority leader nancy pelosi's news conference event about those nearly 800,000 daca recipients in this country,
10:38 am
their status still unclear. we'll have details of this developing story. that's next here live. also, the republican effort to repeal obamacare is on the brink of coming back from the dead. can the gop swing any of the four senators who voted against it, republican senators who voted against it to back their new plan. and president trump taking on former strategist steve bannon in the special alabama elections. who comes out on top in this clash between the grassroots conservative and the washington establishment? ♪ (cheering) a triangle solo? surprising. what's not surprising? how much money sam and yohanna saved by switching to geico.
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[ crowd chanting ] right now you can see we're looking at live pictures. this is happening right now in san francisco, california. the face behind one of those yellow signs is that of the house minority leader nancy pelosi, who you can see in san francisco was hosting an event to try to focus on the plight of the d.r.e.a.m.ers, the nearly 800,000 young, undocumented immigrants who came to this country, who came to this country with their parents in the past. the president has made his opinion in the past clear that they would have to leave now. he says he's open to doing a deal with democrats. let's listen to nancy pelosi. >> it's clear you don't want any answers. it's clear.
10:43 am
[ inaudible ] >> they don't want the d.r.e.a.m. act. >> we want protections. >> are you -- you want answers? >> what is your answer? >> what is your answer? >> just shy of 10:45 in the morning, san francisco time. these protesters, as we have seen over the course of the last 15 to 20 minutes have been screaming at the house minority leader saying, democrats created a deportation machine. they've been chanting "we are not your bargaining chip." i want to bring in msnbc's garrett haake as well as opinion writer for msnbc contributor jonathan capehart. let's focus on this. we want to talk to you about the latest effort to try to repeal obamacare, but this is another one of the politically challenging elements right now
10:44 am
to the negotiations taking place in washington. one of the democrats thought they were on the right side of right now but these d.r.e.a.m.ers have had enough with the top democrat in the house, nancy pelosi. >> yeah, that seems to be the case, peter. this is the challenge for democrats here. the democratic party is, in large part, united right now around the idea of being the resistance. but if the leader of the democrats in the house isn't resisting enough for the base, you're going to see moments like this. you know, we're going to talk about obamacare repeal. but immigration is in the same sort of category of issues that is so emotionally charged. and on the left now, such a lightning rod, particularly now that democrats and those on the far left are seeing nancy pelosi start to negotiate with president trump potentially over this. and this is, i think, what democrats might be looking at here as potentially a warning for what happens with them if they give up too much. here is a little additional sound from the start of this
10:45 am
protest. take a listen. >> democrats. >> democrats. >> created. >> out of control. >> deportation machine. >> deportation machine. >> handing it over. >> to trump. >> to trump. >> we demand accountability. >> we demand accountability. >> democrats are not the resistance of trump darin. >> all of these people standing with them. they are our vips, our purpose, our very important people. -- [ crowd chanting ] >>. [ crowd chanting "undocumented and unafraid" we are the immigration movement. directly impacting you -- >> reporter: it's tough to make out what the protesters are saying but their message is very clear. if the house minority leader, the leader of the democrats in
10:46 am
the house, can be shouted down in san francisco, it can happen to democrats anywhere. so, definitely a message to democratic lawmakers. >> jonathan capehart, let me bring you into this consideration very quickly right now. i think there was a sense in some circles that after that deal to have a deal between the democrats, nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, and the president of the united states on daca, on the deferred action for these young d.r.e.a.m.ers, that this may have been resolved, but this is evidence that we've still got to -- weave still got a long way to go on this before they come to some resolution, frankly, on this. >> right. despite what was announced last week, it's not done until it's actually done. until there's a bill that's in the house and the senate and passings both chambers and gets to the president's desk, nothing is done. i admire all the d.r.e.a.m.ers out there energized and protesting, wherever they're protesting to ensure something gets done. but i think it's incredibly
10:47 am
short-sighted to shout down the house minority leader, who you're going to need to negotiate with the president of the united states to get a deal done that he will pass that will protect d.r.e.a.m.ers. you know, nancy pelosi is the best ally and senate minority leader, chuck schumer, the two of them, chuck and nancy, are the best allies d.r.e.a.m.ers on the progressive left have to get something done on this. if anybody wants to put pressure on members of congress, they should stop shouting down nancy pelosi and head to kentucky and make their voices heard to senate majority leader mitch mcconnell or go to wisconsin and have -- make their voices heard to house speaker paul ryan. those are the leaders of the chamber -- >> trying to bring republicans on board as well. >> right, exactly. those are the people, in terms of getting the legislative machinery to work. those are the people who need to have pressure brought to bear on them. so, you know, nancy pelosi, i can't see any of the pictures there, but, you know, the fact
10:48 am
they're protesting her, that's great but it's not going to mean anything unless they also protest republicans. >> the bottom line, it demonstrates what is another pressure point right now in washington, d.c., for lawmakers as they try to come to some resolution on this heavily divisive issue as evidenced by this. as we watch again live right now, nancy pelosi likely done with her remarks. let's take a look right now and see what occurs right here. can you see them continue to scream at her jert huffman, barbara lee from california, looks like nancy pelosi is departing right now. >> guests and attendees, we are in a really respectful place here with -- >> right now, we've been looking at live pictures from san francisco, california, where nancy pelosi showed up at an event that was focused on calling for the immediate passage of the d.r.e.a.m. act. ultimately, there was some there protesting, frankly, with democrats' handling of this saying they didn't want to be
10:49 am
considered a bargaining chip in this process. again, taking place right now. it appears what was intended to be a celebration of progress made in an effort to try to force the trump administration, republicans to come on board with this effort, to keep these young undocumented immigrants in the united states, ran into a wall. the democrats often casting themselves as the resistance. on this topic they ran into resistance from many within the d.r.e.a.m.ersers community as well. nancy pelosi getting booted out of her own news conference. you've been watching mction live rig msnbc live. when we come back, we'll try to update you on where things stand at the united nations. in is a significant week in terms of security. the nypd chief says security for the week's u.n. general assembly is the equivalent of the super bowl of security. we'll look at what authorities are doing to keep world leaders converging on new york safe. patrick woke up with a sore back. but he's got work to do. so he took aleve this morning.
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more "doing chores for dad" per roll more "earning something you love" per roll bounty is more absorbent, so the roll can last 50% longer than the leading ordinary brand. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty the quicker picker upper. back now live on msnbc. breaking news. repealing obama care. senators are working against the clock on this last-ditch effort and the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell reportedly
10:54 am
considering bringing the bill to a vote by the end of the month if and only if he can get 50 republican senators to back it. that was the threshold he couldn't cross on the past obamacare replace and repealment effort. last time it was collins, murkowski and mccain and might be a flip of one of them, specifically mccain. why is that? >> reporter: peter, i talked to john mccain earlier in the day today and he said, look. he was still upset about the process. remember, that was a big reason he voted no last time. he said it should go through regular order, committee. i asked him about the merits of the bill, could you support it at the end of the day? he said, it will depend on what my governor says and if it's good for arizona. just since i have been standing here talking to you in the last segment, in the last few minutes, arizona's governor put out a statement on twitter and it is going to make it very hard i think for john mccain to vote no on this bill.
10:55 am
the governor writes, graham-cassidy is the best path forward to repeal and replace obamacare. i'll work with congress to give states more flexibility and options moving forward. congress has 12 days to say yes to graham-cassidy. it is time for them to get the job done. that's arizona governor in a message on twitter and squarely aimed at john mccain. if john mccain decides this is a bill he could vote yes on, that means the folks who are aligned to stop the bill need two more republican noes. rand paul said he won't vote for the bill. susan collins against essentially every version of replace and repeal up to this point hasn't commented on graham-cassidy but the problems in previous bills are largely the same as the problems in graham/cassidy. to say it today, i think she is more likely to be a no than a yes.
10:56 am
so that leaves potentially lisa murkowski, a no on the skinny repeal or other number of senators that expressed concern of previous bills to be that third vote. but right now, this statement from doug doocy makes it more likely to get there on that 50 votes. >> all right. garrett hague with that breaking news. we await john mccain. of course senator graham a close ally in the senate. garrett, thank you very much for that. for those around new york city, this is what we thought we would be talking about right now, the gridlock, the traffic, the security woes across this city as they lock it down. the warning the folks, stay off the streets. thousands of local and federal officers are out in force ramping up security around the u.n. for the general assembly. here's stephanie gosk outside the u.n. this morning i ran into service from nashville and seattle.
10:57 am
they're flooding the from the count country. >> reporter: that's right. president trump once famously said or accused the u.n. of being a place, a club where people get together and talk and have a good time. i can assure you this. regardless of what's happening behind the closed doors here, the people trying to get here on the streets of manhattan are defin nifly not having a good time, in a car or on foot. you know, this city as you know is a security challenge on any given day. you take on top of that and add 190-plus member states and deg gagss and word leaders on top of that protests that are scheduled throughout this week, one of them taking place this evening at 5:00, a group of rise and resist planning a march from grand central up to trump tower. on top of that, you put president trump himself and trump tower which is in midtown and you have an incredible headache. you know, you mentioned that the nypd referred to this as the kind of super bowl of security. well, that's really for two
10:58 am
reasons. one, because the operation is so big, but also, because it happens every year and they're used to doing this and they have a plan and a backup plan and a backup plan to that. now, you see them in the sky in helicopters. see them definitely on the streets, some of those counter terrorism units that we have gotten used to seeing in this city. also see them on the water. for those who aren't familiar with new york city, the u.n. is on the east river and high-speed patrol boats out there and as well as scuba teams looking for explosives and underwater, as well. peter? >> stephanie, any sense quickly for the price tag of this? the reason the president said in the past he didn't come here and now he has to come when it's the u.n. >> reporter: it is enormous and shared obviously on multiple different levels. you have federal agencies here, as well. the fbi, the secret service, department of homeland security, nypd will pick up some of that
10:59 am
bill, as well, and the united nations i would imagine, as well. i do not have a price tag for you but it's got to be big. >> probably because they're trying to figure how much it costs. stephanie gosk outside the u.n. thank you. that wraps it up for this hour of msnbc live. my colleague kasie hunt is taking things over right now from washington, d.c. quickly, a programming note, tomorrow we should let you know, as well, that joe and mika i believe have a special edition of "morning joe" here on msnbc. over to you. >> thank you. 11:00 a.m. out west and 2:00 p.m. in new york city and president trump is taking part in a u.n. general assembly. he is back in the hometown for the four-day summit with 193 diplomats and world leaders. meeting moments ago with netanyahu, israeli prime minister. the focus squarely on iran. >> i look forward to discussing with you how we can address together what you rightly called
11:00 am
is the terrible nuclear deal with iran and how to roll back iran's growing aggression in the region, especially in syria. >> mr. president, do you plan to stay in the iranian nuclear deal? >> this morning, president trump who once called the united nations obsolete and incompetent wasted no time calling for reform of the global organization. >> in recent years, the united nations has not reached its full potential because of bureaucracy and mismanagement. we seek a united nations that regains the trust of the people around the world in order to achieve this the united nations must hold every level of management accountable. we must ensure that no one and no member state shoulders a disproportionate share of the burden. and that's militarily or financially. higher up on the president's diplomatic agea,


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