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tv   MSNBC Live With Alex Witt  MSNBC  September 23, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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defend a country and create the biggest drug cartel this world has ever seen. that sounds made up, barry. tom cruise. stop now if you want. it gets crazy from here. woo! american made. rated r. good day, everyone. i'm alex witt at msnbc world headquarters. it's 10:00 a.m. out west. here's what's happening right now. president trump fired up over nfl player protests. what he wants owners to do about it. >> get that soven a. [ beep ] ofrt field right now. he's out, he's fired. >> he's fired! >> but the nfl strikes back. the commissioner defends the shield and the gridiron games players. is the president's use of the bully pulpit out of bounds? we have a former nfl star joining us in just a moment. >> they finally get a president who will sign the legislation
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and dhoenlt have the guts to vote for it. >> and it's time to check out with the gop. is the health care bill a lost cause? but we're going to go to summer set, new jersey. kelly o'donnell is at her post there for us on a saturday. with a thank you to you. we've got the president. do you think he's gotten himself into some trouble with this latest comments on the nfl and the tweet on steph curry today? >> well, he has certainly stirred things up. and the president has a habit of doing that often using twitter and often using chances to say things at rallies where he's a little freer. he's in his sort of campaign mo mode. and that is definitely what was happening last night when he went to huntsville, alabama. he spoke for a particularly long time. longer than most state of the union addresses. the president was on stage for an hour and 23 minutes. he hit a range of topics, part of it did deal with the nfl issue which he has spoken about
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publicly before. but he really ramped up the rhetoric last night and did he so saying that he has friends in the owners community of the nfl and when he talked about athletes who protest during the national anthem, making the kind of the connection to the prominence of football in alabama again where he was for a local campaign event that that sort of struck a patriotic cord in the rally crowd. so roar back to the president was one in support of what he was saying but today on twitter you have many athletes and others who are speaking out critical whast preside critical of what the president said who said the athletes should be taken out of game, even fired for protest. the nfl firing back today also saying that shows a lack of respect for the nfl and players and that there is a need for unity and we've seen how the nfl players have often stepped up in the face of some of the national disaster that's we have had when they contribute back to their
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communities. so it is starting a conversation. the president is taking some heat for it. but it is also driving another narrative at a time when the president has a health care bill he would like to see passed this week that so far does not appear to have enough votes. so perhaps this is a distraction play as well. alex? >> certainly the twitter verse having a field day with this one. thank you so much in new jersey. regarding the president's future with the nfl and nba star steph curry, minute by minute now on social media there is new reaction including this tweet by nba union president chris paul. he said with everything that's going on in our country, why are you focused on who's kneeling and visiting the white house? #stayinyolane. welcome you to dante stallworth. >> thank you for having me on. >> i want to start with your reaction to roger goodell's response. you are surprised that goodell would be so forceful against the president especially on this issue? >> no. i think the nfl and the
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commissioner himself and the nfl owners, i think they understand that the players are tired of this. we're tired of feeling like we are being bullied by the president of the united states. so you saw the reaction from a lot of players. it's just in the past and the recent weeks and especially since charlottesville, it v galvanized a lot of athletes and a lot of people to not only expect but to demand that the president call out nazis and white supremacists, people walking around with tiki torches and screaming jews won't replace us. he doesn't call us out. who he does call out is professional athletes who are using their first amendment rights to protest injustice in this country. that is the fundamental principle, one of the fundamental principles of this country. >> absolutely right. i'm going to get to some of the detailsst tweets you are referencing there. there was the poll by jd power.
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it happened back in july which found 27% of those who were watching fewer games last season said the national anthem protests were part of the reason. do you think that is still the case this snn. >> yeah. i think it's going to be a part of the reason. but if you listen to the president, he said the number one reason is because they like to watch him instead of watching the nfl which makes absolutely no sense. and he also said that kim jong-un also watches every word that comes out of his mouth. that, i mean, to me that is classic narcissism. i'm not a doctor but look what he's done. his own actions have shown who he is. you know, i continue to even myself sometimes to be amazed at some of the things he does and says. but once we let him get away, we the american people, the country, once we let him get away with saying can you grab him by the you know what, then it was a free for all. he can do whatever -- he seems like he can do whatever he wants and he's been doing that since then. >> yeah, we've been referencing alabama and what he said last night f anyone hasn't seen it, i
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want to play for those people that haven't, take a listen everyone. watch. >> wouldn't you love to see one of the nfl owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that sovn of a. [ beep ] ostd field now. he's fired. when you turn on the television and you see people taking the knee when they're playing our great national anthem -- >> do you think he's just unaware of how bad the opt ticks like when he goes out -- optics look when he goes after star american sports figures, african-american or otherwise, do you think he just doesn't get it? >> no. he totally gets it. he is very aware of how he is capable of manipulating the
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media to kind of, you know, get on -- make him be the victim. he's aware when there is a terrorist attack or alleged terrorist attack overseas with an ally in britain. he'll come right out and say this is a terrorist attack near scotland yard which the top officials over there have said that is not helpful. but when there is white supremacists marching here and screaming, jews will not replace us, we have to wait. i want all the facts. there was some very fine people after two days. it took him two days to condemn white supremacists and no time to express his opinion for players using and exercising first right amendment. >> so we talked about the specific tweets. you responded to the president disinviting steph curry. here's what you said. the mad king upset steph curry won't bend the knee. sad. and then lebron james is tweeting, you bum, going to the
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white house was a great honor until you showed up. do you think there's anything in term of a bush pack with the president calling the president a bum? he is going too far? is there a line you should not cross when disagreeing with the sflez or has this president opened up the discourse and allows for the free for all? >> no. first of all, you look back to -- this is obviously decades ago. you look back to jfk after the bay of pigs. he took full responsibility for it. obviously, privately he lashed out at the cia and threatened to scatter them to 1,000 pieces. but he also later not too long after that he had a meeting with the press and a press conference with the press or a speech, i'm sorry, a speech. and he said he basically said, listen, i know that i'm the president of the united states. we expect you as the media to point out our mistakes when we make them. and we will try to give you guys all the information we k he understood the importance, the
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vitality of the first amendment. and donald trump does not seem to understand that. he's, again, the things that he has said over the past course of the year and a half two years now have been very detrimental to what we allegedly stand for as a country. donald trump has done so many things to bring the conversation to where it is today. we should be talking about health care. we should be focusing on having meetings with the north core evens because kim jong-un is looking at the situations like the iraq war and looking at situations like syria and libya and he is not willing to give up nuclear weapons. we can't argue our way out of. this we can't have bombastic rhetoric our way out of this. we need to have negotiations. the fact the president is focusing more on players who are protesting as opposed to these other issues that are important and integral to the health of our nation, that to me is extremely terrible and sad. >> all right. dante stallworth. you're welcome on this broadcast any time. come see me when you want
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something to sachlt. joining me to talk about this and health care is california democratic congresswoman barbara lee. with a welcome you to. i want to ask you about your response to the president withdrawing the white house invitation from your golden state warriors franchise player. that's in your district there. >> yes. and first i just have to say i'm very proud of the warriors. i'm very proud of steph curry for exercising hir first amendment rights because they want to make america better. they want an america that really is an america for liberty and justice for all. secondly, nancy pelosi, leader pelosi and myself, we wrote a letter very early to the warriors and we invited them to the capitol. we invited them and their families, the team, whom ever they wanted to bring. and so they're still welcome. i'm saying to them that if you want to come to the capitol, we'll welcome you at the united states capitol. >> all right. i want to get to nbc news poll that was issued this month which shows 25% of americans approve of the president's handling of
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race relations. but the overwhelm mag jort, 52%, disapprove. where do you think the president is going wrong? how does he get it wrong? >> the president has gotten it wrong o from day one. and this just speaks volumes to the american people. they understand it. they get it. he led his campaign actually based on him being the leader of the birther movement saying that president obama was not an american. and he really tried to delegitimatize the first african-american president. when you look at him embracing the off right agenda, the white supremacist aagenda yashgs the neonazi agenda, when you look at the budgets cuts and how they negatively impact people of color, look at what he has done. he proposed cutting and eliminating the minority aids initiative. he proposed cutting the minority business development agency. he proposed decimating workforce training. and so you just look at his agenda and you can just see what
10:12 am
he -- who he is and what he believes and that is certainly not what the majority of the american people believe. >> okay. next topic with you, ma'am. your state was among those notified yesterday by the department of home land security at your election systems had been targetted by hackers likely connected to the russian government. first of all, why do you think official notification took so long? >> you know, that's -- this is why we have been fighting for independent bipartisan legislation. we introduced that legislation early on. we need republicans to come forward and join us so that we can get to the bottom of this. and our president, president trump, needs to come forward and defend our democracy, defend our electoral system. he is not doing that. you know, you would think by now he would be condemn what is taking place. he would call for an independent investigation and he would want to see our democracy, our voting rights protected. he's doing the opposite and it's
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tragic and dangerous swrechlt to get to the bottom of it. i'm asking the republicans to join us in the establishment of an independent bipartisan commission to get to the bottom of it. >> so but now that dhs, the trump administration acknowledged there was hacking or at least the efforts to hack. do you think the possibility of collusion gains more credibility? >> when you look at the mueller investigation and when you look at the house intelligence committee and the senate investigations that are moving forward, it appears that they're uncovering a lot that could lead there and we're waiting for the conclusion of the investigations. but i'm telling you, from what i see and what i know, there really appears to be some close coordination at the minimum and collusion at the most with what we unfortunately saw took place in our election. and the president needs to come out and defend the process of getting to the bottom of this.
10:14 am
>> i'm curious what you think of the president's decision not to support the graham-cassidy bill? >> he is bold and correct. this bill will take away health care from over 30 million people. it will decimate the requirement that people who have pre-existing conditions not being discriminated against. he understand that's gutting of medicate was included in this bill. you have senior citizens in nursing homes who rely on medicaid. what would happen to them? so he's absolutely correct. but i have to say what they're now doing is trying to sabotage the whole effort since they -- it looks like they're not able to repeal it. we still have, to as we say in california, stay want. we have a lot of work to do to make sure this bill does not pass. but when you look at the fact that they have cut the recruitment time from 90 days to 45 days for open enroll ment, when you look at the fact they cut the advertising budget by
10:15 am
90%, they're doing everything they can do. the cautionar why the aspects that provide the subsidies for low income people thashgs doing everything they can do through regulation and administrative policies to undermine the affordable care act as we speak. so the public has to speak out and say no and tell this president and the administration to stop it and to let's work together and find a bipartisan solution to improve the affordable care act. >> all right. california democratic congresswoman barbara lee, thank you for your time. i appreciate it. >> my pleasure. >> in just a moment, reaction from someone who supports what the president said last night about nfl players. a debate from both sides ahead.
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wouldn't you love to see one of these nfl owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son of a.
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[ beep ] off the field right now. out, he's fired! he's fired! that's a total disrespect of our heritage. that's a total disrespect of everything that we stand for. okay? >> president trump in alabama last night letting loose on colin kaepernick and other nfl players who no longer stand during the national anthem to protest police brutality against african-americans. let's bring in republican strategist and author of branding america, peter everson, a contributor who worked for three democratic administrations and james peterson from lee high university and msnbc contributor. big welcome to all three of you. we'll go ladies first, noel. is that what you want to see from your president? getting into fights and sports stars and dropping obscenities in public speeches? >> well, first of all, whenever i come on msnbc, you know, i very rarely, i'm very passionate about taking up for donald trump and what he says.
10:20 am
there is going to be the first time that i come on and i side with donald trump. i think what roger goodell said, i think he was weak. i think he should stand up to the players. look, sports are supposed to be switzerland. they're supposed to be politically neutral. i want to see them play ball. i want to see them, you know, do what they're supposed to do. people are paying hard earned money to bite tickets. just because you have the trigt do something, doesn't mean it's the right thing to do. if you want to take a stance, do it off the field. do something that makes a difference, you know, go join a rally. >> then do that. >> drum up a rally. do what you want to do. don't use the backs of the people that are paying for the tickets to do that. >> okay. suspend the constitution for this particular group of people. but be certain you apply one of the foundations that the keystones of our constitution of
10:21 am
what america is all about for bigoted language, white supremacy, violence in charlottesville. that makes st. louisly no sense. >> and james, we talk about football. we're talking about football. >> james has something to say about this as well. >> let's talk about football. these athletes do all of those things. they give to great causes. they spend time in their kmunlts the they're community servants in this country. i don't that i goes without question. the question we should ask is in that rally, what is -- who is the we he is talking about? who is the our heritage we're talking about? peaceful protest swuven the most important features of the american political project. someone taking a knee to protest to raise awareness around an issue. this is black people dying, people of color dying. unarmed american civilians dying. we need to address those issues, reform our criminal justice system, remove some of the violence in this sort of killing that's are going on. those are really important issues that impact the lives of
10:22 am
the community that the nfl players support and so taking a knee, first of all, it doesn't mess up the game. you can still watch the game. they still go out and play. they still do what they're supposed to do but they're using the platform to raise peacefully awareness around issue that really matters to millions of americans. >> james, look, it is hard not to notice if the people the president has gone after this week they're all african-american. intentional or coincidence? >> well, i mean, i say it's quince den would be absurd. remember, tom brady said he wasn't going to visit the white house. i don't see necessity tweets or tirade about that. fw you listen to this president's tone, he has some idea that people of color who have earned money as athletes somehow sort vf a sense of entitlement that he can't stomach or stand. he rejects the folks who call him out for white see premcy. look at the context of the rally. look at who he is it attacking. when he is talking about our our heritage or our country, these
10:23 am
are the things that sort of raise the flag, i think, having the racially charged conversations. there is no mistake that these athletes are people of color and women that the president attacked. >> and noel, i want to ask you, the tight end for the detroit lions tweeted last night zshgs anyone tell trum top stick to politics? like they tell us to stick to sports? does he have a point? >> okay. well he does have a point on that. you know what? it all is intertwining together. i don't like it. a lot of americans don't like it. look, steph curry, here's a great example with that invitation to go to the white house. but maybe he can bridge the gap. i understand the message behind it. how far do we want to be divided? >> wait. wait. >> when you say that everything
10:24 am
is intertwined, there also means sports, politics, culture, it's all intertwined. so how can you just separate sports players and stay on the field. focus on what you got, the gridiron xlu to do there. don't address anything else? we want to see football. >> then maybe both sides need to take a chill. maybe both sides, maybe trump doesn't even need to go there and maybe the nfl players and nba players, maybe they don't need to go there. maybe nobody in sports needs to go there. maybe it needs to be an n. a contract that if they want to protest silently or whatever they want to do, they have to do it off the clock. it's not their right. >> so peter, then -- >> the constitution is the constitution. it's all americans. >> okay. you're right. we're using the constitution. >> peter? does the president have a right to express his opinion? look, it may not be a popular one. it may not what we're used to hearing from our leaders but it is wrong?
10:25 am
>> it's not an opinion, unfortunately. he loves to stoke with coal, although it is clean coal in theer yishgs the furnace of his supporters' fear and anger. and so for him it's all about add ra adoration or bust. it's no the about the freed ox expression, the freedom of speech which is the basis of our constitution of all americans. that's what separates us from so many other countries and governments around the world. to even suggest for a moment whether it is the president of the united states or my colleague noel that somehow those football players do not have a right to the constitution of the united states is extraordinary. i mean it's just beyond comprehension. >> i just want to say -- >> just one other thing. >> i just want to see them play ball. okay? >> and lastly, your point? >> they are doing that. but here's what you have to see. this administration has diminished this office. that's why you have people calling and have the conversations at a moment where millions of americans with without power and hundreds of
10:26 am
millions of people are trying to recover from hurricanes, we're talking about sports and whether or not people appreciate a sort of taking it back. >> you have to have a dialogue to mend it. >> james, peter, noel. gosh, look at the passion. >> he's not interested? start anything dialogue. >> exactly. >> there's a the love dialogue right here about. this lots of passion here. lots of passion online. we can talk all day about it. we are out of time. thanks, guys. it is a global vent full of stars. it's all going down at new york's central park. we'll show wlau is happening next.
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10:30 am
they're extraordinary games for wounded warriors. let's talk about what is happening there. >> yeah, that's right. this is the first lady milana trump's first solo trip. she has, of course, traveled with the president before. but now on her own. if you like a first solo trip because meeting with a member of the british royal familiar lishgs it's unlikely there is any controversies. harry, 5:00, knows how to do the diplomatic dance well despite the fact that he can be a little cheeky at times. i don't think we'll see that side of him here. he is, of course, today promoting a charity that he feels so strongly about. this is the invictus games being held here in toronto. 550 wounded servicemen and women from ornt world are taking part
10:31 am
including 90 from team usa, the games will take place over the coming days. the opening ceremony today. the prime minister of canada justin trudeau will meet with harry and the first lady. so this is an opportunity really for prince harry, for the first lady to promote a cause that, you know, woefrn agree is so important. supporting our servicemen and women who have been injured. >> yeah. and this runs four days worth of games? >> yeah. that's right. exactly right. and actually today it's interesting prince harry is promoting a particular aspect which is mental health. he always talks about how this is the side of the impact of service that gets forgotten. you know, you think about the folks and we met some of them in team usa who have physical injuries. we met one guy who has lost a feeling in one leg.
10:32 am
he is still able to take part in the swimming competition. but what people forget though is that there are so many who just have injuries that you cannot see. mental health injuries that maybe even appear that somewhere down the line when they have been in combat. so that's what harry is focusing on today as well as, of course, the important image that's are beamed around the world of him and first lady and he hopes will carry the messagest invictus games with them. >> thank you so much for the latest on. that for all of you in a short time from now, tens of thousands will pack new york central park where the global citizen festival is zbgetting underway. look at new your shades. you're already being the cool guy in central park. what can we expect, jacob? >> alex, it's about 100 degrees out here. i'm staring directly into the sun. i hope i get a pass for swearing shades. the festival is xrart. this is my first time.
10:33 am
there are 60,000 people out here at central park. the whole thing will be televised on msnbc. it's a great day with a lot of stars. but also the goal of irrad indicating extreme poverty by 2030. stevie wonder is one of the headliners, the chain-smokers, it's going to be a really great day. and our colleagues chris hayes and joy reid loefbts of the festivities. and myself along with savannah sellers is right here with me from msnbc's stay tuned. since i've never been here, she's done it before. tell us what this is all about. >> absolutely. he convince med to wear the shades. yeah, we're out here. this is my fourth year out here. it's cool. the gates are about to open up at 2:00 p.m. people will start flooding in. we're here until 10:00 p.m. stevie wonder closing it off with pharrell joining him later. 60,000 of the people, they're not paying for tickets to be here. they have taken some type of action in order to get to that goal of irrad indicating extreme poverty by 2030. >> again, alex, it's going to be an amazing day out here in central park. we're on the great lawn fuchlt didn't get your tickets yet, i
10:34 am
don't know if can you still get out here. at least can you stand on the barricades to hear the biggest acts in music and celebrities. and it's all about irrad indicating extreme poverty by 2030. they already have those poverty numbers in the last several decades. really an extraordinary feat that the global citizen has done. >> two years ago ways there and backstage when beyonce was warming up with her dancers. i have to tell you that, was a moment to remember. it was pretty cool. anyway, we'll see you soon. you're both looking great in the shades. >> nobody told me i can do that, alex. >> all of you be sure to catch the global citizen festival at 3:00 eastern right here on msnbc. tlnchts is another concerning development about russia's attempt to interfere with the presidential election. what they're saying about that am kog up. starts a chain reaction...
10:35 am
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a crack in a dam in mexico threatens millions that live down street. an earth quick struck this morning as workers were picking through the rubble of tuesday's quake. at least 300 people died in that quake. this is the third powerful quake to hit mexico this month. now to the new details in the russian probe. the department of home land security notifying 25 2 1 states yesterday of election hack ago tempts during the 2016 race that could be linked to rush yachlt those targeted states include pennsylvania, florida, and wisconsin. and joining me now is former senior associate general counsel at the office of the director of national intelligence. also a law professor at georgetown university. welcome to you. we have senator mark warner calling the delay of almost one year in publicly disclosing the hacking attempts as
10:39 am
unacceptable. why do you think it took so long? >> it's a really good question. i'm not sure that i have an answer for it, alex. it was over a year ago before the election really that the department of homeland security and the intelligence community put out a public report that there was russian attempts to influence the election. it's now been a year with individuals involved in election security knowing that not only do we have to take a retrospective look at what happened in the 2016 election but election officials all across different states need to be focused on how they are going to protect the integrity of their election systems for the 2018 election and beyond. and so i understand why senator warner is concerned. i think there is a lot of questions as to why it took a year for these states to be informed and there should somebody questions posted to dhs why it took a year for them to inform the states that in fact they were targeted.
10:40 am
the reports that came out yesterday in terms of the calls that were made to the states don't reveal that actual vote tallies were tampered with in any way. we still have not seen any reports alleging that happened. but there certainly were attempts to access registration data bases. and it's a real concern. >> it's like a burglar shaking the doors and then move on looking for another place to get in through an unlocked area. that is one analogy that people figure out what is happening there. we know investigators are apparently zeroing in on former trump campaign manager paul manafort. you have "the new york times" reporting a threatened indictment. "washington post" reporting on an alleged offer to give up russian billionaire private briefings on the election. "wall street journal" reporting on u.s. surveillance of manafort after he left the campaign. what carries the most revealing details in these reports about what you see mueller going with this? >> well, i think if we take a
10:41 am
step back we can think about the investigation and in sort of three main lanes. so first there is the overall investigation that the special council is doing and the congressional intelligence investigators are doing regarding russian influence. second, there is inquiry into whether or not the trump campaign cooperated in some way in that influence effort. and then third we have the criminal investigation that's pertain to individuals. so investigations concerning mike flynn, paul manafort, issues that might concern money issues, money laundering. potential obstruction charges with respect to activities the president engaged in. so we have sort of that criminal aspect. and each of those sort of has different angles involved. what i worry is that the day to day intrigue about the individual criminal investigations sort of suck some of the o. oxygen away from our attention to the report that came out yesterday, this issue
10:42 am
with respect to the russian influence on the actual electoral systems. and so we have this bigger picture piece that i hope investigators don't lose sight of. >> will is another report saying that he is requesting white house documents related to controversial actions taken by the president during his time in office. what does that tell you about where the investigation is at right now? does it appear that mueller is making a case for collusion or at least trying to? >> well, there's no actual -- there's no criminal statute that talks about collusion much but certainly the special council is looking at base the on the reports that we've seen looking at whether or not the campaign, the trump campaign assisted in some way or cooperated with the russian government sponsored entities which is a foreign power in effecting our u.s. election. separate from that would be any inquiry that the special council is doing as to whether or not
10:43 am
the president himself or those around him have tried to obstruct this bigger investigation. that pertains to a pattern of activity that the white house or the president has engaged in since really he assumed office with respect to firing director comey and other actions that he has taken. >> okay. carrie, thank you so much. come see us again. appreciate it. in the next hour, the fate of the latest gop health care bill. a vote is expected soon. why are there so many republican defectors? first, how does one manage to get the leader of the free world to be funny? i'm going to sit down with the man who did just that.
10:44 am
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so you get more "life" per roll. bounty the quicker picker upper. by acting and not going hopefully that will inspire some change when it comes to what we tolerate in this country. >> steph curry during a news conference yesterday on why he is voting against his team making the traditional championship visit to the white
10:47 am
house. president trump taking to twitter this morning to disinvite the nba star. that tweet coming hours after using harsh language to call for players who take a knee out of protest to be fired. joining me now, my colleague john harwood and cnbc editor at large. always good to see you. does this just show john kelly has zero control over this president? >> yes. and it reminds us of what the core element of donald trump's campaign from the beginning was. the people who put donald trump in the white house, the reason that donald trump made it to the white house was his ability to fuel, reflect, stoke the resentments of a group of core supporters and minorities that he reflected their feelings. he amplified the feelings. his life experience and his record suggest he shares those feelings. and so when he has political
10:48 am
difficulty, he goes back to saying things that are going to get applause from people around him. so last night he goes after colin kaepernick. he called him an s.o.b. at this rally in alabama. he's gone after steph curry. he's gone after jemele hill. we saw what happened after charlottesville. this is who donald trump is. and he got some bad news yesterday when john mccain said that he's against the health bill much it's going to sink that effort. he responds to that by reaching out and trying to get applause for -- from his core constituents for things they share with him. >> but, john, i'm curious, is this donald trump at the core of his character or is this political calculation? can it be both? or -- i'm just curious what you think when seeing something is done in a rather knee jerk reaction. do you think he's got his mindset so that politically he
10:49 am
calculates that way? >> no. >> or it is just him? >> no. i think it's the core of donald trump's character. look, he's got a long record. okay? it is not irrelevant that his father was arrested at a klan event in new york city during the 1920s. donald trump then was sued by the federal government during the 1970s for discriminating against african-americans. we all remember he called for the death penalty for the central park five. and we saw all the things that he said about immigrants during the campaign. charlottesville this is all of a piece. this is donald trump. >> okay. john harwood. always good to talk with you. sorry about the brevity of today. we'll make it up to you. up next, i talk to one of the men behind some of president obama's most memorable moments at the white house correspondent's dinner.
10:50 am
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test. we have some breaking news to share. the pentagon is reporting u.s. military jets are flying in international air space over the waters east of north korea. we are told u.s. air force b 1 b lancer bombers left guam. they made the trip with f 15 eagle fighter escorts, but this is the farthest north of the demilitarized zone any u.s. fighter aircraft has felony off of north korea's coast in the 21st century. i'm glad that john harwood didn't take off. john, i want to bring you back and ask you what you make of all this. >> well, look, this situation is getting increasingly dicey. you've got the leader of north korea threatening to put a nuclear bomb on a missile and send it over the pacific ocean. that will be an extremely dangerous development. i was talking yesterday to a member of president obama's national security team who said we would have no choice if that happens but to take a shot with our missile defense at that
10:54 am
missile. i think this is an attempt to deter the north koreans and, you know, we'll see what sort of success it has. interestingly this obama national security official praised the trump national security team for how they were handling these heightening tensionin tensions. the only wild card in the equation was the behavior of president trump and his interaction with kim jong-un and the continual rocket man and the insults from kim jong-un. that is unpredictable. but the national security team is trying to deter north korea. >> john, thanks so much. for all viewers, we'll stay on top of this and bring you the latest as we get it. switching to the architect of president obama's funniest lines, my next guest david litt served as one of president trump's speech writer. i love the title. thanks for joining me. >> my pleasure. i think you said i served as one
10:55 am
of special trump's speech writers. i need to set the record straight. >> did i say that? >> i think you did. don't worry, he's on everybody's mind right now. i don't think he would have asked me to serve as one of his speech writers. >> clarifying for sure on that one. my apologizes. there's a lot of stuff going on with this military stuff. for that there's going to be a shorter segment than i had anticipated. but you write about the positively lincolnesque, president obama wasn't the only thing unshackled. so was the way he gets his messages crossed. you say that part of this starts with that hilarious between two ferns appearance. then a year later with the white house correspondents dinner. you took a massive role in orchestrating all that. how did that all come about? >> well, what i make clear in my book is that actually i thought between two ferns was not going to be a good idea.
10:56 am
i thought this was going to get no traction on the internet. i wanted people to sign up. i wrote a book about why they were not to write to listen to my opinion. i was 24 when i started at the white house. between two ferns really did get young people to sign up t. helped rescue the affordable care act after that launch what we're seeing now is the millions and millions of americans for whom this is not obamacare. this is health care. they're fighting to keep the health insurance that they have. and republicans are realizing you may not like barack obama, but his policies are helping people and repealing them is not as popular as you may have thought. >> you know, we saw sean spicer poking fun at himself during the emmys last year. how are comedy writers like yourself approaching jokes about the president trump presidency and what's the biggest challenge? >> i think the biggest challenge is to maintain a point of view. he wasn't really poking fun at
10:57 am
himself. he was poking phone at everyone else for making him famous and enjoying his 15 minutes. i do think that was an example where politics and comedy crossed over but it didn't work as well as it could have. i think it's important to remember when jokes are about politics. unfortunately, these days, you kind of have to decide who's the target. whose side are we taking? sometimes you can just joke around, but with all the things going on in the world and all the things or president is saying and that he stands for, president trump, it's impossible to be completely neutral which includes everything going on today. i'm going to have to wrap things up here. if you want to economcome back talk to us about it. former obama speech writer david litt. got it right that time. once again we are following breaking news saying u.s. military jets flying in international air spares over waters over north korea. air force b1b lancer bombs left
10:58 am
guam with eagle fighter escorts. this is the farthest north of the demilitarized zone any fighter have flow in this 21st century. we'll bring you more after a break. o a gillette shave. and at our factory in boston, 1,200 workers are starting their day building on over a hundred years of heritage, craftsmanship and innovation. today we're bringing you america's number one shave at lower prices every day. putting money back in the pockets of millions of americans. as one of those workers, i'm proud to bring you gillette quality for less, because nobody can beat the men and women of gillette. gillette - the best a man can get.
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