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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 24, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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we're following breaking news. a very good afternoon to you. i'm richard lui. the breaking news today out of tennessee, where a mass shooting taking place in a church near nashville at 11:15 a.m. this morning local time. and according to nashville police, one woman is dead with six other victims. three women and three men shot in this incident. you're looking at pictures from the location. the gunman is wounded and hospitalized with one more victim being treated for nonlethal injuries. at a press conference, nashville police said the suspect is mans wearing a ski mask. for more, let's go to justice
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correspondent pete williams from d.c. and pete, what happened at burnett chapel church this morning that we know of, what are you hearing from your sources? >> reporter: what we're told is that this gunman from rutherford county arrived at the church driving a blue suv, got out of his vehicle and immediately shot a woman who was walking into the church. she is the one fatality we believe. he then entered the church and opened fire wounding seven other people. one man who was inside the church confronted him, and we're told by the police that that man, that parishioner, was beaten with the gun. he then despite his injuries went out, got into his car, he has a permit to carry a weapon, came back in, and apparently when the xwugunman, the gunman t himself. and as you said, the gunman is in the hospital now. we don't know whether those are
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life threatening oig injuries or not and we're waiting to haear more detail. police have said that they don't know of any connect between tio the gun mand aman and the churc you chose today, but i'm sure we'll find out. this is a regular sunday service at the burnett chapel church of christ in antioch neighborhood of nashville. church services begin every sunday at 10:00 and police say he they got the first calls at 11:15. >> pete williams with the latest on.they got the first calls at 11:15. >> pete williams with the latest on. pete, thank you so much. this is a bit of a police presser that happened within the last hour. let's listen to a little bit of what they said during that briefing. >> at 11:15 this morning, as services were letting out, church of christ at burnett
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chapel on pinhook road, a gunman arrived in the parking lot. one woman who was walking to her vehicle was immediately fatally wounded by the gunman who we believe then entered the rear of the church. other persons were still inside the church building. the gunman opened fire on them, multiple rounds were fired inside the church. at this juncture, six persons, six innocent persons inside the church, were wounded by gunfire. they have been taken to area hospitals. the gunman was wounded by a self-inflicted shot. he, too, has been taken to a hospital. one of the church members upon seeing the gun man doing this action inside the church ran up and confronted him, he was pistol whipped by the gunman. this particular --
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>> that was from a little earlier. we have a new update coming out of antioch, tennessee. we want to listen in. >> may be something, may be nothing. the bomb squad is here, they are working to secure the vehicle and make sure that the vehicle is safe. the vehicle has not been declared safe at this moment. >> the minister, was he one of the six? >> i don't know. i've asked about whether the minister was one of the wounded and i don't have names yet on the persons wounded. again, we have officers at the hospitals working to gather that information. but keep in mind these persons are also receiving immediate medical care. >> did anyone manage to run out of the building all together? >> witnesses are being interviewed thousannow. i don't have the scenario from a witness other than what the church usher has been able to report, the man who confronted the gunman. >> federal law enforcement agencies -- >> he yes, fbi, atf are here.
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certainly there is a concern about potential federal law violations and they are working with us, yes. >> at this point do you have any indication of motive? >> inthat remains to be announc. there are certain things that have come to our attention that is under investigation, but that remains to be announced. i'll come back when i can get solid victim condition information, i'll be back with you. our people are working on that. it shouldn't be too much longer. >> thank you, don. the latest information there. and we're also getting in this information from the nashville mayor saying this is a terrible tragedy for our decide, my heartaches for the family and friends of the deceased as well as for the wounded victim tsz and their loved ones. their lives have been faefr changed as has the life of their
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faith community at burnett chapel church. my administration especially the metro nashville police department will continue to work with community members to stop crime before it starts, encourage peaceful conflict resolution and promote nonviolence. and again, this church in the metropolitan area of nashville, almost 2 million people living in that area. let's now go to jim cavanaugh, our analyst and as well as unfortunately in this situation the guy we have to go to when we look at these sorts of shoots here. and jim, as you look at this shooting, we got more information there from don ahren, he was giving us the information that fbi and atf are on site and also that the church usher is the person giving them a lot of pieces of information there. the national police department giving us and the bomb squad also on site. these latest pieces of information, what do you take
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from it? >> yeah, they are doing a real good job there, metro national police there, don ahren giving you what he can. the bomb squad sweeping the car, that is standard protocol whenever you have a shooting like this to sweep for secondary, see if there is any kind of weapons. could be other guns, ammunition, could be an explosive device in the car. it has to be made safe before it can be impounded for evidence. remember, you have the shooter who shot himself and is alive. is he trying to kill himself? sounds like he was when he was confronted by this brave parishioner who went out and got their gun like pete williams reported had a permit, confronted him and then he shot himself, tried to take the coward's way out. but he was unsuccessful at that. so probably a criminal charge and sots police aso the police and agents have to handle it like that. and one overriding thing, is there anything else of a foofoo
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but can assume he was a lone gunman, but was he part of a group. a group can be two or three actors who want to do something else somewhere else. so detectives and agents are always trying to root that out. is it the only guy, did he hurt anybody before he came here, did he kill someone at a residence, a significant other, a relative, you know, what else is to be found. and that's what they are doing to piece it all together. feel like they got a handle on it, but it's still a crisis right now in nashville. >> and we're 2 1/2 hours since the reported beginning of this incident. and as we've been listening to the data and of course we have to be careful don ahren have to be careful about what they can release, he's not sure was the pastor involved. so it sounds like they are still in an active situation. and what do you take from that when he says we're not sure necessarily of the identities of
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those who have been injured? >> because what happens is everybody gets rushed real quick in ambulances to the hospital by the time you get there, detectives and don amphren, you can trying to get that information. the pastor could be with an injured person or could have been transported himself and that is something he didn't know. but pastors and religious leaders come under attack because they are allege trying to help troubled people as well. sometimes those trouble people lash out. so they are trying to minister to help troubled people. so we don't have all the answers, but i think tlg become clearer in the next few hoyers. m hours. metro national police is pretty good about letting us know what they are doing. it sounds like they have a handle on this gunman. atf will trace those guns.
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what gun he had, one or more, they will find out the or begin. who is he, they will take his computers, the detectives, the fbi, they will sweep all that, is he a loan gne guy, we will f that out. >> you know this area very well. what can you tell us about the context of this area, this being one of the larger bedroom communities of nashville. >> right. antioch is a part of the stiff met city of metropolitan of nashville, southeast corner. it's populated, it's city of metropolitan of nashville, southeast corner. it's populated, it's growing.ti city of metropolitan of nashville, southeast corner. it's populated, it's growing.if city of metropolitan of nashville, southeast corner. it's populated, it's growing.ffy of metropolitan of nashville, southeast corner. it's populated, it's growing. of metropolitan of nashville, southeast corner. it's populated, it's growing. of metropolitan of nashville, southeast corner. it's populated, it's growing.cif metropolitan of nashville, southeast corner. it's populated, it's growing. extremely diverse. one of the largest iraqi/kurd
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populations are there, like our occkurdish allies in iraq. we have people from all over the world. very diverse growing, vibrant. there is some crime there, but not considered a real high crime area. just a lot of people, a lot of active people working and living their lives. so unusual to have these kind of things. in has been sporadic attacks around nashville like any other major city, but this one is pretty unusual at sunday morning church service. >> and it looks like they had just been finishing it, they had other services, other classes typically planned at least according to their website here for the rest of the day. not uncommon for a church on a sunday to have programming throughout the day. and unfortunately, this was so close to what it seems like one of the main services there at the church. jim, stand by. i want to bring in on the phone from antioch, tennessee there is natalie allison, a reporter with the tennesseean. and natalie, give us what you
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know right now at this moment. >> reporter: yeah, i'm out here live at the scene. it's a fairly rural area. a number of the people who gathered at the scene live around here, they have family members who go to the church. so what we know is that the gunman came as church was letting out, fatally shot one woman in the parking lot before entering the church shooting six others. and then shooting himself. police believe that might have been accidental when he shot himself. he's still alive. what i was told by one of the men here who had three children in the classroom, he said that the gunman went up to the classroom and told the woman not to let the kids out, and that the one and a couple kids put a chair at the door. he described other people hiding under pews, locking themselves in the bathroom. so there was a lot of chaos and fear. the scene is very much under
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control right now. >> are you saying the usher went to the classroom or the suspect went to the classroom? >> reporter: no, correct. yes, the suspect purportedly according to the mans who grandmother was the children's teacher, the suspect reportedly went to the class room and told the woman to keep the kids inside. >> and then moved on is what that person is saying. >> reporter: yes. the usher came in, police have sort of revised what they said earlier about what happened because you know, information is just gradually coming out. but they say that the usher was pistol whipped, that he then went out to his vehicle and retrieved his own firearm that he had a permit to carry and came back in and basically held the suspect down until first responders could come. >> in that order from what we understand, again, going by that class room, telling the particular teacher do not let the kids out, then moving over to the usher, pistol-whipping according to what you understand and then moving on to later
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shoot others is that correct? >> reporter: that's correct, yeah. and obviously all of this -- the narrative, the order of things is likely to change as i mentioned police have since altered -- >> natalie, stand by. because we do have a witness that has come to the cameras. we want to listen in speaking to one of the reporters. >> did you help somebody, did you help any victims shot? >> yeah, one of the critical ones. >> what did you see, what did you do? >> he had a gunshot so i just pressed pressure. >> was this the pastor? >> no. >> were people running or just crouching on on the ground? >> that is the thing, our church is mostly senior people, they were running in when started shooting from behind. >> you c >> did you hear it first or see it fast?
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>> hear it first. it was so fast. >> just a commotion. >> yes. >> how many shots did you hear? >> he shot a bunch of times outside and then he shot more because he shot from the front of the church, too. >> i know he had a mask on, but do you have any idea who this man might have been? >> no. we know each other there in that church and i never see him before. >> he came in from the back and made it all the way to the front? >> no, he came in from the front of the church from the parking lot and he was shooting. and then he start shooting more and looking to his left. and that is when he came in the front in the middle and then this guy came fighting with him and tackling down, one of the by from the youth group. >> and he was younger, the usher that tackled him? >> 20 years old but you know, 65 hd, anybody look small next to him. >> so the gunman made it all the
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way up to the pulpit? >> and he shot a couple times and he came back. and he tried to go to the front again. >> was he saying anything? >> he don't talk. he don't talk. he just keep holding it like this and moving like this. he wasn't like even in a hurry? >> he was like this. >> you can talk about -- were you trying to help one of the victims? >> yeah. >> the pats torstor? >> yes. >> do you have any mem training? >> i work at v.a. hospital and i just check and everybody who is like -- he was the most critical one. so i just jump on him. and i just grab a lady's shirt and start pushing pressure on her. boy scout training. >> how are you feeling now? >> just you never expect for you
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to be, you know, like in this kind of situation. but we are a little church. we have like 60 members. that is it. and mostly senior people. we don't bother nobody. we were celebrating because yesterday we had a yard sale and it was just to send the kids to bible camp this year. and everybody was happy. and that is the reason so much people was in the lobby because we were celebrating that. >> all the people now, how are the survivors? >> they're fine. kids are making puppets and everybody is hungry. everybody is hungry. >> it has to be hard to just -- you said you mentioned it on the news but hard to fathom this this happened here. your own small church. >> yeah, just trying to call my family and let them know that we're okay, we're okay. everything all the kids was in the room, still in the room, the class. and good thing he didn't went
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that way. >> was the pastor being able to speak to you? >> yeah, yeah. >> do you know anything about the woman who was outside? >> she is not a regular, you know. she was in shock. but i don't know though. she come sometime, but not all the time. >> do you mind telling me your name? >> minerva rosa. >> how long have you been going to church here? >> eight years. eight years. >> what was the pastor like? >> he's awesome, you know. everybody in private school here know him. he go another one i think.
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he's an amazing man. >> how do you spell his name? >> joey spann. >> and what was he speaking about when the -- >> you're listening to one of the witnesses, any near have mio has been describing a very difficult situation with such calm. she witnessed much of what has happened here in this bedroom community of nashville, tennessee where we understand at least one woman is now dead after a shooting. still with us, natalie allison, reporter for the tennesseean, jim cavanaugh also with us, msnbc analyst as well as former atf special agent. want to get to you, natalie. you're on site at the moment. probably not to foo minerva is still he speak speak
12:20 pm
has blood on her dress, an employee of the v.a., so appears to be well equipped to handle the situation and certainly a godsend because of what is happening there. natalie, we were talking and let's drill straight into what you heard from aminerva. is this consistent with what you have been hearing? >> reporter: yeah, i heard reports of some people running out, some people hiding within the church. all we do know about the shooter at this time is that police said he is a 26-year-old african-american man. they believe he is from rutherford county which is to the southeast of nashville in davidson county. i asked police if they suspect any specific motivation. he becaused forpaused and said still determining that. so it appears that they probably have some information on a possible motive, but they
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haven't released that. they have fbi and atf out here as well. they are currently surrounding his vehicle, his suv. police said that when they arrived, the vehicle was still running. so it appears that he drove up and went right in of course after fatally shooting a woman in the parking lot. at this time, they haven't said that they have found any explosive devices or anything. but they are still searching. >> natalie, thank you so much. jim cavanaugh, you period what again the eyewitness was telling some of the reporters there on scene. what do you take away from the day that she gave us? >> are well, she was really calm. they were really surprised and the attacker came from the back of the church, you know, that shocked everybody and it sounded like the usher really was a hero that confronted him and got him to accidentally shoot himself or
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deliberately try to kill himself. we don't know for sure. the bondreporter said the obabomb dog, and they will alert. it could be ammunition, as well. >> and it appears to be a class room of young kids, telling them don't leave this room and then pistol whipping the church usher. but then moving onward and then you saw the guess tick could je lagss, not saying a single word. >> yeah, qui ket oquiet off yuo. not killing the churn, of couil course we don't want them to kill any churildren, but sthims they are just foe owe cussed on revenge.
12:23 pm
so that is a blessing in disguise. did you but it doesn't make him a good guy. he is still rampaging through a church. so i'm not wanting to give him any accolades for that. we sernld wacertainly want theco be down. it looks like they have it pretty stabilized. detectives no doubt interviewing this guy to see what is what once they get him stabilized they hospital. we don't have any report at how badly he is injured or any report on the gun yet. so those will be interesting facts. >> all right, we'll be talking to you later in the afternoon. thank you so much, my friend, as well as natalie allison from the tenness tennesseean. again we do not have identification of the suspect nor do we understand motive nor do we understand the extent of
12:24 pm
the injuries, how serious they are of those who are wounded, seven and one killed. that is our breaking story. we'll stay on top of that. so stick with us. next also for you, our other major developing story. nfl players across the country, they are taking a knee during the national anthem to protest president trump. every game so far today, question have had an incident of that and now we're learning how some of the teams in the later games plan to protest. stick around.
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this nfl sunday is different. players across the country are taking a stand against the president of the united states. all across the country many players taking a knee before today's games wherever they are on at. some found other ways to express themselves as well. the miami dolphins for instan l. patriots also joining arms in solidarity. others taking a knee.
12:28 pm
several players from the saints sitting right before the pan th thers game. and the steelers staying in the locker room as the national anthem played. this began as president trump launched an attack. >> wouldn't you love to see one of these nfl owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say get the son of a [ bleep ] off the field, he's fired. >> well, because of that, the president came under harsh criticism from all corners. roger goodell calls the comments d divisive. he will air a unity spot tonight. and robert craft okraft said he deeply disappointed. but the president tweeted great solidarity for our nagstional anthem and for our country.
12:29 pm
locked arms is good. kneeling is not. bad ratings. and morgan, we had reports of again players reacting to the president and taking action against his statements. how are the fans reacting to what has been happening there? >> reporter: we've heard fans from both sides. but i think what is most shocking is the power of this domino effect. so as you mentioned, they are in about fourth quarter behind me at this stadium, but there we saw as the players entered the field and when the national anthem was being played, they were locked arm in arm, some kneeling. but what is interesting with the jets, their current acting owner came out on to the field as a show of solidarity with them. but interestingly, his older brother who is the actual own are, he worked for the trump administration as an boambassad. so an interesting discussion that we are seeing playing out.
12:30 pm
we're getting word that the seahawks and titans have both said that they are going to say inside the locker room, a similar tactic as we saw from the steelers at their 1:00 game. so this is kind of what is happening as fans as you mentioned are also reacting. some of the people said we support those nfl players who are protesting because what they are saying is is that they are standing for equality, inclusion and diversity and freedom of speech. but others said we stand with the president, the president trump gudoubling down and askin for the pray layers who were protesting to be fired. and some of the fans said we agree and they honed in on the notion for service. for the people kneeling, they consider it a service to those who have sacrificed their lives, their time and energy to really defending our country. so we're seeing this debate play out as we mentioned in what as been a swift domino effect of reaction. >> and there could be more. you said fourth quarter, the game starting at 1:00 p.m. local
12:31 pm
time. we'll see what they do say after they do leave their seats and come out of the stadium. thank you so much, morgan radford. you've heard what the fans have to say, but there are some fay fuss figu mus figures as well responding to president trump's comments. stevie wonder taking a knee himself last night during the global citizen festival on msnbc which we should note along with comca comcast, he took two knees at the end there. here is bruce maxwell as well of the okay landakland as, kneelin the nags ap tional anthem. and nba superstar lebron james weighed in, here's what he had to say. >> it's basically at a point where i'm kind of just a little
12:32 pm
frustrated. obviously we all know what happened with charlottesville and the divide that that caused. and now it's hit more home for me now because he's now using sports as the platform to try to divide us. for him to try to use this platform to divide us even more, it's not something that i can stand for and not something that i can be quiet about. >> the outrage is not isolated to members of the nfl, but worth diving into just what the president's comments are really saying, who they actually target and why so many people from many different corners are upset by them. want to bring in our panel, david korn, david ziran and want to thank you for being here. you've seen the reaction. we're not even through the full day of kickoffs yet. and we've really had to keep our
12:33 pm
notes peeled and accurate because we're watching to see what the reaction would be from every single kickoff. and so far according to our notes, there has been some sort of reaction, no game yet as of yet where players have not said i don't like what the president did there. where are we at? >> to me one of the best reactions we've seen so far is in the detroit/slaent game. t slaent game. the fellow who sang the nags til anthem took a knee after he sang it. president trump is not tweeting about puerto rico this weekend, we're not talking about russia, you know, he is leading a civil war in which he is purposely trying to divide americans. he is raising issues that are not presidential issues, that is for darn sure and i think he's
12:34 pm
bitten off far more than he can chew when you have the inform owners whose profits he is now threatening coming out against them, but no one should be surprised. i mean, when people like bob kraft other than of the patriots come out and say this is not the donald trump i knew and loved and supported, and other people saying that today, this is a guy who for years championed a racist birther conspiracy theory. so there is no surprise. he's been doing it for years. we've been showing all the racial issues he's exploited as president and before that. so other people are waking up to that now and i think that is a good thing. >> and we have another reaction from the president on the topic just in. and we'll share that with all three of you. courageous paitds hatriots have and died for our great american flag. we must honor and respect it. make america great again?
12:35 pm
>>! . tara, is taking a knee against that? >> well, you know, the problem here is the arguments on both sides have merit. but the way that the president of the united states puts this into context, it's as if he is some casual observer, that he is at a bar somewhere having beers talking about this as if the way that he frachl this grach he fr consequences. and i mhappen to agree that the protests are in-3r50e679. i think they have the right. i don't think taking a knee -- i believe it's disrespectful to the flagging and to the country, but they have a right to do that. but for the president of the united states to use that kind of language, like he's putting on some kind of a comedy act is classless and it's disgraceful for the office of the presidency. so what it's done now, it's elevated this to a agree where we can't even have a conversation about the merits of
12:36 pm
both sides of this. it has turned into an us versus them. and this is something that trump has capitalized on. it is fomenting this tribalism. and i have to be honest with you, i'm a huge football fan, big giants fan, i met my husband at a giant super bowl party. go giants. but when i watched the pregame this afternoon when they brought out the american flag on the field, they had a veteran sing the national anthem and a fly over, i teerd up because i'm heartbroken that we're with at a point where we cannot even unified over something like sports and the american flag and paitd i patriotism. and the president of the united states is making it worse. >> dave. >> well, it's also worth raising the question about why these kinds of acts of patriotism involving military flyovers and flags that are slightly laernlg th larger thanes state of new jersey are even part of our
12:37 pm
sports spectacles. we're one of the few countries that does this and in the nfl the tradition of coming out for the anthem goes all the way back to the long ago days of 2009. this is recent history of the nfl's connection to the department of defense in this country. a commercial partnership. so we shouldn't talk about it as if it's an old tradition. but what donald trump did is he took the flame lit by coal on lynn kaepernick in taking this knee and he covered that flame with gasoline.on lynn kaepernick in taking this knee and he covered that flame with gasoline. because not everything nfl player agreed with what kaepernick did, but it's a brotherhood. and when trump said that players should be fired, that is the thing we're not talk about, the president of the united states called on people to be fired for expressing their first amendment rights. and when he used the words and i quote son of a bitch, that is a horrible thing for someone to say. and if you notice anything about the know of anything about role
12:38 pm
of mothers of players in the locker room, if you know about that community,anything about the know of anything about role of mothers of players in the locker room, if you know about that community, i know as soon as he said the b word that players would stand together even if they voted for donald trump themselves. >> and they are together. you saw that picture coming out of the oakland as. the one player there on his knee and a player right next to him with his hand on his shoulder saying i won't neem with you, b kneel but, but i support your right. and when he used the "b" word, that as you were saying, this goes an unfortunate beginning, this goes back to spaces in our history that we don't want to go back to. but david reflect on when he decided to use that word what it means for so many americans whether you are white or black. >> listen, he united the players and owners which is hard to do particularly in the nfl. and it shows a degree of
12:39 pm
classnessne classnessne classlessne classlessness. donald trump does not believe in honest disagreements. he puts a nuclear blaze. he is not being a president of all people. i mean, i talked to barack obama about this a kooiccouple times. this man felt an obligation to be a president for people who didn't vote for him and even people who didn't like him. donald trump seems to believe that his role in life is to be the president of 33% of americans who agree with him on these explosive racial issues and making it worse and not reaching out. it's no class and using the "b" word and other things is done purposefully to inflame passions, not bring people together. that is a tremendous crime against this country. >> there is nothing normal about any of this and it's important to hold him accountable. and in the that tradition of rallying around the national
12:40 pm
anthem or solidarity of our flac flag, it goes back to 1918 and baseball. so the idea of the american flag, let's remember where we were at 9/11, how everyone had an american flag everywhere. you know, that was supposed to be something that was to bring us together, a sense of national identity and now that mass turned in to something that is so divisive. >> answer he did use the "b" to something that is so divisive. >> answer he did use the "b" word. when you look at the african-american player, he is tapping in potentially lear to some unfortunate history and words that people don't want to hear. >> but this is who donald trump is. he is who we thought he was. i was one of many conservatives whotops warning people about the lack of integrity of donald trump. he has a history of making these kind of comments. from the racial discrimination housing case in the '70s all the
12:41 pm
way to the central park five and how he took out a full page ad calling for the death penalty for them. and these were young black and hispanic males who ended up being innocent. he never apologized. he determine h. douboubled down. i think it speaks more about us as society that we continue to normalize what he's doing. >> all right. david, i owe you one on this. i appreciate all three of your inputs. thank you so much for your help on this. next breaking news that we have been covering for you. the gunfire at a church on a sunday near nashville. one woman is dead, seven others wounded. this could change. we're watching the details next. a pilot like you shouldn't be flying buses.
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12:45 pm
gunman opened fire at a church as services were just letting out. police say he shot and killed a woman in a parking lot and then he went inside and in the church itself and opened fire. during a strugs struggle with person inside, he shot himself. in addition to the woman who was killed, police say the gunman wounded six other people. that is information as of right now. we don't know their conditions. nor the gunman's motives nor his identity. that has not been released yet. so we'll stay on top of that throughout the afternoon here on msnbc. while that is hatis happening, president is swapping his controversial travel ban for a new set of restrictions on travelers from certain countries. the details are not clear. but officials say the new restrictions could vary by nation. they declined to say whether it would include the six majority muslim countries from the
12:46 pm
president's revised executive order from 90 days ago. there is also no official date for when these new restrictions will go into effect, but it's expected to be very soon. that 90 daytime period i was telling you about, the 90 day policy review expires today. let's bring in now doug chen part of again when we were talking about the original travel ban, it was you, sir, that said no, this violates the rule of law, this does not knit with the way things are supposed to work. what do you know about what might happen next? >> well, the uncertainty continues. and that is an unfortunate position. we're expecting to see some new order that either extends or renews the travel band or
12:47 pm
expands it. we're not swhaur will happen.ors it. we're not swhaur will happen.or it. we're not swhaur will happen. os it. we're not swhaur will happen. but we're scheduled to go in front of the supreme court on october 10 to argue the merits of the traveled ban and refugee ban that has been issued all right. >> and that is september 10 date, do you believer that the adjustments that have been reported to the current ban will circumnavigate the indication you're making there with the supreme court? >> the supreme court knew at the time that it scheduled the october 10th arguments in a there was going to be an expiration of the travel ban. so we're not surprised by that. and the refugee ban will still be in place and so this is our first time to argue the merits in front of the supreme court. there is nothing that has happen that had has led to us believe that what the president did is not discriminatory, it's illegal
12:48 pm
and it feels like they have gotten if wrong twice already. but as soon as that order comes o out, i'm sure maefny lawyers lw look at it very closely. >> what have you and your attorneys general talking about the next steps here? >> we're following it. it will be like when the second travel ban came out on, there was a lot of discussion over whether or not this was just a continuation of the first one or whether this was anxious entirely new one. and so i think that you will see a lot of different stranlg guisiguis stranlg guising about the best legal roach. but there is no indication that the president has walked back
12:49 pm
any of the krem ddiscriminatory statements. there is a theme of racial discrimination that is going through the show already, but it starts with things like this. >> we'll be watching as the week develops, as the month propgs to see what may come from the white house on these very issues as i'm sure you'll be looking at it. i appreciate your time on this. thank you, sir. playing politics. nfl players, coaches, even a team owner locking arms and kneeling in proceed he test after president trump's sharp words. we'll talk with a member of the congressional black caucus about race in the white house. we got a yes! what does that mean for purchasing? purchase. let's do this. got it. book the flights! hai! si! si! ya! ya! ya!
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we have more reaction in our just about an hour before the
12:53 pm
seahawks will kick off against their game with the titans there in nashville. and this is what they just tweeted out. as a team we have decided we will not participate in the national anthem, we will not stand for the injustice that has plagued people of color and in honor of the sack wririfice ms behalf. we continue to work toward equality and justice for all. that tweet coming from the sea mauk hawks. and the president trump tweeting saying courageous patriots have fought and died for our great flag. we must honor and respect it. make america great again. again, this is a fast moving story on an nfl sunday and those reactions just coming in. joining us now, texas democratic
12:54 pm
congressman al green, a member of the congressional black caucus. and you also represent a district sha that incluthat inc texans where we did see in their game reaction from patriots players who they were playing up against today again they were booed when they were kneeling. what do you make here of the reaction from each and every game that is so far been started across our country in the nfl? >> i support what the players are doing. this is not about the flag. this protest is not about the anthem. it's really when injustice and inequality in our country. but i'd like to make this point. the president took indecency to a lower level than i've seen even from him. this is beneath the presidency when he says that the mother of a player is a "b." he called a player an sob.
12:55 pm
now, for those that are not familiar with the culture that african-american men live and thrive in, the mother is sacred. you don't say ugly things about a man's mother and these are in a colloquial sense, fully grown men that he has assaulted and their mothers. and this is going to be a difficult thing for them to cope with and i respect them for the actions that they are taking. >> lebron james said i can't stay on the sidelines. this has now actsity valted me. are we going to see more energy in this space that are standing up not only on for those who are african-american losing their lives, but also now plugging into this debate of who the president stands for and who might be elected across the country as we face 2018? >> this transcends the presidency. it really does. stevie wonder as late as last night as i understand it from news reports nook not just one
12:56 pm
knee, but two knees. my suspicion is that across the breadth of the country, you will see additional persons doing similar things. and i do believe it will impact the next election. as a matter of fact the president said this at a rally for a person who is currently a senator, senator strange. it would be good to know whether senator strange agrees with the president's comments, it would be good to know whether the people of alabama are going to confer and conclude that they agree with his comments as well. >> okay. congressman green, thank you so much for being with us on a very busy day. congressen made man al green wi. thank you so much, sir. we are also following the news out of tennessee and the shooting there. so far from what we understand at this moment, one woman dead, seven others wounded. a gunman opening fire inside a church just after service there. we have more information and an
12:57 pm
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breaking news out of tennessee. we're keeping on top of of that here on msnbc. a mass shooting taking place in a church about 15 minutes utes si outside of nashville. one woman is dead, seven others wounded including the gunman.ut outside of nashville. one woman is dead, seven others wounded including the gunman.te outside of nashville. one woman is dead, seven others wounded including the outside of nashville. one woman is dead, seven others wounded including the gunman.s outside of nashville. one woman is dead, seven others wounded including the gunman. outside of nashville. one woman is dead, seven others wounded including the gunman. two are in critical condition. members of the burnett channpel congregation designing what they saw and heard as they were being let out. take a listen. >> the whole thing start at the end of the service. like everybody was greeting the preacher to go home. it was at the last pew. >> and what did you see? >> the guy came from the right side of the church and he was just


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