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tv   First Look  MSNBC  September 25, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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your mouth any differently? complete the job with listerine® help prevent plaque, early gum disease, bad breath and kill up to 99.9% of germs. listerine® bring out the bold™ protests erupt on the football field. president trump's declaration that nfl owners should fire players who kneel during the national anthem was met with criticism. new overnight, travel ban expanded. administration announced new restrictions targeting visitors from eight countries. last-ditch effort to win votes, but it's still unclear whether the legislation could pass before this weekend's deadline. good morning, everyone.
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it's monday september 25. i'm ayman mohyeldin. rejecting the latest attempt to overhaul health care. targeted professional athletes in a series of comments and tweets of the weekend. began friday night. spoke out about the protests by some athletes. begun more than a year ago kneeling during the national anthem over what they believe is an unfairle justice system. >> wouldn't you love to see one of these nfl owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that ston of a pitch off the field right now. out he's fired. he's fired. some owner is going to do that. he's going to say that guy that disrespects our flag, he's fired. and that owner, they don't know it, they don't know. they're friends of mine, many of them. they don't know. they'll be the most popular person for a week.
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that's a total disrespect of our heritage. that's a total disrespect of everything that we stand for. >> so the president continued complaints on twitter the next morning. nfl spoke out with a statement from commissioner roger goodell. the nfl and our players are at our best when we help create a sense of unit in our country and culture. there is no better example. divisive comments like those demonstrate lack of respect for nfl, great game and all of our players. and a failure to understand the overwhelming force for good our clubs and players represent in our communities thchlt as the players across the league took to their knees during the national anthem. three teams remained in locker rooms. in several cases teams locked arms in a sign of unity. owners joining players by standing arm in arm. across the league, team owners
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spoke out about the president's comments including new england. a major donor and friend to the president. president trump took on the star player hof the nba champions. the president tweeted going to the white house is considered a great honor for a championship team. steph curry is hesitating, therefore invitation is withdrawn. several outlets noted a segment or curry's comments before the tweet was sent out. >> you buck steph curry already said he ain't going. so therefore ain't no invite. going to great house was a great honor until you showed up. it was kind of surreal to be honest. just i don't know. i don't know why he feels the need to target certain individuals rather than others. i have an idea why, but it's
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kind of just kind of beneath a leader of a country to go that route. not what leaders do. white house surrogates defendeds the president over the weekend. treasury secretary steve. the nfl has all different types of rules. you can't have stickers on your helmet. have to have jersey tucked in. what the president is saying the owners should have a rule that players should have to stand and respect for the national anthem. this isn't about democrats. it's not about republicans. it's not about race. it's not about free speech. they can do free speech on their own time. this is about respect for the military and first responders and the country. >> i think it's pretty simple. i think the reality is there are coaches, high school coaches
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across america today punished for leading players in prayer. yet when an nfl player takes a knee, somehow that players is presumed to be a mar tar for social cause. >> talk to us about the senate finance committee. they're set today to hold a hearing on the graham cassidy bill. this as a new version of the bill shows editions added to the bill to entice the support of senator from alaska. the bill would loosen insurance regulations and while it says insurance companies must cover people with preexisting conditions, it would not prohibit them from charging more money. the bill has so far failed to gain the support of senator ted cruz of texas, one of obamacare's most vocal opponents and john mccain's announcement friday that he would not support the bill was joined by maine's susan collins. >> it's very difficult for me to envision a scenario where i would end up voting for this
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bill. >> joining us now from washington, daniel litman. daniel, god to have you with us oen this monday morning. is there a chance you think republican senators lindsey graham and bill cassidy can revive health care bill this week with the news that we learned that some key senators are going to vote against it, including republicans. yes. they leaked the revised version last night to try to win over you know states who have previously expressed opposition, like giving more money to alaska and maine. the concerns about the bill are much more fundamental. you know, all about the process. they don't feel like they've gone through regular order, which is what mccain has talked about. the momentum is really against the bill. it doesn't seem like the chances for it to win success in week are very good at all. if you talk to aides on capitol hill, their very bearish.
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they would rather go to tax reform. where they feel like they can pass it. >> feels like slightly different bill. same tory over and over again. the president is reacting to stories about expensive jet travel. let's take a listen to that. >> maybe using prooiftd charter flights at the taxpayer expense. >> who did. >> your secretaries. no, i don't think he took the flight. i think if you check your records. he didn't take the flight. >> he took a flight from new york back to d.c. >> check your records before you make a statement. as i understood it. i haven't heard much about it. i understood he never took that flight. >> he flew from new york back to d.c. and price also took -- >> you'll have to ask him about that. >> do you think it's appropriate. >> do you respect the investigations of these igs. >> always. always. >> daniel records checked here.
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they took the flights. so how are the cabinet seng secretaries reacting. >> these aren't fake flights. all the cabinet secretaries are thinking they're very glad the other ones did not take private jets on government dime so if you're talking to ryan, he's probably saying his prayers, saying i'm glad i didn't spend all this money. so tom price who spent over $400,000 of government taxpayer money will probably have to give up some of that money back because flying to aspen colorado from d.c. for the aspen ideas festival on a private jet, that does not count as an emergency. so that's the concern here. i don't think it's really a good look. remember the detroit auto executives when they flew to washington on private jets to ask for taxpayer money like ten years ago. >> it's interesting he says
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we're going to look into tom price's, but he says there's no records of steve. >> saying i don't know. by check your records. meanwhile, behind the curtain, president trump has updated and expanded travel ban. it was signed yesterday hours before original travel ban was set to expire. order keeps updates or restrictions on five of the six original nations, iran, libya, syria, yemen, lifting restrictions on sudan. also blocks the issuance of all visas from north korea. spends from tourist from chad and blocks visas from government officials on travel from venezuela. the order takes affect on octobers 18. the restrictions on sudan are lifted immediately. the support is set to hear arguments on the ban on october 10. tennessee man has been
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charged with murder after opening fire inside a national area church. police have identified the suspect as 25-year-old emmanuel samson. according to toll investigations, drove into the church parking lot yesterday morning. he was reportedly wearing a ski mask and armed with a handgun when he shot and killed a woman coming out of the church. he then went inside and continued shooting, wounding six other people. >> he came running in front of the church from the parking lot and he was shooting, and then he stand in the pen and started shooting more and looking to his left. that's when he came in the front in the middle and then this guy came out fighting with him and tackled him down. >> according to police, a church usher, 232-year-old robert, tackled the gunman. during the struggle, samson shot himself in the chest. usher who had been pistol whipped ran to his car and
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retrieved his own handgun to make sure no other shots were fired. samson held without bond. nashville police say he attended the church a few years ago. a motive for the shooting is still under investigation. the department of justice and fbi have opened a federal civil rights investigation with no explanation or further comment on that. rescue crews in mexico continue to search for survivors in the wake of massive earthquake. teams are racing against the clock as the search for those possibly trapped beneath the rubble neerps the one week mark. complicating matters further, a pair of aftershocks hit mexico over the weekend. the larger of those two hit the state on saturday. which was battered earlier this month by mag tooul attitude 8.1 quake. this temblor killed at least two people. toppled already damaged homes. mexican president toured that
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region on friday. part of a weekend of visits to communities impacted by this string of earthquakes to hit that country. amid all the destruction, more signs of hope as rescuers pulled a dog out from beneath the remnants of a collapsed apartment building. the dog was reportedly in good health. >> calls are growing louder for the devastation in puerto rico. life in the wake of hurricane maria is growing dire on the island. keeching an eye on the dam. a collapse would send flash floods affecting 70,000 residents. some residents had to cross a river holding on to a dead power cable cutting off their town. one woman tells nbc news everything on the other side was devastating. drinking water is scars. power sr. still out. lack of cell phone service is bogging down recovery efforts. fema said it deployed helicopters and rescue flights. u.s. coast guard has vessels
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operating in the area. puerto rico governor says he still needs more help. still ahead, after criticism from brump, iran claims to successfully carry out new missile test. we're going get a report. later alabama senate battle heats up at gop primary against former chief strategist, steve bannon. those stories and a check on weather when we come back. when i look in the mirror everyday. when i look in the mirror everyday. everyday, i think how fortunate i am.
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iran claimed to have tested a new medium rage ballistic missile. came after trump criticized at the general assembly. here's the very latest. >> reporter: good morning. it will iranians made no secret about how displeased they were about donald trump's speech at the skpun responded defiantly
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with a show of force straight from the north korean playbook. state tv over the weekend broadcasting footage of what they say was a successful ballistic missile test capable of carrying multiple war heads with a range of 1200 miles. after the test, the president tweeted, iran just test fired a ballistic missile capable of reaching israel. they're also working with north korea. not much of an agreement we have. ayman, that's agreement. the iran nuclear deal has to be certified by the president in less than three weeks. a deal he thinks should have been scrapped and called an embarrassment to the united states. making this missile test iran's fourth one this year a very risky one that could backfire. back to you. the point he brought up very interesting how this could potentially undermine the nuclear agreement between iran and the western world powers. keep in mind that the u.s. has
2:18 am
said repeatedly under the trump administration, yes, they are technically following the deal, but it's the spirit of the deal. iran is still very much involved creating problems in syria and yemen. according to the trump administration and that's possibly why they may want to scrap the deal. >> it's not -- you said this is what a deal we have. it's not violation of the deal. >> ballistic missiles are not covered in the nuclear deal. that was narrowly defined. >> a lot of analysts are trying to say vacate the hard liners. one hand wanting to maintain alliance with the five other countries stick with the nuclear gimmick. we're going to keep building our sort of -- >> wait and see how that plays out in the middle of october. let's switch gears and get a quick check on weather. it's amazing. still dealing with maria. weakened considerably over the weekend. close to outer banks for fringe affects. still has hurricane
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80-mile-per-hour winds. see it clear the southeast coastline. created rip currents all over the east coast. it's going to head north wards at about wednesday, 2:00 a.m. that's roughly what it will be closest. 150 miles off the coast. by then weaken down to tropical storm. fringe affects. 2-4 foot storm surge. not going to get many power outages. overwash on highway 12. any big storm lately. out on the outer banks. the other story, how about this heat wave for late september. record highs yesterday. detroit, chicago, new york city. burlington, vermont. everywhere in the between. we're still very warm. well above average during the day today. cool down doesn't really happen until the end of the week until the upcoming weekend. 9 90. now summer is continuing.
2:20 am
86 milwaukee. burlington vermont should not be near 90 degrees. the leaves are heading towards peak in new england and it's 90 degrees. other areas very warm today, chicago, pittsburgh, buffalo. you get the picture here. by the end of the week, we do cool off. boston 75. even chicago, back into the enjoyable 70s. looks like two or three more days of this unusual heat. then it will feel like fall once again. >> bill, i feel like this marathon weather coverage is catching up with you a little bit. >> right. you finally get sleep and your body breaks down. >> hang in there bill. still ahead, top moments from week three's action on the gridiron. and spots locked up as baseball's pennant race heats up. stay was. what is that? it's you!
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throw it into is the i understood zone and deflect it. power. power left side. to the ten. to the five.
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first off. now to the 15 chltd handoff to clemens. touchdown philadelphia. second down and eight. looks right. fires down field. junior, and he makes the catch for a saint's touchdown. completing 25-30 pass attempts.
2:25 am
three douchlds. chris tompson had six catches. a score. the red skins finished with 472 yards. defense held the raiders to just 128 yards. sacked qb four times. washington also forced three turnovers and didn't allow a third down conversion. the red skins topped the raiders in this one. 27-10. turning now to major league baseball. arizona diamondbacks headed to post season for the first time since 2011. clenching an nl wild card after the pirates beat the. brewers lost to the cubs. arizona finished their game against the marlins in phoenix. walk-off single is good for 3-2 win there. home field advantage for the d backs and nl wild card game. while in queens behind ten strikeouts. the nationals top the mets. 3-2 yesterday. earning home field advantage in the national league division series as well. have to say the nfl exciting
2:26 am
exciting weekend, guys. donald trump repeatedly criticized hillary clinton for doing one thing, probably everyone knows, using her private e-mail. now there's new reporting his son-in-law, jash, has been doing the same exact thing. the war of words between president trump and kim jong-un continues to escalate. live report coming up next. i no longer live with
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welcome back. sit the bottom of the hour. president trump beginning of the new week caught in confrontation with professional athletes. during a rally in alabama on friday, the president spoke out about kneeling. over the weekend the nfl along with a number of team owners condemning the president's actions while players across the league took knees or some cases locked arms during the national anthem. meanwhile, president trump updated and expanded travel ban. latest order was signed
2:31 am
yesterday just hours before the original travel ban was set to expire. in addition to keeping or updating restrictions on five of the six nations included in original order, also blocks issuance of variety of visas. tennessee has charged with murder after opening fire in nashville area church. police identified the suspect of 25-year-old samson. held without bond. police say a motive for the shooting is still under investigation. fbi opened federal civil rights investigation as well. the war of wards between pyongyang and president trump is becoming increasingly personal as it continued to intensify over the weekend beginning with trump adding adjective to his nickname friday night. >> we can't have madmen out there shooting rockets all over the place, and by the way,
2:32 am
rocket man should have been handled a long time ago. little rocket man. we're going to do it because we really have no choice. now, he's talking about a massive weapon exploding over the ocean. pacific ocean. which causes tremendous, tremendous calamity where that plume goes, so goes cancer, so goes tremendous problems. he's watching us like he's never watched anybody before. that i can tell you. maybe something gets worked out, maybe it doesn't. personally, i'm not sure that it will. maybe something gets worked out. and maybe it doesn't, but i can tell you one thing, you are protected. okay. you are protected. >> those remarks, presumably
2:33 am
with the president's united nation assembly threat to destroy the country, prompted this response from north korea's foreign minister at the united nations. >> he tried to insult the supreme dignity of my country by referring it to a rocket. by doing so however, he committed an irreversible mistake of making a rocket visit to the entire u.s. mainland all the more. ir reversiblereversible. if he echoes thoughts of little rocket man, they won't be around much longer. meanwhile u.s. military bombers conducted a show of force near north korea saturday. u.s. air force and f 15 c fighter jets stayed in international fighter space.
2:34 am
flew furthest north by any fighter craft in the 21st century. strong show from the u.s. strong words from the diplomats. let's break this down. joining from beijing, janice, good to have you with us. the war of words continuing to escalate. are we in the words of the north korean foreign minister at the united nations nearing inevitable military conflict? >> what's unclear and what's unsettling is this high risk of miscalculation. words can be misinterpreted by either side. the outcome can be devastating. we had show of force. u.s. bombers and fighters going very close to north korean coast. we have noern state media reporting there was a massive rally in pyongyang with people
2:35 am
urging victory over the united states. publicly officials are calling for restraint. trying to return an to your knowledge negotiations. heard that again today, but they are increasingly concerned and frustrated. as well, we're just a few weeks away here from the big communist party congress that is expected to confirm xi jinping it will leader of china for the next five years. right now kim jong-un is posing a major irritant to that with his defiance. china has cut off oil supplies to north korea, but it's thought the regime has been stockpile for months. >> thank you. live for us in beijing. vice president mike pence will be in alabama today as he tries to push luther strange across the finish line. strange, backed by the president and locked in a tight republican fight against former alabama
2:36 am
supreme court judge moore. moore has attracted support for many in the president's base. nigel farage who helped lead the brexit movement will campaign for more. during his stop in alabama, president trump took time to update the crowd on the status of his proposed wall on the u.s. mexico border. why it needs to be quote, seen through. >> the wall is happening folks. believe me. the wall is happening. in fact, you probably saw you know, we have wall up there now. we're renovating it already. it's been made pristine, perfect, just as good as new, although we may go a little bit higher than that and building samples of the new wall. it has to be a see through wall. if you can't have vision through it, you don't know who is on the other side. say we build a precast concrete wall. we have people on the other side.
2:37 am
literally, i was given an example. it's so bad. it's going to stop drugs. going to stop a lot of bad things. to be honest with you, a see through wall would look better. you don't have that water it might be. >> the white house senior adviser jared kushner has used a private e-mail account to exchange with other officials. politico reports that. the president's son-in-law used the account to also trade e-mails with white house officials in outside advisers on everything from events planning to media coverage. kushn kushner's lawyer confirmed the fact adding that fewer than 100 e-mails from january through august were either sent to or returned by mr. kushner to colleagues in the white house from his personal e-mail account. these usually forwarded news articles or political commentary and most often occurred when someone initiated the exchange by sending e-mail to personal rather than white house address.
2:38 am
kushner has adhered to government. the private account was set up in december as kushner and family prepared to move to washington. >> daniel litman, coauthor, once again, good to talk to you. this kushner story, it's politic shocking. it seems somewhat tone deaf. got to say. just putting that out there. do you think he's going to face the same scrutiny hillary clinton did. >> it's hard to see the republican congress going hard against the president's son-in-law and, you know, dragging him on to the hill and having these, you know, years of investigations. it's a little less serious than what hillary did. it raising the question of whether robert mueller will try to get copies of e-mails to see if there's anything that's of interest to him. because that could be relevant to the investigation. so it just seems a little hip critical for trump to get
2:39 am
elected and all of these top senior aides to be using private e-mail and cell phone for texting. the primary taking place tomorrow. new poll shows a bit of a dropoff in favorable views of the republican party. 29% hold a favorable opinion of the party. down about 13 points since march. the lowest it has been in 25 years since cnn even began this poll. does this backdrop raise the stakes for president trump even more ahead of alabama's state primary tomorrow. i think you're certainly right. it makes it more critical of that senator strange tries to win this election. trump has gone all in on his behalf. i think those poll numbers also indicate that a lot of people
2:40 am
just don't think the republican party has done a good job governing this year. they've been consumed with health care reform. they really have nothing to show for it. you have democrats have a 10% more likelihood of voting in 2018. basically it looks like bad news for the republicans in the midterms. >> a lot at stake in tomorrow's primary. which republican wing comes out on top. daniel litman, live in washington. thank you. let's turn to business. euro is down. since the major data breach, equifax been hit with lawsuits from holders. faces first lawsuit from credit union. cnbc joins us live from london. start with germany. how have the markets been reacting. >> it was down half a percent at one point after the outcome was made public overnight recouped some of the losses not looking
2:41 am
as bad against the dollar as it was. european stocks have been lower this morning. in particular, the german bank down 1.3%. may be because of resumers of potential tie out with italian bank unicredit. there's a small firm in wisconsin suing equifax because of that data breach. they claim it will cost them money, harm their profit. reissuing credit cards and things like that. quite a move. financial firm trying to recoup losses not yet made. also worth noting equifax has ruled out it will try to prevent class action lawsuits. individuals could ban together to try to get back some money from equifax because of the breach. >> let's turn to uber. sunday times reporting that the ride sharing company is ready to make concessions for last week's licensing in london. >> the british newspaper in london has been talking to
2:42 am
sources close to the transport for london. travel regulator here in the british capital. they say they're open to the idea of these concessions. very happy by them. encouraged by them. looking forward to the possibility of talks sometime between now and the 30th of this month. five days from now when the license will be revoked. uber said they haven't had a chance to have dialogue. they're also looking forward to it. possibly of talks focus on things like passenger safety, and, of course, working hours for drivers. that's been a big bit of contention for regulators. certainly hard to deal with the prospect of life without uber in a city like that. still ahead, joe biden reentering the political conversation. taking on president trump. fiery comments about the handling of race relations in this country. plus bill karins check on the forecast for you. big changes coming for the first full week of fall. we'll be right back. we just found the body of a woman last night.
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biden said the civil rights group is needed now more than ever. >> once again a battle for a soul of this nation. a battle i thought was done and won. the giant steps we've taken on recent years in civil rights, civil human rights are being met by a ferocious push back. the darkest forces in america. as you all know, we fought this bal battle before. let's be honest, today is different. today we have a special challenge. because we have a president who is publically proclaim ed betwen
2:47 am
neo nazis and those who say they are better than he. when we have an american president who is embolden white supremacist with messages of comfort and support, this is a moment for this nation to declare that this president can't with any clarity, consistent or conviction, declare there is no place in america for hate groups. >> what do you think? does that sound like a political speech for somebody running for office or what? >> i would probably put my money on it. >> the former vice president called out trump for his share. this is biden's second trip to the key early voting state this year. stoking more speculation about a third presidential run. let's get a check on weather with nbc meteorologist. bill. let's talk about puerto rico for a second. dire conditions there right now. on top of lack of clean water
2:48 am
and no power, we now have record heat. >> i mean, i was just wondering, we don't know how many people died from when maria made landfall. then you have record heat with areas even in our country, we get fatales with the elderly or with the sick. imagine the number of people probably died yesterday because of the heat and humidity and trying to live in those conditions with some cases without water and definitely without air-conditioning. the suffering is just unimaginable. i was just reading "the washington post" article. the mountainous areas and rural sections, it's unimaginable suffering that's going on. yesterday was 94 degrees. the heat index was 106. most of us don't like that when we walk from our air-conditioned house to air-conditioned car to air-conditioned store. imagine trying to live in that and be in that day after day and today is not going to be much better. today is in the 90s. heat index 100 to 105.
2:49 am
forecast remains all week long. it's not just that. also reading about the mosquitos and the bugs and people don't even have their houses with the complete shelters and roofing on it now. it's looking at these pictures, it's just day after day and the stories just -- can't get enough attention because they can't get enough help. let's move on to where maria is going next now. the storm is currently sitting off the southeast coast. we are going to have some impacts in the outer banks. it will not be anything horrible. gets hit more by hurricanes and storms than any other spot. they're used to it. sticks out like a sore thumb in the atlantic. 70-mile-per-hour winds at the closest. we'll have a little bit of storm surge. overwash on highway 12. winds could gust up to 60. really shouldn't cause many problems. get that a couple times every year. you know, i encourage people, go read "the washington post" article i just saw about an account of what it's like in
2:50 am
rural sections of puerto rico in the mountains. it's heart breaking. >> ting point you also talked about the mosquitos. the concern with everything we were seeing with zika and other mosquito born viruses. >> the article said the mother was putting cotton balls in her ears so the bugs wouldn't get in here heres. it's unimaginable. they are americans. they need help. >> even though the storm is gone. the recovery is going to be difficult. angela merkel and her party. >> a shrinking support for her party and boost too far right party means for her ability to govern. remember nashville? kimchi bbq. kimchi bbq. amazing honky tonk?? i can't believe you got us tickets. i did. i didn't pay for anything. you never do. send me what i owe. i've got it. i mean, you did find money to buy those boots. are you serious? is that why you don't like them? those boots could make a unicorn cry.
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there's a lot to unpack in these results. we won't really know the full impact of this for a couple of more weeks until the horse trading atrad trading is finished when she will come up with a coalition to run the bundestock. there's actually now six parties in this parliament as opposed to four. her power isn't just weakened because she forfeited some seats to this far right for afd. she has to deal with quite a few additional parties here. depending how you look at this, there's a lot to like here, depending on your view. if you're a fan of angela merkel, barack obama or hillary clinton, you can rest assured there will be continuity as far as the united states is
2:55 am
concerned. she remains, by far, the most powerful political figure in europe and will remain so for at least the next four years. that is a victory for those who kind of cue to the center. for the far right, this means they have this pattern of legitimacy that they haven't had before or for generations. that's not lost on anyone. this is the country that birthed the toxic ideology of naziism and many still remember that and see that in the afd. >> talking about the far right in which matt refers to for a long time with europe in the past couple of months we've been talking about the shift with the far right. how close the french elections were. it was a victory, obviously, for angela merkel there. president trump facing in the wake to press sports teams
2:56 am
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welcome back, everybody. before we toss it over to "morning joe," let's get a check on the stories you'll hear about in the days ahead. >> mike pence will campaign for one of the candidates trying to fill the seat. >> former president obama is slated to give a keynote address at canter fitzgerald's conference, expected to be paid $400,000 for that event. >> anthony weiner of new york is expected to be sentenced today for sexting with a minor, maximum of ten years in prison.
3:00 am
that does it for us on this monday morning. i'm yasmin vossoughian. "morning joe" starts right now. wouldn't you love to see one of these nfl owners when somebody disrespects our flag to say get that son of a bitch off the field right now? he's fired! >> the nfl has all types of rules. you can't have stickers on your helmet. you have to have jerseys tucked in. i think the president is saying that the owners should have a rule that players have to stand in respect for the national anthem. it's not about democrats, republicans, it's not about race. they can do free speech on their own time, that this is about respect for the military and the first responders and the country. >> so, donald trump's political career can neatly be summed up by this weekend's


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