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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  September 25, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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as we let this north korea regime continue down this path. that's the issue people are concerned about. now he's talking about it and making sure people realize. back home people didn't think north korea was as dangerous as it is. i think north korea is a very dangerous situation right now. >> thank you very much. >> good luck with the indians. >> yes. >> that does it for us this morning. stephanie ruhle right now. good morning, i'm stephanie ruhle. put your seat belts on. we're about to go for a ride starting with the president going after the nfl and nba. players and owners locking arms, taking a knee after the president of the united states took his time to say nfl players should be fired if they kneel on the field. >> that's a total disrespect of our heritage. that's a total disrespect of everything that we stand for, okay. >> a new version of repeal and replace. the cassidy bill coming out this
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morning. who's in and who's out. >> it's very difficult for me to envision a scenario where i would end up voting for this bill. >> goodness gracious. temp males are back. only this time they belong to jared kushner. he used private e-mail account for white house business. say i told you we have a lot to cover this morning beginning with the president going toe to toe with the national football league after trashing players that protest during the national anthem and calling for them to be fired. roughly 200 players went ahead and protested anyway. their boss did too. the people who would do the firing came out in droves to support their teams. nearly every nfl owner as well as owners from major league baseball and nba issued statements calling for onity saying it's the players right. the president said it's about respecting the flag and the country. and we haven't even mentioned
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puerto rico. 3.5 million people, u.s. citizens still living without power. many without water. i'll start with nbc's kristen welker. please give us the president's side of this because i'm astounded by his activity this weekend. four tweets on saturday going after athletes and sports teams. four teams going after john mccain. not a word about the people on the island of puerto rico. >> well, again this morning he's tweeting about this controversy with the nfl. look, he's on defense. his line of argument is this has nothing to do with race. he says this has to do with protecting our flag and, of course, expressing pride in the country as well as those who have served. here's his latest tweet. it says so proud of nascar. nascar saying it wouldn't protest and supporters and fans won't put up with disrespecting our country or flag. they said it loud and clear. many people booed the players
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who kneeled yesterday which is a small percentage of total. these are fans who demand respect for our flag, and also the issue of kneeling has nothing to do with race it's about respect for our country, flag and national anthem. nfl must respect this. he was asked about all of this yesterday. here's what he had to say. >> they have rights, we all have rights, but when you're on that field, and, you know, there's a situation going on, this is a great, great country and we have a great flag and they should respect our flag. they make a lot of money. they have to respect our flag and they have to respect our country. the nfl has to work out their own problems. their numbers are way down and i think this is a big reason why their numbers are way down. >> reporter: just moments ago the president tweeted this, #standforouranthem. bottom line he says this doesn't have to do with race. those players first started to kneel because they were
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protesting what they say was essentially police mistreatment of people of color. so that's where all of this originates. they feel the president's opposition is not respecting their first amendment rights to protest. of course, the president getting criticized also because he has a history of stoking cultural flames in this country, whether it be excusing former president barack obama of not being born in this country or taking aim at a gold star family. so this is yet another controversy as you point out, this president is dealing with whole host of issues on the domestic front. we may hear all of this when he talks about jobs. >> this is extraordinary. fact checking enthusiasts out there, nfl ratings are not way down. and players can do free speech on their own time, it is always our own time. we don't have slave to
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employers. if that's the case why would president tweet things about his daughter, nordstrom and her jewelry and clothing line. why done he do that on his own time rather than on the official presidential twitter account. now i want to turn to nbc's morgan radford who is live in new jersey, home of the jets and giants. more garngs we've heard from almost every single nfl team and tom brady who we need to point out who the president said in the past is the greatest quarterback of all time and tom brady did not go to the white house to celebrate when the patriots won and he does have his mom who is sick this year, but he has a wife who is an outspoken global citizen environmental activist and the president didn't mention anything about tom brady when he didn't go. >> reporter: and what you just mentioned coming off of tom brady's coming symbolizes this pivotal and explosive moment coming from this marriage between sports and politics. we've seen 30 now out of the 32
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nfl teams release statements in support not only of those athletes and players but also of the fans and the coaches who took a knee because they said they were taking a knee in stand for diversity and inclusion and against what they call fortunate's divisive comments. as you heard the president did tweet this morning saying this wasn't about race but remember this wasn't about race for him. for a lot of those people who were kneeling it was. kneeling has a very symbolic history in this country especially when it comes to black men. back in 1965 we saw martin luther king take a knee and when he knelt he made a statement of protest but of peace and of prayer and that's what we saw colin kaepernick trying to recapture earlier this year but, remember, him doing that as a quarterback was also very symbolic as a leader because even though we saw other players take a knee and some even link arm in arm yesterday very few have been quarterbacks. there was one other quarterback who was previously referred to
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the president as a friend. take a listen to what tom brady had to say. >> i disagree with what he said and thought it was divisive. i think everyone has a right to do whatever they want to do. you don't agree that's fine. voice your disagreement. that's absolutely, i think that's great. >> reporter: now, remember all this is happening at a time when 70% of americans say that race relations in our country are bad. that's almost at a all time high. nbc did a poll last week when they found the 70%. last year it was 74% after the state of killing unarmed black men. that's the tension we're feeling. fans said yesterday, all day before the game, during the game, after the game and some fans i spoke to said one of them avenues guy said look i'm a white guy. i get that i may not be feeling the brunt of these racist feelings but i under why they are doing it. other said they stood with the
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president and felt it was disrespecting the flag and country. >> i need my panel to weigh in on this. two of my favorites are here. brett, here's what the president tweeted yesterday. courageous patriots fought and died for our great american flag. we must honor and respect it. make america great. did people die for our flag or die defending our civil liberties and isn't that what people are protesting. >> i would point the president to that liberal justice antonin scalia who voted with the majority in the famous 1989 flag burning case. it's what the flag represents above all the right to free speech, the right to protest, the right to individual liberty and most of all conscious. this is the point that's constantly lost on the
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president. i don't know if it's lost on the president or willfully using this as a political -- >> do you think it's lost on the president >> yes, sometimes i do. there are two issues here. one is we can have a discussion about principle. and on principle what the president is doing is divisive. if we're going talk about politics there i'm not so sure. what he's basically doing is trolling the left. you lefties get behind colin kaepernick, get behind an act and a statement that most americans disagree with and then see how this turns out politically. i think the left in this country has to be careful about understanding the difference between the principle which, on which the rights, on the right side of the issue and the politics where he may come out on top. don't be surprised. >> fascinating. seems the principle ought to animate the politics. seems to me when we think about what's colin kaepernick is protesting and we think about
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the kneeling that's taking place, the protest across the nfl and we think about what's happening in st. louis, the officer being acquitted after he said he would kill this n-word. not about protesting the flag it's protesting the experience of unequal policing of communities, racial injustice. seems to me that if we begin to fall into the trap of the idolatry of the flag, to believe if flag represents the perfection of the nation it blocks us, it blinds us from seeing the problems with the country and to facing and confronting them honestly. >> earlier today on fox newt gingrich said if you're a multi-millionaire who feels oppressed you need a therapist and not a publicity stunt. he's speaking about these nfl players. but just accept for a moment the idea you don't have to be oppressed to be defending those who are. >> a billionaire or claims to be a billionaire and also claims to
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be persecuted the most hated detested man since jesus christ. >> let me say this too. that kind of comment from newt gingrich, it speaks of something more insidious. he believes that these rich athletes, these rich black athletes should be grateful that they've been allowed to make money. >> to play on our field. that's what he's saying. >> newt gingrich along with a whole bunch of folks in this country, a whole bunch of white folks in particular the racial equality is a philanthropy enterprise. you should be grateful. >> if you're rich you should shut up. >> if you're the party of lincoln then how does newt gingrich justify that abraham lincoln fought to free slaves. he didn't need to do that. >> well, look, the consistency -- look this is extraordinary.
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i think this is one of these issues. like so much of the trump presidency it's just been such a surfacer and revealer of character. on some fundamental issues i can't say in the case of newt gingrich i'm particularly surprised by where he's coming out because i think his character has been well-known for 20 or 25 years. that kind of comment is so extraordinary because the only way to see it is as a racially motivated comment. he would never say about an american who has done well in this world, a hedge fund billionaire, you should shut up because you're rich. he would say that's a view of the left, progressives are telling rich people they don't have a right to free speech. but an african-american who made money they are supposed to stay silent. >> we have to move on. the president issuing new travel restrictions expanding the list of affected countries to eight. our justice correspondent pete
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williams joins us. >> reporter: the details about what countries are involved here. five of the six original countries are part of this extended ban. this is an indefinite ban. kpeeps restrictions on iran, libya, somalia, syria and yemen. it lift restrictions on visitors from sudan. it adds new restrictions on visitors and immigrants from chad, north korea and venezuela. remember that the original travel ban the one that went into effect in march had a 90-day restriction on visas. that expired yesterday. so for those original countries that were on that list the five of the six carries on as of yesterday, and then the restrictions on the new countries will kick in about three weeks. but here's the one big difference between the original executive order and this one. the original executive order lasted for only 90 days. this is indefinite unless those countries can improve three critical things. the way they identify people
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within their own country, the way they communicate information about terrorism to the u.s. and then the internal terrorism threat in those countries. so the white house says that this list was developed as a result of basically telling every country in the world, we want to raise the standard on the kind of information you give us about people who want to visit or immigrate to the u.s.. here are the standards you need to meet. then they assess those standards and this is the result. some countries, the ones i just mentioned flunked partially or entirely and that's why these new restrictions are imposed. >> the white house adding yemen and chad not talking about puerto rico and the virgin islands. u.s. territories facing a desperate situation. the situation is growing more dire by the hour in puerto rico, less than a week after that monster hurricane maria obliterated the island as a category 4 storm. they are calling on the federal
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government, begging them to step up their response and u.s. territory remains largely without power, running water and any cell phone surface. talk about a scary and dire situation as they approach no gas and no resources. we go live to puerto rico in a moment. first joining me live is democratic governor andrew cuomo who launched a relief and recovery effort for puerto rico. governor you run the state of new york. this is a federal issue. why is new york stepping up first. you were already in the virgin islands. you're looking at puerto rico and the white house isn't. >> well it's not a new york issue, it's an american issue. the people of puerto rico, the people of the u.s. virgin islands, these are americans we're talking about. and the reason why new york is concerned about it, we have the highest number of puerto ricans in our state anywhere outside of the island of puerto rico. and the reason i'm talking about
6:16 am
it is because this is what we should be talking about. i mean all the conversation about the nfl players and taking a knee and all these other things are a distraction on real issues that we're facing like life and death situations in puerto rico and the fact that the federal government hasn't stepped up and isn't doing what it should be doing from a financial point of view or from a services point of view and in puerto rico you're talking about a matter of life and death. these are people without power, there's no refrigeration, no clean water. this is what we should be talking about. and to the extent new york can help, we are. we're mobilizing entire statewide drive. but this is going to be billions of dollars. and it's going to require real capacity, we're talking about an island. we're going to need to send in the resources to make a
6:17 am
difference and that's going to be a federal effort and to the extent i can help spur the dialogue, that's exactly what i want to do as governor of new york. >> it's going to take money and going to take time. are you concerned about people giving up on puerto rico and moving here? you got over 3 million people that are u.s. citizens. is new york prepared for those people when the airports open to leave puerto rico and move to your state? >> new york is prepared to do whatever we can do to help. we believe in immigration in new york. we are a state of immigrants. i am an immigrant. i'm wholly against this anti-immigrant fever that has been stoked during the political campaign. but first and foremost we want to get the federal government focused on what it should be focused on and frankly the american people focused on this crisis and if the federal
6:18 am
government acts, stephanie, we can stabilize the situation. we know how to do this. i was in the federal government for eight years during the clinton administration, secretary of hud. we helped nations around the world. these are americans. it's a question of financial resources and capacity. we just are not doing it. we're not even talking about it, frankly, which is frustrating. >> you and i are. >> so many persons -- you and i are. so many pressing issues. we spent the weekend talking about whether nfl players should kneel or not. >> this is our opportunity to change that conversation. before storm hit 85% of food was imported into puerto rico. now agriculture there is wiped out. it's going to become 100%. there's a law, the jones act. it requires cargo between the united states mainland and puerto rico to be shipped on u.s. owned ships by u.s. companies. it dates back to 1920. that's a very pro trump type of
6:19 am
act. should it be lifted to give puerto rico more options for importing what it need at this desperate time? >> yes. short answer, yes. this is an emergency situation. it's going to be very difficult to stabilize the island even if we are incredibly flexible. but the jones act, for example, would have to be waived at least on an interim basis. this is an island. you don't have the resources on the island. the help is going to have to be brought in by plane or barge. an island that was basically bankrupt or insolvent. i want need real financial aid and need capacity. they don't have the capacity on the island to do this type of work. public utility system has to be rebuilt. 70%, 80% of the homes were damaged. even the commercial structure, the tourism engine which drives
6:20 am
the entire economy, that has been damaged. so it's a massive amount of work and if we don't do it, you will see people fleeing the island and you will see years of recovery and i'm worried about the long term future. >> governor, thank you so much for joining this morning. and thank you for your when puerto rico and the virgin islands. >> thank you. >> i would like point to out, brett stevens just nodded his head. we have a lot more to talk about. a new version of the health care bill unveiled. and jared kushner reported using a private e-mail server in the white house. we'll talk -- excuse me private e-mail account. that server is in my mind. we'll talk more about the nfl protests with a former player. next much more on growing disaster in puerto rico. 3.5 million people without
6:21 am
power. they are running out of fresh water. running out of gasoline. how do you think that will turn out for an island occupied by u.s. citizens. treasury secretary steven mnuchkin will talk about players talk about issues on their own time. steven munchin, how about this? how do we say that this fall, our guests can earn a free night when they book at and stay with us just two times? fall time. badda book. badda boom. pumpkin spice cookie? i'm good. book now at
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all your tv at home. the most on demand your entire dvr. top networks. and live sports on the go. included with xfinity tv. xfinity, the future of awesome. welcome back. more details this morning on the devastating situation unfolding in puerto rico after hurricane maria.
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millions on u.s. territory are without power, running water and cell phone service. they are desperate for help. we go to san juan with the puerto rican national guard. >> reporter: the situation continues to get more and more desperate. we're seeing longer gas lines. we're seeing people trying to get cash from banks that are open for very limited hours. we're also seeing a lot of aid drops. right now we're here at the national guard black hawk center. you see this black hack over here. it's getting ready to take off. they have been running aid missions basically nonstop. but the storm hit here as well. in fact if we swivel around we might have trouble with communication. give us a second. that right there is the tail of a black hawk helicopter that was damaged during the storm. even still with this damage, with that black hawk out of commissions the others have been very successful. the colonel was telling about a mission on saturday where somebody came in and alerted
6:26 am
them there was an oil rig, an oil vessel that had broken free of its anchor and been abandoned, evacuated during the storm. it was headed towards puerto rico. they were about five hours away from impact with puerto rico when they scrambled one of these black hawk helicopters. that's black hawk was able to intercept that oil rig, that oil vessel, get people on it. they secured some mooring lines and avoided a major disaster. a major ecological disaster. they avoided what could have been catastrophic. >> avoiding what could have been catastrophic. up next six people injured and one killed after a mass gunman opens fire at a church in tennessee. we'll have the latest including the usher who saved lives. the senate prepares for a health care vote. a new version of the health care bill was unveiled moments ago.
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welcome back. time now for your morning primer, everything you need to
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know to get your day started. we begin with anthony weiner his sentencing begins in about 30 minutes. he pled guilty to a federal obsenity charge after sexting with a 15-year-old girl. he faces up to two years in prison. a significant shove military force. u.s. bombers and fighter jets flew across the waters just east of north korea on saturday. it is the first time this century that u.s. war planes flew so close to the country. after shocks in mexico after last week's deadly earthquake. nbc news confirmed a totally of 320 people have died in mexico city. emergency workers are still digging through the rubble looking for survivors. and you go girl. german chancellor angela merkel won her fourth straight term in office sunday. she faced opposition to nationalist, anti-immigrant party that will sit in german parliament for the first time in 50 years. finally former president barack obama will deliver a
6:32 am
keynote address at cantor fitzgerald health care conference in new york later today. this one was a wow. he's expected to earn 400 grand for this speech. cantor fitzgerald. and a tennessee man turned the volume up for this is being charged with first degree murder after a deadly shooting at a church on sunday. police say 25-year-old emanuel sampson wore a maverick when he walked into a church. are police aware of any motive for this attack? >> reporter: at this point, no. there is no clear motive for why this happened. now sampson did have an overnight court appearance and in court documents that were released he confessed to police he came here to the church around 11:00 yesterday, waited in the parking lot and then opened fire killing one woman and injuring six others. there is a shot out window. police tape has been taken down
6:33 am
since yesterday. but he did go into the church injuring those six people. what happened next is interesting. a 22-year-old usher named caleb engel confronted sampson. he was pistol whipped by sampson. they struggled. sampson shot himself with his own gun. at that point engel ran back out into the parking lot, got his own gun from the car and held sampson until police arrived. the fbi and urs attorney's office here have opened a civil rights investigation. however, they have not indicated why they have opened that specific investigation. the woman who was killed was 39-year-old melanie smith crow. she leaves behind six children. the two others that were injured one in critical. the other five are stable. >> coming up the deadline for the senate to pass an obamacare repeal reconciliation looms.
6:34 am
why are they unveiling a new version today trying to win some new votes. that's next. but first last week we told you about the growing controversy surrounding tom price's use of charter planes. well john oliver found something from price's past that some find even more offensive. he may have paid $25,000 for that trip. which is disgraceful. i mean it's not disgraceful as this actual mustache that he used to have but still absolutely unforgivable. i should take a closer look at geico... you know, geico can help you save money on your homeowners insurance too? great! geico can help insure our mountain chalet! how long have we been sawing this log? um, one hundred and fourteen years. man i thought my arm would be a lot more jacked by now. i'm not even sure this is real wood. there's no butter in this churn. do my tris look okay? take a closer look at geico.
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welcome back. i'm stephanie ruhle. the finance committee is slated to hold a hearing this afternoon on republicans latest health care proposal and updated version on the cassidy bill. includes more benefits for alaska and hopes to entice senator mu rx osky. reps can only afford to lose two. we know john mccain is out. rand paul has come out against the bill. where do we stand? >> reporter: they can only afford to lose two. rand paul has fundamental issues with this bill. he said he would vote for it if it don't have the block grants in it.
6:39 am
the block grants are this bill. you can keep ran paul in the no column. john mccain put out a statement on friday saying that this is just too important to do without democrats on board. that's not changing either. john mccain is going to be a solid no as we learned last time around. there's not a republican in the united states of america who has the ability to lean on john mccain when he wants to be a no. that leaves a couple of senators on fence who will decide the fate of this thing. while there's a lot in this bill that seems to be targeting lisa measure kos ski's vote out of alaska. i'm watching susan collin. she said it would be difficult to envision a situation where she could vote for this bill. her issues like rand paul are fundamental. she doesn't like idea of monkeying around with medicaid without the democrats involved. she doesn't like they are doing this one hearing. if she stays in that no column
6:40 am
all of these tweak, changes to try to get lisa measure kos ski back on board may just be too little too late. rand paul, john mccain, susan collins who agree on very little i would think across the board but could be the three votes to kill this thing. we could know as early as today. susan collins said she's waiting to see the cbo score. that could be the final no for this thing. >> i need my panel to weigh in on this. >> it's odd. seems to me no cbo score, no serious debate. there's nothing in this process that suggests that this is fundamentally different, this legislation is fundamentally different than what preceded it. you said entice senator mu rx osky. >> that's how politics work. you can be democrats or
6:41 am
republicans, but that's how obamacare passed. >> one sixth of the economy that's not animated by fundamentally ensuring everyone has genuine health care. >> if obamacare did it wrong this is the opportunity to do it right. >> this san issue -- there are aspect of the bill, the conservative i am that i like. i am mystified why rand paul would be against block grants giving more power to the states is presumably the federalists, small government, libertarian position. it has the advantage this was pointed out in a very good piece from phil clinton is of the "washington examiner" and the "new york times" there's a lot to be said for devolving a lot of our health care debate to the states because otherwise it will be incredibly divisive and have these battles forever. the point, mccain's point on process is extremely important. the problem that i always have with obamacare is that it was not sufficiently bipartisan effort in order to be long
6:42 am
standing. this would be the same problem for the cassidy bill. >> wouldn't it be wise to let the september 30th date pass. if you worked with democrats and republicans you might have a better shot of getting 60 than 50 in a few days. >> it becomes difficult when your donors are telling you we want repeal and replace right now. that's the motivation. we need a within right now as opposed to fundamentally grappling with the question of health care. there's a reason why, i'm a single payer guy. not an aca guy. there's a reason why obama process wasn't as bipartisan. it wasn't because he didn't reach across the aisle. there were literally efforts to resist working with them. >> all right. we got to go to one more story before break. politico broke it yesterday. president trump's son-in-law and senior adviser jared kushner used private e-mail for white house official business. the in a statement kushner said
6:43 am
there were fewer 100 emails sent to this account and all nonpersonal emails was sent to the white house. >> it exposes a certain level of hypocrisy. the larger issue here is when you have your own son-in-law, such an important adviser who is unifierable and political neo-fight titus to coin a word. >> unless robert mueller nails him to the wall. >> this is part of the problem. the incredible amateur hour in this administration. there's absolutely this hypocritical element, an administration that holds itself to no account that it sets for others. >> hypocritical not criminal. >> yes. just seems like a gaggle of hypocrites. >> i need private jets to get from d.c. to philadelphia so i
6:44 am
can be man of the people. >> yeah. >> next much more on those nfl protests. if you think players on the field made a mistake in standing up against the anthem find out why they did it, what they took a knee for, what's the real story. we'll be speaking to a information nfl player. but first two separate nfl games yesterday. we saw the players choose -- excuse me we saw performers join in the protest. in tennessee the voice runner up and her guitarist took a knee while in detroit, one took a knee and raised his fist. have you seen anything like this? never like this.
6:45 am
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welcome back. i'm stephanie ruhle. trying to give you a little history and perspective on this one. president trump doubling down on his attacks against the nfl players who refused to stand during the national anthem but the truth is for much of the nfl's history players were not
6:49 am
required to be on the sidelines when the star spannigl banner w played. what's unclear the move by nfl had something to do with the paid patriotism. the pentagon paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to teams as part of a marketing strategy to help boost recruitment. just last year nfl announced it would reimburse u.s. taxpayers more than 720 grand after senators john mccain and jeff flake revealed the pentagon had paid up to $6.8 million to both professional and college sports teams for patriotic displays and performances at games. joining me now is former nfl player jack brewer. an ambassador and spokesperson for the national association of police athletic leagues and the executive chairman of the brewer group. first the president is arguing
6:50 am
that if you don't stand for the flag you don't stand for america. what do you make of that argument that he's trying to make? >> first, let's start the conversation with what it is. the president of the united states of america of america ad crowd in alabama and called and gnashed the football league players, son, community leaders, sons of bitches. last week six players took a knee. this week several players took a knee and represented this country. the president and his words were disgraceful. it's offensive. it's offensive to those guys' family. the national football league and its players are the biggest patriots we have in our country. any time there's any type of crisis, i'm in houston right now helping to do relief work. any time things happen in our country, the national football league and its players are the
6:51 am
first ones to come out to support americans. so this debate to me makes no sense. it is someone's right whether or not they participate in the election. i'm so glad that you're covering this. you made the point because i've been saying this and people just don't understand. when i play in the nfl, we didn't come out for the national anthem most of the time. so to try to start displaying "the national anthem" as something fans are there to watch, it is ridiculous. the football players are there to play football and the fans are there to watch the game. no one is there to make a big deal over "the national anthem." s the ridiculous. >> the president referred to these players as sons of bitches. and a couple weeks ago as the neo nazi rally, he said some of theme are fine people. well, some nfl owners and coaches who supported trump during the election, i mean, millions of dollars in support are coming out against him. we know rex ryan has called the president's comments appalling.
6:52 am
we know that bob kraft who is president trump's home boy, he said great things about the president over and over, he said how massively disappointed he is. what do you make of that? do you think there's any fallout? >> of course there's fallout. he crossed the line. and he's trying to now change the conversation and we're talking about, you know, patriotism and whether or not you respect the flag. these players respect the flag. they respect this country. and we all know that. and it's displayed each and every sunday. it's displayed by their character and the work in the community. i mean, we should be talking about these poor folks down here outside of houston who still need clean water. we need to be talking about our territory down in puerto rico where folks don't have any resources, no electricity. i mean, this is america and we're talking about someone, whether or not they want to participate in "the national anthem." and i'll make one more point, these players are protesting, i
6:53 am
don't like to call it protesting because they are not protesting. >> they are standing up for social -- >> no doubt. no doubt. i mean, how can you see this any other way? >> thank you so much for joining me today. i want to point out, the president going after steph curry insighting lebron james. lebron james called the president a bum. sports are supposed to bring people together and this is where we are right now. this has to stop. we have to stand up together here. jack, thank you so much for joining me this morning. and speaking of protests, i want you to see this picture, president trump says if you're taking a knee, you don't defend our country. brandon gilmore tweeted this picture of his 97-year-old world war ii veteran. he's taking a knee in support of the nfl players who did the same. same quote, those kids have every right to protest. say what you will about colin kaepernick. think about this, a 97-year-old world war ii vet. think about it.
6:54 am
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hey you've gotta see this. cno.n. alright, see you down there. mmm, fine. okay, what do we got? okay, watch this. do the thing we talked about. what do we say? it's going to be great. watch. remember what we were just saying? go irish! see that? yes! i'm gonna just go back to doing what i was doing. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. before we go, i did not want to forget talking about this. an important op-ed that is entitled "the dying art of disagreement." you say sometimes we need to shut up and listen. >> in order to disagree well, you need to understand well. in order to understand well, you have to shut up and listen. one of the things, i had an education and great books, and you learn every great book is
6:58 am
really a spectacular disagreement with the great book that came before it, law disagrees with hobbs and so on. but the point is that these people, the quality of their disagreement was based on profound understanding of what someone else is saying. >> you are talking about people that want respect. and college campuses, for example, who don't want to hear from those spewing lies or hate, isn't there an argument to be made? >> i think at the heart -- because i agree with the basic premise. at the heart of the disagreement you're talking about is trust. that i'm willing to risk myself in my engagement with you. so that i can become a learner. >> that's about trust and respect. these are two things we're missing. >> the issue here is understanding and if necessary exposure. we have done such a service to the ann coulters. you can listen and you can dismiss and we would be much
6:59 am
more smarter doing things like this. >> he brings up a great point, putting fingers in your ears doesn't make anyone smarter or better. >> i don't think the folks are doing that. but there was a book written called "the open society and its enemies." and he's talking about talking with tolerant speech. it can lead to undermining the value of tolerance. because what people are doing is taking advantage of our commitments in order to spew bile. >> the tolerant society diffuses intolerance by simply exposing it for what it is. >> it becomes very difficult on a university campus, particularly with vulnerable communities there. >> well, i think that universities should be safe spaces for thought, not from thought. >> i agree completely. >> well, there you go. we are going to end with an agreement. i love having you both on. eddie bret, thank you.
7:00 am
i'm stephanie ruhle. see you at 11:00 a.m. more news coming up with my colleague who i can live with, agree with and disagree with. she loves the philadelphia eagles. >> how did that game go yesterday? >> i can't hear you. >> we'll come back at 11:00 to have more of the discussion. thank you very much. good morning to all you monday morning quarterbacks with plenty to talk about today. and so does the president, tweeting g enthis morning after setting off a firestorm by suggesting nfl owners should fire or suspend players who don't stand during the national anthem. what is happening on the sidelines of the sports world is now front and center in the political universe as republicans try for their own hail mare on health care. they are trying to repeal and replace obamacare with president obama throwing a red flag of his own now before the inauguration to tackle fake news. we're getting a new report this morning about what he asked


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