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tv   First Look  MSNBC  September 26, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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tonight as we start off a new week. thank you for being with us. good night from nbc news headquarters in new york. an escalating war of words. north korea is calling president trump's latest threat a war of words. the white house says it's abs d absurd. could the last-ditch effort to replace and repeal obamacare be dead. susan collins. been nearly a week since hurricane maria made landfall in puerto rico. some say the u.s. territory is being forgotten. good morning, everyone. it's tuesday september 26.
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i'm a.m. ayman mohyeldin. we begin with the latest. yesterday outside the millennial hilton hotel across from it will united nations here in new york city, north korean's foreign minister said the united states has declared war on his country and to expect counter measures.
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the white house meanwhile says this is not the case. >> we've not declared war on north korea. frankly the suggestion of that is absurd. it's never appropriate for a country to shoot down another country's aircraft over international waters. our goal is the same. we continue to seek the peaceful denuclearization of north korea. doing that through both the maximum and diplomatic pressures as possible at this point. >> national security adviser hr mcmaster is also defending the
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president's comments. trump's rhetoric is driving kim jong-un closer to war. we cannot completely discount that possibility. >> let's go to beijing china. janice, good to talk to you this morning. we have both china and so you recollect vowing there will be no fighting on the korean peninsula. seems as though we are heading in that direction. >> we have to bear in mind that north korea has a history of accusing the u.s. of declarations of war. they've done so in the past in reaction to economic sanctions, military exercises, and other measures. there's also unfortunately a precedent for shooting down u.s. aircraft. they've done so twice since the end of the korean war. what has seasoned analysts and diplomats worried right now is
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this constant sparring and the threat of miscalculation that it creates. south korea has been asking for a level headed response. they say accidents in the region right now could spiral out of control. it is important to note these are words. they are comments. there has been no change in posture. the u.s. continues to use diplomatic measures as tools. the question of course is can there be a dull mad us exit. kim jong-un has weapons and wants to be a nuclear state. the u.s. refuses to accept north korea as a nuclear state. add in china growing increasingly alarmed at this point, they're saying there could be no military option that is viable and that war on the peninsula would produce no winner. yaz min. >> thank you. meanwhile back at home, president trump is facing
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criticism. >> the president of the united states, i hate to see him giving all platform to kim jong-un. kim jong-un is a bully. i don't think he's going to ever do any of these things. anything he does has a return address so he must know that it's bad news for his people. should he do anything, the president of the united states shouldn't be engaged in that tit for tat with someone as dreadful as he is. >> comments come on the heels of la times report. repeatedly warned him not to deliver a personal attack on kim jong-un. as the insult on the u.n. stage could irreparably escalate tensions and shut off any chance for negotiations. new overnight from the middle east. three israeli border police were killed this morning about 11 miles northwest of jerusalem. israel police released this photo of the fun. we're told the alleged attacker,
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37-year-old palestinian was also killed. officials say he entered through an employee entrance and once inside he opened fire on the guards, killing three and injuring another. puerto rico continues to reel from hurricane maria, president trump decided to hone in on the islands financial problems. the president comes under fire for talking more about flags and football than the devastation in puerto rico. last night tweeted texas and florida are doing great. puerto rico which was already suffering from broken infrastructure and massive debt is in deep trouble. it's old electrical grid which was in terrible shape was devastated. much of the islands was destroyed. with billions of dollars owed to the banks. food water and medical are top priorities. those remarks came moments after interview with hillary clinton aired on msnbc. >> he clearly doesn't want to talk about puerto rico. you know, what more than 3.5
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american citizens along with the u.s. virgin islands not interested, doesn't say a word about it. now fema is down there. i've called on them to send the navy particularly the naval hospital ship called u.s. comfort. i really think that would be a big help. we don't hear a word. we don't hear anybody high up in the administration. you don't hear from the vice president or anybody else. so he doesn't think that has any political relevance and it certainly is not personally important. >> meanwhile this eerie nighttime photo from space shows puerto rico before and after hurricane maria knocked out photo. the photo on the bottom shows the island completely in the dark. tonight will be the seventh knight without any electricity on the island. hear what the governor thinks about the response when he joins morning joe for a live interview later this morning. joining now, jackie good to talk to you this morning. i know you returned from puerto
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rico late last night. talk to us about what you saw. >> there's really very little sense of normalcy on the ground. we were driving around the streets of old san juan. no people. every once in a while you see pockets of people wondering around and managed to find a cell signal to call home. some have not talked to families yet to let them know they're okay. in terms of devastation, we landed at an airport near san juan and one hanger just completely destroyed. large chunks of metal all over the road. trees up ended. some of the worst consequences are things that can't immediately be seen, the lack of water: the lack of power. coast guard officials down there helping to provide security. they told us people are stealing generators out of their neighbors backyards in the middle of the night to be able to have some power. >> let me ask you about the recovery efforts particularly coming from capitol hill like we saw after harvey and irma.
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we saw congress come together to pass emergency funding for that relief effort. what do you think it's going to take to get a similar deal for the people of puerto rico in their recovery efforts? is this you think going to be an afterthought in washington. >> the at large representatives for puerto rico and virgin islands definitely expressed concern that because puerto rico is not a state, it's not going to get the same attention from congress. so they're working right now to put together a coalition of lawmakers who either have large puerto rico constituency particularly the delegations from new york and florida or people who have a personal interest in puerto rico to really be the voice for this cause on capitol hill. senator marco rubio from florida is expected to be a part of that. also on our trip yesterday. he said he expects congress to deal with the funding package for both hurricanes irma irma and maria later this month. still to be seen because of the debt crisis puerto rico has been
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in, looking at more than just a one time bailout here. >> hard to imagine 3.5 americans not getting help they need for relief. in washington, d.c. thank you very much. the last ditch republican effort to pass a health care bill appears to have collapsed yesterday evening senator susan collins of maine announced her opposition to the bill. sweeping reforms to our health care system and medicaid can't be done well in compressed time frame. this after senator john mccain said he opposed the process in which the reforms were being made. senator rand paul affirmed his opposition to the substance of the bill. >> my opinion from the get go on this particular bill t graham-cassidy bill, it's fake repeal. the end repeal would be food fight over the formula every time one party takes over. >> this as the congressional budget office released a
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preliminary bill. ten year period the legislation would reduce the deficit by $133 billion. people with comprehensive health insurance that covers high cost medical events would be reduced by millions. protesters disrupted a hearing of the senate finance committee. chanting against custom medicaid. would be lower due to large reducti reductions. according to the objection. despite the odds against them. cosponsor lindsey graham said he had not given up yet. >> we're going to press on and it's okay to sloet. it's okay to fall short if you do. >> last night president trump continued to focus blame for health care's failure on senator john mccain. tweeting a six and a half minute compilation of the video. the many clips talking about john mccain repealing and replacing obamacare. my has he changed complete change of years of talk. earlier slammed mccain during a
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radio interview. >> we have 52 senators. so you lose two, you're out. when i ran, i was told i would have a bill on my desk and sign it day one. what mccain has done is a tremendous slap in the face of the republican party. that's the only reason we don't have it is because of john mccain. >> as the president trump's sharp condemnation over professional athletes during the national anthem continues, the white house is doubling down in the defense of the president's criticism. demonstrations continued last night as arizona cardinals along with opponents dallas cowboys linked arms with teammates during the national anthem in a show of unity. cardinals were also joined by members of the military for the display. ahead of the anthem, cowboys joined by the team's owner took a knee in a repeat of demonstration scene across the league just one day before. the move was met with boos from
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the arizona crowd. after the game jones said he believed the move was not a departure from previous comments in which he said he would not protests during the anthem. continued to weigh in on the matter yesterday in a series of tweets. the president stated the issue has nothing to do with race. it is about respect for our country, flag and national anthem. nfl must respect this. tremendous backlash against the nfl and players for disrespect of our country. hashtag stand for our anthem. president also disputed report that chief of staff is not happy over clash with proathlete writing general john kelly totally agrees with my stance on nfl players and the fact that they should not be disrespecting or flag our great country. the white house reiterated stance over the protest. >> this isn't about the president being against anyone, but this is about the president and millions of americans being
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for something. being for honoring or flag. honoring or national anthem and honoring the men and women who fought to defend it. >> still generating a lot of debate across the country. still ahead. was it fake news. multiple outlets are claiming iran's missile test may not have actually happened. later reported that jared kushner used private e-mail for white house business. might not be alone. turns out five other advisers may have been doing the same thing. those stories and a check on your weather when we come back.
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missile test never actually happened. according to fox news the video footage showed a launch that took place back in january. saturday president trump criticized alleged missile launch on twitter. news comes at a time when trump is expected to announce whether the united states will remain in the iran nuclear deal. criticized agreement in the speech. the supreme court will no longer hear arguments in two cases relating to president trump's travel ban. decision to cancel the scheduled october 10 proceedings comes after the trump administration unveiled update to order on sunday signed actually just hours before the original ban was set to expire. the new order which takes affect on october 18 keeps or updates restrictions on five of the six nations included in his original order including iran, libya, somalia, syria and yemen. while lifting restrictions on one country. sudan. also blocks the issuance of all visas from north korea, suspends all immigrant visas from chad and africa and blocked visas
2:19 am
from government officials on business or tourist travel from venezuela. the court has asked all sides to file a new breach by october 5 regarding the most recent travel proclamation. >> get a check on your whether now with nbc meteorologist bill karins. hurricane maria approaching the outer banks. going to get a little bit close and also have a heat wave, late september heat wave in new york. not complaining about that. >> you know what's coming behind that. also images to show you of puerto rico. let me show you the island. we went into the storm. before and after picture. taken at night show you what the island looks like. this is when the lights are on. san juan as wow would expect. see a couple of other cities here. you see a couple of hot spots. areas that have generators like
2:20 am
hospitals or whatever. most of the middle of the island does not. side by side comparison of where there was power and what it looks like now. estimate only 10% of the island has power. record heat over the past weekend. yesterday was 91 degrees and unfortunately we're going to do it again today. these are close to averages. just most people are used to going through this type of weather with air-conditions. worry about the elderly and sick in conditions like this. san juan cool off a little bit by friday. many other areas of the north coast similar. southern coast is cooler. as far as the forecast goes, we did mention the heat from chicago to st. louis. near record heat if not record heat today in the great lakes. last day if you love the summertime heat in the great lakes, today is your day. last hoo rawrah. right now is the latest forecast path.
2:21 am
5:00 a.m. add advisory. 75-mile-per-hour winds today. weakens to a tropical storm. 200 miles off the coast. just close enough for fringe affects. nothing too bad. tropical storm warnings all the way down. winds are going to be around 50-60-mile-per-hour. storm surge is 2-4 feet. minor impact. area of the country that gets hit all the time. for them, this is just kind of like maybe they do this two or three times a year. either winter storms or tropical season. they're going to make out okay. just beach problems with erosion. >> i think we all share your sentiments. can't wait to stop hearing about the tropics. >> after we're done with maria in two days, no signs of anything forming for five to seven days. >> looking at satellite image, reminds me of when the northeast blacked out. we didn't have any disruption or anything like that, it was 24
2:22 am
hours that it lasted. image that in puerto rico. i'll keep updating and once a week show you that image. >> hope it brightens up every time. >> good idea bill. judge makes history in the bronx while the cubs keep on delivering and this time it was natch owes. sports is next, everyone. chos. sports is next, everyone. kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin kevin trusted advice for life. kevin, how's your mom? life well planned. see what a raymond james financial advisor can do for you.
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looking to avenge last week's beating by denver. dallas would answer just before the half. dak prescott takes it in himself from the ten yard line. prescott continued to shine throwing a pair of touchdown. broke a 14-14 tie earlier in the fourth. cowboys never looked back after that. running back eseek yell capped off. just the fifth player in yank history to hit 50 homers in
2:26 am
a season. joining the likes of babe ruth, alex rodriguez, not a bad class to be a part of there. let's go to st. louis. a cheese sy ending to a play by the cubs. chases a foul ball into the stands and comes out covered in natch owe cheese. look at his hand. cho cheese. look at his hand. the cubs beat the cardinals 10-2. dropping the number. >> would it be awkward if he started licking his arm when he walked away. >> i wouldn't blame him for it. >> i'm a little hungry. >> thanks for that, louis. still ahead at a campaign rally last night, roy moore pulled out the big guns, literally. we'll explain what happened. north korean crisis esk lates.
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welcome back. sit the bottom of the hour. let's start with the the morning's top stories. following a developing story overnight. officials saying three israeli border police were killed in the west bank settlement. we're told the alleged attacker was also killed. officials say he entered through an employee entrance and once
2:31 am
inside he opened fire on the guards there. >> supreme court says they will no longer argue cases in two cases relating to travel ban. decision to cancel the decision comes after the trump administration unveiled update to order on sunday. all sides must file new breach by october 5. last ditch republican effort to replace health care bill appears to have collapsed. announced opposition to bill. collins decision comes after similar ones by john mccain and rand paul. despite the odds of getting the bill passed in the first place. cosponsor lindsey graham says he's not giving up. now back to top story, north korea's foreign minister speaking outside the yienunited nations says the united states has declared war on his country
2:32 am
. meanwhile, white house press secretary sara huckabee sanders is hitting back at allegations saying quote, we have not declared war on north korea and calling the suggestion absurd. joining us live, janice, good to have you back with us. let's talk about north korean foreign minister here. saying his country now has every right to shoot down american bombers. we know they've been flying them very close to the border. although in international airspace. even if they are not inside north korea's airspace, are they potentially at risk here?
2:33 am
janice macky fray er. y frayer. what worries seasoned analysts and diplomats is the territory we're in now. the volley, verbal assaults are becoming personal. they say the risk of miscalculation is edging uncomfortably higher. south korea is also asking for a level headed response. because they say an accident in the region at this point could see things spiral very quickly. away we need to remember at this point is that they are words. they are just comments at this point. the posture on neither side has changed.
2:34 am
north korea wants to be recognized as a nuclear state. that's not something the u.s. is going to do. china is trying to urge restraint. saying this is a dangerous time and war on the peninsula will really yield no winner. ayman. >> live in beijing, thank you. new polling shows a majority of americans disapprove of president trump's handling of the situation with north korea. according to a cbs news poll, 59% see north korea's weapon program as a threat that can be contained for now. 33% believe the situation requires military action. overall, 53% of americans say they disapprove of the way the president is handling the situation with north korea compared to 39% who approve. if you break it down by party line, only 12% of democrats approve of president trump's handolo
2:35 am
handling of the situation. now on the republican side, 79% approve. 17% disapprove. the cbs news poll also finds that just over half of all americans feel president trump is making u.s. image in the world weaker rather than stronger. up six points since april. go back to washington now. joining us once again. let's talk about north korea with the president claiming that kim jong-un won't be around for much longer in a tweet that he sent out. now north korea saying that is a declaration of war. of course we're very used to the president's tweet stirring up controversial here. can we take this as a policy position. >> it's a really interesting question. every time the president speaks, that's significant and we should be paying attention. at the same time, these things are typically not done on twitter feed. it opens up really interesting issues. we saw this when the president announced the dod transgender ban. the pentagon said we don't know
2:36 am
what to do with the tweet. we need some sort of guidance. in this case there could be detrimental affects if north korea shoots down an american bomber, going to provoke some response from the u.s. >> i know you covered the pentagon. obviously very plugged in there. give us a sense if you feel based on your sources, your reporting, your contacts. negotiations and sanctions are the only way to go here. do you see any other options involving the military. what are you hearing from the president's generals. >> i think there's absolutely military option. i think there always has been a military option. depending on a plan for everything. most agree that is not the best path forward and that negotiations and sanctions should absolutely be the first priority. we heard defense secretary mathis say we are never out of diplomatic solutions. that should be the way we try to go.
2:37 am
let's turn to a developing story we first reported on yesterday. more white house advisers have used private e-mail accounts to discuss government matters. six of the president's closest advisers have occasionally used private accounts. includes jared kushner, former chief strategist steve bannon, exchief of staff, reince priebus, economic adviser gary cohe
2:38 am
cohen. they've been instructed to use government e-mail for official business and only use that e-mail. >> in response to "new york times" story t white house repeated that guidance and added quote, they are further instructed that if they receive work-related communication on personal accounts, they should be forwarded to official e-mail accounts. nbc is awaiting a comment on whether any classified material was sent or received on a personal account. kushner's lawyer said he preserved the private e-mail by forwarding to official account. white house would not commit to releasing e-mails. yesterday former democratic nominee hillary clinton she went in. the hypocrisy of this administration who knew there was no real scandal. who knew that there was, you know, basis for all their hyper ventilating. republican members of congress who politicized the deaths in benghazi.
2:39 am
we're finding with the latest revelation they didn't mean any of it. it's the height of hypocrisy. if they were sincere, you would have the republican members of congress calling for an investigation. >> but last night republican house oversight committee chair joined in giving the white house two weeks to identify officials and provide accounts and cell phone numbers that they used. coming up next, joe and mika speak with the times reporter who broke this story. "washington post" is reporting that russia bought ads on facebook to show sophisticated understanding. targeting users based on political and demographic leanings to send contrary messages to black lives matter or other ways like highlights support for hillary clinton among muslim women. paper sights people familiar with the influence campaign. this comes after earlier reporting from the post about
2:40 am
what facebook and the government knew about russian operatives using the powerful social media platform during the election. reported monday facebook detected elements in june 2016. and then notified the fbi and that facebook even contacted the fbi a second time after finding more evidence of shadowy accounts. let's turn to alabama where voters head to the polls today to pick the republican senate nominee there in what has become a proxy war of trump's base. luther strange yesterday as former white house chief strategist joined moore. moore denounced attack ads and brandished a handgun on stage. >> been very hard for my wife and myself to wither two, nearly three months of negative ads. that we couldn't answer with money because we didn't have it.
2:41 am
ads that were completely false. i don't believe in the second amendment. i believe in the second amendment. >> well, that's a new strategy. earlier in the day president trump distanced himself for more who has led in a public polling. former congressman anthony weiner has been sentenced to two years in prison for sectioning with a 15-year-old girl. sobbed as the judge handed down the 21 month sentence. prosecutors had asked for 21-27 months. i was a very sick man for a long time. i had a disease. i had no excuse. this is his third time for being exposed for sectioning. first and last teenage victim. soon to be ex-wife was not in the courtroom, but did write a letter asking for leniency on
2:42 am
behalf of their son, describing the 53-year-old as a good dad. this will investigation also rocked the 2016 presidential campaign when officials found e-mails forwarded from aberdeen on the laptop. announced jerome e ed james co reopening the investigation. weiner must report to prison by november 6. dire scene growing worse by the day. residents in puerto rico struggle to get basic necessities there. imminent humanitarian crisis in the wake of hurricane maria.
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2:46 am
water. firsthand look at the scope of the devastation. >> reporter: when maria roared on shore, puerto rico's southeast corner endured the first impact. in the coastal town, they lost the roof off her home and small business blue away entirely. >> many of us, we don't have a lot of money. that will take us a long time to recover from the things we lost. >> now t hunt is on here for the basics. this woman snagging water from the side of a mountain. everything is destroyed she said. with mangled power lines everywhere and eye popping lines at gas station, people feel paralyzed and disconnected. sat light images show the island before maria and after. now almost totally in the dark. no cell service either. this woman hasn't been able to reach her family. when offered a satellite phone. she tells them she's all right, but her 95-year-old grandfather
2:47 am
passed away during the storm. san juan packed as they tried to escape on few commercial flights. u.s. military delivering humanitarian aides by air and sea. the marines are here. marines are landing. >> rushing to help clear roads. >> this will not happen overnight. this is going to be a marathon. >> in northwest puerto rico engineers inspecting a major dam after finding a crack. tha thankfully so far it is holding. pastor runs this massive church his father built and maria r ripped apart. >> see it destroyed in just a few hours is really sad. we are a church of hope. we are going to rebuild. >> rebuilding will take time for an island in crisis and in need. gabe gutierrez, nbc news. puerto rico. >> certainly good to see people have hope there.
2:48 am
want to turn to meteorologist. hard to complain about the weather here when you see so much devastation happening down there in puerto rico. >> i think we turned the page yesterday. over the weekend and monday felt like we were shouting into the wind about how dire it was in puerto rico. all the governors know, the congress, president, so now it's just up tow what they can do and hopefully congress gets involved. >> they said they may wait until october. see if we can get that sped up a little bit. as far as what's left of maria. hurricane ever since it intensified and slammed into puerto rico. now it's going to brush by the outer banks. about 36 hour event. glow like a nor'easter type storm. winds coming out of northeast. they can deal with this. minor wind problems. isolated power outages. 2-4 foot storm surge. overwash and highway 12 at one
2:49 am
point or two will have to close down and then open back up. almost like when it snows in the winter time. have to plow the sand off the road. seas will be quite the scene too. 20 foot waves off the coast. right off the beaches, 15-20 foot waves. it looks impressive. it's a hurricane just off the coast. forecast path. not a direct hit. it's about 150 miles to 200 miles off the outer banks. that's why it's just a balancing blow. the other weather story has been the incredible heat. record heat two days in the a row through the great lakes and northern new england. that's where it's the most extreme. cooler weather, fall chill is through the west. now moving through the northern plains. last day for the summer heat and great lakes. much cooler. 30 degrees cooler by the time we get to upcoming weekend. for today, near record if not record heat. little rock still above normal. same with atlanta. usually not this warm.
2:50 am
81 in boston yesterday. could be in the mid 80s. charlotte at 91. we finally do cool off by the time we get to weekend. new york city 68 on saturday. chicago 68 on saturday too. that will feel liketoo. >> that will feel how it should. you can get on with fall activities and think of the pumpkins. >> you can't get a ice pumpkin latte? >> not anymore. official end of summer still ahead, global markets are seeing red. president trump declares north korea is declaring war. >> the tweets over pyongyang, details an those driving your business day next. (hard exhalation) honey? can we do this tomorrow? (grunts of effort) can we do this tomorrow? if you have heart failure symptoms, your risk of hospitalization could increase, making tomorrow uncertain. but entresto is a medicine that was proven,
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is. >> wall street's slide on monday and the second largest discount retailer in the u.s. is set to read its minimum wage for workers. nbc's dillon marsh joins us, what's the latest open the round of tensions with north korea and how it is affecting trade sentiment today? >> we've seen asian marks under pressure today t. japanese nikkei was a third of one percent. the kospi was down a quarter of a percent it's on a safe haven,
2:54 am
gold tended to do quite well out of pyongyang and in washington even tow prices jumped overnight. we seen them stablize recently. when it comes to targets, it's wages, they will increase army wages from $10 per hour to 11. there has been a wage war in wal-mart and target warmer also could increase. >> twitter is finally responding to why they removed president trump's tweet on forth korean leaders not being around much longer, what do they say? ? right. they want to treat the weekend. they are against twitter's few guideline. the company has been explaining
2:55 am
why it has not been suspended. they is have not done a dpra it job so far. the tweet is newsworthy. they have not published the parts. twitter claims all users are held to the same standards, but i would not be a journalist that you threaten violence against a north dictator any time soon. >> thanks so much. all right, coming up next, ""morning joe,"" more on the humanitarian crisis in puerto rico. residents struggle to get access to food, water and fuel, nearly a week after that storm t. governor will give an update on the recovery effort and what the federal government needs to do to help the island bounce back plus, senate republicans deal with a lethal blow to their health care efforts. plus republican governor john kasich is calling for an end on
2:56 am
partisanship on fixing health care and offering a bipartisan blue print to do so. "morning joe" just minutes away.
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welcome back, everybody, let's get a check on the stories you will be hearing about in the day ahead. >> as we have been telling you about. residents in alabama will head to vote in a special election to fill attorney general jeff session's seat. a new polling suggest itself roy moore has a strong lead over luther australian him who has had the support of president trump. >> president trump will welcome the prime minister of spa into the white house today. they are expected to hold a press conference this afternoon before he heads to new york city. he will attend an events and fundraising dinner. >> that does it for us, "morning joe" starts right now. >> good morning. it is tuesday, september 26th and welcome to "morning joe." >> how are you doing today? >> well, president trump's tweets are back in the spotlight this morning as he continues to
3:00 am
stoke controversy and some big national security concerns in 140 characters. over the weekend the president tweeted about a ballistic missile test conducted by iran. >> this just proves everything he has said about iran and if they are really test firing a ballistic missile. >> it now seems he was pushing fake news. the president was pushing. >> what? >> fake news. >> that missile test never happened. >> but he tweeted. >> but the president reacted to it nonetheless because he can't help himself and he doesn't tell anybody around him before he tweets, therefore, looks rather dumb. >> let's stop for a second. that's a tease. i mean. >> that's a tease, we'll talk about it later. we have to talk about health care being bad and all of his people having private e-mail servers as well. >> mike barnacle. >> it's not a laugh line. guys. i'm sorry. >> they're not laughing about it


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