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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  September 26, 2017 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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care seemed to go south, so are we, literally, to the deep south. where the polls have open in the last little bit in alabama where there's a reasonoff and a republican rift. with our team live there this morning on why this is generating big-time national interest. and to talk about this, we have the head of the republican party, ronna romney mcdaniel is joining us later in the show. then don't forget what is happening in puerto rico because hans nichols is embedded with u.s. marines to fly out with concerns for a mass exodus of people leaving the island. millions trying to escape with no food, water, electricity, no way to get in touch with the mainland and new questions about the president's response. as is the norm, we are looking at a busy 60 minutes on this network with kasie hunt on capitol hill to kick it off for us. kasie, seems like this is shaping up to be a pretty difficult day for mitch mcconnell.
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>> reporter: i think that is an understatement. i think it is turning out to be a rough day potentially for mitch mcconnell but for the republican party as a whole. the senate republicans have to decide -- >> kasie is having a little bit of audio problems there with her microphone. no problem, we'll get that fixed for her over on capitol hill as we wait for speaker house ryan. and we'll wait to see president donald trump at the white house where my friend and colleague peter alexander is on the north lawn. peter, we know we're going to see the president at the news conference later on today with the president of spain. he might talk health care but he hasn't talked a ton about health care lately. a little less engaged it seems this time around. >> yeah, no, i think that is right. kasie's mike is not working but the president has a big microphone in terms of twitter and was using that attacking the republican senators, specifically john mccain in personal terms showing examples
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of mccain promising to repeal and replace obamacare and attacking him for the republicans failure including husband assertion to vote no on this latest incarnation of the effort to replace obamacare. the graham/cassidy bill. because of mccain, rand paul and susan collins appeared to show it would fail. i hear a big whistle behind us. that is rare on the north white house lawn, but he has been talking about tax reform instead. i just spoke to a dinner guest who was here for that conversation with the president last night. and the president focused heavily on tax reform to say that he was optimistic that the house would be able to pass its tax reform legislation by october. that the senate could do it by the end of this year, by the end of december. that is an ambitious outlook. and it requires a lot of things to happen before they get to that point. but the president again with a meeting momentarily taking place here at the white house heavily
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focusing on tax reform. in fact, the white house has not mapped out what its strategy is going forward on health care. >> peter, somebody for whom this latest it ration of the bill is named for, bill cassidy, was talking this morning with politico and asked about the way forward. that seems to be the central question right now, where does this go from here? here's what bill cassidy had to say. listen. >> i spoke to senator mcconnell and was occupied last night when some later events broke, but i think the american peek, those who feel like the affordable care act needs to be replaced, at least a portion of it, may want to vote. i can't make that call, that's going to be leadership, but you hate to frustrate folks who right now are struggling with 30,000 to 40,000 premiums who want some relief and otherwise do not see. >> and if we don't hear that vote by tomorrow, i mean, when do we think we've moved on? >> talk to me after lunch because that's when i'll know something. >> peter, that's it, talk to
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them after lunch. we are talking later in the afternoon when members of the republican caucus will huddle behind closed doors and figure out whether mitch mcconnell is going to essentially force them to walk the plank or not. >> reporter: yeah, no, that's exactly right. obviously, now that it appears this is likely to die, that it will not pass, it will be interesting to see how many republicans basically say, i am not going to support it at this point. there's no value in that. but others may want to raise their hands and say, i do believe in repeal and replacement. this wasn't perhaps the way we wanted to get there, but we need it to get it done. this is a promise we made during the course of the campaign and one we stand by right now. again, hallie, i reinforce point that the president is talking about a lot of different things, but health care is low down on the list. focusing on the nfl as we anticipate the visit from the prime minister.
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it is likely those will be the topics for this afternoon. >> that is your focus today peter as you report out the president and the nfl story for nbc nubt"nbc nightly news." we'll see you in the rose garden for the press conference. here's our panel for the next 60 minutes. jennifer epstein and katherine lucy of the associated press. not to make you sound old, ladies, but you know your stuff when it comes to what the president is doing. not just with the nfl and the kneeling controversy we'll talk about later, but with health care. so we'll talk about mitch mcconnell. if he wants to get 50 votes and is determined to do it, do you think he's going to make the republican senators walk the plank? >> it seems possible that this will be just yet another effort to try to get these people on the record saying no, if they really do have nothing to say. >> and we are watching a live picture of senator mitch mcconnell speaking. we'll bring you news out of the conversation as we get it.
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katherine, your thoughts. >> we have to see what the president is going to do. while he's been talking about a lot of things all weekend, he's been very critical of the gop and of his own party. >> on mitch mcconnell. >> if the knives were getting sharpened before this, i cannot imagine they where getting dulled at this point. >> when he was asked about health care on sunday in the tarmac in new jersey, he answered with a discussion of tax reform. and that was his focus. he's trying to move on. he doesn't want to draw attention to any losses that he might potentially have, especially on the issue, which he's blamed congress on. from here, where can you go with all the blame, distract and move on with all the nfl tax. >> the nfl is talking about the
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reform. and we'll bring in kevin cramer representing north dakota. congressman, i know youjust ran over here from the republican congress meeting. thank you for making it for the top of the show. what did you hear inside the gop conference meeting when it comes to the biggest headlines of the day? >> well, we all stood for the pledge of allegiance, but we talked about tomorrow's retreat on tax reform. the speaker encouraged us to bring our ideas and to listen carefully and prepare for the biggest issue of the year. >> so you're already talking about tax reform, does that mean repeal and replace is dead? >> well, that's in the hands of the united senate. we still have to move forward with what is going on. >> whose fault is it in your
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view? >> i think you have to blame whoever votes no. >> so susan collins, rand paul, john mccain, is that who you would fault? >> and 48 democrats, let's not forget, they are unified in their opposition to fix for obamacare. they are unify in the support for continuing the devastation of obamacare. and by the way, this isn't over yet. i mean, rand paul still has an opportunity to play franco harris while he has the opportunity to play terry bradshaw and can still catch the hail mary pass in tend zone. so the game is not over. >> so there is still a chance for a hail mary, but i'm confused by the strategy of blaming democrats for the ta failure of the health care bill. how is this not republicans' fault? >> the democrats unanimously gave us obamacare. that's why we have seen an increase in over 100% in premiums. this is why we have seen 20
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young million americans left behind. this is why we have seen the devastation in the individual markets and now 45 counties have no choices. the first thing is, they are unanimous in their decision to not help us fix it. so there are three republicans who oppose it, but every democrat opposes it. >> do senate democrats need new leadership? >> i don't think senate republicans have a leadership issue but a follower problem. over there on the ceremonial side of the capital, there's a lot who think the president should oppose it more often than not. >> do you think that susan collins or skrjohn mccain want be president? >> well, we know one wanted to be a president. but senator collins is not one we have been able to rely on and
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still don't. so she's in a category all on her own. but senator paul still has the opportunity to be the hero in this. and the clock is not at the end yet. there's a reason there's a clock and the game's not over. >> we are waiting for house speaker to come speak live and take questions from reporters. but before he does, you referenced this to the beginning of the interview. you stood up to say the pledge of the allegiance, which i can only read as a reference to this take the knee discussion the president has been happening with members of church. kim jong-un is talking the about th this, is it inappropriate for the president to tweet about sports? >> the president has a lot on his agenda. if he wants to tweet on sports, he's tapped into his instincts
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and has tapped into a frustration of people. that doesn't prevent him from doing his job any more than it prevents ours. his instincts have tapped into the -- the politicizing of it has been done by others, quite frankly. it is not about cultural wars but respect. >> is this about the flag or race? colin kaepernick started the take a knee thing last year because he wanted to protest social injustice, right? >> i guess that is why we are hearing the discussion from the left, they like race and willic to spin a successful strategy for theirs in the past. and it's -- i don't think it is
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working this time. >> respectfully, the person talking about race is the person who started this protest in the first place. so it seems like it is inherent in the discussion we're having today, no? >> i don't think it is at all. if he wants to protest race, she should protest the race issues, not the military and the flag by dishonoring the national anthem and the red, white and blue. and the men and women who fought to preserve it. so the protest is aimed at something other than he claims it is about. >> do you believe football players, athletes, have the right to free speech and take a knee if they so choose on the football field. >> i think we all don't get to decide on that. in this case, the boss are the american public, the consumer, of nfl football, if the platform
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is appropriate, but the ways and means they went about it is inappropriate. >> just to be clear, are you calling for or supporting a potential boycott of the nfl because of this? is that what i'm reading between the lines in your comments? >> no. i have decided to turn it off. as have a lot of other americans. i'm a free market and believe people have the freedom to watch what they want. as for me and my household, i have chosen not to. and i'm a big nfl fan, by the way. >> that is the issue of e-mails because there's been reporting and jared kushner's lawyer confirmed he used private e-mail with a new york times that half dozen of the president's advisers also used or e-mail
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counts. do you want to see them address reports? >> i want to see them address them. the fact that it is out in the open is healthy. >> should there be a congressional investigation? >> we don't know whether there should be or not. we'll see if he and the others make their private e-mails public. and by that i mean, e-mails that should be public. and we get a good look at them and can determine from there if there needs to be further investigation. i suspect there probably won't be, but we have multiple e-mail accounts and sometimes they can get confusing. >> do you get e-mail? >> obviously suitable, but i immediately forward it to my official count. it is -- transparency is always best. >> so i asked sarah sanders about this and said, will the white house commit to releasing jared kushner's e-mails?
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she did not know and didn't know the conversation. so should the white house be transparent and release the e-mails in your view? >> i think they aught to relieve all debt by releasing the e-mails. >> kevin cramer, thank you for sprinting over to join us on the program. we are still waiting for house speaker paul ryan to address health care. right now, if you see on the split screen, he's talking about tax reform. this appears to be the theme for republicans right now. as health care looks on the verge of its final failure. his is trying to get something done on the tax reform bill. here we are in september talking be about tax cuts. >> the reality is the president has been passionate about doing tasks that he talks about a lot. but the idea that they can just
7:16 am
move on from health care and it won't stick to them, they weren't able to do something this whole year is not really true. >> paul ryan is taking questions, let's listen in. >> any other packer owners here? okay, just the two of us. >> reporter: so last week the president was out and said that ownership should be considering firing players who disrespect the anthem by sitting out during the national anthem. what is your take on that? >> people are clearly within their rights to express the way they see fit. but we shouldn't do it on the national anthem. the flag and the people who represent it should be celebrated everywhere and always. that is my opinion. kasie? >> i don't mean to put you on the spot, but you were talking about health care and tax reform. ands you just slipped a little bit. >> i was sending a message to the senate. >> reporter: there's been a split in the party with some
7:17 am
concern in the senate that republican voters are very angry at congress for not doing anything on major -- will the republicans give you the past tax reform even if you failed it? >> in the house, we passed our health care bill last may. we have passed more bills in the house of representatives at this stage in the trump presidency than on the same stage of the obama presidency and bush presidencies. we have been extremely productivity. since 2004 we passed all the appropriations bills as a republicans majority. we are frustrated that the senate has not acted on the semimole promise of health care. which obamacare is reversing. tax reform affects our confidence as a country. it affects whether or not middle class taxpayers who are struggling can meet their mortgage payment, get their schokids in schools. and this helps get people into
7:18 am
the middle class in the first place. tax restorm the most important thing we can do to get jobs and prosperity. that is why we are so focused on doing this this year. [ inaudible question ] we will answer those questions when we release our outline, rachel. that particular question you're asking will be addressed tomorrow. >> reporter: is it still your goal, talking about tax rates and the middle class, what about the tax code? >> the tax code is one of the most important priorities. a lot of american families are struggling under the weight of
7:19 am
the tax code and the invasiveness of the internal revenue service. so this is a top priority of ours and something we will address tomorrow. thank you very much. >> you have been watching -- that has been house speaker paul ryan addressing reporters at his weekly news conference. talking a lot about taxes, talking not too much about health care. and talking a little bit about that take the knee protest that has been happening all across the nfl as donald trump said we're going to fire everyone who kneels during the national anthem. paul ryan is very focused on tax reform, but it is coming just hours ahead of mitch mcconnell deciding whether or not to bring this latest version of the health care reform repeal bill to the floor, clearly paul ryan is frustrated and said so. >> right. i think that he has the right to
7:20 am
be, in a way, because he has done what he can do from the house side. i think that what you -- a bigger picture thing here is to look at the fact that, in some ways, the obamacare repeal and replace was sort of a political goal than a policy goal while, you know, there's kind of this deep policy belief that tax reform can really make a difference in the economy. that it is the entire economy, not just the 1/6 of the economy that is health care. and that ultimately the thing that they have not tackled yet, the thing that is still out there, is the thing that they need to get done the most. that is their biggest focus and objective. but it's also the thing that they have not failed on yet. so there's still an opportunity for that to happen. and it seems like they are sort of this dynamic of hoping to get this thing done. >> kasie hunt was in the news conference and she asked one of the questions to paul ryan.
7:21 am
kasie, he came out to talk about taxes unexpectedly, unsurprisingly, certainly expecting him to do so. but the very first question to him was about the nfl and about these protests that we're seeing. >> yep. >> reporter: and the reporter correctly noted that paul ryan is a co-owner of the green bay packers. owned by the fans. and he said that he understood that people were allowed to express themselves, but he did kind of saddle mark and said he didn't think the protests should take place during the national anthem or in protest of the flag itself. however, he didn't go as far to answer the president's call there would be negative questions and answers. he didn't say, i want to be dischiropractored by what the president is doing today.
7:22 am
that's a different response from the house speaker when you ask him about the trump speak of the day. but everyone across american life has been talking about this. so i thought that was noteworthy. then, your other point, they are having a tax retreat up on capitol hill. vice president mike pence basketball here. what do they here with a lot of backlash on the failure to repeal and replace obamacare. he put that squarely with the senate. now i tried to cut in, he didn't buy that, but he said tax reform is the most important thing in it. there are republicans arguing behind the scenes that the republican base, republican donors, will be willing to
7:23 am
endorse the impacts. but they are endorsing a pretty difficult day. lie lisa murkowski said she is hearing there won't be a vote, but there are still people pushing for it. and it is all in the context of that race down in alabama. he is a current senator fighting against moore. that is placing a bigger role than you might think. >> kasie hunt, thank you for popping down and popping up on this show for us. appreciate it. it is not just house speaker paul ryan. i'm speaking with rmg president trump's nfl tweets after the break.
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so in just the last couple of minutes we heard from house speaker paul ryan who said republicans in the house haven't
7:28 am
been able to get something done to repeal and replace obamacare. i spoke with another leader of the republican par by who is also frustrated. ronna rodney mcdaniel. chairman mcdaniel, thank you for being with me this morning. >> thank you for having me, hallie. >> we'll talk about the latest failure to try to repeal and replace obamacare. it seems at this point awe but dead. whose fault is it? >> i say it is the democrats without putting anything on the table without bipartisan support and not offering solutions. republicans are the only ones out there trying to find solutions for people's whose premiums have doubled and insurers pulling out of marketplaces. and the democrats are missing in action. >> respectfully, republicans control the white house, the house and the senate, as you are well aware, so how is it the
7:29 am
democrats' fault given that it is senators graham and cassidy behind this latest version of the bill in the first place? it seems to a lot of folks that republicans simply couldn't get this done. >> we had 217 votes in the house that did pass the repeal and replace. and then you had 49 -- >> not enough in the senate. >> not enough in the senate, but every republican except for three has been there and no democrats. >> so do you blame senators collins, paul and the others? >> it is frustrating. i was in pennsylvania yesterday with the roundtable of small businesswomen, owners, and they were very frustrated. they said, this is hurting our companies. we can't expand and this is hurting our employees. why aren't republicans and democrats getting this done? yes, it is frustrating, but there's a recognition that republicans are trying coming to the table with solutions. i think voters out there recognize we are giving it everything. and as party chair, i'm saying 2018 is our best opportunity to expand this map. and add a bigger majority to the
7:30 am
senate so we can accomplish the things that we ran on. >> given the frustration that you're talking about, is the rnc reconsidering support for, example, susan collins? >> we are not going to pull republicans off the table. and we've got tax reform to do. we've got a lot of other initiatives to do. and susan collins, to be fair, never said she supported repeal and replace. she didn't campaign on it. other candidates did. john mccain, lisa murkowski, other candidates did run on repeal and replace. right now we are not going to be going after republicans. we are still focusing on democrats who still have not offered any solutions except for this single payer monstrosity that will add $32 trillion, raise our taxes and will destroy our health care system. >> and you talk about what is happening come 2018, there's obviously something happening today, which is that president? runoff race in alabama. is the rnc prepared if roy moore does win to pull the full force
7:31 am
of the fund-raising apparatus of the rnc machinery behind him? >> yes, we will support any candidate out of the runoff. we're going to win that seat, there are more republicans in alabama than democrats. we are going to make sure we keep the seat. we need the republican majority and support whoever comes out as the victor today. >> and that is despite some of moore's more controversial comments, like the suggestion of the 9/11 attacks may have been punishment for the u.s. turning away from god? >> we are zbloung to going to bg the candidate. we'll wait to see who comes out. but we will support any republican because we want to keep the majority. >> we'll ask you about the headlines as the president continues to tweet about the nfl, the players sort of taking a stand by taking a knee, there's health care, there's north korea, there's a lot of other topics. the president could be talking about that, but do you believe it is appropriate for him to be spending this kind of time discussing what is happening on the football field? >> i think the president of the united states, the commander in
7:32 am
chief, the person who has to make the decisions as to whether we send our men and women's in harm's way, the person who sees the flag-draped caskets when they come back to this country, has every right to say, we should stand for our flag and our national anthem. i can't think of any person who takes that more seriously than the president of the united states. and he's done the right thing and speaks for a lot of people across the country. he's not shutting down free speech. of course not. there is free speech. people have the right to do whatever they want from a free speech capacity. but i have the right and the president has to right to say i disagree with how you are doing it. this is not the right venue. >> sit appropriate for him to be fund-raising off of this. >> i have not seen the president fund-raise off of this. >> the e-mail that asked people whether they stood or knelt but then said to sign up to make a donation, is that okay? >> no, it asked for people to see if they agree with the president, which they overwhelmingly do as i have seen across the country.
7:33 am
people can give or not, but he's not fund raising off of this. >> you're in new york for the fund-raising dinner that the president is at tonight, the rnc, you have talked about feeling very comfortable with where you are from the fund-raising perspective. and there's roughly $400,000 that the rnc spent on legal fees for president trump, for members of his team tied to the russia investigation, how far is the rnc willing to go? because it seems as though this? >> well, the rnc has always paid legal fees for the campaigns. and all the instances took place during the campaign. that standard practice. we have a separate account, legal account, that can only be used for legal proceedings, recounts, redistributing and of course campaign legal fees. we'll see where that goes. but of course this is something that is standard practice for the rnc. >> ronna romney mcdaniel, chair of the republican national committee. you're in new york, i'm in d.c. next time we'll have you onset. >> thank you, hallie.
7:34 am
thank you for having me. we talked a little bit about the special election in alabama. it could have real consequences back here inside the beltway, especially for gop leadership and maybe president trump after steve bannon told voters they should ignore the president's endorsement of luther strange. we're bringing you everything you need to know about today's election after the break. oh, look... another anti-wrinkle cream in no hurry to make anything happen. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair® works in just one week. with the fastest retinol formula available. it's clinically proven to work on fine lines and wrinkles. one week? that definitely works! rapid wrinkle repair®. and for dark spots, rapid tone repair. neutrogena®. see what's possible. backed me up... big time. before movantik, i tried to treat it myself. no go. but i didn't back down. i talked to my doctor.
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7:38 am
the special senate runoff election. and you know who is paying close attention to it? the white house. the vice president campaigned with donald trump's choice, senator luther strange, who was appointed to fill jeff sessions' former seat and the current sitting senator. but then on the other side of the screen and on the other side of the race you have steve bannon making his final pitch last night for strange's challenger, judge roy moore. >> remember one thing, when you walk in that voting booth tomorrow, a vote for judge roy moore is a vote for donald j. trump. >> well, this morning president trump tweeted in part, quote, luther strange has been shooting up in the alabama polls since my endorsement. finish the job, vote today for big luther. has luther strange been shooting up in the alabama polls since the endorsement? nope, it's been consistent. roy moore with a solid lead over luther strange. and the last three polls show
7:39 am
luther strange behind with roy moore in a double-digit lead. and my colleague vaughan hillyard is out on the campaign trail. talk to me about the donald trump voters here. because as i've been reading the reports you have been filing, it is interesting not all of them feel compelled to vote for donald trump's pick. >> reporter: good morning, hallie. it is dizzy trying to draw where the battle lines are in the race. off couple blocks down the way, steve bannon appearing at the rally for the former chief justice of the alabama supreme court, roy moore. and up north in birmingham, you have mike pence giving a speech. we talked to a lot of voters at the roy moore rally and then around fair hope that say, we still support the president, but in this particular situation, it's not about him but roy moore himself as opposed to luther strange. here's sound from a local realtor here. because there's another name she throws out and a name not
7:40 am
unfamiliar to those around here. >> i voted for trump. i would vote for him again today if he were running, but on this i'm going to go against him. why? because i think luther strange is a mitch mcconnell boy. and all for draining the damn swamp starting with not letting him in there because i think he's a mcconnell boy. >> reporter: one could be taken aback by the number of times we heard mitch mcconnell over the last few days. to give you an idea, this is how bannon and roy moore's team are framing this, this is anti-republican establishment. they believe that donald trump was coaxed to a certain degree into backing luther strange in this particular race. and as bannon said yesterday, this is not defying donald trump, this is honoring and helping him. what you hear from the voters is the exact thing, that mitch mcconnell is something they are against. luther strange and his allies have gone to alabama and will decide who is the next senator.
7:41 am
>> vaughan hillyard there, thank you very much. jennifer epstein and katherine lucy are here with me. the president at one point said he might have made a mistake endorsing luther strange. maybe he was joking, maybe not, but folks are seizing onto that point and certainly roy moore's campaign is as well. >> well, the president doesn't like to lose, doesn't like to be wrong, and so is he -- >> is he hedging bets early? >> i hi he's hedging his bets. the polls are not favorable for luther strange so he's trying to clear things and prepare. because you have to remember, there is still a general election aheld. there is still a democrat in this race. this is not over yet. and he also wants to have roy moore on his side if he does win. and he is in the senate, he doesn't want him to be, you know, an obstructionist who says that trump is not going far enough on issues. so trump needs to be on moore's side as well. >> donald trump is extremely popular in alabama, so likely roy moore will end up
7:42 am
potentially going with him on a lot of these issues. but as kasie hunt set it up at the top of the show, talking about mitch mcconnell's potentially no-good, very-bad tuesday. you got his name as vaughan points out being invoked again and again. and luther strange is pushing back on that. here's what he told fox news this morning. >> i can assure you, steve, if i were part of the problem, the president wouldn't be down here campaigning so hard for me. last night we had the vice president here. i've been in washington less time than the president has. and we have become friends, personal friends. we have the same goals, same agenda. >> so luther strange is saying, forget that mitch mcconnell and those guys back me, i'm not part of the swamp. >> that certainly was the message from the president on friday saying, this guy just got to the senate, he barely knows mcconnell, he's being unfairly branded as an establishment candidate. and that was his argument, that he's with me and that he isn't really this guy. but certainly, the audience there on friday was packed with people cheering and screaming
7:43 am
for donald trump, but not necessarily for luther strange. >> so this brings up the question about 2018. because if you don't live in alabama, why should you care about this race? because number one, for mitch mcconnell, this could, if roy moore ends up winning the runoff and winning the seat, be a little bit of a legislative nightmare depending on more votes, but on the other side it would be a bellweather for 2018. if steve bannon and the breitbart wing goes after folks in arizona, in nevada, is that what we're going to see happen? >> it is certainly possible. and i think what this is a test of, and obviously it's a special and we shouldn't infer everything from it, but that said, does donald trump's coalition show up for anyone except donald trump? >> well, i think if you look at the specific races coming up in 2018, i think there are some where the president may break with the incumbents, arizona being one of them, where he's already signaled that he's probably not going to be supporting jeff flake and the republican primary there. >> not his fave. >> yeah. it's been very clear on twitter and in person.
7:44 am
and i think that is sort of what we're going to see potentially more of, not in every race, but some. >> jennifer and katherine, hang out a couple minutes longer. because coming up, we're talking about what is happening on capitol hill. roger stone testifying before the house intelligence committee, this is him walking in this morning as they look into russian interference in the 2016 election. plus, some startling new details from the "washington post" today on how sophisticated the russian influence campaign on facebook really was. coney island has been around for a long, long time. reminds me of how geico has been saving people money for over 75 years. hey, big guy! come on in! let me guess your weight! win a prize! sure, why not. 12 ounces! sorry, mate. four ounces. i've been taking the stairs lately. you win, big guy. sorry, 'scuse me! oh, he looks so much more real on tv. yeah... over 75 years of savings and service.
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what is the message to the senate committee today? >> the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the trooump. >> truth. >> that was roger stone talking with the house intelligence committee as they dig deeper into russian meddling in the 2016 russian election. as part of the inquiry, we are learning new details about the thousands of ads facebook is turning over to congress. "the washington post" is reporting those ads were designed to exploit tensions over race and religion in america.
7:49 am
check out this key quote. these targeted messages, the post says, along with others that have surfaced in recent days highlight the sophistication of the influence campaign slickly crafted to mimic and infiltrate u.s. political discourse while also seeking to heighten tensions between groups already weary of one another. here to talk about this exclusive reporting is "washington post" national technology reporter craig timberg, going 2 for 2 this week on the show. and katherine lou cy is here as well. talk to me about the themes they are pushing. >> we have learned that the russians were working on the campaigns and they know a lot more about us than we do them. they seem to have zeroed in inp. they were encouraging black lives matter and encouraging people to those rallies. to the other side of people alarmed by that political activism.
7:50 am
they warned about black lives matter and getting more prominent. we heard similar things about muslim support for hillary clinton. again, working both sides. so the people have looked at these ads and are really deeply uncomfortable by what they're seeing. >> and are those going to be released to the public? you report that's what some lawmakers want to see. >> yeah. facebook is going to turn them over to congress. i think then congress is going to decide what portion of that, if any, they're going to share with us in the larger public. i have a feeling some of this is going to come out. a lot of stuff has already. i would keep tuned into us and others. >> so what's facebook going to do to try to fight this going forward? >> you know, we had a story in monday's newspaper that showed they actually have been trying to deal with this issue going back a couple of years now. it isn't like they haven't done anything. a lot of folks on the hill feel they haven't done enough, haven't been candid enough with them yet. and i think there's reason to believe there's some deeply
7:51 am
sophisticated analytical stuff. facebook is perhaps uniquely able to do in mapping out who did what, how facebook pages connected to other parts of the web or to youtube videos and that sort of thing. and investigators would like that kind of work done. >> should we expect some kind of law out of congress on this? what do you think? >> potentially, but i think it will take years and years and years and lobby money to get there. >> i think the issue for the white house is this is something the president would like to put behind him. he continued to call the russia investigation a hoax. >> what is your thought? is congress going to do something and when? >> yeah, i'm not a crystal ball kind of reporter, but with that in mind i think there's more disclosure than there's been. facebook has already made voluntary promises to disclose who buys ads, et cetera, and what those pages run on other users which is kind of useful. but there's a lot of pressure on
7:52 am
congress to do something about this. the alarm around what happened in the 2016 election is only growing. >> okay. thank you very much for that reporting today. i want you two to stick around longer because i want to talk about puerto rico. the situation there is turning desperate as people are struggling to find food, gas, water. thousands of people have already been rescued and the governor is becking for help. up next we have a report from the island. thank you so much. thank you! so we're a go? yes! we got a yes! what does that mean for purchasing?
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some might ask, it's very simple. we need more help. we need more help with resources. we need more help with people being deployed so we can get logist logistical support elsewhere. >> that was the governor of puerto rico there begging for more help and resources for the mainland. this was the scene at the airports in san juan. long lines of people trying to leave. not sure when the island's basic infrastructure, we're talking about gas and food and water, is going to be back up and running. but crews are working as fast as they can. you're looking now at a team of u.s. marines clearing a road to a communication tower. here's more. >> from the deck of the usskiresarge, the marines are here. >> the hard hit east coast. >> these marines are getting off the landing craft unit.
7:57 am
their mission today is to get on shore and help clear some roads. some crews have assisted in all three hurricanes. along the way, marines see devastation and desperation at gas lines. a talk with a local company about live power lines. and then back breaking work for marines. about three miles up this road, there's an faa tower that's crucial to aif yaegs and bringing relief to the island. but it's running on generator. chain sawing against time. >> it's got three days to four days of fuel. the goal is to get that road open before the generator runs out of fuel. >> distances measured in feet. >> hundred feet, probably about a half hour. >> around midday, marine re-enforcements arrive. >> working 12-hour shifts with chain saws should be able to get the road open in time. >> hard work mixed with hope for an island that will need plenty of both.
7:58 am
>> jennifer and kathryn are back with me now. you heard from the governor of puerto rico. they need help. they need congress to do something. is the white house doing enough? >> so far we haven't seen all that much that's been made public at least. we know that tom bossert is on the ground with brock long of fema. as far as what we've heard from the president, it's been very limited and been limited to just a handful of three tweets in the past 24 hours. >> let me pull those up. you're right. he's tweeted a ton about the nfl, about the protests, about loouther strange, but here's wh he said about puerto rico. talk about the debt issue on the island there. puerto rico which is suffering from broken infrastructure and massive debt is in deep trouble. he has a big platform when it
7:59 am
comes to twitter. his administration likes to talk about it. is this enough? >> you know, this -- he obviously has been tweeting about a lot of other things. this is not the only thing he's talking about. be curious to see if we do hear more from him the next couple of days. but when is he going to get down there? >> he said he wants to visit. >> he said that around the first storm. >> he said it last week. >> kathryn, jennifer, thank for hanging out for these last 60 minutes. we're wrapping up the show with today's big picture. this one takes us to northern iraq for a story about independence. these are iraqi kurds, the country's largest ethnic minority rallying. they're waving flags, celebrating. why? because yesterday the kurdish people held this long-awaited vote on whether to break away from iraq and create their own country. the results are still being counted but are expected to be
8:00 am
overwhelmingly in favor of independents. but neighbors iran, turkey, baghdad are not happy and neither is the u.s. which relied heavily on kurdish fighters to battle isis. interesting story there. as always we'd love to hear your thoughts on facebook, twitter, and snapchat responding to all of it after the show. for now over to my colleagues ali velshi and stephanie rhule in new york. i'm heading over to the white house for that press conference. >> i'll see you this afternoon. thank you. good morning, everyone. i'm stephanie rhule. >> i'm ali velshi. let's get started. >> roger stone is said to testify before the house intel committee today. >> truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. >> he has no right to start calling the shots. because he hasn't even complied with the document request. >> he has been donald trump's longest-serving political adviser. >> "washington post" reports that


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