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tv   MSNBC Live With Velshi and Ruhle  MSNBC  September 26, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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overwhelmingly in favor of independents. but neighbors iran, turkey, baghdad are not happy and neither is the u.s. which relied heavily on kurdish fighters to battle isis. interesting story there. as always we'd love to hear your thoughts on facebook, twitter, and snapchat responding to all of it after the show. for now over to my colleagues ali velshi and stephanie rhule in new york. i'm heading over to the white house for that press conference. >> i'll see you this afternoon. thank you. good morning, everyone. i'm stephanie rhule. >> i'm ali velshi. let's get started. >> roger stone is said to testify before the house intel committee today. >> truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. >> he has no right to start calling the shots. because he hasn't even complied with the document request. >> he has been donald trump's longest-serving political adviser. >> "washington post" reports that russian-bought ads on
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facebook show a sophisticated understanding of american social divisions. >> no cuts to medicaid! save our liberty! >> the latest gop answer to obamacare had a fatal blow. >> appears to have fully collapsed. >> it's just at the end i can't support this bill. >> john mccain was willing to die for his country. he's willing to vote any way he wants to. >> gas is scarce and they could be without power for months. >> that show puerto rico before and after hurricane maria knocked out power. >> a mass exodus from that u.s. territory. >> puerto ricans by the tens of thousands leaving what's left of their homes and coming to the u.s. mainland. >> you will see thousands
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flocking to the united states. my call to congress is take action now. >> president trump has come under fire. we're talking more about flags and football in recent days than the utter devastation in puerto rico. >> president trump is doubling down on his comments. jerry jones and the cowboys taking a knee before the national anthem. but during the song, both the cowboys and cardinals standing on the sidelines with locked arms. >> he doesn't understand how many kids no matter the race look up to the president of the united states. the people run this country, not one individual. and damn sure not him. >> there you have it. lebron james. this morning we start on capitol hill where the house intelligence committee is grilling former trump adviser roger stone. he is appearing at a closed session of the committee. just the latest in the ongoing russia saga involving the trump campaign. >> what's the message you want
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to send in this meeting today? >> the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. >> roger stone, of course, is a long time trump associate. he worked for president nixon's 1968 campaign and was fired from trump's campaign in august 2015. he's admitted hacks with guccifer 2.0 and julian assange. he has taken aim at ranking member adam schiff and swalwell at times. straight up vulgar attacks on his old boss' favorite medium, twitter. >> meanwhile, new reporting in "the washington post" begins to uncover the depths of russian entanglement with the u.s. electora electorate. saying that operatives used ads on the social media hub to exploit america's racial and
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religious divisions. people familiar with the covert campaign say ads like black lives matter with some promoting the group and others suggesting they pose a radical threat. mark warner of virginia saying, quote, their aim was to sow chaos. >> well, they were successful at doing that. >> joining us now, garrett haig and olivia newsy and danny cevallos. olivia, you've recently spoken to stone. tell us about him. >> it's hard to talk about president trump and his political history without talking about mr. stone. he actually first testified to congress in 1973 during the watergate hearings.
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he's done this before. and he's been very influential. he was around advising donald trump politically. he was there at the very beginning. there's actually been some dispute over whether or not he was fired or quit in the early fall of 2015. from the campaign. but he has never fully left donald trump's orbit. he stays in contact with him. i was with him last night at the trump hotel. i interviewed him for a new york magazine about the hearing today and about his relationship with donald trump. he claims that they are still in contact that the president calls him with some frequency. and i walked up to the hill with him today before the hearing. he looked quite nervous which is -- >> olivia, hold that thought for a second. just stand by. president trump just met with bipartisan members of the house ways and means committee. let's listen to what he said. >> i'm going to puerto rico on tuesday. scheduled trip. it's the earliest i can go because of the first responders and we don't want to disrupt the
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relief efforts. we're going through a lot. the mayor of san juan was very thankful to us the job we've done with fema. it's very tough because it's an island. and shipped the trucks right out there. we can do -- we've got many on texas and florida. it's a big ocean. very big ocean. and i want to go there tuesday is the first time we can do without interrupting the first responders and the efforts of people. we have shipped massive amounts of food and water and supplies.
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when you see 200 mile-an-hour winds, even texas didn't thhave that, right? when you see that and even more than that hitting a place and literally houses are demolished. it was like hundreds of tornadoes. the winds. so we've never seen it. it actually touched down as a category 5. people have never seen anything like that. and it was dead center. i mean, you couldn't be any more. and don't forget, a week before it got hit by another hurricane. that one brushed it, but that did tremendous damage too. so puerto rico has tremendous problems with floods and with damage and collapse and -- we're still looking for people. we're still looking for people. but i'm going to be going there on tuesday and i may also stop at the virgin islands. the governor there has done a traffic job of -- i mean, he's been devastated, but he's done a terrific job. he's been very generous with what he said about the relief
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effort, the fema folks have worked so hard. you know, we thought after texas they could take a little bit of a rest, fema. what they have done is incredible. so they go from texas to florida. stop at louisiana in between. now puerto rico gets hit. but they've been doing a good job. so i'll be there on tuesday and perhaps some of you will be with me. puerto rico is very important to me and puerto rico, the people are fantastic people. i grew up in new york, so i know many people from puerto rico. i know many puerto ricans. these are great people. and we have to help them. some people say, i read this morning it's literally destroyed. the infrastructure was in bad shape as you know in puerto rico before the storm. and now in many cases it has no infrastructure. so it's -- you're really
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starting from almost scratch. but these are great people. wonderful people. they're hearty people. they'll be back. but we're helping them i think we're getting good marks for the work we're doing. we're landing water, food, supplies on an hourly basis. this is to an airport that has been devastated. we're not talking about runways that are open and, you know, please land your plane right here. these are airports -- these are devastated and broken. the airports are broken. so those people are very important to all of us. i think i can speak for everybody sitting around this table. so we're working very, very hard on puerto rico. and we're also getting tremendous efforts and we're sending tremendous amounts of supplies to the virgin islands. thank you very much, everybody. >> president trump who in his lifetime has known many people from puerto rico and puerto
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ricans. joining us now is gadi schwartz in san juan. president trump telling a story there about the tremendous aid that the u.s. government, that fema is providing. tell us what it's like where you are, you know, from those i've spoken to in san juan, they have very much felt forgotten and isolated and scared. >> reporter: absolutely. it's important to note that that message you just saw from president trump is not a message that anyone here in puerto ricans -- puerto rico saw because right now most of the island is without electricity, without power, and they are cut off from things like tv. so that type of messaging does not translate here to the island of puerto rico because they have been cut off. in fact, i'm going to show you just a little bit of what everyone's been going through. right now we're at the telemundo studios. there's damage to the satellite dish over there. we've brought in our own satellite dish. that's how you're able to see this. but it is difficult to get a signal out. the reason i'm showing you this. that sign there, that's humana.
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that's a company here and there was a call that went out over the radio earlier today. they want to start normalizing things. that means that people need to be checking in with their work going back to work. we're starting to see people at least reporting to work here at the telemundo studios. somebody came in. their mother worked at humana so they checked in. a woman needed to charge her cell phone. let me take you inside really fast. a little bit behind the scenes but there's no behind the scenes in a storm like this. it affects everything. we're sleeping on cots in the studio over here. this right here is yilitsa. you walked yesterday an hour to get to another town, right? >> yeah. >> reporter: so she was here, she's now charging her cell phone on our laptop. when you started charging the cell phone, we started to see these pictures pop up. and she was telling us this was her home. >> yeah. >> reporter: tell us what happened here. >> this was my kitchen.
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as you can see the walls fall off. so even my -- >> reporter: this is your pantry where your food was? >> yeah. fell off. i don't have a house to come back. we are on refugee from the refuge with another 11 people over there. >> reporter: wow. so this storm literally took all your food. everything's destroyed. where are you staying? >> we are staying in my husband grandparents' house with another 11 people as i say before. >> reporter: so how extensive is this devastation. >> as you can see behind -- >> reporter: that's a tractor-trailer. >> yeah. and the trees, they don't have even leaves. the trees see like they were burning out. >> reporter: and so this -- you guys can't live here right now. where is this devastation here on the island?
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>> it's in the -- >> reporter: that's right here. >> right here. the 152 road. >> reporter: you guys walked from one of these towns to another town? >> yes. take me to the center to see if we have the fema aids help isn't there. >> reporter: so you're talking about food, water, shelter. were you able to find fema aid in this area? >> not yet. the roads are blocked. >> reporter: so aid is not getting to this area. so that's what you're hearing now. this is puerto rico. this is san juan. this is just one of the areas. you're hearing it now, fema aid is not getting to at least some of the centralized locations in this island. back to you guys.
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>> thanks very much. gadi schwartz in san juan. to reiterate the president just announced he will go to puerto rico on tuesday. he said that's the earliest he can get there. he may -- he didn't confirm, but he said he may go to the u.s. virgin islands as well. >> i pospoke to someone there. they said they need order from the military. they need gasoline. they need atms open. they've got $10 an hour jobs who can't get to work because they don't have gas in their car. and you've got communities, businesses policing, securing their own businesses. because they're scared. >> so to the president's point, theory bui ror ror rory -- the >> people need to believe that's going to happen and be committed to it. a huge risk for the island and the government there is the 3.5 million people who are u.s. citizens will pick up and dessert the island. in the last ten years, we've
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seen their middle class essentially disappear. >> we're going to stay on top of that story as we have been doing sips the hurricane hit. i want to return to the other big story on capitol hill right now. roger stone testifying before the house intelligence committee behind closed doors. >> olivia needs to continue the story. she's walking to the hill with roger stone today. a little nervous. walk us through it. >> he was nervous. i was not nervous. i talked to him about this last night. there's a lot we don't know about the stone relationship with wikileaks and julian assange. he claim there is is none. he said he worked through someone he called a source. he's going to use this as an attempt to attack the committee more broadly, attack the intelligence community.
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>> why was he working through them even with a source or intermediary to begin with if not to be an operative? >> he claims he was not working with them. he claims he received information through a source. >> even if he did, though, what would be his motivation in getting said information from julian assange? >> he didn't say. obviously he's a staunch critic of hillary clinton. he's written books about hillary clinton with some outlandish claims about her and her husband claiming that they are basically, you know, sexual predators. called the clinton's war on women. and he wrote it with the conspiracy theorist who lives in texas. and that's kind of standard for roger stone. you know? he's known as the dirty trickster. he is the god father of a term i can't say on this program or on television in general. you know, that's what he's like.
8:17 am
this is what we can expect from him. whatever it takes to kill his opponents off. >> garrett, what are we going to find out about this testimony if anything? >> i suspect we'll find out quite a lot, actually. because i've not seen a supposedly closed door private hearing become so public already. contrast this with last week when cohen was kicked out of the senate intelligence community for releasing an em bar doe paper statement. he has leaked his opening statement in fact, he gave it to tweet out you can sort of think of this as a trojan horse operation. roger stone has an agent for what he wants to say in front of this committee. just to my right there's a stakeout camera set up. he's made it very clear from the beginning he wanted this to be a public hearing in the first
8:18 am
place. up like on the senate side, the panel seems to let it go forward in that way. i think we'll hear quite a bit about what went on in this hearing. we'll see if the committee members want to refute any of that or not. but stone has made it very clear he wants all of this to be public. >> we often hear from him. he's never short on words. but those words he shares them, you know, on twitter. you know, out there in the public. but now he's going to be under oath. how much does that change the game? >> it changes the game, but roger stone is surely prepared for this. you know, this closed door meeting or interview is really probably to the senate's benefit. stone is no ordinary witness. we would have preferred it to be public. he would have gone after his interrogato interrogators. this move by the senate avoids the public or the potential of a
8:19 am
public spent kl when roger stone challenges them. it may not even be substantive. but if he tries to embarrass them, this way the senate can control him and if there's classified material, they can deal with that. and this closed door process, it isn't as dramatic as we see in the public hearings. and that way they can deal with a lot of information in an informal way. and if roger stone tries to berate them or embarrass them or challenge them, it goes into the ether instead of out on the airwaves to millions. >> can i just ask you a question, then, ali velshi? if he does, isn't this a moment for bipartisanship where lawmakers can simply say we're not going to accept -- >> we're not going down this road with you. we are trying to get information. this is. and roger stone might be the guy to help them do that. because he's so inflammatory and flamboyant and accusatory.
8:20 am
he's dressed conservatively for him. but for him, he's trying to be a different guy today. but if he does what danny is saying, if he decides to be provocative and tries to go on the attack, this might be an opportunity for congress to assert its independence and relevance and say this isn't about you. >> but also to danny's point, there'll be less grand standing at this point when we watch these public hearings as much as you might see posturing. you're not going to see the lawmakers. eat up half their time doing that. >> this might be an interesting session. we'll see what happens. good to see you, danny. thanks for your reporting on this. stick around, everybody. we're watching the battle over obamacare happening right now on the senate floor. does the new gop bill have any chance of passing? we're going back to the hill next. stay with us. you are watching "velshi & rhule." today, smart planning is pushing the finger lakes forward. we're the number one dairy and apple producers in the eastern united states.
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welcome back to "velshi & rhule." with another major development on capitol hill, the latest republican effort to repeal and replace obamacare now appears to have been dealt -- how do i want so to say it? something else has happened. >> a serious knock. that's after susan collins decided not to support the bill. joining john mccain and rand paul. and virtual assuring republicans will not have the votes needed to pass this thing.
8:25 am
>> obviously this was an issue to which i've given a great deal of thought. there are many problems in the affordable care act that do need to be fixed. however, it was clear to me that the graham/cassidy bill was not the answer. >> i guess the president's figured out it's not fashionable to criticize collins. so he blamed john mccain. >> a man fighting for his life. >> you look at mccain, what mccain has done is a tremendous slap in the face of the republican party. tremendous. you can call it what you want, but that was a -- that's the only reason we don't have it because of john mccain. nobody thought he was a negative vote. >> can i just say one thing? what john mccain asked for wasn't just a no, he said let's have proper hearings. let's have bipartisanship. regular order. let's work together. >> i don't know why anybody thought he would be a no vote. >> i don't know why anyone would say it's a slap in the face.
8:26 am
instead what he asked for was for people to open their minds and their hearts. now, senator mccain's close friend lindsay graham emoti emotionally defended john mccain. >> so to any american who's got a problem with john mccain's vote, all i can tell you is that john mccain was willing to die for this country and he can vote any way he wants to. it doesn't matter to me. >> they also respect one another politically. let's bring in somebody who knows both of them very well. kasie hunt live on capitol hill. is there going to be a vote at this point. we know they don't like to vote unless they're going to win. >> it's unlikely at this point there's going to be a vote but we don't know for sure. graham has been pushing to have a vote on this regardless. i think a little bit of that is he wants to be seen as somebody who is refusing to give up on this.
8:27 am
although you're right. he's been emotional there. it's been an emotional time for those considering what he is going through on this front. part of this reopened in part because he suggested he might vote for this is couple of weeks ago. at the same time, it's no surprise that he ended up where he did. and, you know, i think republicans have some decisions to make when they go behind closed doors. we should learn more about whether or not this is going to turn into a showdown on the floor. >> so president trump has just said we are very disappointed in certain so-called republicans. so we know that rand paul, john mccain, and susan collins have said no. >> except -- hold on a second. say whatever you want about rand paul. rand paul is staying true to his freedom caucus ideals. and what president trump offered on the campaign trail was not aligned with a lot of republican principles.
8:28 am
>> right. and there are still three other republicans who we know have been leaning against this and maybe there are more. we had senator murkowski. senator mike lee of utah seemed to -- ted cruz seemed to suggest he and lee were leaning against this. my question to you is assuming a vote were going forward because until we hear it's not, are there other republicans who might still not be on board? >> murkowski is still somebody to watch in alaska. she didn't say before her last no vote on the previous iteration of the bill. it was going to be harder to get murkowski's vote. they are mostly concerned for snu insurance plans that don't offer
8:29 am
much. >> if president trump was pledging to be not beholden to any groups and support bipartisanship, wouldn't the right avenue for the president to say we're not going to make the september 30th deadline. forget the 50 votes. let's actually work with the problem solvers caucus. let's get to 60 by creating a long-term solution. would that not be a significantly bigger win for the president than this? >> potentially, but it would mean they couldn't claim to follow through an seven years of republican promises. the president -- the problem with trying to push this through is that the president has not been very clear on the details of the policy. he has not said this is what i want you to do policywise. he's said repeal obamacare but on the other hand we're not going to cut medicaid. so there's a lot of dissidence here. the way the president has run on this issue. but at the end of the day, turning around and saying that, oh, yes, we're going to -- you
8:30 am
know, if he did a deal with democrats on this issue, they would say the president has signed off and fixed obamacare and i think that represents a kind of untenable political position. at this point it probably makes more political sense for them to get a win on tax reform and convince their donors in their base they are able to do something. >> except of course, ali, so many people voted for president trump because they were sick of politics. and they didn't believe in washington. and this would be a great example to say let's put all that aside and solve things for the american people. but alas, instead let's attack john mccain. >> if you could pull it off, come down here. >> i like the idea. i don't understand why we shouldn't be build iing a bill that should get 60 votes. but it's sweet. >> come on down to d.c. and see how it really works. you are right. >> just bring soft shoes for the marble floors.
8:31 am
>> i love that her twitter handle is @kacie. >> the other person in the one-name twiddle handle club is reince priebus. >> not even the real donald trump. gloop gd to see you, my friend. >> have a nice rest of your hour. >> thank you very much. it's only 29 minutes to go, stephanie. nice of you to pick a fight with me. stand by, everyone. the ceo and chairman of equifax announced his sudden retirement. i want to talk about that word retirement. when there are problems like that, they say you're fired. >> the day you guys wan't to fire me, will you allow me to retire, please? >> and we are watching markets this hour. positive tone. sam zell earlier today said president trump is a positive for business and the markets.
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welcome back.
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you are watching "velshi & rhule." we're following new developments surrounding the massive breach at equifax. the worst data breach in u.s. history. the ceo and chairman retired effective immediately. >> richard smith led equifax for 12 years. smith will still testify next week about this breach. he's been subpoenaed. it exposed the personal information of nearly 143 million people. almost all the adults in the united states. nbc's tom costello joins us now with more. what do we know about this? >> well, we know that allegedly he is going to be giving up his bonus in 2017. that coming from the atlanta business chronicle. just by comparison in 2016 he made a total of about $15 million, we believe. but he is still going to be speaking, we believe, before capitol hill next week on october 3rd as the ceo of equifax. the former ceo now called to testify. but it's not just a
8:37 am
congressional investigation. you've got more than 30 states attorney generals investigating. you've got the ftc involved. as well as the s.e.c. even though they've also been hacked. and nearly every adult in the country with any significant credit history has now had their credit compromised. all of this coming as people struggle to realize how they can freeze their credit and do so quickly. because people still say they haven't been able to get through to equifax to do that. remind the audience if you are concerned enough and all the experts say we all should be, you should be freezing your credit with all three credit agencies. it is a process. if you freeze your credit, you got to remember you got to unfreeze it when it's time to come for that new car loan, home loan, whatever. >> i still haven't succeeded. i've been trying to do it over several days.
8:38 am
it is kind of fascinating, tom, that you don't get to choose whether you use experian, equifax, or transunion, any of them. they entirely make money off of your stuff. the fact that regular people have to stop and take intervals in their day to do this is kind of remarkable from a customer service perspective which i know you and i both, you know, all three of us as people who like business and are pro-business people, it's very frustrating when businesses do the wrong thing. >> the question i've heard repeatedly from consumers and even from experts is where did we ever sign off to allow these credit rating agencies to gather this data base on us? >> never. >> none of us can remember we ever did it. it may be in the fine print of some credit card app we took out years and years and years ago and they've accumulated this massive data base on all of us without ever explicitly sending us a form in the mail saying sign on the dotted line if you're okay with it. that's part of the outrage. >> or saying we make a lot of money off your information, so
8:39 am
here's a kickback for you. >> how about it's not like you can go out and get a new social security tomorrow. >> no. although it's been reported maybe we should. >> that is a very big topic of conversation. although to suspect that the congress can even begin to address that issue given how they right now can't seem to agree to pave the roads, that seems that may be a bridge too far for them. can i also make the point we kind of brushed over the s.e.c. hack. the s.e.c. was hacked, folks. and we had insider trading possibly a criminal organization overseas is the word. criminal organizations are working hand in hand with foreign intelligence agencies. >> right. >> so where is this going? i think it's safe to say the nation's financial system has very seriously been compromised. >> and so this is really important for people to know. people with non-public information have to file that with the exchange commission. there's ngs that they had.
8:40 am
you could make money or cause other people to lose money as a result of it. i have to thank you for your great, great, great reporting on these hacks and keeping the american public informed. >> if you don't think cyber warfare is a threat, guess again. president trump tweeted several times this morning about the nfl. he says the league should make a rule against kneeling during the national anthem. that, that is what the president has decided is the most important thing to cover. next -- >> guy talks a lot about the first amendment, interesting. >> sports the thing that brings us together. why is he making it a political battlefield. >> here's the comic this morning. men died for your right to stand. then there are two soldiers saying actually we died for his right to sit or stand. you're watching "velshi & rhule" on msnbc. building a website in under an hour is easy with gocentral...
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>> it was a coordinated effort. it was planned. and it was executed at the same time that our team was getting re >> the biggest thing for us was to show support and to demonstrate. but do it in a way that didn't
8:46 am
involve the national anthem and the flag. everybody was behind that. >> coming up next, both north korea and iran say they are ramping up their nuclear capabilities. and we're going to talk about that when we come back with somebody who knows about what that means. >> what'd you think about what jerry jones did? >> i was surprised. i was really surprised, because he said to reporters yesterday he wasn't going to do that. >> i was surprised. i thought it was extraordinary. and extraordinary to me that president trump said this thing is catching on, this nfl thing. this isn't like a campaign slogan like lock her up or build the wall. this is affecting players, coaches, families, brands at a time when the country needs to come together. they were never, ever fighting against patriotism in the country. it's about respecting one's civil liberties. it was a peaceful demonstration. that's all it was. stay with us. you're watching "velshi & rhule." mike and i are both veterans, both served in the navy. i do outrank my husband, not just being in the military, but at home. she thinks she's the boss.
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8:51 am
>> that's a stark statement. the white house later tried tamping down the harsh rhetoric. >> we've not declared war on north korea, and frankly the suggestion of that is absurd. it's never appropriate for a country to shoot down another country's aircraft when it's over international waters. our goal is still the same. we continue to seek the peaceful denuclearization of the korean peninsula. >> joining us now is lindsay ford at the asian society. i guess for people who follow this, it's not the most unusual thing for north korea to suggest there is already a war or somebody has declared a war. it sort of gives them the freedom to do what they feel is necessary.
8:52 am
just like sarah huckabee sanders tamped that down in the press conference yesterday, secretary mattis is in india today and he also tried to lower the tensions. let's just listen to what he had to say. >> our goal is to solve this diplomatically, and i believe president trump has been very clear on this issue. >> lindsay, what do you make of the responses to the north korean foreign minister? >> i think the challenge that we see here is this is a repeat game we're in where you see different members of the trump administration go out and say, hey, we want to solve this diplomatically. but then you see the president go out and give a different message. you know, we're going to totally destroy north korea if we have to. we don't want to, but we would if we were put in that position. and the problem here, and you saw this in the statement that kim jong-un made over the weekend, is that we're giving mixed messages to the north koreans, and it really
8:53 am
undermines, i think, this administration's strategy because it makes it difficult to know what their tendencies really are. >> aren't we giving mixed messages to the chinese as well? they have said over and over it's economic sanctions. ri it's repeatedly working with north korea and china to not give them banking opportunities. when wilbur ross met with china, it was right back to an aggressive, defensive dialogue. remember, it was peter navaro who put the idea that china wasn't going to help, so why would we think they were willing to help when there is a meeting like that? >> we need to do a lot less talking on this issue. they have a strategy. we need to run that play. you need to give time for the sanctions to work. if we truly believe we want
8:54 am
allies and partners to be working alongside us, we need to focus on that and we really need to pay a lot less attention to the rhetoric and dial it back a lot. >> china has put out a statement, the chinese foreign minister has said war on pthe peninsula will have no winner. and a war on peninsula will really be sun acceptable for countries in the region. do you think kim jong-un will stop this? >> i don't think you'll see kim jong-un stop because china has told them to do so. we've seen many instances where it looks like north korea is directly flouting things the chinese suggested they needed to do. i think what the chinese can do right now is they can actually focus on tightening and
8:55 am
implementing sanctions which they agreed to pass, they can focus on really making things harder economically for north korea, and i think that the chinese and the u.s. can have is a dialogue also. you know, the chinese are not wrong when they say this kind of rhetoric is not helpful from the u.s. president. and the president and this administration are not wrong when they say the chinese could do a lot more. so i think when the president goes out to asia in the next month or so that this is obviously going to continue to be at the top of the list. >> all right, lindsay, always good to see you. thank you very much, lindsay ford, director of the asian security at the asian society. you make a good point here, stephanie. before we get to war and shooting down planes and all that, there is a lot of room to either impose more sanctions, deal with the chinese productively and see how that plays out than to jump to war. >> how about to institute the sanctions already imposed? >> that's what we have to see. lindsay is right. stick around.
8:56 am
american football being pulled into politics and so many of us cannot figure out why, especially when you've got 3.5 million u.s. citizens suffering in puerto rico. this is what the president wanted to talk about and we're going to hear from former nfl wide receiver anquan boldin. he recently retired to focus on activism. we'll get his take on president trump. a slight shellfish allergy rules that out, plus my wife ordered the langoustine. i will have chicken tenders and tater tots. if you're a ref, you way over-explain things. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance you switch to geico. sir, we don't have tater tots. it's what you do. i will have nachos! a trip back to the dthe doctor's office, mean just for a shot. but why go back there, when you can stay home... ...with neulasta onpro? strong chemo can put you at risk of serious infection.
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ruhle." we have to go. it's time to say goodbye. thank you for watching "velshi & ruhle." >> now we're going to turn our show over to andrea mitchell for "andrea mitchell reports." this hour without enough votes, republican leaders are about to pull the plug on that last-ditch attempt to repeal obamacare as the president plays the blame game. >> we'll see what happens. we were very disappointed by a couple senators. republican senators, i must say. we were very disappointed that they would take the attitude that they did. we don't know why they did it. you can sort of figure that. but we'll see what happens. going into overtime. president trump calling for an nfl rule change to stop national anthem protests. and calling out the cowboys for their monday night kneel. and reply all. at least six top


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