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tv   MSNBC Live With Katy Tur  MSNBC  September 26, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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cooperation. on behalf of the american people i want to express our support and extend our prayers to all of those effected by the terror attack in spain last month. i want to assure the people of spain that america stands with you in confronting this evil that threatens all of humanity. we will continue to deny the terrorists they are funding, their territory and any form of support for their wicked ideology. this common fight america greatly appreciates spain's contribution to the coalition to defeat isis. spanish troops and police have trained more than 30,000 members of the iraqi security forces. we also thank the spanish people for being such gracious hosts to the american service members stationed at spanish bases. the united states and spain
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together face many critical dangers and challenges from north korea to iran to venezuela. we thank spain for recent decision to expel its north korean ambassador and for standing with us in our efforts to isolate the brutal north korean regime. it is time for all responsible nations to join forces, to isolate the north korean menace. north korean nuclear weapons and missile development threaten the entire world with unthinkable loss of life. all nations must act now to ensure the regime's complete de-nuclearization. i appreciate the united nations security council voting twice unanimously 15-0 twice to adopt hard-hitting resolutions against north korea. i have recently issued tough new sanctions against those who do
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business with this outlaw regime and i applaud china's latest action to restrict its trade with north korea. and in particular i applaud china for breaking off all banking relationships with north korea, something that people would have thought unthinkable even two months ago. i want to thank president xi. here in the western hemisphere we have seen the heartbreaking tragedy of socialist rule in venezuela. spain has been especially helpful in promoting the interests and well being of the venezuelan people and we thank you for your efforts. we hope our friends in the eu will soon follow the united states, canada and many latin american nations in sanctioning the maduro regime. the citizens of venezuela have
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endured political unrest under maduro oppressive regime. together spain and the united states hope for peace for the restoration of democracy and for the release of all political prisoners. wherever socialism spreads misery follows. the people of venezuela deserve a future of freedom. these are great people. in the economic arena we support trade that benefits both spain and the united states which means it must be fair and it must be reciprocal, such an important word. hasn't been used very much in the united states. reciprocal. spain is the 10th largest investor in the united states. i commend spanish business leaders for their confidence in america and the american worker and considering the fact that
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our stock market has just hit all-time highs i think they probably like the united states very much right now. this is a time for both tremendous opportunity for our world but also serious dangers. as i said, at the united nations which future really is up to us. if we empower our citizens, serve their needs and appeal to all that is best in the human spirit then i have no doubt we will succeed like never ever before. mr. president, i look forward to working with you to build this future of prosperity and peace for both spain and for the united states of america. thank you very much. thank you. thank you, mr. president. >> translator: ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon.
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i would like to start by expressing my solidarity of my government and of the spanish people with the people in the u.s. government after the terrible events president trump just referred to that took place in texas, florida and other u.s. regions and puerto rico. we hope and we wish that even if what happened can't be changed we hope that in the future we can do as best as possible for everyone. president trump and i had a working meeting today which was very productive. and we went through our bilateral relations. spain and the united states are two great partners. we share values, democracy, freedom, respect for human rights, the rule of law and we have institutional, cultural,
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corporate ties which are very important. relations between the two countries have been excellent and we must continue to work to strengthen those relations even more especially in the economic arena. that's why our priorities of strengthening the economy and job creation are key. trade between the two countries is growing. the united states is our second top trading partner outside of europe. the united states is our top destination of exports outside of the european union and regarding investments it's the second top destination of spanish investments and the top investor in spain. for many years spanish companies have invested in the u.s. they are creating many staple and high quality jobs in different sectors such as the financial industry and energy. and this has been possible
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thanks to the establishment of subsidries in the united states by 600 spanish companies and they will continue to create jobs. that is why they follow closely investment opportunities in the united states and they can contribute their technology and experience to the united states. i have also given details to president trump on spain's role in different crisis which are important to us all. for instance, he referred to our participation in the coalition and the crisis due to nuclear proliferation in north korea. combatting terrorism was something we talked about at length. spain has a long-standing experience in this area. just like the united states, we have been hit by the jihaddy terrorist attacks on our soil. both countries have agreed on
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antiterrorist policy and we cooperate very closely in the police, military and intelligence areas. i have also said that i'm sure that we still need to do a lot in the area of intelligence. we need to improve the coordination mechanisms in the area of cyber security or preventing recruitment and financing of terrorists. i have also under scored spain's role as a member of the global coalition against terrorism and our deployment in iraq which is very large, one of the fourth largest contributor and we have trained over 32,000 officers. in addition to that i have told president trump that we would increase our commitment with the new phase after the fall of mosul by contributing a new financial package to rebuild iraq. we also have long relations in the area of defense both in nato and bilaterally with the spanish bases which are used by both our
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countries and which are increasingly important strategically. our defense agreement goes back to 1988. at the time spain was in the back seat of the alliance. right now we are at the forefront. so the defense and security relation is excellent but we would like that to spill over into other areas of the bilateral relation. president trump and i have gone through the political and economic situation in our countries. regarding the international situation we've agreed that the challenge by north korea to the nonproliferation regime is an intolerable violation of international legality. i express full support of spanish government to the stepping up of sanctions as approved by the united nations. as we note european union is working on new additional
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measures and in that context spain will continue to press for a firm common stance supportive of the u.s. and its regional allies. i have also reminded president trump that the spanish government has taken measures that have reduced diplomatic presence of north korea in our country. president trump has thanked me for the firm position my government has taken and the measures we have adopted. regarding venezuela we have exchanged views on the worrying direction the country is going. we have noticed there is a need to sustain international pressure on the venezuelaen government so that it commits to negotiations which will enable us to find a democratic negotiated and peaceful solution to the current crisis. i reminded president trump that
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spain had spear headed the adoption of sanctions which were first targeted. so we have gone through the political and economic situation of both of our countries. spain and the united states are two democracies friends and allies with many common values and interests. we have agreed to work together in defense of the values with a comprehensive and cooperative vision. i would like to thank the warm welcome that was extended to us by president trump and his team at the white house. and i would also like to under score the friendship that exists between the united states and spain. thank you. >> thank you very much. steve holland, please. reuters. don't get nervous, steve.
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>> [ inaudible ]. >> ipreoccupied with the nfl. i was ashamed with what was taking place. i don't think you can disrespect our country, flag and national anthem. to me the nfl situation is a very important situation. i have heard that before about was i preoccupied? not at all. i have plenty of time on my hands. all i do is work and to be honest that is an important function of working is called respect for our country. many people have died, many, many people. many people are so horribly injured. i was at walter reed hospital and i saw so many great young people and they're missing legs and arms and have been so badly injured. and they were fighting for our country. they were fighting for our flag. they were fighting for our national anthem. and for people to disrespect that kneeling i think is
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disgraceful. the governor of puerto rico is so thankful for the job we are doing. we hit little pieces of georgia and alabama and frankly we are doing -- it is the most difficult job because it is on the island in the middle of the ocean. it is out in the ocean. you can't just drive your trucks there from other states. the governor said we are doing a great job. in fact, he thanks me specifically for fema and first responders in puerto rico. and we are also mentioning with that the u.s. virgin islands. it was devastated. so we are totally focussed on that. at the same time it doesn't take me long to put out a wrong and maybe we will get it right. i think it is a very important thing for the nfl to not allow people to kneel during the playing of our national anthem, to respect our country and to
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respect our flag. thank you. >> if i can ask you a question. it's going to take a war to rein in north korea. what is your advice in dealing with this? >> translator: no one wishes for there to be a war anywhere in the world. it is true that the recent events in north korea with implications in the neighboring countries, very important countries means that we all have to be forceful and those of us who defend the values of democracy, freedom and human rights have to let north korea know that it isn't going anywhere that direction for the time being. sanctions have been adopted.
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spain will support any political decision which will contribute to putting an end to this situation which has nothing to do with the principles and values most of western and global democracies defend. we don't know whether during your conversation you discussed the -- situation. this is a question for president trump. do you support what the spanish government is doing regarding c katalonia. i want to ask whether you think it is a unilateral declaration of independence. >> i think that spain is a great country and it should remain united. we are dealing with a great, great country and it should
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remain united. i have been watching that unfold. it has actually been unfolding for centuries. i think that nobody knows if they are going to have a vote. i think the president would say they are not going to have a vote. i think that the people would be very much opposed to that. i can say only speaking for myself i would like to see spain continue to be united. >> translator: the decision to unilaterally declare independence is not something -- it's not a decision i would make. it's a decision which will have to be made or not by the government. i think it would be very wrong. i think that right now when everyone knows that the referendum can take place because there isn't analecteral committee or a team organizing the referendum, there aren't ballots.
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there aren't people at the voting stations. so it's just crazy all this will lead to is noise but certainly there can be a valid democratic referendum with guarantees i think what would make sense in a situation such as this is to go back to common sense and put an end to this whole story. the only thing it is doing is generating division, tensions and it's not contributing in any way to the citizen situation. i want this to be resolved as soon as possible. and i want us to go into a new stage where the rule of law, dialogue and common sense will prevail. >> thank you. >> major garret cbs. >> [ inaudible ] are you truly
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satisfied with what the government has done so far? and you have a special meeting. are you contemplating deployment of special naval assets or air assets to puerto rico? and on north korea very quickly, the foreign minister said you declared war on north korea and the north korean government threatened to shoot down or aim at american planes flying in international air space. >> i will answer the second one first. we are totally prepared for the second option, not a preferred option. if we take that option it will be devastatindevastating, i can that. devastating for north korea. that is called the military option. if we have to take it we will. he is acting very badly. he is saying things that should
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never be said and we are replying to those things but it is a reply. it's not an original. the things he said over the last year and if you look at the things he said to past administrations, north korea is a situation that should have been handled 25 years ago, 20 years ago, 15 years ago, 10 years ago and 5 years ago and could have been handled much more easily. you have various administrations, many administrations which left me a mess. but i will fix the mess. we will see what happens with north korea. as far as puerto rico is concerned i think just the opposite. we have had tremendous reviews from government officials as we have in texas and louisiana and as we have in florida as you know from governor scott and greg abbott. great governors. and this morning the governor made incredible statements about how well we are doing. we understand it's a disaster. it's a disaster that just
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happened. the grid was in bad shape before the storm. and puerto rico didn't get hit by one hurricane. it got hit by two hurricanes and they were among the biggest we have ever seen with the second one being even worst. the second one hit puerto rico as a category 5. i don't believe anybody has seen that happen before, hit land with that kind of velocity. the governor has been extremely generous and i appreciated it. we right now have our top people from fema and they have been there. we are unloading on an hourly basis massive loads of water and food and supplies for puerto rico. and this isn't like florida where we can go right up the spine or like texas where we go right down the middle and distribute. this is a thing called the atlantic ocean. this is tough stuff. the governor has been so incredible in his statements about the job we are doing. don't forget their police force
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has been decimated because many of the police in puerto rico have lost their homes. so sure they want to be police but they want to be able to watch their families and find their families. they have to live. so we are also very much involved in security in puerto rico. so everybody has said it's amazing the job that we have done in puerto rico. we are very proud of it. and i'm going there on tuesday. with all of that being said, record -- if you look at the amount of water dropped on that island between the two hurricanes and at first they just barely got by with but were devastated and the second was a complete wipeout. this was a place that was destroyed. i think we have done a really good job. we are literally unloading water, food, supplies. we have our top people from fema and our first responders and everybody else. we are deploying navy ships and we are going to do far more than
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anybody else would be able to do. and it is being recognized as such. it is a tough situation. would you have a question for the president? >> do you share president trump's hostility towards the venezuelaen regime? and what is your opinion on the suggestion that u.s. military intervention might be required if the government doesn't change course? do you support that and would you be an advocate for tougher sanctions against the venezuelan government? >> translator: well, we're spear heading in the european union a proposal to impose sanctions on venezuela. what is happening in venezuela is unacceptable. venezuela traditionally was a democratic country and at this time it is no longer a democratic country. there are people who are in jail
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only because they think differently th differently. i was the first prime minister -- there were many others who were sent to jail in venezuela. there was a parliament and a government has made up this other parliament which has its meeting next to the other parliament. and enacts legislation. they created a commission for the truth which is an anti-democratic tool which only serves to judge people without respecting minimum human rights standards. venezuela is on the road to dictatorship that can be stopped. so all of us who shared values such as democracy, freedom and human rights have to do something. at this time sanctions are important. it is important that there be international coalition putting
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pressure so that political prisoners are freed and democracies restored because lack of democracy and attack against human rights and freedoms are coming in conjunction with economic -- with terrible economic situation with the 300% inflation rate with problems supplying foods and medicines to people. it is a really tragic situation. i think that we have -- the united states and spain have a responsibility towards venezuela. there are a lot of spaniards living in venezuela. i am worried about them and the rest. they certainly worry me. so i think that the international community should be forceful with regards to venezuela. thank you. i have a question for each of you.
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for president trump. with the serious political crisis in spain because of the referendum on sunday what solution do you think there is? have you given advice on this matter? do you think there should be a dialogue between the government to find a solution? and now a question. it seems like what you doing where you are managing things is having an impact on the budget. i would like to know whether you think that the situation can be resolved or do you think that you will have to call early elections? >> i think the people have been talking about this for a long time. if you had accurate numbers and accurate polling you would find that they love their country and love spain and they wouldn't leave. so i'm just for united spain. i speak as the president of the united states.
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as somebody that has great respect for your president and also has great respect for your country i really think the people of catalonia would stay with spain. you are talking about staying with a truly great, beautiful and historic country. >> translator: thank you. we will be delaying the budget in parliament because we think that when we submit the budget we will need the support to approve them. we are talking with different political parties as you know and i don't think we will have any problems if we continue to work down this line. i don't think we will have any problems in approving within reasonable timeframe but we are looking for a majority just like we did last time around when we voted the budget.
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at any rate i'm not thinking at all about calling early elections as a result of what we were seeing. >> mr. president, thank you very much. thank you. >> i'm joined right now by katie tur in new york. you have been watching coverage of president trump's joint news conference. let's get reaction from reporters. what do you think about trump's doubling down talking about how ashamed he is at the fact that the athletes were taking a knee saying it was disgraceful? >> he would rather talk about the nfl than a number of things today. look what is on his plate other than the nfl controversy you
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have what is going on in puerto rico. folks saying they feel forgotten by the united states, demanding and begging help from the united states having to remind this government that they are americans. where is the navy? make sure you get us the help you need. he has been criticized for not paying attention to puerto rico sending off more than a dozen tweets about the nfl and all but ignoring puerto rico until last night since that hurricane hit. in alabama, the man he endorsed for senate down there. not doing well in the polls. donald trump doesn't want to talk about that. what happens if roy moore wins down there. this is not someone that donald trump endorsed and then there is health care. they tried again to get health care passed. republicans did. the president made a strong push at least on twitter to try and
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bully his way into forcing his republican senators to vote yes on this bill focussing a lot of attention, frankly on senator john mccain. we just heard a moment ago that health care is now pretty much off the table again. they are going to delay a vote. senator cassidy saying they don't have the votes. it will be postponed. any question about the nfl, the nfl is a welcome one for the president. of course, he is going to want to double down on that and stick to his guns because it rallies his base and distracts from all the other stuff. >> why do you think he doubled down again on his threats to north korea saying they will suffer devastating attack? >> he has to look like the strongest person in the room in any room whatever he is in. he has to make it seem like he is defending the american people in the strongest terms possible, the strongest language possible. he is not going to back down and say maybe i shouldn't have called him rocket man.
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maybe i am overescalating this and causing this man to test bombs over the pacific which is what there is talk of right now. the question here and one you have to ask analysts because i am no expert on how he might be responding or thinking, but when does that escalation stop? and where does it stop? who fires the first shot? certainly north koreans have said they take one of the tweets as declaration of war. that is pretty serious business. >> let me talk about the health care. this has been almost comical the failure. 60 something votes. it was so easy to get that repeal vote through the house of representatives again and again. the moment he becomes president
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they couldn't get anything through and now have failed again in the senate. each time the last two times and the two women from maine and alaska helping out there joined by rand paul. there seems to be a formula. he is not going to get 50 votes when he needs 50 votes because of the fact there are somewhat moderate republicans who don't go along with his ideology. one goes beyond him in terms of his libitarianism. he says he doesn't have a majority. >> it's a frayed caucus. the republican caucus has a lot of different angles that a number of senators and people in the house are pursuing. they campaigned on and talked about it all the time for eight years repealing obamacare. they are going to repeal it. those votes that they sent out, they knew that they would get vetoed. ultimately the health care system would not be on their
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shoulders while president obama was in office. it was a good thing to campaign on. that's not the case right now. whatever they pass in the house and the senate donald trump will sign it's a risky gamble. do you repeal obamacare? will it be accept snd are you going to win an election off that? if you don't repeal it are you going to lose an election because you promise something that you couldn't deliver on? it's a difficult position to be in. >> we will be back to you. let me go to the white house now with peter alexander. it is one thing to lose when you try but another thing to lose when you haven't tried y. don't think he was really behind the bill. he didn't want the pottery barn rule to be in effect. the same i don't think he is
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[ inaudible ] down with the primary. he may want to go to the hard right with grass roots people of alabama. he feels their thunder. it seems like he has been half hearted in two of the fights today. >> definitely the case in health care. consider the president's conversation pieces over the course of the last 72 to 96 hours focussing almost exclusively on the nfl, on tax reform and on other topics among them as we witnessed again here today. north korea health care was not his sweet spot as white house aides describe it. it was the issue of taxes. consider the times he went on the road to fight for the health care bill. any of the three bills. the bottom line on that topic i think is this president knew this wasn't doing that well and would rather blame it on others. he was meeting with some republican house members and
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basically blamed the health care failure on so-called republicans. let's take a look at lindsey graham. >> we are on path. it's not if but a matter of when. to my republican colleagues we are going to fulfill our promise to repeal and replace to the american people. we are going to improve health care for you because at the end of the day that's the only promise that matters. what do you make of lindsey graham saying it is a matter of time when they just don't have the votes? >> it is unclear how they are going to get them. i suppose it is possible john mccain could come back on board if they took the bill back to square one and worked it all the way through the committee process since his complaint has been about regular order.
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rand paul and susan collins have fundamentally different and truly fundamental issues with the block grant concept with making big changes to medicaid. it's important to note that they are not the only noes that we think might be out there. rob portman, a number of more moderate republican senators who never took a position on this bill. as early as this morning or as late in the game. i asked will you vote for this bill and she told me i don't think we are going to have a vote. she turned out to be right. we don't know where the republican caucus stands on this bill. >> i have been watching this thing and i keep checking through our producers that there are 32 republican u.s. senators who have not taken a position on this. they are waiting, hoping that they didn't have to vote on it. so we don't know how they are going to vote. if they wanted to express support for this measure they could have done so any day they wanted to do it. they all chose not to position
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themselves in support which told me they don't want the vote. they don't like being held responsible for health care going down the road and there is a good chance they won't vote for it if they had to. >> nobody wants to vote for a losing bill. i think one person who probably did want to see a vote before today is luther strange in alabama who is running for his seat and his political life today. if you are luther strange what is the argument for your reelection at this point sth. >> this has been a huge issue for republicans and this didn't get a vote on the floor. the fact that this died today is not going to be great news for his campaign. a number of republican senators are probably pretty happy that they didn't have to stand on the floor and take this vote again. >> the overall politics is vote against something that passed or something that fails then you are never responsible for anything and you can survive for 30 or 40 years and become a
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building someday. they will name a building after you because you survived so long. that unfortunately is the name of politics in many cases. your last thought? >> i just think about the house. the house has passed a health care repeal bill but the president turned around and called mean that everybody in the republican caucus hopefully get improved by the u.s. senate. i am curious to see how this plays out for house members who voted for the bill that the president's voice will get used against them in ads in 2018 and no product to show for it. >> let's talk about the political fallout. let's go to republican strategist. here is the cake that the president baked again today. very tough against nfl players who took the knee. he doesn't mind the racial blowback. he doesn't mind all of that. he likes the fight. he is playing very tough hawkish on north korea. he said it was like d day in a
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sense. disgraceful behavior. devastation coming to north korea. he is doubling down on all fronts and letting republicans on capitol hill on health care. he will probably step aside in alabama when the wrong guy wins as far as he is concerned. how does that add to a president who gets a good showing in the congressional races and gets reelected? >> in luther strange's endorsement speech he talked about campaigning vigorously. none of this -- how do you get the votes? by convincing the american public that you have a vision about health care. that translates to winning elections in 2018 and you get more than margin of two senator and you are comfortable with the
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vote. that is not going to happen because they failed on health care twice. i think it will impact on their tax reform. they have little chance of moving anything significant because they don't do the hard work of building public support or political capital. they are bankrupt on it. >> another thing that is fascinating in addition to the populist rhetoric there is one exception. when it comes to his guest the prime minister of spain he said i am with you. we are brothers on this. we don't like division. we don't like revolution and populism. keep thingathize way they are. how does that fit in the world? >> the domestic divider in chief is playing uniter when it had comes to international. when it came to brexit and this referendum and scottish referendum this is what the yoounz likes. we like stability. we like unity. we like dealing with blocks.
11:40 am
president trump has shown a little disdain for some of that. tpp being one example. his truly on behalf of brexit is another. the policy of the united states tends to look at the world as trading partners, as partners in security and nato. that is what the state department and this administration would like to see continue even if it goes against trump's political instincts. >> well said. back to you, katie. >> i want to get back to puerto rico. i think that is just an issue that is not being covered enough amid all of this nfl controversy. the jones act which basically says goods need to stop in the united states before they go to puerto rico. there is talk about why is that not being suspended for this? they are in dire need of aid. why isn't the federal government doing more to make sure that puerto ricoens are getting the help they need? can the president at least put a pause on that for a moment in order to speed things up down
11:41 am
there? >> he can and he should. i think his remarks about puerto rico were more to defend himself. he indicated that fema is doing a great job, that the governor of puerto rico has praised them. it is hard to reconcile that with the picture and visuals we see. clearly much more should be done and absolutely can be done. all points have been made but reconciling visuals, north korea, taxes and then talk about the nfl as much as he has brings to mind on a lighter note the title of a great book i read. it is unbelievable that he continues without the hint of hypocrisy and regret. you can only hope that the answer he gave about the nfl, the passion he gave in that answer he will walk right back into the oval office and apply that same passion in puerto rico. >> he approaches the issues on how they relate back to him. when asked about puerto rico he made a good observation. he said the mayor of puerto rico
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called me to congratulate me the united states. >> he said i. >> congratulate me on what we are sending down. >> look at the tweets last night about puerto rico. he is borderline blaming them for their indebtedness. >> do we have the tweets? >> let's remind the president. president trump went bankrupt four times. without bankruptcy protection he would not have been able to have a fresh start. whether or not they were massively in debt they would have the infrastructure out there. >> they were hit with a category four storm. these are u.s. citizen whose don't need special visas. if they don't get puerto rico up and running they lost half a million people in the last ten years because their economy was doing so poorly. states like florida, texas, new york. are we read for 3.5 million u.s. citizens from puerto rico to
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migrate here? >> and can economies sustain the flood of people? let's put the tweets up one more time. texas and florida are doing great but puerto rico is in deep trouble. its old electrical grid was devastated. much of the island was destroyed with billions of dollars owed to wall street and the banks. food, water and medical are top priorities and doing well. >> what on earth does that have to do with human hardship and need? it says a lot about where his head is on this thing. i am glad you raised his points about business bankruptcies. for him to raise that issue at this moment tone deaf doesn't begin to explain. >> it speaks to where he gets his information from. one of his early backers was john paulson. he has a billion and a half dollars invested in puerto rico. remember you have big-time
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investors who are already creditors there. that is the information that president trump gets. this is a crisis. these people need our help. this isn't about we are doing a great job and didn't release all the fema funding until today because puerto rico would have had to put up money and they didn't have the money. this morning it was waived. >> congress isn't considering a bill for aid until next week? >> i want to be a little careful here in terms of the criticism here about trump's style when it relates to these things and personalizing it. that is something we are seeing in this case. al i think i point out the governor of puerto rico yesterday i saw an interview who said from his standpoint that fema had been prepared for this but that this was worst than the worst case scenario and there are logistical issues. i think sometimes there is a risk of the president is tweeting about the nfl, is
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tweeting about unrelated things and we don't think there is a giant government bureaucracy in the background. >> isn't it the president's responsibility to call attention to things and lead and make sure -- >> you get to the role of the bully pulpit and that is a legitimate question. in terms of the mechanics of the federal government's response to this i think the story may be more complicated. >> would it be different if we saw this happen in a state like illinois. >> i hear you. i don't disagree. we do know where he has been spending time and what he has been -- the fights he has waged and provoked over the last several days. we know what we are seeing on television and the visuals. as much as i have listened to the san juan mayor make plea for more help from us here, so that -- >> what i'm trying to say --
11:46 am
>> i don't think puerto ricoens have gotten the same response. >> i think we are going to leave that here for one moment and toss it back to chris in washington. >> thank you. let's take a look at what president trump said about north korea. this could be most important thing he said today. >> the foreign minister said you declared effectively war on north korea and the government agreed to shoot down or aim at american planes flying in international air space. >> i will answer the second one first. we are totally prepared for the second option, not a preferred option, but if we take that option it will be devastating, i can tell you that. north korea is a situation that should have been handled 25 years ago, 20 years ago, five years ago and could have been handled much more easily. you had various administrations, many administrations which left me a mess.
11:47 am
but i will fix the mess. >> so the president said we are totally as united states military totally prepared with the military option which could mean devastation to north korea. let me bring in bill neily. how do you think they will hear this and they are sensitive to this talk of devastation of their country. how will they hear it? >> well, that's always the thing, chris. number one is what did donald trump say? how is that translated? how is that read? that tweet that he sent out over the weekend saying he might not be around for much longer was regarded by the north koreaens as a direct threat to kim jong-un hence foreign minister said this plus the overflight by u.s. bombers was a declaration of war. i was more struck by what donald trump didn't say than what he did say and by the tone of that
11:48 am
news conference because he didn't double down in a sense. there was no more rocketman there and no more questions whether kim jong-un would be around for much longer or not. this was a restrained president trump. i thought that the message was short and sharp and decisive, deliberate. at the beginning he made a statement which was really a restatement of his or america's policies saying it is time to isolate the north korean menace and the threat it poses of an unthinkable loss of life and called it an outlaw regime and then singled out china and thanked president xi. all of that is very, very different from the off the cuff make it up as you go along with threats that shock the world, the kind of president trump we saw last month. in a sense i'm not saying he stepped back but he certainly i thought leaned back from what he might have said. >> thank you for that analysis. i want to thank rick tyler being
11:49 am
with us. back to you. >> good to share this with you. we will be back with more from capitol hill where it was roger stone's turn to be questioned about russia. but it all happened behind closed doors with the house intel committee. among the members in that meeting with the former trump adviser was congress woman jackie spear. she will hopefully let us in to what happened behind the closed doors. she joins me live next. what started as a passion...
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11:53 am
i expressed my view that i am aware of no evidence whatsoever of collusion by the russian state or anyone in the trump campaign or anyone associated with donald trump. >> former trump adviser roger stone finally had his time in the hot seat on capitol hill today. he answered questions from the house intel committee for nearly four hours on the russia investigation. stone told reporters afterwards he used the opportunity to clear his name. >> i made the case that the accusation that i knew about john podesta's e-mail hack in advance was false, that i knew about the content and source of the wikileaks disclosures regarding hillary clinton was false, and that my exchange with someone claiming to be louis per
11:54 am
2.0 when viewed through the context, content, and timing, was benign and innocuous. >> stone's testimony comes as the "washington post" provides new insight into more than 3,000 russian bought fable ads that will soon be given to congress. according to the new report, the ads show, quote a deep understanding of social divides in american society. joining me now is democratic congresswoman jackie spear of california. she is a member of the intel committee and heard stone's testimony this morning. congresswoman, thank you so much for joining us. i want to at first start with that sound byte we just heard from roger stone and what he might have been referred to that he said was innocuous. this was a tweet he send out august 21st of 2016. he said trust me, it will soon be in the podesta's time in the barrel. this came i believe just a couple of days or very shortly before wikileaks came out with
11:55 am
john podesta's e-mails? >> that's right. he was trying to suggest that he didn't really know that the e-mails were going to be dropped when they were. that he was talking more generally about john poe testar, more specifically about his brother who has a lobbying firm unrelated to john podesta and was trying to merge the two. so it didn't make a lot of sense but that's the story that he is promoting at this point in time. >> he says he doesn't think members of the committee are going to buy his claims. do you think that he answered questions honestly today? >> he was responsive to the questions we asked for the most part. there was one glaring question that he was unwilling to respond to until he coordinated with his source. and if he doesn't cooperate, then we would have to actually subpoena that information because it's really critical to
11:56 am
our evaluation. he really has a very different take on virtually everything relative to the russia investigation. he has not seen any of the classified information, but he is convinced that the dnc was not hacked by the russians but was an inside job. and he does not believe that guccifer 2.0 is a russian cut out for the gru, which is a military intelligence agency within russia. so he just says something is white when it's black. he does not want to believe in the 17 intelligence agencies and the very high confidence with which they have established that the russians intervened. now it's important to all of us as americans because we are voters. and they are -- they being the russians are going to going to continue to hack into your systems and undermine our election process if we don't get serious about getting to the bottom of it. >> what was that one question
11:57 am
you asked that he could not answer? >> well, it's a question about the go-between between he and wikileaks. >> and he didn't have the information to answer that? or --? >> no, he didn't want to tell us. just didn't want to tell news do you believe that he was coordinating directly with wikileaks? >> well, he would -- he has said publicly that he did not. i mean, i think we are only going to be able to corroborate whether he is telling the truth or not by hearing from other witnesses. and that's our job. and you know, he did an effective job of responding to most of the questions today. he's very polished. and he -- you know, he made his case as best as he can. but he does want to always throw a firebomb into the mix. and i think suggesting that the dnc wasn't hacked, that it was an inside job s truly preposterous. >> california democratic congress womg jackie spear,
11:58 am
congresswoman thank you for joining us. i'm sorry it was shortened today because of that news conference. let's go to nick ackerman, an msnbc legal analysis. nick, we have only a minute to brae that down. but roger stone is obviously not going to say that he was working with wikileaks. >> of course not. >> is it fair, though -- i mean, does he have an argument to say that he didn't know anything about it? that this was just a coincidence of timing? >> from the standpoint of a trial lawyer this guy is completely incredible. he has made statements that contradict each other. he said with respect to the guccifer 2.0 that he had conversations with him at one point. then he said he didn't have conversations. he said he had conversations directly with julian assange. then he said he didn't. changed that story a number of times he has given conflicting accounts all over the boards.
11:59 am
but the question we have to ask is why was he having conversations with guccifer 2.0. >> or anyone he might have believed to be guccifer 270 or anybody who might have sold themselves as such. >> anybody who was taking information out of the dnc. why would he have conversations with them? and why would he have conversations with julian assange, or with somebody having conversations on his behalf with julian assange. it didn't make any sense. all of this happens within the context of a couple of weeks of the june 9th meeting at trump tower where supposedly they were going to be turning over all of the dirt on hillary clinton. you have to ask yourself what was being done at that meeting and what was his role. >> lot of coincidences in a short period of time and there hasn't been lot of illusidation as to exactly what was going on. >> the only one who is going to
12:00 pm
have an answer to that is robert mueller. >> we will see whether or not he will share that information with the american public. nick ackerman, nice to see of course. that will wrap things up for me this hour. my dear friend, i say that insearly ali velshi joins me now. >> i enjoyed this conversation. i would be happy to have that go on longer. >> you can step aside and we will continue. >> i wonder if robert mueller reads and watches and says if you all knew what i know it will be very interesting. two or three years from now it's going to be interesting conversation. >> or maybe he is thinking be quiet, i am conducting an vgs. it's been a busy day in washington on a number of issues. last hour, president trump finished up his joint conference with spain, he promised help for puerto rico and had tough talk for


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