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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  September 28, 2017 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> it speaks volumes, the president had an opportunity to say something positive and he didn't. it's great to see congressman scalise back after what happened to him. i think everyone welcomes him back to the white house. >> that's all for . chris jansing takes over. >> good afrnoon. i'm chris jansing in for craig melvin. two top stories to lead off with, the latest on the humanitarian crisis in puerto rico, which is affecting millions of americans. democrats are asking for more action after the president lifted a restriction on nonamerican ships delivering aid. those affected say the aid is still not getting to those who quickly need it. and president obama, president
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bush and president clinton together. but first mariana atencio at the po portin puerto rico. there's been so much concern about getting the supplies where they're needed. give us an update. >> reporter: it's incredibly frustrating. throughout the island you see people begging for needs, for food, for fuel, for medicine. in this port alone, 3,000 containers, over my shoulder, 400 containers that just aliefd but -- arrived but no one is able to deliver them to the peopl who need them. it's incredibly needed i just spoke to the vice president of crowley, the company that operates 40% of the
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port on the island. i asked him what he needs from the federal government and if president trump's visit here on tuesday is too little too late. let's listen. >> we hope that things starts moving now. not tuesday when he shows up. people are dying. people are in need today, not tuesday. so i just hope this is not a media show. >> reporter: this is a life-and-death situation. we've seen it ourselves here on the island, chris. there are sort of other pieces to this puzzle. it's crowley, the company that operates the ports but it's also the government of puerto rico that is in charge of the port ultimately. i spoke to juan carlo hernandez, he told me his plea is to the federal government but also to the companies shipping the supplies here, to the walgreens
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and wall marts of the world, we need you to not only deliver them to the island but get them moving on trucks to the areas that need them most. >> thank you for that update in san juan, puerto rico. several mornings of the congressional hispanic caucus slammed the president for how they've handled the situation in puerto rico. we have it now? let's play that. >> this administration's response has been inexcusably slow and ineffective. >> it's tantamount to mother natu nature's atomic bomb and we're doing very little. >> and this is katrina 2017. let's have no misunderstanding
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about it. >> congress gutierrez's parents migrated from puerto rico in the 1950s and he later lived there as well. i appreciate you coming on. i know that your mind and your heart is in puerto rico. what's your biggest concern right now for the people on that island? >> chris, i want to read something to you. i just got this half an hour ago from a high ranking federal official in puerto rico. he said, "we need to ensure the orderly distribution of fuel, supplies all across the island. the military can come in a peacekeeping effort to the island, people are already dying in the highlands with scarce communication. it's not being disseminated and it's not effective. we need immediate and massive action to help the people of puerto rico." i got this half an hour ago. i'm going to go tomorrow. i want to see what the president says is fine and that he's done a great job and he's self-congratulated himself. i want to go and i want to go
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bring them hope to the people of puerto rico and be able to come back and report. and so i'm leaving tomorrow morning to do that so that we have eyes and ears from members of congress on the island of puerto rico. i think it's very, very important. >> i don't want to get ahead of what you know firsthand because obviously that's why you're going tomorr but from what you've been able to hear, from the kinds of communications that you' been able to get, what is not being done now that you think could be done? >> okay, first of all, our army corps of engineers and our military in a peaceful effort, right, can do what they did in haiti. they can go and reestablish the towers. a lot of people think they go to puerto rico, they go to san juan, we have two other airports. we need to rehabilitate them immediately and our army can do that. our communications system, we can put a communications system so that people can communicate -- i want you to understand, chris, there are parts of the island of puerto rico who have yet to hear
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anything from the central government in puerto rico, much less the federal government. people are literally dying on the island of puerto rico. there is no communications. we can do that. we can set up places for water. our military has apart from its fire and fury during times of war, as trump likes to talk about them, they have immense capacity to bring about the peaceful reconstruction of puerto rico and bring the supplies that are necessary there. >> this morning the governor of puerto rico said that the federal response had been excellent, he said president trump had been diligent. do you think those are political statements or do you think that this is just frankly, congressman, such aassive hit that puerto rico has ten that there are so many needs that are so great that they're doing truly everything that they can? >> here's what i say about what the governor of puerto rico
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said. i'm not going to take exception to anything he said. he has a huge, mammoth of -- this is unprecedented. this is a category 5 that went right through the island of puerto rico, devastating all of the island of puerto rico. wow, you know, i'm not going to take whatever he says -- he has to be a diplomat, he has to play so many roles in puerto rico. i'm going to play my role and i'm going to support this governor of puerto rico so that he has everythingy neeeverythin. tomorrow i'm going to get there, the mayor of san juan is going to pick me up. but more importantly on saturday we intend to go to interior of that island and we're going to come back and say what needs to be done. we're going to help this governor be the best governor he can be of puerto rico. >> some congressional sources have told us here at nbc, congressman, that the white house has been restricting the number and certainly the availability of the access to
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the island and obviously the concern is the same whether it's you or anyone else in an official capacity that's going, are they going to distract from the business at hand? should the people who are around you be doing something else to help the people rather than giving you -- are you concerned at all about that? are you concerned you could b a distraction? has the white house or federal officials said anything official to you about not going? >> first of all, i never have asked permission from anybody to do my job nor will i. the day i do that i've abdicated my responsibility and i should just resign as a member of congress. they can make whatever pronouncements they want, i was elected by the people to do a job and i'm going to do it. i'm on a commercial flight tomorrow, i bought my ticket like anyone else can buy their ticket and i'm going to be there in the island and i'm going to stay in a private hotel and be on the island of puerto rico. it doesn't matter to me what they think.
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what matters to me is that the people of puerto rico see a presence of the federal government that has said i've come here to listen and take back your word and make sure everyone understands just what it is you need. i also want to say in this moment of such desperation that exists on the island of puerto rico, i also want to be at least a small light of hope, of solidarity, of friendship to say that the congress of the united states may have imposed upon you a control board that as the congress said didn't cost us a cent and didn't help you in your time of need but today we're going to make sure that we spend the necessary resources to help you today and to reconstruct the island of puerto rico in the futu. >> congressman ls gutierrez of illinois, i know the thoughts and prayers of the american people are with the folks of puerto rico in this desperate times. safe travel tomorrow. >> thank you so much. >> moments ago presidents barack
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obama, george w. bush and bill clinton tee'd off. it's a glimpse of the three former presidents to the. that's it. that's all we got to see. but this is an annual event. all three, by the way, serve as honorary chairmen of the event here. there's been some rumors about whether or not dronald trump might show up. this is a rare sighting. it was nice to see them all in their golf shirts and smiling. >> reporter: looking relaxed and happy and smiling. i think the last time we saw
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them together was at the inauguration of president trump. there is a collegiali ity who she times like this that are causes beyond partisan politics and are a humanitarian nature. along with jimmy carter and george h.w. bush. they, too, are participating in this campaign for hurricane relief. so this is the lighter side of being a former president, but they are also using the magnitude of their global personas to try to motivate charitable donations and awareness of the needs of those who have been in the path of these hurricanes where there's been so much devastation. of course we saw how the president is now -- president trump is now beginning to speak more frequently about puerto rico. there was criticism he had not
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done enough about that, that he had been consumed or distracted by the issue relating to nfl players and the flag and the anthem and not spending enough of his own capital to marshal resources and attention to puerto rico. he's talking about that more. the white house is now saying some of the specifics. we're talking about how the president has waived an old shipping rule that would only allow u.s. ships to transport resources to puerto rico. 10,000 responders, more than 4.5 million meals, 4.6 million liters of water with and they're working to reopen some of the necessary airfields and access.
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the medical ship is coming from norfolk, west virginia. those are some of the steps that the white house is trying to put numbers after there was criticism they're not visibly doing enough to aid americans on the island of puerto rico. >> thank you so much, kelly. nearly four months after being shot on a baseball field in virginia, house majority whip steve scalise this morning returning. >> and executives at twitter briefing senate and house intel committee members today in the russia probe as facebook's ceo respond to president trump's bias claims. your joints... or your digestion... so why wouldn't you take something for the most important part of you... your brain. with an ingredient originally found in jellyfish, prevagen is now the number one selling brain health supplement
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what a dramatic and moving moment on capitol hill this morning as congressman steve scalise walked on to the house of the floor after a shooting four months ago. >> the chairs wishes to mark the return of our dear friend and congressman from louisiana, steve scalise. >> congressman scalise of shot on june 14th at the congressional baseball game
10:18 am
practice. doctors said he might not survive. the gunmanho opened fire was killed in an exchange o gunfire with the shooter. >> even after being shot both themselves continued to engage the shooter and ultimately got him down, which not only saved my life but saved the life of a lot of other people that are here in this chamber today. crystal couldn't be with us today but david bailey is with us. david, you were my hero, you saved my life. thank you so. >> and president trump just moments ago outside the executive office building said how pleased he was the congressman has returned. >> he's a special man, brave, just a great guy, a great friend of mine. we're so excited. what happened to him, just horrible. we are so happy.
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>> let bring in virginia republican congressman dave bratt, a member of the house committee and we all remember that day and then word came from the hospital that the injuries were much more serious than we thought. people were worried that people wouldn't see today. >> the day opened, the staff came in, security came in, we all waited and inomes steve, just same as always. he's just nonpolitical guy, down to earth, everybody likes him across the board. he opens up, just gives a tremendous speech. he said the first place i'm going in this speech is to god and then all the remarks circled around that and then at the end he said he's getting letters from world leaders and he had to
10:20 am
process what's the meaning of all that, why am i getting letters from all these folks. and he said it's because the whole rest of the world wants to see us be a success. the whole rest of the world does view the united states as a leader, as a moral leader, as the light that shines in the world. and so just an overwhelmingly positive talk. he said this is a dark, dark moment, but he said the love and the -- all the letters that came in to him and his family and the prayers just blew away the piece of hatred. so an affirmation of the goodness of humanity. we go head to head and hit hard on the politics. we all do get along, we get along with the weight room, ba'ath sideboth sides, a lot of religious folks that share their faith. we all do get along, we all do
10:21 am
believe. we have faith in god and in our institutions and we're basically good even when we brawl over political spats from time to time. >> and as you well know, there were calls for unity after the shooting. you appeared here with craig melvin and congressman miyle after the shooting. >> i'll never debate him personally, no personal attacks, policy, yeah, duke it out. >> and we heard steve scalise say essentially the same thing. we can argue about politics but it shouldn't get personal. you know the criticism of this president is he gets personal. he got personal with people like senator john mccain. do you think that most members have stood by those word and do
10:22 am
you think the president has stood by those words? >> we can all do a better job. up here the first instinct, if you all know genesis 2 is to go into your head first and ignore god. i don't care if the president, all of us need to remember to go to god fit,ot after the fact. so the president fails, just as i do. he's presbyterian, i'm presbyterian. he's made the statement that needs to be made but he can use that bully pulpit to unify us. i wrote a book, if you have a hard time sleeping at night. but that book says western civ came to an end with king.
10:23 am
martin luther king, great protestant guys, they all read each other and gandhi read them. and now no one can name anyone like that. the kid can't name a key philosopher, a key theologian that grips their imaginations and the whole world's. >> steve scalise certainly held the attention in that chamber and of people watching at home and holds a pretty important position as the house majority whip. you've got a very ambitious legislative agenda ahead of you this fall. does the energy of the moment stay in the chamber, does it have any impact? tell me what you think is going to happen next. >> it's up and down. i was a russian spy for six
10:24 am
months. there's an ebb and flow. we're all christian brothers and sisters on a given day as well. but you have those ebbs and flows. people read through a lot of the politics. they see your face, you wouldn't get elected by a million people if you had some terrible flaws. it will go back. steny was just here on the came. we'll be hitting on the benefits of taxes and they'll say, well, so and so is negative about taxes. i think it is important to have days like this where people reaffirm the positive human nature that steve talked about today. you have dark days but the light shines in the darkness and the light always wins and so i think steve reminded us of those key lessons that i hope we all hold dear. >> let me ask you finally when the president made the comments he made about steve scalise, he was also asked a question about tom price. there's controversy as you well
10:25 am
know about spending taxpayer dollars for private travel and the president didn't take that opportunity to affirm his support for tom price. yesterday hadn't decided whether or not he was going to let him go. should tom price be fired? >> that's above my pay grade. i'm a lowly economics professor. >> but does it bother you that someone as a member of the cabinet where they said we're going to drain the swamp you have now multiple members flying on private planes? >> i don't know the basic facts. i think secretary price himself says i got the memo, i think he knows he made errors. up here convenience and time is always of the essence and he made a few errors in making life a lite too easy when the whole rest of the world is suffering survive right now. so we got the memo. the swamp needs to constantly be reminded that everybody's
10:26 am
working hard paycheck to paycheck out there and we have to understand that on a daily basis and when we forget that, it's at our peril. >> congressman dave brat, thank you very much, appreciate it. >> thanks for having me on. >> there are reports that the social giant may have been used even more extensively than facebook for its influence in last year's election. what does facebook know about russia's use of its platform? think again. this is the new new york. we are building new airports all across the state. new roads and bridges. new mass transit. new business friendly environment.
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social media companies under new scrutiny in the face of the russia investigation. today twitter executives met can congressional investigators on capitol hill. "the new york times" reporting there is evidence that twitter may have been used even more extensively than facebook in the russian influential campaign last year. garrett haake is on capitol hill, let's start with you, what are investigators looking for from twitter? what do they want to get out of this? >> start with the idea that
10:31 am
twitter is quite a different beast than facebook. they won't have a money trail to follow. we're not talking about people placing ads, we're talking about the possibilities of bots and fake accounts, russians pretending to be someone else, toify messages during the campaign. investigators are interested in whether anyone associated with the trump campaign might have used those tools to blast out their messages and they're are interested in making sure this doesn't happen again. >> what we know is social media has played a key role in the russian attempt to create chaos and uncertainty in our country, about our institutions and including our elections. it would be useful to understand what these social media outlets are doing to protect the public.
10:32 am
that's part of their responsibility and that's part of our responsibility. >> and, chris, i think joe can talk more about this but facebook on one hand has been a little bit more outspoken about the changes they might make. we've not heard much from twitter about what they intend to do, if anything, with some of these issues going forward. >> do you sense there is a shift in how much cooperation they're going to give? >> companies across silicon valley are trying to mitigate any impact from capitol hill. as twitter goes into their second meeting with congressional investigators, we expect to hear more this afternoon. but with facebook, we're seeing a preemptive strike here. they're among the three companies that have been invited to testify before the senate in an open hearing. you can see all three social
10:33 am
media biggies right there. mark zuckerberg is making a difference by hiring 250 staffers, he's trying to take a page from tv broadcast, if you buy an ad, we're going to tell the user who paid for that ad. and we can show you mark zuckerberg's statements apologizing for what he said at the end of last year. he said he made a comment that he thought the idea of misinformation on facebook changed the outcome and he said calling that crazy was dismissive and he regrets it. these facebook ads that will be handed over to congress by early next week, these are 3,000 ads that any could place. any changes that facebook makes to its system of advertising is not only going to affect those
10:34 am
who want to influence the election but also businesses. >> are these companies concerned they might face new regulations? >> they are very concerned. that's why you see the preemptive strike from mark zuckerberg. twitter has been relatively quiet and google is trying to hedge and see what is coming down the pike. they don't want to have to deal with this because zuckerberg thinks it can be an open platform where anyone can advertise except when they violate the community guidelines, which are about he speech or anything against the united states or laws of the country that facebook is operating in. >> senator werner was asked about the unique concerns that twitter poses. here's what he said. >> twitter does not try to screen the identity as much. there's acknowledge that 12% to 15% of the fwtwitter accounts m be phony accounts.
10:35 am
we know that twitter has been manipulated by computer-driven bots. it makes some sense that the russians may have used some of these fake twitter accounts to push more stories. >> we know what happened largely, matt, in the last election. we know there are a lot of concerns about what it could mean for elections going forward. is this something that can be or should be legislated away? >> i think we have to hear more from the companies about what they're both able to do and what they're willing to do. it's right that -- twitter hasn't told us as much yet as facebook has about how they're going to change policies to address this espionage activity that occurred on their networks. but one of the things about twitter, we at least can see everything that's happened. it's all public, it's all searchable. facebook still remains largely a black box and i don't think we yet have a great idea, i'm not sure facebook has a good idea just how much russian intelligence instid on their
10:36 am
networks last year. i don't mean just ads but fake news sites that they created and spread virally. i think what congress will be looking for is how willing are these companies to police themselves and if they're not, if there's potential for a foreign intelligence service to use their social networks to spread disinformation again in an election, congress has to act. >> did we see this coming and ignored it or is it moving so fast that it's almost impossible to keep up with? >> i think we should have seen more coming. one of the challenges here is that the russians really were able to exploit technology to -- and one of our freedoms, the freedom of speech in america. where it used to be to can't with voters, you had to buy tv ads and newspaper ads.
10:37 am
that has changed. the russians saw it and exploited it before we were able to close the door. >> thanks to all of you. and the humanitarian crisis in puerto rico is igniting a mass exodus from that island. we'll take you there live as residents scramble to get out on cruise ships. and the president is fuming over tom price's use of private jets for government business neretionhead.
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desperately needed supplies like food and medicine are reaching puerto rico but they're not reaching the people that need them. >> reporter: here in the hills, there are a lot of homes that look like this. this home had its roof sheered off. here there is a room full of children's toys. and just over the ridge, you see the extent of the damage. it looks like the winds decimated this area. then you've got houses that are still standing, somehow miraculously. this whole area has been cut off from the rest of the island. there's a critical road down here washed away by mud slides and by debris that came down the mountains after the hurricane. this is what people are trying to escape, this type of living situation with no power, no food, no water, no access to
10:42 am
gasoline. there's going to be a mass exodus from places like this down to san juan puerto rico or possibly to the united states. >> dr. adam fox is trauma medical director for new york's university hospital and medical officer for the national disaster medical system. we've talked a lot about puerto rico, but i also want to talk about the virgin islands, jeremy, because that's where you've been reporting from. i want to show some of the in r images that you brought back. they show the compound problems. you write the environmentvirgine puerto rico, they're waiting for doctors, for food, for fuel. what did you see there? >> an island that was unrecognizable from the place i
10:43 am
lived for two years as a young reporter. it's heart breaking. you walk around, you see not a leaf on a tree anywhere, like the island was bombed was nap m napalm. people are waiting not just for food but for medical attention. the hospital infrastructure there on the major islands of st. croix and st. thomas have been incredibly compromised to the point where they have to airlift patients out. ordinarily those patients would go to puerto rico, which is a 15, 20-minute flight away. they can't go there now. and the problems in puerto rico are compounding the problems on the ground in st. thomas, st. john and st. croix because virgin islanders rely on those ports to get supply, food, water and diesel fuel, which is
10:44 am
critical. you need diesel to power your generator and the power grid on the virgin islands, just like the power grid in puerto rico, has been almost completely flattened. >> we are in a life-and-death situation. we heard earlier today from officials that people are dying in puerto rico in rural areas. from a medical perspective, where do you even begin? >> that's an excellent question. i think that ultimately we and the u.s. government and the nongovernmental organizations that are involved in these rescue efforts from a medical perspective, the first and forest thing that they need to do i create a needs assessment. sometimes that takes a little while longer than one would want in a situation where you can't get to certain places on an island, for instance, that may not have either communication or roads to be able to access. and that is the first step is in
10:45 am
creating a response from a government or from one of these ngos. and in the united states what happens is on the continental u.s. or in the territories, fema will go in first and create a needs assessment, once they determine whether or not there are medical needs, then the appropriate assets are usually dispatched. >> and fair to say this is a compounding situation not just between the virgin islands and puerto rico but you already had teams in florida and texas. >> correct. we were already deployed down in texas. we had just gotten back from our deployment, a week-long deployment when the next day we were put on alert to go down to the virgin islands. and then when the hurricane moving towards florida, we got placed on hold until we were able to assess or the government
10:46 am
was able to assess what the needs truly were. and we're still on alert. and there's talk aut puerto rico, there's talk about the s. virgin islands. ther are multiple teams including through my university hospital in newark, new jersey, they're sending the new jersey task force down to the virgin island to help them restart their ems system. but look how long it's taken to get that. communications have been down, logistics are difficult in those situations. >> jeremy, i wonder what people were telling you there. obviously it's a horrible situation for everyone. the devastation is so extensive. but if you're in a rural area and people are dying around you and you have no communication, you don't have any idea if help is coming, when help might be coming. i just wonder as somebody who has a personal connection to this place what you heard and what you think can happen now. >> one of the most alarming and
10:47 am
really kind of affecting things that i heard while i was down there, residents would see me with my notebook writing things down as i was interviewing people and they would say to me are you fema? they hadn't yet seen anybody from the federal government, from the local government who had come yet and assessed their needs. so they were so desperately in want of attention and care, that they thought i was a person who was there to finally relieve them. that was justunbelievable to me. i do think the virgin islands because they're smaller than puerto rico, the ability of the authorities to get to people in places all around those three islands, it's been better than it has been in puerto rico, just because of the size. i do think, though, that the medical needs are great. and when you have a hospital,
10:48 am
the hospital that i saw, which has an emergency room that's collecting water and trash cans that's dripping from the ceiling, it's hard to treat anybody there. >> jeremy peters, remarkable reporting, adam fox, thank you so much for your expertise on this as well. >> we've got a little bit more from that presidential reunion we told you about at the top of the show. three former presidents at liber liberty golf club, that's just across the river. here they are standing for the national anthem at the golf tournament that pits the u.s. against players around the world. and we'll be right back. and we'll be right back. clrdsrse you, he-man, you interfering imbecile! give us one good reason we shouldn't vanquish you to another dimension! ok, guys, hear me out. switching to geico could save you... hundreds on car insurance. huh, he does make a point.
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side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. ask your doctor about victoza®. tom price says he has your confidence. is that true? mr. president? >> prepared just moments ago refusing to answer nbc producer monica alba's question about health and human service secretary tom price. that question, of course, amid the growing firestorm surrounding price's repeated use of private jets that according to politico cost taxpayers more than $400,000. earlier price faced tough
10:53 am
questions about the controversy and the president. >> i think so. we're going to work through this and i think we've still got the confidence of the president and we continue to work on important issues like flu vaccination. >> but this controversy has also set off an investigation by the house oversight committee looking to get to the bottom of the private jet use. joining me now hugh hewitt and host of the hugh hewitt show on salem radio network. well, never a good day if you're a member of a cabinet and somebody asks you the president of the united states do they have confidence in you and he refuses to answer p. what do you think is going to happen with tom price? >> not much. >> really? >> i think dr. price is instrumental, instrumental to the president's plans. he may get taken to the wood shed. cabinet secretaries often do. but chris the irony is not lost on people of the the election of
10:54 am
2016 turned out largely as it did because of a private plane. the plane that bill clinton got on to -- >> you know if this was a democratic member of the cobb net there would be calls on the republican side for tir head. right? come on, to befair. >> i think there would be calls for investigation, but i'm not sure. one of the reasons i don't think it's a firestorm is because we don't have a baseline yet. i did mention the lynch jet for a reason which is we have a baseline out there of the past four years of president obama's administration. what did cabinet secretaries past practice lead us to conclude concerning what is appropriate for that member of the cabinet? when we establish that baseline as opposed to simply the gross numbers and the number of trips and where they went, then we'll have a question of whether or not there's actual out ram. so i'm not there yet. i just recall for people other cabinet members of other administrations have used private jets without outrage. i'm not ready to be out ranld at anything. and i think secretary price especially -- >> so not the administrator scott pruitt who took noncommercial and military
10:55 am
flights the estimate cost taxpayers 58 grand. >> i'm going to be careful with the epa because my son works there and scott pruitt is an old and dear friend. nevertheless that's want even being close to a significant story. i read every detail with interest balls of my personal connection. dr. price is a good frentd. i don't think the president will want any of his cabinet members to do this unless necessary. i don't believe it was a good idea to go as far as fast as tom price did. but scott pruitt according to "the new york times" cleared every single flight with the general counsel of the agency. so i tfine. >> what wasecretary mnuchin thinking -- >> different. different. >> yeah. he wanted a government plane for his european honeymoon. it would have cost 25 grand an hour. he with did withdraw the request. >> yaul. that did not happen. >> earlier today -- >> i can promise the american taxpayer the only time that i will be using mil air is when
10:56 am
there are issues either for national security or we have to get to various different things there's no other means. >> i tell you when you have a president who campaigned on draining the swamp of entitled what kind of grade would you give to steve mnuchin. >> blinded. he's from the private sector, hollywood. it takes awhile to get used to washington. private planes are not a good idea. but sometimes they are necessary. when they are necessary be prepared to defend every single trip. >> you think you just maligned people of hollywood which is a favorite thing sometimes for people on the right as somebody who lived out in l.a., i met very nice people and people with common sense as well. thank you very much, hugh hewitt. >> i agree. >> appreciate it. always good to talk to you. and take a look. live pictures of the white house briefing room. this is where press secretary sarah sanders expected to deliver the daily briefing about half an hour from now.
10:57 am
you'll bet she'll be asked about that private plane use. live coverage coming up. thank you so much. thank you! so we're a go? yes! we got a yes! what does that mean for purchasing? purchase. let's do this. got it. book the flights! hai! si! si! ya! ya! ya! what does that mean for us? we can get stuff. what's it mean for shipping? ship the goods. you're a go! you got the green light. that means go! oh, yeah. start saying yes to your company's best ideas. we're gonna hit our launch date! (scream) thank you! goodbye! let us help with money and know-how, so you can get business done. american express open.
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