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tv   Hugh Hewitt  MSNBC  September 30, 2017 5:00am-5:30am PDT

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you got the green light. that means go! oh, yeah. start saying yes to your company's best ideas. we're gonna hit our launch date! (scream) thank you! goodbye! let us help with money and know-how, so you can get business done. american express open. the chair wishes to mark the return to the chamber of our dear friend and colleagues from louisiana, mr. steve scalise. [ applause ]. >> the gentleman is recognized for as much time as he may consume. >> wow. thank you, mr. speaker. >> morning glory, america. i'm hugh hue et. steve scalise returning to the house marked by terrible images out of puerto rico and bad news for the republicans.
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steve scalise coming back to the house. a good moment. the majority of the leader of the house of representatives. kevin muck kaerbgt from california, long-time friend. you were standing right behind steve. >> that was awe big moment. i have known steve long before he got into congress. i was with steve in louisiana. we got sworn into the state senate. this is a man that is a real fighter. >> i played his whole speech on my radio show. i did not know that the democrat was the first man to get to his hospital bed in his baseball uniform. >> he and cedric have been friends for quite some time. so i was down at the hospital the way he was shot waiting for jennifer to come up. people don't realize how close steve calm to not making it. but his strength was amazing. for him to be able to be walking, because he hasn't been
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able to put much weight on that other hip for quite some time. i go see him in rehabilitation. he said can i do it twice as long? he's a fighter. >> that was good news. that was great news, in fact. losing tom price, secretary of hhs. i've heard bobby jim dahl, kyle. who do you think the president needs to get health care through the senate? you have passed hundreds of bills. they get stuck in the senate. >> i don't know if changing hhs gets it to the senate. i think changing someone in the senate gets it to the senate. it is is difficult not just with health care but so many other items as well. i would bring the senate together. not just about health care but start looking at what america needs. and i would bring maybe an expert in that knows how to build a team.
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>> are you suggesting they need to change leadership in the senate? >> i'm not suggesting leadership. leadership has done all the battle going in. to me it seems one or two individuals wants to hold everything up. that is the frustration i have had with the history of the senate. where one individual can hold everything up. >> so if we look at health care, do you think john kyle so deeply respected in the senate might be able to help bring together the rand pauls and the lisa murkowskis? >> john kyle can serve at hhs or dod dod. i think he can serve in so many different places. i would leave it to the president to pick the person he has the most confidence in. >> let's turn to legislative matters. taxes. 1869, the continental railroad was completed. it took 20 years for congress to
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start deciding they needed to rg late. facebook is 13 years old. hearings this week with twitter. russians used facebook and twitter to attack us. should we look into establish a new agency for national security within the confines of the first amendment, to make sure the big silicone companies keep american security at the center of their agenda? >> i'm concerned about security and the first amendment. never want to tramp on the first amendment's ability. first, i have to have all the facts. it woke up twitter and facebook. i want the hearings to go through. let's hear all the facts and make a decision. this is the fourth industrial revolution. this is a fundamental challenge. you can't apply old laws to what's happening now. you will have new ones to look at. let's look at intel.
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let's have a discussion and see where we need to go. let's also protect the first amendment. >> i wouldn't give it to the fcc. >> no. that becomes political. >> what about a new agency that says we're not here to shut down your rights. but we're going to regulate the industry now. if someone buys an ad on tv, and my radio show is the most regulated thing in the world. why not have super specialized agency supervising silicon valley? >> i have watched agencies grow and others. before i go to that extent i have to have all the facts. >> but you're open to it? >> i want to look at everything, yes. this is the point. social media is a wonderful thing but it also allows use his to recruit. >> right. >> there's good and bad that gets created with it.
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how can we keep the good things and look at our ability to do that. i don't want to jump to a new agency. i want all the facts. i want to protect the first amendment before i make any decision. >> house untell is doing that. they have an anti-trust division. when you get too big and too powerful, this step in with microsoft and at&t. >> we thought ibm was too bug and too powerful. when 2010 when we came into congress, uber had three cars. the one thing about innovation, the big and powerful don't stay that long. i want to keep innovation going. there is nothing wrong with monitoring where something is going. a lot of discussion with one or two companies being too big, maybe a monopoly. innovation will stop us to be able to grow. let's look at it, monitor it,
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but not jump to conclusions and saw we're going to knock something out. >> you're the senior republican from california so i know the industry must come to you and ask for your special intervention when they need it. do you speak to them sharply about the fact and the danger to the united states? >> look, i talk to them a great deal about that. we have to be able to protect our nation and our freedoms at the same time. this is something we shouldn't do from one between media. we should do it by sitting down and finding a solution. i found a number of people in the valley that want to be able to do it. but they are strong libertarians. >> let's turn to tax bill. can you get your side of it, the budget and the text of the bill done before november? >> i think before the end of the year for sure. next week will be the start of tax reform. the first phase is getting the
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budget dup. we will get the budget done next week. we had a great conference and retreat this week. with moved away from the capitol. spent five hours working through it. kevin brady has done a tremendous job. you want to make seufrplter, you want to milwaukee it fair, and competitive around the world. no longer will families have to spend days on their tax reform. they will do it in minutes. they will be able to keep more of what they earn. we'll go back to having growth in measuring. if you really look at it, if you take the worst growth year under eight years of bill clinton, the worst year is still the better than the best year under barack obama. that is the real challenge of america, the lack of growth. if we want to solve any problems from the deficit, military and others, we have to have to have growth. >> this is a must pass. >> i agree 100%. >> the state and local tax
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deduction, high tax states. i used to be a californian. i'm ava van now. i know new york hates it. have you talked to your members? are they going to go along with this? >> it's not finalized everywhere we go. let's first start with our premise. are we going to write 50 individuals tax for each state? we'll write a fair plan and end loopholes. what happens here is it fair that another state subsidizes the mismanagement of california. we know what happened in california with democrats. they don't have a tax problem. they have a spending problem. so they raise their state tax to 13%. why make that argument? oh, it's okay. we'll have a writeoff from the federal government. we'll have everybody else in the country subsidize our mismanagement. but what happened here if we want to look at it and be protect one loophole, look at
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the bill. this is a good bill for you. >> so kevin mccarthy is the state and local deduction dead, deadin dead, dead. >> if i want to just protect california and new york issue ral base where they just want to keep raising taxes and make the rest of america pay for it and they are spending it on a train to nowhere, cap and traud and the other things and make everybody else is subsidize that, that's wrong. if you want to end loopholes, that's wrong. if you look at the bull&total part of it, this is awe good bill for you. >> last question. babe ruth once said called a shot. put it over. mark short for the white house wouldn't do it. are you calling your shot? is this bill going to pass and get signed by the president? >> yes.
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>> by december 31st? >> i promise it will be out of the house before then. knowing what happens in the senate, i can't make predictions there. but this is a must-pass bill. if we want to look at the future for america. and i don't look as a republican. this is an american tax bill. it helps all. it allows a family for the first $24,000 tax free. it lets you fill it out on a postcard. you get to deduct your interest on your home, your charitable. it's fair to all? quick, casually lost deduction. we look at puerto rico which needs help. we talked about that. casualty loss deduction can't go away, can it? you have to have complexity. >> we will have some in it. the one thing you can do, if you double the standard deduction, if you sit instead the of looking at a loophole and look at the final bill, you will come out much better. not only will we come out much better, but we will compete around the world. small business down to 25%, the
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welcome back. joining me white house correspondent for frances francesca, are you surprised he's opening to new ideas? >> that was a little bit surprising. what i found most surprise
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building that interview, and we were talking building it back there so i know you will get in on this. members of congress from california or new york will vote to get rid of the local and state deduction. it's tough to be a republican in california or new york as it is is. and then to say, you know, i understand on principle it's not fair for the rest of the country to be subsidizing you but this is what you should vote for. so i think that's going to be a real sticking point on this framework. it is possible it could get taken down. but it is is in the framework. >> do you think they will follow through for dead, dead, dead with the state and local deduction. >> i don't expect that that argument is going to cut it. look, he used to be the whip. he's the leader now. he has the pulse of his members. he understands their motivations, their inclinations, what will ultimately get them across the finish line. that argument will not get them across the finish line.
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it is not good enough just to say on principle from 30,000 feet this is unfair to other states. these people represent. they are called remits. >> you just heard him say yes, yes, yes. you two say, no, it's not going to happen. do you think this bill -- >> that's the word. before we came on i kind of mentioned that to him. i asked what's nonnegotiable in this bill. and he said bill? we're still at a framework point. they are at let's try to get this into bill form and from there we can negotiate what will or will not be in it. in order to get democratic votes. you will lose some republicans. let's try to get democrats which is what president trump said. chuck schumer is saying the state and local tax deduction, that's outrageous. the estate tax, the death tax is another sticking point. and the idea of lowering rates
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on the 1% of the very richest. the estate tax, death tax is probably staying in. but the president said they would be willing to put a higher rate. >> that fourth rate is going to come. >> the fourth rate could be the way you get some democrats on this bill. >> do we get a tax bill by january? >> i don't want to be mr. coldwater here. until they prove otherwise, the default position has to be to doubt that this republican congress can get anything done. they have not demonstrated the ability to get anything done. i do think we saw an urgency setting in. reps understand their failure to repeal and replace obamacare is devastating and will have major implications to the midterms. they cannot go over three of the unified government. the enthusiasm we saw and the coalescens we saw of republicans and outside groups,
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conservatives and mainstream establishment republicans this week was a sight to he see. i would remind everybody watching that they have not see the details of this. the tax reform, the devil is in the details. they understand that. and i think once we flesh it out a little bit more you will see more of these fault lines we have seen before. >> let me go back to tom price. good man. gone. the senate is splintered between the rand pauls and the susan collins. would bobby jindal help bring that body back? >> i in sorrily doubt it. first of all, it's going to take divine intervention, a miracle worker to bring together susan collins and rand paul. susan collins and rand paul aren't of the same planet, much less the same party. i don't care who you a point as hhs secretary is, they will not be able to bridge that divide. tom price was awe house guy.
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could john kyle step in? perhaps. again, if mitch mcconnell who they say is a grand wizard of the senate, i don't know how someone who left before the tea party crashed over washington, if he would be able to step in and play that role. >> what are you looking at, reading? >> i'm looking ahead to the president's trip to asia. he will go to five nation, including china, japan, south korea, philippines, and vietnam. i think that will be a very important trip given our tensions with north korea and the role that china has to play in that. so that is something i'm very interested in right now. i'm reading "three days in january" by bret baier. it go the book is really about
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eisenhower's life and governing style. it is a fascinating look at a man who was so cautious, very measured. sometimes he got in trouble with that. sometimes people thought they needed a hard hitter and he wouldn't speak out against mccarthy, tprupbs, when they thought he needed to. it is a fascinating read. i'm not yet done with it. >> how about you, particular mccarthy -- alberta. >> i've got a couple of things in the cooker that i can't talk about. but what i can talk about and i have to be careful talking about it, i have had two interviews with mr. scalise, one at his rehabilitation facility a couple weeks ago and one after he returned on thursday. so that full interview in his own first-person narration of what has gone on the last 15 weeks will be live on politico monday morning. >> that was a great moment. we reverted to partisanship over
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puerto rico. does partisanship now get in the way of recovery. we have a minute. >> it seems in a rhetorical accepts it's already getting in the way. i'm not sure if people have seen the president's tweets. but going after the mayor of san juan, puerto rico. every day is a new adventure with this president and his twitter account. this is an island where people are dying. i find it astonishing. >> does the president put this aside? we need more people there, says the three-star. does puerto rico get more people this week? >> i think the president going tuesday will be an eye opening experience for him to see what's happening on the ground. but bringing up the debt at a time about we are still in a search and rescue mission was not helpful. >> is it trump's katrina? >> remains to be seen. >> we will know six months up
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from now. he needs to get there and probably stop tweeting. >> thank you. i'll be right back in a moment. stay tuned. i can't wait for her to have that college experience that i had. the classes, the friends, the independence. and since we planned for it, that student debt is the one experience, i'm glad she'll miss
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my thanks again to kevin mccarthy and fran can chess qaa chambers and tim alberta. they neated the president is tweeting this morning. fake news cnn disparaging as a way to get trump. i will be going to puerto rico with medical nanea tuesday. hopefully we will stop at the u.s. virgin islands. people working hard. and doing their best to take the spirit away from soldiers and first responders. shame. we will continue to follow on msnbc throughout the day what the president has to say about puerto rico and his trip to the islands. i'll be right back. stay tuned. i count on my dell small business advisor
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5:30 am now to my colleague alex witt. the president is tweeting so you will be busy this morning. >> you said it, hugh. meantime, for all of, i'm alex witt here at msnbc in new york. at the half hour, here's what we're watching for you. the president in a series of tweets attacking the mayor of san juan, puerto rico as outrage grows over the response to the disaster there. the president has a series of phone calls with authorities on the island. this comes after the mauer suppressed frustration. we'll have more in just a moment. >> is now the former health and human services and the eighth high-profile trump administrator to be shown the door. in his resignation letter tom price says he regrets the distractions he caused. he quit


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