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tv   AM Joy  MSNBC  September 30, 2017 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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talk to your doctor today. see if lyrica can help. >> we are at the top of the hour here. i'm alex witt. see you again at noon eastern as we focus on puerto rico's cry for help. joy will do the same. she speaks with the mayor of san juan. "am joy" starting right now. >> george bush doesn't care about black people. >> good morning and welcome to "am joy." that was the moment george w. bush called the worst of his presidency getting called out by a rapper for his failure on leadership after hurricane katrina. now it's donald trump who is leading the disaster response as many of the 3.4 million american citizens in puerto rico continue to go without food, water or
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fuel. after the island of devastated by hurricane maria more than a week ago. trump's response has been criticized as slow, inadequate and insensitive. on friday "the washington post" reported on how trump's time at his golf course last weekend contributed to the delays. this morning the white house press secretary called that story false. the mayor of san juan added this on friday. >> if anybody out there is listening to us, we are dying. and you are killing us with the inefficiency. and the bureaucracy. so, mr. trump, i beg you to take charge and save lives. if not the world will see how we
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are treated not as second class citizens, but as animals that can be disposed of. >> after that desperate plea for help donald trump responded early this morning by attacking her on twitter. the mayor of san juan, carmen yulin cruz joins me now. mayor, before we get to donald trump. first tell me about the state of san juan and how things are going, your plea yesterday to the world moved so many people and i think the first thing people want to hear are things a little bit better this morning, how is everything going? >> well, we got a big donation yesterday from goya, 200,000 pounds of food. all together from private donations. they keep coming after yesterday. we already have on site about 400,000 pounds of food and rather than getting one container of water and one
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container of food we got from fema we got around six of them. so we are glad today at 11:00 the production line of aid is going to begin and we will be able to put out a quantity of help for people. ate good day. ate good start. it's a good dawn. we're moving ahead. that's what it's all about. all about saving lives. not about politics. not about petty comments. it's about moving forward, putting boots on the ground and saving lives. >> speaking of petty comments president of the united states woke up early this morning with you on his mind. i'll read a couple of things he tweeted. the mayor of san juan he says referring to you who was very complementary a few days ago has been told by the democrats you must be nasty to trump. did anyone tell you to go out yesterday and to name donald trump as you were making your pleas for help? >> actually, i was asking for help.
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i wasn't saying anything nasty about the president. but don't take my word for it. general buchanan, a three star general has said as one of the first comments he's made about the puerto rico situation that he doesn't have enough troops and he doesn't have enough equipment of what he needs to get the situation under control. so, who am i? i'm just a little mayor from the capital city of san juan. this is a three star general telling the world right now he does not have the appropriate means and tools to take care of the situation. this is what we have, one goal. it is to save lives. i tweeted this morning that this is a time when everyone shows their true colors. i have no time for distractions. all i have is time for people to move forward, get help and what kind of a puerto rican, what kind of a human would i be if i know of other mayors that are getting no water and no food and i just look the other way and just had my city taken care of.
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so i will continue to do whatever i have to do, say whatever i have to say, compliment the people i need to compliment and call out the people i need to call out. this isn't about me. this isn't about anyone. this is about lives that are being lost. if things do not get done properly real quickly. >> and, you know, not only did the president of the u.n., it's such an important point because you're trying to work for the betterment of your city. the president of the u.n. not only attacked you but attacked it seems like puerto ricans in general. he tweeted such poor leadership ability by the mayor of san juan and others in puerto rico who are not able to get their workers to help. they want everything to be done for them when it should be a community effort. 10,000 federal workers now on the island doing a fantastic job. that implication is that the people of puerto rico are essentially too lazy to do it themselves and want the federal government to do everything for them. what do you make of that attack?
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>> you just have to walk around the streets and see people coming together to help in the cleaning, all this community kitchens that are coming out. people coming from different countries to help and to help in the communities. what are we going to do? we're using the leadership of our communities to help. we have 6,300 employees of the municipality of san juan. one-third of them lost their homes and everything. the rest of them have been working not because of maria but remember because of irma. we have been at this since august 31st nonstop, 20 hour shifts. i want to be thankful to the mayor of chicago, of new york, of miami beach, newton, massachusetts, columbus, ohio, all willing to help. mayors are the first line of defense for citizens. we help them, round them up.
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and really if you're a good mayor you follow your people. that's what we have been doing. so, again, i can say this to you with a smile. i am not going to be distracted by small comments, by politics, by petty issues. this is one goal and it's so save lives. that's all that matters. and whom ever is here to help, whom ever says things that can help, will be praised. whoever doesn't will not. and, again, three star general saying we don't have enough. so it's not only me. i believe we have some echos out there. >> the uss comfort is on its way. trump now saying that on tuesday he and melania trump will come to puerto rico. do you want to see him and if he comes to puerto rico would you meet with him? >> i will meet with anyone that
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comes to our city because we respect the democratic choices that people make all around the world. so if mr. trump wants to see me, i would be very glad to meet with him. but, again, this is about saving lives. what i would really like him to do, is not just have a helicopter ride over to survey areas, just to go out into the towns where people are drinking out of creeks, or the towns where all the cows and the dead people are together. or those towns where there's no medicine. and hear from the people of puerto rico. and see their passion for life, see what we are doing to get back on track, and listen to their hearts. one can visit as a photo op or visit to make sure things get done the right way. i'm hopeful. again he's the president of the united states.
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i afford him the same respect that i afford the leader of every other nation in the world that was democratically elected. >> one would think that ought to be reciprocal. >> yeah. my fight would be just one, i'm fighting to save lives. that's it. this isn't personal. >> mayor carmen yulin cruz, thank you very much for being here. thank you very much for the opportunity. now i want to bring in congresswoman, the representative for the virgin islands which is struggling to recover from hurricane maria. you heard or seen the president of the united states is attacking the mayor of san juan as she's struggling to help her people recover from hurricane maria. the u.s. virgin islands was hit with a double whammy, irma and then maria.
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is recovery going any better on the virgin islands than puerto rico. >> i have grave concerns about the recovery that's happening in the u.s. virgin islands at this time. as you said, we were hit first by irma on st. thomas and st. john and then maria on st. cr x croix, both of those category 5 at the time they struck our islands. i've been down there for the last week, visiting with people. being out in the grassroots where everyone is, and i have some real concerns as well. we lost both of our hospitals. we are operating with one emergency room. we have medevaced all of the inpatients off of the islands to the mainland. i have yet to see on the ground discussions about how a real hospital is going to be put in play. there are discussions about an operating room in a box. that's not going suffice for what the people of virgin islands need. there have been distribution centers set up and that's fine for people who live close to
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those distribution centers or who can drive there but that doesn't help those individuals, our elderly and others who are in communities that cannot get there. i talked to people who didn't have water, have not had water for a week. this is untenable. i made my voice heard to the federal government, and i have real concerns. that's why elijah cummings and myself wrote a letter to gowdy asking for an emergency hearing to discuss puerto rico and virgin islands where there are real concerns about this recovery effort. >> the administration, particularly the president of the united states seems to be primarily concerned with getting good headlines instead of demanding good headlines for the recovery efforts in the u.s. virgin islands as well as puerto rico. have you begun to focus more on members of congress as you just mentioned have you given up on trying to get the white house to pay attention.
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>> right now, the federal government is on the ground in the virgin islands but i believe that there's a real disconnect between what the federal government and fema have been told, that are the issues with the people of the virgin islands and what the grassroots and what the actual individuals residents are needing. for example, the army corps was happy to tell me that they were able to get the potable water up. po most people in the virgin islands their homes are not powered by city water or water coming from a municipality. they are collected from rainwater and we have cisterns. the epa is not doing any testing in those homes. that's the kind of issue where there's a real disconnect. we hear headlines about what's happening in puerto rico. i can't tell you the low morale that the people of virgin islands have right now about how
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the federal government and the rest of americans feel about them because we hear nothing, nothing about the people of the u.s. virgin islands. you know, there's questions in peoples minds maybe its because puerto rico has 3 million and we're a much smaller island. unfortunately some of us are beginning to think maybe it's because the u.s. virgin islands is primarily black territory, that we're not hearing anything in the news. there's no discussion about us. the president is going to be visiting puerto rico and we were struck well before puerto rico and we have yet to see that level of interest on the ground in the u.s. virgin islands. >> i'll say the tweet this morning and the tweet storm did include he plans to visit the u.s. virgin islands as well as puerto rico. we'll see if that comments to pass. go on. >> i was going say he plans on visiting us. puerto rico was hit by maria head on and it's devastating there. but we were hit a week before by a category 5, and we've yet to
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see that happen. >> yeah. thank you so much for being here. we welcome the opportunity to have you on and to keep the u.s. virgin islands in the headlines as well. >> coming up, my panel weighs in on trump's early morning attack on the mayor of san juan and the recovery effort that is under way and a lot of people think not going so well. that's next.
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ultimately the government of puerto rico will have to work with us to determine how this massive rebuilding effort will end up being one of the biggest ever, will be funded and organized. and what we will do with the
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tremendous amount of existing debt already on the island. >> well just like pretty much every saturday morning donald trump took to twitter to air his grievances today. this time he targeted carmen yulin cruz, the mayor of san juan whose been begging the federal government for aid, to aid in the relief of the u.s. territory of puerto rico where american citizens are at risk and short skrhortages food, wat and fuel. joining me the first puerto rican and latina to hold a post in new york. councilwoman, just to get your response to the tweet storm attack on the mayor of san juan by the president of united states. >> it's disgusting. this individual cannot separate himself or even, you know,
7:19 am
bring, be empathetic of a situation that's catastrophic and any delay in getting the attention and resources on the ground are deaths attributed to him and lack of response. the reality is fema and federal government of not prepared despite the fact it was well-known this was going to happen. that has to be accepted and has to be recognized. secondly there's still not to this day not enough personnel on the ground when you compare the response to other emergencies to irma in florida and when you talk about harvey and texas. there's only 10,000 between troops and relief workers and that's not acceptable. we need 30,000, 40,000, the lieutenant general retired who headed the katrina effort said he would have 50,000 troops on the ground in addition to any relief workers. 3.5 million people that's 100 miles by 300 miles with rugged
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terrain, hard to reach areas. there needs to be a sense of urgency and for him to be in this could coko cocoon of his g is despicable. >> there was a tweet this morning donald trump is lying about puerto rico and on his golf course, which he is. there are reports that's played into it. what do you make of trump adding to the attack essentially saying the people of puerto rico want everything done for them by the federal government, implying these american citizens are just too lazy to do it themselves. >> again, it's atrocious, right. so the idea that this is not a conversation that he was having, again, when it comes to texas or florida, right. he's just lumping puerto ricans into that narrative that he's built of anti-immigrant, right. that they are not contributing positively. that they are a drain on society. nothing positive comes from the
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contributions. meanwhile puerto rico has disproportionately served in the armed forces of this country, have given of themselves despite the fact we are second class citizens because we don't get to vote for president or have an elected representative in congress. so there's this real unfortunate reality that we live as a colony. we're a colony. now it's being turned and manifested in the policies and how we're being treated. everyone has to speak up against that. i thank the leadership of the san juan mayor. i think she's speaking truth to power. we need that sense of urgency. what we've seen on the ground and the reality that these american citizens are living is definitely something that's just not -- that's not acceptable and we have to raise our voices. >> congressman, that's a very important point this point of colony. these two territories, u.s. virgin islands and puerto rico, these are not immigrants, they
7:22 am
are americans. the united states holds these territories, makes all the rules for these territories between the jones act and everything else. and yet when the citizens who live on these american territories, who, again, don't have full voting reits, don't get to vote for the president unless they make it to the mainland ask for the minimum, they are being termed essentially i don't know takers by the president of the united states. as a member of congress, what is your response to what the president has done? >> well, im'm irritated -- i knw there's a big ocean. >> big, big water. big water. >> yes. i know that's a major problem for the most powerful nation on the planet. but, look, i was mayor of the largest city in the state of missouri. we have two 500 year floods during my term as mayor. i had to constantly ask myself, you know, am i helping to solve the problem or am i a
7:23 am
contributor. at this point donald trump is not asking himself any questions, he's trying to figure out a way to do a dog whistle. of all the things he said about this, about the mayor and about everything else that's going on in puerto rico, i resent most this suggestion, this dog whistle about people too lazy to help themselves. he didn't use the word lazy but i know there's a portion of the base that can accept his words, oh, yeah they are not doing anything to help themselves. one of the reasons, obviously they can't even move around. they don't have any communications equipment. and i don't think this is the time to talk about the debt that puerto rico has. this is a time to help them. i'm really worried. the president has a bad manners problem, and bad manners are like bad teeth. nobody knows you have them until you open your mouth or get out
7:24 am
your twelve and start tweeting. >> to the point about his base. one of his big supporters was ahead of donald trump last night tweeting attacking the mayor in even more vile terms calling her garbage and a murderer, saying she failed her people and her duties. she belongs in prison. that preceded donald trump's who picked up on that same thing. pam, you are running for congress in a district that could wind up being the recep enof an influx of people who will come to the mainland from puerto rico and virgin islands where they will have the right to vote for president. what do you make of these attacks on people who are american citizens and could wine up being your constituents. >> first of all as a former naval officer i have to point out this is one of the greatest dereliction of duty and failure of leadership in my life. never in my life have i seen a
7:25 am
leader stan up and say things are going badly so i can look bad. the problem is he sent inadequate troops and supplies. he demonstrated that he just didn't care. and then to say well because things are going badly they must be doing that to make me look bad. it's absurd. and as for welcoming puerto ricans to florida, obviously we have a lot of puerto ricans in florida. we're so glad to have them. there are about more than a million puerto ricans in florida. they can vote had they get here immediately. my message to my puerto rican brothers and sisters -- speaking foreign language ] what i said to them is that we in florida know that we have a moral and legal obligation to rebuild puerto rico. and that the democrats understand that. this is not about debts. this is about what we to the citizens of our own country.
7:26 am
>> indeed. let's listen to the commander-in-chief talking about the loss of life in puerto rico and i believe this was on friday. >> as far as puerto rico is concerned that's been going, as you know, really well. total devastation. loss of life is always tragic but it's been incredible the results that we've had with respect to loss of life. people can't believe how successful that has been. >> you just came back from puerto rico. you have family there. has it been incredible? is it incredible how well it's going? >> not at all. i was there sunday which is basically three or four days after the storm hit. unfortunately there was no federal officials. definitely fema reps in a convention center, which was the base of operations. i didn't see anything on the field in terms of personnel. it's now almost two weeks later. now we're seeing some sort of resources being put, talking about the jones act, only a ten day waiver. it doesn't make sense what's
7:27 am
being done. again, it has to be much more aggressive. i agree with the candidate who is talking about the dereliction of duty. this is irresponsible. this is on his watch and he still does not seem to care. that's what we have. somebody who does not have empathy, who doesn't care, who is implementing racist policies, who doesn't care. hat the lives on the virgin islands or puerto rico doesn't deserve our attention or seriousness and that's not something we'll let him get away with. i'm using my platform to raise the voice to hold him accountable teen call it for what is it and i would hope that every representative on the island would do the same thing. we have a first and moral responsibility to the puerto rican people on tiled. this is not about groveling. this is not about saying this is the right thing what the federal government is doing is enough. i would hope we can hear that level of urgency from all aspects of government on the
7:28 am
island. mayor of san juan is doing it. she's standing up for the people. not just for the constituents of her city. she's the voice for all puerto ricans who are outraged at the double standard. this is definitely leading to a loss of lives. >> congressman, is it time for congress to step in if the administration is inadequate to the task. >> absolutely. we need to entertain legislation to appropriate money. the president zeroed out the community development block grant program. that program as the councilwoman knows from new york is the most flexible money coming from the federal government. we need to -- the president zeroed out his budget. i think we need to put money in the cbdg. allow mayors to use to it deal with a multitude of problems and begin the very difficult task of rebuilding this part of america. the president does not have, in my estimation, the kind of
7:29 am
sensitivity we need. let the mayor speak. she's speaking for her people. and it would be a dereliction of duty if she didn't speak truth to power and say exactly what's going on the ground. i tip my hat to her. >> yep. i remember a similar characterization from the right for the people of new orleans when they were in a dire situation, the difference was at that time the president of the united states didn't attack the people of new orleans the way that this president is attacking the people of puerto rico. one would hope he would hold off on the u.s. virgin islands as well. thank you for being here. coming up, tom price is out of the trump cabinet. is it because of his private luxury plane travels. stay with us.
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morgan stanley
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we have great secretaries. we have some that actually own their own planes, as you know. that solves that. but we put in an order that no more planes. if you look at past administrations, for instance if you look at the obama administration and you take a look at the amount of time that they spent in the air, they spent a lot of time in the air. but i felt very badly because secretary price is a good man. but we are looking into it and we're looking into it very strongly. >> health and human services secretary tom price resigned on friday after racking up $400,000 in taxpayer funded jet travel since may. price this week apologized and said he would reimburse the american people. only not really. price promised to write a check for just over $50,000 a fraction
7:37 am
of the actual cost. the government says it's his share of the travel. now that price is gone what about the other trump cabinet members and family members living it up on the public dime. joining me is now a marketing consultant, howard dean and national republican strategist. they call them the champs-elysechampagne cab bet. the ethics chief watching cnn covering desperate americans in pr, thinking about our champagne cabinet. the human tragedy is bad enough. for the puerto rico tragedy to be taking place the same week that donald trump's people are caught flying all over the country, how bad is that? >> it's terrible for donald trump. with his base, i still remain in this position, i think it doesn't matter with his base. but for other people there's
7:38 am
some folks who voted for donald trump, but weren't necessarily comfortable voting for donald trump. they did it anyway. they thought they would get their tax break for independence. for people like this it's a huge turnoff. obviously for democrats but for independents those people who weren't necessarily aligned to either party this is a big turnoff. they are paying attention. they are seeing this hypocrisy going on. not only doing in this the wake of puerto rico but cutting budgets for other things within their departments while living it up on the taxpayer dime. >> you got ryan zinke, the interior secretary who called the story a little bs about private planes. he took a $12,000 charter flight to go home in an oil executive's plane. his staffers took a four hour flight from las vegas to montana aboard a private plane owned by the executives of a wyoming oil and glass exploration firm. on and on. these kind of stories are repeated over and over again.
7:39 am
munchin taking his wife and landing on the treasury to watch the eclipse. it does feel that almost the trump cabinet is using these jobs as personal luxury, as a chance to live the lifestyle of the rich and famous. at some point does that start to bother trump voters? >> it not only bothers trump voters it bothers me. there's a section of that cabinet i would call the cold beer cabinet, nikki haley, mike mulvaney, doing what they need to do and understand politically this issue of planes and entitlements of when you get there in these high places and i would tell you that once we got the scalp of tom price, one of the things we tell people. you just can't do this. you have to be a public servant. the surprising part of me is
7:40 am
donald trump was elected by people in pennsylvania, florida, places that were swing states, for people who didn't choose a governor, they didn't choose a senator, they chose with all of his faults, they chose donald trump for his business acumen. so i'm surprised it took donald trump this long. i'm glad that representative price has resign. that was the honorable thing to do. it's an embarrassing point. he'll move past that. i don't think you'll see any more of this champagne flying and elite travel. i've seen the memo out of the white house on planes on what they are supposed to be doing and, again, they are not all champagne. i got my friend in the cold beer cabinet doing a great job. >> you know, they needed a memo and needed john kelly to tell grown adults they shouldn't be flying around treating government as a luxury travel service. howard decent, there's also the implication here, because
7:41 am
there's so many members of the cabinet. kellyanne conway was on that infamous philadelphia private plane trip with price. it's not as if it was just him. there's also this sort of implication that maybe the reason he was fired was not 100% because of the travel. this was donald trump in july, joking about what could get tom price fired. take a listen. >> by the way, you going to get the votes? he better get them. he better get them. oh, he better. otherwise they will say tom you're fired. i'll get somebody. >> does it took to you howard dean that maybe tom price is out they couldn't pass obamacare repeal and not because of his luxury travel. >> the president has no moral compass whatsoever. that's pretty likely. he's got a problem. once the press gets into something like this they won't zop. zinke has a bigger problem in some ways than price. he didn't take as many flights.
7:42 am
what he did do is take flights from a company he regulates potentially and then reimbursed him with taxpayer money. the oil company he is to regulate made $12,000 off the american taxpayers and then what favors will he do for this company. this is the culture of corruption in the trump administration. not just his family and his golf courses and his exacting gazillion dollars from the secret service his cabinet now. i agree, they are not all like this and they didn't come from this kind of background but an awful lot of privileged people including two cabinet officers and some others that are not only fleecing the taxpayers but also deeply into conflict of interest problem. >> the culture is set from the top. they people -- it was not lost on them how donald trump himself is behaving. donald trump using his own properties to cash in while he's serving as president of the united states.
7:43 am
donald trump having people come to these properties to influence him by staying at all of these properties, foreign leaders, business executives. so that have not lost on any of these people. that's number one. point number two these folks have been doing this well before they got to the trump administration. there are tons of ethical issues surrounding scott pruitt. >> and tom price. >> tom price, insider trading, before he came to the trump administration. so people chose, republicans in congress chose to overlook all of those things and they are now acting outraged as if this behavior hadn't been going on and acting outraged as if the president hadn't been engaging in this behavior. >> people open the right love neil gorsuch. is he tainted with the trump base? >> no, ma'am it doesn't. i think we'll move past this. i think donald trump with the new chief of staff will correct these mistakes and errors and again donald trump is the expert at changing the conversation as
7:44 am
we all three know. >> attacking women, attacking female mayors. i'm out of time. >> that's okay. he does change the conversation and numerous things and the tax package is up and that's what we'll be talking about next week. >> we'll see. >> for five minutes. thank you guys. appreciate you. coming up in our next hour trump versus the nfl. who is scoring with fans. more on russian gate. more "am joy" after the break.
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it's the law and order presidency. what can be made of the immorality of alabama's senate candidate. it's your moral moment when we come back. ♪
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. do you think that roy moore should be in the senate? >> i said i supported his opponent. that's for the people of -- that's -- i mean, it's not -- it's not for me to say that he can't serve, but i can stand and say i don't agree with these positions, i don't think that that's right. and i think that when we disagree with something so fundamental like that, we ought to stand up and say that's not right. that's not our party. that is not us. >> well, jeff flake, alabama republicans thought differently. they picked roy moore as their candidate this week. he's so extreme, some people say he's out-trumped trump. joining me are william barber. this is his take on homophobia.
7:52 am
okay. we'll play that -- here we go. here we go. >> do you think that homosexuality or homosexual conduct should be illegal today, that's a yes or no question. >> homosexual conduct should be illegal. now we've got black and whites fighting. red and yellow fighting. islam teaches that you must worship this way, are completely opposite from what our first amendment stands for. i believe in the second amendment. >> so that was a little bit of a mashup of his take on gay americans and guns. as one of the earliest christian leaders to come out in favor of
7:53 am
gay marriage, what do you make of the fact that this is the guy that alabama republican voters chose to be their senate candidate? >> one of the things we have to own is there's not a lot of difference between roy moore and the other candidate or many of the extremists in the gop. they've been anti-gay, black and brown, health care, living wages, labor rights, voting rights, anti-criminal justice reform and anti-women's rights. the problem with that the things they're very anti are things that gjesus was pro. so when you see people trying to distance themselves from roy moore, there's really not a lot of difference when you look at the voting records and the policies. one thing i'm sure of, jesus would not be waving a gun, being advised by a white nationalist
7:54 am
like bannon and talking about tax cuts for the wealthy. i'm clear on that in terms to have scripture. it's hard for people to distance themselves from him when in fact the difference is more style rather than substance. >> this is a sound cut of judge roy moore who's got in all sorts of trouble. this is him talking about shootings and what relationship he thinks those have to 9/11. >> one of the questions is that people are going to be bringing up here immediately, though, is that you're saying that america's lack of acknowledgment of god has brought on a lot of these situations, 9/11, shootings and killings. >> i'm not god. i don't know what god does. it's the lack of morality in our country which has led to these things and the only basis of morality in this country is god. >> for this idea that when these horrific things happen, it's partly god's judgment on america's lack of adherence to a
7:55 am
certain kind of christianity. this isn't new. you've talked about the fact that people like judge moore were influenced by some of what your father taught? >> my dad francis shaffer was an evangelical leader. he equated the uni ed the unite with nazi germany. this was over the issue of abortion. when you see judge moore pull out a gun at a public rally, that is a threat. this is the act of a fascist. this is not american. people don't do this. when i look back at what my dad's work was about and what we started, which i left -- being on with reverend barber is a great honor today. i consider him america's first public sbintellectual and the mt
7:56 am
moral voice we have. joy, i feel the same about you. >> thank you. >> that said, the very fact that the voice that you have, joy, and that reverend barber has stands out now in such contrast with even the window dressing of these far right people like judge moore and trump, who really has led this movement and now is being out-trumped, as you put it. the cat is out of the bag. we're now into a new era where the people who are holding these views, anti-gay, homophobic, racist. the oligarchs back in my day, they at least pretended. they didn't go on national television to criticize a mayor asking for help. they did not support the kind of candidate that pulls out a gun in public.
7:57 am
we're into new territory here. reverend barber has done such a great job in terrorizing this. as someone who helped build the religious right back in the '80s, what we started now has gone beyond the wildest dreams of anybody who was involved with that. >> absolutely. i wish we had more time. but thank you both for your voices. your brain is an amazing thing. but as you get older, it naturally begins to change, causing a lack of sharpness, or even trouble with recall. thankfully, the breakthrough in prevagen helps your brain and actually improves memory. the secret is an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. the name to remember. for over 100 years like kraft has,natural cheese you learn a lot about what people want. honey, do we have like a super creamy cheese with taco spice already in it?
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oh, thanks. bon appe-cheese! okay...
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8:00 am
when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night, so he got home safe. yeah, my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. what?! you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. so, again, and i can say this to you with a smile, i am not going to be distracted by small comments, by politics, by petty issues. this is one goal and it is to save lives. that's all that matters. >> in the aftermath of hurricane maria, mayor carmen cruz of san juan, puerto rico, has been speaking out, begging for help for the residents of her city, who of course are american citizens, so they can rebuild and survive amid shortages of food, water and fuel.
8:01 am
this morning in response to her pleas for help, donald trump, president of the united states, attacked her, saying in an early morning tweet storm, the mayor of san juan, who has been very complimentary only a few days ago has now been told by the democrats that you must be nasty to trump. he went on. such poor leadership ability by the mayor of san juan and others in puerto rico who are not able the get their workers to help. they want everything to be done for them when it should be a community effort. 10,000 federal workers now on island doing a fantastic job. trump went on almost a dozen tweets this morning attacking not just the mayor but also the people of puerto rico implying they're trying to get the government to do everything, attacking the media. what do you make of this? >> he's demonstrating how unfit he is to be the commander in
8:02 am
chief and obviously how out of touch and unaware he is of who we are as a people and our political context and reality when it comes to our relationship with the united states. the fact is that in being on the island a couple of days after this, you saw the resiliency of people, people coming together, not waiting for government to do anything for them, clearing paths, trying to provide for each other and supporting each other. if your neighbor had an issue, people were coming together. that's the spirit of who we are. and also our contributions to this society and to this country, having served in the armed forces, giving our lives, so many contributions that have happened. we are treated as second class citizens. that is a reality. there has been so much that we have given. what we're asking is for equal treatment and to be receiving the level of support and resources that other disasters and response to disasters have merited. so he is unqualified.
8:03 am
he is demonstrating again that lack of empathy and his racism is really being exhibited on his sleeve that somehow those of us on the island of puerto rico, those of us on the u.s. virgin islands just don't merit equal treatment. that is clearly what he is saying in terms of these tweets. again, i want to commend the leadership of the san juan mayor for speaking on behalf of not only her constituents but for all the island residents who are clamoring for help, who are literally dying without the lack of proper response. >> jason, this is of a piece with what donald trump did last week as the disaster was unfolding in these u.s. territories. donald trump was focused on the nfl and attacking black nfl players, attacking black nba players and trying to twist their protests into attacks on the military. well, he did that again this morning. he went after and claimed, the fake news networks are working
8:04 am
over time in puerto rico doing their best to take the spirit away from our shoulders and first responders. shame. once again, he's trying to say anybody who criticizes him is attacking soldiers and first responders. your take? >> joy, yeah, it's two levels. number one, this is what white nationalism looks like as policy. when you have a policy, when you have a belief that only white people are true americans, puerto rip puerto ricans are americans. here's the other thing. in the midst of these conversations, it's this argument about we should be defending soldiers and anyone who doesn't appreciate the soldiers whether it's the mayor, whether it's an nafl player -- remember, this was a racist incident at the air force academy where racist epithets were scrawled on the doors of cadets.
8:05 am
how about he appreciates american citizens? this is par for the course. and the fact that he didn't have an adequate budget even in advance of this disaster is going to make the recovery of puerto rico and houston and parts of florida more difficult down the road. >> a shoutout to the lieutenant general who gave an incredible and impassioned response to what happened at that academy. that was actually quite presidential. this donald trump, this version of him is odious i think to a lot of americans when they see him constantly attacking women, people of color. he wasn't even tweeting about puerto rico and the tragedy. he now is on a tweet storm against the mayor. donald trump did this after some other members of his fan club started it and you had a guy who was part of the big pizza gate conspiracy, big trump booster, come out and call the mayor of san juan garbage, call her a murderer, say she failed her people and should be in prison.
8:06 am
is it worth it to donald trump to keep stoking this part of his base when he's already got them and not to ever address the rest of the american public? >> the word i guess i would use joy is inappropriate at times and maybe sad and disappointing. but with that being said, the president, i guess, has the right to tweet whatever he feels necessary to tweet. i don't understand this. i have been in the middle of these similar tragedies in 1989 hurricane, 2015 floods. i know what the pain is on the ground and i also know what happens with elected officials when these things get convoluted and information and the requests come from everywhere. i can't explain it. i'm not here to be a defender of -- >> i'm not asking you to defend donald trump. but my question is, though, if any other president had a part of their base that was this hateful and this reflexively hateful against people of color,
8:07 am
can you imagine george w. bush taking the side of that part of the republican base? can you imagine any other president doing that? why is donald trump doing that? i'm not asking you to speak for him, but is it healthy for a republican president to always side with the part of his base that has this reflexive animus toward people of color? >> i don't think that the president's looking at it as part of his base. i would take exception to hateful. i don't want to label a group of people as hateful. they have their opinions. >> they called this woman garbage. this woman is being called garbage, a murderer. she's a woman, she's a woman of color. you don't think it's hateful? >> he isn't representing our base. he's representing himself. i think that what i would wish the politicians would do is focus on the carnage and pain that's happening. these things are very expensive. people are hurting. they need help. they're dying. we understand that. we've had three big tragedies of
8:08 am
natural disasters for american citizens, so let's move republicans and democrats off to the side and figure out a way to get help to these people. i think the president's going to do that. i think they are doing that. these things get in the way of those conversations of how we help these people in puerto rico and houston and florida. >> do you think he's going to do that? >> no. the response is inadequate. all you have to do is look at the last two responses and compare what the response has been for puerto rico. it is woe fufully inadequate. meanwhile what trump is tweeting from his golf course, she is literally on the ground. i was there with the mayor of san juan as she was going to communities, knocking on doors and checking on people to find out what their medical needs are. she is doing what she needs to do and trump is -- misogyny
8:09 am
aside, this is something that we have to have leadership within the republican party call it for what it is. i want to see tomorrow an additional 20,000 troops on the ground in order to get these smi supplies where they need to be. there is not enough personnel on the ground to get to the 3.5 million people. so the 100 miles by 35 miles and the mountains of this island, there is not enough personnel on the ground and that has to be acknowledged. we must do better for the people of puerto rico. >> jason, you know, there's a couple of things to unpack. lin-manuel miranda has been out there attacking donald trump and making the point that donald trump is on the golf course. he called him a liar. but the other piece of it in
8:10 am
addition to the fact that celebrities are having to step in and do the work the federal government is supposed to be doing is this implication in order to get help, in order to get what you need for your people you have to be nice to donald trump. you don't have all the officials in puerto rico going out and speaking out in the way that the san juan mayor is. if you're not nice to him, if you don't praise him, then you reap the whirlwind. what is that implication for governing? >> it's horrible because it suggests that everything is based on patron age age as oppoo your obligation as the president of the united states. pit bull and bhas done more tha president of the united states has done. it's the same thing with the campaign, the same thing with the nfl. donald trump believes that black and brown people in this country are beholden to him and must beg
8:11 am
and plead and be thankful to have the opportunity to be in his presence. therefore the mayor had the audacity to be born both a women and brown, heaven forbid, and do her job. those are things donald trump can't handle. i think almost any state in the union that actually has a woman governor should probably be worried if they ever have a disaster, because if she says one thing donald trump doesn't like, you probably won't get anything done. >> is that a bit of a common attitude, this idea that black and brown people need to be grateful, that they essentially always need to be in a pose of gratitude or be attacked? that's sort of a common base attitude, isn't it? >> absolutely not in my propini. i think people that watch all this want better lives for their children, themselves, a country
8:12 am
that's affordable. i think we all sort of want the same things. at times we just go in different directions. as for our party, the republican party is made up of a lot of different people. to lump us all into one sum is a pretty tough chore to do. the democratic party is the same thing. i would take exception to the fact that you think that the party is profiting off of this or off of these tragedies by doing this. i mean, we have a president. we have midterms coming up in 2018. that's where we're going to find out what has happened at the ballot box. that's where it matters to me. right now the jury is out on that because i haven't seen anything from the democrats but no. i haven't seen any policies that have been forward. i mean, i'd say stay tuned, because i'm focusing on 2018. that's where we're going to find
8:13 am
out what the rhetoric matters and what american voters really care about. >> joe moore just one that primary in alabama. there's an indication the party is going in one direction. if you want to know how you can help those affected by hurricane maria, please visit rico. you can do that and find out how you can help. up next, trump versus the nfl. what is that? it's you! it's me? alright emma, i know it's not your favorite but it's time for your medicine, okay? you ready? one, two, three. [ both ] ♪ emma, emma bo-bemma ♪ banana-fana-fo-femma ♪ fee-fi-fo-femma ♪ em-ma very good sweety, how do you feel? good. yeah? you did a really good job, okay? [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, thank you, from johnson & johnson.
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8:17 am
they have to do something about it. i think they're afraid of their players, if you want to know the truth, and i think it's disgraceful. >> attacking san juan's mayor as she begged for help wasn't the only jaw dropping moment of donald trump's this week. he also called for nfl players who protest to be fired. 49% say the protesting players are doing the wrong thing to express their political opinion when they kneel during the national anthem. 43% say it is right. 60% agree it was wrong for trump to criticize those athletes for protesting. joining me now is pam oliver and ray sherman. pam, it's really a treat to talk to you. i have wanted to talk to you for quite a long time so i'm going to go to you first on this. a couple of interesting things happened this week. you had the president pressuring
8:18 am
the nfl to change its policy and require players to stand during the anthem. at the same time you seem to have this coordinated effort by teams to shift the protest away from what colin kaepernick was doing and towards this other performance of patriotism where they alli link arms. was it as coordinated as it looked? >> for some teams it was coordinated. they spent hours before the game trying to discuss what it is they would do. other teams just decided neighbor day of what they would do. i'm here in london where the new orleans saints will be playing the miami dolphins. the saints have already decided that they will kneel and then lock arms during the anthem. so they're not anticipating that they will actually be kneeling during the national anthem. the dolphins have not decided as of yet what they will do, but
8:19 am
they will do something. we've got 12 regular season games after tomorrow coming up. and i predict this movement of unity as they are calling it, will last throughout the regular season pause these remarks were so egregious and they got under the skin of so many people. i do not think that the owners are afraid of their players. i think they're in this together. and i think mr. trump is the one on the outside looking in. >> if they're not afraid of the players, do they feel a sense of intimidation from the president of the united states? >> no. >> you don't think they're intimidated by him at all? >> no, not at all. there were some supporters of mr. trump during his inauguration and a bunch of owners gave millions of dollars here and there. but they're not going to be brow beaten by the president. i don't think they look at this as, well, why should we be afraid of him? he's a president of the united states who doesn't always act like the president of the united states.
8:20 am
these are billionaire owners of the nfl teams. and i don't think they feel inferior. they don't feel afraid. they don't feel that this is somebody i need to be worried about, because ultimately how does this affect my bottom line. mr. trump has asked people to boycott, but something i've got to tell you -- when i was in tennessee last week and neither team came out on the field. the seahawks didn't come out, nor did the tennessee titans come out. so there were boos from the fans. but the minute that ball was kicked off, they were just as rabid fans as you would expect. it's like how quickly they forget when everybody's booing. but at the same time when the game started they were going crazy as they always wood. >> ray sherman, you've worked on several of these teams. you've been on that line. i'm wondering how much you think the political conversation does affect the teams and the players. new polling from cnn shows that
8:21 am
49% of those polled say that pro sports leagues should require athletes to stand during the national anthem. 47% say they should not. but 60% say that protests are effective. how much do you think that impacts the players on the field when they're seeing this whole controversy swirl around them? >> i think, first of all, your first amendment right is you have the right to free speech, freedom of press and the right to assemble in a peaceful manner. and for me, i think and being in all these various locker rooms, these players, first of all, joy, you have a lot that you have to go through and get prepared for a ball game and there's a lot going through these young men's minds. when you have to go through a situation like this, this really kind of throws things off a little bit for them, because when you have to go against an opponent, you want to make sure you're in your right frame of
8:22 am
mind so you can focus and do your job. for me, as far as a young man taking a knee, i think that's a sign of respect, because as a coach, as a player, as a team and i have an opportunity to coach in this league a long time, before a ball game you take a knee and you pray before you go out on the field. after the game, both teams come together at the center of the field and players kneel and pray. you take a knee as respect if a player is down or injured, you take a knee as a sign of respect and then when you go into the locker room after the ball game, the head coach gives his speech to the team and then you take a knee and pray afterwards. to me, i think it's your right to do it as long as you do it in a peaceful manner. i don't see anything wrong with it. >> i'm curious what you make of the fact that these protests were, in fact, shifted and seemed to be coordinated to do the kneeling before the anthem but still stand up during it. what did you make of that?
8:23 am
>> this whole thing, it's like every single nfl player now is learning about public relations because they're wrestling to get this their tinarrative back to was supposed to be. i've always thought that the locking arms is ridiculous. i don't want unity. no one's asking for unity. people are asking for accountability and justice. unity is this wonderful panacea that some of these nfl owners want to put over this whole conversation to avoid the fact that you have a league primarily made up of african-american men, many who have been victim to the kind of police brutality we're talking about. i am a seahawks fan. the seahawks are one of the few teams who actually talked about police brutality in their statement. we're going to see different responses from every team throughout the year.
8:24 am
i don't think they're going to be unified in how they react to this going forward. >> you have a league that is a primarily made up of black players, but the ownership is primarily republican. you're looking at $8 million to republican efforts versus 189,000. these are owners that are aligned with donald trump. how difficult do you think it has been for them to walk away from him? the league is very touchy about talking about issues regarding the way they behave toward the players. how touchy do you think they are about having donald trump on the other side of them? >> first of all, i want to compliment coach sherman. i agree 100% with what he says.
8:25 am
people have the right to do what they want to do. this is a billion dollar business with multimillion dollar athletes. they are the best of the best. intimidating a professional athlete, the only time i've ever seen one intimidated is when his agent is dealing with the legal counsels of these teams. the owners have the right to give the money wherever they want to. i don't think there's any confusion there. these owners love their players. there is an affection with them. this is a sport. so i don't think donald trump, when he is standing up for the flag and standing up for the right to do this and trying to put his personal opinion into the nfl is a smart political move. i hadn't seen that much damage from it in the polling. i always tell politicians that i work for and with that if you try to compete with any type of sport, you will probably lose in
8:26 am
that venue, because it is the national pastime of all americans. so again, another thing we'll probably move past -- the players can do what they need to do. and donald trump is going to continue to catch the high ground on this with the poll numbers because he's standing up for the flag, standing up for the first responders. at least we're having a conversation about what originally started this, which was racial profiling, police brutality. at the same time, i guarantee you these players are standing up for all of the above too. >> but are we? >> that's the question. >> are we? i don't think that people are paying attention to the why. i think if people took a minute just to try to understand what the bottom line is for these players -- i've seen maybe one or two white players just go over to the guy who's kneeling,
8:27 am
not necessarily kneel themselves but to go over to the guy. i think people are trying to understand, but i think it's a very, very small percentage. this goes back to colin kaepernick and some of the police shootings that were going on around the country and this guy can't get a job. now, i've seen with my own two eyes quarterbacks who are far worse, that are bad quarterbacks, but they have jobs and colin does not because he did something that people felt was disrespectful. and without really trying to understand. this guy has risked everything and he's lost his professional career unless somebody stands up and does the right thing. but this is definitely about race no matter what the white house says. i just think it's to a point now, i just wish people would try to put themselves in the shoes of these players, because they're risking a lot with their endorsements, with public opinion. but it's obviously important
8:28 am
enough for them to go ahead and proceed. >> indeed. i think that is an appropriate last word. thank you. appreciate you guys. now, we've got to talk about the latest developments in russia gate. we'll do that after the break.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
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8:34 am
personally i think the idea that fake news on facebook of which it's a very small amount of the content influenced the election in any way, i think it's a pretty crazy idea. >> well a lot can change in a
8:35 am
few short months. investigators at facebook have identified at least $150,000 wo worth of political ads linked to russia, some of which were paid for in rubles. on thursday twitter executives told congress that it found 200 accounts with ties to the same russia-linked profiles as facebook. tweeters in swing states saw more misinformation than those in uncontested states. i say this to you a lot, that we've been having the same conversation every week for a year and a half. >> since july 25th. >> manafort, flynn, et cetera, et cetera. what do you know now, if
8:36 am
anything, that you didn't know when the book came out in september? >> simply that we are geniuses. >> th we were the first news organization to publicize this information and it's been going on for a year. this is just the beginning of the tip of the iceberg. as the next year goes by, maybe in the next six months we're going to start seeing indictments. we're going to start seeing people actually having to pay for the things they've done. and what did they do? that's the big question out there. was it just campaign finance crimes or was it treason or is it something in between. >> congressman, one of the things we are learning now is the extent to which smeeocial ma was inducted into the plot to influence the election, not just facebook and twitter. matt and i both have our shaffer of twitter bot attacks.
8:37 am
to what extent does congress need to pull in the executives of social media firms and start to dig into the role they unwittingly played. >> you have covered the puerto rico tragedy very -- i think in an important way. i just want to tell the puerto rican people that congress must act. that is so important right now that we speak with one voice. >> thank you. >> hear hear. >> on the russia issue, we are seeing that they weaponized social media. they used our freedoms against us. i think we will find more. the best thing we can do is cooperate with social media companies. we shouldn't have to subpoena them. we should do everything we can to make sure we have a strengthened shield as we go into the next election. we're going to have an open hearing.
8:38 am
we're going to bring in the executives and look at what their vublnerabilities were and who was responsible. what has struck me in some of the ads that have been leaked out is they use american idioms. one of them was grow a spine, vote jill stein. that's pretty sophisticated. that raises the question as to whether they had inside help. >> that is the question of how they were deciding where to target. there is that map which shows which states were targeted. the redder it is, the more the targeting was. you can see florida is bright red. north carolina sort of orange. but you also have these reports that there were war lists using twitter. the "new york times" reported that russian operators created thousands of fake twitter accounts to flood the campaign with anti-clinton messaging.
8:39 am
they spewed messages like war against democrats several times. they also tried to use black lives matter. could they have done that without some american intel on who to target and what to say? >> no. when i wrote "plot to hack america" i think my initial estimate was the russian intelligence contribution to the plan, as i calculated right down to the individual watch stand, would have been about 300 people who would be 24/7/365 watching u.s. media. but the level of targeteering is es poe th exponentially greater than that. where you needed to deliver propaganda content in order to
8:40 am
have the greatest impact. which twitter groups, which twitter feeds, which facebook feeds. that takes, you know, intelligence analysis on a scale that where only u.s. citizens could have provided that. when that happens, you're going to find the bridge to what could arguably be called treason. because that took a large scale data group that had that information and either handed it off or allowed it to fall off a truck in front of russian intelligence's servers. then from there, the russians created product and launched them pack to back to attack dem >> we know that jared kushner was in charge of social media for the trump campaign. does he deserve scrutiny when social media was used to heavily target liberal americans who would be pushed towards jill stein? >> that's right. we know he was a central figure in the data operation. this is a guy you can't get a
8:41 am
straight answer out of him if you asked him where does the sunset. he's failed to disclose past foreign contacts. he now has failed to disclose private e-mail addresses that he has been using. what we have to do is just on our own, you know, knowing they're not going to be forthcoming, understand in every way possible what the relationships were with the russians. we now have proved to the american people that there is a willingness and eagerness in the trump campaign and the trump family to work with the russians. now we have to find out if it materialized into an actual working partnership. the president is going to do everything he can to under mine our investigation with an arson agenda to burn and create smoke. i know we're going to find out what happened and people will be held accountable. >> we know that the russian activity has not stopped. they're also going after the nfl. as donald trump starts tweeting
8:42 am
against nfl players, these russian bots start and chime right along with him. >> there's obviously a strategic plan in an organization whose sole function is to make sure that russia supports donald trump. it's funny because we go back to the e-mail from michael cohen saying russia is on our side, they're going to deliver a presidency for you. or you have the donald trump jr. statement that the russian government is here to give this to you. for all of this to happen, it isn't happening in a vacuum. we are seeing the threads to conspiracy here, which is the federal law, you know, that and campaign finance, to where someone at some point accepted all of this effort and even today expects this effort to come out here because it serves kremlin's interest, it serves vladimir putin's interests and it hurts america. and whatever happens in the trump white house also works in putin's interest and that also hurts america. and the russians love that.
8:43 am
>> is the white house acting quickly enough in terms of the sanctions passed by congress that donald trump had to sign? have they designated the individuals that would then be subject to those sanctions? are they acting quickly enough? >> no, they're not. the president's signing statement sought to undermine congressional sanctions. what we are seeing is that the russians have benefitted greatly out of their interference campaign and most americans are asking what have we gotten out of this. speaking to future elections is what makes me most concerned. i believe when a commander in chief does not acknowledge that the attack occurred, all he does is help the russians sharpen their swords and helps us lower our shields. we're going to be more vulnerable to attack if we have disunity in this country. the president is doing his best to make the next election a bigger mess. >> is the next election in jeopardy?
8:44 am
>> i think all elections are in jeopardy. for a long time over the last year when we spoke, i wasn't a big advocate of them actually hacking the vote and the voting tallies. from an intelligence community perspective, everybody that i know says there has got to be a reason they wanted the voter registration databases whether they ru they corrupted the databases. that can happen next year against the republicans. if it was marco rubio who said this could be used against us. don't believe for a minute that the republican national committee hasn't been hacked. they just don't know it. when you want to spend a billion rubles you'll go after both sides and manipulate left and right. we're just going to have to stand by and see how it unfolds. >> we don't have an administration that's doing much to combat it.
8:45 am
malco malcolmnance is the reason we didn't use any of these wikileaks on the show. thank you guys very much. coming up next, the part of hugh hefner's legacy that you might not know about. stay with us. i love to eat. i love hanging out with my friends. i have a great fit with my dentures. i love kiwis. i've always had that issue with the seeds getting under my denture.
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thirsty? >> you had a courage when no one was bringing in blacks and minorities and let you stand flat footed in america and just talk. you brought me in. you came to a black nightclub in chicago and saw me and the next thing someone said, hef want you
8:52 am
to work the playboy club. he gave me no instructions, i was there. >> in life and after his death, playboy founder hugh hefner is being remembered for far more than just the articles. his iconic magazine has been celebrated as a milestone of sexual libberation. he gave late comedian dick gregory his big break. advocating for free speech and civil rights. joining me now is steven watts and thank you so much for being here. i learned some things about hugh hefner that i didn't learn his week. he's a big prosiff rights guy. there was a story about him putting up $25,000 toward a reward that dick gregory later credited with helping to break one of the civil rights movements most notorious cases, the murder of those three civil
8:53 am
rights leaders in mississippi. he wanted to put up $100,000 reward, he didn't get $100, he got 25 grand. was that something for hugh hefner a very important part of his own leg fwasy. >> i think that was very typical of hef ner. he was a pioneering figure in the civil rights movement in his own line of work and what he did you just described was very typical from the earliest days of the magazine he made a point of doing profiles on black entertainers, african-american sports figures, people in the civil rights movement and so on so he was quite involved in it from the get-go. >> sort of a adulty to his legacy when it comes to women. you have a poll up that talks about hugh hefner that he was somebody that was very much pro
8:54 am
same-sex marriage, et cetera and at the same time you have this statement you have the president ceo of the lgbtq advocacy group g.l.a.d. who said bluntly, hugh hefner was a massage in any event, he created irreparable damage. whose more right? >> that is a very contentious topic i think and one much kicked around the last few days. i think the accusations about hefner and the objectification of women have some validity to therapy in all honesty but i talked to hefner a lot about that when i was doing my book and what he said was this, he said, of course, women and men are sexual objects to one another and that physical allure is sort of what accounts for the reproduction of the species, so it's silly to pretend that's not the case. the problem he would say is if you only look at women as sexual
8:55 am
objects and he vee hemtly opposed that notion of what he was doing. he would say in a magazine we go to great lengths to try to portray the personalities of the young women who are portrayed and in his own life i must say for all of his girlfriends and relationships, i think all of them with one exception remain very good friends with him. so i think it's a more complicated issue than we usually get into with the stereotypes. some truth on both sides to be argued there. >> and we should make the point that playboy as the big national magazine to advocate for legal abortion back then. back to the issue of race. i want to put up this picture of the first black boy cover model back in 1971 and she is somebody named doreen stern and she really made history when she posed nude on the cover of playb playboy. this is the october 1971 issue. they had featured black
8:56 am
playmates before but she was the first model on the cover. in terms of, you know, that aspect, the racial aspect which does seem to loom larger now that he's gone, why did he do that? why did he make -- >> hefner was just committed to civil rights even back with the playboy clubs that opened in the 1960s, hefner made a specific policy that they were to be integrated, there were a number of hassles about that in the new orleans club. he got into a big fight with the city fathers about integrating that club, so it was really a theme i think in his life and i think by the late '60s and early '70s he was using the mag begin to push along his belief system in that way and i think the cover that you just mentioned was a manifestation of that. >> absolutely. it was before vogue so very interesting. >> absolutely. >> well, steven watts thank you
8:57 am
very much. we really appreciate your time. thank you for helping us to understand this complicated figure. >> i was delighted to talk with you. >> thank you. before we go the "a.m. joy" team wants to give a special shout-out to our executive producer james home who is under the weather this week. get well soon homey, and you better not be watching tv. you're supposed to be relaxing. join us tomorrow 10:00 a.m. eastern for more "a.m. joy." alex witt's next. across the state. new roads and bridges. new mass transit. new business friendly environment. new lower taxes. and new university partnerships to grow the businesses of tomorrow today. learn more at
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