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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  October 1, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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. ensure. always be you. welcome back. i'm richard lui at msnbc headquarters in new york city. here's what we're following for you at this hour. critical resources gradually flowing into puerto rico. this is new video that we just got in of shipments of food and water arriving. fema says 2.5 million liters of water and 2 million meals have been delivered and more than 8,000 people remain in shelters, though, at the moment. power still limited at just 5%, but telecommunications services are slowly getting back online to 36%. meanwhile, more fuel has been shipped in, opening up 721 gas stations. nbc's mariana atencio is in san juan following the recovery efforts. and mariana, you just came from -- if you were looking from very high in the sky how things
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looked there in puerto rico, what did you see? >> reporter: so, richard, i got off this black hawk with lieutenant general jeffrey buchanan, assigned by the president to lead the relief efforts here. we were able to survey from the air but also go on the ground to these two satellite, vieques and another town where many citizens are isolated. they depend on the larger island for absolutely everything -- the gas, the medicine, the water. so, given how things are here in san juan and just here on the bigger island, you can just imagine how desperate people are feeling on these two satellite islands. both the lieutenant general and the governor of puerto rico spoke to the mayor of these two islands and asked them what their immediate needs were, and very specifically, they said that they need security, which was something very surprising to me. it's not something you're
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hearing too much of in san juan. but there they said there's looting of these gas shipments that are coming in. i know boats that are coming in with these desperately needed supplies. then i pulled aside the lieutenant general and asked him what the progress has been for these islands specifically. i want to play the sound bite. >> we brought a barge in yesterday and delivered fuel. we actually had more fuel than we could put into the storage facility. so fema's going to bring in some sort of mobile trailer so we can store more fuel here. >> reporter: but just to put this into perspective, richard, these islands, they're running out of actual tanks to hold the fuel. the island, the smaller of the two islands, is only going on one generator at the moment. it's unconceivable when errs there two weeks after this storm. >> so heartening to see the lieutenant general there and his team and entire group there helping, and they have a big job
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ahead of them. and thank you for bringing back that video. so important to understand from that black hawk about the very much troubled areas that need the help there in puerto rico. appreciate it, mariana atencio for us, just back from that black hawk view of what's happening there. now, from the commander in chief's perspective right now, he is in new jersey, there, where he'll be attending a trophy ceremony at the presidents cup golf tournament. this caps a weekend spent attacking the mayor of san juan. this morning on twitter, president trump doubling down once again, while he was, again, at his resort, saying, "politically motivated ingratesingrates were obscuring" what he calls a successful effort in puerto rico. the question is how successful? depends who you ask. on the sunday morning talk circuit, it was a tale of two narratives. >> first of all, the president, instead of tweeting against the
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mayor of san juan, who's watching her people die and just made a plea for help, ought to roll up his sleeves and get to work here. >> i think as you know, when the president gets attacked, he attacks back. >> joining me now, "associated press" congressional correspondent erica werner, kevin cirilli with bloomberg news and jeff mason, reuters white house correspondent. erica, we've heard the criticisms of what president trump has done so far, for attacking the mayor of san juan, who was just pleading for help, not specifically attacking the president directly, this as the president was criticizing him this morning as he was at his new jersey golf resort. the optics aren't good. clearly, the words seemed not to jive with what's happening on the island itself. what kind of message is he sending, and how can he turn it around? >> well, i think, actually what steve mnuchin said this morning, the treasury secretary, is very
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accurate as far as describing how the president approaches things. when he's attacked or feels that he is being attacked, he punches back. he's done so throughout the campaign, throughout his presidency, and for whatever reason, latinos, hispanics, have been a target repeatedly. in this case, he's attacking on an issue a population, u.s. citizens, but ones who do not have a lot of political heft. they don't have voting representation in congress, so maybe for trump he feels like there is not a lot of risk in attacking these particular people in this situation. it's sad, obviously. the response does appear to be improving, but the president not letting up. >> it does appear to be improving. tuesday is the day here, kevin, when the president will be
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visiting puerto rico. is that when he turns a corner? >> well, i think that, look, the bottom line is that everybody wants to see the situation in puerto rico continue to improve, and that electrical grid has really been the cause of perhaps really potentially getting that power to the island as well as to all of the folks around it, really getting them the type of supplies and equipment that they need. and of course, the military as well as fema have been there on the grounds. the president, however, when he engages with the mayor or engages with other issues, such as the nfl, takes away from that hard work, just by engaging with his critics. so i think that's what you're seeing. it is important to note that the governor has really been supportive of the president as well as the administration, and that from the sources inside the white house that i speak with, they point to that. and you're absolutely right, though. i mean, the mayor of san juan is clearly articulating from her vantage point, her viewpoint
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what she wants, which is to make sure that folks there on the ground are getting the help that they rightly need. >> you know, building on what he said this morning here, jeff, and i'll go to the quote again -- "politically motivated" and then the word "ingrates." what do you think the president's alluding to here from your reporting there at the white house? what is he thinking? >> well, i think the president just feels when he is attacked that there's got to be somebody to blame, and so, he will blame democrats, he'll blame in this case people in puerto rico who he doesn't feel have been working well together, perhaps, with the federal government, and he'll blame the media and use the attack of fake news. and what he needs is he needs a foil and he does that, and that's what he's done in this case again. >> you know, kevin, i want to turn to north korea. >> yeah. >> and the latest tweet from the president reads, "being nice to rocket man hasn't worked in 25 years. why would it work now?" and he actually had come out and said that his own secretary of
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state, that as he is using open channels, whatever those might be -- we don't need to get into that -- but he's basically saying he's just wasting his time, openly about his own secretary of state. >> yeah. richard, two points i'd make about that. first and foremost, it's this element of unpredictability, particularly when negotiating with a dictator, kim jong-un, the 33-year-old brazen dictator. the president likes this element of unpredictability. he's said that he's not going to forecast what the united states is going to do. so while secretary of state rex tillerson is doing these back-channel negotiations, it leads to this element of unpredictability. but the second thing is, look, we all know this, is that there's a lot of rumblings about how long secretary of state tillerson is going to last in that post. >> right. >> and this suggests there could be some other folks in line. >> erica? >> right. i mean, there is many possible interpretations to the president's tweets about rex tillerson this morning. is he directly undermining
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tillerson? that's one reading. is he playing good cop-bad cop, and thereby giving tillerson more space to negotiate, creating an implied threat so that that pushes the north koreans more in a more diplomatic direction? i mean, who knows. but clearly, we do not want to end up in a situation where a military solution is the only solution. that's not good for anyone. >> yeah, and jeff, the idea of channels, open channels, back channels, whatever they may be, the one on one and the bilateral discussion is also something that north korea has wanted. whether we're doing that is one question. and if we are, what we are giving away by doing that. >> for sure. i mean, north korea has absolutely been wanting that. and president trump, though, has very consistently said that speaking or talking directly with north korea was not an option. and yet, certainly, his secretary of state was not be pursuing some of these back channels, despite what the president is tweeting about it, without his permission. >> no. >> so there is a, sort of a
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dichotomy there that is hard to reconcile. >> all that happening today, just hours ago, just underlining these responses on north korea as well as san juan, by the way. love having all three of you. erica, thank you. >> thank you. >> kevin and jeff. you all have a good sunday. >> you, too. >> thanks. >> all righty. after nine years behind bars, o.j. simpson now out on parole. we have a live report from las vegas on the details. and they took a knee and were kicked off the team. we're going to talk with two high school players from texas about their decision to protest while the national anthem was being played.
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want sure!ck? alright, looks like we've got chips, popcorn, pretzels? pretzels! plain, sourdough, spicy, sesame, honey mustard, chocolate covered, peanut butter filled, this one's in german, it says, "reindfleisch?" plain. great. so what are we gonna watch? oh! show me fall tv. check out the best of the best hand-picked fall shows on xfinity x1, online, and the xfinity stream app. thirsty? well, it was just after the stroke of midnight, o.j. simpson was released on parole. early this morning, simpson walked out of the nevada prison where he's resided for nine
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years. the nevada department of corrections issued a photograph of simpson just before his release. there you have it. in july, the nfl hall of famer won parole after serving nine years of a 33-year sentence for kidnapping and armed robbery. you'll remember in 1995, simpson was acquitted of murdering his ex-wife, nicole, and ron goldman, in a very publicized trial. nbc's steve patterson is in las vegas. he joins us now live. and steve, the question is, where is o.j.? where might he go to? >> reporter: so, in order to find out what o.j.'s next move is, i think we have to look at the move he just made, coming out of that prison in lovelock, nevada, where he stayed for nine years for that botched armed robbery. o.j. simpson walked out at 12:08 a.m. on a sunday morning, and you'd better believe there was an intention and purpose boeh that, and it comes from the nevada department of corrections. they wanted to have a very quiet exit for o.j., so they didn't
1:15 pm
stir anything with the public, and in their words, cause a media circus. and so, they've done that. o.j. simpson believed to be taken away bp an unidentified person, likely a close friend, to an unidentified location, likely at this point in time still residing somewhere in the state of nevada. we know there are other likely locations where paperwork wasn't filed to transfer to tlp it was no request filed to go to florida, which is the most logical place. he used to live there, has a home there, a friendship base there. same thing with california, which, of course, conjures up images of the trial of the century, the so-called trial of the century, 1994 to '95, the bronco chase, the acquittal in '95. everybody knows about that famous case. now it's up to o.j. to find out what he wants to do next. we spoke to his attorney. he says, look, my client's 70 years old. he just wants to live out the rest of his life at this point. we spoke to him about how he's
1:16 pm
able to do that with all the media attention he's about to face when he does resurface. listen to this. >> mr. simpson is not going to be hold up in a room. he's certainly not going to be that. that's one extreme. however, he's not going to be out every day going out to parties, doing all these things. he's a 70-year-old man, and i think he's going to do what 70-year-old men do, which is kind of live a retiree's life, golf and live very, very low because he's learned some big, big lessons over the last decade about his misstep in las vegas. >> reporter: so we also know o.j.'s next move has to be following the terms of his probation. it's also going to be his last move for the next five years. no drugs, not too much drinking, no associating with ex-cons or ex-felons or anybody who's associated with criminal activity. that's something o.j. has to stick to, no matter where he is. richard? >> nbc's steve patterson for us live there in las vegas, nevada. thank you, steve. teens taking a stand.
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this story has gone viral. we're going to talk to two high school football players who were kicked off the team because they protested during the national anthem. oh, you brought butch. yeah! (butch growls at man) he's looking at me right now, isn't he? yup. (butch barks at man) butch is like an old soul that just hates my guts. (laughs)
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and the fortune 500, and, can deliver insight person to person, on what matters to you. morgan stanley. as you know, we've been focusing on the recent protests against police violence against unarmed african-americans in the u.s., and it's mainly been focused on demonstrations by pro athletes, especially on these sundays, but two high school football players, larry mccollough, also cedric ingraham-lewingraha ingram-lewis, they were kicked off their team for kneeling during the anthem on friday. the young men are cousins, both students at victory and praise christian academy in houston, texas. well, larry's 18 years old and cedric just 16. but being a private institution, the school here that they go to has more authority over how it runs itself than most public high schools, if you were to make a comparison.
1:21 pm
and it made the decision itself to kick the boys off the team. i want to bring in the two young men who we've been talking about, cedric ingram-lewis and larry mccollough. larry, you're on the right side, cedric on the left. and i'll start with you on this, cedric. why did you decide that you needed to do this? what brought you to that decision and how long did it take you to kind of think it through? >> last year we kind of wanted to kneel during the pledge, but he came and talked to us and said that he wouldn't want us to do it and how he felt about it. so we decided not to do it. but this year it was like, it's time, it's the perfect time to do it, and we need to raise awareness. >> cedric, why was this time the right time? >> because we seen players in the nfl doing it, and we were like, it's our time to do it.
1:22 pm
contrary to how coach felt about it, we still felt like we needed to do it. >> larry, you know, you heard the coach. he said, don't do this. you had thought about it. you're the one that kneeled, right? cedric, you decided to hold up a fist in the air while the anthem was playing. larry, you decided that you would kneel. why was this time the right time to do it? >> it was just the right time because of what my cousin said. we talked about doing it last year and we decided not to. but we decided to do it friday night because that's what we wanted to do. but prior to the game, me and cedric offered to quit the team so all this could be avoided. >> and you offered the quit the team, and what did the coach tell you, larry? >> he begged me and c.j., come
1:23 pm
to the game, we can come to a conclusion. he called cedric early in the morning, tried to get together, but they just talked on the phone about his point of view, his opinion, and he brought up martin luther king references and stuff like that. >> larry, have you talked to the coach? this happened friday. it's two days later. have you talked to him yesterday or today about this? >> no, we haven't talked to the coach at all. he hasn't tried to reach out to us or anything. >> c.j., or cedric, on the left, c.j. your nickname here. c.j., you've stayed over at the coach's house before, right? and i understand you're a very good friend of the coach's son. does this put you in a little bit of a pickle, if you will, in that friendship that you have with his son? >> no, not really. i mean, i haven't talked to coach or his son since then. i mean, i don't have a problem with him. we kind of talked about our
1:24 pm
beliefs before and it hasn't gotten in the way of our friendship or nothing. but if he still wants to continue to be friends, we can. i have no problem with that. >> well, we hope you are. and larry, the coach made you take off your uniforms in front of the rest of the team. going through all of that, would you do it again? >> yes, i would do it again any day. i feel like it really got our point across and what we were trying to prove. so yeah, i would do it any day. >> and cedric, are the other players or other students from your high school, have they spoken to you? do they support you here, cedric? >> no, they don't support us at all. after the game they kind of take to asking us why did we do it, why didn't we put the team first, there was no point in doing it. we had no support from them. >> well, to both of you, c.j. and larry, thank you for coming
1:25 pm
on the show. i appreciate it, on a sunday, and telling us what you think today. thank you. >> all right, no problem. thank you. >> no problem. >> have a good sunday. players in protest, similar to c.j. and larry were just talking about. another week, though, of nfl players taking a knee, locking arms, holding up fists during the national anthem. live fan reaction from baltimore. stick around. for 100 years, heritage and innovation have made gillette the #1 shave in america. now get gillette quality at lower prices --
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we have more now on the nfl national anthem protests that have become a major controversy on this football sunday across the country. a running back for the oakland raiders, marshawn lynch, he arrived for today's game in denver with a t-shirt reading "everybody vs. trump," lynch showing his support for the nfl's national anthem and the protests that have been happening during them as players and members of team management continue to protest police violence against unarmed african-americans in this country. and today, you saw more players
1:29 pm
performing variations of the protests with some simply locking arms in a show of unity, as you see there, though some players still chose to kneel during the anthem on a sunday. this as president trump continued his attacks today, calling on players to "respect our national anthem." nbc news' mike vai caira in baltimore where the ravens played the steelers today. and mike, now that we've seen a week of this, you and i talking about this, what would you say this sunday is like compared to last week? >> reporter: you know, i would say, richard, that this shows no signs of abating. of course, president trump continues to go to this, despite everything else that's happening in the world with puerto rico and north korea and everything you've been talking about this hour. today at the beginning of this game, before the game began, but when the players were on the field from both teams, the public address announcer here in baltimore asked the fans to pray for unity, kindness, and justice
1:30 pm
for all americans. that was met with a smattering of boos when the baltimore ravens as a team knelt before the playing of the national anthem. when the anthem was played, the star-spangled banner, they all stood and joined arms. still, a mixed bag here. players are taking, as you pointed out, a different tax here. some continue to kneel as three dolphins did at the overseas game in london, while many teams seem to be joining arms during the playing of the national anthem. i've talked to several fans out here today. many of them are not happy. the reactions range from i just want to see a football game, i'm tired of talking about politics to some people outright disgust. we've seen fans from both the ravens and the steelers over the course of this week on social media burning their jerseys in protest. meanwhile, president trump does continue to tweet again as he did yesterday, this time saying it's "very important that nfl players stand tomorrow, and always, for playing of our national anthem. respect our flag and our country!"
1:31 pm
roger goodell, meanwhile, the nfl still struggling to come up with a unified policy, what to tell the players, what to tell the owners, many of whom have joined arms with their players on the sidelines. so, this controversy continues. of course, this is baltimore, no stranger to racial unrest. the city was convulsed after freddie gray died in police custody. and one other note here, richard. this, of course, is the home of the star-spangled banner itself. the national anthem penned more than 200 years ago, the battle with the british in the war of 1812. richard? >> great context, viq. thank you so much. mike viqueira live in baltimore. our panel, former republican congressman from illinois and supporter of president trump, joe walsh. msnbc contributor and director of africana studies and professor of english at lehigh university, james peterson, and sports, race and social issues columnist for the "northbound daily news," curran phillips. thank you, all three. i want to start with you, joe.
1:32 pm
can the president both say we must support the anthem and also support what the players are saying why they're doing this, which is they don't want, again, black lives to be lost? can he say both at the same time? >> yeah, you can. but richard, i've got to tell you, this whole story is based on a lie. these nfl football players are not taking a knee because of police brutality or racial oppression. again, where were they two weeks ago? where were they two months ago? where were they last year? 300 nfl football players took a knee last week in opposition to trump. this is all about trump. marshawn lynch at the top of your story there, he had it on his t-shirt, unified in opposition to trump. it's all because trump criticized them. this has nothing to do with police brutality. >> how is it a lie? >> because the media continues to say that all of these players
1:33 pm
are taking a knee because of why colin kaepernick took a knee last year. colin kaepernick took a knee. he was wrong, but about police brutality. where were all these players, richard, last year? they only came out last week because trump took a shot at them. that's the only reason they came out. >> james, your thought? >> i mean, what mr. walsh is talking about is a little bit of a red herring. it was not just colin kaepernick who took a stand by taking a knee last year flp were many other players who raised the fist or who were considering other ways of addressing the issue. it's sad that president trump has sort of usurped this issue and made it to be about trump against the nfl. that's a great story for him and a great story for all the folks who support president trump, but the nfl's at a crossroads right now, because what a lot of the players realize -- and joe's right about this -- mr. trump sort of saying something about this made it more of a flashpoint. but if you talk to players in the nfl, even since last year, even before colin ckaepernick, they've been wrestling with how
1:34 pm
to handle these issues. they come from communities like baltimore, philadelphia, communities that have been under duress because the relationship between law enforcement and those communities has broken down. some of these players have personal connections to people being lost to some of these kinds of unfortunate conflicts between law enforcement and young men of color. and so, lots of players way before mr. trump weighed into this, and actually, before mr. trump was president, have been grappling with how to make the best intervention. and if you look behind some of these protests, you can see a lot of these players doing work in the community, not just donating money, but starting organizations and trying to address directly how we might possibly reform the criminal justice system. it does not make sense to talk about this as nfl versus trump. this is about a society trying to come to terms with a racially biased criminal justice system, and one of the best solutions and best ways of dressing those challenges so we can stop losing american lives. >> curran, weigh in where you'd like, also address the idea that this is a lie. >> it is not a lie. but this whole situation has gotten completely out of
1:35 pm
control. but what i'm interested in seeing is what's going to happen in the future in the coming months. the announcement came out about the nba, you know, saying that players have to stand for the anthem. a lot of people got excited about that and riled up. that rule isn't new. it's been there for a while, but with everything that's been going on, it just came back up more recently. but i'm waiting to see what's going to happen when the nba season rolls around and if someone actually does kneel during the anthem. but just staying focused on the nfl, to see what's going to happen in the coming weeks. because as we saw from the san francisco 49ers just a couple minutes ago, a ton of them kneeled, and i think it was the biggest number yet that we've seen so far. >> the san francisco 49ers and staff releasing a statement, in fact, at the end of it saying "on behalf of the san francisco 49ers organization, we urge our fellow citizens to embrace your differences, find strength in them, and come together for the good of all." joe, how do we do that based on these two sides of this as we now hit our second sunday?
1:36 pm
i just spoke with two high school football players in texas who were kicked off the team because they also protested during a game. we have the nba, when the season kicks off. it seems like the ripples continue and this is going deeper and deeper into professional sports culture as well as, again, amateur sports culture. i was talking about the high school players there. how do we bring this together for the good of all as the 49ers are asking for? >> richard, i don't think we can. the country's divided. and by the way, that's why trump won, because of the divide. the country's divided. it makes perfect sense that the nfl -- i mean, again, they are in opposition to trump. half of the country is in opposition to trump. it's no surprise that we're seeing this play out on late night, with late-night comedians and in nfl football games. it's only going get uglier, i think. >> it's only going to get uglier. as you look at this here, james, is there a way around this?
1:37 pm
because again, i look forward to the nba season, look forward to what's going to be a very busy college, high school football season in other sports. >> richard, unfortunately, there already is a little bit of ugliness. i don't know if it's going to get any uglier, but if you look at charlottesville, if you look at the information that we have about law enforcement and the communities they're charged with serving and protecting, look at what's going on in st. louis right now with a former law enforcement officer who was essentially exonerated in a case where it seems as if he had a premeditated murder of an unarmed civilian. i mean, the situation is already ugly. we have a president who is more interested in exacerbating the ugliness and then sort of pronouncing our divisions, as opposed to bringing us together. look at his response to charlottesville and to puerto rico. we don't have leadership in the white house right now that can help bring these things together. so, i think there's already ugliness here. i'm interested to see exactly how the nba handles this and what's going to happen to the nfl going forward, but the reality is, we don't have the leadership that can help us
1:38 pm
transcend the complexities of this particular moment. >> do you think that the leadership might come from the coaches, might come from the team owners, whether it's in the nba or the nfl? where do you see leadership coming from to bring this together? >> i don't know, and that's a really good question. i think that leadership has to come from all of us. this is an american issue. this isn't just for athletes and coaches and owners. while we are lacking leadership in the oval office right now. as it was stated earlier, this is a ugly situation. talking about race gets ugly. it's very uncomfortable. it makes people have to reflect and think about things they think about and things they might have done. so, if there's ever going to be any clarity or unity at all in this, there's going to have to be more ugliness and a lot more uncomfortable conversations, but that's going to start with all of us and not just some football players on sunday. >> collective and the players
1:39 pm
themselves who hold so much love across the country, young and old, who like to watch this, one of our favorite past times, football. of course, basketball, too, and baseball season about that comes around. former congressman joe walsh, james peterson, carron phillips, appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> next for you, we've got a firsthand account of the situation on the ground in puerto rico. discover card. i'm not a customer, but i'm calling about that credit scorecard. give it. sure! it's free for everyone. oh! well that's nice! and checking your score won't hurt your credit. oh! i'm so proud of you.
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(vo) more "dper rollres for mom" bounty is more absorbent, so the roll can last 50% longer than the leading ordinary brand. so you get more "life" per roll. bounty the quicker picker upper thanks for staying with us. president trump setting off a firestorm of criticism following his response to puerto rico. today, senate minority leader chuck schumer slammed the administration's relief efforts. take a listen to that. >> things have gotten better, but they're not close to good enough, and it took far too long for the administration to respond. they were slow-footed, they were disorganized, and until recently, just not even close to sufficient. >> meanwhile, critical resources and supplies are finally streaming on to the island on this very day.
1:43 pm
the president pushing back, meanwhile, against the criticism in a series of tweets criticizing what he called politically motivated ingrates. joining me is new york state assemblyman marcos crespo. he was part of a delegation that went to puerto rico with new york governor andrew cuomo. you spoke with your mom. what did she tell you? >> finally. very concerned. the town was severely hit and destroyed. families still feel desperate, lack of resources. they have not been doled out in her community. >> where's she at? >> arroyotown, southeast end of the island near where the storm entered. >> and you were also there, as i was mentioning, with the governor of new york. what did you learn when you were there? >> utter devastation. we saw it firsthand. i appreciate that the governor got us here. i don't understand why it's taken the president 12 days later to arrive when we knew from day one that this would be the biggest crisis to hit the island and probably the biggest storm to hit the united states since katrina. >> you can probably see these pictures on the right-hand side. those are what mariana atencio
1:44 pm
took. she got in a blackhawk, and she was looking down upon puerto rico, and we got a sense from the sky -- i don't know if we can pull that video up again -- of her trip. but it did not look good, she said, from many stops. she went to a couple of islands that are off the main island, but also said they're getting some help now. and just to read some of the shipments hitting the ground right now, millions of meals, millions of bottles of water. do you think maybe now, as we lead up to the tuesday trip from president trump, things will be getting better as they trickle in more help? >> well, i hope they are. they've been sending troops. we now know that they've realized they had a distribution problem and they've been trying to address it. but when you have a three-star general appointed to oversee this effort says this is the worst devastation and saying he doesn't have enough resources, it's no wonder that we're still hearing stories of communities that have not gotten the help they need. >> how do you reach your mom? i think most will say, because we're at cell coverage back up to 36%, and that is often where
1:45 pm
folks go during emergencies. how were you able to reach her? >> there's one phone company that has started up service and people need to get near towers that are functioning and she was finally able to get near a friend to help her make the call, but it took nearly a week for us to hear from her firsthand that he's okay. earlier today, my mom helped me find a love member who needed support finding a loved one in the same time. there is an utter sense of desperation in the community and puerto rico deserves better and the president needs to get off twitter and get on the job that he was elected to do. >> here are some of the recovery efforts here, assemblyman. 214 containers of food and water so far, 2.5 million liters, as i was mentioning here. is your mom getting that stuff in puerto rico, water and meals? >> we're still hearing, not just my mother, but others are calling saying we need cash. some stores are open, but we have to buy supplies. why are they buying supplies when there's been so much in the way of donations? we did a drive yesterday and collected eight containers of
1:46 pm
supplies here. we know there are supplies in the port in san juan. why are anybody in puerto rico worried about purchasing goods when so much is being sent and should be delivered to them? >> assemblyman, identify got my little fact sheet here and it says the death toll is 16 officially. there, of course, has been reporting, you're very aware of this, that it may be more, but they're waiting to say whether they're officially declared as deaths as part of this catastrophe. what could ydo you know about t? >> about we were there, the governor talked about the challenges in securing a solid number. there were multiple reports of similar dints incidents. it will take a while before they get into all of these communities. i think they're still trying to figure out how to disperse supplies. i don't think they've knocked on every door to check on the families and there are a lot of rural neighborhoods in mountainous areas that have not been cleared or checked as far as we know. so, that's likely to quickly rise, but every life deserved better and deserved a better response to this tragedy. >> millions of americans, again, their lives in focus right now because of what's happening.
1:47 pm
new york state assemblyman marcos crespo, thank you so much and my best to your family in puerto rico. >> thank you. president trump criticizing past presidents on north korea. and then there's the tweet that could undermine the work of his very own secretary of state. our panel will discuss all of that after this. your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends, three jobs... you're like nothing can replace brad. then liberty mutual calls... and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement™, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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there may be new tension this morning between president trump and the lead ever of nort korea. a series of tweets began when tillerson suggested that they have lines of communications with kim jong-un to negotiate against his nuclear weapons program but the president told the world that tillerson is wasting his time and that he should save his energy. this comes after a rocky week for the white house and with us now to discuss all of that,
1:51 pm
republican strategist joe watkins, a former aide to the first president bush. also, adrian elrod, communications director for hillary clinton. joe, let's start with you on this. is the president triangulating here? he's letting his secretary of state say one thing, he goes the other way, good cop, bad cop? >> it's very possible that he's playing the bad cop to secretary tillerson's good cop. it could speak to the tenure of tillerson. i've heard rumblings that the secretary may want to resign sometime around the end of the year but we don't know that. president trump has shown that he's not afraid to pull the plug on his cabinet members when he's pulled the plug on nine months so it's very possible as well that rex tillerson could be next up. i'd like to think this is probably good cop, bad cop.
1:52 pm
>> adrian, rex tillerson, the reporting being that who knows how long he might stay, for what term, six months, three months. do you think he'll stay in this swalgs, especially with the open criticism? >> i mean, who knows. i can't imagine why he would, although he certainly has received criticism from donald trump before. politics aside, the administration to have a united front among the cabinet members and those dealing with national security issues when it comes to dealing with north korea. so when you have donald trump undermining his secretary of state who was apparently, according to his tweets, negotiating or having an open line of communication with north korea, that only sets us back when dealing with this major, major crisis that we have going on here. so as an american, i think it's a horrible -- it's horrible that donald trump is doing this but also, at the same time, from a strategic and tactical standpoint, it makes no sense that donald trump would
1:53 pm
undermine his secretary of state on this issue. >> and there's a course, if we remove this part of the discussion, what are open channels, back channels and why does that make strategic sense right now with north korea who has wanted a bilateral relationship with the united states but they have stepped back from that. i want to move on to the other issue and that is puerto rico. the president will be there on tuesday. we have more supplies and more aid hitting the ground there in puerto rico. it's been a difficult situation for our forces on the ground that are helping what do you make of the progress so far with the data i've just described and what might happen before tuesday when the president gets there? >> well, people need to get those supplies right now. so many people are suffering and it's not good enough, of course, the efforts being made. people have to actually get the supplies in hand.
1:54 pm
i think it's good to the president is going there. i don't think he needs to fight with the mayor of san juan. i think that's not helpful in this situation and obviously when people are dying and great distress, we have this kind of response from the mayor. but i just think that they need to redouble the effort to make sure that the people who need the help are getting the help. >> adrienne, the premier of "saturday night live," they were very critical of the president and what he has done so far for puerto rico. one of the quotes, again, that the first lady should put on her flood heels and then move there to puerto rico on tuesday and get some stuff done. do you expect the first lady, do you expect the president to do what they did in texas, handing out meals, helping to load supplies, hugging people and
1:55 pm
babies? >> well, i hope so. this has been a disaster that the president has dealt with in puerto rico from the very start. at the very least, i hope, yes, go down there, show that he needs to care just about as much about the people of puerto rico, that he does about the people in houston, texas, and in florida who also suffered from major natural disasters. look, going back to donald trump's tweets towards the mayor of san juan, puerto rico, who has done such a phenomenal job trying to keep the community together and fight for her constituents who are undergoing this terrible natural disaster, i mean, this is the type of behavior, the way he behaves in these tweets, that a third grader would get kicked off the playground for handling. so he has a lot of making up to do. this is embarrassing that the president of the united states conducted himself in this way.
1:56 pm
>> 15 seconds, joe. worst week for the president so far? we've asked this questions many times. >> not at all with price leaving, of course, and with the situation in puerto rico and the nfl fight. i support the players. i think they have a right to protest. >> joe watkins, thanks so much. adrieneelrod, thank you. ts. we're an organic tea company. a premium juice company. a coconut water company. we've got drinks for long days. for birthdays. for turning over new leaves. and we make them for every moment in every corner of the country. we are the coca-cola company, and we're proud to offer so much more.
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thanks for sticking around. that does it for me at this hour. my colleague thomas roberts picks up the coverage from here. thomas, it's been one of those sundays. >> richard, great to see you. good to have you with me. i'm thomas roberts here at the msnbc headquarters in new york. the long recovery starts in puerto rico that remains under a big struggle for food and water combined with a continued lack of power.
2:00 pm
the president tweeted, "we've done a great job" but the federal response remains under scrutiny by the mayor of san juan and also by members of congress. well, first of all, the president, instead of tweeting against the mayor of san juan who is watching her people die, should roll-up his sleeves and get to work here. the bottom line is, at least for the first week and a half, the effort has been slow-footed, disorganized and not adequate and that's not just me saying it. >> so back on social media, with the president taking to twitter saying that he is assessing the situation in puerto rico, praising what he called the amazing work being done there to help, and also, as you just heard chuck schumer say, taking these shots at not only the mayor but fake news and those who will be politically


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